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Monday – 02/13/2012

Getting Into the Zone
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  This is Wynn and Terry sitting in a parking lot in Orange County – on the road.  We just did an Expo in Los Angeles; it went really great.  I was a speaker there.  Terry was – would you call you a speaker?


Terry:  Yeah – I think I was a speaker too.


Wynn:  She was kind of a speaker.  She was a channeler.


Thank you all for being here; we appreciate you so much for showing up and holding the space and energy for this call.


I announced a topic tonight; believe it or not.   Every Monday I think I must have run out of topics; now I can retire.  There’s nothing new to say.  Then, I think about it and I say, “We never talked about this.”


The topic is:  “Getting into the Zone”.  Do you guys know what I mean by “getting into the zone”?


Caller:  Sort of.


Terry:  Don’t you mean feeling the energy?


Wynn:  Not exactly; that could be part of it, feeling the energy.  Of course, if you’re defining something you could say that’s what it means.  That’s not exactly what I mean.


Edna:  I would say being in the zone would be like you are in a different state or dimension.  I feel like I’m someplace else, not here.


Wynn:  Was that Isis?


Lisa:  Synchronistic.


Edna:  This is Edna.


Wynn:  Is that Gina?  Edna?


Lisa:  That was me at first.


Wynn:  That was you.


Lisa:  Yes.


Wynn:  Lisa – I talked to somebody at the Expo that loves you.  You know who loves you at the Expo?  Robert Pahrela, right.  He says “Lisa is so sweet.”


Lisa:  He’s a good friend of mine.


Wynn:   Robert spent extra time being friendly to me because of you.  It’s interesting, this is how things work.  It’s triangulation of energy – I didn’t understand what that meant for a long time.  Anybody understand what triangulation of energy means?


Gina:  Being in the Zone – it means being synchronistic with the energies; being one and merged with the energies I believe.


Wynn:  That’s Gina right?  Yes – that’s what it means.


How do you get there?  What do you do to get into the zone?  If you want to do anything in the world, accomplish anything, things happen so much easier when you’re in the zone.  This is an experience that I’ve noticed for myself for many years.  Some days I’m in the zone and some days I’m not in the zone.  Noticing what I need to do to make a difference; to get into the zone.


When we did this expo this past weekend, one of the things that happened is that both Terry and I got into the zone.  Of course, we’re in a different zones – I wouldn’t compete with the zone Terry is in.  We both got into the zone in our own unique way and I thought it would be a good topic.  It’s not about expos; it’s about everything.  It’s about getting what you want out of life, getting what your goals are – and getting the universe to flow with you; or getting yourself to flow with the universe.  Another way of saying it is: making a flow where no flow existed – that’s probably what getting into the zone means – making a flow where no flow was – you have to start from zero to build it.  If you want to create something totally unique, totally yours – that could go from the most simple things to the most complex things.


For example:  I’ve noticed when I do these calls now that they are fairly effortless.  I don’t have a lot of fear when I go into it.  I go in with my mind blank and I start talking and somehow I’ve learned to have the confidence that it will come out okay and that my being will put the words together and I will get into a zone – I get in it with you guys.  We’re all in it together and we’re all in the energy together and it creates a flow.  When the call is over, it’s on to the next thing.  If I were to prepare for all these calls I couldn’t do it – it wouldn’t be me.  I don’t know how.  (Some people might prepare this way-): “Okay, we’re doing this topic tonight.  Let me go study the Encyclopedia Britannica and see what they say about the zone…”  Some people do it that way, and that doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting.


When we first started doing these calls I was much more self-conscious, much more feeling like if I do the wrong thing, everyone is going to hang up on me – not knowing what to do.  I would still get into the zone but it took longer.  I had this idea that when I get into the zone on this call it expands the energy so that if Terry is going to channel, she automatically gets into the zone as well.  And, so do our sources.  It’s a zone where everyone can flow in – it’s built up.  Not just with me, but with you – we’ve all been building this zone together and proving to ourselves that we can show up and participate in this energy.  Sometimes you come in and you’re more self-conscious when you’re coming in the call, or first listening.  Then, this energy comes in and suddenly we’re in the zone, suddenly we’re in oneness, suddenly spirit is present.


This concept of the zone works for many things in life.  If you’re aware of it and if you’re aware of what you have to do to get into it maybe this will help to better the things that you want to accomplish.  I’m sure you all know the experience of wanting to do something – getting up in a certain day – not feeling good about yourself, not feeling worthy.  Not feeling up-to-snuff, feeling you’re not good enough.  There’s something you want to do that really requires your energy to be more than that and you’re just doing it because you’re in that space of not feeling good enough.


Years ago, when I was doing multi-level marketing and first met Terry, she used to do meetings.  She would be in front of groups and I couldn’t believe how good she was when she got up in front of a group.  She was so shy and awkward by herself, yet she would get up in front of the group and sometimes they gave her a standing ovation.


Terry:  I thought there was a fire and everybody was going to jump up and leave.


Wynn:  She would talk and she would be so passionate, and I said, “What’s going on in this woman?  How does she do this?”  I think she learned, just as I learned, that if I kept showing up on these calls they kept better and I kept getting better.  Terry would get up in front of the group and she was passionate about the product; she believed it.  She loved helping people.


In multi-level marketing, although it’s a business, Terry is not capable of doing a business without caring about people.  She would never look at how much time she’s spending.  To give you an example, we’re at this booth at the Conscious Life Expo for the last three days and we’re talking to people.  We were talking to people about our material, our books – we’re giving out handouts for people who are interested.  We were doing these pendants – the pendants that some of you got to help support the cost of the booth.  These booths are expensive!  Sometimes it’s $1,800 for three days to be there.


These people would glom on to Terry and love her.  They’d start talking; they’re telling her all their problems.  Early on in the show, I said, “If you give me permission, I’m going to separate this because we’re not going to accomplish anything.  You’re going to be sitting there….”  I would sometimes tell people “Excuse me, we’re spending about $50 an hour to be here and we have work to do, so if you don’t mind maybe you could give this conversation another minute and then we’ll close.”  She said that was okay, because she didn’t know how to disconnect from someone who started being friendly.


What happened was – this is where we got into the zone – this magical transformation happens; it may not stay all day.  It could – if you got really good it would stay all day.  People suddenly keep walking up to you, they’re interested in you.  You hardly have to even bug them.  There is this energy of co-creation around the booth.  It’s as if there’s a vortex around the booth and the people walk by, feel the vortex and want to come into it.  They feel loved in that space.  When they feel loved in the space, it’s really easy for them to spend money because they’re giving money as part of themselves.  Some of you who make donations have that experience in the way you’re supporting our work; we’re you, you’re us.  When you support us you’re supporting part of yourself that’s giving back to yourself.


We had a lot of fun; we’re still really tired today.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of people who oftentimes I felt weren’t giving me the right attention, that they didn’t know what I was doing, (began giving me attention).  I know I’m doing something really pretty extraordinary.  When you go into these shows as a speaker, people are trying to make money and they want to be a center of attention.  Oftentimes, they don’t really take in what other people are doing.  In a sense, they really can’t – they’re busy.  They’re not like somebody who paid the admission and wants to see everything; they came to bring whatever work they do into a spotlight and to get attention.


A number of them are more famous than me.  Everyone knows I wrote the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” because David Wilcock was a keynote speaker at the event.  Everyone knows that; most people don’t have a clue about anything else other than that.  I’m not just the author of this book, all this other stuff is happening to me.  Then, it sounds like I’m trying to get attention so I stop trying to do that.  For whatever reason, a bunch of people who weren’t paying attention to me in the past were suddenly into what I was doing; they were talking to me at the booth we were in.  I almost wasn’t going to go because I get so frustrated with going there and feeling that feeling where I’m just identified as the author of a book which is only a very small part of what I do.  But, it’s the part that’s in the public.


Let’s take a look at selling something – let’s suppose you want to do sales.  Sales is one of those occupations that if you learn how to do it, you will never ever be broke.  Everyone doing any business, a salesperson is the most valuable asset because the salesperson causes the business to grow.  Any business can grow more if they have more salespeople because there is no limit to customers normally – I won’t say never.  In most businesses, there’s no limit to customers.


If you’re selling roofing to people who need new roofs, how many houses are there in your neighborhood, in your city?  Loads!  If somebody knows how to get a customer that needs a new roof they can always add to somebody’s business.  It’s not a job – you have to create the business.  Part of doing that is learning about what you’re selling – being an expert on it.  You can’t bypass that step.


The other part is getting into the zone.  One of the ways you get into the zone is by learning how to do it and not care about the results.  There was a book I read years ago I think it was called “Looking Out for Number One.”  The guy’s name was Robert Ringer.  Now I get emails from him and he’s kind of conservative and I’m not sure I like all his points of view.  He had some really amazing points in that book.


One of them was: a lot of salespeople have the wrong approach, because when they go in to see a client they pump themselves up and say “I’m going to be positive; I’m going to make this sale.”  Statistically you don’t usually sell to everyone that you present to – you sell to a percentage of people.  When you pump yourself up as if you’re going to make the sale and then you don’t, there’s this big energy drain; there’s this licking of your wounds, there’s this going home and recovering.  If you assume you’re not going to make the sale but if you talk to ten people you will make one sale, then you can look at each one of those attempts as one step closer to making the sale.  You turn it into a game, and it doesn’t matter whether anyone says yes or no.  You just make sure they know that you have something.  You keep going and you keep going and you keep going, and *boom* you make your sale – the tenth time.  Or, it could be the fifth time and then it will be another ten times.


The interesting thing is, when you’re detached like that you don’t put any psychic pressure out on anyone.  You’re just neutral.  I think one of the worst things a salesperson does, one of the most self-defeating things, is putting psychic pressure out to try to convince somebody to buy something.  Nobody gets convinced to buy something; people must convince themselves.  They just need to know the facts.  They need to know what it is, how it’s going to be useful to them, how much it costs and it really helps if they like you.  If you’re putting pressure out on somebody, chances are they’re going to feel the pressure and they’re not going to like you.  People spend money on people they like.


If you study your own patterns, how you are, you can see exactly how it works.  Think of where you spend money; think of the people that you like and how it’s easy to give them money compared to people that you’re hostile towards, people who are putting pressure on you.  Ever go into a restaurant and the waitress is constantly trying to up sell you – wouldn’t you like dessert?  Wouldn’t you like this, wouldn’t you like that?  She’s acting like she cares, but underneath you know she’s been instructed to get them to spend more money and you start to mistrust her.


It’s about trust; it’s about not caring – caring, but not caring.  Then, as you keep doing that, something magic happens and people stop saying no to you and start saying yes.


Did you ever think that you wanted a partner and you’re alone?  There’s going to be this magic moment and that person is going to pop into your life.  No one knows you exist!  Even that’s part of selling – people have to know you exist.  You have to show up in places.  I remember in one reading they told somebody:  Go hang out in the library, go hang out in the art museum.  Go to places where people who would be interested in the things you like – are.  Have a double motivation:  enjoy the environment, enjoy the art museum, and enjoy the library.  Keep an eye for people whom you feel connection to.  Walk past them; say something to them.  After a while it doesn’t matter – you get rejected, go to the second person, the third person.


I think you get rejected and then you think there is something inherently bad about yourself that no one likes, which is true.  That’s true for everybody, including me – we all have this part of ourselves that is difficult, unlikeable.  You can learn to realize that’s not just you and just move through it.  You don’t have to let that be an obstacle, it’s just part of an illusion in your programming.


Another time in my life of getting in the zone: I used to play music.  When I first started getting up in front of audiences, I was very shy.  I was writing my own songs and I put all my vulnerability in the songs.  I would start playing them and I would feel rejected for about twenty minutes; no one was listening to my lyrics, no one was understanding what I was saying.  I was just sitting there playing and feeling invisible. 


Gradually I learned how to say things to an audience that no matter how good my songs were it didn’t matter because until I paid a slight bit of attention to them they couldn’t even hear them.  I learned how to be human and start talking to them.  I remember as I was discovering that, I would have a moment where they opened up to me.  I could feel the energy of the audience.  I would get all excited and I’d say “Oh my God, they’re hearing me!”  As soon as I got excited I would lose it.  I had to be totally detached to hold the energy.  Then I got better and better.


I think its part of the same principle that I apply when I’m talking here – I have to be very detached.  I know you’re all listening to me; I know that I’m reaching you.  I don’t think about (that), I’m just in the zone and the words come out.  Each of you has that potential in your own way, to make things happen – getting in the zone.  When you want to do that, you need to overcome your own obstacles, i.e. you have to do it over and over again until the resistance dissipates.  Wherever there is this kind of challenge, there is always resistance.


If you expect to succeed the first time you do it, you’re most probably going to fail.  It would be like me thinking “We’re talking to the Elohim.  Everybody is looking for the Elohim – this is what everybody wants.”  In a sense, I believe that’s true if people tuned into it, they’d say “This is something I’ve been looking for!”  I go and do one little lecture or radio show and I would think that Oprah would be calling me the next day – let’s put him on Oprah!


We are doing this for eight years and I’m so grateful just for every person that we touch.  Oprah’s not on the air anymore, but I use her as an example.  If Oprah called me – of course I would be delighted to have that kind of exposure for this material but I would take it in stride.  I wouldn’t get nervous.  I’d just walk up and say, “Here I am again.”  (This is) learning to have that confidence that I can go into the zone.  It doesn’t mean that I’m always up; it doesn’t mean that everything is perfect in my life.  It doesn’t mean any of that, it just means that when I step into that space, the energy flows.


I learned this also when I was selling sunglasses.  I know I did things differently than other people.  Terry used to come out with me on those events and it was really amazing.  I’ll give you an example:  I would set up and it was early in the morning.  In the mornings I don’t always feel great; in fact, I’m thinking, “This is not going to be a good day.  I’m getting up on the wrong side of the bed.”  You’re getting up and you’re going to be standing in the middle of thousands of people walking by you.  You know you’re getting up on the wrong side of the bed.  There were days when I stood and I hardly sold anything because I didn’t want to be there and I didn’t put any energy out.


Somebody would come up to the booth on one of those days early in the morning and I would say, “Hey man – could you help me out?  Just make me look busy.  Try some of these things on.  It’s really early and I need to get some energy going.”  They’d start trying on sunglasses.  People really like to help you.  If you ask somebody to help sincerely you’d be amazed how people respond.  They’d be trying sunglasses on and they seem to like a certain one.  I think we were selling them for $12 and I’d say “Listen – I got to get my day going.  I need to make my first sale.  Give me $5 and you can have it.”  They had a big smile; they knew it was more expensive.  They bought it for $5 and walked away.


Then another person would come.  After an hour of doing that, sometimes a half hour, it’s like people kept coming up.  I didn’t have to do any discounts.  They were meeting the energy and they were just throwing money on the table.  It’s hard to explain what happens until you have the experience yourself.  All of you are not going to be salespersons.  Everybody has something that they would like to accomplish in their life that getting into the zone would help them accomplish it.


It’s 7:42 minus five minutes.  Do you want to say anything from your conscious mind, Terry?  You can say no.


Terry:  No – not right now.


Wynn:  I have a feeling when you get into the zone you start moving through the veil and start getting interdimensional stuff going on, then you start getting synchronicities happening.  I thought we’d ask our sources to give us their wisdom on how we can apply this in our lives to make our lives better.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone listening, and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to.  Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our sources present?


Ra’an:  Yes.  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is the 13th of February 2012.  We welcome each and every caller, each and every listener, each and every person who listens to the replay lines, and each and every person who reads a transcript – no matter when this happens.  We are here and we are familiar with the topic of getting into the zone.


When one is able to match the energies, the volume of energy, the frequency of the communication, the tone of the communication – one moves into the, as you call it ‘zone’, of what they wish to happen and what they are making happen in that particular moment.  It has something to do with the synchronization of one’s attitude and energy with the surroundings.


So being in the zone would be connecting with the energies that are surrounding one and being able to give and take within that framework.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes.  When one goes into the zone, gets into the zone – I’ll give you another example.  If you go on a date – everyone on their first date is going to be really self-conscious.  Everyone wants to move that date into the zone, so they’re really conversing, they’re really communicating, they’re really connecting.  It may happen sometimes and oftentimes it won’t.


When somebody moves in to the zone, what is happening in other dimensions at that moment?


Ra’an:  Other dimensions back up when the frequency is multi-level, and that means that there is agreement in the higher self and in the lower layers of being.  The more agreement there is, and the more the individual is behind what is going on then it adds energies together and the result can be bigger and more expansive.  When there is harmony with intention it adds together to make a better result.


Do you have comments on this?


Wynn:  Do I have comments?  I was supposed to be asking questions – I’m the dummy here.  Do I have comments?


Ra’an:  Have we addressed all of your questions?


Wynn:  You’re starting to – I’m trying to grasp (something).  I know that when you’re in the zone you start to have synchronicities, you start to have magical events happen.


When I say in the zone it means a lot of different things – let me check the time because I don’t want to go over.  I want to be sure we bring this to a good close at the right time.  It’s 7:45 – we have ten minutes.


One of the most profound times that I would apply this term being in the zone for myself was when I was hitchhiking around the country.  I was pretty young at the time and I left Berkeley and I took a back-pack and I wanted to see how the world worked.  I wanted to know if there really was a God – I remember asking myself that.  I put total faith that things would work out.  I was scared when I first started.  I said, “I’m just this little guy with a thumb.  What if no one knows where I am?  There’s no protection in it (or felt like)” Yet, probably on the first or second day, something took over that trip and I kept meeting people.  It was as if people were waiting for me.  I kept meeting people in astrological cycles.  It was beyond anything I could conceive of that could happen to me up to that point.  Little did I know what was going to happen later.  It was very inspiring – I would meet people.  I would sleep on their couches.  It felt like I was blessing everybody that I was coming across, but I had no grounding.  I couldn’t stop.  If I stopped it just disappeared.  I probably spent three years of my life doing that.


Energetically, it felt like I had speeded myself up and I was totally operating with energies off-planet.  That’s how I look at it now.  I had let go of any grounding and things were just flowing.  I would think of something and the radio would play the song I was thinking of.  Things like that – in a total harmonization between myself and my physical environment.  Could you explain, from your point of view, what happened?


Ra’an:  Yes.


When one is in motion, then things flow.  When one is in motion one is ready to accept new directions, new energies, new movement.  When one is stabilized in one place then there is a grounding that occurs and things are slower in that they are more stable but yet not ready to flow into other things.


So things are much slower and that movement is much less.  That movement extends to all one’s life so that when one is in motion, then one brings things and synchronicities to them by the simple act of being able to be in a better place to encounter new things and to be able to choose new things because they are exposed to more things.


That is why if someone needs a job and they get out there and begin pounding the pavement talking to people then they have things appear, opportunities present themselves, that they have a chance to pick and choose what is the best of the opportunities or any opportunities.  The more that they put themselves out there to encounter circumstances that can be right for them possibly, the more ability they have to find something to better choose what they will be doing.


Wynn:  Thank you.  In other words, if a person wanted something, it’s far better to get out of the house and walk around than to make phone calls all day.


Ra’an:  We aren’t saying that one necessarily needs to walk around; being on the phone in a sense is putting oneself out there through the electronic media which may also present wonderful opportunities.  Looking on the internet for things one may get into may also place new worlds for an individual that they can choose from and encounter in their sphere.


Wynn:  I have found with the internet, if I’m looking for something, there’s an extraordinary opportunity to tune into the vibrations of something else.  There are stores, there’s this, there’s products – there are so many things.  People, within their websites, in one way or another – people will reveal themselves.  You can find things that you feel a connection with.  You can look through thousands of things in a day and find things you feel a connection with and have much higher opportunity of making a connection.


It would be like if I was going to try to be on a talk show, and I just had a list of talk shows and was calling everybody up.  I might get on, but if I went to the site of the talk-show host, listened a little bit of one of his interviews, looked at his picture and I said to myself, “That guy would really like me; I know he would like me.  He’d be interested in me.”  Then I called him – I’d stand a far better chance of making the connection with that person.


I know this is a time period where a lot of people are having challenges with money.  If you open yourself to the idea that you can sell something there’s always something that somebody needs.  There is never a shortage of jobs for selling things – don’t think of yourself as a salesman because then it sounds like you’re putting psychic pressure for people to spend money.  Think of yourself as a presenter; think of yourself as having something that somebody needs that they don’t even know exists.


I find this all the time!  I said, “I could sell that.  Nobody knows that exists, and if I just brought it to their awareness they would want it.”  There are so many things like that.  If it wasn’t for salespeople we wouldn’t have electricity we wouldn’t have light bulbs, we wouldn’t have so many of the things that we take for granted.  You’re really a presenter; you’re really just somebody bringing things to people’s attention and letting them make up their mind if it’s something they want or not.


It’s just about 7:55.  If you’re listening to this – I had that Egyptian Connection workshop, which is really an amazing workshop.  I’m going to do another mailing on it.  I will share some of the testimonials from people who have been changed and shifted by that workshop.


On that note, does anybody have a question?


Lisa:  I think I know what you mean Wynn – this is Lisa – about the zone, more now.  It’s actually a space of confidence.


Wynn:  But you have to build it, that’s the thing.  My experience is when I do these calls they really seem effortless, but it wasn’t that way at first.  You have to build something; you have to build the energy.  You have to do it and do it and do it until you overcome all resistance, then something snaps and everything clicks into place.  Most people don’t do that; they give up at the first sign of resistance.


Lisa:  It did remind me of a time – I was playing a card game with my mother and her boyfriend.  I think it was called Pokino – you play for pennies.  There was a folded plastic you unfold it and you put pennies down in specific areas.  I don’t remember how to play the whole game but the point is win pennies.  I sat there and I just absolutely knew that I was going to win every hand.  I kept looking at my mother’s boyfriend whom I got along with real well with, I said “They’re mine; I’m getting them.”  He just acted cool throughout the game.  He started laughing at first, then it was like he was getting mad.


Little did he know that I had taken this course called Silva Mind Control – has anybody heard of that?  I had taken that, they talk about positive thinking.  It was a lot deeper than just positive thinking – did I learn some things.  I won every single hand; I said “I’m telling you the game is mine.”


Wynn:  Lisa, we’re taking you to Las Vegas with us.


We better close because they’re going to want to put the next show on.  Thank you all for being here and thank you all for supporting this.  Thank our sources and thank Terry and thank all the people volunteering:  Bob in Sweden, Gary in Redondo Beach, Edna in [oh boy], and Connie and Gina and Cindy.  If I forgot anybody, I really didn’t forget you – I just had temporary Alzheimer’s.


See you next time.

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