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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences


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Host:  Wynn Free

Channeled Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Hello everybody; this is Wednesday, February 15, 2012. My name is Wynn Free and this is our call where we answer questions that you submit. We have some great questions the day after Valentine’s Day. Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Alright. We’re going to start off by calling in the Light. Calling in the Light is our shorthand, fast way of creating the intention to have a group consciousness. It’s not the words that are magic; it’s the intention that is magic. We all create the intention to have a group consciousness and then that consciousness comes in.


It has to do with the idea that we are all multi-dimensional beings, all of us. Everyone has the potential to experience other dimensions, higher dimensions. In this realm the experience of higher dimensions could be looked at as adding frequencies to who you are.


We all have a consciousness that we are used to feeling that feels like us, but that consciousness can have frequencies added to it. Learning the feeling of what it means to add those frequencies, how it feels, is the goal of these conference calls. My goal is to create a reference point of higher frequencies that you can experience.


As you keep experiencing them you integrate them, so they’re not just on the call; you can experience them in between the calls, in your life. You’re still human; it doesn’t take away one bit of your humanness; you still have to deal with your human side. In fact, the better you deal with your human side, the better you are going to open up to these higher frequencies on an on-going basis.


Dealing with your human side means taking care of yourself, bringing things into your life that make you feel loved and cared for. Each person is totally unique and individual, so there is no magic formula that one size fits all. When we ask these questions tonight, keep in mind the answers may apply to you and they may not. 


The person who asked the question has their own unique path. Many times people have very similar issues and so an answer may apply. If it doesn’t, you have to use your own discernment to decide: Does this answer apply to me? Oftentimes you can test something and try something and if it doesn’t work it probably didn’t apply to you. It’s not what you needed to hear.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person on this line and everyone that listens to the replays, or that reads the transcripts. And we release all negativity to the Highest Realms of Light for transmutation and dispersion. Right now, we can imagine an energy that’s emanating from the center of the Universe, the energy which is the precursor to all of life, all of matter, all dimensions. We can imagine that energy, moving through the Universe and through the galaxies and through The Milky Way and through the energy fields of the Solar System and then through the energy fields of our planet, through our bodies coming in the top of our heads, through our bodies and grounded into the center of the Earth. Right now, we invoke a blending of our energies, a touching of our Spirits and we create a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our Souls. And we invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We’re going to engage in a communication through Terry Brown, through these two group soul matrices that identified themselves as the Ra group and the Elohim group; who identified themselves as being the Over-Souls of our planet, those higher density Sources who have been helping us throughout history with our spiritual evolution and the lifting of our vibrations.


We turn it over to them to say hello and we’ll start this session.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is February 15, 2012 and we greet you in the Love Light as we extend our Love Light to each and every person on the call, each and every person who will hear the replays later or will read a transcript. We are extremely appreciative of the opportunity to connect with those that wish and are open to be connected with, and we provide assistance. There are many of us and we are non-linear, so we can work with many people at the same time. We are here.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes we do. This is a question from Isis; I believe she’s in New York, but it’s a general question.


“If a higher density soul wants to return home”—I think she means a human who is connected to a higher density soul—“must he or she have all their karma resolved, their chakras open and DNA strands activated to match that of his original group soul? Does having his heart chakra opened 51% return him home, or just move him to the forward density?”


Ra’An:  When an individual moves on into their open gate to the next life, everything is taken into consideration on where they will move to. One of the things that can happen is that the angels can move one into the Tunnel of Light and can guide one to the higher density where the individual may be debriefed as to the lifetime they have just completed. They may bring issues still with them; they may bring things that they are still working on and they can be guided and helped in the upper density with those things.


One does not need to be completed in all of their karma and in matching of the frequencies to the home frequency, because it is all taken into consideration in the debriefing, then they are open to other possibilities of where they may go to best fit where they are at in their learning experience.


They may meet with individuals who were with them in the lifetime just completed and the genealogy, the history, the ancestors of the person; or, friends that they have known that have passed over and are greeting them on the other side, and then may be part of their welcoming committee, and then able to intersperse debriefing with their welcoming and give them further assistance in their growth process and in looking at difficult areas in the lifetime just completed and how to assess what is needed and how to assess the affect that they have had upon the people that they have interacted with.


There is then, after they are debriefed, a range of possibilities of how they wish to proceed from there. There are opportunities that they are given as choices to move into, based upon their own particular growth needs and their own particular ‘needs to work through’ issues, that have hindered them or they have gotten stuck in, in their past life just completed.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is from Lorena in Long Beach. She has a question in regards to her origins, because it could be helpful for her spiritual growth and understanding.


“I would like to know if I’m a Wanderer or a Star Seed and if not, where do I come from and my purpose in being here.”


Ra’An:  Thank you. Give us a moment.


You have come from another star system, Sirius and in that star system you expressed a desire to know what it was like in other places and you were given a choice to come to planet Earth. Once you came, you felt out of place here; you felt more at home in your past place of residence in the third density Universe. You wonder why you are here now. Give us a moment.


It is like being in a different family group, a different place where things are handled differently and perhaps more crudely than where you came from. Where you came from was more caring and loving and there was not so much war. In this place, there are many different individuals who are attempting to get along together or wish others were the same as they were and are and then attempt to make the others be like them.


This is a bigger melting pot, a bigger diversity area of different consensus realities, than where you originally came from. This is a difficult place to ground and to continue in, but it is a place where you are placed in circumstances that can bring great opportunities for learning to you and for patience and for tolerance.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is a question from Maya and she asks:


“If there is such a thing as karma thieves, if there is, how do they operate and how can you buffer off their destructiveness?”


Ra’An:  Karma thieves?


Wynn:  Karma thieves.


Ra’An:  People that steal karma?


Wynn:  Well, if I was trying to interpret what she means by that, I think it’s other people who come and steal your energy or you’re sensitive to the energies of them and suddenly you lose your own centeredness, because of the influence of someone else who can tap into your energy field. I hope I’m saying this right; I think that is the experience that she has and that’s her problem.


She says “Why prayers only seem to aggravate the stories I witness and live through.” I think that would be, I hope I’m saying this right, the interpretation of that.


Ra’An:  Can you unmute her and have her define karma, please?


Wynn:  Maya, do you want to do *6 and put that in your own words? Maya, are you there?—looks like she has disappeared.


Ra’An:  Thank you. Give us a moment.


Wynn:  We can ask this question in another week if we want, if you’d like that.


Ra’An:  Give us a moment and let us take a look at this question.


There are individuals who wish to be the center of attention, who wish to be the ‘it’ and the ‘only one’ and they have to learn to not steal others’ shows, others’ energies, what is going on for other people and to use it for energy food for themselves as it depletes the other people that they are interacting with.


This is a dangerous thing to do, to be a karma thief, as one may, in taking the energies from the other, may also take identities and unwanted characteristics that are not their own and may come along with what they wish to steal also. It may boil over from being a karma thief into being a thief of whole identities and they may then lose their own balancing and their own identity, which then will place them off their own track.


So it’s like a train that went off the tracks, off the rails, and they will not be able to ground and they will not be able to interact on their own and they may, as if being a train off the track, go on to switch backs. They will not be able to find themselves and may become lost. This type of thing may be very detrimental to the person who is the karma thief.


When they are experiencing others taking up their energy, they can learn to be grounded and centered and be creating of their own scene, their own surroundings, their own endeavors, their own connections, and their own communications.


By surrounding themselves with things that they are connected to through their own grounding and their own centering, but are not blurring and stealing the energies of the other, but are truly interacting, they can come through with flying colors and not be so affected by a karma thief.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Connie would like to know if a walk-in—maybe I should say what a walk-in is, for people not familiar with that term, although we’ve asked about it previously:


There is this idea that an entity from another dimension can share space with someone in this dimension or even take over their body. It was indicated in one of the readings that if somebody is really wishing themselves to be dead and they keep saying that, it opens the door for the possibility for a walk-in. I’m sure there are other circumstances as well.


Ra’An:  Yes. For instance, if someone is taking drugs or alcohol and moving into a euphoric and non-connected situation, they open the door for an entity to come in.


Wynn:  The question is:  Can a walk-in be a dark, negative entity, or is it always a good entity and what makes the difference? My adding to that is:  What makes the difference in possibilities where a walk-in could be dark and negative or positive?


Ra’An:  There are cases of possessions where the entity is very dark that comes in and attempts to take over by force and creates a very difficult situation for someone and they may not know quite what is happening or why. Then there may be a good walk-in and that would be one that respects one’s own free will and would not walk-in or stay walked-in, unless the individual was totally desirous of it and had encountered some situation where they did not wish to be in charge of the body any longer or wished to leave at that point.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Next question: This is from Janny in Canada. She was told she was in ancient Egypt learning the arts at the time. Is there any truth to this?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment. Give us a moment more.


Yes, we see more than one lifetime in Egypt, one time as a girl that wished she could be a scribe and wished to be admitted to the Sacred Schools. We see another lifetime of serious work as a scribe and learning the information as it was set down in cuneiform writing and learning the information as she wrote information down as it was passed along to her by a channel at the time where she was then progressing on her path of knowledge and she had a great burning desire to learn the knowledge that was being passed down to her and to get it down into cuneiform so that it would be preserved for good.


This was a sacred project.


Wynn:  Thank you. Part Two of the question is: There seem to be a number of people related to Egypt that have come into Wynn and Terry’s sphere. Are we all coming together, attracted to each other’s vibration for a reason, or is this just coincidence?


I would add to that. If you have read the Edgar Cayce readings, you would know that Edgar Cayce had a significant past life in Egypt 10,000-11,000 years ago as a high priest and many of the people who are attracted to the Edgar Cayce readings were also connected in that past life, he had an inordinate amount of people that had past lives in Egypt in that period. Those of you who have heard The Egyptian Connection know that I allegedly had a past life in Egypt that was significant.


I’ll turn it over to our Sources for the answer.


Ra’An:  Yes. The people who are coming into the calls, it is a peripheral; some of the individuals were on the periphery in Egypt and others were involved in the passing on of knowledge and in the lifetime at the time, where the intensive flame of beingness and knowledge was burning brightly and the individuals at the time came into this area to create this community and are coming in again in this time, to progress further and to continue their growth. It is not a coincidence.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is a question about the immediate future. There is something called the ‘Web Bot’ which takes in all these different indicators which seemingly are random, puts them together and looks at the possibilities of significant happenings in certain periods based on the compilation of all random phenomena. This person is asking that there was an indication that something was going to happen in the first week of March and if we as a collective can stop what was predicted to happen and expose the real culprits.


I don’t know what she is referring to as going to happen, so I’m just going to ask the question: Do we have a catalytic event that has a high probability vortex of happening in the near future?


Ra’An:  There is [the probability of certain events, and there are individuals committed to certain events], or there are possibilities in the offing. We can give you some of these categories:


There is a, we would say, potential for a CME, coronal mass ejection. There is a probability of some sorts; we do not wish to make fear, because these are not written in stone. There is a potential of—we do not have the right vocabulary with this channel. There is a potential of Source indicators coming together for earthquake potential. This does not mean that the earthquakes will happen, but there are a number of factors aiming their vectors to enforce it happening. But there are works such as what your group is doing with us that are modifying some of these potential characteristics, to lessen probabilities of earthquake potentials.


There is potential off the coast of Washington and Oregon and California; there is potential again off the coast of Japan, the potential in the area of New Zealand and Australia, Indonesia, lesser potential in some of the other earthquake areas.


However, in the work on the grid healings, we are moving beyond these potentials into precursor events and to change precursor events. We are changing, as we work with this group, precursor events, to allay the earthquake potential.


There is a potential of terrorist activity, over the creation of a false flag event to precipitate reasons to go to war with Iran. There are groups that are being fomented in preparation, potentially, for terrorist activities. There are people being riled up to attempt to create this and we also work in the area of consensus reality to help hinder such things.


These are some of the major categories that we have listed here and groups such as yours and other Light Workers are working very hard for disclosure, to help prevent such activities and for factors that allow such things to happen to be nullified.


That is our answer and we work with you on these issues.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I’d like to ask two questions related to that question. One is:


We know that there is work being done in the field which can be implemented from really high Sources, the Sources that we’re speaking to. How much of the work in preventing things from happening downloads into actions from what we would call positive ET groups that would be service-to-others, in using technology or any other means in the offsetting of negative potentials?


Ra’An:  We suggest you give us a definition for ETs, because some people feel we are extraterrestrial, although we have no bodies. We are off-planet and we interact with planetary. Some people are including us in that category and we are working with you on this. If you are counting real time extra-terrestrials with bodies and spaceships, inter-dimensionally, then we get into a whole new category. Which are you talking about?


Wynn:  I’m talking about the second; ETs in spaceships, even if they’re inter-dimensional, that have some kind of bodies and that are using any kind of technology or even thought forms, in a positive way.


Ra’An:  The human race tends to be ego-centered or self-centered and looks at themselves as their own agenda and that others would take on their agenda and work with them, [as] if they were service-to-others and working for the good of the Earthly population; however, the other groups are also ego-centered and are self-centered and have their own agendas.


There are places where their agendas coincide, places where they do not coincide. These groups in the third dimension tend to have their own self-centered agendas, and so to look at it as if there are extraterrestrials that are service-to-others and totally in the human camp is not an accurate look.


Wynn:  Thank you.


The second thing I would like to ask is: We have a fairly small group in relationship to the population of our planet. Even other Light Workers probably would be in general a minority. There is a potential, a probability, possibility vortex that our group and other groups could greatly expand their reach and reach many more people.


How much does the possibility vortex of this expansion relate and connect to the potential for interventions? Do we have to expand out from the present immediately to have it manifest strongly, or is the potential adding to the possibility for assistance?


Ra’An:  The group that you have right now, that are here, the group that are working with you that are listening to the calls, that are reading the emails, are large enough to affect things, when you combine them with our groups, the Elohim and the Ra group. We have abilities beyond what is available within linear groups on Earth and so by even what is now connecting with us, we have a base to go-ahead and to make significant advances in the goal of the harmonizing of Earth’s population and the higher dimensions and bringing the heaven realm and Love into the Earth plane.


Wynn:  Thank you. So each person who is paying attention that comes to our grid healing, that listens to our replays is really rather important?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  Thank you.


A question from Dan in Tennessee: He’s asked this two times. He’s not on the line, but I’m sure he will listen to the replay.


I’ve always had the strongest urge to heal people. Modern medicine is too narrow an approach, so I started looking at holistic solutions. Sadly I never truly followed it; I have laid my hands on people who were in some form of discomfort and reportedly they gained relief. My hands seem to go where the problem area on the body was. I felt as though I was a channel, although I didn’t know back then what a channel was. God’s Love was flowing through me into the other person’s body. While this is occurring I am suffused with an indescribable love, joy and Light. He asks a question here:


“Am I truly meant to be a healer, or was it just my patience being kind?”


This is Wynn speaking, when someone says I was meant to be something, I don’t think that people are meant to be anything. I think people create their own futures and their own destinies through their intentions and that they can see a talent that they have and follow that through and turn it into a reality of a manifestation. That’s my comment. But, I’ll ask it; he says:


“Am I truly meant to be a healer, or was it just my patience, being kind.” Dan, in Tennessee


Ra’An:  Thank you. You are guided by your intuition and as your intuition guides you, you may use it as it appears available and you wish it to be useful to heal another. It is available; it is not meant to be put in a box and say, “You must do this” or “You must not do this”. It is a higher ability that is beyond ‘must’ or ‘should’ or ‘meant to be’; it is just available and is there and is right for a circumstance.


Treat it with respect, as an ability is very sacred and use it as a tool as it presents itself and an inclination and intuition towards healing at any particular moment. It is also connected to the person who wishes to be healed and it is available when the connections on both sides, the receiver and you the sender and the bringing through of the healing ability through your own self, are lined up in the circumstance to heal.


Wynn:  Thank you. The last question, I’m not sure; I might need more clarification from the person about the meaning of this question. This is from, I think the name is Franklin, but he didn’t sign the question. He asks:


“How will we recognize our former selves and how can we re-connect with them, once they have been revealed to us?”


I’m not sure what he means by our ‘former selves’, but I would guess it would mean one’s past lifetimes. That’s my guess, and if Source agrees then we can go with that.


Ra’An:  Thank you. It is not separate from you; it is a part of you and is, in a sense, with you occurring in this time, now, also. You may have flashes, much like you may remember yesterday; you may have flashes, say in dreams of this situation where the dream will be very clear, maybe even in Technicolor and you will see a scene, a movie, playing out in your dream.


Then it may in a future time play out further in another dream. You may get more information and you may eventually get more and more pieces of this picture and be able to put together more and more of that circumstance that happened in a past life.


Treasure the fragments and flashes of information you get and then put together further pieces of the puzzle as they are revealed to you. Look at it as it is and do not attempt to push energy against it, or deny it, but simply let it be and get more and more pieces. Then you can get more and more looks into what has been, and in some cases, into future. It is not a matter of something different than yourself; it is like remembering yesterday or this morning’s breakfast.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you. I wanted to make a comment based on my own experience. Each lifetime is like a blank slate, like a painting. What I experience is: one’s past lives are giving you the palette, the colors, the brushes, and the potentials of how to paint this lifetime. It’s not to repeat the past lifetime, but learning what’s in your palette and how to use the experiences of your past lifetimes, so that you can paint a lifetime that includes the very highest potentials that you have.


For example, in myself when I was younger I was very highly technological. I was interested in electronics. I was building transmitters when I was 14 years old in my bedroom; to some people it looked as if I were a prodigy in that area. I thought I was supposed to be an electrical engineer or a physicist. I would guess, although I don’t have any confirmation, maybe I’d had Atlantian incarnations of a technological nature.


Then somehow I picked up a guitar and I started playing it and I started writing lyrics to other people’s songs and melodies. I kept developing that and then I found out in a reading that somebody gave me years ago; they said I was a troubadour in another lifetime a thousand years ago. He told me the whole story of my life as a troubadour and I was manifesting that. Then I started talking to beings in other dimensions and I found out that I did that in other lifetimes.


Some circumstance will trigger a situation, and oftentimes the circumstance just comes out of left field. It’s like you didn’t even look for it. For example, I was writing for a metaphysical magazine and I went to something called the ‘Prophet’s Conference’ and this woman kept staring at me. We ended up talking and it ended up that was Daphne, and that triggered a whole new set of possibilities.


It was almost such a wild card that I ended up at that conference. I remember: I had an old car; I had to drive 400 miles. I was scared my car would break down and I almost didn’t go; yet, I went. Something compelled me to go.


I would guess that on some High Self level, not on any conscious level, there was an awareness that this was going to take place. When I first met David Wilcock and started studying him and put it all together, I decided to get a reading from him.


At the time I think he was charging $150 and it seemed like a huge amount of money, but I did it anyway. It was extremely significant, that reading. Those little choices; I could have either followed my intuition, or I could have not. It was always a choice to do that, above and beyond what would be linearly sensible; like driving somewhere 400 miles with an old car that could have broken down. If I had got stuck I would have been hung out to dry, but I did it anyway.


Pay attention to those urgings in yourself when they happen and follow them through, because for me things have opened up these kernels of past life experiences that if I didn’t do them, I would not be doing what I’m doing now. Each of us has those things and sometimes you have to do something that seems totally irrational at the time. If you let your rational mind stop you, you’ll miss the potential of your intuitions urging you on to do something. That teaches us to figure that out for ourselves.


On that note, do we have any final comments before we close this session?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


We send Love to each and every person on the line; we send Love Light as we know that it is difficult in the third dimension as there is a time delay upon things, so that thoughts are more instantaneous but the ability to put thoughts into practice in the third dimension has this time delay, where the physicality must catch up with the thoughts and it can be very frustrating.


We send you Love Light in your progress and growth.




Wynn:  Thank you. I’ll mention that Terry does readings, we do readings. I don’t like to push them too much, because sometimes it takes a month or two to get to them and it takes a lot of energy on our part. Even though we charge for it, it usually takes more energy than we’re charging. I know from watching the people who have gotten readings, that there’s the potential; many of them have really changed their path and opened up to possibilities they didn’t know could exist for them.


If you’re interested, go to; check it out.


On that note, I thank everybody who volunteers to make all this possible. We are reaching more people all the time. If it wasn’t for the volunteers, if it wasn’t for Terry, if it wasn’t for Daphne’s work at the beginning of this, then this wouldn’t be happening. I thank our Sources for trusting us with this great responsibility, bringing this energy this wisdom, these potentials for transformation, into this realm.


I thank all of you who are listening; as you heard, you’re very important; listening and reading the transcripts and keeping track of everything are creating potentials that wouldn’t exist otherwise.


On that note, we’re just going to say goodbye to you all. We hope you’ll show up for our grid healing.

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