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Wednesday Calls; 2011 Conferences
Wednesday –
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Cindy McDonald

Wynn: This is December 28, 2011, moving into 2012 in a few days. This is our Wednesday night call. We have some new people on the line so just quickly, I always do a disclaimer to say that we are not intending to dictate anyone’s truth. Usually our sources are very diplomatic in that way.


One of the lessons people are supposed to learn in this realm is discernment. So if somebody just tells you what to do and how to do it, then you missed that lesson. But there is wisdom and guidance and connections.


I would say the most important aspect of these calls that we do is the potential to make an energetic connection to positive higher densities. If you pay attention to the energies on the call, you’ll notice…notice how I changed my voice? I didn’t really do that thinking about it but I’m very aware that in the spaces there is an unusual energy and after a long period of having these conversations with these sources, I’ve come to believe myself that the energy in the spaces is them. It’s a way to feel their frequencies.


And they say it’s them when we ask but this is something each person has to validate for themselves. It’s a very subtle feeling. They describe themselves as a group soul. Actually, to be politically correct, there’s two group souls on this line. Now I don’t suspect it’s the entire group because they’re huge but they assign a certain amount of them to be present on these calls.


They also say they pay attention to each person on the call and that you can make a connection with them. They don’t violate your space. So when people are coming into the call for the first time, often times they’re scrutinizing it and that’s a good thing to do. Scrutinize things to make sure you’re comfortable and you trust it. Just because they say there’s energy on the call and you can feel that energy, you shouldn’t want to feel that energy until you’re convinced that it’s all positive and that nothing’s going to intrude on you, that nothing’s going to dis-empower you. It’s like making a new friend. It’s not good to make real friends too quickly. You want to know you can trust a new friend, that they will respect you and they will respect your sovereignty.


So in the highest sense of the principal here, there's one energy, (so they say, which I believe) that pervades everything in the universe ~ one energy. We are subsets of that energy; the sources that communicate with us are subsets of that energy, they’re just higher aspects of it. So in the highest sense, we are them and they’re us and we can learn and grow from connecting to higher aspects of ourselves.


Many people have reported during the course of these calls that they have felt their energy shift, depressions go away ~ sometimes there’s been miracles of healing and there certainly have been in the history of this work, miracles of healing. It’s kind of like it’s you healing you. If you just come here one time and say, “Heal me,” you probably won’t get a result…that’s not necessarily so but again, using the analogy of having a really good friend ~ when you first meet the friend, the person, and the first thing you say is, “Hey, I need to borrow $100.” The chances are you won’t get it. But if they get to know you really well, they get to know that your friendship is sincere and if you ask for something, there’s a much higher chance of getting it.


That’s how I’ve learned to see how this works. They’re not God in the way religion makes God out to be. That was a model that was used historically because it was easier for the time it was in, it was an easier model to work with. To my experience, the idea of God in the old way, thinking of God, is a simplification, but it can work!


The reason it works is because when you have positive intention and are sincere, and you ask for things, the positive intention you have pushes your energy through the veil and there’s a whole team up there that works with this. Now, when we say “this team”, does that mean there are many Gods?


It’s a bit of a paradox. A good analogy might be, if you go to see a really great jazz band, they’ve all got all these different musicians and musical instruments but they play with a psychic precision. Each one knows what the other guy is doing. They’ve tuned into the oneness. So in that moment, when they’re very inspired, it’s like one energy pervading the entire band and the audience. There’s a team but none of them are standing there saying, “Worship me! I’m special!” They’re a team. If somebody could be on an ego trip and say, “Look at me! I’m the star of the show!” (It could detract from the whole.) The best bands, I think, embrace this idea of the team energy.


So we’re a team and in truth, at some level, we are all one with each other. There’s a place where our energies combine. Normally humans don’t experience this often because they’re compressed underneath the veil, so to speak. On these calls, people experience [the place where the energies combine] and when you experience that, the result is love, loving energy, camaraderie, connection, feeling not alienated, feeling part of something.


If you chose to come back and pay attention for awhile, many people have had that experience who have done that. In today’s world, that’s a very important thing to connect to.


So, on that note, we have some questions that people submitted. We have three different calls a week and each call is a little bit different, each of the three. On the Monday call, usually I pick a topic. Occasionally I have a guest. I just ask questions on that topic and explore it. Many times information that’s not normally available to this realm [comes through.].


Our Wednesday call, people submit questions based on their healing requests and we ask their questions on their behalf on the call. On our Sunday morning call, we focus on the group energy. We focus on the energy in the spaces and we create group intentions to work with that energy to create healing of ourselves and healing of the planet.


On that note, we’re almost ready to get started. I want to see if anyone sent any last minute questions in. We’re going to repeat one question from last week where we didn’t record it. The person was depending on listening to the replay and it was the one week where there was no replay.


Okay, I do a little invocation at the beginning of our session and the invocation is really just a focused intention to create this energy of oneness amongst everybody. It’s already here. Some of you are feeling it. Some of you may feel it after I say these words. If you don’t feel it and you want to, keep coming back because it kind of grows on you if you’re interested.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Father, Mother, God. We ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of all the planets in our solar system, and the Sun, to the outer energy fields of our earth, through our bodies coming in from the top of our heads, through our bodies and grounded into the center of the earth. And right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now!


Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is December 28, 2011 and we are with you this day on planet Earth as the days have shifted now and are getting a little longer and we are connecting with each and every one of you on the 'non-telephone line', it is non-linear. We are present with you if you wish to experience our presence. We are at a very high frequency so you may not experience our presence as we are on the other side of the so called veil. We have the ability to move into your space or to vacate your space in a non-linear way.


We are here to answer any questions which you may have and it is cautioned that when you hear an answer that you consider it and see if it vibrates with you or there are any parts of it you can use. We do not mean to be the leaders so much as to have a give and take with each person [each person] being the leader. There is some chance at times that other information may bleed through from the mind of the channel. This channel is pretty pure but something needs to resonate with you personally and then you can make it your own and then and only then.


So, do you have questions?


Wynn: Chris Blair asks for a healing and I suppose anything…it’s his birthday today… anything that may be in his highest good to know right now?


Ra’An: Give us a moment…


You are on a path of wonderment and a path of getting grounded, a path of throwing away extraneous things in your mind that do not bring you growth and joy. You are going for a goal and we are available to see you through. There are areas that are and have been frightening and you can set them…many of them aside as irrelevant and move toward what makes you feel safe and sound and secure. Of course, connection with the other side is an unknown and one wonders in the third dimension, “Why” and does not know what is there on the other side. However, there are, in the area of spirit and the Elohim and Ra, there is friendship and love and light and support. We wish you a Happy Birthday.


Wynn: Thank you. Tamara had asked a question a few months ago and in the answer it said she was literally starving to death due to poor absorption of nutrients. She was asked to check in again. We asked this question last week and it didn’t record and she was going to listen to it on the replay. Her comment is, “I’ve been taking vitamin D and started L glutamine to heal the intestines. I’ve also increased fish oil. A naturopath I am working with believes I need to be on a gluten- free diet which is very restricted.


I was hoping Source might say that a healthy diet would be sufficient ~ one that contains greens, cruciferous veggies, and anti-oxidants like blueberries, more protein, B vitamins, and minerals. That’s basically it.


I’m sure she’s asking for any healing on this. I guess the question is…now when we ask a health question, I think you should run it by at least [your doctor or a qualified expert] …we’re not qualified to give health advice so I really even shouldn’t ask the question but I’ll let it go in because they said to check back. The question is, “Does she really need to be on a gluten- free diet?


Ra’An: Thank you. What we recommended last week and recommend is that you get a second opinion and there are ways around [a gluten free diet.] One of the things with a gluten-free diet, it frees up the intestinal tract to some degree based upon the other things you are also doing. There are other ways to free up the intestinal tract. For instance, making sure you have probiotics.


There are other factors that allow for good culture within the intestinal tract. Drinking enough water is also important. We also suggest that you get in touch with Dr. Marshall’s office and speak to someone there and ask your questions about ways around a gluten-free diet wherein you can reinstate a very good culture within the digestive tract with using the nutrients that will make the proper culture without having to go gluten-free. [When speaking with Dr. Marshall's office also ask how to clear yourself of allergies, and to improve digestion of proteins. You may wish to stay clear of wheat products.]


If you do a gluten-free, there are variables that you can use to make your diet more interesting as you have mentioned vegetables; anti-oxidants such as blueberries are good.


There is a smoothie that can be made and you can get the recipe from one of the people at Dr. Marshall’s office (310-320-1132) for making the smoothie which painlessly can give you the nutrients needed to help build your digestive system.


Wynn: Thank you. This is a question from Judith in Forestville. “I am an idealistic person who has always supported what I believe to be positive causes for transformation of our planet and the hearts of those who have been plundering it. What is my best, most effective course of action in present time to really make a difference? Can I get your help or is there a way to have a large scale profound transformation?


Ra’An: One starts every journey where they are at. One then gets the vision where one wishes to be and what one wishes to be doing which is not where they have started. Then day by day they find the pathway on how to get to where they’re going. One can ask for a miraculous change which you are wishing for in putting in the light which can help propel you forward toward the area where you want to be. You wish to see change around you and to be an instigator of healthy change and this you have the capability for doing and for putting these things in the light that you wish to accomplish and then doing the work that is necessary for the accomplishment.


Both are needed to get you to your goal which in a way is never ending. As when one gets to the point where they can begin to see the results of what they’re doing bring effective change in the world and then they see other ways to progress forward from there with even more effective things that they may do.


Some of the things that you are working on now are more important in going toward this goal than other things and you can begin to lean more into those and see the results of your work. There is one area which is your own, with your own creativity that you can begin to work on a little bit everyday to satisfy that need for that creative outlet.


Wynn: That’s the end, yes.


Ra’An: Yes.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question, “I am a very sensitive person who has always felt that there are negative beings intruding on my space. Can you tell me the nature of these beings and how to keep them away? Can I invoke the Elohim and Ra to help with this? Do I have any implants, physical or etheric, that is allowing this access? Can you disable the implants? Is there anything else I should know about this I haven’t asked?”


Ra’An: Thank you. There are factors within your own matrix which have been taken on in the distant past which opened you up or that allows this to happen. Often it takes much work to be able to dispense with these factors within yourself which are not of your own making but have been placed there.


If you review in meditation before you go to sleep and just after waking up, review those factors and look at your thoughts and see the area, localized…any localized thoughts in your own space that do not jive with your own strong integrity and your own strong connection with the world in harmony. Then get acquainted with that area and know that it is of a different origin than your own projections and allow it to be without judgment and allow the space to leave you and give it lots of love that it may work out its own infirmities.


Once you have fortified yourself and rid yourself of influence within your own matrix that can lend themselves to picking up negative connections from outside yourself; then you will have reached safe ground. It is a sense a “dark night of the soul” and can take much work.


If you do a little bit everyday and are kind to those other influences that are within yourself, (and we do not refer to influences that are outside yourself) (and we do not refer to those sources as something that should be judged) just note that there is a difference in harmony between yourself and some of the ideas and those ideas have a location and the source of those ideas can be let go and released in love. Get back to us and keep in touch and lots of support to you.


Wynn: Thank you very much. Question from Edna: “Sometimes when I am driving home when it is dark, I see beautiful, purple, violet, colors illuminating the way where I am driving. It illuminates all the road in front of me. When I am driving in the dark through the nature and see this color, I get the idea that the Elohim is guiding and protecting me. My question is, is there a connection between that violet purple color being projected and our sources?”


Ra’An: Yes. As you move into the higher energies of the violet and purple which are mixtures of reds and blues, you are moving into flow and you are moving into a sphere, very often a sphere of blue colored mixed with emotions of care. Our colors are essentially pink, light pink and as we mix with the elements within nature, we move into blues and indigos and there is strong love and feelings in these areas. Thank you for noticing.


Wynn: Thank you. Next question is…we have a couple of healing questions here. One is from Linda Bracey in South Carolina who wants to put her daughter in Portsmouth, VA in the light for a healing of a lump in her breast so it isn’t breast cancer and all the people facing such diseases at this time. Thank you.


Ra’An: Thank you. We would place her in the light and we would also suggest that she obtain free flow in the area of the breast. Free flow of energy and this would include no harsh braziers and…we are looking at it as we are talking. There is a stuck energy there. We also suggest to slow down a bit and to take some time for herself ~ a little bit every day, perhaps before sleeping and to get enough liquids for the flushing of toxins from the system as this is hard to do when one is on the go.


Wynn: Thank you. And I would like to ask a question and obviously a huge amount is going on on our planet right now in every which way from earth changes to political changes to economic changes. “How can a human adapt and prepare for the shifts that are in place?”


Ra’An: Thank you. One can put a little supply of food away and get some …store some water and a little bit of food for a few weeks. This will give one a better feeling of wholeness within the life within the home, that there is some store to draw on. Have a few things put together in a grab-and-go case in case one needs to leave for any length of time, that they can have this ready. Organize their finances and pay down their bills as much as possible as there are some rough financial times that are already being felt.


Give us a moment…


Get to know your neighbors so if some emergency happens, there can be some sense of people that can come together to help meet any emergency together rather sitting in one's house and not knowing even who your next door neighbor might be.


Coming into the [team] shift call that Edna is running, team shift, and she is assigning individuals that can be calling each other in maybe a group of five in calling in the light and calling in our assistance, getting use to our energies so that you can be more supported by our energies and our ability to be somewhat of a guide in case it is needed. Those are our initial comments.


Wynn: One of the things that I think when you make the connection to your energy, it kind of opens up the door to more synchronicities, to meeting of people. Am I accurate there?

Ra’An: Yes. If you can grasp our flow of energy, it is open, it isn’t sticky. It is moving, there’s a moving flow that can scan over everything and can find things that can match up and put matching things together.

Wynn: Thank you very much. I have a suggestion, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to knock on your neighbor’s doors and say, “I’m going to the 99¢ store to pick up some canned food in case there’s any food shortages. Would anyone like me to pick anything up for them?” That’s the beginning of…even if they buy $20 or $30 worth of food, not only are they getting food, it’s the beginning of community for people.

Ra’An: Yes. We suggest of a preliminary knocking on the door and just introducing yourself and telling a little bit about yourself and finding out a little bit about them and seeing which people would be open to such a suggestion.


Wynn: Thank you. Well, that is the end of our questions tonight. I thank you very much for being here. I thank everyone who is on the line supporting all the people that are listening to the replays and I think I’ll take a moment of silence just to feel the energies.

Shut your eyes and just be very relaxed…………………………………

Ask for your own healings if you need them……………………………..

Ask for the people you’re connected to………………………………….

And feel the energy of gratitude for the connections we’re making on this line……………………………………………………………………………

And when we disconnect, if you want to stay in that space for a while, you can. You can learn to train yourself to feel these energies. The best way to do it is to hold the space when you’re feeling it and hang out there for awhile. As they often say, “We leave but we do not leave.”

Do you have any closing comments before we adjourn this meeting?

Ra’An: Yes. We are always there as we are not located in time and space unless we wish to be. So, we are free-flowing and available. We do not have to traverse the distances to get somewhere. Adonai

Wynn: And everybody, we’re wishing you a Happy New Year and we will do a Sunday grid healing New Year’s morning at 10:00 a.m. if you’d like to join us.

We close this session.


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mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may
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