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Monday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Monday –
What’s My Next Step?
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Terry:  Good evening everyone.  This is Terry Brown; I’m the co-host of the Wynn Free Monday night show.  Welcome to everyone this holiday, this 2011 day after Christmas.  We’re doing the show from Sedona; Wynn and I are in Sedona and Wynn is out rounding up the conference call line and he should be on in a minute with the people on the conference call line.  So far, we’ve continued to do all the shows, even though it’s holidays.  Any day, we’re available – we always do the show – I don’t think we’ve missed any shows in about three years, and that’s how long we’ve been doing it.  I guess it’s even longer: 2007.

BBS Archives has a record of all of our shows, and they have the audios up and we’re in the process of getting them transcripts.  Eventually, it will have transcripts for many of our calls.  Connie has been transcribing our Monday night calls and we have been putting them up on  It’s not a very well-organized site, but as we get them out we put them up, so they’re sort of in a date order.  We have audios up there for our Sunday grid healings, our Wednesday questions and answers and our Monday calls.  Wynn records Monday night also and we put it up on

Welcome all people out there in BBS Radio land.

Wynn:  We’re all here.  We’re listening, yes.

Terry:  Wonderful.  Welcome.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Wynn Free.

Wynn:  We have the conference line on. 

Terry:  Hello conference line.

Wynn:  Every so often I get an email and somebody says, “Why do you say the same things so often when we start these calls?”  We talk about group souls, I introduce the idea of the communication that we’re doing and give a criteria.  There’s something about what we’re doing that people may take for granted, but we’re doing this publicly.  We’re doing this where anyone can be on the call.

Another way of doing it is doing it privately.  When you do it privately, you have a group of people and new people have to go through a criterion to get with the old people, and maybe you have to charge people for what you’re doing.  You become a teacher and you teach people things and they stay with you.  As people grow, there’s no one ever new on.  If you’re someone new, it’s because they went through some initiatory process before they got into it with the people who were old.

In truth of the matter, new people that come in and pay attention to us are not necessarily less advanced than the people who have been on the line for three years; they may be more advanced.  They may be more advanced than me – I don’t think of myself as being advanced, I think of myself in the middle of a circumstance trying to do the highest service with the experiences that have come to me.  I look at other people and I say, “Gee they look more together than I do.”  Doing this publicly has certain requisites to it than doing it with a small, select group and creating the illusion of advancement.

I remember at one point in my life I was in a group that I actually learned quite a bit from the teacher.  He did have – he called them initiations – a number of initiations and when you got to a certain point he would say “You’re now initiated to this level, to the next level, to the next level…”  It created a hierarchy in the group because there were people who were higher in the initiation thing, and new people would always have to start at the beginning.  I wouldn’t say that was negative or wrong, because one of the things about human nature is that we like to attain things, we like to think we’re growing, we like to think we’re advancing and if you fit into an external grading system, then you seem to have to have some kind of milestone, so to speak, of your advancement.  This doesn’t just work with the spiritual things, it works with the education.  If somebody is a Ph.D. you will treat them differently; even I’ll end up doing that.  If somebody has gone through all those years of college you’ll think of them in a hierarchal way in spite of the fact that you may be smarter than them, and you may be wiser than them.  You don’t have any way to prove anything, except by how you present yourself and they have a certificate on the wall.

In the Law of One there is only one energy; there’s no hierarchy.  There are people that have certain talents; we’re not all equal in our talents.  There are certain people who are working through greater distortions or hang-ups and when you see them when they’re in the middle of working through those things they may seem really inferior.  Then, they get through and they are suddenly soaring like an eagle: the same person.  It was maybe two years difference and they went through a lot of changes.

How do we create a hierarchy – it’s not real, it’s an illusion.  It’s all an illusion, but anything that is hierarchical – if there’s a channeling that comes out and somebody says “This is Archangel Michael” or “This is Jesus”, then immediately there’s a Ph.D. on the other end of the channeling line.  People tend to believe it in spite of the fact, as I have learned personally, that a voice can come through in a channeling and it could be anybody no matter who they say they are.  There’s no guarantee because somebody says a certain name that they are that; there’s no guarantee that because we have a source that says they are the Elohim, they are that.

If you’ve followed the track of questions over many months and even years, you’ll look for their perspective; you’ll look for their consistency; you’ll look for their love; you’ll look for their wisdom – and, you’ll look for it over and over again.  After a certain point when you listen to all that, you have to ask yourself, “Could a negative source imitate/mimic that?”  I said, “I don’t think so.”  It’s too consistent, and it’s too loving.  Not only what they say, but so often on these call we tap into this energy flow and we feel this great energy which I’m not producing and it’s a very loving energy and I don’t think a negative source could produce that energy.

We never want to give up our power to our sources.  When you have the most positive of sources, they never ask that.  They are always honoring your free will, your self-empowerment and they support you in what you want to become.  It’s not like deferring to them.

When I start talking and I tell the story, and I feel new people on the line – I always feel the person who is listening for the first time - is far more important that I address them than the people who are coming in all the time.  The people who are coming in all the time have learned to get value from this work; they know it has value.  I don’t have to prove it to them, it stands on its own.  The person who is listening for the first time does not know it has value.  Some people listen to the audios and read the transcripts, but I never know so I take the point of view that I have to make sure that I say something to include that person.  I think, in my mind, that this is a chance for some people to perhaps change their path to work out some of their negative patterns and to feel a connection with higher sources, to access that quality of grace.  How do they know that they should be interested?  The need someone to notice them at the beginning of the call and ramp them up to speed.  When you hear me say these same things over and over again at the beginning of the call, please excuse me and be patient.  If you know there’s value on these calls, you know it won’t be long before we get to that value.  If you truly understand, you’ll be holding the energy at the beginning of a call so that we have a stronger energy and whoever is new has an opportunity to feel that energy when it’s there instead of me rushing through things.

In this preamble always, we start to create a group energy.  We start to create affinity.  If we start channeling; if we start bringing through higher messages, it’s the affinity and the loving energy that we create that protects the space.  It really doesn’t matter what I say as long as that comes in.  They said [this] in the channelings and I’ve internalized it; I believe it’s true – that when you have a truly loving space, the negative can’t get through that.  It can’t.  It’d have to convert to be in that space, so they’ll just go away somewhere else.  They look for places where there are holes, where there are distortions, where there are weaknesses, where there’s ego, where there’s people who are attached to attention.  They can’t through a loving energy.  That’s part of what we’re doing at the beginning of the calls, is creating a loving energy.

The topic tonight is - what are you going to do next?  “What’s your next step?”  I thought that’s a great topic, because it applies to every single person.  Each of us has something to do which would move us into the next realm of possibilities for us, and oftentimes we don’t do it.  Oftentimes, we don’t know what it is.  Maybe what it is to do nothing for a while; that might be the right next step.  For many of us, there is something we can do to speed up our evolution, to create more love in the people around us, to make more money – probably not just one thing.  There’s probably more than one thing to do next.  When you look at your life, then it’s a constant re-evaluation.  I know that for me, doing the work that we’re doing on these calls and in general – there was a point where I had no idea what to do next.  I didn’t know what to do.  I asked them, “Can you recommend what I’m supposed to do here?”  There was this thought that they know what I’m supposed to do.    They’re big, they’re wise, they’re overseeing everything – “Gee, just tell me what to do.  I’ll go do it.”

I began to learn that’s not the way that things change in this realm – following orders.  That turns them into generals, so to speak, and I’m a soldier and that’s not what they want to do.  It’s a co-creative action; it’s me, them, Terry and you – we’re on a team.  We’re on an energy team that is changing all the time.  Every time we come on these calls, if you notice, they’re always different:  there’s a different energy on the call.  Sometimes it’s just really funny, sometimes it’s really holy – and everywhere in between.  God knows I’m not doing that and they’re not doing that – we’re doing that!  That’s part of the group.  There are times when there are things that we have to release and we have to get really corny and funny to release them.  At least, that’s how I see it.  Then, there are times when things are really clear and very sacred.

For me, it’s been like walking across a bunch of rocks in the river, but you don’t see the next rock until you’re on the rock just before it.  What’s your next step? Is a life-long question; it’s an every day question.  If you take a step you end up on a rock; until you end up on that rock, you can’t take your next step and you’re not sure where it’s going to be.  Sometimes, it’s been my experience, when you take a next step and you end up on a rock, you find out, “This rock is pretty shaky.  I don’t know if I want to stand here.”  So, we have to think quick and either you quick get off it and go to another rock in front of it or you go backwards and go back to the rock you came from and look for another rock that might be more stable.

When you take these next steps, there is a thing to realize that you might make a mistake – and, what you think is your next step wasn’t a good next step.  Do you leave room to step backwards or do you get stuck?  For example, a good analogy to this: a young man who probably believes his next step is a wonderful, romantic relationship.  Then he finds out to have this wonderful romantic relationship he has to get married.  Now, you’ve taken a step that is not easy to step back from.  Perhaps he needed a really long courtship to make sure this was the right person.  I don’t know if people do long courtships anymore, but whatever they do they end up making a big commitment.  Learn to make small commitments for a next step, realizing that many things don’t work.  Just because you’re taking a next step – it’s always commendable that you’re taking a next step whether it works or not.

I’m sure you have heard all the people who have said how many times their book was rejected before it got published.  I remember Jack Canfield who wrote “Chicken Soup for the Soul” – his book got rejected 150 times, and probably finally became the all-time best series, because it’s not just one book anymore.  It’s probably sold in the tens of millions – a hundred million Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  He kept taking the next step.  When they got the book published, he and his partner (he wrote that with another person) realized that just because the book was published didn’t mean they were going to sell it.  The two of them got on a telephone campaign and they just spent all day for six months or a year calling every radio station all over the United States, getting on every interview – small stations, big stations, whatever.  They grounded the energy in doing that so their book became a huge success.

When we look back and think, “He’s selling a hundred million books” you have to remember there was a day when Jack Canfield got up and no one wanted to publish a book.  After 140 publishers, he found a publisher and once the book was published he realized if anyone was going to read it, it was because he told them about it.  It’s good example of getting something done and somebody who kept taking the next step.  I’m faced with that everyday; I’ve come to the conclusion that this work we’re doing is important.  It reaches people, it touches them and it changes people’s lives.  At one point it was like there was not a single person who was being influenced by anything we were doing and I was waking up and somebody was shaking my shoulder and saying, “Those guys want to talk to you again.”  I thought this was the craziest thing I could ever imagine; nobody was embracing what was happening for me and saying, “Wow, Congratulations, wonderful – it’s changing my life.”  It was not an automatic thing to figure out this thing works.

Now I have some idea of how it works and I’m compelled to say, “What is the next step I have to take so that this reaches more people, so that this becomes something that can impact many more people than it’s impacting now?”  I don’t think that because of ambition; I think it because it’s the next step of service.  When that happens, there’ll be another step and then another step and then another step.  Once you embrace this idea of “What’s the next step?” then you start on a flow – there’s really no end-point to it.  There can be an end-point because you can say, “I have now $100 million in the bank” if I was Jack Canfield, he may say,  “Now my next step is to talk to people, encourage them, spend time with my family, I’ll travel around the world, and give lectures…”

We are each creating our life; there’s no supposed to be, there’s no meant to be – it’s your creation.  You have to figure it out.  It can be figured out, and I think this is a good moment to bring our sources in and have a discussion with them about how to figure out your next step.  No matter whether your life is very simple and you have a job and a family or your life is very complex, or you’re a celebrity, or you’re influencing people in a spiritual way, - whatever.  Each of us has something to do that we’re not doing.  Sometimes we avoid the very thing that would be our next step.  Terry, are you on the line?

Terry:  Yes.  Can you hear me?

Wynn:  Do you know what your next step is?

Terry:  My next step?  I have several next steps; there’s the immediate next step and then there is the priorities for the getting out of the product to people who order.  Then, there’s the next thing would be the transcriptions and getting them out.  Then there would be progressing in my knowledge of all that is.

Wynn:  Terry was sitting in the living room yesterday and she said, “You know what I realized?  I think I’m always in spirit; I’m not here.”

Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  It’s very interesting because, I think someone could go through a lot of lifetimes like that and the world passes them by.  You don’t even know you’re like that, you just think you’re a misfit and you don’t fit in.  Then something happens in your life where you kind of trip and stumble and you’re in a situation where all those higher aspects of yourself have an opportunity to manifest.  As it see it, with the positive forces, just because somebody has a propensity to be a channel or a messenger for other realms doesn’t mean they do that every life.  They may do it only very occasionally, because it takes the right circumstance to trigger it.

I’m just reverse engineering here: if Terry was St. Catherine – calling somebody a former saint is not necessarily a hierarchical thing.  People will think of it that way.  Let’s just look at it – we know that churches are corrupted; we know the power structures are corrupted.  Sainthood is not something that is extended by higher forces; it’s extended by a church.  They say “Let’s declare that this person is a saint.”  The truth of the matter is you probably have this bumbling little woman – I think she was 15 years old or something – who ended up in a church.  There were probably some highly intended people in that church and somebody said something and the higher forces said, “This might be a good time to get a message through.  She has talent.”  Suddenly, the energy lifted and she’d be talking and they wrote it down.  If you read St. Catherine you’ll find a lot of it has to do with the voice speaking through St. Catherine talking about the hypocrisy of the church.  What happens is the very same church that has hypocrisy in it at its higher level, declares her a saint.  Terry is still the same bumbling, bumbly person.  Having had that declaration after she was dead didn’t change her; then she just stumbled into another situation this lifetime where there was an opportunity for her to exercise this talent of bringing through messages from other realms.

I’m talking about her and she’s on the line.  I should give a chance to correct me because she might have a different way of looking at it.

Terry:  It’s funny because when I look back at the history I just went on my track and I didn’t know that they had declared me a saint.  I just went on and had some more lifetimes and some of them were failures.

Wynn:  Bad marriages, people killing you – all that stuff.

Terry:  I was a writer in Paris, and I was getting quite famous and the Revolution came along and decided that all my books needed to be burned and I needed to be beheaded.  I had a few failures like that.

Wynn:  Truthfully, the reason I talk and Terry graciously allows it – the reason I talk about St. Catherine of Siena is because it’s a way to get people to pay attention to our work and be curious.  The story is, just as the Edgar Cayce/David Wilcock story, is such a good way to get people to pay attention to my work and David’s work at present time – it opens the door so people pay attention.  It’s hard to get attention in this realm, it’s really hard.  They know that so they take the advantage of the circumstances to create situations so people will pay attention.  I carefully tested that to see how people would respond if I put that out to the public.  I was in a couple of past lives and I don’t like to talk about my past lives.  It’s easier to talk about Terry’s past lives than my own.

I’m the center of attention of holding this together right now, and I have enough problems than saying I was this person or that person.  If you come to one of our small workshops I’ll let you know – if it’s comfortable.  There are pictures and all this stuff tying me to people that I don’t think it would be purposeful to put it out.  It is purposeful to put Terry out, because Terry doesn’t have any ego about it.  It is just like using that story so that people will look at our stuff and it gives some credibility and makes somebody curious.

I’m going to call in the light which is already here.

Terry:  What’s the topic for tonight?

Wynn:  The topic is “What’s your next step?”

Terry:  Okay.

Wynn:  I think people get stuck and when you get stuck it’s hard to do something.  You have to shake yourself a little bit.  Looking at how to figure out what your next step is, and whatever questions come up on that topic.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive have access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  Before we start, let’s take a moment of silence and hold the space.

I’ll turn it over to our sources to address our questions tonight.

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is the 26th of December 2011.  We look at planet earth and we make connection and we see people in the holiday mood, but getting back to their routine to start the coming week and the New Year.  We see the light cycle beginning to get a little longer in the Northern Hemisphere every day.  We send love and light to each person who is listening, each person who will read a transcript and each person who will listen to an audio or listen on the replay line.

We are cognizant of your topic “What is my next step?”

We are in a different relationship to energy than one is who is in the third dimension.  We are in the relationship of no time - and - all the time in the world.  We can move into what appears to be the next priority, or we can appear and we can assist others when they are looking at the next challenge, the next hurdle, and the next thing that is in front of them.

The thing that is right in front of you - that can be your next step to handle.  There are things that are presented to you, as things that need to be done immediately – obtaining firewood for the fire and getting warm, obtaining a living to pay for the necessities of life – these are priorities that need to be done to continue the sustenance in the third dimension.

Then, there are situations with people, the arguments with the Uncle Fred that is bothering one and one wishes it could be resolved.  Communication issues with individuals to work out differences, conflicts, to make one’s path easier.  This contains opportunities for growth, and opportunities for non-judgment and for connection with individuals.  Particularly at this time of year, connection with family, connection with relatives, sending them hugs, sending them love light – at some place even when you don’t do it in the physical but when you do it in your mind, to some degree, it transfers to them and you might find yourself back in communication with them as they may attempt to contact you, dissolving of old issues through communication or through setting it aside and sending the other person a loving greeting.

Those are our initial comments.  Do you have questions?

Wynn:  Yes.  If a person is in a stuck place in their life, what kind of procedure could they apply to themselves:  self-talk, self-questions – to figure out what would be an appropriate next step?  This covers a wide variety of possible next steps, anywhere from spiritual advancement to earning a living.

Ra’An:  There are categories here – there is the category of things of immediacy, things that must be done to continue one’s life path.  The shoveling the snow out of the driveway so you can get out, the preparing of something to eat so you have the energy to sustain yourself, the keeping warm – things that directly affect your survival.  These are immediate things, and one can use communication to communicate one’s situation to people who can help, to communicate one’s availability if one needs a job, to enlist the help of neighbors if one cannot do everything oneself, to get acquainted with other people and in bonding one can find support and can help each other.  So, this is one category of things that is of an immediate nature.

Another category of things is growth:  how does one wish to proceed in their life?  What path do they wish to choose after their needs are taken care of, which path do they wish to go on?  Do they have a desire, sometimes, to play the piano?  Can they go down to their church and sometimes play; or do they have a desire to do research?  They could go to the library and find a wealth of information on the internet, and a librarian can show them how to get on the internet and how to use this resource.  Finding one’s interest and then researching that particular interest on the internet can give them a wide variety of ideas they might not have thought of.  Those are a couple of our ideas.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Something that I have used a lot, in fact Terry has picked it up, is the internet.  When you can get into kind of an open space you’re dealing with such a huge world of stuff, you can almost ask any question and you’ll find whole bunches of things that come up – you should try it.  Just ask a question like “Who has a job in Poughkeepsie, New York?  Looking for a health company.  Look at things you’re interested in.

Let’s suppose you’re looking for a job.  Instead of going door to door, start browsing the internet.  Then, look at the company – then, look at the owners of a company and look at how they present their website.  See if you can say to yourself, “I like that company” and then go knock on their door and say, “I was looking at the internet and I really like this company.  I was wondering if there is somebody to talk to a job, because this is the kind of company I’d like to work for.”  You’d be surprised how many things you can find that you didn’t know were there without using the internet like that.  It’s a resource that I think is underused by people who need something.

Instead of asking somebody to like you “Am I good enough?” you’re now going through the internet and you’re taking the masterful position of, “Do I like you?”  Just because you’re needy doesn’t mean you can’t do that and if you want to work for somebody that you like; now you can find them.  Never before in history was that possible.  You have the owners of companies with their pictures talking about themselves, their company mission – and you can say “I like that” and I will guarantee that if you can say “I like that” to yourself then you do that for ten or twenty companies you’ll get a job.  People will like you because you like them; but, it has to be authentic.  Just go on the internet and do it.  Maybe the next step is to go on the internet.

I know a lot of people who are finding romantic partners on the internet.  There are so many dating services and this and that; people put their pictures up, they talk about themselves.  You can read about people and so what if you get rejected?  Get rejected 49 times; remember “Chicken Soup for the Soul” got rejected 150 times.  Did those guys worry?  No.  They kept going until they got it.  Once you get over the fear of rejection, it’s like not such a big deal to keep putting yourself out there.

Next step:  How about spiritual evolution?  I’m stuck spiritually.  I’m stuck socially.  I’m stuck in my business.  How can a person qualify their own thought, if they say, “I think this would be a good next step”, what process can they run to get some validation from spirit that in fact, it is a good next step?

Ra’An:  We were thinking of communication; communication to spirit, asking spirit for synchronicities, asking spirit for some kind of suggestion of what direction they need to go, and seeing what comes to them.  Keeping the intention really high and focused, and keeping your integrity and being open to different opportunities that come in and communicating with people, asking people what their thoughts are on this subject.  Then, getting familiar what different areas are like to be in and doing, getting an idea if you yourself would fit into that area.

You can get on the internet and get stories about different areas, like being a shoemaker.  What’s it like to be a shoemaker?  Talk to shoemakers.

There are some tremendous success stories like a shoemaker comes over [from Europe to America] without his family and sets up a little shop and starts doing shoes and does a really good job.  It’s not a very large shop, but he turns the shoes over very fast and he does a very, very good job.  Then, his shoe shop expands and expands, and soon he has enough money to bring his family over.  He’s becoming more and more popular and then he’s doubling the size of his shoe shop and he’s hiring people to work in his shoe shop.

Things start and progress one thing at a time and build, as you build one layer then another layer can be built on top of that.  The people he had interested in getting their shoes repaired then refer other people; then, he has a bigger customer base and he has more and more business and it builds upon itself.  That’s an example of how somebody could build a whole new life in an area of interest that they had.

If somebody is spiritually wanting to expand and grow they could start reading things in our work, in the channelings, and could in the reading, connect with the higher frequencies and begin to see ways that they could expand and grow spiritually.

Wynn:  Question:  We talk a lot about synchronicities, and I think there are some people who may not know what that mean or have no idea what causes a synchronicity, so maybe we could get an understanding of what a synchronicity is and how to create circumstances in our life to have synchronicities.

Ra’An:  Thank you.  A synchronicity is an experience that, seemingly, may come out of nowhere, but it is where one is looking in a certain direction, focused on something and then from another direction something that answers that need or fulfills that call comes in seemingly like magic; but, it is not like magic.  It’s that you have been on the frequency of that happening, and by being in the focus of that happening and the focus of that desire, you have attracted an answer, you have attracted the thing that you were seeking, because you were at the frequency of it, then you had gotten that desire fulfilled as something that you wanted of that frequency has matched your frequency and come into your life.

If you were of the frequency of wishing, desiring and feeling that you were worthy of, and you were just in the frequency of winning a lottery – then, you could attract that to yourself.  But, if you were trying to do it – this is way above trying, it just is.  You just create it and you are there.  But if you think, “Oh, I can’t win the lottery” that has placed you at a whole different frequency from winning the lottery and it would be very surprising if you won.  Then, you have situations where an individual walks into a store and thinks, “Oh, I feel lucky; I think I’ll buy a ticket.  I think I’ll win the lottery today.”  And they feel like they might win and then they win.  Their idea is at the winning frequency, it’s just like greasing the tracks and it’s making the possibility for the one occurrence to move into the sphere of the other.

Wynn:  Can a depressed person have a synchronicity?

Ra’An:  A depressed person can have a synchronicity, and a synchronicity can also be negative.  Like, if a person was thinking, “Oh my, this terrible thing, this affliction is really terrible” then they’re at that frequency of things not going well and they are bringing those things to them.   [This is not to say they that when something terrible happens it is necessarily the creation of the person because it is not necessarily so.  One of the biggest causes of confusion is misidentification of the source or cause of something.  Identifying the true cause of something negative is the first step in correcting it and careful bringing in of the corrective actions is needed.]

Wynn:  Can a depressed person have a positive synchronicity?

Ra’An:  Yes, a depressed person could have a positive synchronicity, as it is not totally simplistic.  They may have somewhere in their life the cherished thought or somewhere in their past life have the thing – have been at one time in a certain frequency and then bring that in spite of their depressed condition.

Wynn:  Thank you.  I think it’s time to close.  When we have moments of silence on these calls, and I feel a lot of energy and I’ve gotten emails from people who feel that energy.  Could you share with us what happens when we’re silent and we feel those energies?

Ra’An:  You are in the space of allowing the energies to flow and the energies are there, much like the radio station is there even though you’re not tuned into it.  When you turn on your radio and you tune to the station then you hear it.  The energies are there in the silence, the energies are there - and you may tune into it and feel it.

Wynn:  Let’s take a moment of silent and feel the energies.


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Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly.
Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious
mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may
interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what
resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is
meant for the person asking the question and you have the
privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain
insights from the answer. However,  even though the
circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer
applies to you.. This is not meant to replace seeing your
doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner.  Some people
get healings here, so you can be open to it.