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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences
Wednesday –
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Cindy McDonald



Wynn:  This is January 11, 2012, Wednesday.  This is our time to answer questions that you have submitted to us.  My name is Wynn Free and my co-host is Terry Brown.


On this call, we have an interaction between dimensions.  We’re not saying this is true but let’s just imagine in case it is, at the very beginning of the universe, outside of space and time, there’s intelligence,  and that intelligence has been working with humankind because it went off course a long time ago.


It went off course because when beings came into this realm, they forgot they were part of each other.  They got competitive, possessive, and life in this realm on earth for many people became very difficult and they’ve been trying to help.  How do they help?  They help us help ourselves, really.  They’re able to make an energetic connection and on this call you may feel that connection.


Many of us have gotten quite off the path in this realm and that includes Terry and myself in particular, probably.  It’s like there’s a lot of guidance to get back on the path, to get back and clear things and free things.  On this call on Wednesday nights, there’s the opportunity to submit questions and we ask them, and we don’t make any claims as to who they are.  It’s a voice that comes through Terry.


They say they’re at the beginning of the universe but of course, we can’t prove that.  So I tell people just play along, listen in and see where it goes and see where you go and see what happens.  Alright, so Terry, are you ready?


Terry:  Yes


Wynn:  Alright.  We have this little ritual called “Calling in of the light” and it’s really just creating intentions to bring their energy in and to bring protection in.


(Wynn calls in the light)


Father, Mother, God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taking to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the planetary fields, through the outer energy field of earth, through the sky, through our bodies, into the center of the earth, and right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us.  We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We await for our sources to come in and greet us. Thank you.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is the 11th of January, 2012 on planet Earth and we are traversing the difficult energies that are pummeling the planet and pummeling the different systems that are at work in the world.  For instance, the educational system and the finance system.  We bring an attitude of balancing and stability to individuals who are trying to balance conflicting issues, including issues to do with energy sources and oil.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes.  First of all, I want to have a special blessing for Suzanne Hayes who is not doing well right now, according to a phone call.  Is there anything that can be relayed onto her?


Ra’An:  Give us that again?


Wynn:  Suzanne Hayes, she’s not doing well, according to Kathy.  Kathy called and said she’s not doing well and to bring her up tonight; Kathy in Tennessee.


Ra’An:  Okay.  We tune in andwe send love light.  We connect.  She is somewhat disconnected from the body and we send her love light.  Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Alright, we have a question from Linda Bracey.  Now when we do anything regarding health, I’m just going to make the disclaimer that whatever is said, you must check it out with your own therapist, if there’s something said in particular.  We’re not diagnosing people.  We are not healing people.  If somebody gets healed because of something, experiences shift because of this call, it’s just coincidence.  We know nothing about it.  We offer these things just in service and observation ourselves to see what happens.


Linda Bracey is in South Carolina.  She has a daughter in Portsmouth, Virginia, who’s going through something medical.  She has a mass in her left breast which they found at Thanksgiving.  Her personal physician sent her to get a mammogram.  The radiologist, after viewing the pictures, ordered an ultra-sound because of the abnormality found in the mass, they ordered a biopsy to be performed January 9th.  At the last moment, her insurance denied approval and canceled the biopsy leaving her and her family in limbo.


And now she’s being shoved from pillar to post not knowing what is going to happen, to do.  Please put her in the love light for healing and we ask that this torture finds a joyful conclusion.  And if she has cancer, to get proper and timely treatment from a place that has her best interest at heart.  That’s from Linda Bracey in South Carolina concerning her daughter and Linda is on the line.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We see a stagnation of energy, a tangle of non flowing stuckness that had arisen.  We see a blockage in the area, and a walling off of energy, a non movement of energy, a misalignment in the ribcage. 


We are looking at the situation…


We see the emotions surrounding this issue.  We see a hope in the operation which then didn’t happen, the hope of the people involved.  We continue to look at the situation at the body and at the connection with the spirit and the body.  We see that this person has not asked, however, is asking, although not directly, is asking within themselves for release of this situation.   


We will continue to look in on this.  Do you have further questions?


Wynn:  Anything that the mother should do that could aid the situation from her side? Pray or whatever?


Ra’An:  Prayer is good, envisioning the stuckness to release.  Bring some jokes for the daughter to get the energy freed up and get on the better side of the moods involved, plenty of water or liquid nourishment.  Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you.  On the ET UFO workshop which we played a couple of times and we’ll be playing it again next week, on Thursday January 19, 2012.  Watch your emails.  We brought up an idea, that for some people was new, and now people are asking about it.  The idea had to do with implants and the idea that there could be things in other dimensions that do things to your body that screw you up intentionally and that we’ve had a couple of people that have had readings that have had this issue.


There was demonstrated the ability to disable whatever this thing was doing, a couple of times, three times in our history.  We don't usually talk about it because it’s a strange thing.  Most people…many people wouldn’t even believe that possibility exists.  So I’m not telling you to believe it but it came up and something shifted for some people and so it inspired some questions.


So we have Lorena from Long Beach who’s on the line and she had a reading.  She was at our workshop in Pasadena last year and she suffered from chronic anxiety and in a reading she was told that she has anxiety because she has energies which are not hers inside of her.  She was advised to listen to her favorite music to relieve the anxieties.  


She’s been listening to our conference calls regularly for a few months.  She just joined “Team Shift” and she can really feel a shift happening and everything’s gotten better in her personal life also. if anyone wants to join. one of the most powerful things we’re offering you to stay out of the dark stuff. 


My question is, if it is enough to listen to the conference calls and attend team shift calls in order for these negative energies to be removed from my energy field or do I need to do something else besides that?  I’d also like to know if I have any implants.  If I do, can they be deactivated automatically just by listening to conference calls and attending team shift?  If not, can you deactivate them?  Thank you, Lorena.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We are around you and we are sending you love light.  In observation is an answer, little answers; big results.  One at a time send love light and loving energy and understanding and care as negative energies are such as they are pieces of life that feel left out and are angry.  One can send them love light and release them.  You may feel a warm sensation, send understanding.  As you care then caring will come back.  When one opposes and fights one has not gotten to the root of the situation.  We send love light and caring that you may notice a difference right now.


Wynn:  Thank you.  In a situation like this, can it be just as effective on our Wednesday call or would a private personal reading be advantageous? 


Ra’An:  We've given something to work with here and then check back with us.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question is a……………….

Somebody in our group in Canada has been doing, experimenting with a Ouija board and has been getting messages through it and they’ve identified themselves as the Arcturians but there was some question if there was anything negative that was mixed in with what she’s getting.  So her question is, is there anything negative mixed in and is it safe for her to do this or is she opening herself up to potentials that she’d not be happy about in the future?


Ra’An:  Is this with an Ouija board or automatic writing?


Wynn:  Automatic writing, excuse me, automatic writing.  Thank you for correcting that. 


Ra’An:  Yes.  When one is automatic writing, they can be flying blind as it is in an automaticity and it can move into othernesses than the one with the resonant information.  One needs a broader eye, a clearer look at the energy frequencies behind the source that is coming through in the automatic writing.  When one spots the clear signature, soul signature of the source and records it in their memory, then one can go back and can tell the next time that it is the same source.  The answer is in our words, be perceptive of the soul signature of the source.  Arcturians is not enough.  That is our answer. 


Wynn:  Thank you very much.  And question from Case Holden in Long Beach.   “What is the origin of languages around the world? Do different languages correspond or are they connected to languages used on other planets or did they all develop indigenously to our planet?”


Ra’An:  There have been other races, other times on this planet.  There have been languages that have been brought from off world, from other worlds.  Earth is at the edge of the galaxy, it, many millions of years ago, was on a trade route [between] different worlds [that] have different languages.


There has been a core language that developed from the essential function of things, objects.  Some people put it into pictures.  Some people then took the pictures and made it into rudimentary strokes to describe the pictures, like the Oriental languages.


Some people have [brought] languages from their home planet when they settled this planet and carried forth some of those words.  So in answer, some of the languages have changed as time went on but have been brought in to the earth’s sphere from other planets in other times from space routes, from people who settled here from different expeditions into deep space.  [These then] changed over time.  When a section of a country is isolated then from another section by distance and remoteness of contact, they tend to develop different dialects which then can move into different languages and would only vaguely be recognized by the other sector and would only vaguely be recognized by the master language at the start.  


Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question is from Anouk in the Netherlands ~ it’s a healing question.  “About 7 to 5 years ago I got resurfacing hip surgery, hip prosthesis due to arthritis which caused severe pain and difficulty in moving.  Now the pain in my lower back and into the pelvis area and upper legs is getting worse.  It’s complicated by constant bladder infection causing pain in the kidney area. The two conditions seem to be interwoven, for this, I mean, many times I don’t know what is causing the pain.  I use antibiotics for the infection, a low concentration but it does not seem to help.  I did have treatments for my back, ortho-manual treatments 6 months ago.  Can you work with me on helping this and any advice on how to act?”  Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We see a misalignment, and a deterioration, a lowering of electrical potential.  Sending a high vibrational potential to the area would help.  There are some devices that reestablish electrical potential in an area but there is a misalignment also in the bone structure.  There can be experts.  We suggest you do some research in the area of the hip and we will see if we can send you some synchronicities.  We also suggest enough Omega 3, 6, & 9, as the joints need this.  Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Let me ask a question on Anouk’s behalf.  There’s that funny device that I have called the Chi machine that swings the legs back and forth.  They’re not very expensive; seems like it might swing it and send energy or circulation up to the hip.  Could you see that as being a possible recommendation?   


Ra’An:  We see that something more…there has been a deterioration and a misalignment that needs to be looked at and worked out for the pain to subside.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question: “Was Mozart a star seed or wanderer?  Is that how his prodigious talents came about at such an early age?”


Ra’An:  Who?


Wynn:  Mozart, the classical composer?


Ra’An:  Yes. 


Wynn:  And this is from Isis who is very endeared to Mozart and finally asks if she knew Mozart at any point or connected to him?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  There is a strong connection with Mozart and we look further.


Mozart had a freedom of connecting flows, octaves, octets.  There was a free flowing connection within his grasp, for lack of a better word we say grasp, within his…we don’t wish to say mind, within his creative ability to take different--we wish to say 'acapella', to combine notes in ways that were either controlled or within the control to cascade into crescendos. 


You asked he was a star seed?  He was from another dimension where there’s a free flowing of thought and an ability to create and put values together, musical values together. He had a memory of that time that he could then play and use this life as a stage to create all that.


We see you as being close to him and we see that in answer to your other question, was he a star seed?  He was from another world, another higher frequency world where creativity was very rapid and pronounced.  He wished to bring the light of that world to this world.  That is our answer.


Do you have more questions?


Wynn:  Is the channel getting tired at this point?  There’s one other question but we could it for next week.


Ra’An:  We can take that question.


Wynn:  OK, let me find it here… This is from Colleen (Brown?).  Let me see if I understand this.  She has noticed that the moon [is moving erratically].  It’s like the earth wobbles many degrees from day to day.  Something is different.  Not just side to side but top to bottom, too.  Some days it is way high in the sky at 5:00 in the evening, 6:00 in the evening and other days it is way further in the east at 9:00 in the evening.  It makes no sense.


If this was from season to season, most likely would not notice but this is from day to day.  Add to that one place one day and then the next way back to the north.  Weird!  Not sure it makes any sense.  Can you comment on my observations?  


Ra’An:  Thank you. 


Give us a moment…


Where is Colleen located?


Wynn:  You know what?  I think she…I’m sorry to say that she didn’t say on her email here, I don’t think.  Let me go look it up.  I thought she might have been in Canada but…….  Hang on…….  Hang on…….

Should we have her submit that question again after we know where she is?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  Just a moment.  Let's see if it comes up.


Ra’An:  Is she in Vancouver, Canada?


Wynn:  I thought she was but I can’t…….  Are you seeing her in Vancouver?   


Ra’An:  What was the last name again?


Wynn:  Colleen Brown, C. Brown. 


Ra’An:  Brown?


Wynn:  I believe so, yes.  For whatever reason…hang on…….

 I think this was a forwarded message……. Sorry, I can’t find her message


Ra’An:  Would you resubmit the question next week?


Wynn:  OK, thank you.  So on that note, we will say good-bye to everybody, thank everybody for being here.  Thank you, Terry, thank all those people that are volunteering to get our stuff out.  My name is Wynn Free. 


Next Thursday [January 19,  2012, we’re going to do another ET workshop.  This is information thatI’m not going to like to talk about on our regular calls.  It’s important.  Actually, people don’t understand this.  Somebody sent a question to me and they said, “If this is so important, why are you charging for it?”


First of all, is, if we don’t charge for something, occasionally, we’re going to go down the tubes.  That is a workshop from my consciousness.  I kind of like, when I’m bringing through our sources, to charge or make suggested donations but make it available. This is something from my own research, that I’ve put effort in plus my own experience that I’ve put together, that’s one reason.


Second of all, another reason is that when we charge for something and people pay for it, there is more protection.  You know when you bring in things of a very controversial nature, when you reach back, there’s more energy in the mix rather than me saying here’s this important thing for you to hear.


So those two things together, means that we charge for it. It’s a good model because it works very well and I think people got way more than they could ever dream of in getting that information.


Wynn: Okay, so watch your emails if you’re interested and you missed it.  Or, if you paid and you missed the last ones which happened to a few people, stay on top of it because we’re going to give plenty of notice so we make sure everybody gets the number.


Something strange happened and that is, we did send the numbers out to people and there were people that didn’t get them. We sent them out by my regular email address rather than our normal email center.  So if anyone does sign up and they don’t get the number by the day before, then email me with your phone number and someone will call you and give it to you over the phone because at that point, for some reason, the internet was not sending emails.


So, on that note, we wish you all a good rest of the week and we’ll see some of you on Sunday!



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