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Wednesday 01.25.2012

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Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Wednesday, January 25th 2012; this is our question and answer call.


Terry will say before one of these calls, “I’m just going to pretend it’s not happening. We did two readings yesterday for some people and I said “Are you ready?” She looked upwards with kind of a vacuous look in her eyes and she said, “I’m never ready!”


I think when you’re never ready, you’re always ready. It’s like could you die this moment and would it be okay? You feel; what didn’t you do, that if it was done, you could say, “Okay, I’m ready to die.” I think if you could say, “I could die now”, then you actually can live now. Of course you care about stuff. You have to care more than not care, in order to function and make things happen. Because, if you didn’t really care, you’d say, “Enough is enough; I don’t need to do this”, or “I’m ready to leave; I’m ready to go.” If it’s still possible to have a good time on this planet, which I’m not sure is so easy anymore, then you’d have a good time.


One of the things I learned a few years ago is that talking about me kind of being tough on these calls, one of Terry’s friends called me the hammer and called her the feather. I’m not sure I like that as my favorite way of describing me, but I understood what he meant.


When we first started doing these calls, I had a kind of democratic attitude and it was everybody’s call. I still think it’s everybody’s call; it’s not that it’s not everybody’s call. I’m just the facilitator. What I realized was, when I really tried to do it democratically, invariably someone would be on the call and try to monopolize the energy. Have you ever noticed that in a group, how people really like to be the center of attention? When there is a group of people, someone will not always, but often, try to take the role of being the center of attention so the energy is pointed towards them.


I started realizing that when that happens, it took away from the energy of the group; it took away from the group experience because that person was not a portal, at least not in that moment, for higher energies. They were giving their opinions; they had all this stuff to say. Really, they were hungry for attention. 


Over a period of time I recognized that if I didn’t cut that off, that the call was going to lose its value and it was going to become a Toastmaster’s Club, which isn’t bad. People like to speak, but that takes the interaction away from being a connection to the higher realms. If somebody starts talking and they’re making that connection while they’re talking, we’ll know it immediately; we’ll feel the energies. But, if somebody is talking because they want attention, most people will know that also.


Then what happens is that people gang up and say, “Wynn wants attention.” They think I want attention because I do that. Then it starts to fall apart. The truth is, I’m not doing this for attention. In fact we have such an archive now of amazing calls I wouldn’t mind going on vacation for a year and just play the archives. I don’t need to do this.


I decided to do this because I realized that it was pretty unusual what we were doing. People that were sincere in their searching were finding a home in the energy on these calls. They were learning how to take those energies in and internalize them and hold them for themselves, realizing that these Sources that we are communicating with are not just on this call, they’re available all the time. 


Very few people know how to tune into their frequencies and access them. I certainly didn’t, even when I started getting messages and Daphne was talking and then Terry was talking. I probably was tuning into their frequencies but I didn’t realize it; it was so subtle. It comes as subtle, gentle, loving; it comes in as if it’s part of you. It doesn’t come in like it’s separate.


I’m learning that a human is a bundle of frequencies. We all have antennae, picking things up; they’re on our tuning dial, but it’s not easy to find them. Even when we do these calls over and over again and you’ve learned to tune into them on the calls, when you go back to your life, you oftentimes will lose it, or not carry it with you.


That’s because your life has a bunch of frequencies of people in your life. Every person is a frequency; every time you connect with anyone, you’re in their frequency; they’re in your frequency. Most often, when you’re in all these frequencies, the frequency of these higher Sources gets put in the background, so you need to take special sacred time, meditation, to close your eyes and take so many minutes a day telling them, “Okay, I’m ready to tune into your frequency.”


See what happens; especially if you do it for a week, you’ll feel it come back. You’ll think, “Is that it?” because it’s subtle. You’ll think, “It feels like it did on the line” and you’ll know you’ve connected; it’s your connection at that point; it’s not my connection.


If a voice comes to you when you do that and says, “We’ve decided to talk to you because we need a really good representative down there and Wynn is too bossy;” it’s probably not the right Source. But, it could be. Maybe somebody could do a better job at this than I and that’s fine with me. People doing this kind of job, if they’re really connecting with these high Sources, usually don’t feel competitive towards each other.


They could. Oftentimes, they don’t, because they’ve learned to feel the energy of the Sources and they all feel that energy of the Sources and they’ll feel it from them and they’ll feel it from me and we both know that there couldn’t be enough people on this planet doing this, really doing it. So we recognize, without even talking, that we’re part of a team and they’re doing what they do and I do what I do and it’s okay.


On the other hand, if a source is coming through that is divisive, it’s probably not our Sources. In everything they do, nothing that I’ve experienced is divisive; it’s always blending, always. Everything it touches, it blends and ties energies together. So, if it’s divisive, that’s a first real good sign of a potentially negative source.


I’ll give you an example. In our group once a few years ago, there was a woman who told me she was channeling and I heard her. Then she started calling the other people up on the line independently, she had everybody’s number and she said, “They’re talking to me, and they want me to have little meetings with everybody. They don’t want Wynn to know, because they want to prove that I’m really talking to them.” I didn’t know. It went on for a couple of months, and finally I found out.


I was certainly willing to consider the possibility that she was accurate; that what she was saying was true, that she was talking to the same Sources we speak to and that they had some agenda. It didn’t seem right, but I was willing to consider it. Finally, I did a channeling and I did it with both Daphne and Terry. They both said independently, that it was a negative source trying to divide the group and to do damage control and make sure it didn’t continue, and that I should talk with everyone who had been talking to her.


You see how complicated this gets, because how do I know it was not a negative source telling me that she was a negative source? We have a track record; I could feel the energies. I did it through both women and the action felt divisive. It felt divisive what she was doing. I chose to believe that we had it right and that she was a negative source and she never came back to our calls after that. It’s interesting how that works.


Another time, there was a guy who was on the call and he emailed me thereafter and he said, “After I listened to your call, my girlfriend started channeling and they said it was the Elohim.” Then he sent me an audio. When I listened to the audio, I felt the frequency; it felt right. Then I double-checked. I asked our Sources. They said it was them. He made a website and started posting the channelings.


I didn’t feel competitive at all. I was glad he was doing that; I was glad. On the higher end, it doesn’t matter who does it. It doesn’t matter who owns it; we all need money, so it’s nice to get money for what you’re doing. When somebody else is doing something that is playing a different part from your, they’re going to attract different people to them.


If he belonged to my group and started saying, “Come to my channelings—or if I went into his and said, “Come to mine”—now we would be divisive. That’s the sign of negativity. When I could genuinely appreciate that he was doing it and he could, vice-versa, appreciate that, then there was something about it that’s good for the planet. Let’s keep it going.


If sometimes I seem a little bit abrasive, it’s because I’m protecting the energy. To bring this through there needs to be a lot of protection. It’s not obvious to you guys, but it’s obvious to me and it’s obvious to Terry and it’s obvious to Daphne. It’s hard to imagine it until you are in the middle of it. When we do our invocation, we talk about setting up a stream of Light to the higher realms that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. You have to say that in a way that you mean it, because otherwise it doesn’t hold; it doesn’t hold the space. It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. It’s your intent.


We have questions that people have submitted. We don’t have a lot of questions tonight. Those of you who are listening, I hope more of you will take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions. It’s actually quite amazing to ask a question and have them tune into you and you say, “They’re paying attention to me; they’re looking at me.”


When we do readings, the way it works, people submit questions in advance. I have a conversation with them to make sure we have the best questions. Then I do a session with Terry. She doesn’t know what the questions are; she doesn’t know about the conversations I’ve had with them.


I am totally amazed at how it works. I can feel the person in our space; I can feel their energy right in our space when we do the reading. Then, they address that person so specifically and I look at the questions and I think “How is Terry going to answer that?” I couldn’t imagine how I would answer some of those questions. But she does, always with great wisdom and great compassion.


She was saying yesterday when we did these two readings; it was like she goes with them. She’s not a trance channel; she’s a semi-trance channel. It’s like she’s fairly with them when they’re doing stuff. They go places and she goes with them and sees what they see.


Is that correct, Terry? Am I saying that correctly?


Terry:  The last words you said were, “and sees the” what?


Wynn:  You see what they see.


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  It’s like part of Terry’s energy; if we’re doing a reading they’re looking at the person and Terry is looking at the person as well. If we’re doing a grid healing and we say, “Let’s cleanse the oceans,” since she’s going with it; she’ll be under water.  That’s the way it seems.


Terry:  I get pictures of where we are. I get color pictures.


Wynn:  When we’re doing a reading, it’s like she’s inside the person that we’re doing the reading for. I can feel the person; I don’t know if I would say I was inside them, but I can feel them. It’s like they’re not on the phone, it’s just the two of us doing the reading but I can feel their energy present. They’re talking about their energy and occasionally I’ll get an email from someone that we’re doing a reading for, and they can feel when we did it. They could feel something shift inside of them.


Let’s go on to our questions for tonight. We’re going to call in the Light.


Father, mother god, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the milky way, through the energy fields of the planets, through earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the law of one to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources ready to answer our questions?


Ra’An:  Yes. This is Ra’An; it is the 25th of January, 2012. As ever, we are delighted to be with you and offer our assistance. It is a connection that we cherish. Each and every person on the line is connected with us if they wish to be connected. It is a free-will thing; we do not violate anyone’s free will.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  We do; we have some questions that are under submission. The first question is from Chris in Memphis. I don’t know if he’s on the line but I’m sure he’ll listen. He thinks he might be under negative attack. Can he ask why that’s so and what can he do to stop them?


I might add: If someone was doing marijuana, would that encourage or open oneself further to negative attacks?


Ra’An:  Thank you. When one does marijuana or any drug that shifts the consciousness of an individual away from total awareness, they are a target, or may become a target, to be used by other forces. Give a minute and let us look at the situation.


We see that there has been a fear of negative attack and we see that in your childhood there were, within the area in which you grew up, entities that were so-called ‘having fun’, in that they were tricksters and were trying to play games.


This led to an orientation wherein there was a fear of such things as they made a world a little less sensible, as they would come in and do scary forays to make a connection. But, they really didn’t know how. We see other entities that were able to make in-roads based upon these open channels that were developed when you were a child.


One of the things that you can do is to close down when you feel an attack, to close down that open channel of yourself in the direction that the attack is coming from; close down the open door that lets those things in. One of the easiest ways to do this is to change frequency, as the frequency of fear, a frequency of being overtaken, a frequency of loss of control, and if one can let that go and move into something else, you can change your focus and move into something that is grounding, that you can move your whole self into. You can be at a different frequency than the fear.


For instance, if you went down to the penny arcade and began to play some of the games to take your attention off of it, or to watch something on TV that you found would take your attention and shift it into something meaningful. Or, meet with a friend and listen to music; find something to shift your frequency away from that frequency in which the attack is coming and which there is a fear and an open door to the fear that lets them come in on that fear. 


We send you Love Light.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question:


If someone has gained the realization of a shift and they want to get their act together quickly because they’ve come to the conclusion that there really might be a graduation, what is their best course of action?


Ra’An:  One of the things within a person’s life can keep one’s attention on things to do with this realm. We are reminded of an incident where an old gentleman passed away. Terry as a child had been staying there with these people after school, sometimes late into the evening and sometimes even sleeping there. When the old gentleman passed away, he had things that he wished to wrap up that weren’t wrapped up. He had a greenhouse where he grew orchids behind the house.


Terry went out one time when she was there after he passed away. She went into the greenhouse and then she came back in the house and she had this obsession with going over to his desk and opening his desk and searching for a paper, a very important paper, but Terry had no idea what it was that she was searching for.


The gentleman was trying to use Terry to locate a very important paper that he had not dealt with that needed to be dealt with. One of the things is to wrap up the things that could deter you from moving into a different situation. Many times when people pass over to the other side, if it happens quickly, they did not realize that they had passed over and they consider that they are still alive and they keep trying to do the things that they had done before and to complete things or to still talk to people, or not move on. They do not realize their circumstance has changed. One of the things is to listen to some of the calls concerning death and dying, and going to the higher realms; what it is like, and the Tunnel of Light.


Essentially it is the preparation to be able to shift; learn to shift. Learn to shift from one thing to another and take your attention, your full attention with you. Know that this third density realm is lent to people and that they are not their body and that they, when they leave, are still alive. They then can be free to finish-have finished, the chapter that they have left and to begin to write a new chapter, rather than to hang on to the old. Hanging on to things is a key. One needs to not only know how to hang on but to let go when it is the right time to let go and to carry one’s creation with them, rather than to keep being created by the past.


Wynn:  Thank you, great answer.


I would say from my own experience; one thing to do is, do things that help other people when no one knows you’re doing it. There is a lot of built-in things in people that do things for approval; they want other people’s respect. “I’m going to church today and everyone sees me.”


Do things that are just between you and God and don’t tell anybody you’re doing them, even if it’s taking a moment every day or fifteen minutes and say, “I’m dedicating these fifteen minutes for my relationship to spirit.” Or, if it’s helping someone who needs help in a way where if you come through for them you don’t tell anyone that you helped them. Then it starts to become 3D then, because then it becomes the recognition level in 3D. Do things every week of that kind of caliber, where no one knows what you’re doing and you’ll make a difference.


I tell people, “Go visit an old age home,” or “Go visit a rehabilitation home.” Walk around and talk to people; maybe take a book of jokes or print some jokes from the internet, or print some wisdom. While you’re there, read it to them. You will get gratitude back that you wouldn’t believe.


Get used to feeling that, because now you’re truly being a light worker. You’re not doing it for the show and tell; you’re doing it for planetary service. As you keep doing that and get into the habit of it, something starts to move inside you and I think you start to get recognized for that from the higher realms. That’s a different recognition than the world, and it’s very subtle, but it works.


Next question here is from Isis:


What has been causing me so much nausea within the last couple of weeks? Is it related to my appendix? If so, is the colon cleanse I’m taking from Dr. Marshall helping?


Ra’An:  Thank you. In the area of the intestinal tract, there is much grounding. As things shift, it can cause nausea, a disorientation. Looking at things from one perspective: when within yourself the connections that you used to are shifting and you don’t feel as grounded. We take a look.


We see that you may wish to get an opinion of an expert in the area of the lower intestinal tract and the structure of the body and to have it checked out to see if they feel it’s your appendix. Also, you may, find a good colonic therapist that is also medically savvy and can work gently with the body to give you more information.  Perhaps a chiropractor who knows body structure that can check you out and help you with this process.


If the nausea continues, in fact even if it doesn’t, you should call Dr. Marshall and report what is happening, as you may need some further support.


We see that pressure in the area of the appendix can indeed cause nausea and we suggest that you get it looked at by an expert who is not surgery-happy but works with the natural processes of the body and correction.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question Gary asked me this question:


“What is the Order of Melchizedek?”


Ra’An:  Give us a moment. Thank you for your question.


Wynn:  It is a word that has appeared many times in history. Probably most recently that I know of is I believe the Mormons used the Melchizedek priesthood as part of their rituals or vocabulary.


Ra’An:  What is the meaning of the word Melchizedek?


Wynn:  Melchizedek? It’s some kind of ancient—I’m reading it from the internet.


Ra’An:  What we get is it is a formation, geometrically arranged formation, that when an individual is in, or affected by, that formation of energy of geometrical shapes, it enhances their ability to think and to be conscious and to be aware and orients them towards a more spiritual nature. It is a connector, a geometrical connector, to higher energies.


That is what we get. What does the definition say that you’re reading?


Wynn:  Something in the Bible in the Old Testament:


“And Melchizedek, King of Shalom, brought out bread and wine. Now he was a priest of God Most High. And he blessed them and said “Blessed be Abraham and God of the Most High, possessor of heaven and earth. And blessed be God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand.”


Here’s another time in the Old Testament:


“The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind. Thou art a priest forever, according to the Order of Melchizedek.”


In the New Testament, the entire seventh chapter of the Book of Hebrews is devoted to the priesthood of Jeshua and to the Melchizedek connection. There are some interesting details in Hebrews 7 which clue into who Melchizedek was:


“...and together with this matrix. If you look at the name Melchizedek, it’s translated as “King of Righteousness.” Who could be King of Righteousness but Jeshua? Melchizedek was the King of Shalom, which was the King of Peace; Jeshua is known as the Prince of Peace. Who could be King of Peace over Jeshua?”


“Melchizedek has an indestructible life and abides a priest perpetually. No human could fit this bill. Could there be two who abide as priest to God forever? It was also said that Melchizedek was made in the image or likeness of the Son of God.”


It sounds like Melchizedek is a frequency that certain people access and hold that space, which is kind of what you just said, in a different way.


Ra’An:  Yes. It is more than a frequency; it is an arrangement, not quite a portal to the higher realms, but it is more of a structured portal that an individual can access. Then, it makes their access to the higher realms more structured and flows their energy through the geometric sacred shapes to the higher realms and creates the more-or-less permanent connection.


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question here is from Ame in Granada Hills:


I feel like I have a lot of new energy pulsing through my body recently. I feel like it might be healing energy. Is this true? How do I figure out how to use this energy for good and healing?


Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you for your question. As you sit in the energy that is available to you, there is nothing that you need to do. In fact, it is more to not do; just let the energy be a sample that you can enjoy and permeate yourself and then use your own creative drive to use this energy for completing and creating whatever creations you wish. Use it as a drive-engine towards creativity and enjoy it.


Wynn:  Thank you. Final question tonight is from Edna. In her dreams lately, she keeps seeing a group of people, and:


“…I believe they are doing some type of energy grid work. I have a feeling that I am a part of this group, and we are meeting with some great intent to pull our energies together to heal something big like the planet. Is my interpretation accurate?”


Ra’An:  Yes. Listen to the part of the reading where we addressed this in the reading we did for you last night. It is working with geometric shapes, working with the building blocks of creation, to create a pre-manifestation gridwork that will strengthen support for people in this realm and in other realms and you are working with individuals on this project.


We also suggest that when you listen to the reading from last night that you take the answer as only the answer to that particular question and not expand it into any hint or suggestion. Do not take it as any hint or suggestion of what we may or may not think you should do. Take each question as it stands as an answer more or less esoteric. Listen to the parts where we indicate caution and investigation and discovery and even once more we say, forbearance.


We love you and we continue to work with you between calls and readings.


Wynn:  Thank you. A second question Edna has is:


She has this anticipation and expectation, sad expectation, for something in nature and could happen that would affect many people and their comfort.


“I keep preparing myself, unconsciously, to act and to help when it happens. Am I correct in my assumptions?”


Ra’An:  We see a possible earthquake action, although we do not make a firm prediction as things can change. We see around the ring of fire, possible earthquake change and it is good to be prepared and to use your sense of awareness and intuition. Listen to your intuition and use that for a guide.


Wynn:  Thank you. In what area of the ring of fire might that be located if it should happen?


Ra’An:  Off the coast of Japan and off the coast of the U.S.; off the coast of Washington, off the coast of Oregon, off the coast of northern California, San Francisco area, in those areas.


Wynn:  It’s not locked in stone and we’ll keep putting that in the Light on our Sunday grid healing.


Ra’An:  That is correct. We also put it in the Light in between.


Wynn:  Thank you. That will be it for tonight. Thank you for coming, any final words before we close?


Ra’An:  We send love to Edna and appreciation for her beingness. We also send love to each and every person on the call and we take a moment as we send love and caring and nurturing, as it is so needed in the third density.




Wynn:  Thank you very much.


By the way, Edna is the person who is helping coordinate Team Shift; Michael is helping her. If you’re interested, it’s a daily meeting. We have little groups meeting on the phone and helping hold the energy and also making friends all over the place so if anything ever does happen and you need to suddenly move from one place to another, you’ll have friends in different parts of the country. It’s better to create them now than when everyone is clamoring for desperation if something should happen like a big earthquake or a tsunami.


Just take advantage of that program; it’s, it’s free. Just fill out the little form; the reason it’s free is because people are volunteering. We appreciate these people who are helping to coordinate; fill out the form and Edna will get back to you and put you in a group.


It’s like a five-to-ten minute phone call every day at the same time, calling in the Light and putting your own issues in the Light. It’s been really working for people in helping them to feel connected with other people of high intent and feeling a little more secure that they have some spiritual friends on this planet. It’s very important to have spiritual friends right now.


On that note, thank you Terry; thanks to everybody who is volunteering; thanks to Gijs for introducing people. This Sunday we’re having a grid healing 10:00 PST. Watch for your email; usually I send it about a half hour before. It’s the same number every Sunday; you can get the numbers.  They are posted at:


We’ll see you next time.


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