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How Saint Catherine Made a Difference


Monday  02.20.2012
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  Thank you everybody for being here on this Monday, February 20, 2012 on this major experiment. I still don’t know if it’s an experiment; I like to call it an experiment, because there is an aspect of it that says, “Is this really happening?” 


Terry and I, consistently when we talk about this, we just pretend it’s not happening and show up. That’s what we do. We work really hard at showing up and making pretend it’s not happening. If it’s actually happening, then it’s way too much responsibility and neither of us feel worthy of the responsibility. It’s much easier to say, “We’ll just show up and make pretend it’s not happening.”


The thing about these calls is that we show up and these other guys show up; these other guys that are invisible, that say they’re in other dimensions and say they can beam Love Light energy into this realm; people on the call experience that. If you’re listening for the first time, then consider this part of your experiment, to see if you can make that real for yourself. You’re not supposed to believe it; you just have to show up like we show up. Don’t have big expectations; be neutral and let it flow.


We’ve been doing it long enough that it seems like it’s working. When we were first doing it, it took quite some time to get the energy present. Now everybody shows up and they say, “Okay, the energies are going to be here.” It starts grounding the energy very quickly. It’s hard to explain until you experience it. I suggest you keep showing up and see if you can move into that experience, because it’s a very magical thing.


We’re getting more and more bold about putting this out. I’m working on a new website; we did a video. I did a video that I’m going to put up on the website. It’s scary to do that; I’d rather be behind the scenes and just operate by proxy and have the whole world change, except it doesn’t work. If I, personally, don’t take responsibility for it all, it kind of just fades into the background.


I don’t know if you guys read what we’re going to do tonight.


A few weeks ago I was telling the story of Saint Catherine and I read some of Saint Catherine’s channelings, or what was formally called her Dialogues with God. The next week we were questioning our Sources about it and if we have it right we’re talking to the Sources that were talking to Saint Catherine. For those of you don’t know the whole story:


Terry started bringing these messages forth and it was quite extraordinary. At a certain point I asked our Sources, “Was Terry ever anybody famous?” They said “Look up Saint Catherine of Siena” whom I had never heard of. When I looked up Saint Catherine, I found the story of this young woman who was going to the local monastery in Siena, Italy.


They would write down everything she said because they felt God was speaking to them through her. Saint Catherine’s Dialogues with God are still being sold at bookstores and on Amazon. The Catholic Church officially recognizes Saint Catherine; that’s why they made her a saint.


Terry was the spitting image of Saint Catherine. It was scary. If you haven’t looked at the pictures on the website, go to; you can see the stories; you can download Saint Catherine’s Dialogues with God. Situations and circumstances like that that kept re-occurring that started to predispose me to think this was real; they are who they say they are.


Since Terry has had a past life that was notable, we can talk about it freely, because in this life Terry has no ego, or not much. It gives a reason for people to check out our work. That’s very important, because if this is a manifestation that’s going on, people need to be made curious. If somebody happens to be famous and there’s a story like that, it causes people to search further. We do these conversations live three times a week and anyone can tune in and listen. It’s not really religious; it’s not referring to religion, it’s not referring to Christianity.


In a broad sense, it’s connected to Christianity, but we’re not coming into the calls as Christians. We might be Christians, because all ‘Christian’ means, in my book, is that you’re tapping into the Christ consciousness. Jesus said a lot of things that were incredibly true: “When two or more are gathered, I am also present.” “We are gathered here in the name of Spirit”. He said, “As you do it to the smallest of these you do it to me.” In that sense, Jesus was saying, “I’m everybody.” In our way of looking at it, Jesus was connecting to the Father, which was a group soul. We are them; they are us. In the Law of One, it works.


Obviously, Jesus’ body is not inside everybody, but the Spirit of Jesus and what Jesus was connecting with, is inside everybody. It’s not necessarily good to emphasize Jesus in the way we’re presenting this to the world, because something in the past becomes calcified always. In the present, people need to be reached without any calcification.


For example, if a Jewish person came on the line and we were talking about Jesus, they’d say “I’m not listening, this isn’t part of me.” But it is, of course. People evaluate themselves and exclude themselves out of things by thinking too much. This is like a new manifestation but it has a lot of connection to Jesus, the Cosmic Jesus, the Christed Jesus.


At the time of Saint Catherine, in 1300, the church was very prominent. I sent out something today which you probably haven’t read. I’ll just read a couple of bits of it, because I took a biography of Saint Catherine. It was called How do They Decide Whom They’re Going to Talk to?


Saint Catherine was quite a rebel, if you read her history. What they are saying in the biography is that the church was really corrupt at that time. The work through Saint Catherine was trying to uncorrupt the Catholic Church. Here’s what they said:


Saint Catherine of Siena: it’s not that she was good, but because she was outspoken and blunt. For example, Saint Catherine once called three Italian cardinals who supported the anti-pope, “The stench that makes the whole world reek.”


“Catherine di Benincasa was born on March 25, 1347, in Siena, into a world shadowed by such terrible turmoil in the Catholic Church, today's scandals pale in comparison. During her lifetime, the Holy See would move to Avignon and at her urgings, return to Rome, where it would continue to compete with an elected anti-pope.”


I never heard the word ‘anti-Pope’, but that’s what this person is calling the Pope at that time. Catherine was the 23rd child of 24, Terry, 24 children, my God.


Terry:  A lot of brothers and sisters.


Wynn:  That was the Catholics and of course they didn’t authorize condoms at that time. I don’t know if condoms were invented.


“She had a twin sister who died at birth. Her father was a dyer; he dyed clothes and her mother was the practical daughter of a poet, both of them middle-class citizens. Little Catherine made an impression with her holiness almost from the time she could toddle. She had her first vision by the age of six and made sacrifices while she was still young. It is said that, by the age of seven, Catherine had promised her virginity to God. However, St. Catherine was no morbid ascetic. Acquaintances, instead, remember her lively black eyes, her sense of humor and her great love for every soul.


Her sacrifices, nevertheless, were perhaps more extreme than those of any other known saint. She lived for months at a time on nothing but Sacrament. She regularly scourged herself for love of Jesus and slept as little as a half hour every other night. St. Catherine, not wanting to draw attention to herself, would pray to God that He would make her more like other people. However, her life was destined to be extraordinary, an example of a life devoted entirely to Jesus.

Catherine's parents, especially her mother, Lapa, envisioned a more normal life for their daughter. They wanted her to marry, and even made her the house slave for three years as punishment for her refusal to obey them in this manner.” That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Terry:  Yeah.

Wynn:  You don’t remember that, do you? That sounds like this life.

Terry:  It does some.

Wynn:  Maybe you had the same mother.

“Catherine took this opportunity to see Jesus in every member of her family, and served them with such unruffled devotion, that eventually she won her father over, and then, years later, her mother. She became a Dominican Tertiary, meaning that she continued to live in her own home, while belonging to a Dominican community of women.


Catherine would have been content to serve God in sacrifice and prayer, but His will was that she bring about change in the corrupt Catholic Church. She embraced her mission with all of the energy she brought to her prayer, tackling the sinful clergy person by person, winning them over with the purity of her own life, her direct, firm admonitions and her own extremely magnetic personality

It seemed no one could meet her without falling under the spell of her personal holiness. Priests and bishops would revile her from a distance, then, upon meeting her face to face, fall upon their knees, begging forgiveness and the permission to become her follower.

Saint Catherine's body of letters is a telling window to her person. Most of her letters were dictated to her more learned disciples, though Saint Catherine herself had miraculously learned to write and read. These letters used none of the flowery, ethereal language, we might have expected from a mystic. Instead, Saint Catherine writes pointedly and personally, delineating how each letter's recipient's life had strayed from the Gospels and what that person needed to do to reform his or herself. Her frank, yet respectful letters to the Pope Gregory XI, caused him to forsake his exile in Avignon, and return to Rome on January 17, 1377. Her learned correspondence caused her to be named a Doctor of the Church by Pope Paul VI in 1970.


Throughout her life, Saint Catherine of Siena suffered horrific physical pain and ailments, all of which she stood joyfully for the sake of sinners. She died on April 29, 1380, at the age of thirty-three, like her beloved Spouse, Jesus. Saint Catherine was canonized in 1461 by Pope Pius II.


Wynn:  So why am I not talking? Because I have tears in my eyes; I know Terry is that person. I know Terry stays up all night; she doesn’t sleep; she works. Somebody is on the conference line and she’s lying in bed and I tell her we have things to do and she’s saying, “I’m praying for so-and-so.” We’re all so lucky to have her embracing this work and supporting it. Anything you’d like to say in defense, Terry?


Terry:  The work is really important and thanks to Daphne for bringing it through and for the channelings that she did on Sunday’s grid healing. It’s very important for people to know that it’s not just this life and it’s over; that there is continuing. And, everyone is part of God.


Wynn:  What do they call it, when they would pick somebody and then all their friends would come up and talk about them?


Terry:  A roast?


Wynn:  A roast, right. This is like a Terry Roast; with the support of the higher realms, trying roast her. Maybe one day we’ll do, if Daphne gives her permission, a Daphne Roast. Don’t ever do a Wynn Roast, that’s all.


I know a couple of my past lives, and I know it’s embarrassing when people know who you are, especially if you did something significant. It’s even worse if you did something controversial. Luckily, Saint Catherine is significant but not so controversial. No one has anything controversial to say about Saint Catherine. My past lives were controversial, so it’s harder to talk about them, because people may make strong opinions about them but one day I might do it.


Before we start and bring those guys in, I’ll open up the lines and see if anyone wants to make a comment or even have a question answered. The real topic here is “These higher forces, these group souls that we think of have playing the part of God for us for the history of mankind, what are their challenges in working with someone down here, how easily does it get corrupted and how hard it is for someone to stay the course?


One of the things that gets you off of staying the course is recognition, because when people think you are something, whether it’s this lifetime or past lifetimes, they really can’t help but go into whatever they go into but for a person who is playing the part, they have to be totally detached from the recognition, otherwise they start playing a different part, a lower part.


Obviously, Saint Catherine was tearing the church to pieces, eventually it feels like they liked it. Certainly it must have been controversial when she started doing it. It certainly wouldn’t be the way that you were going to get all these people with power and position in the church to like you; you wouldn’t think that, even though apparently they did. That’s because she held the course; she didn’t let recognition enter into it. That’s a very important principle if you’re going to do any kind of high service work, to be able to stay centered in the work, no matter what people think, it doesn’t matter. You have to stay true to it.


I remember when I did the first grid healing and I did that meditation. I didn’t know what was going to happen; I didn’t know other people would track it. I said, “People are going to think I’m a wacko; they’re never going to show up again” but I did it. And, I did it a second time. Then I started to get feedback that people were experiencing it while I was doing it and I started to see that it was really working. Believe me, if I was worried what people were thinking, I never would have done it the first time.


Let me unmute everybody and see if anyone wants to say anything. Don’t gush, because it will embarrass us. Everybody is unmuted. Nobody is going to say anything because I said “Don’t gush.” Alright, you can gush as long as Terry can be detached. No one is talking.


Caller:  Anything about anything?


Wynn:  It’s good to stay on the topic of tonight’s talk, or tonight’s experience. Is  this an interesting topic?


Lisa:  It always is.

Gina:  It takes a lot of self sacrifice for a person to dedicate themselves to such high service. In all areas of one’s life it takes tremendous devotion and tremendous self sacrifice on many, many levels.  That’s why the person deserves so much respect in, of course, a humble way;  recognition in a humble way.  It’s very admirable to dedicate oneself to this kind of work.


Wynn:  The big thing is that we can all learn; we learn from it. I learn tremendous amounts from it. People learn, not only by the dedication but by the information, by the spirit that moves through.  Thank you for sharing that Gina. 


Gina:  My pleasure.  Thank you.


Wynn:  Anyone want to say anything before I mute you?


Isis:  I have a quick question; this is Isis.


Maybe it was said before, but I’m not sure if I remember. Who was Saint Catherine channeling? Was it the same Sources, both of them, Ra’An?


Wynn:  In what I’ve learned about channeling, this is an important concept, when you move into a group matrix, Sources can shift. This is why you can never take channelings and say, “I’m going to follow this blindly.” You have to take what you can use, what you can add; eliminate the rest. There is no guarantee that Saint Catherine didn’t have any mixed polarities in her channelings, but I don’t want to ask that.


If you read Saint Catherine’s Dialogues with God I would guess, from the tone of the channelings, it was the Ra group. The Elohim does not get so busy with fixing churches. According to my understandings of things, Christianity was the creation of the Ra group. You need a lot of clues to say, “This is true.” You can’t just take one thing because they say it. How do you know who is saying it is who we think they are? You need more than one thing pointing in that direction.


In The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? there was one little comment on this that David Wilcock let me sneak through, in the book. I wanted to write more about the connection of the Ra group and Jesus and he didn’t want to do it. There’s one little thing where they say, “We came to you in Christianity, but we don’t often speak in those terms anymore because of the way religion screwed it up.” In the year 1300 A.D. they had this young woman in the church who was trying to correct it all. In my guess, it was by and large the Ra group that was coming through.


The connection with the Elohim group: Daphne carried the frequency of the Elohim more than the Ra group and that’s how this started. I was carrying the frequency of the Ra group; it’s like getting the information so your conscious mind can actually assimilate it and say, “I think this is what’s happening.”


Does that answer your question?


Isis:  Well, yeah.


Wynn:  Were you brought up Catholic?


Isis:  Yes, very loosely, but yes.


Wynn:  It’s very fascinating, theologically, to look at this whole big picture of things. Anyone else have something to say?


Isis:  I have another question; it’s a small one. I believe Terry remembers other lifetimes, like when she was a ghost and those things. Does she remember any other lifetimes where she was channeling as well, or just these two?


Wynn:  She has memories of her last lifetime, being married and having her husband’s girlfriend stabbing her to death.


Isis:  I remember that.


Wynn:  One of the things I’ve learned about reincarnation is when people have had what you could call, “high lifetimes”, that doesn’t mean every time they come they have a high lifetime. They need the right set of circumstances to trigger their programming where they can make that connection.


Terry was fascinated, because she used to go to these channelings by Cherryl Taylor in Los Angeles and I think one time she got up in front of the room and she channeled. I knew her; I was dropping her off. I was just saying “humbug” to all of this; I wasn’t encouraging her to channel; I might have been able to at that point, but I didn’t trust it.


What I see is; every lifetime is like a white slate, a blank slate that you re-create.  There are so many little decisions you can make by whom you fall in love with, by taking a walk and some store you walk into, some random meeting; this whole circumstance that I’m doing is totally based on all these random events that occurred that put me in position:  the meeting of Daphne at this conference, the email I got telling me about Sai Baba having sex with his disciples and finding out that David Wilcock wrote an article about that twelve years ago, then I clicked onto his website.


Part of me must have been synchronisticly open, but they’re all such little random occurrences, like clicking on a website, doing this. Suddenly, you end up in the middle of it and you say, “I’m in the middle of this now.” That’s how things seem to work so you really can’t exalt someone, because they could have had lifetimes where they were totally misfits, totally terrible. All of us have had that; I don’t think you can come into this realm without having lifetimes like that.


One time when I was originally channeling with Daphne and I said, “Did she and I know each other?” They said I was a merchant and she was my helper; that’s all they said. They didn’t say anything else. Another time I asked about my past lifetimes, they said that I had a lot of lifetimes where I died young; I was an orphan, didn’t fit in.


It’s kind of miraculous that we have unfolded all of this to the point that we have and are doing it. It was only really happenstance; it’s not really because I’m a great person or Terry is a great person. We just kind of stumbled into it; saying, “Hey, this is really important; I think we’ll just continue”.


Terry has memories of some of her lifetimes. She was a writer in France that got her head cut off. It’s not easy.


Isis:  Oh, my god! It’s still reminiscent of those strong, strong intentions; maybe those strong intentions that she had to help back when she was Saint Catherine and maybe your strong intention and then carrying it into this lifetime.  I’d like to say, thank you so much to both of you. 


Wynn:  You’re welcome.


Lisa:  Terry is right there.


Isis:  Thank you so much, Terry, thanks for the messages, infinite thanks to you.


Wynn:  That’s why when you look at somebody’s lifetime where they did something exalting, you learn from the lifetime. It’s not to exalt the person, because in the future they have un-exalted lifetimes. There they did things that didn’t have that high purpose.


I would guess that Catherine stumbled into the church and she might have been around Jesus; we never asked that question; maybe she had a connection with Jesus; maybe she did. Where she stumbled in and there was someone in the church that was like me; maybe it was me. I never asked that, a person who was able to hold the energy and she just started spouting out and they said, “We better write this down” and it was probably just another happenstance circumstance.


Once you get caught in it and you know it’s real, you can’t let it go because then you’ll feel guilty; you realize how rare it is for these kinds of circumstances to occur. So there is a responsibility that comes with doing it.


I think that’s why it’s good to treat each lifetime as if it’s your last. Each lifetime is a blank slate and it’s circumstances like this help people get off the wheel of reincarnation. If we all come back again and forget everything, who knows what temptation we’ll succumb to that will screw us all up for another hundreds-of- thousands of years. That’s the way I think it works.


Anyone else want to say anything?


Thank you all for your questions and your comments. You who are listening to these calls are making it real; that’s why we’re doing them, because it’s touching people. If it didn’t touch anybody we’d do something else. You’re as important just by being on the receiving end as we are on the transmitting end.


There’s that famous saying that if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears the sound, was there really a sound? No, there wasn’t. It takes ears listening to create a sound. All of you who are listening and resonating are part of the process of anchoring the energy.


On that note, let me mute everybody.


Lisa:  Wynn, are you going to ask those two questions you just asked, ask them tonight?


Wynn:  I don’t know. We’ll see what they want to say. Maybe I’ll ask them. Terry, do you want me to ask those questions?


Terry:  I’ve already forgotten what the questions are. What was it? Was I around when Jesus was? What was the other one?


Wynn:  Was I in that church that Saint Catherine would go to?


Lisa:  And, was Jesus around you?


Wynn:  Around me?


Terry:  Was Jesus around me?


Wynn:  Around Terry, yeah. Sometimes I’m afraid to ask those questions because I don’t want to be exalted. It’s one thing to get somebody’s attention; it’s another thing when they exalt you.


Exaltation blocks the energy; it separates us. It stops us from being in oneness, because we look up to somebody as separate from ourselves.


Caller:  We’re trying not to think too much of you.


Wynn:  Good, because I don’t feel separate; I feel very human. I don’t know if Terry feels human, but I’m human. She probably feels human; we’re in bodies. Everything happens that happens to other people in bodies.


One thing I’m sure is true; through ordinariness you do the best work; through being ordinary. So I strive to be ordinary, but I keep my focus on the target, and I am ordinary; in fact, I can be damn-right irritating in my human side, as some of you have learned.


Let’s call in the Light. Calling in the Light is our way of creating a group energy.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person on this call, Terry and myself, everyone listening to the replays and reading the transcripts, and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of the planets, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and grounded into the center of the earth. We invoke a group energy connection of all those listening who would like to partake of this while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, operating in the Christed light, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to; anything not of that nature must leave now.


We wait for our Sources to introduce themselves.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are here this February 20th, 2012 and we are mindful of the questions you have asked concerning Jesus. We look to an answer to that question.


Jesus has a frequency, a full signature that is merged with the Christ consciousness and the Almighty Father. As such, he is available when one accesses this frequency; when one prays and asks for his presence. He was available to Saint Catherine, and he is available now to those that pray and access his signature. He is providing help and assistance for individuals, now and then.


That is our answer to that question; do you have other questions?


Wynn:  The question came up: “Was Terry around at the time of Jesus?” if that’s in the highest good, to have that information.


Ra’An:  Give us a moment. We do not see that she was around in the location of Jesus at that time, as she had other, we don’t even wish to say ‘missions’, but she had other places and other times where she was located in the time of Jesus. She was working for the greater good in other countries.


Wynn:  Are any of the people from the lifetime of Saint Catherine in Terry’s life at present?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


We are not inclined to reveal that information at this time.


Wynn:  I thought so.


The last time we had a conversation about Saint Catherine, we ended the call and it felt like there was more to be shared, and that you didn’t want to go, but the time was up. That’s why I continued this topic for another call.


Is there anything that you would like to share that would help us understand how this connection with higher Sources works and the mission of the Ra group in working with Saint Catherine? I’m assuming it was the Ra group; you can correct that if you want.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


Terry was, in her earlier lifetimes, reaching back to a point where she came into the third density realm;  was frustrated with her own clairvoyance, but that was at an unconscious level. She was frustrated with working with individuals who came back from the third densities (into the heavenly realms); who she would find herself in another group to work with these people and found that when they came back from the third density, they oftentimes were unfocused and had attention still on their past.


That was one of the reasons for debriefing people by running their past life review, so that the attention that they had focused in the third density could be cleared. Also, it was for the Tunnel of Light, to help when the individual moves through the Tunnel of Light, to help that clear attachments to the third density so the individual could move more easily through the Tunnel of Light to the heavenly realm.


She worked with a group in the heavenly realm and they bonded together and came to earth together with her to help her un-condition, as it was realized that it needed a very strong thrust to be able to keep balance and clarity in the third density and to not lose purpose; so she maintained her purpose.


Since then, she has sent some of these angels back to the heavenly realm to be refreshed, as it becomes wearing to have lifetime after lifetime in the third density and to not have a chance to rest and be cleared.


Those are some of our comments.


Wynn:  If I understand what you’re saying, Terry was part of a band of what you call angelic forces that was working with people in other realms after they died.


Ra’An:  That is correct.


Wynn:  Helping them get re-focused in Spirit and either come back for another lifetime or stay up there and that she was working with a group up there.  The whole group decided to take bodies and work more directly.


I would assume that group was reincarnated together.


Ra’An:  The group did not take individual bodies; however, a band of approximately twelve angels stayed with Terry, surrounding and protecting her and she was the main focus.


Terry:  So that she could come into this realm by herself, not with a group, but so she had a lot of angelic support?


Ra’An:  The group came into this realm also, but did not take bodies, but they, in surrounding proximity to her, to help her to stay balanced and focused.


Terry:  They’re still there, yes?


Ra’An:  A number of them (8 of them) have been sent back to the heavenly realm to prepare the groundwork there to bring back information that has been gathered from this realm, and to refresh themselves.


Wynn:  Four of them are still here, yes?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  Are they paying attention to us now?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  Would it be of service-value, to let any of them address us if they chose to?


Ra’An:  Not at this time.


Wynn:  We send our love and support to you and thank you for being with us and helping us in what we’re doing.


When Saint Catherine was manifesting, what was the circumstance, the situation that made her know that she could be a voice for the higher realms?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


There was no delay, because instantly the connection was there and the response was immediate.


Wynn:  As she was growing up she knew she was connected?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  In this lifetime, I don’t sense that—maybe I’m wrong—she knew she was connected; it evolved in this lifetime. Is that true?


Ra’An:  In this lifetime, there was a difficult circumstance with the last life death and the difficult circumstance within the birth family in this lifetime. There was praying, and the connection was not completely felt until, when it was felt, she taught Sunday school from the age of 14 to the age of 18 and prayed often. The connection was made, but it was not totally realized until later.


Wynn:  This kind of confirms what I was saying earlier, that you could come in and have a really connected lifetime, and then as you keep showing up you could get a little bit distracted from your connection, as has happened to Terry. It probably has happened to lots of people.


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  Am I correct in saying that there are these random synchronicities that come in that are what sends a person back into a focus of a higher lifetime?


Ra’An:  We question the words ‘random’ and ‘synchronicities’; however, there is a sensoring (a gaining of insight by use of one’s sensory perception in the factors which influence processes)  and there is a focus and intention within the individual, that brings the individual back and enables them, when an opportunity, which you call a synchronicity, arises to pick up on it and take hold and to go with it.


Wynn:  To follow it through, so to speak?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  I don’t think I’ve ever asked this; I’ve made my own conclusions; that the soul picks up the DNA, or maybe it was just always resonating with the DNA as a macrocosm-microcosm. When it comes into the new body, it programs the DNA of the new body to look like the old body.


Ra’An:  That is correct; it resonates with the body.


Wynn:  That makes the new body fit the soul better, I would assume?


Ra’An:  It makes, it molds the new body, into an expression of the comfortable soul-matrix of the individual.


Wynn:  Yes. We know that some people look incredibly similar to their parents, or their grandparents. How does that enter into the mix?


Ra’An:  As an individual is first brought into the body, it takes more the characteristics of the parents; not necessarily, but in cases of strong identification and resonance with a new body, then it can move quickly into the form of the astral body the individual has been carrying. However, in some instances the parents’ DNA is less molded and then (as in the last example) as the individual grows older then it becomes to look more and more like they did in the past.


Sometimes the individual is brought back into the same genetic family line, which then would carry more of the looks of the genetic line, which would also then be the looks of the past ancestor, who would now be incarnating into family line.


Wynn:  I believe I may have asked this before but I can’t remember the answer. It’s a good question to ask again, because this is a big point of contention amongst various theological discussions: at what point the soul actually comes into the body.


If you’re an astrologer, you would say that the soul comes into the body that very first moment that the person was born, that’s when the astrology takes effect. I do believe that all the astrological configurations are also on some level part of the DNA imprint that comes in in a given moment. Can you give any clarification of that?


Ra’An:  An individual can come into the body at any point; however, if an individual may have a large space, the individual may hang out in the area of the body, but outside the body and may be seen moving next to the body in the fairly large area that the individual had when the individual previously was alive.


If an individual is very perceptive, they may see the energy form of that individual in the baby-body. For the individual may be gradually moving into synchronization with the body; this is another reason that affects that the individual may look more like the parents until later, when the individual has moved fully into the body and the begins to program the DNA.


So there is not a particular moment when the soul can move into the body. It may be that the individual, from the time of conception, moves around the mother and is waiting for the individual to be conceived and to then develop and be born. An individual soul may choose a parent before conception and may stick around and wait for that conception and the subsequent birth of the baby.


Wynn:  Thank you very much.


Unless there is any further data that you would like to add to this, we’ll leave the space.


Then we will bring this call to a close.


Ra’An:  We thank you for the opportunity to converse with you; it is an honor and our joy. We send Love Light to each and every person who comes within reach of this call, either through reading the transcript or being on the line now or on BBS Radio or listening to the replays on BBS Radio or on this telephone call line. Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. Thank you all for being here. We’ll see you Wednesday when you submit your own questions. Have a good evening!



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