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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Monday – 03/05/2012

A Special Group Healing Session Tonight

Introductory Notes by Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:   Alright – this is Monday, March 5, (2012) and we’re supposed to be on the air.  Are we on the air?  Terry?


Terry:  I’m here.  We’re hooked up.


Wynn:  We did it – good work!  We’re not NBC; we’re not ready to go on NBC.  I announced an unusual topic tonight.  Are any of our topics usual?


What we do on these calls is non-linear.  What does non-linear mean?  It means it’s multidimensional – it means that there is a lot going on at the same time.  On one level, we’re having conversations with an intelligence in another dimension that say that they created the physical universe.  They’ve given us a lot of guidance and instruction on how the universe works.  Some of the things have never ever been brought out into the world, in my knowledge, and it’s strange to be in the middle of doing that.  We could be wrong; they mi8ght not be who they say they are.  I tell people,“Make up your own mind.”


The other thing that happens on this call besides the verbal communications is that there is an energy on the call.  People all over the world are telling me that they can feel the energy.  It’s a subtle energy that feels like you expand, you get bigger, we touch each other.  There’s this idea of communion in Christianity; I have the idea that what we are doing on this call, if you named it communion it would probably fit.  It seems like what communion is; it’s not social, it happens on the inner level and it comes from the inside out.


When we’ve talked to interdimensional friends; when we’ve talked to them they say that they exist outside of time, and they have the ability to flow through the field and enter this realm as what they call “love-light vibration” or love-light energy.


It seems that when we are feeling that energy on the call, one explanation for it, if you want to match their words is, “That’s them.”  They’re out there, up there – and we’ve learned how to tune into their frequency and they can flow their energy into this realm.  When we make connection with their energy – to call it their energy would be slightly off.  What we’ve learned is there is no such thing as their, that they are us and we are them – it’s all one.  In order to go from that as a mental construct, as an idea – to an experience – you have to enter this expanded space which we could call the field, the unity field – all kinds of names.  Maybe you call it ‘Holy Spirit’, maybe you call it prana, Chi.  But, in this space where there is no time or space and everything just becomes present – we never lose ourselves.


You have to be on this call for a while, some people do.  Some people get it right away.  (But) when you’re first on the call it always seems like you’re looking for something other, something big – Oh My God they’re the Elohim!  They created the universe!  They’re BIG.  They may be big, but I don’t know if the word ‘big’ applies, because if you’re in a place with no space or time, how can you be big?  How can you be small?  You’re just everything.  You flow through, like surfing this unity field and you arrive.  These beings say, “We’re here and we’re tuned into your frequency.”  They show up.


Then, you have this energy coursing through you, but it’s your energy.  It starts with you, and then they join it.  They become one.  It would be in the physical world like a bunch of people walking into a room, all coming from their own separate locations – an auditorium – and there is something going to take place.  Suddenly, everyone is feeling together because they’re all in the same room and they’re feeling together in that room because they’re participating in the same experience.


This is similar, except there’s no room.  There’s just a telephone line.  We didn’t know that we could do this on a telephone line.  It seems to have happened historically easiest and best when people congregate, when people come together, because then you have all your body energies in the same room.  It makes the body energies come together and then it’s easy for the spirit to come in.  We’ve learned how to do it on a phone line – notice the energy in the space.  That’s the energy; it comes in.  They’re not talking to us, but the energy is here.


What I wanted to do tonight is work with that energy and work with some of the people on the line who would like to feel that energy move through them.  In particular, one of the reasons I called this topic this evening is because a few days ago I got an email from an old friend of mine in Los Angeles who is Lou.  He sent it to all of his friends and he actually created quite a havoc.  I’m going to open up the lines – I don’t think he’s shy.


Lou, are you there?


Lou:  I’m right here.


Wynn:  I haven’t seen Lou for ten years.  Lou sent an email out to all his friends saying,“Send me prayers, I’m going into the hospital in a few days and I’m having open heart surgery for something serious.”  I called Lou today and I said, “Lou, come to our call.”  He has not been coming to our calls; he never came to a call before.  Actually, I met Lou when this was all first starting for me.  We had a common friend, Howard,  I think we went out to lunch a couple of time.  I was telling Lou all my stories and Howard all my stories; the book had just come out with David Wilcock.  I think it was probably 2003 – 2004.  Lou happens to be Catholic; he goes to church every Sunday, he has done a lot of good (and) helped a lot of people.  Lou, tell us about yourself.


Lou:  I am a writer; I came out here to Los Angeles to chase that dream of being a writer.  I wrote a number of screenplays, made a documentary which takes on the medical establishment in terms of – if you want an organ transplant or something, the United States is the best place to do it.  But, for chronic, degenerative diseases, it’s all about the money.  I made a documentary that exposes that; I don’t like bullies you know.  That was my way to take on a bully.  [The] documentary came out last year, it’s called, “Cut Boys and Burn” – very successful, it felt very well accepted.


I’m still trying to make my movies.  I have one called “The Water Garden” about a guy who works in a gas boiler room and finds himself through saving some little ducklings, rescuing some little ducklings on the property – he rescues them and they rescue him (metaphysically).  I like to do metaphysical work.


I find out that as a gift from God because I hadn’t had a W-2 for anybody my whole life; I always worked for myself.  I had been looking around for something to do in 2009; I’ve been sending resumes out for six years and finally I got this job.  I wound up getting the health insurance; and, when I got the health insurance I started going on all these doctor’s tests and all, started to treat myself.  They found murmurs at the cardiologists, and it turns out that I have this condition that John Ritter had.  He said, “There’s gray area in medicine, but I don’t have gray area.  I got black and white.”  He said “I have to get this fixed.”  It’s an aneurysm that could blow up.  So that’s where I am now.


Wynn:  Terry, are you listening?


Terry:  Yes, I am.


Wynn:  We’re going to do a healing, but Terry is going to talk and they’re going to be talking to us.  Did anyone else come on the line particularly that has a serious condition they want to work on?  [And] who is willing to talk about it publicly?


Zoë:  This is Zoë and off and on I have trouble with my bowels.


Wynn:  You have the flu right now too, don’t you?


Zoë:  Yes, I do.


Wynn:  Can you describe it more?


Zoë:  Yes.  When I have the trouble it’s usually explosive.


Wynn:  Have you had medical treatment for it?  Have you gone to the hospital for it?


Zoë:  No.  I have, but I don’t use Western medicine very much, I have a homeopathic doctor I use.   It was doing fine until I came down with this cold and now it seems to be starting up again.  I have to go on this trip to Florida in the morning and here we are.


Wynn:  Alright.  Zoë.  Anyone else come on?


Michael:  This is Michael in San Diego and I have a degenerative disc issue.  It only affects about seven disks so I’m not too worried about it.  Any help I could get with that would be greatly appreciated.


Wynn:  Anyone else?


Chris:  Wynn, this is Chris.  I’ve had Hepatitis-C and I took treatment.  Now, I think I’m having some liver trouble; I think it’s come back and is affecting my liver.  I have the diabetes, and the Bell’s Palsy residuals.


Wynn:  I’d like to tell you all:  Here is Dr. Marshall’s phone number…  I’m kidding.  Terry might say that.


Nimoway:  Can I tell you my situation?  My health is quite good but I have a situation, a very bad situation where I’ve had a stalker/vandal/harasser for over five-and-a-half years.  My life is constantly fighting terrible events.  I have placed well over 1,500 police reports; it cost me well over $12,000 – every single bit of it I had to get from someone else.  They had me lose my job, so keeping a job is terrible problem now.


That’s what I’m hoping to have some healing on.


Wynn:  A question – why have you not moved someplace where they can’t find you?


Nimoway:  It has nothing to do with where I live.  They just followed me when I did move.  I’ve read of this sort of thing online now, that it doesn’t matter.  You get off the plane in a whole other country and there they are picking up with you.  I have worked extensively spiritually on this.


Wynn:  How does this stalker manifest itself?  Have you seen him?


Nimoway:  This is not anybody that I’ve ever dated in any way.  This is someone who, at a Church of Religious Science that I have since left because of this – I prevented a man known to have tons of – the word starts in ‘p’ and ends in ‘graphy’ – I don’t even like to say the word.  I prevented this man from having access to a childcare setting that was going to have one little eight year girl in it.  After that, all this started.


Wynn:  So, he’s getting even with you?


Nimoway:  Yes, very much so.  They give me many messages; all my communications are completely monitored and then they give me different confirmations to scare me, to let me know how much I am monitored.


Wynn:  If we don’t address this this call, we should write up a question for our Wednesday call, because that’s more of a Wednesday call type question.


Nimoway:  I’m sorry, I have only been on a few of these calls.  I can’t come this Wednesday, but if I miss this Wednesday I will definitely get with you next time.


Wynn:  We’ll definitely address the question on the Wednesday call.


Nimoway:  Thank you


Lisa:  I have about a forty-seven or forty-eight year medical history.  Supposedly I’m just supposed to keep getting worse and worse until I die.  A lot of you have heard me say lupus/scleroderma; that’s just like the tip of the iceberg.


I live in pain everyday of varying degrees, along with other symptoms:  nausea, weakness, dizziness, double-vision.  It just goes on and on; I’m having knee surgery in a month.  The word that follows me around in my life from the medical world is ‘complicated’.  It’s always so complicated.  I’m so tired of complicated.  I’m just tired of having a body that is giving me so much trouble.  I would really like to be rid of all these symptoms of bigger things that really get in my way.  I have heart disease, diabetes; I have a totally impaired gastro-intestinal system.  I have vomited so many times in my life that I just can’t stand doing it any more.  I go to through periods of time when I’m not vomiting, then all of a sudden like last April/May – just for two months – I was constantly going to emergency and was hospitalized twice.  I can vomit for ten hours; I can just keep going on.


So just call it complicated, really interfering medical problems that affect me every day of my life.  I do my best to be happy; otherwise, I’m a pretty happy, upbeat person.  I would love to do that without all the pain.  Now I’m having interactions from my medications; I’m on about twenty medications.  I’m starting to have hallucinations; I figure it’s a good thing I have a good head on my shoulders and I can see clearly what’s happening.  I’ve had it verified by someone by the way.


As opposed to having contact with the other side, which I also do, I know a few times I’ve had hallucinations recently, and it’s been getting me scared.  The doctors are just all to willing to pile on too many pain pills without really looking at the interactions of the drugs.  I was just told by my psychic that a pain doctor I saw a week and a half ago whom I am going to see Wednesday again, just gave me these flat-out prescriptions on the first visit – we hadn’t even had what I think are the most important conversations to talk about all of what I’m on, and what are my goals?


My goal is to get off pain medications.  And, he just gives me this stuff and I told my psychic I felt like if I took anything else that I would be in a comatose state.  Sometimes I have all I can do to keep my consciousness working.  It gets very overwhelming.  She told me that I would not just be in a comatose state, that I would be physically dead if I was one of these people who said “Yes, Doctor” to everything and didn’t research myself and take charge of my own health situation, my own life – I would be physically dead right now.  I’m tired.


Wynn:  I’m glad you’re not.


Lisa:  Me too.


Wynn:  Thank you for sharing that.


One of the things that inspired me to do this particular call tonight,  because I don’t think we’ve done a call like this – at least, directly.  It has come up, there are so many times when people have been on our calls and the focus wasn’t on healing, but something shifted for them.  Terry has a really good friend that has liver problems, I believe it’s hepatitis.  We recently asked a question on behalf of her friend and this person was given a three-year time to live, three years to live.  That was it – that’s what the doctors told him.


He’s busy preparing as if he’s in his last three years.  I said, “We should ask and see what they say.”  The answer, I’m going to try and paraphrase this, was:  “You have control of your body.  You can make things shift in your body.  You can tell the viruses to go.”  Then, they said, “If you do that, we’ll help you.”  But, it has to start with him.  It wasn’t going to be some outside force that was going to do it.


I thought that was a really interesting idea because I think when people pray, they think, “God, heal me.  God, do this…”  The answer was, “You do it and we’ll help.”  It’s that particular three-year time line doesn’t even have to hold.  Then I got my email from Lou who is going in for this very serious condition that he has, and I said I was going to do this call tonight and I was going to open it up for some other people as well.  Are all of you okay if we bring our sources in and ask about your issues?


Caller:  Bring it on.


Wynn:  We’re going to look for an energetic connection in our bodies; let’s just start off with a healing visualization:


Right now, you are surrounded by (we could call them) angel(s), or very loving entities.  We’re going to allow that energy to become one with us.  Remember, everything is one so they are us, they are parts of ourselves, that are here to help us.  We’re making this stream of energy that goes back to our group soul friends who are able to project into this realm and when they do that I don’t know if these angelic forces are them, or if they just come in and join – I’m not sure.  Nonetheless, there has been many instances of people having shifts in physical problems as a result of this work.  All of you who would like that, I want you right now – I’m not Benny Hinn (that guy on TV who people come up and he pushes them over); this is not Benny Hinn speaking.  We’re doing it differently.  This is an experiment to see how focusing on this might or might not shift some pattern that you are holding in your body.


Shut your eyes and those of you who are on the call regularly are aware that our sources come in through the top of your head, through your crown chakra.  They are very real; they exist.  They can move through time and space and see that energy coming through your crown chakra – this is what we do on Sundays – and moving through your body. 


Get relaxed.  We do an invocation to bring the energies in.  We’re already bringing them in but we’ll do the invocation just for protection.  When we open up to higher dimensions, when we open our field up to higher dimensions, you’re also opening up to potential negative influences.  It’s like you’re opening up to energy in a greater universe than you can see.  You can feel it, but you can’t see it.  We want to do an invocation that protects us from any negative influences.


When you do this yourself, be very sure to include this in however you make that request because otherwise you get negative greetings.  You get panic attacks.  You get things that you can’t explain.  Sometimes you may have to get those anyway to learn how to go through them and master them.  Sometimes a negative attack is when everything else fails and you still have it, it means there is some kind of exercise you need to do.  If you’re a body-builder and you’re pushing so much weight and suddenly the weight gets harder you need to build your muscles up with a new weight.


A negative attack can be a way of building your muscle up to get above it.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here and that any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies, and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection – a blending of all of our energies – we invite those sources to join us that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, flowing in the Christed light.  We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our sources present?


Ra’An:  Yes.  We are here.  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. 



This March 5th, 2012 and for the individuals concerned, we recognize the gravity of what they are facing and going through in that they consider it is a situation that is very severe.  We have several people who have brought forth their issues and there are several layers of ways to look at these issues.


One of them is from the strict medical viewpoint of the doctor’s opinion.  As we look out over the range of repertoire of different doctors, we see the expertise of different doctors as being quite varied.  Many of the doctors, in fact most of the doctors, have not had proper training in the area of nutrition and have not considered what the body needs in order to grow and to repair.  They consider the body as a mechanism that can be fixed or held in status quo through drugs and medicines, and we indicate that Lisa is in that situation.   The doctors are not providing a treatment that will fix the condition, but only to hold it in abeyance and to gradually, as the body does not have what it needs to repair sufficiently, then it will continue to have more things go wrong.


This is the case with much of the response that doctors give to situations.  They do not take into account what a body needs physically to repair itself.  There are many doctors that give away prescriptions like candy without investigating the outcomes or correlating the desired outcome with the imagined outcome.  One of these areas is with something that’s very important and understanding this could lengthen a majority of people’s lives by one-third.  This is with the importance of digestion.


As an individual gets older, they use up their ability to make enzymes and one of the reasons that they use up this ability is because they do not give themselves the proper building blocks to make the chemicals necessary within their body to make the digestive enzymes.


One such thing is salt – not Morton’s Salt that has been heated so hot that it has been altered.  Sea Salt – or, there are other salts – that are very healthy and when taken in perhaps one teaspoon with food or one teaspoon in liquid.  One way to make hydrochloric acid is to increase the salt so that the body has the building blocks to be able to make the hydrochloric acid.  One of the most important keys is having enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach to be able to digest and break down one’s food.


When one does not have enough hydrochloric acid, then they do not digest their proteins properly and they do not get a proper culture in the digestive tract and so they do not make their own B vitamins.  As B vitamins are made in the intestinal tract, and the body begins to break down because it does not have the nutrients needed to sustain it.  Finding out about the proper digestion and getting the digestion systems working can help the individual to get off the wheel of prescription drugs and begin to have the body function and have the structure, the wherewithal, to function. 


The drugstores are lined with digestive aids; they tell you you’ve got too much hydrochloric acid – not hydrochloric – but, they say you have too much acid in your stomach and that’s the reason for heartburn and the reason that you have a problem when you eat and you can’t digest your food.  This is false; you have the wrong kind of acid.  You need hydrochloric acid there.  This is one area for you to investigate. 


You can call up, you can go to Dr. Marshall’s website:, and you can check in.  He has a radio program about six days a week.  You can call into his radio program; you can ask your own specific question and he will address that question.  He has worked with thousands of individuals and he has lectured to doctors.  Doctors come to him when they have terminal cases to find out what they can do to help turn the patients around.  He knows very much about the relationship of different parts of the body to other parts of the body, and how infection in one part of the body can, through the meridians of the body, affect other parts of the body.


This is one level of healing.  To get the nutrients that you really need, to get the information that you need to learn how to provide your body with nutrients so you can begin the healing cycle instead of relying on these prescriptions.  There is another level of healing but give us minute.  We look at the other people who have spoken.


We are mindful of Chris’ issues, and mindful of the problems with hepatitis C and diabetes.  As we move into a higher level, a higher layer of healing, there is healing that can be dictated by the individual as the individual at a higher level through where he is at in his emotions and where he is in the action/reaction in his life, may pull in blockages and blockages can prevent flow.  There is not much time on this call so we will go to a more general look.  When one can look at it from the highest level, one can see that one has control over the physical universe to the degree that one has the ability to take control.  This is either easy if one has the tools at his fingertips, (or hard if one does not have the tools) such as manipulation of vibration, control over manifestation to change and shift manifestation and (ability) to take out areas of manifestation that are unwarranted or not beneficial.  This takes a great master to be able to manage this.


When one talks about the movie, The Secret, there is a way to change things, but it takes the knowledge of how to affect all the components.  We are a free-will granting body of energies; so by free will, we need a consensus in order to change something.  So, the person’s intention needs to be strong that they wish the situation to be healed.  If the individual does not have the strong intention, perhaps the individual has another outcome that they are seeking, or something they are trying to avoid.  We are not saying that any of you have that condition.  We do not see that.  We are giving that as data.


We take a look at Lou’s situation, and we give him support, energy support. 


Give us a moment.


We are there with you, and we send you light, prayers bring light.  We send you healing.


Those are some of our thoughts at this time.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Can you be working with Lou and his doctors when he has his operation?


Ra’An:  We will be there, energy holding his energy.  We are free-will in that it is as we are interactive, and so it is: as we are invited we are there, available for assistance.


Wynn:  Thank you.  You know what?  We have to end the show.  I know we didn’t cover everybody – come in on Wednesday, if we can cover you we’ll try to cover you on Wednesday.


See you later… thank you Terry.  Thank everybody.  Thank you Lou, for coming on and talking.

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