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Monday – 01/09/2012
The Difference Between Wisdom and Information
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Terry: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, wherever you are and whenever you listen. This is Terry Brown, the co-host of the Wynn Free Show, introducing Wynn Free. He’s out rounding up the conference line people. We have a conference line that’s connected with the radio show where people call in and they can talk on the conference line. Wynn is rounding them up and then they patch them in. We have a simulcast, which is partly a conference call line and partly the BBS Radio Line.

Welcome everybody on BBS Radio and the conference line should be with us in a just a minute. They aren’t hearing us yet, unless they’re with us. Wynn, are you here with us yet? Nope. He’s still out rounding up the people for the conference call.

We have a section on BBS Radio for transcripts. Seth is going to be putting up the transcripts; we have a person named Connie who is the transcribing and I edit the transcriptions. We’ve been doing since 2007 and we’re going to be making the transcripts available on the BBS Radio Archives section.

A person can subscribe to BBS Radio and then can go in and look at the archives or can listen to the broadcasts. They have audios up there and they can listen to the audios of all of the shows that they have on BBS Radio. We’re very happy to be connected with BBS Radio and very happy to welcome each and every one of you tonight on the radio show.

We bring up topics; Wynn chooses a topic and then we discuss it extemporaneously. I don’t do any preparation for this, but very often he has me channel answers that come up to questions that he may have or information on topics that he brings up on BBS Radio. The topics can be varied, like “How did the Universe get Created?”; “Who is the Elohim?”; “How does one connect with the Elohim and the Ra groups – what is their energy like?” Even if one is just reading a transcript they can feel the frequencies in the transcripts.

Wynn wrote a book and I edited it, along with David Wilcock called “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” and it carries the frequencies of the Ra group. The Ra group is a group of individuals who had a third dimension experience, a life in the third dimension, and then were later graduated. They became an other-side group that can help people in the third dimension who are looking for answers and are seeking growth. The Elohim is a group that most of them never took bodies and they are on the other side. They’re a very high frequency group of individual’s energies. It has different departments in it; one of them is Grace. (Grace) spreads an energy upon things - usually if a person asks either silently or they don’t even have to do it in words – to help them get through situations and can by-pass the laws of the physical universe, as some of the WD-40 would be energy that they are able to project into situations: can ease up locked belief systems, or locked energy and can release a person. Some people feel they have to work through all their karma; when one goes beyond; there is a way that they can by-pass karma.

Is Wynn on yet? We don’t hear him. Usually when he comes in we can hear the dings of people coming on the call. There are like little bells and we hear somebody coming on the call. That way I know he’s there; usually he can’t just sneak in. I don’t hear him yet.

Today is January 9th, 2012 – we’ve made it to 2012! There are many predictions for 2012, some of them are very, very good and then there are some people who predict dire consequences, like earth changes. It will be an interesting year, to see what’s happening. It’s a year that we can have much growth in as the economic system is experiencing difficulties and this is something that has been predicted in the “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” – the book. For those of you who don’t know it is a book with three parts.

The first part is the question whether Edgar Cayce has reincarnated, and whether David could possibly be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce was a psychic who lived in the last century; he was very accurate. He would be able to go to sleep, and when he was asleep he would bring through information that was recorded by a secretary, and his wife was also present. The information, then, was written down and it provided a great deal of information for people and herbal and healing formulas which are still sold in health food stores today and used today. Castor oil packs are one such thing.

We still don’t hear Wynn on the line, so let’s ask: “Wynn, are you here yet?” [no answer] We’re both in Sedona; and he’s in the other end of the house and I can hear him talking on the phone. He may be waiting for Seth to patch him or he may still be collecting people on the conference call line.

The first part of the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” (deals with) whether or not Edgar Cayce could have reincarnated as David Wilcock. It lists all of the things, names all of the things, that they have in common. For instance, Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock look alike – it sounds like maybe Wynn might be coming on. Hello Wynn?

Wynn: We’re spying on you.

Terry: Oh yes – how long have you been spying?

Wynn: Not very long.

Terry: I didn’t think so - Ladies and gentlemen, Wynn Free.

Wynn: How do you know they are ladies and gentlemen? Do you want to qualify our listeners as ladies and gentlemen? Chris from Tennessee would never like to be identified as a gentlemen. (Chris) loves Jim Morrison.

Terry: What would he like to be classified as?

Wynn: We’d have to ask him, but I know gentleman wouldn’t fit. I would like to mention ‘ladies and gentlemen’ is maybe not the best way to address our public. I’m just giving you a tough time; I’m sure nobody got mad at you for calling them a gentleman or a lady. I don’t think I like to be called a gentleman – it makes me sound too nice.

Terry: What do you like to be called?

Wynn: I don’t like to be called. I’d rather do the calling, but if somebody had to call me I’d say call me ‘Wynn’. On the very first channeling from Daphne, they called me ‘Mr. Wynn’ – remember?

Terry: We could say good evening Joe; good evening Zoë; good evening Chris; good evening Suzanne.

Wynn: The multitude that’s listening to us on the internet? They’re thinking “Why are they doing this B.S. when we could be listening to the Elohim?” That’s what they think.

Terry: Maybe they don’t think that; maybe they like to listen to you.

Wynn: There is a few that do; if we were going to listen to the Elohim – do you know what the topic is tonight? Did you see the email?

Terry: No I didn’t.

Wynn: The topic is ‘Wisdom versus Information’. You inspired that topic tonight. Terry and I were having a fight earlier. Would you call it a fight?

Terry: You could call it a fight, yeah.

Wynn: If anyone was looking at it they would say it was a fight, right? How does it look when we have a fight?

Gijs: It probably was a disagreement.

Wynn: I don’t know if it was a disagreement – I wouldn’t go that far. I was blowing my stack and she was blowing her stack back at me. It’s easy for me to blow my stack, but when I get Terry to blow her stack it’s really good. The funny thing about it is, because of the work we’ve done we can be in the middle of blowing our stack – this can help you guys – and suddenly our eyes will catch each other and this smile comes across us. We look and we say “Isn’t this funny? We’re blowing our stack!” Does that describe it, Terry?

Terry: That’s right. It’s like there’s all this affinity over all of it.

Wynn: Yeah. The thing is – it’s a moment of: We know we’re playing a worldly drama, but we’re not taking it seriously. We just go through it. If anyone looked at us, we look fierce. At least, I do.

Terry: Yes, you do.

Wynn: You look kind of fierce; not quite as fierce as me, would you say?

Terry: I don’t know, probably not.

Wynn: You need more fierce practice. It’s all our Sunday Morning solar plexus activity that’s strengthening my power chakra, right? In any case, it’s like being able to see things multidimensionally, being able to see them on different levels. When something is happening on one level, you can immediately jump to another level and then back again. It’s very interesting to learn how to do that. Part of our disagreement was actually the topic for tonight. Terry didn’t know it.

Terry: Was it the topic for the night before that?

Wynn: Yes. I sent it out before that – the topic is Wisdom versus Information. Terry had been telling me that she came into this realm to get information, to understand how it worked. I said that just going around getting information might get you into trouble because you have to learn about things that are not positive and you end up at the wrong place at the wrong time because you’re curious. Then, you have 100,000 years of screwed up lifetimes because something happened. That actually occurred for Terry; she went into things and something hit the fan and she ended up fairly screwed up for a lot of lifetimes. She didn’t know she was screwed up.

Terry: The thing of it is, I went into this to find out why people got screwed up in this dimension. I found out.

Wynn: You had to get screwed up to learn it, right?

Terry: Well, I wasn’t trying to get screwed up, but for some reason I got really screwed up.

Wynn: This is the really the topic of our call tonight. If you come into do something, the first time you do it and you get screwed up – you get the information. If you don’t get the wisdom, you’re going to do it again; it’s the wisdom that gives you the discernment, which gives you the overview of looking at something so you don’t have to keep doing it. The information is kind of satisfying a curiosity factor.

Terry: If you get screwed up, in order to get unscrewed up, you have to figure out all of the things that are involved in getting screwed up, and how to get unscrewed up. It leads to great wisdom.

Wynn: That’s true; I think if you actually figure it out, you get some wisdom attached to it, okay. I will tell you, the amazing thing is that now that I happen to have some idea of some of the things I’ve done in my track. [Everyone says “Tell us Wynn, tell us.”] No - maybe some other day. Some of the people who I’ve known in the track – the track of reincarnational lifetimes – I can see how people, in spite of getting all the information and knowledge – they are so prone to repeat the same lessons over and over again. In fact, when the information comes, which they could use to reorient themselves, they discard the information even when it’s in their face because they want to repeat the lesson on some level.

Information – what’s the difference between information and wisdom? What’s a good example of that? You could study astrology and you could find out that on a day when the moon is in Aquarius, it’s more friendly. I’m just using that as an example; it’s probably true. I’m not trying to be astrological here, I’m just giving you an example; the day the moon is in Aquarius you’re more friendly. That’s the information; the wisdom might be: This is a good day to meet new people. This is a good day to hang out in places where you might meet someone to love. Now you’ve added the wisdom. Wisdom has to be applicable information that you can add to your life.

Wisdom is more than that. There’s an aspect of humans that have all this information of their experience in their life. They have it; everyone knows the information. It’s somewhere there, even if you have Alzheimer’s. For example, if I had a fight with so-and-so yesterday, the day before I did this, and the day before I did that. You’re reading the newspapers and getting all this information from the newspapers, but are you integrating the information?

Believe it or not, there are patterns in information; there are big patterns in it. When you can look at information and group it together in patterns, you can now understand some aspect of cause and effect. That understanding becomes wisdom. When you learn that, when you meet other people and you know them for a bit you start to see their patterns. You’ve learned about these patterns and how they repeat and you can say something to them that can change their life forever. Otherwise, people keep repeating patterns; they can’t see the big picture, they don’t usually look for the repetition of patterns. (This) is what leads to wisdom. Wisdom allows a person to grow and become larger than their patterns.

Then, of course, there are new patterns – then, there are new patterns on top of those. It’s always a process of looking and observing the patterns so you understand what causes those things to occur. Otherwise, they’re just events and they go to the next event and the next event and you don’t realize it’s an event that’s repeating. By the time it starts to repeat, it was a while back and you have to start over again.

One of my favorite English poets who I sometimes quote [said something]; when I was younger I read – this is one of those pieces of wisdom that I pondered about for a long time because it was so much different from what I thought in my conscious mind, what I understood in my conscious mind. In my conscious mind in that period of my life, I was thinking – I was into spiritual things and I was a spiritual seeker. I was looking for something that would work for me. I was attending this workshop; I was attending this teacher, attending lectures and going around. I was being fairly virtuous at the time – by ‘virtuous’ I mean there was like a period I went through thinking I was supposed to be celibate. So many teachings talk about celibacy that I said there must be something to it that was being virtuous. Being kind; doing all the things – being nice. Then I read this quote from William Blake [that] said “The path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” I had to think about that for about two years. I finally said “I understand that; I understand the truth in that.” - the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to put patterns together and see them from an overview. If you’re in this realm, you have patterns and the people around you have patterns. Our sources call them ‘gross repeating patterns.’ The realm has patterns; the whole realm! It’s a pattern where it blows itself up and then it comes back as another planet hundreds of thousands of years later. This battle between negative and positive that we talk about keeps repeating. If you want to grow, if you want to shift and change – you need to see your patterns. You need to look at your patterns. Some of you think the Elohim can talk to you and suddenly everything changes. Sometimes they’ll say something where they can look at their patterns and it will click you in. As soon as you can observe your own patterns, as soon as you can do it, you start to shift. [It’s] the beginning of a shift; it can happen fast or it can happen over a while but it’s the beginning of a shift when you can see your patterns.

What’s an example of seeing your patterns? What kind of patterns do people go through that – if I had the mike I’d open it up but I think it’d get too complicated. I’d [like to] let people talk about some of the patterns they go through and that they are able to see. Remember, there are patterns you can see, but the most important patterns that you can’t see.

I’ll give an example (Terry will go along with this; she can give an example and I’ll give an example out of my own life): When I was younger I had a lot of self-rejection. My shoulders were up to my ears; I was closed down and it felt like that’s how it was to be alive. I didn’t know I could change, I didn’t know that was not who I am. I am sure there are many people who are listening right now who are in that experience. You’re in a spot where you’re not necessarily happy, and you’re stuck but you think that’s who you are. You are so used to feeling that way, the possibility that you could shift that particular aspect of how you feel doesn’t even seem possible.

What happened to me is, I was really, really stuck, but there were moments when I got unstuck. One of those moments was when I displayed leadership and the other moment was when I hitchhiked and played music. When I was in high school, I displayed leadership because I was president of the ham radio club. I actually, when I was fifteen or sixteen years old, took my club – I was young – and every year ham radio operators have something they call ‘field day’. They go out and set up tents and they spend 24 hours in their tents with generators and transmitters. They start talking to people all over the world and they see who can talk to the most people. My radio club went on a field day and now we had to find a place to go. I went and knocked on the door of this very nice high school in the suburbs of Philadelphia and I presented this idea to the principal and he said, “Okay.” I couldn’t believe it!

My whole radio club – I think we had about ten people – went and set up our tents and we spent the whole weekend talking to people in this field. Somehow in doing that, my self-rejection left me; I was displaying leadership. I didn’t really make the connection at that time; it took me a long time to do it. That was a huge milestone in my development – that weekend where I convinced this very formal upscale suburban school to let me set up transmitters in their gardens so to speak. When I went to college I took all my transmitters with me, I set them up – then I quickly lost interest in ham radio when I started playing music. My renewed interest in talking to beings/people who were far away probably got renewed with Daphne when we started talking to star people and we didn’t even use any transmitters. That was a great advance. That was one thing.

The other thing was when I was hitchhiking and I got into the adventure of being on the road and it was so exciting and I was getting to people. It wasn’t the hitchhiking; it was playing music and showing up and just being this vagabond and having no attachments and people giving me a lot of love because I was doing that. I didn’t know how to stop; whenever I would stop, I would lose it. I would have to be in the flow of that to stay in it.

Eventually I had this reading from somebody that told me about a past life that I was living, had lived before, where I was a troubadour and my father in this life killed me. Suddenly I realized “That’s the complexity of the way things work”; they told me I chose this father because I wanted a life in this time period and he owed me a life so I could get one through him. That’s how I chose to be born in Philadelphia.

Even though I chose it, it was not a happy childhood because he was constantly killing me, constantly saying I was no good, I was unworthy. No matter what I did, he would be mad at me. I couldn’t please him. When I was 18, I was so happy to leave home and go to California to go to school at Berkeley. The wisdom that I started to apply to my life when I had this reading – the reading was information – was:

1.      Now I knew why I put out this rejection thing; because my father rejected me.

2.      I had to forgive him for killing me in that other lifetime.

3.      (This is a biggie; those of you who have adversarial childhoods, listen to this one carefully.) I chose my father because I wanted a lifetime now, so I chose all those circumstances.

Once I realized that I chose him, it made everything else workable. I chose the set of circumstances; I chose to have a father who would reject me. I chose all those obstacles so I’d have to overcome them. It wasn’t just a random act that I ended up with this really difficult father. That was the wisdom, that I chose him. That was a big ‘aha’ experience.

Some of you have grown up in adversarial circumstances might apply that and start to realize on some level you chose that circumstance. Figure out why you chose it and what you were supposed to learn from it and it will help a lot in releasing it. If you just curse the situation: my parents screwed me up or this or that – then, you’re doomed to keep repeating it. You don’t learn the lesson. You can’t blame things outside of yourself for your circumstances. It’s “the path of excess that leads to the palace of wisdom.”

When I went to Berkeley, I started doing substances. Everyone was doing it. I spent two years in that experience. Finally I realized that I was naturally spaced out and whatever I was doing was making me so spaced out that I was dysfunctional so I stopped. Now I know what those things do. If I talk to somebody, I know how to counsel them – I can tell how it can make someone dysfunctional. That won’t be true for everyone, but it was certainly true for me. When I stopped I got more functional.

We have to stop at 7:00 tonight for sure, because they have another show after us, Terry. Are you on the line?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: This is time for you to confess.

Terry: Your ham radio experience reminded me: it’s like whenever I do something new I just freak out because there’s a hundred ways to do it wrong. When I became a ham radio operator and I put up my antenna, I was terrified of getting on the air and talking to everybody. I made myself do it. We were talking Morse code so nobody answered. I did my call letters in Morse code and I’d send out my signal and I’d wait for responses and nobody ever responded.

Probably six months later, I would still be sitting down and sending out messages, but by then I wasn’t scared anymore because I figured no one would ever respond. Then I discovered that my antenna was grounded and the signal wasn’t really going out. We fixed it and then I was trying very hard to send out messages but I wasn’t scared anymore because I was so used to doing it and having nobody respond. People started responding.

I have this pattern when I start to do something that’s totally new, there are so many chances to make a mistake. Whenever I make a mistake I just get really upset with myself. Also, when other people get mad at me, which happens when I make a mistake sometimes; it happened very often when I was a kid - I’d make some kind of mistake or break a dish. The dishes were all like famous dishes that were worth hundreds of dollars. When I broke a dish it was really a big deal. I get this pain in my back and I just get so upset. Later, I realized that in my life’s death when I was dying, there was somebody who killed me. This person who killed me was screaming at me that everything was my fault. When somebody would get mad at me, I’d get this horrible pain in my back and I’d just get really upset.

It opened up a lot of vistas for me to remember what happened in my past. There was this pattern and realizing that it was instigated by this last life’s death when this person who killed me was absolutely furious with me – it’s gradually revealing more insights about my patterns. Wynn has been rubbing that area of my back when that happens and it feels like I’m coming through it and I’m breaking the pattern.

That’s one of my patterns that I’ve had going.

Wynn: We have had people – being preoccupied with past lives is not that important. They’re not here now. Sometimes people want to know, “Was I somebody famous? What did I do?” That’s not usually important. It could be if a pattern developed when you were famous, because you were famous. Maybe you have a pattern of being very aristocratic if you happen to have been queen. Unconsciously, people perceive you as you’re looking down on them. When you were a queen that was okay. This lifetime you’re not a queen, but you’re still carrying that demeanor as if you were a queen.

There is a value – if you’ve had something established in a past life, like if you were killed. There are other lifetimes when I’ve done something similar to what I’m doing now. Many people who have advanced awarenesses have done things to exhibit their advanced awareness – they think they’re trying to help people. When you do that, you confront everybody’s reality system and certain people will really like it and others will be very threatened. Oftentimes people have gotten killed, including me – including Terry. There is a fear of doing it, subconsciously. It needs to be done with a lot of wisdom so that you can respect other people’s reality systems without thrusting something on them that they would suddenly hate you.

If you notice when we do these calls, I don’t want anyone to believe that we’re talking to the Elohim. I say “the voice that identifies itself as that” and I share my experiences. That way, I don’t have to be some special kind of dude, or exalted – I’m just a guy in the middle of a bunch of experiences. The best way for someone to introduce themselves to this is learn about all those experiences and see if it resonates where they get curious and reach back. They might say to themselves “Hmmm. If these guys might be who they say they are, maybe I can learn something from hearing their communications, or reading their communications.” Then, as you start doing that you start getting your own experience, or not – depending. You come to your own conclusions.

I’m not saying for someone to believe something; by doing it in that way it creates a lot more protection because I don’t have to make a claim and say “Believe this” which then confronts reality systems. For many of you who are listening were at the effect of that; you got curious, you started reading the transcripts, you started coming into the calls regularly and something started to move inside you. That’s the key. It really doesn’t matter who were talking to until you internalize it and it becomes an inner movement inside yourself and it grows inside yourself. Part of me has been watching this carefully, because that validates the value of what we’re doing.

Wisdom has to do with observing patterns and integrating them so that you can see the law that you have been following – I mean the law unto your being – and then, move to a higher law. Sometimes when it’s exactly right you end up having an “aha!” experience; a flash, an intuition. You start to put things together. At that moment, you start lifting your vibration and start on the beginning of half of awakening. Then, the new awakening will have it’s patterns to it and you keep observing those and you get to the next place of awakening. This is how someone spiritually advances.

If you’re there just saying “Give me information”; if you think information can change you – it’s not my experience that it works that way. Information can help you begin the process of seeing patterns; the information in and of itself doesn’t transform you. The information for me was that this guy killed me in another life and he was my father. I had to integrate that and see “Okay, I had to choose him; I had to forgive him.” He killed me, he had a reason for killing me – I had to empathize with his reason for killing me even though it may have been really unfair, an unfair punishment for what I did – in his mind, it was reasonable.

Many of you are involved in relationships and the relationships are stuck because there’s a pattern that keeps repeating itself. You’re involved in the pattern and you can’t see it. Oftentimes, when that’s the case the first thing you do is blame the other person – they are doing something to you. I’ve watched this; maybe some of you have watched this – people who are involved in a relationship and think that someone is doing something to them oftentimes, when the relationship finally breaks up and they’re free, within a very short while they get involved with someone else and after the romantic phase it’s the same pattern repeated. It goes on and on, because until you see the pattern, you are stuck in the pattern.

That works on every level – the wisdom is the ability to start seeing patterns, repetitive patterns that are controlling you that you take for granted and you think it is you and it isn’t. In truth, if we take what we’ve learned on these calls, what I’ve learned – each one of us, everyone – no one is not included – is a part of all that is. Everyone has a piece of divinity inside them. Every one is a child of God, if you want to use that terminology. Everyone has that potential to experience that in a very personal level. Everyone has the ability to transmit that to other people and help wake other people up, not by giving them information but by releasing your own blocks so that you move into that experience and you can radiate that love in a way that people get it.

When you radiate love, people around you and that’s different than being nice, that’s different than wearing your heart on your sleeve. When you radiate love, you give other people the chance to grow; you give other people the chance to upgrade their DNA. People will shift. Everyone listening to this call has that ability. All you have to do is get over your pattern – patterns of who you think you are that have been tracked down from past lifetimes ad infinitum – way back. You’ve carried the pattern; you keep coming back, you’re holding the same pattern. Coming into these calls and paying attention to this work is really an effective way of getting through your patterns, because on these calls there is a lot of unconditional love.

If you notice, you can feel that love even though we’ve never met each other, even though we’ve never seen each other – it radiates on the call. We have this idea that there are these sources out there that have been talking to us that are able to make you feel loved just between you and them, even without another person. Some of you have been learning that.

Those are all real possibilities and if you’re feeling stuck a really good thing to do is read all our emails, pay attention to everything we’re doing – because that energy is in the cracks, it’s in between. I’m learning that; I wouldn’t have believed that if somebody told me that was even possible. As we’ve been doing it, I see it’s not only possible it’s happening. We have only three minutes, and Terry was really tired. Maybe we won’t do a channeling tonight on this topic, but I think we covered it pretty well.

I will say that one of the things that I think there is a value of learning your past lives, or the ones that are majorly impacting this one. If you can learn about patterns that were established and how they got established so you can understand better what your hang-ups are. If anyone is interested in reading, email me – we’ve seen that happen to other people.

On that note, its 7:54 – Seth is saying we have to wrap it up. Terry is saying, “God, I didn’t have to over-activate my pituitary gland on this call.” Terry really does get spaced out when we do these things and she needs to be kept like a great, precious being that we’re so blessed to have. Do you want to say anything before we say goodbye?

Terry: Just my love to everybody.

Wynn: You know on the E.T. workshop that we did – we ran it two times, people still missed it. We’re going to run it again next week. It was really good – a lot of great information and also wisdom on how to cope with the fact that we’re not alone and there are beings from other dimensions and other planets who are buzzing our planet. It’s good to know what their agendas are.

We’re going to say ‘goodbye’ to everybody. Gijs, if you’re listening – you can stop the tape recorder.

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