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Why Does the Creator Allow Such Poverty?

Wednesday Call 02/29/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O’Brien
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: This is Wednesday, February 29th, 2012. Happy Leap Year, everybody! This is Wynn Free in Arizona with Terry Brown. Actually, it’s Terry Brown with Wynn Free – I’m just the opening act. We’re doing our call tonight where we ask questions.

I want to reiterate to all of you, if you submit a question and you don’t submit it to or

there’s a serious chance that it will never even be seen or asked because that’s my way of finding the questions – looking in that email. I don’t have time to look through all the other emails we have to find questions, although sometimes I’ll forward one.

Second of all: in terms of prioritization on the questions I would choose on a give night: 1) I ask questions that have a high relevance to the most people; 2) I ask questions from people who have never asked questions before. Even a question that is maybe more mundane I’ll ask it because I know it helps the person connect with the energies.

We don’t ask questions validating or invalidating the work of other people. Calls of personal urgency and healing-type calls I try to give priority to. If you submitted a question, the best thing if it’s really important for you to have that question answered and we don’t answer it on a given Wednesday, feel free to keep submitting it. If I think it’s something “I’ll never ask [it]” I’ll send that back to you and say “I can’t ask this.” For example, people ask me to ask questions about certain validations of certain religious things. It’s not a good thing to ask and it’s not important; it’s kind of a curiosity question. Normally they won’t even answer it; the reason for that is there are a lot of systems in the world to get back to spirit, and religion is one of them. Although there may be flaws and faults in religious systems, some people are using the religious system and it’s working. I don’t feel it’s my highest good to look for flaws and say “This is wrong in the Bible and this is right in the Koran” because it wouldn’t serve a positive purpose.

First of all, it would make enemies for me, because now I’m critiquing other people’s beliefs which they hold sacred. Second of all, it’s probably not going to change your life. I believe on these calls we have a direct connection with the sources that have been acting in the most positive sense in terms of religion. But, as we have learned if we pay attention, that most times in religion, religions start with a positive source then after a hundred or two hundred years if not sooner, they start to get corrupted. Negative sources start talking to people and say they’re the same source and people can’t tell the difference. It gets down to “My religion is better than yours” and it’s okay to kill the infidels and you have things like Holy Wars. That’s just a general thing, the way it works. Most religions seem to have a pretty positive foundation and then it gets screwed up.

If you go back to the original teachings, go back to the original words of Jesus in the Bible it’s pretty wise and pretty positive. If you said “Do you believe the whole Bible?” If someone asked me that, I’d say “I believe what resonates with me, what I can validate for myself and the rest of it I’m open to the possibility.” If it’s helpful I’d like to know it; most of the time it may not be helpful.

Terry, are you not ready?

Terry: Right. I’m never ready.

Wynn: We can start, then. I’m not ready, either. Those people that are actors have such a good situation because all they have to do is study their scripts and look good.

Terry: I know! I took one of the leads in the Senior play. And it was so cool because the whole script was there and you knew what was going to happen.

Wynn: To do this job, you have to show up with an empty mind.

Terry: And get out of the way.

Wynn: People think you’re really great, but they don’t know you’re just getting out of the way.

Terry: Right.

Wynn: Then we can just be dumb,-dumb humans like the rest of us.

By the way, talking about dumb,-dumb humans: On the Monday call is Carla Rueckert. I said something about Terry being spaced out and she mentioned that thing to me afterwards. She said, “You shouldn’t say that” maybe like I was embarrassing her. I want to give myself equal time and say, “I can be really focused in moments, but I also get really spaced out.” And I forget things. When I go sit down in the restaurant, I discipline myself: before I leave the restaurant I got to look under the table and over the table because I’ve lost so many headsets for my cell phone at restaurant tables.

Terry: It’s not a matter of me missing the post office was not a matter of me being spaced out; it was a matter of I just didn’t know how to run the postage and it all messed up. I kept thinking, “It’ll take another minute to get it straight” and then it took almost an hour.

Wynn: Sometimes I will leave and Terry says, “I’m looking for that thing” and a few hours later she’s still looking.

Terry: I’m determined; I have this determination.

Wynn: On top of this all, we’ve got to be focused and keep it all together and look professional, but it’s only a façade in case anyone is interested.

Terry: We just have to get out of the way.

Wynn: All you guys that keep listening to our calls – I had a beautiful email from Tracy today; in fact, I might read some of it. When we started this, I didn’t know it would work. I’m still amazed that it works; I get these emails saying “This is really working” I send it to Terry and she says “This is really working” and I send it to Daphne and she says, “Maybe Wynn isn’t such a bad guy after all.”

Really, that was one of the things from the Bible I think that I learned from what it says: “By your fruits you shall be known”… Jesus was saying to evaluate something not by what it claims, but by the works and the way it’s helping others, by the way others are responding and changing and growing.

The wrong way to do this would be to say, “Wynn Free is talking to the Elohim and they created the universe and you better get online tonight because you don’t want to miss somebody who is talking to the Elohim.” Then people all confer whether they have an experience or not, they believe that and they think there’s something good about that. Then, they start chanting words and it becomes all words with no direct experience. As you have probably noticed, I really have bent over backwards to keep ritual out of all this. It’s not because I think that ritual is inherently bad in of itself, but I think that people have a tendency to lean on ritual instead of their own experience, instead of making a connection.

With that, we have this one little ritual we do, which is the calling in of the light. You can call it a ritual or you could say it’s an exercise in very high intention to ask for certain things to occur and they do.

Father/Mother god, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see our selves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through all the galaxies, through the solar logos, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, and the energies of the planets and the sun and the moon, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth and right now we invoke a group energy connection with all of us present on this line and all who will listen to the replays, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We take a moment and we turn it over to our sources who explain themselves to be a conglomerate of two group souls – the Elohim and the Ra group – to say hello to us.

Ra’An: We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to be with you and make contact with each and every one of you on the line, each and every one of you whether you announced yourself or didn’t announce yourself, or if you listened to the replay line or read a transcript later. We send love and light to each of our transcribers.

We are so appreciative of making contact and being available for the opportunity to connect and to assist and to be there for each and every one who wishes connection.

Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes. We are starting out with Tracy in West Virginia. I’m going to insert a couple of words here but I’ll let you know when I insert them. Because: whenever someone says something that can’t be validated I don’t want to say it is true, I’ll say it is what she believes:

A while back while durng a meditation I heard – I’m going to put “what I believe to be” – Archangel Michael telling me that he was turning me over to another group that could offer me better protection than he could give me. Quite honestly, I was very upset by that announcement, and in much disbelief that I could possibly be in better hands than I had been with Michael.

A few weeks back, I got very excited when you announced the theme of the show was going to be “Do negative entities have control of part of the grid?” because I thought this might possibly be some help for me.

For several years my home has been under severe attack from – what I believe (again) to be darkness. I have lost many battles but I refuse to give up the war. Stories within my home are long and rather ugly, but what I would basically like to know is if Ra/Elohim have anything that they would like to tell me since – (again) I believe – (I’m adding that) I was brought to that by Archangel Michael for assistance. [And,] if we are accomplishing any of the goals we set out to when that merging began.

Could I get help returning this piece of the grid where I reside to the light? Also, can I get any information about my purpose here in this space? Was it random and accidental, or is there a reason I was brought to this space – meaning the place where she resides – and been given this struggle? There seems to have been a huge shift in energy here and I feel so much better and better protected. I would love to hear Ra and Elohims’ words about this situation and anything perhaps I still need to know or haven’t yet.

I didn’t shorten that; she said feel free to shorten it and I turn the question over to our sources.

Ra’An: Thank you. We look at your location and your dwelling space and we see that in the walls in the earlier inhabitants of this dwelling and land before the house was there, before the dwelling was there, there were other conflicting energies that were carried out in the area such as a battle between opposing sides and the battle not only was carried out between physical beings, but they were grounded in practices and connected with higher beings more spacey, more influential in the astral realm. The imprint of the conflict between these human beings which were connected to astral beings still hangs in the air as these beings are trying to get influence and to express influence based upon the conflict in the past.

The passing on of the protection to higher realms gives more leverage, more ability to dissolve the conflicts which you have unwittingly stumbled into, unknowingly at the time and those individuals in the astral have not let go of their conflict. (They) are attempting to use whatever they can in the location to help them win their conflict. We do not wish to concentrate on that, for when you concentrate on that, the energies come rushing in from the two sides and the two sides feel that they are each given an opening to express their view and to try to push their view forward and it merely furthers the negative attack.

Therefore, we wish to let the whole thing go and to reset it and bring new energy in from the higher levels of home, from the land of the Elohim energy-wise and to a lesser extent, the land of the Ra group and to ground new energy there that does not tie-in to what has happened there in the land in the past and just merely reset the whole location so that the beings there can hopefully let go of their war. They have tried so hard to be right and to win and have been so determined that they have gotten stuck in the paradigm and are unable to let it go. We ask that they then have a shift in the location that they are welcome to partake in of the pure, loving higher sources that can dissolve their conflict and allow each side to let it go without having to continue pursuing and pushing to be right and use any individual in this space in their war to gain leverage.

We hope this helps and we see that it needs reaffirming to clear the space, as the conflict, the individuals involved in the conflict are very, very determined to not let it go. We then again bring in our energies to reset and to let the individuals know that the way out of their dilemma is to let it dissolve into the realms of love and light so they can get some relief from their dogged determination that has brought them so much heartbreak.

Wynn: Thank you. This is a question from Lorna in Canada. She’s not on the line; she’s going to listen on the replay. It’s kind of an esoteric question; it’s not about her personally. In some aspects, her question has been answered over the course of many of our shows. I’ll ask it; maybe I’ll give a quick answer as I’ve learned it and then I’ll turn it over to our sources.

I would like some clarity on how I’m seeing creation. In the beginning of creation, I would like to know the truth about consciousness and creation. Once the awareness happened and the energy had a desire to create, how was consciousness created? Did consciousness create one god or more? What was the evolution of the creation of God before the universe was created? Did one become two, three or more? How many gods were created before the ego became aware of itself and judgment formed about separation consciousness?

[I’m] giving my quick answer to that: I don’t think the original break-up of the original awareness, as I understand it, was the Elohim. The Elohim beings I don’t believe thought of themselves as God. I thought they experienced themselves as energies with awareness and had the ability to connect with each other. They also had the awareness that they were part of all that is and they came from one source and they kept evolving. They learned how to concentrate energies – we’ve had long questions and answers about that – which eventually became persistence in dense matter, the concentration of energies.

The original creation of physical form was something that they were observing from their areas and they could come into it and leave it. Some of them got stuck, and it was through possessions that people lost their awareness of their connection to all that is, because possessions were a certain level of comfort and success in this physical universe. Because people could say “These are yours and these are mine” and see each other competitively, hierarchically – “I have more than you.” That created the beginning of the separation that we experience now.

If I said anything wrong, our sources can correct it. That’s my understanding as we’ve asked questions in the past. I turn it over to our sources as they speak through Terry.

Ra’An: Thank you.

In the beginning there was consciousness; however, as the consciousness did not have any particular thing to be conscious of – we look at this from several viewpoints here.

When there were spinning centers and logos developed, then the life force within these not only had consciousness but had awareness and they had something to be aware of. With something to be aware of, then there could be connection and development of energetic systems and housings that individuals could occupy and could animate. Then, their awareness was within the animation. Before things had broken up into separate housings, there was a uniform consciousness. Or, you might even say awareness, but there was nothing to be aware of; nothing was going on.

By developing through thought and occupying a thought, then these thought centers could interact and could be part of each other or not. Then, as time went by, and creativity began to be expressed in connection with thought-centers, there began creation of pictures or holographic structures which then individuals could view and be aware of. It eventually evolved to where it is at this time, and it is all created in the now; in every instance it is created. The persistence is like a moving picture; a moving picture where each scene, each still picture, is framed and projected and then the next one is framed and projected. It is all superimposed upon itself and all created in the now.

It is a different look to think of yesterday and things that happened yesterday and people and interactions that you had yesterday are right there in the now. It is somewhat complex. We hope this gives you some clues.

Wynn: Thank you. That was very well put.

Just to add something for clarification maybe is: The idea is that time doesn’t really exist. It’s an artificial mechanism that was part of the creation. The only thing that exists is this moment, and this moment has got all these energies attached to it including what we call the past that are part of the projection. Everything can be shifted and changed which will change what’s going on in the now; otherwise, the now is just a product of this amalgamated huge consortium of time that’s – we look at time as an absolute: yesterday and tomorrow. From the other side, from higher dimensions, time is just all existing right now. Except, what we call the future is not existing yet so it’s the now moving forward that is creating the future. So, if things changed in the now in this moment, then the future will have different outcomes but it will always be the now.

Let me just make sure – did I express that accurately?

Ra’An: Yes. In fact, sometimes you will notice that if there is a change coming that there are little snippets of the change. For instance, an area might be getting more rain or a lake might be getting bigger or a lake might be getting smaller. When they’re near rain and there is an extension of the shore of the lake and the increase in rain and the increase of size of the lake might be a little snippet of where this land is going. It is like the future bleeding into the present.

Wynn: Thank you.

One of the reasons we do our grid healings is because there is this potential to bring energies in from other realms to have a more positive projection for future possibilities. If we look at this idea that there is no time and time is just a big hologram, then we look at the Elohim as being at the top of all this and in no time but they can jump in and out of it. They need anchors, or anchors help – I don’t know if they need them – but, anchor’s help to help bring their energy through all the timelines and to here.

Every time we start that process, what is happening there is a certain amount of healing that occurs on all the timelines that can change potential futures. This has happened for people attending our calls who started shifting out of a lot of patterns that were real obstacles for most of their lives. Yet, something shifted as a result of attending these calls and they started rearranging their own timelines that were part of the creation of them. We’re all part of the creation, so we all extend out to a timeline, then the Elohim is above the timelines. So, when we get the energy projection from the Elohim to you, when you get that energy, there is the potential for things to shift in a grand and permanent way in your track.

Let me to go David who asked a question:

There are thousands of people dying in poverty, malnutrition and a lack of water. Why is there no intercession by the creator? Whose responsibility is it? Can world peace be obtained by instilling in our children integrity, honesty and compassion from 0 to 6 years of age so they can grow up with these qualities and become leaders?

Then he makes the comment:

We must not lie to our children or they will grow up believing that lies are okay. That’s the Easter Bunny and anything else we lie to them about. The Tooth Fairy is another one.

I send that over to our sources. Thank you, David – that’s a good question.

Ra’An: Thank you. When an individual chooses to take an incarnation in a third density they have a choice of where they can go, and they have sometimes made a sort of a contract to be in a certain place with certain people and to do a certain thing. In coming into the third density in an area of drought and trouble and plague or difficulty in sustaining themselves in a healthy manner or difficulty with their parents sustaining themselves, they are working out their chosen life and chosen growth possibilities for that life. Some of the people who are born into such circumstances have, in the past, taken advantage of other individuals and have not had compassion or not had caring and have let others starve and die. They are then getting compassion and getting sympathy and understanding of what it is like to be in those circumstances. It is something that they are working through.

This does not mean that one should not give them compassion and help them to clear their physical circumstances and be able to live a good life and to come out of it, as this is good that an individual can bring their influence, their money, their work together to help such people to come out of their difficult circumstances.

It is not – we look at how to say this – God is all, experiencing itself through individual life experiences and gives free will to individuals to grow and learn and to know consequences and to learn integrity and learn operational and organizational skills in working in the third dimension. The circumstances provided for an individual with the surroundings are fostering of growth of that individual.

Death is not the end, it is a transition, a new chapter, a new opportunity – so when one gets into such a lifetime of starvation, of lack – then they come out of it with more knowledge of what people go through in such circumstances and are able to handle such circumstances or avoid them in an easier way. We hope that sheds some light on it.

Wynn: I think it’s really hard for people who are compassionate to look at all the inequities in the world and think “Why is it this way? Why such inequities? Why do innocent people suffer?” – seemingly, in a sense. Thank you for your take on that.

A question came up that I’ve had for some time. There’s something called the Tibetan Book of the Dead and then there’s another one called the Egyptian Book of the Dead where they talk about bardo states when people die. I was wondering how accurate this was. If I look at the word ‘bardo’ it means “Intermediate state, transitional state, in-between state, the middle state; it refers to the state of existence immediately between two lives on earth.”

According to Tibetan tradition, after death and before ones’ next birth when one’s consciousness is not connected with a physical body, one experiences a variety of phenomena. These usually follow a particular sequence of degeneration from just after death, the clearest experiences of reality of which one is spiritually capable, and then proceeding to terrifying hallucinations that arise from the impulses of one’s previous, unskillful actions for the prepared and appropriately trained individuals, the bardo offers a state of great opportunity for liberation, since transcendental insight may arise with a direct experience of reality; or, for others can become a place of danger as the karmically created hallucinations can impel one into a less than desirable rebirth.

I just was asking the question: How does the Tibetan Book of the Dead is that series of experiences something that came from a positive source? Or, is it something that is a mixed-polarity explanation from the death experience?

Ra’An: It is a take upon a reality that individuals who have karmically gotten themselves into a box, obsessed with some danger, some bad happening; obsessed with something disastrous, obsessed with some bad outcome and not being able to change their focus out of it, may end up dramatizing that and going to an energetic area where many people dramatized with each other or with their own self, negative happenings; more somewhat like Dantes’ Inferno. There are lost souls in these areas and all manner of frightening pictures or scenarios that individuals become locked into which they are seeking to move through and in some way to express themselves and to express something from their past that makes themselves right; to get something across, to express frustration and anger. There are energetic places, pockets where individuals can move and these would be tucked out in some of the bardos.

Individuals who have cleared themselves, their own integrity is held to their own watching to negative experiences has then let go of and they are bringing in, within themselves, the refreshing light of love. Then, these individuals do not need to worry about going to these places, as they do not have that negative expression that is seeking to be expressed within them, so there is no connecting hooks to these difficult, negative places that are mentioned in the bardos.

Wynn: Thank you.

Next question from Janny in Canada; really good question which I think applies to many people:

I awake each day and make the daily choice to either play a particular life game today or not, but always with the intention to be as happy as I can, have fun and believe I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Always, there is an undercurrent of a funk or unhappiness for lack of a better word or understanding. What is this ‘funk’? I’m thinking “Is there some missing puzzle piece from a past life that I’m not getting or resolving that I should know in order to progress past this?”

I think a lot of people feel like this occasionally, and perhaps this may assist them as well. Thanking you – it means so much to know I’m never alone, that our sources are there 24/7, as they’ve always said. Thank you. That’s my question.

Ra’An: Thank you. There were difficult things that happened in most everyone’s past life, which involve two things:

One of them is conflicts that were laid in as implants “I can, I can’t, I have to, I won’t, love/hate, create/destroy”… These were laid in, much as a program was written for the computer of the soul. These are one of the things that can be moving under the current.

The other thing is: goals that an individual has had, natural goals, desire to do something and then the person ran into some frustration, some opposition and they could not complete it, they could not bring it to fruition. These are even stronger than the laid-in goals, and opposition goals, like create/destroy. When an individual has one of these natural goals frustrated: “I want to be an artist” and everything goes wrong and “There’s no money and I can’t continue and I can’t do what I really want to”; then it ties up a lot of energy, a lot of heat within the person. Observation is one of the things that a person can just do - like just observe, don’t criticize it. It’s like an acceptance like you’ve got a back yard; just no rights, no wrongs, it’s just “What is there?”

Once you see what is there, and then to let it go – there is a story about a man who had cancer of the face. A doctor saw him in an elevator and said “You know, you have cancer of the face. You should let me look at it.” The doctor looked at it and the individual let him, then they did an operation and they cut it out of the face. Then, he had later – time went by and he had cancer of the chest. So he went back to the same doctor and the doctor operated and cut it out. Then, time went by and he had cancer further down in his body; the operation again occurred and the doctor cut it out. He went back to his normal life and then he noticed a cancer on his leg, it was the size of an apricot. He made the appointment to go get the surgery. He asked himself “What’s going on here? It just keeps coming back.” So, he observed himself and he observed that he was very resentful and so he just kept note of all his resentments. He decided that he would become a different person and he would just let that all go. All of his resentments he would just let go. He really worked hard on that, and then he was taking a shower the day before the operation for the leg cancer and he looked down at the cancer and he noticed that it had fallen off. He was cured of cancer then, and it didn’t come back.

Observation is your friend, and helps to connect undercurrents and see what is going on.

Wynn: Thank you. When you’re observing, the part of you that’s observing is not in the pattern so you’re automatically separated and building an energy outside of your pattern by observing your patterns. It doesn’t happen right away, but over time that new energy you built - it’s my experience - can help take precedence over patterns that you were formally wondering “Where is that coming from?”

Next question – we have really good questions tonight. I’m not going to get to them all. Those of you who ask questions we won’t get to, I want to be sure you re-submit them next week. Daniel:

Both my father and mother suffered strokes in their later years and remained comatose quite a long time before passing. How do I make a decision about my life support, knowing that the possibility is statistically there for the same thing to happen to me? How can I know that by dictating removal of life support from myself doesn’t violate my soul contract and is not for the higher good of all? Is this just another form of suicide requiring the help of other souls? Thank you. Dan, Tennessee.

Ra’An: Thank you.

When one has a life contract they are able to change it if they wish, in this realm, in the third density. When one is in transition, such as your parents, one can take time with it and go through various stages of disconnection with the realm and connection to outside their body to other realms. Then, they go through the process of getting themselves prepared to move into transition, and this is not a bad process. It enables one to be thoroughly grounded in their transition and moving on.

The transition, although it is not seen in the third density as a beautiful process, can be a very beautiful process, releasing one from difficulties with the body that are making life difficult. Your ongoing soul-stream, your connection with compassion and with others and with love and opening your heart are things that can be concentrated on that help you to move on or to stay within the life without undue concern as to details.

We send you love and light.

Wynn: Thank you. We’re going over.

Ra’An: We ask, the channel is getting tired at this point.

Wynn: We’re going to end this session for tonight.

Thank you so much for being here and helping us understand these things. We have very good questions from Horst, from Dianna in Boca Raton, Florida; from Diane – which we didn’t get to tonight. We had a healing request from Tracy in addition to her other question tonight; we’ll get to that next week. Resubmit them as I can miss this.

My process is: I do a search for the past week and I don’t have time to keep all the questions alive, it just becomes more administration. So, re-submit questions. I thank all of you for being here to ask questions.

Any closing words from our sources before we disengage?

Ra’An: We send you love light and we are honored to be asked these questions and connect to bring you whatever assistance we are able. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you.

We’ll see many of you on Sunday morning. Bye now.

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