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Monday – 01/02/2012

The Difference between the Ra Group and the Elohim Group
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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anneled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:   Welcome to our Monday Night BBS Conference Call.  This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown.  Are you there, Terry?


Terry:  I’m here.  Hello.


Wynn:  This is an exercise in inter-dimensional connection; this is a fairly unusual thing we’re doing on these calls.  Anyone who is listening for the first time should ramp up and prove it to themselves, because we don’t make any claims that we’re doing anything.


Except during the course of these calls, aside from whatever I say, we have communications with voices coming through Terry – intelligence coming through Terry – that explain themselves to be a group soul consciousness.  If you’re like me, when I heard the idea “group soul consciousness”, I would say, “What does that mean?”  This has been going on for a number of years, and I’ve kind of got a little clue, a little more clue than I did way back when - about what that means.


According to our communications, we who are embodied on earth are kind of in a prison, some of us.  We’re in a state of contraction, but we don’t realize it because it’s ordinary.  We live our lives in states of unawareness and we’ve created our reality, our idea of reality, from various aspects of what could be called “consensus reality” – from the news – from the way we were brought up; by the standards of society, by the people who are famous who become our heroes.  To some degree or another, it’s all programmed; it’s programmed sometimes by intent, sometimes by happenstance.  But, the reality system that is presented to us in this realm is defective; it’s incomplete.  It works at the level that it works on, but there are great areas where it doesn’t work; where it stops.


One of the worst aspects of the reality that’s presented to us in this realm is that we feel separated from each other.  We feel oftentimes alone and isolated.  We participate in the illusion that who we are is what we have; what we have in material goods, what we have in terms of family, what we have in terms of reputation, what we have in terms of worldly power.  If we don’t have bunches of those things, we tend to feel worthless and inadequate and that we are meant to have them.  You can go through your whole lifetime and feel that way.  When you die apparently that idea that you were meant to have all these things travels with you and so you come back into this realm for another shot and maybe, you’ll get it better.  If you do happen to get it better and you start getting some of those things that you didn’t get in the past life, since you’re not running the awareness that we’re all part of each other then you get arrogant and you think you’re superior to other people and live your life feeling that way and when you die, you come back again.


I don’t understand how this part works although I’ve read it enough times – there is a part of you that’s higher than this realm, sometimes referred to as your High Self.  On some level, your High Self programs/interfaces with events that transpire for you.  It’s, to some extent, programming your life so that you have the experiences for maximum growth while you go through a lifetime.  Your High Self is attempting to give you the experiences so that you can have an awareness of the fact, the conscious awareness, that we’re part of each other, and there’s one energy that runs through everything.


For some people their High Selves are part of the Ra group – that’s been said – and that [person is] part of the Ra group.  Their High Self is part of the Ra group, so it’s directing their life as part of the Ra group.  Maybe other people have other High Selves.  That’s a good thing we’re going to ask questions about that tonight to see how that works. 


We announced that we were going to talk about the difference between the Elohim group and the Ra group.  I can share my personal experiences there in the sense that I think I can identify the frequencies of both groups when they’re present.  In the Ra group, the individual Ra group entities are more localized. 


Sometime ago when Terry and I were in the Los Angeles area and we had a little room in somebody’s house and we were actually doing the sessions that created the Creator God book in that room.  At the time that we created that book, no one was paying attention to us and when we talked about it people thought that we were nuts.  I was half-way thinking we were nuts, but I said, “Just in case they are who they say they are, let me ask questions of a Universal Concern and see how they answer” and that’s how that book got started; when we asked all those questions.


If you don’t have that book, you can get it for free at, and it’s chock full of conversations with the Elohim group.  At that time, we had communicated with the Ra group, but never were the two communicating with us together.  We communicated with the Ra group; occasionally they would come through and say, “I am Ra.”  I don’t think I ever asked for them in particular, but they would show up for particular kinds of questions and issues.


[One day] we were having [a] conversation with the Elohim group.  I had read that one of the ways inter-dimensional sources manifest in this realm was through orbs.  Have you guys seen pictures of orbs?  You can’t often see them with your naked eye as far as I know, or most people can’t.  They show up in digital camera pictures that look like circles, spheres, floating around things.  There is one picture of me where there is this blue sphere on my elbow which I put out.  I was talking to the Elohim and I said, “Can you guys project an orb into this room so I can see it?”  The answer was really quite amazing:  (what) they said there already was an orb in the room, except it went up into the sky and down into the earth, it was so big that we couldn’t see it.  I started to then feel the energy and I said, “I think I can feel that.” 


As you know, when we do our grid healings on Sunday, we do an exercise where we project ourselves into that field and many people can feel a great sense of expansion. 


They said the Ra group would project themselves into smaller spheres and the Elohim group would be a huge sphere that was so big you couldn’t see the edges of it.  I started to get the beginnings of the understanding of how these two groups work.


There were a number of questions that I’ve asked.  I asked the Elohim when I was first talking to them through Daphne, I said, “How do you work with this realm?”  I’ve got the book here, I (will read it.)


“Meet the Elohim”:


“Who are the Elohim and why are they connected with the evolution of the human race?”   


Elohim answer:   “We are a soul group whose purpose is to bring life and life forms to planets such as earth.  We then work with the life forms in the hope that they will align themselves with higher inter-dimensional energies, bringing heaven into the third dimension, transmuting third dimensional experiences into a fruitful playing ground for learning the lessons of love and bringing wiser entities back into the fourth and fifth dimensions.”


This is through Terry.


I asked the question, “Why doesn’t the origination of life start out in a higher dimension instead of going through a dimension which is so difficult and challenging?”  They said, “Life starts out beyond the dimensions; dimensions are a limiting factor, a focusing mechanism for life.  Each dimension has its own lessons.  The third dimension is a lesson in limitation against odds to temper and strengthen the soul.”


I remember reading those answers and I said, “If they’re a fake, they’re pretty good because they’re answering right to the question with a sense of confidence that they understand all of this.”  Those of you, who are listening on the calls regularly, know that we have expanded on all of these things many times with further questions.  We’re going to do that tonight.


In another chapter I said, “How can one really know one is having a connection with an inter-dimensional source as with the Elohim?  What are the physical signals and evidence that would confirm that one is having a connection?”  “There can be a light appearing to you, surrounding and providing a loving space around you.  It’s a love light surrounding you that you can sense.  That is one of the first signs of connection.  If you were directed to the light an answer may form in your mind as if a thought.  You must use discernment in accepting an answer.”


As we’ve learned: all this stuff in channeling is very tricky because once you start trying to get messages from other realms, once you choose to want to do that (which people are tempted to do when they hear this kind of stuff that we’re doing) it’s very easy to get a negative source.  It’s very tricky figuring out that they’re a negative source.


If an answer is given - if an answer does not fit your question or fit your sense of what is right - you may have been contacted by a negative source that has intercepted the connection line.  Do not ever pursue this; reset and connect to the Elohim source or to the Ra source.  The thought will have a resonance within you of correctness.  Do not accept an answer unless it resonates as a correct and informative answer.


I’ll tell you an interesting story of something that happened to me about a month ago, I live in Sedona and Sedona is filled with people that do readings.  I happened to wander into this craft show and somebody pulled me over and said, “Do you want to get a reading?  Get a reading. Get a reading.”    I usually will say “No”, but I said, “Yes.”  I went in and I sat down.  These people said they were able to bring forth my guides and that I could get messages from them, so would I like to ask to questions.


I called in a lot of protection to myself and I asked a question and it seemed like a really wise answer and then I asked another question and it seemed like a wise answer.  Then I talked about myself and they were very intrigued with my whole story, and there was a potential to get together and work to do something together.  I let it sit with myself; and then I actually did a session with Terry and I asked a question about it because I wanted to get our sources take on it.  What they said was, that those people were very nice people and that they were giving people their information from their guides, so to speak.  A lot of people talk about guides and contacting your guides and that we all have guides.  What they said next, through Terry, was that in my case, because my guides are connected with the Ra group that was who was giving the information through those people.  Not everybody has guides that are positive, so they would give people information based on their guides.  It’s tricky, because if you have a positive outlook and you have a positive self-image for yourself [you get positive information], but if you’re connected to dark energies or compromised energies, or past life connections of negative things – you can easily have “guides” that are not of the positive; they could easily trick you.  You learn to depend on them, and they’re not necessarily in the highest good of your soul evolution.


When you’re getting messages from other realms, you must use the utmost of discernment and it’s one of the reasons why I tell people don’t believe what we say on these calls.  Check it out for yourself.  I was very nervous about doing something like this publicly with Terry for a long, long time, because we can’t take anything back that we do in a public way.  If we give misdirection, it’s out there – it’s done.  It was only after very careful testing of doing a little bit; trying something and feeling how it felt.  Terry was very shy and it’s like how could we do this publicly and be sure that it was positive and that it never lost its positive aspect.


As we’ve learned about these two group souls – the Elohim group and the Ra group– they’re as real as you and I.  Just because they’re invisible, just because we can’t see them, just because they’re energy – they’re real.  They’re not ‘woo woo’, they’re real.  They both function differently.  We’re going to ask questions about this, but it seems to me that the Ra group works much closer with this realm.  For example, according to the Wilcock/Rueckert channelings, we’re having this division of souls right now that’s taking place over the next so many years – they say it’s up until 2017 – and chances are (we’ll ask if this is still the case) that if people haven’t gone to one side or the other, at that point it’s a done deal.


What does that mean – one side or the other?  This is something you can’t do with your conscious mind.  You can’t say, “I want to graduate this realm, I want to keep an open heart.”  It means you need to keep your heart open slightly more than half so that you fit, your energy field fits, in this upgraded earth.  If it doesn’t fit, in other words you don’t meet that criterion, you start repeating this density on another planet in another star system.  Supposedly, it’s the Ra group that moves your souls from one planet to another.


When I asked the question, I said, “How does this work?”  They said “It’s like just moving a bunch of cut-out paper dolls from earth, starting somewhere else.”  Then, they said, “millions of years, possibly, of evolution somewhere else.”  Maybe it’s less than that.  It’s not like you move into a third density planet that is already functioning and working; it’s like perhaps people are coming in starting as apes or starting as a more primordial form of life and that life has to evolve until the full soul energy can inhabit a being and work out their destiny in a new time and place.


I’m not sure of that, but since there’s no time in reality it doesn’t matter.  If I say millions of years, it seems like a long time.  It’s a long time if you’re lying in a bed with a broken leg because it hurts.  But, the way it works – as we all know since we’re a product of this realm – every lifetime we don’t even remember.  We come in and it’s like we don’t know that we’re carrying a soul stream.  We don’t know that we’re reincarnating.  We discover ourselves in this realm and we have to create and figure out a way to make the best of it.  The best case scenario is that you get some soul growth while you’re here, that you get more expansive.  The very best scenario is that you graduate. 


When you think of the word ‘graduation’ you think it’s an honor; it’s like you want to be at the top of hierarchy and you want to graduate.  The truth of the matter is, are you ready to give up your attachment to life in this realm, because if you’re not, you’ve got to continue.


Of course, it’s more complicated because there’s a division of souls, if you give up your attachment to life in this realm the indication is that you will have life in the next realm – in the fourth density.  This is all guided by these soul groups, in particular the Ra group.  Oftentimes, we don’t give the Ra group as much talk space or air time as the Elohim group, although they’re both there.  Those of you who have listened to these calls know that there have been some miraculous calls here where part of the Ra group did come in, talked about their time in Egypt.  The Ra group has involved itself in a very close way with this realm.  They’ve been involved; they’ve taken bodies here, they’ve worked with people; our information is the Ra group was very much connected with Jesus.  The Elohim may have worked with that, but I think it was the Ra group’s creation.  They actually made plans over thousands of years for things to manifest.


As I said in the email today, this is a very unusual thing we’re doing in integrating and learning about both group souls, not as something scholarly, but being able to talk to them directly right here on the call.


As some of you have learned, this has not been easy to share with other people.  The people who have found us started just through looking for synchronicities, stumbling, looking for a link on the internet.  They start paying attention and over a period of months suddenly something clicks and they get a great affinity.  If they talk to someone else about it, they think they’re a nut case, it’s so far out.


Recently, I wrote something and my friend Judith who has been coming in on these calls helped edit it; she’s a really good editor, really smart.  We came up with something really good, and it’s a little five-page pdf with links to the things that we’re doing – things in messageaday, thewynnchannel, the free books – everything.  It was designed to be an introduction, and if any of you want to download it, share it with anyone, I’d like to see how it works, and you can get it at  It’s part of my constant effort to say, “How can we get this to reach more people?” Knowing there a lot of people that would change their lives if they found it, but how do they find it?  How does somebody find something like this?


Maybe people will share this; so read it.  You should share it because you’re moved to; if it doesn’t feel right don’t share it.  This is a test that maybe we can come up with something that will go viral; they certainly want me to do that.  They constantly tell me, “Get this out.”   It’s at  Check it out; give me comments on it.  Imagine, if you sent that to somebody you know, how they might respond to it.  Would you be embarrassed?  Would they think you’re a nut case?  I tried to write it in such a way that somebody who heard nothing about this work could read it and be curious.  That was the goal – check it out and see what you think.


Terry, from your human side – is there anything you want to comment on all this?


Terry:  It was really interesting when we were living in that room in [La Canada]. We would be talking to the Elohim and then you were saying things about the Ra group.  Then, the Ra group came in and we were talking to them, then the Elohim group came in and said they needed to come in to straighten up some of the things that you were saying or asking and that the other group (the Ra group) had misconceptions about the Elohim group.  Then, it ended up they (both), outside of our influence, got together and made a collaboration to work with us.


Wynn:  There is this representation, seeming representation, from the Elohim group.  I’ll tell you one thing that we picked up at that time:  The Elohim group, by and large, didn’t have bodies and stayed as pure energy.  They said somebody had to hold the space in the center or if they didn’t do that, the whole thing could fly off the handle.  They said that they look at us as a composite of geometrical frequencies, and that a human is a conglomerate of energies based on sacred geometry and they can see all the energies that form us down the track.  I’m trying to express this in as accurate terms as possible; in terms that [are clear]– but it’s not easy to explain it. 


There was a certain seeming detachment from the Elohim, like they would say from their point of view does it matter if somebody graduates now or if they graduate 10,000 years from now.  There’s no time - so it doesn’t make any difference.


On the other hand, there was the idea from the Ra group’s point of view - since they had bodies, since they had graduated from this realm, they understood the pain of this realm from personal experience, which the Elohim didn’t experience quite as well.  For example, the Elohim group can project into this realm and they can feel someone in this realm.  They can feel pain I’m sure, because if they go look at you, they’re feeling your pain, they’re connecting with it and they feel it - but then, it releases.  It’s not the same as having a bad life where you can’t get out of it, and you’re stuck.  The people around you are suffering and you’re feeling unloved and you’re isolated and you’re alone and you’re going crazy.  Then you come back and repeat that to fix it.


The sense was, the Ra group had felt all these things and have gone through them, and so they were making themselves available to remedy/try to help this stuff which is why perhaps if Jesus was a creation of the Ra group.  I don’t know if I’m saying that correctly:  ‘a creation of’; a co-creation [of the Ra group], because I’m sure the being Jesus was part of the Ra group, I think.  I’m not attached to being right on any of this.  We did do a channeling, and I said, “When Jesus said ‘Father,’ who answered him?”  The answer was, “The Ra group.”  If you go through it you’ll see the connection where they were working to create Jesus in the lifetime of Akhenaton and even probably in the Ra Ta [lifetime] to bring in a being that could fulfill prophecy that people would look towards who could lift the vibration of the realm.


Even Jesus knew it was going to get corrupted; he knew that couldn’t be done without it being corrupted which is why he said so many things about the devil, warning about the devil – projecting about, “Those people will come in my name but they’re not really coming in my name…” I don’t have the quote.  Beware just because somebody uses the name ‘Jesus’ basically they don’t necessarily carry the frequency of the Law of One or the Christed energy.  They’re carrying a belief system, and it makes you more popular among certain people if you say you’re a Christian you’re easily accepted.  There is one thing about being a Christian, which is like following a certain path and another thing that is holding the Christed energy, which means holding the frequency of oneness, holding the frequency of the Law of One.  It doesn’t matter, even if you use a religion, it doesn’t matter if other people are your religion or not because they’re all part of the frequency.


When people start to identify their connection with God too strongly through their own religion, they’re probably losing it - a bit or a lot.  I would assume the Elohim group and the Ra group have collaborated in history at different times, but I don’t know.  We can cover that.


Anything else you want to share on this, Terry?


Terry:  It has been a tremendous expansion of my horizons to be able to bring forth the answers – like, we used to be in a little room and you would ask questions.  Like: “Do you like to be worshipped?” and then they’d give an answer.  Then, when I’d come out of channeling, it’s like they’d be so tickled that this stuff was coming through – it’s like “Wow!”  So it’s been a really good experience, an eye-opening experience.


Wynn:  I remember when I asked that question.  Quite frankly, I was saying, “I’m going to make pretend they are who they say they are” because I wasn’t quite believing it.  I said, “If they are who they say they are, let’s see how they handle these questions.”  I was quite amazed at the answers; a couple of times that happened with Daphne where I said, “How do you see us?  How can you see us when there are so many billions of people?”  They said, “We can see the lights when people penetrate the veil.”  (When people penetrate the veil) they can see the penetration of the veil.  At that time I didn’t really understand what that meant; it made me think, “How do you penetrate the veil?  How do you know when you penetrate the veil?”  All those questions were still to be revealed.


Why don’t we call in the light and ask some questions and let them just take the floor and say whatever they want before we ask questions.  Maybe they want to clarify some of the things we just talked about.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line, each person on the replays, Terry and myself and Daphne, and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of the planet, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We invite our sources to make themselves known, and address the topic of the evening in any way they see fit.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is the 2nd of January 2012, and we are with you tonight wherever you may be, or whenever you read a transcript, or whenever you listen to an audio.  We thank Bogdon and Gary and all of the volunteers that are working together to bring the information out.


We are Ra; we are an administration group that helps to administrate the sector of this area and even broader.  We work with administration of local planets and oversee the energy transfers that exist in the sector.  We have learned in past channelings to let the Elohim group speak for itself, as the Elohim has pointed out in the past that we are carrying some of the frequencies we have learned by being in the third dimensional realms and working with them which the Elohim have very much less in that factor; they have very much less of the lower grounding frequencies that we have picked up by working in the third dimension.  We shift gears;


Elohim:  This is the Elohim group, and we realize that the grammar is not adequate for a soul group in terms of we/she/he and it; as we do not have a  sexual orientation of male or female, although we do have manifestations of some of the female energies, which are the higher frequencies.  The lower frequencies tend to be more male by virtue of the frequency.  We work with the higher aspects of love and light, and we maintain purity beyond the soul connections with the third dimension. 

We have merged into a loose group with the Ra group for the purposes of bringing through information that is much and always the same; and we have, by bringing through in connection with Ra group, a bigger footprint, so to say.  More frequencies are covered so that we, in combination with the Ra group, are easier to spot or to tag into, to sense.


There are certain ways one can sense our frequencies.  We are very light and one might feel an airy feeling, a light feeling, a more loving feeling and like everything at that level is alright no matter what is going on.  There are some things that are difficult in the third dimension that we can help with.  We can sense the light of the individual, particularly when the individual is passionate and is reaching out - we can see their light.  It is like a physical light, although one would not be able to see it with their eyes so much.  It is like an individual being able to see an aura.  We can see the individual’s aura, and then see the intensity of the aura, and can see and sense the intensity of the desire.


We are touched by requests for fervently asked/answers to prayers, and we help hold energy for that being fulfilled, and lower levels often come in to help as we hold space for them; the angelic realm can come in and help move energies to bring about results in areas of prayer.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes.  Just to make the clarification - in the last part of what you were saying was the Elohim group explaining themselves, or was that still the Ra group?


Elohim:  This was the Elohim group; we are the Elohim group as there was a transition in the middle of the broadcast where we switched.


Wynn:  Thank you.  That’s what I thought; I just wanted to clarify it, because when somebody’s listening, it’s subtle and you didn’t really identify yourself.


One question would be:  There is this idea that planets terra-form themselves; David Wilcock has used that word; I haven’t used it, but I have an idea of what it means.   This is where a planet is being made ready for life-forms.  When a planet is going through terra-forming, and you can clarify it to make sure that’s true, who is actually doing the terra-forming?  Is it the Ra group, is it the Elohim group, or is it a lower group like the Annunaki – a lower high group that’s actually in bodies, that has the ability to do that.  Can you explain that?


Elohim:  Give us a moment.  It is not our group, the Elohim, we are not terra-forming.  It is lower groups that are terra-forming, and can be administrated by the Ra group.  We let the Ra group speak for themselves in this manner, and we then transition to turn over the floor to the Ra group.


Ra:  We are management; this is the Ra group.  This is Ra, and we are an administrative group that helps open the star gates for energies to begin to form, and to then, in the management of lower groups, to begin to prepare a planet for life, to prepare the surface for life.  It is a process that is considered natural; however, there is spirit guidance and participation at every level.  We, and they- the lower groups, then work together to make it ready for life-forms to move into a sphere.


Wynn:  When you talk about lower groups, would be they be lower spirit-form groups, or would they be groups that have some manifestation of physicality - like an alien E.T. group like the Pleiadeans or the Arcturans or the Andromedans?  What are the variations of the lower groups that are worked with when this is taking place?


Ra’An:  We look at the variations of the life-forms that work in this area.  A number of them are bridges between manifest reality and spirit, and work to prepare the planets for life, but they are participatory in the process and are not like a gardener with a physical form that moves in, and hoes a garden.  They are participatory energy forms that wish to experience the essence of life flows and make, in correlation with each other, energies ready for the housing of life and the growing of life-forms.


Wynn:  Thank you.  When this takes place is it done strictly through energetic interactions with a planet, or are there technological applications that create this terra-forming?


Ra’An:  It is energetic; we look at your question further.


Technology is involved in a mathematical relationship; it is brought together out of numerous energy complexes that result in life-force being able to develop.  It is not like a tractor or a computer that is programmed with artificial intelligence; it is a natural result of the interactions of intelligences working together.


Wynn:  When the Ra group is doing this, do they do it independently or do they collaborate with the Elohim on this kind of creation in the universe?


Elohim:  There is collaboration on all sides.  We, the Elohim, (are) speaking now.  When it is fitting for our energies to intersect, we are then summoned; or we are ‘on duty’ and aware to become part of the process.


Wynn:  Thank you.  In terms of original creation, it is our understanding that the Elohim was the original break-away from what we call the One Infinite Creator; The First Cause.  At what point did the Ra group start to exist as an individual, separate consciousness – i.e. was it Elohim that came into this realm and got stuck and trapped and went through hundreds of thousands of years and then graduated to the Ra group, or was the Ra group part of the original creation of a different frequency than the Elohim, or a subset that developed itself prior to there being a physical universe?


Elohim:  Thank you.  This is the Elohim, we step aside and we let the Ra group answer.


Ra:  We came in at various points; this is Ra.  We came in at various points.  We are a lower subset of the Elohim that have come here to be with you and we answer your questions based upon our memory and experience.  We came at various points in time where we became very focalized in the third density.  We were not satisfied with life in the third density for our continued growth.  We desired to help manage the area sector, and we were part of life that was unmanifested, and at various points, different ones of us became manifested.  And, in the trajectory, in the third dimension, our awareness peaked within that dimension framework.  We became more comfortable with that framework and therefore we continued to work within the third dimensional framework in the area of administration.


We turn it back over to the Elohim group.


Elohim:  This is the Elohim, and we see ourselves as much lighter and higher in frequency, and much more mobile since we have not the connection via vibrating frequencies of pieces of manifestation creating strings.


Strings are not so much in our sphere; they are very fine and hold together via similar frequencies in the higher dimensions.  We hold light and love as in a goal or a homing area for individuals when they get weary of the lower dimensions.  Each, according to their frequency and manifestation, has their own place in creation.


Do you have other questions to fill in the blanks?


Wynn:  Yes.  According to the Carla Rueckert channelings, the Ra group went through a series of lifetimes on Venus hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Then, there was a shift in that we are experiencing now.  I believe that a certain percentage of what was to become the Ra group ended up graduating the realm, and the rest had to repeat.  Two questions:


1:  Was that the entire Ra group on Venus, or was the Ra group also on other planets?


2:  Prior to Venus were there other planets of evolution that the Ra group went through?


Elohim:  There was another group that helped the Ra group…  we turn it over to the Ra group at this point.  This is the Elohim.


Ra:  We remember destruction on Venus, and we left.  The major amount of us were on Venus.  We were counseled by another group, many of which joined the Ra group at a later time.  The Ra group has within it individuals that have joined from other places, other galaxies that it was felt they could help the Ra group, and positioned themselves as part of the management within the Ra group.  The Ra group did go out and solicit members of the group from other places such as Andromeda that we felt had an affinity for the work we were doing, and we got volunteers.  So there is some intermixing there.


Wynn:  Will the Ra group administrate this realm forever, or is there a point where they move up to another level and another group will take its place?


Ra:  We, as the Ra group, have members that wish to keep working in the realm in the jobs that they are working in as they are very happy; we are very happy with our jobs.  Other individuals are moving in their group growth cycle back into the All That Is; wherein they will then be part of the nomad, or the area of - if you can call it an area – of All That Is.


From that point, they can impart wisdoms or not; they will not need to have manifestation, and they will have a choice in whether to exist or not.  Some religions call this situation ‘Nirvana’.


Wynn:   Thank you.  In the population of Venus that didn’t graduate – where did they end up?


Ra’An:  Some of them became lower forms on Venus, became other kinds of consciousnesses on Venus.  A small number became separated out, and are moving with Venus’ atmosphere.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I’m going to ask one more question – we’re going a little over and I can tell Terry is getting a little strained on this.


Thank you so much for coming in, I can feel the energy.  I’m sure many other people can, and this is very great to get this understanding.


The question is:  Specifically, in the future on our calls: are there areas that we can utilize the Ra group in ways that we haven’t done thus far?


Ra:  Thank you for your question.  This is Ra.  Many of us in the Ra group have a function that we perform in management.  Give us a moment….


It is true you give more air-time to the Elohim.  We are available however, when you have something that we can address.  We are more localized and therefore we do not have all of the healing abilities of the Elohim.  We are, however, available as intermediaries between the angelic realm and your realm, although the angelic realm and many of the guides are always connected and available for help; helping also.


We realize we have not totally answered your question.  Perhaps we need to look at this further after we have considered it.


Wynn:  Perhaps one time in the near future, we will just address some questions particularly to the Ra group.  It seems to me that in the reading of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock’s channelings, that the Ra group has a very deep understanding of the human process and how a human moves through and evolves themself on a very grounded, wisdom level.  It would be perhaps – since we have many people listening to these calls and people who are listening to the replays – to try to address some of those things from a very high level so people can process themselves.  Am I correct when I say that?


Ra’An:  So people can process themselves?


Wynn:  Yes – so they’ll have keys for their own self-processing.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  The channel is getting very tired and we prefer to renew this conversation at another time.


Wynn:  Thank you so much.


Thank you for being here and I’ve pushed the limits and we went over 8:00.  We started late because I was talking and we will now end this call.  I thank everybody who is on the line, people who are holding the energy, people who are volunteering, Terry – and, particularly to our sources that are coming through and making themselves so available to share this understanding into this realm.

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