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Why Does My Daughter Hate Me?

Wednesday Call 02/01/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Cindy McDonald
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

1. I would like to know why my daughter hates me.
2. Something is scaring Jessica. Sometimes it wakes her up. What can I do to help her?
3. Can you share what a walk-in is?

Wynn: This is Wednesday, February 1st (2012), Wynn and Terry in Sedona on our question call.

We had a question today from someone who is having an issue with her daughter, where her daughter doesn’t like her. In fact, she used the word ‘hate’. We’re going to ask the question, of course.

Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: This is one of those days. Earlier this evening I went down to the store to get some copies made, and they copied directly off of my little USB drive. The lady made a copy and I approved it, I said “That’s good.” Then she made 30 copies and they all came out blank. She said “That’s never happened before!”

We’ll make the best of it; this is just ‘practice’ – practice for coping in the world: when things go wrong, how to rise over the top.

What I going to say was “How do you re-frame the energy in a situation to change it?” That is not nearly as easy as changing your thoughts; it’s easy to change your thoughts. But, it’s not changing your thought that works; it’s changing the energy. If you want to connect to spirit, you can think that you want to connect to spirit all you want, and you can say whatever you want. But until you make the connection, it’s only in your mind. When somebody is putting something out towards you, it’s very important to learn how not to respond to it energetically – to be totally neutral, in which case either:

  1. They will shift what they’re doing, or

  2. They will go away. They’ll get tired.

Putting out negative projections has a pay-back for people. The pay-back is that it makes you feel bad. For whatever reason, they would like to do that. It may not even be conscious on their part, but none the less there’s an energy pay-back. Not just the results of the energy; when they put something out and it hooks into you: *boom*, they’ve got a reward – they’re hooked into your energy through what they’re putting out. It’s very important to un-hook them. This is where unconditional love comes in handy. When you can unconditionally love someone who is projecting a barb at you, the barb doesn’t stick. Other people say it actually goes back to them; it bounces off you and goes back to them. There is nothing for it to grab hold of. Either the situation will re-frame, or it will go back to them.

In either case, it’s better than having it stuck on you and having your energy drained because of that thought-form. Even when it’s somebody you brought into the world or it’s somebody in your family; or, your spouse, even - those are the people who have the clearest access to your energies. It’s somewhat of an art-form to unstick those things. It’s a very good question, and we’ll ask it tonight and get our sources answer on that.

That’s one of the benefits of Team Shift. When you constantly put a situation in the light of that kind of nature – and you do it constantly – you stand a lot more chance of shifting the energetics particularly if it’s an ancient, karmic condition. Ancient karmic conditions are kind of mind-blowing: people, I think, attract each other for hundreds of thousands of years sometimes and they keep repeating the same pattern over and over again.

I’ve noticed that because I’ve happened to know several of my past lives, and I happen to know some of the people that were re-occurred from those lives. The amazing thing is that in every single case where I could identify somebody from my past life. I identified them because I knew I was that person and that person was semi-famous so I could research their associates. Then I found, just as David Wilcock did, that they were associates in this life. When I looked at the personality of the associates of the people in the past life, they were almost exactly the same.

They were people who did extraordinary things, either positive or negative. You look at the qualities of the person who could do those things. Then you look at somebody who looks like them that you think might be them. If it’s going to pass a test for reincarnation, then you have to say, “Could that person have been that other person? Could they have been that person?” Do they have qualities to have been that person?

In every case that I’ve looked at, there’s a remarkable “Yes” and very little deviation. Even with people who I’ve had a couple of lifetimes with; even over thousands of years there was still a great similarity and quality. Maybe even over millions of years [there was still a great similarity]. This is strange - Terry said that she knew me, she and I knew each other, before we were in the physical realm, before we were physicalized and I went into the physical realm. I was teaching her in the other realms – I don’t know if this is true; this is what Terry said – I was teaching her how to project energies and create things by projecting energy. Then I jumped into the physical realm and took a body, she said she followed me because I didn’t come back. Here we are, millions of years later. I’m still projecting energies and she’s still rescuing me. Some things never change.

I would assume that probably you may not happen to have done the homework to figure out all the past life connections. If you hadn’t been famous you could never figure this out, because you could never figure out the associates you had in another lifetime. You can fairly well assume that the people you have close connections with this lifetime are connected with other lifetimes, and that the relationship is still working itself out.

I don’t know all the mechanics of this; obviously we had many, many, many, many lifetimes, and it depends – we’ve known probably tens of thousands of people in our past lifetimes. It’s not like we come back and we meet the same people every life.

In my case, in this particular life, I’ve had a lot of episodes where, in retrospect when I look at it, I was working out a lot of different lifetimes but did different things. For example, when I was playing music and I was travelling around the country, I was working out the connection with my father who had poisoned me and this woman who was a lady-in-waiting who ended up being my partner for a while and we had this unconsummated relationship in that troubadour lifetime. That went through a phase; then of course, I met Daphne and that triggered all this Egyptian karma – Egyptian connections.

In my case, there were many different lifetimes I’ve worked out; maybe you’re working out one past lifetime and you’re attracting those people. When I say “working out” I should say “completing”. I don’t think you have to complete them all, but in my case I guess I did. That’s the way it worked out.

We have some good questions. Before we start, let me see if there are any last minute questions here. Okay - Diane Carter-Gartner who is asking about sounds in the sky. I’ll read them as we go: good question.

There is a lot of phenomena happening and people want to know what it is. I think it’s important to know: What are you going to do with it? Is it positive? That’s an important thing.

Some people want to know where they come from. Somebody asked “Are they a starseed?” I would imagine that if they’re asking the question they probably are.

Basically, there are the people that are indigenous, and there’s a fascinating history of our evolution in the course of all our Monday night calls.

Initially there were apes and the apes were genetically hybrid with Annunaki and then various beings in different star systems started to co-habit with the beings and work with them. There’s a question here tonight which is a good question about walk-ins. I imagine a walk-in would be where a being from another star system inhabits somebody and starts co-habiting and do they take over the body or does the other being stay there or do they go? Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean all these beings are positive that come and do this; maybe none of them are – who knows? We’ll ask that question tonight.

I’m going to call in the light and we’ll get started. I thank you all for being here and I’m sure you’ve all noticed that most of us, there’s a bit of a pressure-cooker effect going on right now and we’re all kind of in toe middle of our own pressure cookers. I’m glad we have these opportunities to meet and that spirit flowing to release things.

Father Mother God we ask just now for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the earth – the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We wait for our sources to greet us and we’ll ask our questions for the evening.

Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is February 1st, 2012 on planet earth. The earth is progressing in its path, multiple paths, going in different directions in relationship to different bodies in the star sphere. We greet each and every one of you, and it is our joy and we appreciate the opportunity to connect with those who wish to be connected with and ask if you have questions tonight.

Wynn: Yes, we do. Thank you.

The first two questions are about daughters, and the first one is from Connie who does our Monday night transcripts. This first question [is] from Connie: I would like to know why my daughter hates me. I’ve gone over and over our lives, and she almost seemed estranged from birth. I figure it’s karmic, but I don’t know. Maybe I was a worse parent than I’m able to admit.

Ra’An: Thank you, Connie, for your question – and we take a look.

We see that hatred is only one place in the number of emotions that a person may exhibit. We see also that a person does not always stay in anger or one place in the range of emotions that they experience.

We see a bitterness there, a feeling sorry for herself – a feeling of being not treated as she would wish. We take a look further.

There is a misidentification of a target here. We take a look further.

We see some karmic things that your daughter is experiencing that she is attempting to move up against as if it were a block which she cannot get past. We see from your standpoint that it is very difficult and feels very unjust and unwarranted. There are things within your daughter’s life that she does not see past. She does not know all circumstances – give us a moment.

The flip side of hate is love, and it is given power by the desire for love. However, we see some jealousy on the part of your daughter. This is difficult; this is difficult for you. Give us a moment. There may be, in this case, more karma with the father. There may be a desire for a closer relationship with the father. We see that it is difficult to remain centered and caring with this reaction in your space, as the tendency is to want to respond in kind. Give us a moment.

In your interactions with your daughter, what you can do is observe and see when the emotional response within your daughter lightens up, moments when it is less. You may use some humor to break the mood. If you review some jokes and see how you can interject humor with some wisdom that can help your daughter reflect upon the situation. We see that it must be difficult for her to maintain that, and we are speaking slowly as we are working with the situation and looking at it as we are speaking.

As you observe the situation in different lights, in different times of the day, and different days, you may see some areas where the things are lighter, and as we speak we look at a lighter situation. To allow your daughter the freedom to work through this and to experience these difficult emotions without being drawn into the drama is difficult, but it is worth working with and worth projecting a lighter mood.

Much of it is karmic, not even to do with yourself, so you can let the guilt go and you can project that it is not of your doing. Her emotions are of her doing, and if you can stay objective and give yourself much credit for the ability to stay objective and of a higher, more serene tone, this will help you, although it might draw more animosity. For your own health it is good, as there are emotions and we are looking at them as we speak.

Thank you for the opportunity to look at this. We see it as a work in progress and needs to be worked through, day by day with very much patience, and responding as you see fit. But if you adopt the posture of not just taking it and sitting on it but responding, perhaps from a similar tone, and then injecting some wisdom and perhaps even some sarcasm with insights; and then, moving on so that it does not stick you with unexpressed resentment.

That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you. Next question is about another daughter, and this is Jody London’s daughter in Gary, Indiana. Her daughter is eleven years old, named Jessica; something is scaring her while awake. Sometimes it wakes her up, but she could never explain what it was. This has been going on for at least three to four years, maybe longer. Finally the other night she said it feels like she’s being watched. Jody is asking, “Can you ask if she’s sensitive to entities, or what this is she’s feeling? Is it of a negative nature? What can I do to help her?”

Ra’An: Thank you. We take a look, and we see that there is an energy that is used to being in a location, and when the daughter goes into this location she is watched by the entity. The entity considers that is their own space and does not wish to leave. It does not even occur to the entity about the possibility of leaving or being in a different location. Your daughter is sensitive to energies and can sense this.

Let us communicate with the entity: the entity, as we said, considers they own that space; that’s their area and they consider it a curiosity when the daughter is there. In some ways, they enjoy the presence of your daughter. We look further.

We see that it is a male energy entity, and we take a further look.

That entity has been isolated and has not found the way back to heaven or other people. The entity was sick and passed away and has not sorted out what to do with his life. This is the beginning for him of noticing what is going on. This has not occurred to him that he has passed on.

We send angels to him to surround him, to take his hand and to guide him so that he may move on into new life.

We send love to you and your family.

Wynn: Thank you. Jody, let us know how that works out – okay? Oftentimes when something like that happens, people tell me something shifted. Keep positive and send our love to your daughter.

Next question is: Can you share what a walk-in is?

I can tell you the common definition of a walk-in is when some being from another dimension, could be positive, could be negative – has not initially incarnated in a body but then starts to share a body, take over a body. The question is: When that happens, what happens to the original soul and can a walk-in violate free will? If it is a stronger being, can it push the initial soul out of the body and take it over? Any information about that and that question is from – I can’t find who it is from, but that’s okay because we don’t need to know who it’s from. It’s one of those general questions.

Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you. There are as many situations as each individual instance of an entity walking in to another person’s body – some of the major categories when this can happen is:

When the individual has become ill and the individual wishes to pass on and is not properly working with the body to heal it, but is hanging back and is not overtly taking possession of the body themselves, as in the place, a position, of being unconscious for a period of time. Then, the person, the individual who was originally with the body is not fully present, and another strong being can come in and can take over the body functions and make it work again.

We consider one case where the individual had a brain bleed-out and had much damage to the brain and was unconscious for months. Another group of beings came and took the body over and brought it back to health and brought it back to consciousness. The original being was still there in the background, but was afraid to, and didn’t want to, be the lead person and so hung out in the background. It has a lot to do with a person’s intention.

When the Chinese came into Tibet, there were a number of very powerful monks that were killed in Tibet and had the ability to walk into another body and to take it over. They would choose circumstances that were right for them to take over a body and then to resume the life in the other body in the other location. As such, they did not have to go through the full childhood with the new body but came in at three or four, or different periods, in the child’s life.

There are some situations which go very badly, and when a being attempts to walk in and has no regard for the free will of the person that is in the body – this is not as common a circumstance as where the person has given up the desire to own the body and wishes to move on. Then, it makes it a free will choice for them to release and relinquish the body to another being that may come in.

Another circumstance is where a person takes drugs and let’s go of the hold on the body. The body is then open game for another entity to come in and either to share the space and become multiple personality or to leave, or to hang in the background.

That is our comment.

Wynn: When a walk-in comes in, do they the carry the memory of where they came from or do they still have to go under the auspices of the veil?

Ra’An: They often carry memories of earlier lives, as it is a stronger being that has the ability to become a walk-in.

Wynn: Thank you. Can any being in the universe choose to do this? In other words – can a grey do it, can an Orion do it, can an Andromedan do it, can a Pleiadean do it? Does that happen all across the universe where beings might chose to do this, or is there a limitation for either the beings that it’s possible for or the beings that would even choose it?

Ra’An: It would need to be a stronger being.

There are some situations where a stronger being may be mixed up and attempt to become a walk-in and throw the other person out of the body, which is very disconcerting for the person. No one might understand what was going on with the person, but the being that was attempting to walk-in not having the discernment and the coordination and ability to assign free will and choose a situation which it would be agreeable to the parties to move into a body may run into intense trouble and cause an intense trauma and trouble if they attempted to take over a body without it being a free will situation wherein the individual owner of the body had wished to move on.

Wynn: Thank you. Question from Andrea Harvey, who is in LeRoy, New York. I think she’s in Rochester, New York, but there is a town that’s close called LeRoy. Rochester is where Terry is from. A dozen or more teenage girls at LeRoy High School come down with tics, a bizarre phenomena where they’re all exhibiting Tourettes-like symptoms where they can’t control their hands, their heads, etc. and they make weird sounds constantly.

The school has ruled out anything to do with the school atomsphere but no one knows why so many female teenagers that exhibit this behavior after more than eight weeks and hardly any of them have gotten better. Some of them have gotten worse. Can our sources comment on what’s going on there? Anything that could make a difference?

Ra’An: Who is it that asked this question?

Wynn: Andrea Harvey. She doesn’t have a direct relationship with all of this, I assume she’s been reading it in the newspaper. She lives near. LeRoy, New York is near Rochester.

Ra’An: Thank you. Give us a moment. The energy connection here should be closer to the people experiencing the phenomena. Give us a moment.

As we are attempting to make connection, however we do not have the free will choice of the individuals to access this. Although we pick up information – give us another minute. We do not have the free will choice of the girls involved to reveal more information at this time.

That is what we can say.

Wynn: Thank you. It’s 8:05 and I think that is the last question for today.

Cindy in Peoria – just put her finances and her car in the light. Her car broke down, she just asks for a resolution for whatever high energies can do to help.

Daniel Davis asked a question. Daniel submit your question next week, okay? I’ll see if I can get it in.

We have the sounds in the sky from Lena – we’ll save that for next week.

I’ll share with you – there are certain questions which are curiosity-type questions which I put at a lower priority, because they don’t seem like we can do anything with them.

In the situation with the walk-in one, I thought that could be valuable to someone who has a walk-in around them to understand how that works. I don’t always get to the curiosity questions, but keep asking them – it’s okay. You never know what’s going to be said that could change something greatly. It always surprises me. We are all here witnessing. If you notice Jody had asked about her daughter and now there’s this entity that has been haunting her daughter who is going to get worked with. You never know what’s going to happen.

On that note, would our sources like to say anything before we adjourn?

Ra’An: We send love light and blessings and to each one. We send touching energy touching for those that wish to be touched. We thank each and every one of you for the opportunity. We appreciate you. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you.

Thank you all for being here; we’ll see you next time.

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