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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences


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Host:  Wynn Free

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and Cindy Izzo

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee




Wynn:  This is Wednesday, January 18, 2012; this is Wynn Free in Sedona and Terry Brown in Sedona. We have lots of people all over the country, including two in West Virginia. I was going to share something.


You guys that are just listening to the tapes, you miss the little repartee that we have at the beginning. When we’re not taping, people say all kinds of funny things and off-the-wall things sometimes not X-rated but half X-rated. Even though this is spiritual, we’re still human.


You don’t have to deny being human to be spiritual. In fact, if you deny being human to be spiritual, you’re probably not doing a good job being spiritual, because it’s a continuum; it goes all the way from your body, up somewhere. It doesn’t start somewhere else and then keep going; it starts where you’re at.


Who was it that said that, “The body is a temple”?—which is true. That means you have to figure out your body; you have to figure out the uniqueness of it, what it needs. Should it be a vegetarian? Does it like to be alone? Does it like to go to movies? You have to treat your body well, because then it gives you more energy to be spiritual. It opens up the gates; it grounds it. You just don’t want to create karma while you’re down here. So the trick is to have a good time without creating karma.


One of the things about being spiritual is showing up. I think what I’ve noticed for myself and for the people on these calls, people who show up are going through a lot of changes. Sometimes they’re provocative changes; sometimes they’re challenging changes. If you want to grow spirituality, it’s not an idea in your mind. It’s not, “I’m spiritual”, or “I’m Republican” or “I’m a communist.” It’s not like that. If you’re really being spiritual, you’re learning how to become multidimensional and that’s not in your mind; that’s learning how to access your hologram, your energy field.


The first step in being spiritual is acknowledging that you can be bigger than you are and there’s a big field out there that you can tap into. If you come from a very scientific bent you might have to analyze that, because you’ll say, “What’s the evidence? How do I know it’s there? Can you prove it?” I don’t think you can prove it scientifically, but you can prove anecdotally, which scientists don’t recognize, but common sense does.


For example, when you look at David Wilcock and you look at all the things tying him to Edgar Cayce; you look at how closely he resembles Cayce. You look at the fact that he had a voice talking to him that told him to fulfill a prophecy. If someone is going to try to figure out statistics, which I don’t even know how you do in that case, but I would say they’re billions to one, maybe trillions.


God knows. To be the spitting image of somebody—I’m not going to tell the story now. Nonetheless, how does it work that all those things were true with the statistical improbabilities so incredibly high? You could say, “It was just coincidence. Coincidence happens.” That’s okay, if you want to leave it at that; it’s okay. If it wasn’t coincidence, then how do you explain it?


A lot of people explain it just by mystery: “That’s the way it works. That’s God; that’s this or that.” There is a mystery to everything, but there are a lot of things that people think are mysteries which may not be, which are understandable. At a certain point, it becomes a mystery, because it can’t be understandable. In fact, what happens on this line, I put words to it, but it’s still a mystery to me. I show up; I said ‘show up’. I show up; the amazing thing is, they show up. If you keep coming in on this line and paying attention, you start to feel them.


It’s not me doing it; I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know how to make an energy come into your bedroom or wherever you are, your living room. Yet not only do I feel it, but all kinds of people feel it. In fact, an hour before now I was not in this space.

This is the illusion: people think that somebody walks around in some kind of exalted space, and they’re always connected to the Elohim or the Ra group. That’s not my experience; I can feel them in periods of time when I’m not on the call. I can feel their energy. I can lie down and be quiet and call them in and they show up.


It’s different than the feeling on the call, because on the call I believe, I’m feeling you; and you’re feeling me. If I’m really feeling you, you may be a stranger. I may have just heard your name tonight. You may be on the call anonymously; you may be listening in the future. But in some way I think I can feel you and you can feel me. If we’re really feeling each other, that’s one hell of a mystery, because I don’t know how that works. I’m just keep coming on these calls and I’m learning. I’m learning just as you all are; this is an unusual aspect.


One of the things I learned a while ago—some of you may check this out. If you can be bold and courageous enough to talk about this to others, find a way. Just like I’ve had to find a way to talk about it; I didn’t know how to talk about it. What I learned was that if I was sitting down with someone who was spiritual, who was expanded to some extent—people don’t even call it that; they don’t know.


They wouldn’t identify themselves that way—I could be talking to them about the weather in Sedona; I could be talking to them about how beautiful the scenery is; look at those hills over here. I could be talking all kinds of things. The moment I start talking about, “I do this stuff and these guys show up and they are in other dimensions”, the energy shifts and they’re there; it’s that fast. It’s like they’re just waiting for somebody to talk about them. That gives them the excuse to say, “Let’s show up”. If I’m with someone who is expanded and I point out, “Do you feel that energy right now?” They’ll say “Yes.” And I’ll say, “That’s them. That’s them.”


Some of you know we’ve been selling those pendants because we put them out. We’ll put them out again before Valentine’s Day, sometime in the next week. You will not believe the testimonials we’re getting; I don’t believe them! They have a certain technology to them where the molecules are all vibrating together; they’ve been infused by frequencies. Other people sell those pendants and I don’t read the kind of testimonials that we’re getting. Why is that? You’ll have to figure that out.


There is one of the stores in Sedona that is carrying the pendants; in fact, there are quite a few stores. Many of the stores in Sedona have psychics or intuitives that do readings for people. There is one lady in this one store; when I went into the store, I talked to her a little bit about what I was doing and the Elohim.


I came back a few weeks later and she said, “Wynn, when you left they started talking to me. They were talking to me for two days. My husband felt it.” Every time I go into that store and I look at her, we both go “Aha!” It’s like the energy shifts.


I say these things because they’re my experiences. I have to figure out how to integrate them because they’re weird experiences. I also think that when I talk about my experiences, they can be your experiences; particularly if you come into the calls often.


You should be able to note, “That’s what Wynn was talking about. That’s that experience.” Otherwise, they go “blip, blip” so fast that you miss it. You have to think about it; before you think about it, they’re gone. This idea is that you can go somewhere and just start saying a few words about this and the energy shifts, something changes and other people can feel it.


There is a guy here who has a Reiki studio here in Sedona. I saw that he was just opening his studio about six months ago and I saw his picture. I liked the way he looked, so I dropped into his studio. He came out; there was an immediate connection. We sat and talked for about an hour. I told him a little bit about my stuff and he was, from my way of cataloguing things he looked like an Elohim soul.


I’ve come to recognize Elohim souls, what they look like. It’s my understanding that many Mormons are Elohim souls. If you note, died-in-the-wool Mormons, not people who have converted, have something unusual about them. It’s not just their religion. They look different, they carry themselves differently, they have a lot of inner ability to carry things through and they can usually be very successful.


They don’t know they’re Elohim souls unless they’re listening to this call and then they’d probably burn me in effigy. My experience is they are. They’re not the only Elohim souls. There are a lot of Elohim souls in this realm, but there is a huge amount of Ra souls in this realm. Elohim souls, when they come here, don’t have the wisdom of this realm. They have a lot of energy; they have a lot of upliftment. They also have the ability to create businesses and be very successful, but in many ways they can be somewhat rigid, because they’re new souls in this realm.


For example, if you’ve read my story of Daphne and myself, Daphne is not a new soul as I get it, but I guess she has very strong connections with the Elohim and I have very strong connections with the Ra group. The way that I’m putting this out would be somewhat of a warrior’s stance; it’s like saying, “This is important; I’ve got to get this out there.”


An Elohim soul wouldn’t do that; they wouldn’t be able to. I won’t say they wouldn’t do it, but it’s unlikely that they would. They could channel and bring in the Elohim really strongly. Daphne and I have been together in other lifetimes and whenever we’ve been together, she was channeling; then I took it to heart and made something happen.


This is a very unusual thing we’re doing and it’s not something you can understand. You can only observe it and ride with it, because it’s not entertainment. I’m not trying to be entertaining; I’m doing my best at being authentic. I’m learning how to do it better. Even Terry is also learning how to be authentic, to be herself, even though she’s really shy. I never believed that she would be able to be this upfront with the way we’re doing this.


All of you are sending enough love into other dimensions in our direction; the love goes both ways, to create a protected space that we can do this publicly; we can do it boldly. It feels protected.


I remember when we first started doing it, it was scary. What are people going to think? Are Fundamentalists going to be chasing us around the block? How do you describe this? How do you put it in words? How do you do it in such a way that you don’t create people to become blind believers, or dogmatic? The way is; you ground it into your physical body, so it’s human and it’s not exalted. It’s a duality, of course; it is exalted and it isn’t exalted.


But if it’s just exalted it’s always out of reach; it’s always above you and it’s always something to strive for. When it’s in your body, it’s both. You realize that you are a miracle. The fact that you exist, that all these frequencies come together to form a you and a me in this environment on Earth, in spite of all the things that go wrong down here, to experience the miracle of that, when you’re living inside of a miracle but if you’re contracted into this realm too far, you get nowhere close to that experience.


On that note, it’s a good thing I didn’t have to make that up; I never could have! The reason that comes through is because you, who are on this line, or many of you, are holding the space to allow that in making me feel safe that I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to say and it just comes out.


I say, “Did I say that?” I used to write songs. I’d write a song and put my pen to the paper. I’d say, “How did I write that?” I just honor you, all of you, for the miracle that you are. I hope you start to honor yourself, if you’re not already doing it, for the miracle that you are.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Are you ready?


Terry:  I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.


Wynn:  We have some really interesting questions tonight.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person on this line, each person listening to the replays, reading the transcripts and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of all the planets and the sun and the moon and through the outer energy fields of the Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection which we’ve already been doing just naturally and we invite those Sources who are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join us and they already have by our asking that. This is just a formality and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We await our Sources to identify themselves.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is January 18, 2012. We are with you, each and every one of you, in the now and whenever you listen to the call on an audio or on a replay, or read a transcript. We thank each and every individual who is helping with transcripts and volunteering to put the audios up.


We take a minute and we orient to the channeling entity and to Wynn Free and to each and every person whose attention is on this call and on this process.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes, we do. Our first question is from Lorena in Long Beach, except I’m not going to ask the question that she asked; I’m going to turn it into another question. I’ll share with you why I’m not going to ask it.


She was reading a book, and a fairly famous person, one of her friends read it and then said that the book had negative energy and black magic rituals in it. She wants to know if the book is from the negative. I can’t answer that kind of question.


If you note on these calls, if we were to take the inventory of everyone else I would have to mark myself as being negative because it’s not appropriate to do that. Not only does it make a judgment on other people, it also takes away the discernment of the person who is trying to figure it out. I can’t ask the question that she wants me to ask. I have to throw it back at her and say, “It’s has to be her discernment.”


The question I want to ask, which her question inspired, obviously there is a lot of service-to-self bleed-through all over the place on the planet. There are people who channel who, in my estimation, are service-to-self. But they do not look it; their vocabulary is all Love and Light.


There are books that you read; there is even music. I remember somebody has a website talking about how Mick Jagger and The Doors, Jim Morrison were both going into demonic trances when they did their music. I remember years ago, I saw Mick Jagger and I thought it was really a spell-binding thing.


So the question I want to ask is:


One of the things I believe is the negative goes high in dimensions and the positive goes high in dimensions. At a certain point at the very top, the negative has to switch to positive if it wants to continue; otherwise, it gets stuck. Usually they will get stuck for long amounts of time. All of us are trying to expand our holograms and when you connect with something that is in a more expanded hologram than yourself, then you are learning about expanding your hologram. Except that the thing that you connect with may be service-to-self, or negative, even though it’s in a higher space than you.


The question is:


“How can one develop a criterion for when it’s safe to pay attention to things, even though there might be a mixed polarity in it?”


Ra’An:  Thank you.


In the history of the world there have been techniques, information given, information brought through, information passed down, that has been given to the earth people out of love and out of purity of heart. There have been, at various times in history, people that wanted to advance financially and took the information and knowledge that could help so many people and they made it available mixed in with other information that would add pizzazz and sizzle to the original information and would increase the public’s desire to garner the information and the benefits for themselves.


The individuals that have done this have split off and the information that they make available is so compelling and they can do miraculous things. So they take the pure information, the good helpful information and they mix it with other information to bring the benefit to themselves, money to themselves, without ethically considering the individual that they are working with.


One such group who has done that has been the gypsies. Another such group has been the priests of Egypt. It is not only the beckoning of money, but the beckoning of the respect and the awe of individuals who look upon these groups and see what they can do and give them much attention, money and credit. How do you have discernment?


When one finds a source that has some good information and some information that pulls upon one’s money strings overly, or pulls upon their energy to transfer a person’s energy to the other person rather than to receive the information in a sanctified manner, it does not invade one’s own self-sovereignty.


When one is in the process of checking out this, the information that is made available will resonate with the individual. They should use only what information resonates and only what information that can aid them in their growth process and on their path. Any other information that does not fit is not right for them at the time and should be discarded.


This will eliminate much of the negative source of information, if one determines that in a book or in a writing there are areas that do not set well or do not ring true, then before proceeding they should very carefully evaluate anything that they receive from that.


Some things may be of mixed polarity and one can take information that is ringing true and discard information that does not ring true. Usually it pays to find a source that rings true the majority of the time, as in the third dimension even a positive Source can have slants and distortions.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I’ll just add this for clarification.

There are things of initiation, of certain rituals and vows which groups have and even many churches have. When there is a situation that has those aspects to it, how would you describe the negative/positive view of things like initiations, vows and rituals?


Ra’An:  It depends upon the source behind the information, behind the vow, behind the initiation, what spirits are backing it up. Also, in the vows is there anything that would lend a person towards not being in the highest good? One can review the process beforehand, to see if anything within the vow is not in the highest good of all concerned, or in the highest good of the individual and review the vows carefully, as some vows that in some lifetimes, some situations make total sense.


For instance, one in a monastery taking a vow of poverty; however, then in another lifetime, trying to follow this vow in a society where money exchange is very important to the life-process can create a hindrance to the individual, since the individual doesn’t have the support of the monastery behind the person.


So the vows can be taken in the context also, of what the person intends to do with the information received and how they intend to proceed in their own life path.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question: this is from our good friend Oren, who is considering an opportunity to work on a project in Israel with a good friend of his. He is going to go there in late February and he is concerned about the safety of being in Israel in the next several months.


Do you have any counsel for him?


Ra’An:  Thank you. There are several layers within which one might look in this area. One is the overall area of the growth that the project would provide and the interactions one would provide against also a backdrop of unrest and possible conflagration in the Mideast.


Looking at it from our standpoint, a life is but one chapter in a person’s path and in their soul journey. Looking at it from another standpoint, the possibility of conflagration in that area is high. We look at possible, we might say ‘tinderbox’ connections, chain connections of people, intentions of people who are not even in the Mideast; to start a war in the Mideast and we see that there are some individuals who are striking at matches, hoping that something will ignite. In such a case, this would be a very difficult place to be.


We see prayers of individuals asking for different things: sanctions against Iran which is creating friction. We see military ships anchored as if in preparation. We see isolated individuals wishing to strike the match and we see the prayers of many that this will pass and the waters will remain calm.


There is danger from the physical sense, in going. It is up to your inclination. We send love and peace with you, personally, as you, as an individual of peace, could help with stabilization by the mere presence of your being there. We do not wish to let our words be a decision for you in any one way or another.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is from Gary, who helps us and is helping send emails out. We’re all grateful for that, because when you’re getting the emails with the transcripts and audios, Gary in Redondo Beach and Bogdan in Sweden are managing that. I don’t know if it would happen if we didn’t have somebody helping.


Gary has in his life, had some very near misses on death or severe injury. He missed some of those things. The first one was when he was born he had trouble breathing and they finally put him in cold and warm water and he started to breathe. When he was four years, he ate a poison toad stool and they had to pump his stomach. The doctor said a few minutes later would have been too late.


He had very near head-on collisions with stationery objects at least two times in high school. When he was working on a farm his pant-leg got caught in a power take-off for a tractor and it just tore the pant leg off, but he could have been wrapped around the shaft. Another time he worked on a farm and slipped and fell with hay-hooks in his hands that almost impaled him. His question is, he has had all these near misses.


Was he just lucky, or are there beings protecting him, Elohim, Ra or others that are helping him by-pass tragedy?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


Everything works together and there is protection for you that is very caring and it is within your field and from without your field, outside of your field; angelic protection that is watching over you, as it is really sanctified; your life is sacred and that you move on your path and continue on your path to achieve those things that you wish to achieve, and to contribute that which you wish to contribute to your family and to your friends and to society and to the people you work with is a very sacred path. There is protection for you that you may achieve your fulfillment of those endeavors that you are carrying out in this lifetime.


Wynn:  Thank you. We have a question from Lynette who lives in Pocatello, Idaho.


The next couple of things we are going to do are health-related things and the rest of the questions—let me say if you really have an important question and I don’t ask it and it’s important to you, feel free to submit it on a following week and even the following weeks after that, unless I email you and say, “This is not appropriate”, because we don’t have time for all the questions. I try to prioritize them; I also prioritize them by people who are asking for the first time, or for people with health issues that are kind of urgent; I try to. It’s only an approximate fairness. So feel free to ask your question at another time and don’t feel like you’re bugging me. If it’s an inappropriate question, I’ll email you back and I’ll say “Don’t ask this one.”


Lynette has a health issue; again, when we talk about health issues, we are not diagnosing, this is entertainment. Whatever is said should be run by your own personal therapist.


“I’ve been struggling with a new diagnosis of diabetes but my doctor feels it is coming on way too fast. Is there something wrong? Can your Sources tell me, potentially, what it is and how I can move forward? I’m only 46 years old and I feel as if I’m dying inside. Something is really wrong and they can’t figure out what it is. I just always feel weird.


“It pains me to feel this way; I have three young children and have always prayed and asked God to please let me live a long life to be there for them. I feel as though I’m failing them. Can I get some guidance? I’ve been reading the transcripts for over six months and I love them. Thank you for helping people get ready for the new futures to come. I can feel the changes already happening around me, but I know I will need my health to get through it as well.”


Ra’An:  Thank you. Give us a moment.


There is a shut-down; we see a shut-down in the area of the pancreas which in looking backwards, we see the liver needs to be relieving, moving toxins out at a rapider rate. Give us a moment.


We might suggest a second opinion with Dr. Medici or Dr. Marshall. You may call for free and ask for more information at 310-320-1132. [See ] The information on the pancreas and proper functioning of the pancreas and the back-up systems, the adrenals and the liver, particularly the liver, in proper functioning; the kidneys in supporting the elimination of toxins are very important. We see that a second opinion would give you more information. Right now there is confusion, because you do not have enough information. Your doctors do not have enough information.


There are additives to food that are detrimental. There are the artificial sweeteners that we recommend that you stay away from. There is a sweetener called stevia that helps with the production and regulation of insulin. Stevia is available in some stores and it is sweeter than sugar. It does not have the same effect of crashing the sugar cycle. Give us a moment.


We see that you need to find out more information about this and to get it under control. There are incrementally things that can make it better, such as the giving up of any artificial sweetener, the use of stevia, changing your diet so that your body can digest the food easily that you are getting, to turn it into raw materials and energy for use within your body.


The freeing-up of the flow between the liver, the gallbladder and the digestive system are important. You are of an age where it starts to be harder to digest food, as an individual uses up enzymes in eating cooked food. Enzymes are very much needed. Also, hydrochloric acid is needed for digestion, so we recommend some sea salt or pink salt every day, perhaps a teaspoon, so that your body can begin to manufacture enough hydrochloric acid for digestion.


These symptoms can be a life-saver, as they give you the clue that something more is needed. Your research and your location of what that is and your implementing it into your diet, can then help you to achieve the long life that you wish and to be available for your family and children.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next, we have Michael in San Diego; his 75-year-old acting teacher fractured her hip and knee. He’s just asking for help with her healing.


Ra’An:  Fractured her hip and what?—knee. Thank you.


This is very painful. We send you Love Light for healing and put Love Light, healing Light, around your knee and around the muscles involved. The greatest problem is the fracture of the femur at the hip. This is so painful that it has moved the individual away from feeling in the area.


We work with that. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. The last question is from Helen and it’s also about a healing. Helen, I’m going to put this off, because I don’t have the city where either you or the other person lives. It’s been repeated that it’s really important to have a location, particularly when it’s a third party.


Oftentimes, they’ve said it’s much harder to work with someone when they’re not on the line. If you have an energy connection with that person, it seems to me the way it works, it will go through your energy connection to them. If we’re going to ask this, let’s do it when we have your location. So submit it again and include your location.


I think that will be it for tonight. Edna, you can ask your question again. 


Before I close off, I’m just going to get clarification: Am I correct when I say that when somebody asks for a healing, that if they’re not on the line and they’re not connected with our work, the energy can work through the person if they’re connected energetically to the person who wants the healing.


Is that semi-accurate?


Ra’An:  It can. We need to connect with the person. Also, when the person themselves has not asked, then it has to be that the person is wishing for the healing [and] is asking for themselves. It is better when the person who is involved asks directly. Then, there is the motivation behind the healing.


However, healings can be given to other individuals who are connected, loved ones who are connected to someone on the call. They do not even have to be on the call, but it is much better when they are on the call, the individual that is doing the asking. Then, depending upon the closeness of that individual to the person they are asking about and the motivation of the person they are asking about then we work with that.


Sometimes we get very clear identification and sharing space with that person who is asking. They are asking and then through that person to the person who also needs the healing or is wishing to be healed. If the individual that is asked about does not wish the healing or is on the path of moving into the next realm, the next chapter of their life, then the healing will help move them on their path if that is what they so desire.


Not to say that we are determining what will happen to the person; this is determined by the person themselves and we then support and at times guide and aid in their movement forward on their path.


Wynn:  Thank you.


We give a moment for closing comments and bring this call to an end.


Ra’An:  We are profoundly thankful for this call and for the ability and the opportunity to make connection with each and every person on the line. We send you Love Light, as this, the third dimension, is a hard one at times. It can bring much happiness and much growth and we send Love Light that healings and that opportunities for growth may come easily and that when needed, Grace may, we wish to say, ‘Grace’ again; may Grace the situation with an easing of a difficult situation and bring the knowledge that each and every one of you are worthwhile.


If someone has tried to say that that hasn’t been true or wasn’t true, they are wrong. We send our love. Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you very much.


I thank everyone who is volunteering and making this possible and those of you who have been making donations and buying things, I thank you, because you’re making it possible, too. Even though we don’t charge for a lot of what we do, it’s in the gratitude that people support us that it makes it not only possible, but it makes us feel that it is being received and worthwhile.


Thank you, and thank everyone who made donations towards Suzanne Hayes who was on our call on Monday. She was on our call she’s been really cheery and I have a feeling that she is going to be okay.


On that note, we’ll see you all next time.


All:  Thank you very much.


Wynn:  You’re all very welcome.





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