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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences
Wednesday – 03/14/2012

Can I get help with a Stalker?

Host: Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Wynn: This is Wednesday, March 14th, (2012) this is our Wednesday night conference call. My name is Wynn Free and my cohort, my associate: Terry Brown. Are you there Terry?

Terry: I’m here.

Wynn: As I see it, if you’re going to deal with our sources in a “kind of equal” – obviously, we’re not equal. None of us are equal; we all have our own unique talents and abilities, everyone on the line. There’s something that’s special about you that’s not special about me. There’s something special about everybody. In a moment of coming together, all those specialnesses can merge into oneness in this moment. It doesn’t mean we’re any less special, it just means: What we’ve learned is when we share in those energies of oneness, there’s a magic that happens. We’re working in invisible worlds where we can’t see exactly what we’re doing, but we keep coming in and things happen. Part of my job is to try to be like a detective and figure it out, try to put it in the most simplest human terms so that we all learn not only what we’re doing, but whatever level we’re at, how we can replicate it in our own lives. The better we become at that, the better this whole process becomes.

If you didn’t listen to Monday’s call, it was extraordinary. It was another call about how the universe was created. For whatever reason, we zoned out – we got into a really amazing energy that just stayed on the whole call. If you’re coming into these calls you keep noticing – some of you are noticing – how these energies work, and how things just shift. That’s like something that we’re all learning together, because that’s a fairly unusual thing to occur over a telephone line.

We’re talking to this source that says they’re the Elohim, and that time and space mean nothing to them, and that they can flow through time and space and meet us. There’s this thing of: “We’re down here and they’re up there”. We build a bridge – we have to build a bridge. The bridge is within the consciousness of everyone on this call building the bridge so that each of us can, at one point on these calls, experience that energy from a place of equality, not from a place of hierarchy. As Ra would say – hierarchy is a place of distortion. Not that it’s bad, but it’s a distortion of the truth. In fact, everything is a distortion of the truth. As soon as you say something and define it and make it physical, it’s a distortion. It’s “how less can you distort it?” “How can you get more close?”

As soon as you put something in words, as soon as you put an idea out, you’re expressing something through duality and it can’t possibly be right. If you could get something down in words that would be correct, the universe would shift instantly because everyone would say, “Those are the words; let’s follow those words…” What I’ve learned, no matter what I say it’s what happens in between the words that causes things to shift. The words kind of anchor the in-between spaces, and the energies flow in from these sources in-between the words.

That’s how I think it works – I’m an observer to this just like you. I show up and on every call I learn. Some of you are saying, “Wynn sounds so much better now than he did a couple of years ago.” You sound better – we are growing together. We’re building a bridge on this call, the bridge comes in faster. We feel the energies faster – all of you are doing that. It changes me and it frees me to go more to a higher space on the bridge.

We’re building the bridge as a group. What provoked this little part of the call was telling jokes. Telling jokes kind of anchors the energy at a very human level because when we laugh, and when we laugh at a joke, it becomes an anchor that starts building the bridge. When there’s no anchor and you suddenly come in at the very high space sometimes that allows somebody to be negatively attacked. What happens is, you go from here and go through a quantum leap to some really high space but the middle spaces are not covered. Since we’re expanding into this multi-dimensional hologram, then we’re subject to being attacked in the middle spaces.

I had the conversation with Carla Rueckert about some of this, because she was attacked when she started doing the Ra Material – some of you read that. They thought she was going to die it was so bad. She was losing weight and everything. Some of you would have read my stories know that Daphne was attacked.

Observing how this works has been crucial so that we could do this work under a protective umbrella; otherwise, everyone would be getting attacked. In my conversation with Carla Rueckert, we talked about Don Elkins, who was her channeling partner who was able to hold the bridge from the lower worlds to the higher worlds which allowed her to bring in Ra. When Don died, she couldn’t bring in Ra, even though he was bringing in Ra she was getting attacked.

Suddenly, there was an announcement from her sources that they had built their own bridge. In other words, they weren’t’ depending on Don Elkins to build the bridge from here to there; they built a bridge on the other side. The Ra group was at the top of the bridge; then there were two other sources –

Latwaii, and Hatan – that were stepping the energies down so that it was more protected. The energies completed through the hologram so that she could bring information through. If you read her channelings, you can certainly see the difference between the Ra group and Q’uo, which was the step-down bridge on the other side. Q’uo is a lot more gentle, more personable, more diplomatic – whereas the Ra group, when they came through, was very “Here’s the way it is.”

It depends how you can handle information – some of you can’t handle, “Here’s the way it is” and it scares you. So you need to figure it out. Sometimes Daphne comes in, “Here’s the way it is” and Terry has built in more step-downs so even if it’s the same information it’s not quite so catalytic because there’s a lot of energetic space.

I don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s how I perceive what goes on in these calls. People used to come into the calls – they don’t do this anymore, but a couple of years ago – [and] they would say, “Wynn, why don’t you shut up and let them speak? Wynn, why are you having everybody say hello at the beginning of the call? We want to hear the Elohim.” They didn’t understand the process; they thought I was talking because I wanted to hog the energy, or I wanted to be the center of the attention and that’s not true. I was learning the process that my introducing things, my doing things the way I do – is building the bridge, so to speak, so that we could do this and the energies would come in seamlessly. If you notice I’ll be talking and by the time they’re coming in, it’s like they’re just right here. They’re not coming in up up and away, far away. They’re really close to us; but, we’ve had to build the bridge so that can occur.

Originally, when Daphne was channeling and I asked them about this, I said, “How do you see people, when there are billions of people on our planet – how do you pick people? How do you see them?” They said, “When someone or when a group lifts their energy above the veil, they can see it or they can perceive it.” It makes it easier for them to join with it. If your energy is below the veil all the time, then they have a hard time finding you because it’s like you’re under a cloud.

When people want help, support – when they want miracles – when they want something to happen, they have to lift their energies above the veil. You can be sitting totally on your thumbs and say, “Okay energy – go above the veil. Go above the veil.” And, nothing happens. It’s like, one of the easiest ways to do that is to keep coming into these calls because I think we do that on these calls consistently. As you keep lifting your energy above the veil on the call, not only are you making your energy available so they can see you, you’re learning how it works – and, it’s not linear. People think, “I want to do this and my energy will lift.” I don’t think you can control it with your mind, but you can control it with your intent and you can control it with the actions you choose to take, and you can control it by the people you hang out with, and you can get a lot of learning by attending these calls. Keep in mind, the learning is non-linear. So get out of your mind that it’s linear, because when it’s linear you think, “Tell me to do this and I’ll do it. Tell me what to do.” It’s not like that; it’s not linear. You learn it on other levels. Occasionally something will be said that penetrates through, that goes through an ‘aha!’ experience, that will open the energy and that will work.

Terry: One of the things is that they can see prayer. The way it appears is like a light, and the light appears in the third density realm at the location of the person who is praying. It appears like a light, like a round light – projected light, too, and that they sense (it). They can actually see it.

That’s what I wanted to say.

Wynn: I don’t like to use the word prayer because it starts to sound like we’re a religion. I would use the word intent; an intent for the highest good of all concerned and really powerfully and passionately expressed.

Prayer does not mean like you see in a linear sense you can say – “Okay, God right now I’d like this to happen.” You can ask, but there is no intent attached to it. When you formulate your intent to be very powerful, that starts to thrust your energy through the veil and that’s really the basis of prayer. Prayer is thrusting your energy through the veil with a high intent and a positive request for interventions, help, source – from positive other dimensions and always for the highest good of all concerned and honoring free will. I suppose the difference between intent and prayer is intent, just by itself without all those stipulations can be negative. It can attract negatives because you could say, “I want Joe to marry me” or something like that, and that’s a manipulative request that doesn’t honor free will. You’re not going to get our sources to answer that, but you might get some little gypsy on the corner that says, “I can get Joe to marry you if you give me a $1,000 and I’ll bury it in the back yard. Buy these candles and I’ll pray for it.” Now you’re doing magic to try and control the universe.

On that note, I think we’ll start tonight. Thank you all for being here. Somebody is saying, “Okay,Wynn, shut up. You’re talking too long.” Sorry – we got the energies together anyway. We’ve got some really important questions from people.

When we call in the light, that is my way of formatting words to create a positive intent and an expansion. It’s not a magic incantation; it’s a focus of intent to shift the energy. When I say it, some people modify it slightly: Do I really want to say, “Father Mother God” – what does that mean? That puts people back in the religious paradigm. Do I want to say 'One Infinite Creator?' We say 'Father Mother God', and that seems to be okay. We’re invoking the highest, positive, creative, intelligent source in the universe to participate with us.

(Wynn calls in the light)

Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light, the love light, to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of the light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of our Solar System, and our sun and our moon, through the energies of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. Do we have our sources present?

Ra’An: Yes. This is Ra’An and the date is March 14th, 2012. We are pleased to be with each and every one of you. We are mindful of your questions in the third density. We are available for connection with each and every person who is on the call or will read a transcript or will listen to a replay at any time. We are available to give assistance when you ask, 24/7, and not necessarily on the telephone line. We are directly available.

Do you have questions?

Wynn: Yes we do. We have Lorena from Long Beach who wants to know about cell phone protection. I guess she is concerned with cell phones are not good for her, and how can she protect herself from cell phone radiation? Do the devices that are available, that say cell phone protectors, really work?

Ra’An: Thank you.

Some of the cell phone protectors work and some of the cell phone protectors do not work. It depends upon how they are applied to the cell phone. There is a device that one can put on the wire near the earphone that will cut down by approximately 80-90% of the radiation coming through the wire. It is a clamp-on device that one can locate on the internet. Also, there are devices one can put on the phone. We suggest that you would perhaps use both devices – the device on the wire and the device on the cell phone.

One of the sellers of cell phone protectors is Dr. Marshall’s office at 310-320-1132. One can call and find out more information. We would suggest one research what is available for protection and we would suggest that they use protection, as the cell phone radiation heats up and modifies brain function on the side where the device is connected to the head.

Wynn: Thank you.

How about just using a headset in general, or a BlueTooth? BlueTooth is a different kid of radiation; is that also as harmful as a cell phone?

Ra’An: If one uses the wireless BlueTooth, some of them also provide detrimental radiation. One can become sensitive to heat in the area of the connections with the cell phone earphone to the head. One can become sensitive to detrimental energy being projected into the head. One can watch one’s symptoms; one of the symptoms of irradiation is a fuzziness in that area or a strange feeling in that area of the brain.

One can watch for other anomalies, changes from when one did not use a cell phone to what is happening after one uses a cell phone.

Wynn: Thank you.

David asks a question about what’s called Morgellon’s disease. For those of you who are not aware of it, Morgellon’s is something which has not been recognized by the medical establishment. In fact, sometimes they say people are delusional. Yet, if you go on the internet, you’ll find all kinds of people with pictures. Some people say that there’s artificial nano-worms that are coming, they’re coming from chemtrails, perhaps. That’s one theory. It itches tremendously and people have lesions and sometimes they see what looks like tiny filaments – almost like plastic filaments – coming out of their skin. It’s very rough for people who have it. They itch tremendously. David is asking, “Can we have any information about where Morgellon’s comes from and is there a way to fix it?”

Ra’An: Thank you.

Morgellon’s is from exposure to air or grass or plant life that has collected debris from the air from the mixture of the spraying of chemtrails with the other remainder of toxins in the air, from certain pesticides that have weakened areas of growth of the plants. Having the plants then weakened and having them susceptible to fungi and other contents within some of the chemtrails working together synergistically to make organisms that then grow and can become attached to animal fur or to humans, and then react and grow within the human system.

It is engineered in laboratories as an experiment to make injections into nano-injections/nano-needles that then can be surfaced with sedatives and projected upon a populations that they wish to subdue or have more tranquil or to divert attention from things that are going on. These nano-needles then merge with other substances or fungus and create the growth in some circumstances that becomes Morgellon’s disease [where] the nano-needles then begin to take on some of the life-force of the fungus or the other small life-forms and begin to grow into small fibers, which then can begin to grow within the body.

Is there something, a cure that can be done? We [are] suggesting applications of Tea Tree Oil. When chemtrails are spraying heavily: to stay off the grass; keep your animals off the grass, to get air purification devices for your house, to keep your house clean and apply antiseptic cleaners. Those are our comments upon that.

Wynn: One question is: do they enter the human system through the skin or through breathing?

Ra’An: They enter it both through the skin and through breathing.

Wynn: Thank you. Alright, next question. This is from Diana.

I am facing some big decisions; am in a transit period feeling the current affecting changes gently. How do I best allow the Universe to show me what I should do, rather than be making all my choices from a more conscious place where my doubts and my fears come in? I feel some of the decisions to be too burdensome and painful to make and I seek the Universe’s guidance to help me get to a peaceful direction without so much thinking and analyzing from my brain, to be able to do what is best for me with the least loops and turns and the least pain? How do we differentiate between the guidance we receive from the Universe and our own will and decisions?

Ra’An: Thank you.

There are several levels of entrance into the making of decisions such as these. One of them is to use intuition, as you at your heart know/sense/resonate with what feels the best for you truly.

Second of all is to lean into some one aspect: break it down into aspects, lean into one aspect just a little and let it ride with you to see how it feels. Then, lean into it a little bit further. As if it was not very important, but just something you were collecting data on like a school assignment. What would it be like? Pull in data about it; get a scrapbook. Get some pictures and see how it feels to you and then withdraw from it and then lean into it from another direction. How does it affect the money? How does it affect the safety? How does it affect human relationships? Write that down into the aspects of it. How does it affect the relationship with this friend? How does it affect the relationship with this important connection? How does it affect the location? How does it affect the job? How does it affect the availability of social connection?

When you are looking at one aspect then set the other aspects aside and just feel it from this one thing, but do not make a real big deal about it. Just see how that one particular aspect would set up. Then, when you are doing that, do not think of the over-all decision, but just the little pieces and parts that will all together to make up the decision, for when you cannot or have trouble making a decision, or cannot make a decision – you do not have enough data to comfortably make it. So, you need more data.

Wynn: Thank you.

Next question: This is our headline question for tonight. It has to do with somebody on the call who is having a situation of what they perceive as being stalked. She sent me quite a bit of information and I really can’t read everything, but I will read a little bit of it.

There was some circumstance where she met somebody who was doing something that she thought was dangerous to other people and she reported them. As a result, this person has kind of got a vendetta on her. It’s been like over five years that she’s been under the duress of this vendetta. Even if she tries to move it seems to follow her.

There is another aspect to this, and this seems to go beyond this person where she has the experience of helicopter fly-overs being above her bedroom for twenty minutes, timed to within five minutes of when she turns off her computer. This has gone on every night for five months. Sometimes when she’s out of the house and she’s at a spiritual-type event – I don’t think this is from that person – but, there may be an energy connected to it that is causing this situation to pull in other negative forces.

She’s had harassments, vandalism, car and property, her cats and a neighbor cat was killed which she connects with all of this. She has done a lot of police reports and it’s been destroying her life.

Could you give any feedback on what’s happening and any way that she can do anything or get assistance from higher sources to change this situation?

Ra’An: Thank you. Give us a moment.

There are several aspects to this. One aspect is in bugging devices. Give us a moment. When one is bugged and has bugging devices within the house, it does not necessarily have to be a solid microphone or bugging device. It can be a projected device. If one lets them know – them being the institution that is manning the bugging device – that one knows that one is being bugged and gives information that they know that they are being bugged and they give this information and then lets them know that they may be giving disinformation – that the information that the person that is bugged is giving – may or may not be true. Then, there are instructions within the agencies that they can no longer rely on data and they are required to withdraw the bugging. Give us a moment.

One can look at their computer and can get devices (or programs) to dismantle any 'cookies '– cookies is a technical computer term, meaning any bug-tracking devices on their computer – to disconnect/disengage any cookie devices that are bugging their computer. This is one level of approach.

Another level of approach is to mentally put out a framework, and we can help you with this – a framework to disengage from them. Disengage your connection from them – when the helicopter is overheard to disengage the connection between you and the helicopter. Mentally work on this: disengaging. Look at other things to engage with, to help you disengage from the connection with the helicopter but mentally disengage and tell the helicopter to go. We can help you with that. So that is another level – to disengage.

When one remains in the fear, they are at the frequency of connecting to the object of the fear, so practice – we can help you with this – practice moving out of their range so that you connect to something different, something positive. This lower-level being that is connected to your even subconscious can be disengaged and moved into a different framework where they are not.

These are our initial exercises with this, and we welcome further questions later.

Wynn: Thank you.

With this particular person, would a reading be of great assistance to help anchor this?

Ra’An: What we have given at this time is enough to start to work with.

Wynn: Thank you. We are going to close this call.

If you had a question this week and I didn’t get to it – I know Connie had a question. I know that’s an important question for you, Connie. If you don’t have a week to handle it, email us and we’ll see what we can do. Otherwise, re-submit your question next week because we’re getting more questions every week than we can answer and I try to prioritize things either by the relevance to everybody or the urgency to someone – and particularly new people who are asking questions for the first time. They get a priority. If you’re new, ask your questions.

I thank you all, thank everybody, thank our sources, thank Terry and thank the volunteers who are helping us pull this off. We’ll see some of you on our Sunday healing.

Caller: Thank you very much.

Wynn: We’ll see you all next time. Thank you.

Terry: Love to you all.

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