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A Visit with Suzanne Hayes


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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences


With Guest Suzanne Hayes

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Host Wynn Free with Special Guest Suzanne Hayes

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:   Hey everybody this is Wynn Free. This is our Monday night conference call. I fired Terry; she usually does this part. She wanted a raise and we just didnít have the budget. Weíre altogether, all the lines are open. Anyone want to say ďHelloĒ?


Suzanne:  This is Suzanne. Greetings, Hello, Aloha, Love and Light.


Wynn:  Is that Suzanne Hayes?


Suzanne:  Thatís me.


Wynn:  Youíre not on the conference line, youíre on the air. Youíre a guest tonight. You have to hold a little reserve; youíre not just another conference line person. You are our honored guest.


Suzanne: I see. I just love to talk to people from by-gone days. Itís wonderful. Iím doing some better; at least, Iím hanging in there. Iím never giving up.


Wynn:  When I first met Suzanne, she was dedicated to reach people. She had a blog or something; she went by the name of Ďtree-hugger.í


Suzanne:  You could call it that.


Wynn:  Wasnít that your name, Tree-hugger?


Suzanne:  It sure was.


Wynn:  She had been studying Carla Rueckertís material for quite some time, and she decided that she had discovered the highest truth ever. She wanted to put it out to the world, so she had her own little blog. Someone who had run into Suzanne and also had run into me, I think it was Kathy, wasnít it Kathy who put us together?


Suzanne:  Kathy was on one of the lists of individuals that you asked me to follow up.


Wynn:  Who was it that put me in connection to you? How did we find you?


Suzanne:  Yes; it was several other people, also.


Wynn:  Suzanne was a student of Carla Rueckertís The Law of One: The Ra Material, which we talk about so often. Somebody referred her and she discovered The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and she said, ďThis might be the Ra material too.Ē She started studying that and then she started coming into our calls and now thereís this whole new element because we have the Elohim.


Suzanne was paying attention to our conference calls prior to us ever doing a live channeling on a call. Sometimes I would read them, sometimes we would play tapes. It was a little scary to do a live channeling on the call. You probably know why itís scary, if you think about all the disclaimers I always make.


How can you trust a channeling? How do you know itís positive? You always have to think about it. You have to make sure, to the best of your ability, that the negative not come through people and mislead them. When you do a lot of channeling you canít take anything pat; you put it out and it sounds like youíre behind it. If I ever thought something was wrong, I would announce it. Iíd say ďI donít think that was good.Ē


Over time we went through a lot of changes and there was a period where Iíd have someone else channeling; he wasnít channeling the Ra group or the Elohim group but he had a very wise Source. If you want to know the history: Terry was so shy that we were producing this show and it was similar; this space weíre doing now this Wednesday used to be our guest channeler. I would post it; people would send in questions. Terry would ask the questions; it was a whole production.


Occasionally he didnít show up and when he [didnít show up] I said, ďTerry, what do you think? Should we try it?Ē And, we did. We did it a couple of times; eventually it fell apart. I was thinking, ďNow I can take Wednesdays offĒ, because I didnít really want to do three calls a week. I said, ďIím just going to do Monday nightsĒ. This was before we started doing the Grid Healings and I was just going to do Monday night. (Then) we were doing Monday and Sunday; then we were going to cancel Wednesdays and our Sources said, ďWe hope you donít cancel; we really like doing thatĒ. We continued.


I think Suzanne was on the call for some of our historic calls. Werenít you on the call for the grid healing we did in New York City with Daphne?


Suzanne:  Yes, I was.


Wynn:  Our Sunday calls are derivative of that first time Daphne and I were in New York City and we were on a radio show there. We did a channeling and I said, ďWould it be a good idea to go visit the World Trade Center?Ē They said ďYes.Ē We went to what was left of the World Trade Center and we couldnít get any energy going.


We tried calling in the Light and it was like ďthudĒ. So I did another channeling in 2006 I think; I said, ďWould it be a good idea to get everyone on the conference call on, to call in the Light with them? Maybe we could get through?Ē They said that was a really good idea. So we did it.


It was hard to believe it was real. There are many aspects to what we do that itís taken me quite some time to integrate that weíre really doing this, that weíre really working as a partnership with these two group souls:  one that created the physical Universe and one thatís graduates of this realm.


Throughout history theyíve been recognized as God at various times. Thereís an unreality to it. Those of you who have read the story know how it started with Daphne, where she would tap me on the shoulder and say, ďThose guys want to talk to you againĒ. I didnít believe they were who they say they were. I said, ďWeíll just let this unfold and see what happens.Ē 


Then weíd do this grid healing. They actually explainedóI should go retrieve this; itís on uTube somewhere. Thereís a thing where the Elohim were explaining how it looked from their point of view when they did this; that they were beaming in from the other realm through all this dark stuff that was around the World Trade Center and clearing the space. Suzanne, how did that feel? Iím supposed to be interviewing you and here I am talking. Now I have to ask you a question; Iím going to stop just talking and ask you some questions.


Gijs:  Wynn, are you recording?


Wynn:  Oh no, I forgot to record. (Wynn starts the recording.)


This is Monday, January 16th, 7:14 p.m. This is our Monday night BBS call with Suzanne Hayes as our guest. Some of you who are reading our emails have noticed that Suzanne is one of the longest-standing active people on our calls. She was the first person to do transcriptions. Up until the time she went in the hospital, she was doing our Wednesday transcriptions very, very diligently and responsibly.


Those transcriptions helped lots and lots of people keep going. She had a bout of pneumonia a couple of months ago; she went in the hospital and then she went into a nursing home. She went back to the hospital; then she went back to the nursing home. Sheís our guest tonight from the nursing home. Whatís the name of that nursing home, Suzanne?


Suzanne:  The one right now that Iím in is called ĎTall Pinesí.


Wynn:  Tall Pines.


Suzanne:  My previous one was called ĎWhite Mountainí.


Wynn:  How do you like the food at Tall Pines?


Suzanne:  Have you ever seen the movie with Dustin Hoffman?


Wynn:  Which one?


Suzanne:  Itís not that bad.  (Laughing)


Wynn:  (laughing)ónot that bad.


Suzanne:  I wouldnít want to give it out. Iíll tell you, if you didnít have any food youíd want it. Thatís what I mean. Iím not going to say, ďBooĒ to anything. It depends on what youíre criticizing it next to. People in the gutters that donít have food, then thereís food.


Wynn:  Youíre not in the gutter right now.


Suzanne:  No, Iím not. I have a group of people who are more or less trying to get me home.


Wynn:  Home. The first time Suzanne said that, I said, ďNow listen; youíre not planning on leaving this realm, are you?Ē She meant her home, home.


Suzanne:  No, Iíve not planned on leaving but I am a person who believes that when it is your time, itís your time. When itís not itís not. Donít worry about it.


Wynn:  Suzanne, I have a question for you. There was a time when you were a typical American who was programmed by the consensus reality; you were married at one point. At what point did you start to become a wacko?


Suzanne:  All my life I have been a little bit different. Thatís what I can say about that. It depends, again, who are you comparing it to? There are so many wackos in the world; itís a world of wackos.


Wynn:  I mean the wackos we can actually call wackos: Wanderers. Wanderers are those beings from other dimensions that donít really fit. They can tell they look like wackos to people who are in consensus reality, particularly if thereís a question.


Suzanne:  The people in consensus reality? I was pretty much a life-long wacko.


Wynn:  A life-long wacko.


Suzanne:  When I was young, even.


Wynn:  At one point, you were a Jehovahís Witness; isnít that right?


Suzanne:  Yes, I was.


Wynn:  What brought you into that? You donít have to answer that.


Suzanne:  I really believe that, on some level, on some plane, I recalled there would be a New Heaven and a New Earth. At some point, I didnít know what to expect, but thatís never left me. Itís in the Bible and when I saw that when I was 22, I was so amazed I went, ďThere is the answer for the world.Ē When I saw it, it just grabbed a hold of me and I couldnít give it up. A New Heaven and A New Earth; we need that. We do.


Thatís what all the ascension things are about. This hope of New Heaven-New Earth, thatís all over so many religions in the world and itís Universal. You can talk to somebody and it will strike a note with them and theyíll say, ďOh, yeah!Ē


I started to study in earnest in 2003; I had amazing, astounding every kind of fantastic happenings going on in my life at that time. They were verifying all the things that they were saying they were, like I would have amazing miracles happen.  It was like ďWhatís going on with this?Ē


Finally I realized it had to be the Ra. I didnít know the Elohim as well, but I came to know them. So it was this group that evidently had been following me and I had been following it all of my life not realizing what was going on.


And here they were, still following me some eight years later when I met Wynn and on so many different bases. I can just look at something and I can recall that thatís something that was connected to something else. I donít know if youíve had the experience, Wynn, but itís like the most fantastic dťjŗ-vu of somebody knowing somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody, and that theyíre connected with something else. Itís fantastic; it canít have [any] other answer except of a cosmic, dynamic, intelligent force thatís connected to all of us together. Iím just thrilled all the time when I think about that.


Now Iím sick, but that doesnít matter. Thereís always something good that Iíve learned that come out of these so-called disasters. [Doesnít] the Ra say in their material, that when you have these catalysts it all points to something good and something will eventually come out good. Iíve had things happen in my life, like my fire, a fire in my house. Miracles have happened because of the fire, one thing after the other after the other. I wish I had so much time to talk about it.


Wynn:  How did you discover the Rueckert material?


Suzanne:  Hereís a story. I was out in the desert. In the desert there was a huge whirlwind; it was blowing. It was like a mile high. It was beautiful, but it was scary. It was going faster and faster and faster and I had just read the night before, in a book called The Asaph Bible. In the Asaph Bible it said, ďIf you want to know about my world (speaking of God), look to the whirlwind, look to the vortex. I went, ďWhat does that mean?Ē The next day, wouldnít you know, I read something from David Wilcock that had to do with the whirlwind and the vortex and the swirling, whirling things that are going on in the Universe and are alive, even in the cells of our bodies.


There was the answer! It was giving me that answer that all these whirling, twirling things. You, Wynn, you brought it out in The Creator Gods of the Universe Want to Talk to You book, where it talks about them talking about swirling and twirling and whirling. This is part of the system that they did. I really paid attention and I listened and I read.


I read the things that [Wilcock] said, then that led to more things he said. Then, I realized that you and he had to have to come upon the same sites, the same ambience, the same energy. Because of that, I knew; thereís my answer! So I took that up and I just went with that and I never looked back and they got bigger and bigger and bigger. Now I can just say with verity that this has got to be the most fantastic, life-affirming, self-affirming thing that a person could ever know about.


Why Iíve been given this privilege, I donít know that. I donít know why Iíve been given it. Perhaps itís just a matter that I treasure it, that I honor it, that I, among others, perhaps, love it and would appreciate it. It was given me as a gift because I can feel that feeling of ďYes!Ē even though those around me sometimes donít get it. They donít get what Iím saying. But, I know and I know how fantastic it is.


So I wish that all of you would have that experience in your life, that you can just let it go and just gather it all into yourself because this is my truth, this is whatís truth for me and it feels so good. I hope Iíve talked enough about it.


Wynn:  Actually, I was just thinking that I hope you go on because Iím feeling it when youíre talking. 


Suzanne:  Oh, are you? Okay.


Wynn:  Youíre generating the experience.


Suzanne:  If thatís the case, I can go on. I have so many areas I could on in; from the time the Elohim told my daughter and myself that we were relatives, that she was my grandmother in another life. I was so jazzed, because I knew there was some connection and somebody had told me once, ďYour daughter and you were connected in another lifetime.Ē


Then [the Elohim] said it; they said, ďWhen you were a little girl, your grandmother then, who is now your daughter, thatís your daughter, you two arranged this life together to come in.Ē Didnít she just feel like she was more than just a friend, more than anything like that, even more than my daughter, even more than my grandmother? Thereís some deep cosmic something, truth, that binds us together.


There is also something on my other daughters, but that particular one has been given a name, so I have a name for it. It doesnít mean the others arenít just as precious. Itís just that when they said, ďThatís your grandmother,Ē I remember [RaíAn] said through Terry ďthat soul left and now itís back because it [had] unfinished business.Ē


I remember when I was a little girl, my grandmother had a frontal lobotomy; itís an operation they donít do anymore. They cut out part of her head and she was never the same. That dead grandmother was my benefactor, my Rock of Gibraltar. All of a sudden, she wasnít there anymore. She didnít die; she just quit knowing me. She quit remembering me. I had to just go my way, very sad.


Here she is, back again, as my very own daughter, even giving the same information from the bookóremember one of the those books you talked about, Wynn, Elizabeth Haischís book, Initiation. It talks about the same thing in there. Thatís what Iíve experienced, Initiation, and so has my daughter, all this stuff coming through and being woven through Terry, over and over and over.


Every time youíd say, ďGo read this bookĒ, I would read the book. I would have these waves and waves and waves of the most great feelings. That knowing was verified that there was a reason Iím supposed to be reading these books; itís beyond belief.  Itís so good.


Wynn:  Which book was that, by the way?


Suzanne:  That particular one was called The Initiation by Elizabeth Haisch, all about being a Pharaohís daughter.


Wynn:  If anyone gets the EgyptóIím going to do a commercialóThe Egypt Connection is a four-hour workshop. I think Suzanne was there. That was a huge deal for me, to do that. I never want to do that again. At least I recorded that, because it went back. What a lot of people donít realizeóthis is not necessarily important for everybody, but for some people itís really importantóthat we have had lifetimes going back thousands and thousands of years, maybe hundreds of thousands of years.


We have these gross repeating patterns, and certain people have had lifetimes in Egypt, many people. If you had a lifetime in Egypt, then somewhere in your unconscious-subconscious is the memory of those lifetimes.


When you read about a period where you had a lifetime, you will always be attracted to that period, in particular, in Egypt. Most people have no idea; they donít even think about it. In that period of Egypt prior to Jesus, there was a lot going on.


David Wilcock was involved in that; I was involved in that; Daphne was involved in that. Terry was not; Terry has no interest in reading that stuff, believe it or not, because I donít think she had lifetimes in that period. Go to and you can get that four-hour workshop plus thereís a copy of that book Suzanne is talking about. You can look it up on the internet, somebody had it out as a free pdf and I just included it in the Egyptian Connection.


Suzanne:  Yes, I did too.


Wynn: If you go to that page, even if you donít get the workshop thereís a little audio of Daphne channeling the soul fragment of Nefertiti; donít miss it.


Suzanne:  Donít miss it. Donít miss it. Especially if youíre pointed to read it, itís telling you ďRead itĒ and thereís a reason for that, you know. You have to listen to these little voices.


Wynn:  Those of you who have a fascination with the pyramids almost certainly had lifetimes in Egypt.


Suzanne:  Yes, yes, definitely.


Wynn:  There is a lot of connection with whatís going on today, with the Illuminati, with the negative, with things that happened in Egypt which I went through in that workshop.


Suzanne:  Right now, Wynn I want you to know that right now when Iím looking over from where Iím laying, in the area where Iím laying,  Iím looking over to the sink; the sink actually has the wings of Ra right on the sink.


Wynn:  It does?


Suzanne:  Yep, thatís what theyíre using as the design for the handles on the sink Ė the shields of Ra.


Wynn:  When you said the Ďsinkí I thought you said the Ďsphinxí.


Suzanne:  See, theyíre all connected. You can see these little connections that mean, to most people, nothing; but you see them. You see them and they have a meaning for you.


Itís a further showing that thereís a reason for everything that happens and you grab that and you just keep it with you. There are so many of these. That seems like a little thing, but must be huge.  It must be very big. Iíd like to know more about it sometime.


Wynn:  You mean the way synchronicities occur?


Suzanne:  I just love them. I love synchronicities. Theyíre everywhere; you just have to be open to it. One thing leads to the other into the other, leads to the other. Youíve got David leading to you, youíve got things leading Carla, and youíve got other things. It doesnít matter if Terry doesnít feel part of that; there are some parts of her that are connected to the Ra; sheís got to be, and because thatís connected to the Ra, the others are connected.


Wynn:  I donít know if youíve ever heard this; this is a really interesting idea. Iíll put this out because this may be true for many of you who are listening and itís something that Iíll bet never occurred to you but itís one of the reasons you keep coming back and youíre so intrigued with this work weíre putting out.


In one of the channelings through Terry, I donít even remember because weíve asked so many things, I donít remember when it was said. I didnít ask this, but they said that Terry and I existed prior to the physical Universe being created; we were ones of those beings that were there and that I was busy whooping energies out and Terry was learning from me.


At a certain point, I jumped in to say, ďIím going to go see what itís like down thereĒ and I didnít come back. Terry was waiting for me and then she said, ďI better go see if heís okayĒ and she jumped in. So here we are, a million-trillion years later; of course, thereís no time. I donít remember any of that. I donít. Some of you listening may have been a part of that.


Itís not an ego trip because thereís no time. Itís not like an ego trip to say you were there at that point. I donít remember being there, I donít know if I was there, but they said I was, in one of the channelings. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense, because I have this great compulsion to fix everything down here. When you have a great compulsion to fix things, maybe you were part of the original screw-up.


Suzanne:  Thatís it; you canít know.


Wynn:  I wonít say it was a screw-up, but the original creation. As Iíve studied all this material and being on the receiving end of asking all these questions, I can see how it got screwed up. I can feel it, I can track it.


Suzanne:  Right.


Wynn:  It wasnít intended to be screwed up but beings came in and then wanted power and they wanted other things. When youíre in a Spirit realm there are no possessions. As soon as you think of something it starts to exist and then it blows off and something new comes in the astral plane.


But in this realm, everything is so solidified that there are possessions and possessions cause people to separate and cause enslavement and cause all kinds of stuff. It causes an elite to control the others, because when youíre in this realm if you have everyone doing your bidding, life is easier. There is not a right or wrong.


I had a conversation; we were talking about slavery. We were talking about the Civil War and black people and how in certain situations they were included in the families; they felt part of the families. When I was young, my parents had a black maid. We werenít well-to-do; we were like lower-middle class, probably middle-middle class. I loved this woman. When I was in high school I used to take the bus and walk over and visit her house in what would have normally been a bad neighborhood. Her name was Reversa.


Even when I left Philadelphia and I would come back to visit my parents, I still would go visit her, because in some ways she was wiser than my parents. She had more love in her than my parents, God Bless them, but there was something about her that was totally open. I responded to it. We were great friends. She came to clean our house, but she never felt subservient or inferior. She was making a template space energy that everyone else could dance in.


On the human level, she was a servant. But, on the cosmic level she was a master. There is no hierarchy. I was looking at the idea of slavery and yet so many people today are slaves and they donít know it!


Theyíre slaves to the media; theyíre slaves to the money; theyíre slaves to this [or that]. Itís all in a state of consciousness; itís more than the meaning of the word. I donít know why I went off on that; why did I go off on that?


Suzanne:  That doesnít matter; itís where you wanted to go and you did.


I know one thing; I have a choice now what I want to do and my choice is: do I want to rule others or do I want to work with others? I must have learned in other lifetimes itís much more helpful and beneficial and more in line with The One to work with people, than to try to work on them, or try to rule them.


I canít get behind that energy any more if I ever did. I canít remember doing it, but the fact is if I did at one time do it, but the fact [is] now I choose: itís so much fun, itís so great to just see a smile on somebodyís face.  You just want to put that on everybodyís face, so thatís what I try to do.


I know Iím pretty much not a Pollyanna, I wouldnít say that. But, I look always for the positive; Iím always thinking, ďEverything works out at the end for the good mind of God.Ē So knowing that fact, I can live with the rest of it. 


[Cough] Iíve been very sick you guys, so excuse me when I cough so much.


Wynn:  Listen; why donít you come in our Sunday call this Sunday and do another Law of One discussion group?


Suzanne:  I donít know each day where Iíll be.


Wynn:  If you can. Now everyone is listening to you and they like you. By the way, if anyone got our email today, itís got a little place to make a donation. If you want to, do it, 100% goes to helping Suzanne. Sheís been out of commission for a couple of months and itís really hurt her financially.


Suzanne: Yeah, itís my family. It hurt my family a little, because there are things we have to get and stuff.


Wynn:  Theyíre all living together.


Suzanne, youíre a poet, arenít you, amongst everything else? Donít you write poetry?


Suzanne:  You mean a calligrapher?


Wynn:  No, I know youíre a calligrapher but you write poetry.


Suzanne:  Oh, yes I do.


Wynn:  I know you write poetry because I said, ďSuzanne get some poems ready because Iím going to have you on tonightĒ.


Suzanne:  Yeah, that was not easy. I was told here that I better stop doing the poetry and pay attention to my walking. So I did both.


Wynn:  You did? Okay.


Suzanne:  I got up and did my walking.


Wynn:  They make you walk to exercise every day, right?


Suzanne:  Every day, even though Iíve been lying in bed all this time. I was in the hospital for four or five days and then when I came here they wouldnít let me get up alone. Finally today, they did Ė and the guy said, ďHey, youíre awesome!Ē He doesnít realize that I have a good motive; I want to go home. I donít really want to stay here. Itís going to take some time, but Iím going to try to give my best to it.


Wynn:  Letís get those poems out before we run out of time.


Suzanne:  Alright. We have one; Iím going to line this up. This is for Wynn, Terry, for the RaíAn and for myself, Suzanne.


Catching light, tangerine, orange, lemon, high sun-catchers

Glinting in the new sun

Twinkling between the sun of the new day

Islands of insulin what makes a beautiful body?

Does that what makes a beautiful soul?

Lined and aligned and musing with the Elohim and the Ra?

To join the great sea is the place for me to be

Of where white, hot, luminous suns match the blackness of wandering nights

Breath-catchers and love


Thatís one. Now I have not written this one out, but this is a poem that Iíve written in one form and not completely. This is about the subject:


When an old person dies people often say, ďThat person was worn out. That person has nothing good now. That person should move off the scene.Ē

But, actually, if you think about it, when an old person moves off the line and people stop listening, the world loses a book.

A book of knowledge is left sitting idle to the world.

That book that should be picked up and should be visited and

Should be put in a place of honor.

That book should remain for all that time as one talks about the past

To those ones that love to listen.

This is exactly how one should spend their time.

Spending time with the elderly, those who are not able to be talked to,

Because of sadness. Seeing sad many faces here and other places

But to reach out to those persons and speak to them and say

ďWhat was your life like?Ē And theyíll smile and they will open up to you

Because now someone is verifying that they also had a wonderful life and

This is a very good use of oneís time.


Thatís number three. Did you like that one?


Wynn:  I did.


Suzanne:  That was what I used to do with my time when I was a young person. I would find these [older] people and sit down and talk to them. I still did it, and I still like to do it.


I would love to have people give ideas for poems and I will do my best to write them out. Anybody watching, give me ideas; pass them to Wynn and pass them to Terry and I will do it. I had a very short time to do these, but I would be happy to do any of these poems for people on any subject they want.


Wynn:  You do calligraphy also, right?


Suzanne:  Yes, I do. When I talk about my life, of my business, people start getting teary because itís something theyíve never heard of. I didnít have a job, I needed a job.


So what I did was, I taught myself the beautiful writing of letters. I did it over and over until I pretty much had it down. I would take my art and I would draw the art for people. If you had a loved one, or you had someone you wanted to express your love and you didnít know how to do it, youíd come to me and youíd see all the things on my walls and youíd say, ďSuzanne, I have loved this person. This is my adopted mother, but I donít know how to say, ĎI love you.íĒ


So, Suzanne would concoct her very best cocktail of love for this person and I would write it out. On the side I would put lanterns and vines and beautiful, beautiful artwork cascading down the side of the art. I would take that piece and I would decorate it all up. I would cut the mat; I would put it in a frame. A person would come and see these and Iíve had many of these show and Judges and lawyers of the year, who wanted to give my work to somebody they loved in a high place of justice for the courts. I donít know if anybody knew I did that.


Wynn:  I didnít know you did that.


Suzanne:  Yes, I did that; I also did it for lovers, for those getting married, for those who have lost someone, for anything that could be written.


Wynn:  Suzanne, we got to get off. Our time is up on BBS.


Suzanne: All right.


Wynn: Why donít you say ďhelloĒ to your daughters; Iíll bet they listened today.


Suzanne:  Hey you guys!


Wynn:  Iím just going to read this one little note from somebody who made a donation:


Dear Suzanne,


I really depend on your transcriptions, because I canít understand them when theyíre talking. My English is not good enough for understanding Americans.

All the best to you.




And he is in Switzerland? Zegenhagen, wherever that is okay?


Suzanne:  Sounds Norwegian.


Wynn:  We got to get off, so thank you everybody.


If you want to do my E.T. workshop, look at todayís email. If you sign up by tonight we have that discount code for $3 off. Itís really good to know whatís happening in the world of UFOs.


Suzanne, thank you so much for honoring us with your presence today.


Terryís thinking ďOh my God, I didnít have to channel. Thatís good.Ē


Terry:  Iím really touched by tonight. Thank you, Suzanne.


Suzanne:  You guys, it makes my cry.  It really does.


Wynn:  The conference line is open if anyone wants to say goodbye, weíre open.

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