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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Monday – 02/27/2012

With Special Guests Carla and Jim McCartey
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Wynn:  Welcome to our Monday Night Wynn Free conference call, live on BBS Radio.

This is Monday, February 27th, 2012 – my name is Wynn Free and we are doing our Monday Night simulcast conference call between our conference call line and BBS Radio. I have some really special guests tonight. I am honored to have Carla Rueckert, and her husband Jim McCarty. Are you guys there? Say ‘hello’ so we know you’re there.

Carla: Hey, this is Carla.

Jim: This is Jim.

Wynn: Carla you can speak closer to the microphone; get a little louder. Is Terry Brown there?

Terry: Yes, I’m here.

Wynn: Terry and I are acting as co-hosts and Jim and Carla are our guests tonight. Anyone on the conference call want to say anything before we get muted?

Those of you who have been regular listeners to our Monday night sessions know that Carla has been a regular guest now for two years, almost, except for the period of time when she was recovering from her spinal surgery. Carla is a legend. She doesn’t like to be considered a legend; nonetheless, she is a legend in the annals of channeling. In 1981 through 1983, she was in a channeling group and she had a very astute, intelligent channeling partner named Don Elkins. Don asked the questions. It was very sophisticated, and various sources would come through her channelings. Sometimes they identified themselves as E.T.s; sometimes I think she had discarnate beings. Suddenly, there was this first-time identification of a voice that said, “I am Ra and the sophistication of your question has brought us forward.”

For the next two years, there was a series of dialogues asking questions about who Ra was and how the universe works. All of this was done under very controlled environment. Carla’s website is called ‘llresearch’, which means ‘Love and Light Research.’ It was kind of like a research project, because when something speaks through someone it takes a while to figure out if you can trust them, if you can trust the information, are they who they say they are? The voice that was speaking through Carla identified itself as a social memory complex, or in simple language – a group soul – a group soul that was composed of a multitude of individuated souls who graduated from this realm, from what’s commonly called 3-D, and went on in their evolution. In the higher aspect of their evolutionary path, they teamed up together and created a group energy whose mission was to help planets that were still in the muck and mire of 3-D, of reincarnation – help planets and planetary populations graduate this realm.

Through the history of mankind, this group soul has played huge parts and interventions in contributing to our evolutionary path. They were connected in Egypt; they were connected to Jesus; they say they were connected (to these). They describe, through Carla’s four or five books, called “Ra: the Law of One”, how they interface, what they’ve done in the past and how we can access them. Carla’s work has influenced many people who have gone on to influence many people such as myself, such as David Wilcock, and many others. Her work is considered some of the most pristine, precise, accurate channelings in the history of the planet. If you got our email today, you saw that weird picture of Carla – do you know the weird picture of you, Carla?

Carla: The picture of me in the channeling bed?

Wynn: In the channeling bed with candles above your head and everything.

Carla: Yes.

Wynn: It kind of looks like out of a science fiction movie. I believe that when Carla was originally doing the Ra channelings, she was having negative greetings, negative attacks. Part of the placement of those objects above her head was to create a purer connection and protection. Am I right there, Carla?

Carla: Almost. It was really to give me comfort as I did the work. It was a positive reason rather than a defensive reason.

Wynn: To make you be more secure, more connected.

Carla: That’s right, because my Christian background is such that the altar, the symbols, the cross, the candles, the chalice, the incense – all of those things filled my senses and made me feel as if I were in a good place.

Wynn: Thank you for sharing that.

Eventually, the Ra contact came to an end and a new voice identified itself through Carla that said it was Q’uo (but when I’m with Carla I have to say ‘Keo’), right?

Carla: No, it’s Q’uo.

Wynn: Q’uo is okay?

Carla: Yes.

Wynn: Q’uo identified itself to be a group soul that was made of three subsidiary groups joined together to bring these messages forth. The Q’uo group had the Ra group at the top of it, and then it had two other groups beneath it. I believe that what they were doing was they were creating a stair step, a continuum, through the realms so that the channelings would be more accessible, easier and more protected in terms of the channel. Carla, at the time, and presently is married to Jim McCartey who acted as a great helper to Carla during that period and very devoted at supporting the work and the importance of it. One of the most amazing things as I studied Carla’s material is that there was a period of time where the Q’uo intelligence would start speaking through Carla and then she would turn it over to Jim and without missing a beat, Jim would continue channeling the same source in pretty close to the same vocabulary. They would go back and forth; I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of this happening in any of the channeled materials that I had studied.

We’ve had Carla on many times, and I invited her to see if Jim would like to come on tonight and share his story, and Jim let me ask you: When you first got exposed to Carla, when you first met her, were you an avid studier of metaphysical things, of channeling – or did she introduce you to it? Or did the work of Don Elkins introduce you to it?

Jim: I had been studying on my own for the previous ten to twelve years before I met Carla; I had read some channeled material from Jane Roberts. I had been to a survival school in Colorado that taught what was called “Brain Self-Control” which was for the purpose of clearing your energies so that you might be able to make contact with other sources that we would call extraterrestrial.

Wynn: Had you channeled, or just read about channeling?

Jim: I had just read about channeling, I had never tried it. I wanted to learn.

Wynn: How did you run into Carla?

Jim: Like I said, I’d been at the school in Colorado that had the basic philosophy of using your own energies after systems therapy in the wilderness to open up to other sources and begin to channel. I moved to Kentucky to try to begin my own school, and learn how to do this better. In the process, I became part of what was then called “The Back to the Land” movement – it was a lot of the well-educated college kids, young, moving to the countryside – becoming self-sufficient.

When I got here, I discovered there was a large number of these types of people and that they had even formed a meditation group. One of them was from Louisville, where Don and Carla were. They were attempting to form a light center in central Kentucky, in the same area in which I was living. We were all living in what you would call ‘primitive conditions without electricity, using kerosene for lights and wood for heat and raising our own food.

When I discovered another group on the other side of the county, which was part of our food-buying co-op at the time was from Louisville. They had a meditation group that was started by Don and Carla in Louisville. I started going to their group here, and they eventually invited me to join them in Louisville with Don and Carla. So, the first time I met Carla was in the summer of 1978 on a trip up from central Kentucky.

Wynn: You began attending their group?

Jim: Right. I began driving there; they had meditations on Sunday evenings. I lived about 70 miles away in central Kentucky. Another fellow who lived on the same creek that I did would get together with me (and) we’d drive up to Louisville each Sunday night, attend the meditation then on the way back we’d talk about everything that had gone on. We were all excited about that. That happened for about six or eight months before Don eventually invited me to join them.

I didn’t join right away; I had been taking information from a group in Oregon called “Cosmic Awareness Communications”; I thought that was pretty interesting information so I decided first to go out there and be part of that group. After about a month, an opportunity to make a lot of money came up that kind of surprised me; I didn’t have anything against money but it wasn’t why I was there. I took the weekend out to meditate in my little trailer to find out what to do. About thirty seconds into the meditation, I got the very clear signal to return to Louisville and join Don and Carla. So I re-traced my 2,500 mile journey and came to Louisville and joined them in December of 1980.

Wynn: What year was that?

Jim: 1980. That was three weeks before the Ra contact began.

Wynn: You were present in the room when that started, yes?

Jim: Only briefly. I had gone out to buy groceries; Don and Carla were teaching another student how to channel and I wasn’t at that particular session. I came in the door halfway through it in the first session; you’ll see this one place where Ra says, “We must pause to deepen the instrument’s state.” I’m coming in the door with groceries from Kroger’s in each arm and banging the door shut, going through the living room where they’re having the meditation and into the kitchen to unload the groceries.

I interrupted the first Ra contact.

Carla: I think that it took about three weeks for Jim’ energy to filter into my energy body enough so that I was powerful enough physically to receive the Ra vibrations, which were very narrow-band. Jim was absolutely essential for the contact.

Wynn: He wasn’t there on the first… just half there.

Carla: It’s the only one he ever missed.

Wynn: After that, he started holding the space. When you say “his energies started filtering into you”, some people don’t understand that. Explain? I think people filter into each other all the time, in daily life, but they don’t really know that’s happening. Explain it in your own words.

Carla: Alright.

I think we’ve all experienced being with someone who just energizes us and who makes us feel better; who makes us feel that things are possible; who gives us hope. Men have a tremendous amount of physical energy, and Jim is a very powerful man. Being with Jim was like being connected to a battery. That’s actually very literal, because in the metaphysical world they actually call some people ‘batteries’ and it’s well-known that mediums need these batteries in order to even out and strengthen their vibration. Jim has always been that for me; he’s been that spark-plug, that energizer that gives me physical energy. All my life, I have had pretty much a deficit of that. I’ve had a lot of emotional energy, a lot of mental energy and tons of spiritual energy. But, when you get to the physical, I’m on the frail side. With Jim, I’m just stronger.

Wynn: There is this idea that when people partner and they share energy like that, they’re actually not just sharing energy in the moment. They’re actually helping each other open up DNA strands, where one partner has an emphasis on the masculine (and) the other the feminine. The interaction starts an interface.

Carla: I think it’s an energy exchange so that you have a mutual exchange. Men tend to have – except for you of course, Wynn – somewhat of a deficit of inspiration and can feel a little bit on the plodding side. Women tend to have an excess of inspiration and intuition and insight and that knowing energy. I think there is an energy exchange. The Ra group talks about that a lot.

Jim and I were a beautiful example of a mutual energy exchange that was beneficial for us both, and since we were both giving out of what we had in abundance it did not make either of us the poorer. It made both of us the richer.

Wynn: Right. Sometimes when people hear that someone gives someone else their energy they think of it in terms like maybe I’m draining that person or maybe they’re draining me. At the optimum level, there’s a sender and a receiver. The receiver would be – this doesn’t necessarily have to match your body type – a female could be a sender and a male could be a receiver. They could even switch roles if they’re evolved enough where they’re not attached to who is the assertive one. The receptive is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than the assertive. I always use the example of the Grand Canyon and how the river cuts through the rock eventually and wins.

While this Ra channeling was going on, Jim, did you have any inkling as to its historic significance?

Jim: No, not really at the time. Since I had missed that first session I wasn’t aware of the type of information that was being transmitted or the feel to it. When Don asked me to transcribe it as soon as possible, I was kind of questioning “Why do I have to do this so quick when I have other things to do? That was just another channeling, wasn’t it?” He said “No, this was something special. I think you’ll be interested in what it has to say and how it was said.” It wasn’t until after I finished transcribing that session that I really got a feel for what was going on.

Carla: The person who didn’t know what was going on the longest was I. I had no idea. Don was a thorough-going scientist and he was afraid if I knew what was being channeled it would pollute the information. For the first 23 sessions or so, I was in the dark and I wondered why in the world they would ask me “Does your mind-body-spirit complex have a distortion towards hunger/fullness?” I’d go “What?”

Finally they let me read it because they asked Ra if it was going to bother the material if she reads it? Ra said “No, it’s not going to matter at all.

Wynn: Obviously, you were in a total trance when this was going on.

Carla: I was. That was the only time I was ever in trance was with Ra. You were right about Q’uo too because when I found out what had happened with Q’uo – they got together in specific answer to my prayer request when I set my intention before channeling I would go through a process I’d call ‘tuning’. I would ask for the highest and best contact that I could carry in a conscious, stable manner of the energies and the vibration of Jesus the Christ. They were responding to that request.

Ra was in the mix, but it had to be stepped down into something that I could carry consciously because the trance channeling was very, very hard on me physically. I was lucky to weigh 85 pounds for about three years.

Wynn: I know that there were people around you who were afraid you were going to leave the realm during that period, yes?

Carla: And there were entities that would have greatly enjoyed seeing me do that. It was really important, when Don died, that I protect myself and stay in the conscious. I was not skillful as a trance medium; I didn’t know what I was doing.

I have managed to do that with the help of Q’uo, especially. I consciously channel to this day.

Wynn: I have this theory and I don’t think I’ve ever run it by you. The way things worked with you is that Don had a tremendously grounded hologram from the lower realms way up high. He could hold the space like the stair steps for the parts that were missing with you which allowed the Ra contact to occur. When Don had passed, he was no longer able to do that. The groups conferred, and they built a stair step in other realms so that it could come through you in a more seamless way.

That’s just a theory. Does that make any sense to you?

Carla: That’s true; you’re absolutely right Wynn.

Wynn: The Ra group still is speaking through this stair step but if you ever read Q’uo channelings, they’re more refined. They’re more eloquent. They’re less catalytic.

Carla: They’re more inspirational and less informational.

Wynn: They’re more inspirational; whereas Ra is kind of cut and dry. “This is the way it is.” It can shake people up to read the Ra material – in a good way if they allow it – but nonetheless it can shake them up. It doesn’t cater to their … the information may not be presented in the most diplomatic fashion.

Carla: It’s like listening to scientists or German philosophers or something – it’s very dense information. It’s not prateful to casual reading; you really have to sit down and get into it. Whereas with the Q’uo material, I think is very pleasant to read and it’s fun to read. When people react the strongest, I think it’s always to the Ra material because that was information at its purest. It took both Jim and Don to bring that through. They were both batteries but they were different types of battery. Don was a wisdom battery; Jim was power. Ra talked about the balance between us quite a bit. I furnished the love. I love everybody. I actually do.

Wynn: When the Ra contact came to an end, how soon thereafter did the Q’uo contact start?

Carla: Jim, do you know?

Jim: It was probably two or three months, I would say. Yes.

Wynn: I assume you were there holding the space, right Jim?

Jim: Right.

Wynn: At that point after three years of Ra contact,

Carla: It was four altogether, but most of the work was done in the first two years.

Wynn: Jim, you had come to the conclusion that this was an extremely important contact?

Jim: Right. After I transcribed that first session I could tell that there was a wave speaking and not just the information given but a wave speaking that was very profound and precise.

Wynn: You could feel the energy?

Jim: Oh yes.

Wynn: That’s one of the things about the Ra material and the Q’uo material and even my own Elohim material: when you read it, it’s not just words. If you allow yourself to be open and sensitive, there’s an energy that comes through it. I believe that as you read the materials you start to tune yourself to the source. (You) can feel that (I don’t know if [that’s] the right terminology); it happens faster than (you) can feel it. It happens as you’re tuning yourself to the energy and you automatically start connecting with energy – potentially, not everyone. Some people are going to read it and it’s just going to be in their minds. People who are sensitive get triggered by this material and they start understanding who these sources are, not just from the words they describe themselves as, but this wave that comes through you that you can feel and then uplifts you.

Am I saying that in a way that you agree with?

Carla: Yes, I do. Jim, go ahead.

Jim: I think that what Ra said at one point – they weren’t giving us so much information that we didn’t know; they were reminding us of what we already knew: This vibration that came with their information sort of set up a harmonic with people who are attempting to remember the same sorts of things that Ra had to offer. Ra was really tuning in with us and we with Ra.

Wynn: Right. Since many of the people who are attracted to this material would come under the category of ‘old souls’ which meant that they had many, many, many, many, many, many lifetimes. When they hear the truth or read the truth, it starts to wake them up on a cellular level because it’s not reading about something that happened in the past, it’s reading something that happened in their past because they were there. When you read it, (it) stimulates memories of your own past if you happen to be one of those people who is an old soul. The Ra group has said that there are multi-millions of what they call Ra wanderers who have come into the Earth realm. According to Carla’s channelings, 90% of them get lost once they’re here. They forget; there’s nothing in this realm to reconnect them.

You might ask, “Why do they come here if they are going to forget and they’re going to get lost again?” My answer to that and my understanding is: If no higher density beings took incarnations in this realm, this realm would fall off the cliff. The negative would take it over and it would be done. It’s very important that these beings come here, and even if only a percentage of them wake up and take on a warrior role, then it gives a huge amount of hope to this realm.

Carla: The phenomenon is, Wynn, that when a few people act as lighthouses, such as you are doing and we are doing and so many other wonderful people are doing, then that sympathetic vibration tunes more and more people and they wake up and they (say) “Oh! Yes! This is what I’m here for, this is why I did this. This is why I’m suffering all these things and so I can help. I can really help.” Then they wake up, they become lighthouses, and they start turning people on. With sympathetic vibrations, it just builds and builds and the positive light force is really moving forward on this planet because of that. Lots of people are remembering who they are, why they’re here. And, it’s so wonderful to know you’re not alone.

Wynn: That’s why it’s so important. People listen to these shows and they don’t take the follow-up step of reading the materials. If any of this resonates with you, you have to read the materials – Carla’s materials, my materials, whatever– and let those energies anchor--because the study of the materials is amazing in its ability to change you on a cellular level. It’s not easy to change on a cellular level because all of us who are in this realm have had many, many lifetimes of contraction where we’ve gotten stuck and we have no idea who we were. We knew we didn’t fit, we suffered, we got killed – now there’s this material that is probably the most precise explanations of how it all works on the planet. Take advantage of it and read it. This is not ordinary reading.

One of the things about Jim – he started attending and supporting the energy of the Q’uo sessions. I don’t ever hear Carla talk about this much; you have to kind of discover it by accident, which I did. There was a point where Jim and Carla were channeling together in a way that I have never, ever – maybe there are other people who do it, but I’d never heard of it happening like this: Carla would start a channeling and somewhere along the line she would say, “I’m turning it over to Jim” and without missing a beat, Jim would continue the channeling as if it was the same person. (There was) similar vocabulary, similar sentence structures – everything.

Carla: You know what they preferred though, Wynn? They really preferred it when he took questions. I was better for the long theme, the opening theme, the opening riff. There would be one basic question. At the end, we opened the session to short questions. They liked to go to Jim because he has a very terse, efficient mind. He’s not a man that’s wordy as I am. He says it shortly and clearly and lucidly and then goes on. They liked working with him for the short questions at the end because they could get through a lot more questions that way. Usually when they went to him it would be so they could take questions from the group. He was very kind to do that.

Wynn: Thank you, Jim. When did you first find out that they could talk through you? How did that happen for you?

Jim: I was part of a group that was learning how to channel and Carla was teaching. I guess that was about 1979 or so; it started slowly being able to perceive the first few words like the greeting, the opening – just through practice, expanding upon that.

Wynn: You were doing it actually before the Ra channelings?

Jim: Yes. That was when I was coming up through central Kentucky to attend the sessions then I went out to Oregon to join the other group for a short time before returning to Don and Carla’s. There was a period there before I went to Oregon I learned how to do basic channelings. Then, I left and came back and continued my study with Carla in our Sunday night meditations, not during the Ra contact though.

Wynn: You were channeling by yourself at first?

Jim: I was channeling with Carla present; that’s one of the things we always emphasize. There needs to be an anchor channel there teaching, that you don’t go off and do it on your own because you do need their protection as you begin.

Wynn: Carla was anchoring you?

Jim: Right.

Wynn: You would help anchor her; she was anchoring you. Were you surprised the first time that happened?

Jim: Yes. When you first begin you’re not really sure if it’s your thought or their thought, but you have to just put all that doubt aside and just go ahead and speak and more words come. It’s like catching a ball and once you catch the ball and throw it, it makes room for another ball or another concept to come. It was just a matter of practice over a long period of time.

Wynn: That’s something I hear from everyone I know who channels – when it first starts, it seems like you’re making it up, like it’s your imagination. Suddenly you look at the words and say, “I couldn’t come up with that, could I?” Is that accurate for you?

Jim: Right. Yes, that’s absolutely accurate.

Wynn: I remember when I was writing songs, I’m sure in retrospect that I was channeling. I might have been connecting to the Ra group, although I have no idea; I never asked. I didn’t think of myself as a great writer or a great songwriter. I would write something down on a piece of paper and I didn’t know where it would go. Then another sentence would come in and another sentence would come in and by the time the song ended, I said “That reads perfectly! How did I do that?” It was like taking in so many concepts simultaneously and bringing them all to a close in an elegant way. I couldn’t do that in my conscious self.

I think probably a lot of artists, songwriters, poets – whatever – tap into that ability and do that. Do you still do that with Carla sometimes? Do you still work with her?

Jim: Not so much in recent years. It’s been my feeling that after 25 years of working really hard I’m kind of an average channel and we really don’t need another average channel when we have one like Carla, so I’d rather work her these days.

Carla: I disagree with that, by the way. I’ve never been able to convince him. I think he’s marvelous.

Wynn: I think the way that the two of you do that together is a very good thing in the sense that most people who are skeptics when they listen to channelings have a hard time believing it’s real. The way you two go back and forth, it’s like there’s a level of credibility… Carla has credibility; she’s been doing it so long. Always (with) new people, that interchange of going from one to the other is, I think, an amazing phenomena and a demonstration of the reality of channeling. That’s my two cents. I was going to see if Terry – Terry, are you listening?

Terry: Yes, I am.

Wynn: Terry tends to be very shy and she thinks everyone knows more than her so she won’t say anything. So, I have to encourage her.

Terry, why don’t you say something, if you like?

Terry: I’ve noticed that we go back and forth and you introduce and ask questions and then sometimes you provide answers. I’m in the channeling mode and they’re tuned in and they’re saying, “We would have said that. That would have been one of the things that we would have said.” I think you, more and more, are getting into the flow of picking up what they’re bringing through.

Wynn: I’m glad I’m not telling people that I’m a channel, although what I see for myself is that I have learned when I’m talking/communicating there’s different attributes of space in between my words. There’s a certain time when the space between my words becomes really wide. When that happens, I get the feeling that I’m accessing other dimensions. There are other times when it’s not wide. Particularly when there’s a group energy, I can feel how the space gets wider. Then, suddenly, I’m more in touch with things. I don’t usually ever bring through something that is like – I bring through stuff on a level of wisdom. But, if somebody asked me some historical question to validate it, I don’t ever seem to have access to stuff like that. I have access to levels of wisdom of how the dimensions work. It’s kind of like when I asked Daphne, “Was Terry ever anybody famous?” She just blurted out, “Look up St. Catherine of Sienna.”

I don’t know if you know about this Jim, but Daphne said, “Look up St. Catherine of Sienna” and there was this story of this woman in Sienna, Italy who would go into the local church and they would write down everything she said because they thought God was speaking to them through her. “St. Catherine’s Dialogues with God” are still published on Amazon, officially part of Catholic history. Terry was the absolute spitting image of St. Catherine – it kind of blew me away. It was like one of those milestone episodes that said, “I think what I’m doing is real.”

You guys don’t know this, but when I started writing the book about David Wilcock and when I met Daphne, I would be on the phone talking to Carla and we’d have conversations back and forth and I would tell her about this stuff because I didn’t know who else to talk to. She would listen. I don’t know what she thought at the time because it was very bizarre. It took me a couple of years to think that maybe they really were who they said they were. It was too science fiction like. Remember that Carla?

Carla: I do. I think I always told you to just look at the information and keep collecting the information. Let it speak for itself. You cannot do a pure, scientific experiment when you don’t have the instrumentation to measure it. That is true of channeling. What you have to do is collect a lot of information and then look at it carefully and see what you’ve got. The more information that you collect and the more pattern that you can perceive in that information, the better you will be able to be accurate when you’re speaking about the information. You can say, “In all of these so many thousand transcripts, in all of these sessions, there has been a consistency. This consistency is remarkable, given that we as human beings are not consistent like that.”

I remember when Barbara Brodsky, who was my co-channel on the Aaron/Q’uo dialogue first wrote and said, “I’m channeling this entity and I don’t know if I’m not just going crazy. Am I just hearing a voice and should I be in a loony bin?” I said, “Take it down, and ten years from now look back over it all and see if you think you could possibly have said all that. Just let the material convince you.”

She and I are great friends to this day. We just got a book out in December.

Wynn: You have a book called “The Channeling Handbook.”

Carla: There’s a story about that you’d love. She went into a bookstore and said, “I’m looking to learn more about channeling because I really want to understand what’s happening.” The guy said, “I don’t think I have anything; you’re welcome to look. I have books that are channeled, but I don’t have anything about channeling.” She went around and looked and she came up to say, “Sure enough I can’t find anything.” She looks down at the counter and there is my channeling handbook. She said, “Oh look! Here’s what you found. My gosh – can I buy this?” He said, “I don’t carry that. Where did that come from?” She said, “Can I buy it?” He said, “You can have it; I can’t sell it because it’s not on my inventory.” That’s how she found me in the first place. She wrote me and said, “I need some help. I want to understand this and thank you for that book.”

Wynn: I can say that’s funny, but I remember: One night somebody sent me a Ra channeling that they wanted me to read. I was sleeping and it came through on the internet. Get this--My printer turned on and it printed it – all by itself.

We’re talking about channeling, and I know that there are people who are listening and thinking,“I want to be a channel. I want to be a channel.” I want to address that. Terry, what were you going to say?

Terry: Don just broke in and said we can run late tonight.

Gijs: Wynn, may I ask a question?

Wynn: Could you wait one moment. Let me just make a mental note to go back to what I wanted to say about channeling.

Go ahead and ask your question.

Gijs: Carla, this is regarding Q’uo: I learned tonight that it’s a three part group soul – Ra is one of them. Those other two parts: what are their names and where are they from?

Carla: The other two: One (is) from the density of love, or fourth density – the density immediately above ours. That entities name is Hetan. Hetan offers his presence, his overwhelming love, and that energy that you feel between the words. The speaker of Q’uo is Latweii, who was always my favorite contact before those of Ra came in to me. Latweii is a fifth-density entity, density of wisdom – halfway between the density of love and the density of unity which is where Ra is. Latweii’s sense of humor furnishes the Q’uo group with a most delightful aspect. He’s very eloquent, as you said, and somewhat poetic.

In between the density of love – Hetan, the density of wisdom – Latweii, and the density of unity – Ra; that forms the strength of the principals of Q’uo.

Gijs: Have those been incarnated here on this planet or on other planets?

Carla: No. They have been incarnated in their own procession through the densities, but not on this planet. They come from elsewhere and they wish only to help. Being positively-oriented entities, they just wait for the asking. Indeed, when Ra came through the first time they said that they had come through because they perceived that there was a need within our group for information that was a bit more – what did they say, Jim? How did they put that?

Jim: More intense seeking, or what we would call ‘advanced’ although they weren’t using that term.

Carla: They come when called; they come in answer to the questions of the heart, and the prayers of the soul. You don’t necessarily hear anything, most people don’t. They just get an impression; they get an inspiration, an idea or a feeling; or, just a feeling that they are not alone, that there is hope. There’s comfort in the Universe.

Wynn: I’m going to say one comment about what I started to bring up about channeling and how tricky it can be. One of the things I’ve learned is that when we talk about a channel with a certain name, like Ra – like Hetan. Then, we become familiar with those names. There are negative sources in other realms that know exactly what’s going on. They can start talking to you and say they’re the same name and you suddenly think you’re a blessed person and you’re talking to Ra when in fact you’re not. That’s how tricky channeling is and that’s why it’s so important to learn the energetic signature of these sources, not just their names.

Those of you who are familiar with Egypt or have studied some of my stories, you know this early life of Edgar Cayce where he was a high priest in Egypt named Ra-Ta. And, in the Edgar Cayce channelings they told the whole story of Ra-Ta, 10,500 BC, how he was doing these miracles and healing and building pyramids by levitation.

Then I read in Carla Rueckert’s Ra material how the Ra group described that they found a high priest in Egypt that they had affinity with and they started working with that high priest who did lots of miracles and it was in the same period of time as the Edgar Cayce one. They said they built the pyramids by levitation and that’s exactly what was said through Edgar Cayce. I was dumb-founded when I discovered this, because I was studying the materials and this was like a foot-print, a clue, where I didn’t know anyone else had ever discovered that before – where Edgar Cayce talked about his life in Egypt as a high priest, but never mentioned the Ra group.

The Carla Rueckert material talked about a high priest in Egypt and never mentioned Edgar Cayce; that was an incarnation of Edgar Cayce. When I was first studying these materials, I had never met Carla. She was giving a talk at the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada and I drove to Laughlin because I wanted to meet her. I was researching this amazing clue. The first thing I asked her was, “Did you ever study Edgar Cayce?” She said she had read Edgar Cayce’s health remedies. I said, “Did you ever read about his past lives?” She said, “No.” I know she was telling the truth and I said, “I have discovered something amazing, that this Ra group – my contention is the Ra group is actually one of the sources speaking through Edgar Cayce.” This was an amazing clue that I discovered and I think it’s that clue that caused me to write the book about Wilcock.

If you look at Egyptian history and if you look at Carla’s channelings, you’ll see that the Ra group, through Carla’s work, said that their efforts to put materials out that would uplift all of humanity were taken over by the priesthood who then used it for manipulation and control rather than general upliftment.

If you have this great connection with beings on the other side, you can then use that to say, “I have this inside track and you don’t. So, defer to me – do what I say. Support my church. Give me money.” Egypt got corrupted by the negative. You know how I said that it’s so easy for a negative source to take on the name of a positive source? In Egypt, they started using the name of Ra but they called Ra ‘Amun-ra’, not ‘Ra’ – but ‘Amun-ra’. That became the god of ancient Egypt – Amun-ra – which, to my knowledge was not the Ra group. Even today when religions say ‘Amen’ I believe this is derivative of that Egyptian period of that word ‘Amun’.

Were you aware of all that, Carla?

Carla: Yes. The thing that I thought was most notable in that riff was back a ways when you were talking about how someone could take over a good channeling and say that they were the same name. They can do that in negative polarity because they can use the same light. But, that points out the great importance of starting out, if you’re a channel, with tuning yourself. You tune yourself to your highest and best, and then you look for the channeling source that is coordinated and vibrating in that way.

When you start with yourself and you tune yourself to your own highest and best as you understand things then what you will get: it can be trusted because you’re going to get something that vibrates in the same range as you’re vibrating. It’s not important what the spirits call themselves so much as that they can answer the challenge according to your own system of faith, whatever your challenge might be.

I thought it was very good, Wynn, that you said that.

Wynn: I would say that in addition to tuning, your intent is really important.

Carla: Definitely.

Wynn: Everyone in this realm wants attention, loves attention. Attention is fun – when people are looking at you, when they’re clapping, when you get standing ovations. Somehow or another, it gives the illusion that you’re not worthless. A negative source can take advantage of your need for attention because part of you might think, “Wow! I’m special. Where do I share this with everybody? They’re going to think I’m special.” That will, in my opinion, almost automatically attract negative source, because your intent is weak.

Carla: Right.

Wynn: Jim, any comments on any of this?

Jim: I think the challenging process Carla was talking about is very important, because each person who wishes to be an instrument needs to figure out what it is that he or she really believes at the heart that is the most important thing in the life. In that quality – be it love or service or whatever – you challenge the entity wishing to speak through you so that they are required to, in Carla’s case, say that Jesus in Lord. In my case, that the Christ Consciousness is the highest and best. Then, you know you’ve got somebody on the line that you’ve got the proper vibration; that’s what you wish to have come through you.

Wynn: Thank you. If anyone wants to ask a question, I don’t know the numbers for BBS but if you go to their home page: BBS, they have phone numbers and we’d be happy to take questions and I’ll open it up on our conference line to see if anyone on the line has a question they’d like to ask.

Anyone on the line like to ask a question? Anyone on the line like to channel a question?

Steve: Who channels the Council of Twelve?

Wynn: The Council of Love?

Steve: Who is coming through the Council of Twelve?

Wynn: The Council of Twelve? Who is asking that question?

Steve: Steve.

Wynn: First of all you have to remember that anytime you use a name like the Council of Twelve, you have to individually validate every channeling of every different person that use the name the Council of Twelve.

Steve: I only know one.

Wynn: Will the real Council of Twelve stand up? Carla, do you have any experience with the Council of Twelve?

Carla: No, I don’t. I think in general the thing to remember when you’re trying to evaluate channeling is to see how it makes you feel. If you feel uplifted, if you feel inspired, if you feel hopeful, you’ve got a positively oriented source and that’s the natural fruits of the spirit. If, on the other hand, you find yourself being led into fear and you’re concerned about the future and you’re starting to hear a lot of specific information about gloom and doom and things that are going to happen that are not very good then you know that you’ve got a negatively-oriented channeling source, because that’s the natural fruit of the negative polarity which is involved with fear and valuing the fruits of suffering and pain because in the negative polarity, those things are food for such entities in the spirit. So if you find yourself contracting and fearing and getting defensive, then you know, in general, that you’re on a negatively-oriented vibration.

If on the other hand, you feel the fruits of the spirit and you’re being uplifted, you’re feeling enhanced vibrations, you’re feeling love and you’re beginning to see how we are all one and how we all can love each other then at some level you’ve realized, “This is at least a service-to-others channeling.” I think it’s really important to depend on your own judgment, because of the fact, as Wynn said someone could pick up a channeling that is positive in nature, use that energy then start channeling negatively oriented information. In fact, this happens a lot where groups start out very idealistic and very service to others oriented and little by little as Wynn said, the taste for fame and the taste for ink and air and publicity and the fact that people do love specific information and especially processes, there will be questions about things like that. If they allow those questions to be asked, and especially if they allow the answers to be specific, then it’s very easy to see the drift into negatively-oriented information. That’s all within the same group. You can’t just depend on “That’s Carla Rueckert channeling, so it’s going to be good.” Maybe I fell down; so evaluate the material itself. Don’t think about who channeled it as think about how it strikes you; you can trust yourself as a source.

I make a practice of not judging or saying anything about other channels, because I think that’s just ego. I would never defend myself if people want to challenge me. I would say, “Okay, that’s fine. You think what you want.” I’m sorry not to give you a more accurate, exact answer but I don’t really have one. In this case, I haven’t heard of the Council of Twelve.]

Steve: Okay. Thank you.

Wynn: One of the tricky things about all of this is: if we assume that the Ra group is real, and that Carla Rueckert brought through the Ra group and I was bringing through the Elohim group, what I have observed is that there are other channels that are bringing through messages that seem to have similar vibrations to that of those group, but they don’t say they’re the Ra group or the Elohim group. One of them says they’re the Council of Light. Oftentimes, those groups, particularly if they become famous through a particular person, or well-known, it would be counterproductive to bring another person in and say it was the same group. Then, it starts all this controversy of “Who is the real Ra channel? Who is the real Elohim channel?”

That’s not their purpose; their purpose is to bring conduits of love light into this realm that people can follow and the name can be so easily screwed up. Either the negative uses it or even if two people are channeling a similar source, they’ll get competitive with each other. They should be cooperating, but in this realm people get competitive. Then, there will be all these blogs on the internet saying, “So and so is the real one”. You might think of all that and think about the challenge these sources have about bringing things into this realm taking all these things into consideration.

Steve, to answer your question about the Council of Twelve, I did have a voice come through that said it was the Council of Twelve, through Daphne, a couple of times, a few times. The first time was on the Don and Wynn Show; this was in probably 2007 somewhere – early Don and Wynn. The reason that we started out on the BBS network was because Don heard my story and he said, “Wynn you have the most amazing story I ever heard” and he wanted me to do a radio show and I didn’t want to do it. He and I started to have these creative conversations and I said, “Why don’t we just put our conversations on the air and call it “The Don and Wynn Show”?” We started doing that.

At a certain point, I invited Daphne in as a guest, because Daphne thought the whole thing was so crazy and now suddenly there was some credibility. There was somebody who said “This is important enough to talk about.” Daphne was a guest. In the middle of being a guest, she said, “They want to say something. Is it okay?” I asked Don and I crossed my fingers, because “What’s going to come though?” I tell people we don’t know what’s going to come through; be open. We might have to discredit it again.

The voice that came through said it was the Council of Twelve. They said they were a subset of the Elohim. They said they monitored planets and looked for circumstances where there was an upliftment of light on the planet, a pure energy going on, then they would petition the Elohim to send light to that situation. That’s how they described themselves. That’s how I understood it. That was not a regular source of ours.

I did ask at one point, I said, “How come I’m able to talk to the Elohim directly if the Council of Twelve is an intermediary?” The answer was because the Elohim had free will and I had a made a direct connection and they trusted the connection and they were willing to work with me. That’s all I know about the Council of Twelve.

It was a very articulate, eloquent channeling that came through Daphne on that show. Anybody else have anything they want to ask?

Carla: I have a question Wynn. Usually the phone call ends abruptly at 10:52 my time, and I notice we’ve gone considerably over that. Is the show longer today?

Wynn: Seth came in and told Terry off to the side that they didn’t have a show following us if we wanted to go longer, we could.

Carla: Thank you that explains it. Go right ahead.

Wynn: We could take advantage of that if you’d like to – would you like to?

Carla: Sure.

Wynn: Any more questions from anyone?

Gina: I’m wondering, Carla, if at any time during your channeling the Ra group or the Elohim group or some of these other groups that you mentioned, if they ever gave you a visual, for example, of how they looked or their appearance or maybe a special place, or a sound or color – or, anything like that?

Carla: I’ve had impressions along the way, and sometimes even I remember being on a walk once and smelling orange blossoms and asking about that during the Ra sessions. The Ra said that was – Jim, what was that? Was that Haten?

Jim: Latweii.

Carla: That was the signature of Latweii was the smell of the orange blossoms. You don’t get a lot of orange blossoms in Louisville, Kentucky – especially in the dead of winter. I have very little of that, because I’m not a normal psychic who has a lot of sensitively. I’m pretty much thick as a plank; I’ve just trained myself to become sensitive to the concept of communication. I think when people are sensitive like most psychics are they have an astounding array of things that they could tell you about their sources. I’ve been told things about the entities that I’ve channeled that I don’t know, but I assume they’re quite accurate because people will say, “I see you’re being overshadowed by a gigantic, golden being” and that was three years before the Ra contact came through.

I’m sure that all of these happen, but they don’t happen to me.

Gina: So it’s mainly informational that’s coming through to you.

Carla: Right. I started out doing the channeling because my beloved research partner, Don Elkins, said, “Look, my experiment is going to die on the vine unless you will help me out. We’ve lost our last good channel.”

He started the experiment with ET Communications in 1962 and by 1974 all of the students that he had in the original group had graduated college, had gone and gotten jobs; they were all engineers, they mostly moved away. There were no more channels, and so he started with me and developed a bunch of channels at that time, most of which have not gone on to continue the channeling. Don was kind enough to feel that my channeling was special so he began recording the sessions.

We began building up a body of material. It all started from Don’s perception that the material that was being collected through me was worth keeping. I’m humbly grateful to do it; I’m a reluctant channel, I don’t love it. It’s hard work. I do it because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s the highest service that I can offer in the outer sense because I get letters and cards every day, I get email everyday – from people around the globe that say, “Thank you for this material; it’s really saved my life. Thank you. Thank you.”

So I am totally and very humbly glad – and I know I speak for Jim here, too – to dedicate the rest of my life to doing this work and feel so lucky. How many people get to be a voice of love? It’s a wonderful thing. It’s not something I do because I love it; it’s ust much too hard work for that – the hardest I ever work is when I’m tuning and getting myself ready to channel and when I’m focusing on the channeling. It’s very focused work and I will never fall in love with it. I just know that it’s a service and so I’m devoted to it.

Gina: Thank you Carla, so much for your service and Jim you as well. I’m sorry I forgot to say hello to you too. Thank you guys so much for all your work and service that you’re doing for humanity at this time.

Carla: Thanks Gina. That just lifts me up to hear you say that.

Wynn: Thank you, Gina.

Gina: It’s my pleasure.

Wynn: Does anyone else have a question? One of the things that Carla said that there are a lot of gems in her materials. You know how little ideas, the first time you hear them, can stimulate huge growth inside of yourself, contemplation.

In terms of negative and positive sources, I remember Carla (or Ra) said, “If you limit your questions to your source about things that are universal truths, things that are going to be true 10,000 years from now as they are now, you bring in a lot of protection from negative sources.” I remember when I was first with Daphne and I asked – we were having trouble making ends meet and I couldn’t figure out how to bring enough money in. In that first initial channeling where I said “How do I know my friend is not crazy? Can you guys predict a newspaper headline?” They said, “Watch for this headline in two weeks”, and it happened. I said, “I don’t know if they’re positive, but it’s not her.”

At some point in there, I asked them, “Could you guys help me with the horse races so I could get some funding to help with this work?” They said “That would take you back to negative patterns of previous lifetimes, which wouldn’t be in your highest interest to have this lifetime.” In retrospect, I can see that very clearly because if they were willing to tell me how to win horse races, nothing is secret. When that gets out and everyone knows “Wynn won the horse races because his source told him” – suddenly, instead of a source for love light, people would be beating paths to my doorway to win the horse races.

Winning the horse races doesn’t help the evolution of the planet. It just helps your bank account. It’s not a good reputation for a positive source to do that; that’s what I got. Where did that come from, that idea of ask questions that are true 10,000 years from now as they are now? Was that from your sources or was that from you?

Carla: That was from Don Elkins. That his rule. Isn’t that right, Jim?

Jim: Right. It’s like moving the dial of the radio slightly away from the original source, and the further away you move it the less clear is the information you were getting. You need to keep your dial right on target to get the information that’s going to be true now and forever.

Wynn: Jim - what have we not asked that you wished we asked?

Jim: I think you’ve done a good job of questioning

There’s one thing I wanted to add about the entities that come here, the so-called Wanderers who are of other, higher densities that come here to serve but they forget. You mentioned that so many don’t remember for most of the life, why they’re here who they are, what their purpose is. I think that really speaks to their quality of desiring of being of service before they come here. They’re willing to risk the forgetting in order to be of service; there’s a type of selflessness there that is of a very pure quality.

Even if they aren’t able totally to remember, or even remember much about their origins, they still have this desire in their hearts, this vibration that lightens the vibration of the planet and helps out overall in the evolution of the entire population.

Wynn: Thank you. I think that they probably come also because they probably know that even if a percentage of them succeed, eventually they’ll all succeed. In any given time, if a percentage succeeds; it makes a huge difference to the planet. They’re willing to even – I think anyone who does this work has to enter into some level of self-sacrifice, because you do it because (you) know you’re making a difference. If you’re doing it on a pure level, you can’t seek the rewards of aggrandizement or fame; even if you get them, it has to not matter, whereas at another time, it would have, it has to not matter or else you’ll lose your positive polarity, so there’s a sacrifice in doing this – even when you’re doing it.

On the other side, the Ra group understands this, and they know if people don’t enter into this realm from the higher realms – my take on this is that – the realm would be lost. It’s absolutely necessary for beings to come in from higher realms even though a percentage of them are going to get lost; they’re going to go through suffering because they’re here. They may have to go through a number of lives before they actually rediscover their true mission.

Carla, anything you’d like to say?

Carla: I just would say that people shouldn’t beat themselves up when they finally do wake up, and they say “How could I have been asleep for so long?” Well, here’s why:

The whole culture that we are born into on earth is that of what the confederation sources, the extraterrestrial sources, would call ‘The Illusion’. Everything we think of as real is what the Buddhist call ‘Maya’ – nothing – the World of 10,000 Things. What we think of as unreal: thoughts, concepts, dreams and so forth – that is what in the metaphysical world, is real. We are actually thoughts. In the very first session, Ra talks about the fact that we are thoughts and that: “what thought took you today” – the Ra group asks us. “Was that thought a thought of love? Did it hold the vibration of service?”

We’re born into this illusion that looks so real, in this world of appearances, and we get mesmerized, we get hypnotized. We go into what was so brilliantly shown in that movie – Jim what movie am I trying to say? [Matrix] The Matrix, yeah – we get sucked into the matrix and to wake up from that is quite a shock. All of a sudden, it’s not the buzz that’s important; it’s not what do I look like? What am I wearing? Am I wearing the right thing? Am I doing the right job? Am I getting enough money? It’s: How am I thinking? How is the state of my soul? How am I serving today? How pure are my intentions today? All of those things are not valued by our society; people never say at a party, “How do you be?” They say, “What do you do? What’s your job?”

We are not entities brought up to think about essence. When we wake up, we just need to rejoice and be glad that we finally did that because all of the energies of the mundane and the unimportant are conspiring grandly to distract us. The ego, so-called, the negatively-oriented among us do not have to be terribly clever; they simply have to distract us. They have to make us fear, they have to get our attention away from the main prize, which is love. They have to get us to stop attempting to vibrate with the vibration of the One Infinite Creator and to start vibrating with the emotions that are impure and that have very little to do with the Infinite Creator, except insofar as all things are in the creator. We find ourselves slipping away, and slipping away unless we just keep tuning ourselves everyday.

Everyday Jim and I get up and we do our morning offering and we dedicate our day; we set our intention for the day. We say, “Lord, we are yours today. Please send your spirit upon us that we may have passion and be desirous of doing our very best for you. Help us be the voice of love; help us be the hands of love; help us in every situation and with all the people that we meet to see that we are seeing and seeking and serving the One Infinite Creator.” I stole that phrase, by the way, from you, Jim.

We’re living a very worldly world, that’s why it’s called The World. We want to move from living in the world to living within the world but not being of the world so that the vibration that we carry is lightening the consciousness not only of ourselves, but by necessity because we’re all connected – the whole planet. That’s really our main thing, is when we start to wake up, don’t waste a second beating yourself up because it took you a long time to wake up. That’s okay; it was your time to wake up, the alarm went off, here you are – welcome to the world as it really is. Start having some fun with it.

I like to pretend that there’s a camera behind me somewhere that is looking over my shoulder. Whatever my situation I get into, my job is to make it a sitcom rather than a tragedy and look for the fun in situations, look for the light touch, look for the ways that we can turn challenges into gifts so that we don’t say “I had a horrible day; everything was just the pits.” We say “I had a really challenging day and I just kept looking for the light.” You don’t deny that difficult things are happening to you; you simply say “Okay, difficult things are happening to me, now how shall I respond? Because I have the freedom to respond any way I want.”

Sometimes it’s really hard; I know when Jim is out there mowing his lawns and trimming brambles away and getting honeysuckle clear for a customer and that honeysuckle branch takes his hat for the umpteenth time, there’s every possibility he’s going to lose his temper and curse the honeysuckle for taking his hat instead of realizing that he is dancing with the creator, and the creator is being a little playful today. Certainly, when I find myself on my eleventh month of being in bed over infections that I got last April when I had this lumbar spine surgery, it’s easy to think, “Well, I really caught a bad one, didn’t I?” Then, I realize “It’s given you the opportunity that you wouldn’t have had before to do all this inner work” because it slows me down.

I can’t move but about four feet from my bed; I’m stuck with a cord and a machine that is helping me to heal; it’s very slow work. I don’t know how much longer that’s going to be. In the meantime, I’m very limited in what I can physically do. Is that just a curse, or is it a challenge with a gift in its pocket, and how shall I unwrap the gift? And, how shall I appreciate it and give thanks for it? There’s a lot of creativity involved in taking your situation and I’m not saying its all love and light I’m not saying it’s all easy – it’s not. Once you get the knack of playing with it, then it almost becomes effortless – I would say close to it a lot of the time, because you’re having so much fun deciding how you’re going to respond. Then, just doing the best you can to respond in an impeccable way.

You pick up so much joy along the way and then you’re dancing with the brambles and the honeysuckle and the cap and the wound vac machine and the potty that has to be within four feet of my bed or I’m in trouble. Whatever the situation is, there are ways to make it loving and light and positive and fun. The challenge is: How do you do that? How do you turn it around? We really can. We have the opportunity every day and every moment to do that.

Wynn: Here we are; you’re stuck within four feet of your bed. Simultaneously, you’re radiating love to all those people all over the world who happen to listen to this call. Even in spite of physical limitations, we all have the potential to do and be more than we are.

What I’ve learned is that at the beginning stages, when somebody starts to expose themselves to these kinds of materials, they start to think they have a special understanding. They look at the people around them and they actually can start condescending to people in their minds because they don’t understand this and you do. Then, they feel separated from people. That’s okay – it’s like a half-way step. The next step is when you truly embrace the materials; you realize it’s not about everyone’s understanding there’s a dimensional shift; or that there are group souls that are helping us. It’s not about that.

It’s about standing in your own vortex where you have learned to connect to the higher realms. That doesn’t mean you have to channel; you just have to expand beyond all those belief patterns, all those veils that keep most people contracted in this realm. When you do that, you become a walking prayer; you change the vibrations around you. You go somewhere, you cheer everybody up just by being present. You don’t have to say anything; you don’t have to convert them to some new belief pattern. In fact, if you try to do that you’ll probably blow it because they’ll think you’re a wacko and a weirdo.

Only certain people are supposed to understand this, not everyone. But, everyone can respond to the vibrations of love and light. You can be a transmuter/transmitter of that no matter how simple your life is. You can sit down and raise the vibrations of a park bench so the next person that sits there is going to feel uplifted. That’s the way it works. As you start to actually do this and take responsibility for it, you’ll see that you have more potential. That’s when you start having synchronicities and you start meeting new people and the things that your heart has longed for start to come about.

Terry – do you have anything you’d like to add?

Terry: I know that this work that I’m doing has really added to my healing from a very difficult childhood. It’s given me gifts that I wouldn’t ordinarily have had. It’s like a fulfillment to be able to do this work and to be able to bring things through. I always get a lot from Carla when Carla speaks. It’s just an honor to be part of this.

Wynn: Thank you. I want to mention that I think it was the last show we did, I think it was the last one, where Suzanne Hayes was also on the line. Was that the last one, Carla, or the one before?

Carla: I don’t know but it was recent.

Wynn: It was recent. Suzanne is one of those people who was totally touched by the Ra material and it changed her life. She dedicated herself, every waking moment, to being on blogs, telling people about the Ra material. Then she discovered me and started transcribing our channelings. It was very special for her to be on that show. She passed.

Carla: Bless her heart. I know she’s in a great place.

Wynn: She actually said hello to us through Terry a day afterwards.

Carla: That’s wonderful.

Wynn: We talked about it; I’ll probably that out one day because many people loved her. She’s one of those people who has been supporting my work from the very beginning and that gave me… people don’t realize how important….

When we do this and it looks like we have it all together but when I started I said “No one is going to believe this; how am I going to do this? Do I really want to talk about this to the public?” Suzanne was unconditionally supportive, and was one of those people who just gave me to motivation to just keep on doing it. So we can send her blessings and love and light. Maybe we’ll finish this show with just a moment of silent healing, bringing in all our sources and feel the energy around you if you can open to it. Let them tell, make themselves known to you, and vice-versa.

Take a moment and shut your eyes and notice the top of your head. The top of your head, the crown chakra, the gateway to intelligent infinity as it would be described in a description of chakras. It’s also the gateway to these sources; they can come in as energy in a way that you can feel them. They can work with you; sometimes they can heal you.

Let’s put out a prayer for our entire planet for healing and upliftment and interventions for the highest good of all concerned to promote the shift that’s occurring and that as many people as possible can find a way to keep their hearts open, and a group that helps them do that if they need it.

Let’s send this light to Suzanne Hayes, and if any of you have any departed loved ones, include them in your thoughts right now.

Jim, thank you so much for joining us. Anytime we do a Monday night session and you want to be on the line, you’re invited.

Jim: Thank you so much, I’ve enjoyed it.

Wynn: Thank you. And Carla, thank you for being here. Of course, Terry – thank you for being here. Thank everyone on the conference line who helps support the energy of this and all of you who are listening to the show and to the replays.

We’ll see you next time.

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Channeled information is not meant to be believed blindly.
Sometimes information may bleed through from the conscious
mind of the channel. It is possible that a negative Source may
interfere. Apply your own discernment, take only what
resonates and discard the rest. An answer to a question is
meant for the person asking the question and you have the
privilege of listening in because sometimes you can gain
insights from the answer. However,  even though the
circumstances may be similar, do not merely assume the answer
applies to you.. This is not meant to replace seeing your
doctor, dentist or any alternative practitioner.  Some people
get healings here, so you can be open to it.