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Wednesday Call 02/22/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O’Brien
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is Wednesday, February 22nd, [2012] Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona; Daphne in Cape Cod and everyone else - everywhere. This is our Wednesday night call where people submit questions that we ask. We have some new people who submitted questions tonight. If you happen to be listening on the replays or you’re here for the first time, this is really an unusual thing we do here. When we are communicating to what I call our sources, it’s not exactly normal channeling.

The reason is, we’re talking not to one being… In a channeling you could talk to a discarnate soul, you could talk to a wise soul, you could talk to an ascended soul, and you could talk to a grand Tibetan master, etcetera all the way up. They’re not group matrixes. We’re talking to an assemblage. I can’t prove this, but this is how they describe themselves. You have to pay attention, come into these calls a few times to feel the resonance of this. They’re a group soul that exists way up in a higher dimension.

What’s a higher dimension? It’s another timeline; it’s a place where time actually stops. There is this one idea of the universe that time is an artificial mechanism so life can experience itself. Then, there are all these multiple timelines that expand out from the center where time stops. The Elohim say they’re at the center of all those timelines; they don’t have bodies. They’re pure energy and they have the ability to move through what some people call the field, through the energy of all the timelines and to come into our space, right where we are.

On this call, many people experience that, so no matter where you are, no matter what country you’re in – we’re just like pin-pricks in the distance. When we come on this call, they can tune into our frequencies. If you are open to having that experience, you may feel this energy come into your space. Some of you are feeling it just as I talk about it – it’s subtle. It’s not like in your face; it’s in your space. It’s like an add-on; it’s like a plug-in on your computer. It’s an extra frequency and you start to feel this frequency or this shift around you. Maybe you feel little tingles in your body; everyone is different. Some people can see them who are more psychic. They say they see all these beings coming in; and, they’re interacting with us right on the call, if you let them. They don’t violate your free will.

There are two aspects to feel this:

  1. You’re open to the experience and you ask for it; and the other is

  2. You’re sufficiently neutral.

Neutral means you’re not filling the space up with your thoughts, with feelings – just kind of becoming an empty vessel, so to speak.

Sometimes people have some really deep traumas that they have to go through before they can have the space inside of them to make those connections. If you’re one of those people, please ask a question about it on one of our Wednesdays, because bringing it to the surface is one of the most powerful ways of dealing with it, with trauma. Many people have trauma; they’ve been abused this life or other lifetimes. They maybe have abused other people and then have guilt. To have this experience of feeling their energies, you need to process some of your trauma.

On that note, we’re going to start. Terry, are you there?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: I have to always ask if you’re there; make sure you don’t ascend while I’m talking.

Terry: I have to come back to answer.

Wynn: At least we have Daphne as a background.

Terry: Right - in case I keep on going.

Wynn: We could talk all night as to which one of you is the understudy. Do you know what an understudy is?

Terry: Maybe we’re both the understudy of them.

Wynn: Probably so. When Daphne started it, Terry picked up her frequency and Terry kept going. We’re going to do an invocation, and better remember to say ‘highest’ or ‘higher’ or Daphne will get mad at me.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect everyone on this line, everyone on the replays, Terry and myself and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milk Way, through the energy fields of the solar systems, of the planet, through the energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us to create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We wait for our sources to make themselves known.

Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is February 22nd, 2012 and we are delighted to welcome each and every person on this line and each and every new person. We are very honored to have you join us. We are available today to give assistance; we are available 24/7. There is a whole language that does not apply to us, because we can appear and disappear. We don’t travel over distance, we can just be there.

Do you have questions?

Wynn: We do. Our first question is from Edna. Edna asks:

When I am in meditation and the energy is high, my head wants to move freely from right to left in a repeated mode. If I make the question, I normally will get an answer with a short movement up and down for ‘yes’ and right and left for ‘no’. Sometimes the movement of my head does a clear writing mode which looks like I would be writing words with the tip of my nose. In that case, I concentrate on the tip of my nose to follow the letters and understand the words which results always in a very positive and uplifting, short message in sentences.

The question is: when I am having this experience, am I in connection with these sources? Are these sources that are on this line answering my questions, or is it the result of my own mind? Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you.

There is a connection beyond the mind that is connected to your mind and then inputting that information into your mind, which is then responding with the body response.

Wynn: Is that the answer?

Ra’An: Yes. So, it is on a via but it is us imparting information to your mind, which is then imparting it through your body.

Wynn: Next question is from Nancy in Florida. Her question is:

How do we slip into a level space or dimension of wealth and away from poverty? Obviously, these places exist as there are many wealthy people. How can we become one of them? What’s the criterion behind wishing upon it?

I want to make a couple of comments there from my own experiences. There’s an idea that was in the movie The Secret – the Law of Attraction. Although I think there is a lot of truth in that, there is also a missing piece of the story, because people think if they just think something it magically might come. That may be true occasionally, for some people in certain circumstances. But, for most people it requires a building, a foundation, a daily work, a daily goal – finding something that works. Learning how to let people know that you have it; learning how to market yourself if it’s a business. You have to think each step through.

I didn’t used to understand this; I used to think things happen by magic and you just ended up a certain way. I’ve never proven that it worked that way for me. The thing is, if you want to become wealthy you need to find something that creates value for other people. You need to do it on a small scale to prove that you’re right and then you need to market it. You need to market it to people – what is marketing?

Marketing is figuring out how to let people know what you have. I guess otherwise you can always marry a rich husband. That’s my two cents; forget everything I said and let’s see what our sources say.

Ra’An: Thank you for your question.

When an individual aligns themselves with a purpose and their focus is upon that purpose and they are reaching out to others with that purpose in their focus and in their heart and they are connecting to others with that purpose, they have an attention upon certain factors. Because their attention is on those factors they notice things around them and in their field that have to do with their purpose and connect up with those things in their surroundings. It is their vision, their observation, their connection to what they are focused on that then allows them to connect with those things in their surroundings and bring that to them. The Secret and other channelings talk about the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is, one might say, at mono-level. It is one factor, but one needs a full-faceted attention to their focus and their intention and their purpose to not only observe and connect with those things around them to bring them to them, but to back the thing up with work, with effort, with their own endeavor. This, also, will make then make a multi – we might call it ‘attachment’ – to their surroundings; a multi-level attachment, where they can bring things to themselves, connect with other people, work with other people, communicate with other people, learn what is out there in their area of endeavor, their area of purpose. [And] match up with the frequencies, and so-being matched up learn how they can contribute to others. Then, there can be a value exchange, be it monetary or be it barter, or another method to bring joy and fulfillment to that individual.

When the area a person is focused on brings them fulfillment, then it is the most full-bodied way that a person can connect and when it is in an area where they bring value and fulfillment to others, then they will gain value monetarily and in all other ways.

Wynn: Thank you.

We happen to know Nancy is doing massage therapy. If I was doing massage therapy, and I wasn’t having enough business I would put myself out so I was really busy, really busy and let every one know this is a temporary thing; prices have to go up or you can’t afford to live. The more you do it, the more you give to people, the more they feel it, the more they’ll appreciate you, the more people hear about you.

Slowly raise your prices and raise your prices for the new people and tell the old people “I’m giving you the old prices for another three months or six months.” In that way, you keep upgrading your value and what you charge and not lose the loyalty of the people who supported you in the beginning.

That’s one way – that may not be your only way to do that – to do a business like they one you’re doing.

Next question: This is from Michael, Rochester. What is the best thing a person can do to let go of everything and let the true self remain and emerge?

Ra’An: That is a very good question. We love this question.

One of the things is to determine what is not yours, what ideas are not yours? What are the things you have taken on? What attitudes may have been adopted but are not yours truly?

Everyone has a track where they have come to the current time and in the track they have adopted being in the third density positions that were taken on to help them survive in the third density. It is hard to realize all of these things a person has adopted, even the Ra group – although they have graduated – have taken with them some semblances, some things they have taken on in the third density; things that were necessary for survival, things that they may have used to feel superior and in feeling superior, they were not being their true-self, but were using another to leverage themselves up in their own attitude to increase their belief that they could survive better, that they were superior, that they were smarter, that they were better; the things to attempt to leverage themselves in the third density, the desire to have superior wealth.

When we say these things, we are speaking in general. We realize that much of this, many of these things do not apply to you, or maybe only extraneously to you, as you have worked with yourself in the past to balance yourself and to come to your own self and your own identity. There are things that you can observe about yourself that may come from outside of yourself, or from othernesses.

One of the things you can observe about yourself is any mind-chatter. Do not be critical of any mind-chatter, or any lack of total ability to obtain total silence and total being there without distraction. You have gained some of this and you may observe yourself for any further things in this area that can be observed and loved and released.

These are our initial questions to you, and we send you our love.

Wynn: Thank you.

By the way, on that question about abundance – that was not from Nancy, that was from Kimberly who does the massage forum.

We have another question here from David. David had heard me on Sunday at the Conscious Life Expo, and I had said something and I don’t think, I can’t remember if I’ve asked this or not; I just assumed it. I’ll ask it, because David is kind of asking it. The way his question reads:

When you have the session in L.A. the other Sunday, you mentioned the Elohim can help one after death to make a smooth transition to the afterlife. You said some other things that day I hadn’t heard before, but the afterlife question really interested me.

We’ve had questions about angels that come in and help us. A couple of weeks ago, I had asked the question: What’s the most important thing that we can know and the answer had to do with how to have a good death; how to know what to look for when you die. Apparently; you’re not just being swung around, you have choices. It’s not just you’re on a track of pre-arranged conditions; there are choices that come to you and if you don’t make the right choices, the experience in your future lifetimes may not be nearly as good.

I also have this idea that when we start to feel these energies, and we become friends with these higher sources; as energetics while we’re in 3D, that when we die we will carry that connection and if we look for it, that may be what the Tunnel of Light brings in.

I’ve added some things to David’s questions, but we’ll leave it open-ended for you to answer as you would.

Ra’An: Thank you.

The Elohim and the higher realms and the angels, particularly the angels, help and are available when someone passes over to what we might call the “New Chapter” in their life; a chapter and turning over a page and opening up to a new segment, a new episode, in their life track experience.

When an individual is nearing the time of death, often they go through a transition period, one where they are disconnecting from their body, going more exterior from their body, exploring a little bit what it is like to let go of their body. Then, the angels monitor when the person may reach the period of death. This is one scenario in death – one of the typical scenarios.

The Tunnel of Light is a vortex that the angels can guide the individual soul to. And the individual, in moving through the Tunnel of Light, then can be further prepared for transition to higher frequency life. In the higher frequencies, the astral body of the individual then becomes more lighted, and the individual then can connect with other beings of light, and can be given a whole, new life – a past life debriefing from the past life so that they can then let those things be and move on into a future, new life.

The connection that the Elohim can give the person the opportunity to learn to focus on different frequencies, as we are a very high frequency and in life on the third density, the individual focuses more upon the lower frequencies – the minerals, the earth, the surroundings, the grounding.

We are, in a sense, the completion of the frequencies at the high end, and by learning to tune oneself then one can also learn to open one’s chakras and open one’s heart in connection with us and then transfer it to their life in the third density to add to their frequencies while they are there; and, to open them up to sense the angels and to be available to move to a higher density to continue their life, to get their debriefing.

Some individuals in the third density, particularly individuals who have been suddenly murdered or suddenly killed in an accident, do not realize that they have lost their body because they are still moving on with their astral body and have had not the chance to prepare themselves to disconnect from their body and to explore the idea of moving on. These individuals, then, stay in similar circumstances to where they died trying to figure out the confusion of “What happened?” and how come they can’t talk to anybody or nobody seems to listen to them or answer them if they speak to someone. It is very confusing. Or, they may try to relive the past, and figure out from there what happened.

To make the connection with the angels and with the Elohim/us and the Ra group/us is an opening that one can begin to know there is more besides life in the third density and one can get extreme benefit by a past life review in that they can evaluate their reactions or other’s reactions to them and they can work through that and can then chose how they wish to move on in their future.

That is our answer.

Wynn: An added question to this is:

When one passes and they are in the astral moving up and onward, is there the circumstance possibility which happens in 3D, a negative source might try to rob that person’s energy and identify themselves as an angel, when in fact they aren’t.

Ra’An: If an individual is really aware they can tell what the individual approaching them, the entity approaching them, is whether they may be negative or whether they may be positive. The more aware a person is, the more they can tell, the more pure the individual is in their heart the more that they can choose to not be affected or even approached by a negative source.

Wynn: Thank you.

I’ve got to go through this and hope I don’t break up. [Crying.]

Since we’re talking about this we haven’t made an announcement of this: but Suzanne Hayes passed two days ago and she was in a rehabilitation home and, I think according her daughters, they weren’t expecting her to live. Suzanne has been transcribing our Wednesday calls for probably three years and many of us have had the benefit of her transcriptions. Maybe we could take a moment and send light to Suzanne.

The other day we actually talked to a voice through Terry that was Suzanne saying goodbye to us which I will put up on our messages in the next couple of days.

Any comments from our sources about that?

Ra’An: Thank you.

Suzanne is much loved and she is in a place now where the love can flood to her and she can give and take freely as she is beautiful and pure and now is in a position of being a light being. Her soul, her astral soul, her matrix is radiating love like jewels. She is in a place of love, a very good place, and a very warm and comfortable place in the sense of giving and receiving. She is in an honored place.

Wynn: Thank you.

We have one more question tonight from Michelle in Australia. If it’s okay with our sources, Daphne is on the line maybe she would like to answer this question. *6 if you’re on. Hello?

Going once… I’ll ask our sources through Terry.

This is from Michelle: At the moment I seem to be feeling the parts, aspects and fragments of others around me that they are in denial of and need to bring back into their body to be whole. This can involve me taking on that quality of energy or feelings, sometimes until I have explained to the person what they are not owning about themselves. This is very useful and healing to the person, but can be painful for me to hold for long periods. It makes me feel not in my energy enough to live my own life while it is happening.

I often can’t seem to choose when it happens; parts of the person just slowly start seeping into me, often in the night, often until I am energetically joined with them. Is this my gift and is it a matter of just learning to deal with it? Or, is there something I need to clear or learn, so that I can choose when to open and close to other’s energies?

Thank you for your work Wynn and Terry.

Love Michelle – South Wales, Australia

Ra’An: Thank you. You are very empathic, and you are in the connection with them open, as if it is an open electrical connection that is open and lets the current through. This can be disorienting, as you empathetically seek to help the other correct areas which you know instinctively would help the person to correct. It is a gift that you have, and you can work with the centering of your own self, the balancing of your own self, and the focusing of your own self to set up when you deem it wise or you deem it important or necessary for your own health and wellbeing to setup a firewall that is not harsh but is simply cuddling your own energies together to nurture your own being without the uncontrollable necessity of taking on the other.

In other words, what we are saying is to nurture your own self and balance your own self so that you may, at will and under your own control, take on or not take on the sense from the other that is seeking correction. We hope this makes sense.

Wynn: Thank you. That’s it for tonight.

Thanks to you all for being here and supporting this work we’re doing. Thanks to all the new people for showing up; check out our other calls – every call is different way of being.

On our Monday call: I usually pick a topic that you might be interested in and question our sources on that topic. Our Wednesday call, you submit questions and on our Sunday call we have a group energy healing session. It’s kind of a timeline that goes between these calls so if you start listening to them regularly many people notice a shift in their life, an elevation of their own energy connection.

We invite you to try that and see if it works for you. I thank everyone who is volunteering, transcribing, sending out emails, Terry for being so dedicated and Daphne for being our founder.

We’ll see you all next time.

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