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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences
Wednesday –
Host: Wynn Free
Audio Link –
Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Cindy McDonald


Wynn:  This is Wynn Free.  This is Wednesday, January 4, 2012, the beginning of the year.  Many people think of it as the big year, the 2012 year.  This is our call where we ask questions of our sources ~ live, right on the call through Terry and we answer the questions you have submitted.  That’s our Wednesday call. 


You know, we do three calls a week; they’re all different.  On the Wednesday call, we answer questions and on the Sunday call, we do a personal and planetary healing which is very, very, powerful.  And the Monday call, I usually pick a topic, but we have different things that we do, depending on what comes up in the moment. 


And tonight, I wanted to mention that I do have this introduction to this work.  If any of you are moved by what we do, this is a good way to share it with other people, I think, because nobody’s shared it yet.


So, the key is how do you share this to get somebody curious, interested, wanting to know more?  I spent quite a bit of time writing up four or five pages that Gijs, at least, thinks is very good.  I don’t know if he shared it with anyone.


I’m not writing this for you, or maybe I’m writing this for you ~ some of you that want to just get an overview; that are newer to the calls.  But really I’m writing it so that it’s some kind of tool to share this. 


I took a new website name which is still under development called  If you go there right now, this is what will come up, this four page intro.  But, we’re working on a full size website which will have some of the transcripts and some of…all the different things that happen around this work.  We should get at least part of it up in the next couple of weeks.  I hope you all check it out and maybe it will be a way to introduce this to other people.


And on that note…I tell you what, Gijs thought my sister should say hello when we’re recording.  And I know as things get further away from…when they actually happened, people hear about things and they wonder if something really happened or if I’m making it up.


So my sister and her husband JoAnne and Larry are on the line and maybe I’ll take this moment to get Larry on record so he can tell what happened.  If my sister wants to say anything, she can.  She’s always scared to come on the line because I always put her on, so she doesn’t have to say anything if she doesn’t want to.


Larry, do *6 if you want to say something or else you can NOT come on and everyone will think I made the whole story up.


Gijs:  I think JoAnne is a big part of our group, Wynn. 


Wynn:  Oh, I know, I know…


Larry:  I’m on, Wynn.


Wynn:  Yeah, so this is in 2002 and you called me and said JoAnne was going in for a critical operation and at that time, you didn’t know I was talking to anybody in other realms, I never told you that ~ you just told me that.  Why don’t you tell what happened after that.


Larry:  There was no way to know that she was going to be having this operation.  It sort of came on very suddenly.  She got very ill.  I took her to a doctor.  I think it was a Thursday afternoon and he said that we’ll have to operate as soon as possible.  He said he’s going to plan on Tuesday but if she gets worse, he’ll operate right away.  I think I called you up at the time and told you she was going to have to have this operation and we don’t know what the outcome’s going to be. 


So he went in on the operating table to see what was going on inside of her, concerned that it might be cancer or something and it was; it ended up being cancer.  I remember she went to the operating room and he was just going to remove a tumor and he came back out and said to me, it’s cancer and it’ll be a little longer and we’ll have to remove more of the area. 


So she had a total hysterectomy and all that stuff.  He didn’t give much hope for the situation.  I told you the story and you said that you were going to work on it and we’ll see what happens and I guess you…at the time, you did tell me about your communications on your side and you’d set up a cheer-up committee for JoAnne to call her every day to keep her spirits up and obviously it worked!


I remember the doctor came out and told her that her chances weren’t really good and JoAnne said, “Well look, I’m going to make it.” She told the doctor, “I think I’ll make it, you know. It’ll have to work out with the situation.”


At the time she was suffering from Lupus at the time and the next step she took so she went for blood tests and it came out that she did not have Lupus.  She went for another blood test and it came out that she did not have Lupus.  I asked the doctor, I said, “How can she have it for 10 years and all of a sudden it disappears?”  He said he had no idea.  He couldn’t understand it himself.


And then when you came back and told me they filtered her blood and…after I told you she had Lupus and you told me they filtered her blood out and the cancer that she had was a sarcoma cancer that travels the blood as well so filtering, using that term is unusual, you came back with that term.  So far she’s just fine.  She’s been cancer ever since.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Okay, thanks Larry.  Does JoAnne want to say Hello?  Hello, JoAnne? 


JoAnne:  Yeah.  I can’t hear you very well.


Wynn:  You’re not shy, are you?


JoAnne:  Yes.  What?


Wynn:  Anything you want to say to everybody? 


JoAnne:  I just wish everyone to be healthy in the New Year and for peace in the world and I hope it all works out and for it to start to work out for everyone.  I want to say hello to Terry and everyone and thank everybody for all their healings.  I appreciate it.


Wynn:  A lot of times people put you in the light on the Sunday calls; people are loving you.


Wynn:  Okay, so just to reiterate, that was the story in 2002 when I was having these communications and I really didn’t know what to make of it but they did say they were the Elohim.  When I got this report that my sister was going in the hospital and that she had this critical operation, I said, well heck, if they are who they say they are, I’ll ask them if they can do anything and they said they could.


Then my sister not only had a successful operation, which didn’t convince me because I said that could have been coincidence.  But then a few weeks later, Larry called me and said something really strange happened because her Lupus disappeared and they tested her repeatedly and they couldn’t find her Lupus and Lupus never goes away.


At that point, I was convinced that there was some kind of intervention and I asked them how they did that and they said they just projected a filter into her blood and took the Lupus out.  Later she was in a recuperation home for the cancer and when she was there, I started calling her everyday and telling her jokes and I called it the cheer-up committee.


She still didn’t know I had conversations with beings in other dimensions.  We called it the cheer-up committee.  She would tell the jokes to the nurses and everyone was like coming around her space.  There was kind of a magic around the whole thing and later they said if I didn’t do the cheer-up committee then she wouldn’t have survived or she wouldn’t have gotten rid of the Lupus anyway because the cancer was before that but the Lupus was after that.


So that was pretty amazing and of course, from that time until now, these kinds of conversations have become very commonplace on our lines three times a week.  There are people that come on our line that end up having healings as a result of showing up.


We try to give everyone opportunities to be part of a cheer-up committee.  We have something called “Team Shift” because I know that people can get really alienated, really isolated, really feeling worthless and unworthy and like nobody cares.  So Team Shift is a free thing where you can get on a call everyday and get with a small group of people and call in the light and get to know these people.


It’s working.   People that are doing it are telling me it’s keeping their energies up; it’s like they’re feeling a sense of community.  Everyone’s invited.  I have to give Edna credit because she’s running it, she’s administrating it.


So if you’re interested, go to and fill out the form and Edna will get back to you and schedule you at a time that is convenient for you.  There’s even one going on in Europe at this point. If anybody’s listening that’s in Australia, New Zealand, in that area, we’d love….I don’t think we have one and there’s people that have wanted to come on.


You don’t have to be there every day.  It’s kind of a free-wheeling thing but you should try to get there as often as you can; 3 or 4 times a week so you get the benefit of the ongoing flow of energy.


And on that note, “Terry, are you ready?”


Terry:  Yeah.


Wynn:  Are you recovered from Monday?


Terry:  No, I am not fully recovered.


Wynn:  You know, Monday, we did an extraordinary conversation where both the Elohim group and the Ra group were talking.  And let me just say, the groups that identified themselves as that and exploiting their differences and it went really out there.  If you haven’t listened, you should.


There’s not only good information but a very, very, very, high energy on the call.  After the call, Terry was telling me she was buzzing and I had to hold her for an hour just to bring her back into her body.


So not every call is like that but that one was.  It kind of depends on the topic.  In fact, I’m not sure it’s good to do that kind of topic all the time because I think it starts to fragment the channel being that far out all the time.


Terry:  There’s so much high energy running through my nerve system that it’s hard on the nerves.


Wynn:  Okay. So we’re going to keep it down to earth today and let me see here  I don’t think we’re going to have time for all the questions.  There are a couple of questions that come in at the last moment.  Good questions, too.  “Isis, if we don’t get to yours, resubmit it for next week.”


It’s best to resubmit a question because…particularly if you don’t come on the line all the time and then usually I’ll tell you I’ll be doing this question tonight and then you’ll know to listen in.  And on personal questions…on personal questions, it’s really good to be on the line.  In fact, I don’t know if I’ll ask it if you’re not on the line because they have to tune into your energy.  Your energy is more available if you’re on the line.


Something which I’ll share with you, in 2003, when Terry was channeling, at first, I was testing it.  I started to ask questions.  I asked people I knew saying, “Hey, I want to ask a question on your behalf.”  We weren’t doing this publically, just privately, and I was testing to see how they would answer questions for someone that they didn’t know, that they knew nothing about.  They were very accurate answers.  They knew what was going on with the person.


So I asked the question, I said, “Is there a benefit to having a question answered aside from the actual information in the answer?”  And they said, “When we go to answer someone’s question, we move our energy into their field and that creates a track back to us.  And if the person would choose to follow that track back to us, it helps to establish an ongoing…the beginnings of an ongoing relationship.” 


So when you come up for a question on this Wednesday call, aside from the answer, I would assume that same idea is still operative and it’s a tremendous opportunity to have them zoom in on you personally and feel what it feels like when they do that.


And on that note, I’m going to call in the light and we’ll ask our questions for today.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Father, Mother, God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of our planets, and the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  And right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present who would choose to participate in that while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  And we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.  And we wait for our sources to identify themselves.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of One Infinite Creator.  This is January 4, 2012, planet Earth.  We are with you.  You may notice an inter section of our energies with your aura which is a faint light.  You may see it as a faint light or you may feel it as a…one’s that are more sensitive or tuned in to our frequency might feel it as a presence.


We are with you and happy to be with you whether you are reading a transcript…and we thank the people that are doing the transcripts.  Or if you are listening to an audio and we thank the people that are putting up the audios and we thank Wynn and Terry and we thank each and every listener or anybody that is listening to the repeat line.  We are available to answer your questions.  Do you have any questions?     


Wynn:  Yes we do.  I’m going to start out with the first question from my brother-in-law and my sister, Larry and JoAnne.  Their question is about their son, Jason.  “Jason is very intelligent and yet he goes into very depressed moods and he starts hanging around people who are negatively predisposed.  He kind of gets spaced out and disoriented.  Does he have entities and what can we do to help him?”


Ra’An:  Thank you.  Your son has his own path that he is working his way through and his own orientation, which is not your path.  Help would be along the line of what would bring him greater growth upon his path.  There are some things that foster greater growth for him and other things which are detours away from growth.  Acceptance is one of the things, without judgment and acceptance of his own vital interests.


You as parents also hold the vision of guidance so that if he is in a stall or a detour off of his path, he could have guidance that would direct him back to his chosen path.  It is a monumental job to tell what is right for him and to keep him moving for his own highest good.  This takes observation to see as he’s been with you and guided by you in his life and you have seen friends and interests that he has shown and then set aside for other friends and interests.


Give us a moment….


We see that perhaps the most critical thing is observation, to tell what strums his guitar strings, which resonates with his heart strings, which brightens him up, and which dulls him.  Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Kim Savoy in Florida is having an experience that probably a lot of people wish they were having because…


Ra’An:   What is the name?


Wynn:  Kim Savoy.


Ra’An:  Kim…Okay, yeah.


Wynn:  She’s asked questions before.  She’s a massage therapist, just opened up a studio.


Ra’An:  Yeah.


Wynn:  In the past couples of months, she keeps finding money. She found it outside three times in two months.  First she found 2 dollar bills.  The second time, a $50 bill and the third was 2 dollar bills.  I think that means 2 dollar bills not a $2 bill and yesterday she found 2 dollar bills in her camera case.  I guess that was her money that she forgot.  Any case, she’s asking, “Why am I having this experience all of a sudden in the last 2 months?”  She says she can’t wait to find more money but she doesn’t look for it. She thinks that’s the key.  I turn it over to you.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  There is a connection between the money and you in that it is a sign of flow coming toward you of money.  It is worthwhile to cherish this and hold it as a symbol of further, not only money, but further prosperity and further good fortune coming your way


Wynn:  Thank you.  I might ask the question…sometimes when people come on the calls regularly, something happens; they start having a lucky event.  “Is there a connection in coming in on the calls and opening up to synchronicities for these kinds of things to happen?”


Ra’An:  Yes.  When one has the experience of opening up to beneficial energies, these beneficial energies set with a person and help their consensus, their own consensus move into a more favorable position for their own growth and prosperity.


Wynn:  Thank you.  This is a question from Reverend Michael and his question is:  “Does the negative…does the negative exist at a similar vibration as our sources with the difference being intent or does it exist at a lower vibration?”


Ra’An:  It has its own signature, its own particular vibration.  And if there is negativity in it then that vibration is connected to a negative source or a negative paradigm or a negative…


We search for the word…


More of a jagged vibratory pattern vibration; we think more of a picture of a saw tooth, and more jagged a vibration ~ not so smooth and not so harmonious.  And that will be part of the energy string that one has sent you when they tap into a negative source.  Charm can oversee this and wooing and a beguiling energy that underneath you will find the saw tooth waves in either little saw tooth [waves] moving into bigger saw tooth [waves], depending upon that particular negativity.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Michael, I think his last name is G-- or something like that, in Australia, has a wife who is…he believes is being very negatively attacked and when he’s read some of the stories of Daphne, he identifies with it with his own wife.  Can you recommend anything he can do or his wife can do to get above these attacks?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment and let us tune it…


Negative attacks are composed of different components.  One of them is the source of the attack.


Give us a moment…


For an individual to be predisposed to such an attack, they need to have, in some past time, connected with a previous traumatic or difficult experience that has opened up the channel for that vibration to move through them.


Give us a moment…


Your wife is a beautiful being and…


Give us a moment…


When a negative source moves into an area and vibrates the entities in the area with that negativity, if they are on that same wavelength or if they are caused to move into that same wavelength then they vibrate with it and experience some of the negativity that is being fed to them.


Give us a moment…


It is hard to close oneself off to being the effect of the negative attacks.  If there is an element of danger in the attacks in the real world then the reaction is survival and the individual needs to observe the potential source of the attack and to bring in counter measures to ward off the attack.


We see a flow.  We see a jealousy from another.  We are speaking slowly as we are looking and working with the situation.


Give us a moment…


There may be some release here.  We continue to work with this situation...


There’s a negative flow coming towards your wife and we shunt that back away from your wife.  There is an expectation on the part of your wife for the attack which then puts her at the frequency of the attack.  We work with that.  Let her hear the tape and we send love light for her for an easing of the situation.  Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question is from Dan Davis in Tennessee.  He has a dear friend who until the past couple of years, is extremely energetic and unhindered physically.  Today she is suffering from what was diagnosed as ‘hyper-mobile sacroiliac joints.’  Pelvis becomes loosened up to the point where one side will tip causing extreme pain and discomfort as well as immobility.  She’s gone to a chiropractor who’s adjustments help but for a decreasing amount of time each visit.  She used to be very active and exercise daily which will help this condition by strengthening the supporting muscles and tissues.  However, the condition precludes the exercise that would help it.  Is there anything…suggestions that might help her return, if only partially, to a painless and more mobile life?”


Let me…before they answer, let me just make the disclaimer that when I ask a question like this, the answer is for entertainment value only.  You should run anything by your own therapist or physician.  We’re not allowed to prescribe things.  So with taking that into account, we’ll open it up to an answer.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  What is the name of this person?


Wynn:  You know what?  I have the name of the guy submitting the questions, Dan Davis but he didn’t give the name of the person.  If you want, we can put this of ‘til’ next week and he can send me the name of the person.  Would that be better?


Ra’An:  Please have the person ask the question for themself.  This will connect the energy better and connect the reasons why this is not…it would connect to the reasons why this is in the situation.


Wynn:  OK.  So, Dan if you’re listening ~ have your friend on the line next Wednesday and have her phrase the question and re-ask it.  Okay?  Thank you.


Next question is from Gary Brownlee and he asks about the Stonehenge on Easter Islands and he’s just curious.  This is a mystery.  This is a set of very heavy rocks in an unusual formation.  I believe I’ve read at different times who supposedly created them but I can’t remember.  The rocks look like they’d be too heavy to put in this formation and yet they’re there.  Kind of like the pyramids.  Who built them?  When were they built?  How were they built?  Why were they built?  Are they significant now and why am I interested?  Gary Brownlee, thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you for your question.  Are you speaking of the rocks on Easter Island or are you speaking of the rocks in a formation called Stonehenge in England?


Wynn:  You know what…he wrote the question regarding the stone heads in… Oh wait, you know what?  I’m converting this to Stonehenge but I think I’m but he’s actually saying stone heads on Easter Island.


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  So forget Stonehenge for a moment.  He’s saying stone heads on Easter Island so actually I’m not that familiar with them myself personally.  Can our sources tune into that?


Ra’An:  Yes


Wynn:  Okay.


Ra’An:  There were a people that became quite civilized, socialized and in social relationship with each other on Easter Island and you were there as a visiting individual bringing things by ship for the people there.  The belief   of the people was that these heads would bring them solace and protection and the protection of their ancestors.  Then the people began to use up all their resources and they died off or left for other parts of the world and you helped ferry some of them to other parts of the world by ship.  This was in the time…


Give us a moment…


…very ancient, perhaps in 20,000BC, 15,000BC, 18,000BC.  You are interested in this in that you have some experience in the area with the people of that time.  There’s some connection 8000BC, also.

Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Last question for the evening is from Sara Arguelo.  I wonder if she knows Jose Arguelo.  I think he’s the famous guy on the Mayan calendar.  Let me say, when you are submitting a question about yourself, it’s really good to put your city in and your state so you’re easier to find.  I’ll ask this and if it needs to be re-asked with your city and location then let me know.


Also, I may ask the question as you submitted it but they may not answer as you submitted it because sometimes people ask, like in this particular case, for a kind of inventory like, I don’t think if somebody said, “Am I going to graduate this realm?” that they would get an answer to that because they’re still in process.  To get an answer to that, kind of locks you in.  Even if it’s mutable, you may not be mutable with the change.  So that being said, I will ask the question and let our sources (of course they’re going to do that anyway) answer in the way that they see for the highest good of this person to know the information


“Am I a star seed or a walk-in, or a human from Earth or from what place?  How many strands of my DNA are connected?  Why do I choose to be alone?” That’s from Sara Arguelo.


Ra’An:  And where is Sara Arguelo located? 


Wynn:  Again, she didn’t say.  Should we put that off ‘til’ she resubmits it?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment…




Wynn:  OK, Sara?  Resubmit it and anyone else; I think I’m going to…I’m going to put that in my mailings because I don’t.  If you’re asking philosophic questions it’s not so important or a theological question, but if you’re asking about yourself, put your city and your state, OK?  It really helps.


And if we don’t ask your question on a given night, feel free to keep asking it, particularly if it’s urgent to you.  You know there are certain kinds of questions that are not so urgent like about Easter Islands and heads on Easter Islands, and other kinds of questions which are urgent ~ and I try to do the urgent questions.  If I make a mistake, please ask it again because I will try to get it, things for healing and things like that.  And on that note…


Just letting you know that I did schedule a mini workshop for Saturday morning and I think it’s going to be important and there’s stuff about all of this that you would never figure out for yourself.  I have enough personal experience to be fairly certain about what I’m going to tell you.  And the stuff I’m not certain about, I’ll let you know.  It’ll help you understand the big picture of everything that’s going on on our planet.


So, on that note, I thank everybody for being here.  I thank my sister, JoAnne and Larry for sharing a little of your story in the beginning and everyone that’s doing transcripts.  We’ll just take a little moment of silence and bring in the energies before we shut down…………...


Okay, we’ll see you all next time!



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