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By What Process Does Growth and Evolution Take Place?

Monday Call 03/19/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Terry: Hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone who is listening out there in BBS Internet Radio Land. This is Terry Brown, co-host of the Wynn Free Monday night BBS show. Wynn, are you on the line?

Wynn: I’m on the line. We have an interesting topic tonight.

I’ll talk about our show in general. This show started as a result of the fact that I found myself communicating with sources in other dimensions, and those sources said they created the physical universe. And they gave me the opportunity – they didn’t lecture to me – they gave me the opportunity to ask them questions.

This is Monday, March 19th, 2012. We have an ongoing series of calls on Monday night. Many of those calls are involved with direct communications, through Terry, with sources that say they’re in other dimensions. They’re not just in other dimensions; they say they created the physical universe. That’s a pretty big claim. I tell people “Don’t believe it until it resonates with you.”

We’ve had the chance on these calls to ask numerous questions live. Terry has the ability to be a channel, a vehicle - able to bring their energies in a verbal way so that they make sense to us.

The other thing that happens on these calls is they say they have the ability to project from where they are. Where are they? Where they are is hard to understand from where we are. To put it in words, they’re outside of time. They’re not in time, and they’re energy. They exist as energy, and they have watched the whole universe evolve from the position of no time, or very little real time. I guess there must be a slight bit of time, because for there to be a backwards and a forwards there has to be some perception of time.

Terry: They have time there, but the time is - very much more gets done in the same time as if it was here. Time moves very, very slowly here.

Wynn: I would guess that even though time may move a certain time may way there when you’re sitting in the middle of it, it always seems like the same time. Just like it does here; some of you are getting the feeling of time moving faster because time is moving faster if you can hook into that.

They have the ability to project through the field into this dimension in a way that we can feel them. Many people on this line have experienced feeling them. How does it feel to feel them? It’s a bit different for each person, but let’s just go through the call, maybe we’ll have the chance and I’ll point it out. It’s kind of something added to yourself; it’s not like a separate thing. It’s like your energy gets enhanced, expanded, tingly and it’s a bit unusual for most people. I almost have to say, “Watch for that, because that will be it.” It’s not like some very powerful external force comes in and says “We’re here” and sits next to you on the bed and you have a conversation with them. Because they’re pure energy, they come in as pure energy and so you feel their energy. That’s the best way to describe it. We’ve had lots of conversations; we’ve been doing this for a few years now, about every topic you can think of.

Last week – if you didn’t listen to last week’s call it’s on the replay – it was an extraordinary call and tremendous energy on the call. I got a few emails from people on that. We had a conversation with them on how they participated in the evolution of the universe. One of things that have a recurring theme on these conversations – although historically they have often been thought of God, that is not how they would like to have their best connection with us. The way they described it is, they would like to be, or the best connection, is when we can relate to them as energy friends. They exist; they really exist and we really exist. They’re on one side of the timelines and we’re on the other. When we can make this connection, we have energy friends. When we have them as an energy friend, they can do things and help us in ways that are very unexpected. One way they have said it is we all have an energy field and our energy fields are connected to each other. They can spray, this is their words, WD40 on our energy fields to loosen things up.

For example, you may have somebody in your life that you’re having a problem with energetically. If you come on our calls and say, “I’d like to put my relationship with so-and-so in the light” it’s happened quite often that person calls you the next day and something shifts. People have told me that. That’s an example of what happens when you spray WD40 on an energy field.

It’s possible that when you learn to feel their energies to get into a long-term relationship not just when you’re on these calls but during the course of your day, your week and your life. Because they’re invisible and the whole thing happens on an energy level, and because they can do things that are phenomenal in the way they participate with us – you can see how the idea of God could come about. They honor free will, so you have to ask them. Asking them is another way of talking about prayer. But they interrelate to us not in that subservient way, and not in a hierarchal way, but just as they’re there and we’re here and what can we all do to make things better? That’s how I get that it works.

We’re very honored to do these calls and have Terry available to answer questions. Of course, Daphne – there’s a whole incredible story. If you have not read my story, please read my story. It will help make this all more credible and it will deepen your own connection. We have something called You can go to that website and download the book I wrote about this. It’s something that each person has to study it and see if it resonates. The claim is so wild and it’s taken me a long time to be this candid in the way that I’m talking about it. I really wanted people to discover it. People tend to give up their power very easily. To say that we’re talking to such a high source could easily be a temptation for you to give up your power, and that’s not what is the best outcome of this connection.

You’re an evolving part of creation in 3D, and you’re supposed to be empowered. You’re supposed to learn how to operate from the center of your being, in your own power, in your own creativity, in your own imagination and your own vision. These sources are there to help us. They’re not there to tell us what to do. Sometimes I offend people when I say this, but there’s a certain phraseology, particularly in New Age and religious tracts, where it might say “God’s Will” or, “It’s meant to be” and then it’s not – the way I get it. I get that we are creating our lives ourselves and we are co-creators with the larger universe. Co-creators – we’re not following orders, we’re co-creators. We have to figure out how to create in this realm from our own vision. Not from some other source saying “We want you to do this”, “We want you to do that.” You are no longer co-creator if we’re following orders, and that they no longer are who they are; they’re generals, so to speak, ordering us around. That’s not the desired outcome. When somebody says “If it’s God’s Will”… the universe has a self-inherent law in it about loving each other and coming together and experiencing the Law of One. We’re all part of each other.

If God had a will, it would be that we should have that experience of love, loving your neighbor as yourself, having that perception that everything is part of you. We are little humans, and we’re stuck in this compressed, contracted planet where it’s not easy to experience that directly. My goal (on these calls) is to create a reference point of energy where you can expand into that experience. I know it’s working; we get so many emails from people who have had some kind of shift as a result of coming into these calls.

The topic tonight is: What are the things that cause you to grow? What is the process of growth? How do people grow, how do we change, how do we expand? Of course, there is not going to be one simple answer, because everyone is unique. When I sent the email out, I didn’t say this but I decided afterwards: instead of me telling you how we grow, the first part of this call is for some of you to share things that made you grow in this lifetime; things that made you expand, things that made you more compassionate, things that made you wiser. It could have been a book you read, it could have been a teaching you followed, it could have been coming into our conference calls and something gelled – something went ‘aha’! It could have been a love relationship, it could have been a love relationship abandoning you. It could have been some wise person you knew that used to talk to you. It could have been a business failure that you pulled yourself out of. There are so many ways that cause people to rise to their own occasion.

I thought it would be really good to have you folks on the line and if anyone wants to call in you have BBS call-in numbers are on the screen. You’re welcome to call in and we’ll include it. Be creative and think of something that, because it happened something shifted for you permanently. You had a permanent change in growth, in awareness.

Who wants to offer something, some experience they had in their life, which caused them to grow? It could have been a book read, it could have been a relationship, it could have been a failure – anything. What caused you to become a better person, or a more aware person?

Jim: This is Jim. In my life, a person I had the pleasure of taking care of; Iwas a caregiver for fourteen years helped me to grow and become a person through my own spiritual and personal life. The gentleman affected me very deeply. He was not only a client, he became my best friend. He became a father figure. Unfortunately, he has passed on, but I know that he is still very much in my memory and very much a part of me because I carry him in my heart.

Thank you Wynn, for letting me share this.

Wynn: Jim, thank you. See if you can explain the process by how he did that. Did he do it because you were his caregiver and did this idea of unconditional love get transferred between you where he needed you and you needed him and you accepted the need and went into it 100%? Or, was he wise and did he talk to you? Share a little more about how that happened.

Jim: It didn’t happen right away. I was a very angry young man, I was very judgmental. I still am judgmental, but not as angry. Over the course of time, [he] was very gentle. His very gentleness taught me not to be angry. He showed me I didn’t have to carry a chip on my shoulder. He always said thank you; he always said please; he was always a gentleman. He never was angry, and this man was paralyzed from the neck down by multiple sclerosis. If anyone had a right to be angry, he did. But, he was not. He accepted his condition with grace and dignity. And that, dignity and grace, taught me over the course of years how to be a true human being, to be a true man, to accept things with some small grace and some little dignity.

Wynn: Thank you so much for sharing; that’s awesome. I’ve read – sometimes people come in with extreme disabilities. They come in – I’m going to cry when I say this – to be of service to someone else who can take care of them and learn from that. That’s why they came into this realm; sometimes, particularly in a family situation, where that occurs. I don’t know if that was the case here, but it was the case in retrospect anyway.

Anyone else have something they’d like to share?

Tracy: I’ll share, Wynn. This is Tracy is West Virginia. Probably the biggest catalyst for me in my life for change was when I was leaving a 13 year relationship where there had been a lot of abuse and how people reacted to me through that, especially the religious church that I was in, the things that they were telling me about what I faced in the future of a divorced woman. And all those beliefs made me really really search through my soul about what I believed we were here for and why we were so much more than to just do what we were told to do. Through all of that, I actually learned to feel happy and blessed through the experiences I had because it did make a strong person and it made me a person who knew exactly what I wanted out of life and it made me a person who was able to be compassionate to everyone. It made me proud of whom I am; so that whole experience was what really started me on my direction.

Wynn: This was an abusive relationship that broke up that started you? Some people don’t understand how an abusive relationship could help you. Could you try to focus in on that? There is somebody out there who is listening who is in an abusive relationship, and they’re in middle of cursing it. What would you tell that person on how that relationship could help them?

Tracy: For one thing, I considered mine to be very much a prison so I would consider myself a person who could relate to a prisoner of war, or somebody who had ended up a lot of experiences where they could have post somatic stress syndrome, but it does put you to thinking within yourself for strength, and it does put you in what you want and inside yourself for peace. Even the things that are really, really hard to go through, they make you a very compassionate person. If you can manage to find enough confidence in yourself and who you are to escape that – sometimes it’s extremely dangerous, mine was – and ask for the help that you need to do it, everything just lined up for me.

Looking back on that, I realized that once you set your intent and your purpose behind what you really, really want, the support comes and the help comes and the safety comes and it can take you out of it of the whole situation.

The whole thing that I believe that it has done for me, I can look at everyone and see where they’re living in victim hood and why that is their biggest challenge and even bigger than whatever they feel like is imprisoning them. It’s that feeling that you’re a victim and not that you’re here to be a powerful participator in your life.

Wynn: Basically, if you’re in the middle of an abusive relationship, you are faced with fear and the challenge of getting over fear and getting the courage to know that it’s going to be okay and you can leave that relationship. Is that [right]?

Tracy: Exactly, exactly.

Wynn: Thanks for sharing that.

Anyone else?

Gijs: Wynn, this is Gijs. What I can share is when I was almost killed in a traffic accident that changed my life. Also, a big turning point in my life was watching the movie The Secret.

Wynn: Anyone else?

Zoë: This is Zoë in Sacramento. The big turning point in my life was to admit that I was alcoholic and needed help and had to go for help. Because of the alcoholism the marriage broke up. I really had to start over. At one of the first AA Meetings I went to I was looking at these people who were in recovery and the thought came to me that if I wanted to accept it, I had the chance to start my life over and I wanted to start it over. Once that happened, things have unfolded for me in just an amazing way – including moving, finding entry into the field that I had always wanted to be in, finding the teachers who were perfect for me and it was just amazing.

Wynn: Thank you. Anyone have a situation of spiritual growth where they thought they got more connected to God as a result of something – I’m using the word, the God word – the larger universe which we could call God in some way.

Jim: Wynn, this is Jim. Could you repeat that again, please?

Wynn: Anyone have an experience that helped to connect them to the larger universe – to spirit, to God, to an expanded awareness of all that is.

Jim: Yes.

For me, it’s whenever I step into the sweat lodge. That experience is to be in presence of the universe, to be in that small, sacred space, to sit in the presence of the stone people, grandfather fire, and the water, and the heat and steam – it opens you to the experience of the holiness of the great mystery. That is the most sacred experience I could encourage anyone, ever to have if they can tolerate the intensity.

Thank you.

Wynn: Where is the sweat lodge that you attended? Was it a Native American sweat lodge?

Jim: Yes. This is a sweat lodge owned by a nice nice woman trained by an elder by the name of Sun Bear.

Wynn: Where is that located?

Jim: This would be outside of Huntington, PA. She has her own property on a mountain.

Wynn: Thank you, Jim. Thanks for sharing. Anyone else?

Gijs: I can say one time when I was driving through mountains – it was the Pear Blossom Highway – like a short bit from Las Vegas to L.A. or to Ventura and I felt very connected.

The Pair Blossom Highway.

Wynn: I know where that is. That goes to Bakersfield doesn’t it? It’s a very quaint highway on the other side of the mountains from the San Fernando Valley and it goes into the 15 freeway.

Gijs: Yes. There are some points where you driving like on a different planet. You see all those mountains surrounding you and it’s pretty awesome.

Wynn: I remember that; I think I shared that experience. I remember there were a lot of fruit stands and really quaint stuff all along it.

Thank you. Anyone else?

Zoë: This is Zoë again.

I had an experience while I was still working in Chicago towards the end of my job there where I was very tired; I was tired of the job and everything and towards the end of the day I would be at my computer. This voice in my head said, “Why don’t you look up Mount Shasta?” I didn’t even know if it would be on, but sure enough there it was. I was so gripped by it. I started looking it up once a week, and then it was every day. After a while, the same voice said “Why don’t you go there to live?”

That precipitated my move back to the west coast.

Wynn: Are you living near Mount Shasta right now?

Zoë: I’m not because I planned to live there but then we got a grandchild and the parents needed some help, so I’m still here doing that. I do go up as often as I can.

Wynn: I don’t know if you’re aware, but in that story where I was with Daphne and driving to Oregon, and it was pouring rain. I said, “Does anybody want to talk to me?” It was right around Mount Shasta. I had read about strange things around Mount Shasta, so I was thinking “This must be one of those strange things; Mount Shasta events.”

Let me shut it down here. Does anybody have anything they have burning desire to share before I mute everybody?

Michael: I’d say one thing. This is Michael in San Diego. Psychics have an expression that goes “How big does the truck need to be that hits you before you begin to see a different way?” Yet, sometimes there are a lot of little epiphanies that happen, too.

For me it was being able to find a neutral space where there was no right and there was no wrong; where those things just didn’t come into play. Where you could look at it and see things as an energy dialog, and see things as an energetic scenario. Understand that it happened and there didn’t have to be blame, there didn’t have to be a right or wrong, nobody was keeping score, there was no judgment. A positive judgment affects you just as much as a negative judgment; you just feel it differently.

Wynn: Thank you.

Michael, somebody put the internet in the light on Sunday. So, don’t worry – you’re covered.

Michael: Thank you. I was getting ready for matinee.

Wynn: One of the things that is a consistent kind of event that provokes a transformation is adversity, when things really become impossible.

I read a book one time; it talked about the Dark Night of the Soul. The Dark Night of the Soul is this chasm that one has to go through to become enlightened, realized – actually, it comes from Catholic terminology and there was a book written about it. It was a mystical book that went far beyond just that particular religion and I know it’s true. I know because I watched so many people.

One way of looking at it is how there are always stories here and there about someone’s son gets caught under a car and then this woman lifts up the car and takes it off her son. It doesn’t have to be that profound or that amazing, but when you get totally backed against the wall and you got nowhere else to turn is when you have your moment of greatest spiritual growth in most cases – nothing is true all the time – because it becomes do or die. It’s like being against the wall with that abusive relationship.

In my case, I had to go through probably ten ‘Dark Nights of the Soul’ because so many things came up. Let me think of one.

One that was really, really, really big was I was in West Hollywood and I was doing all of this contracting work. If you listen all the things I’ve done – yes, I’ve done so many things I don’t even remember them all. I’ve been a songwriter, I’ve had songs recorded, I worked in TV stations when I was younger, I went to college to be a physics major; I ended up selling things at street fairs and probably there were more things that I can’t remember.

I was in Los Angeles and I had been working for this guy that owned all these apartment buildings, and he gave me the contract to do all this electronics work in his apartments which he was converting to hotels. This was not a small contract – this was like almost a million dollar contract – somewhere along the line of doing it, he went bankrupt. I had bought a condo in West Hollywood and I thought I was going to be rich. I thought I was going to use the profits to work in music, and he went bankrupt. Then, he stopped paying me and left me owing all this money.

I spent the next six months – up to that point, things had flowed really fairly easily to me. I had so many synchronicities it was as if I was on a magic carpet ride. I said “I just need to make a lot of money now.” Then, I started doing multi-level marketing; I just saw all these people making $20,000 - $30,000 a month and I said “If they can do it I can do it.” Of course, I didn’t do it but I did end up meeting Terry – that’s how long I’ve known Terry.

Finally, everything came to a halt. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t pay off my condo and I remember loading everything into a van, driving off into the night – I don’t even remember where I went at that point. I think I rented a place to live in a little warehouse for very little money. Somehow, I started selling sunglasses. I didn’t want to do anything I’d done; I didn’t want to do contracting. I never wanted to do that; I only wanted to do that to make money. I had no passion for it. I probably had skills from other lifetimes.

It was like my total world fell apart. I didn’t know what to do; I felt like this was the end. Maybe I was going to die at that point. Somehow, I started selling sunglasses; I really lost my creative path. Everything fell apart and I got stuck traveling around California for years. I did do it – I pulled myself up. I didn’t die; I didn’t totally disappear. Then, there was that point where I was in Carlsbad, California and I said, “If I have to do this for the rest of my life, I’d rather die now.” Because: it wasn’t supposed to be a long term career. I did all these things just to make money. There were things I was passionate about and things that I did to make money – I had a hard time reconciling them both.

I started writing poems and I started sending them out over the internet and people stated publishing my poems on the internet. You probably still can find some of them. I send some out on the Wynn Channel – if you’ve never subscribed: That’s where I send things out that don’t have anything to do with talking to inter-dimensional sources.

Sending those poems out totally changed my life, because that’s when I started writing. I got an invitation to write articles, and that’s when I interviewed David Wilcock, and one thing led to another and here I am. Not that I feel so much different than when I was selling sunglasses, but I do feel that I’m doing things that I have passion for; that are my life purpose. I didn’t feel that was my life purpose and I think it is a great thing to come into your life purpose, know that you’re making a difference for other people, and to be very ordinary about it. I feel very blessed after all these years to have moved into that. I thank all of you because you’re allowing yourselves to moved and so it moves me back.

Terry, anything you would like to say?

Terry: One of the things is that kids: when they’re young before they go to school they tend to be more psychic and they tend to think more out of the box. Then somehow, when they go to school they start to think more traditionally and in the box. In teenage years in puberty, then they start to get more psychic again and then it seems to go away again.

What I was thinking was: when the parents of the children give them certain direction, they have a lot to do with how the person can grow.

Growth involves building muscles; and it’s not just if they exercise then they will get muscles. It is certain thought patterns can build muscles. These muscles can build even in the psychic sphere – you can build muscles around the third eye and use a whole different part of the brain and build your own ability. This takes muscles.

Growth involves building muscles. If its muscles of the body like doing exercises to develop the muscles, development takes practice, exercise – doing something. If it’s thinking processes, it involves doing exercises with thinking.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to go to school during a certain period of my life. I lived with my grandmother and she was afraid I would make friends if I went to school so I was forbidden to go to school. I had to learn the lessons on my own, and during that part of my education, we had things like long division and such, and multiplication and I developed my own way of doing it which wasn’t the way that the teachers taught.

So I had trouble, eventually, when I went back to school with those things because I didn’t do them the way I had been taught. Like: if I was going to multiply eight by five, I would add eight five times. Teachers weren’t very happy with me when I finally got back to school.

It takes some learning and some developing of mental muscles to get the growth necessary in certain areas.

Wynn: Thank you.

I have to say: in terms of adversity, it was that guy going bankrupt and me leaving my condo I had bought was probably the worst thing that had happened in my life up to that point.

In terms of growth, I would say that situation with Daphne and Terry and how suddenly I had access to ask all these questions about such incredible things. It started out I had no idea where it was going to go. The more I asked questions, the more I got answers, I found myself awakening cellular memories.

What does it mean to awaken a cellular memory? It’s not like a memory in your mind; it’s different. It’s like a resonance; it’s like “That makes sense. That fits together. I can see how I could have been that person. I could see how Daphne could have been this person. I can see how the universe works. I can see how hard it is to get a signal in from the top of the universe to the bottom… [Which is us, so to speak]. I don’t know if any of you are having that experience as you listen to our calls, because I don’t think it’s just my experience. It seems so hard to incorporate this in your human life, because we still have to face our human life. We’re still here in the human life; we’re still physicalized. We have bills, we have money – we have all those issues – but, simultaneously to never lose track of your spiritual side or your expanded side.

Yesterday I think I said it was as if I blinked back and forth. I’m here as a human; I blink back, I’m there. I’m here, I’m there, I’m here; just, always being in both worlds at the same time and learning how to be a build and to be an example of that so that other people can learn how to do that. It’s not a linear kind of learning. It’s not like you go into a class and say “Do this, do this, do this and this will happen”; it’s not linear at all. It happens in other levels.

One teacher I had years ago said that 10% of us is in our conscious mind and 90% is somewhere else. I think that’s true; I think that’s kind of profound. It’s like our conscious mind is filtering everything, but our other levels are learning just as well as we are. In fact, I have the feeling that as we learn something, as we truly learn it – we learn it in a way that it’s not just mental learning but learning that incorporates in all your levels. You change the signal you put out into the world, and the whole world changes and maybe part of the universe.

I even have the idea that there are other beings watching us. Just because there is discarnate beings does not mean that they have become enlightened; they’re just in another dimension. Perhaps they’re watching you and I so they can learn; they learn from our experience. Maybe even the Elohim learns from watching what we’re doing down here.

They’re there. They don’t take our power away; we are in this realm. We chose to be human; some of us came from high realms. We chose to be here to integrate this experience in this realm.

There are a lot of things that can help you learn to help you expand. I hope maybe we’re one of them in the way we do things.

Maybe we’ll have a short conversation and see – this is not going to be a long one. If you notice, last week we put the question out there, a discussion that it’s good that we’re going back into a real human thing.

Terry, do you feel like doing little discussion with them? I’ll keep it short like ten minutes, just to get an overview on this topic, or their comments on what people have talked about?

Terry: Alright, if you keep it really short.

Wynn: Alright, I’ll keep it really short.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect everyone on this line, everyone on the replays, Terry and myself and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milk Way, through the energy fields of the planet, through the energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us to create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Do we have our sources present?

Ra’An: Yes. This is Ra’An. Today is March 19th, 2012 and we greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We are delighted to make contact with each and every person on the line or listens to the replay or reads a transcript later. We are delighted to be available to you, to be of assistance to you, as it brings us closer as a family of beings to being together again, as you are not alone in the third density realm. We are available. There are other beings also that are available, as the angels are available to you.

We are aware of the topic that you have presented. We see that the third density provides avenues for growth that are not provided in any other area. It is a brave heart, a brave soul that goes into the third density and does experience these situations, these incidents, these opportunities for learning [and] growth. There are traps; there are pitfalls within the third density that one need learn to overcome, such as the ego, the desire for wealth and for fame, and the desire to be better than everyone else and to have the incapability then of experiencing receipt of love from others, as it is what one is desiring but yet is not finding when one goes into the egoistic mode.

There are adversities in the third dimension, the overcoming of conflict, the overcoming of fear – and, the knowledge that one is really, truly in their own heart, beyond the third density, beyond the fear, beyond the adversity but they take the adversity on and they look at the situations as dangerous, and they forget who they are when they are in the third density. They are really a being of beauty, of being of God, an immortal soul. It is only through the taking on of trappings of the third density which can disintegrate and become infirm that they lose their way.

Do you have questions?

Wynn: I’ll keep my questions short.

When one is in the third density and they hear these ideas that they are spiritual beings and they are all stuck in third density maelstroms, conflicts, entanglements, things that are trapping their energy – it just seems like an idea. How can they translate that idea into an experience so they can have the experience of being what you describe?

Ra’An: Eventually, as they work through the muddle; as they attempt to walk out the other side of circumstances life shows them that there is a way through. For instance, if an individual is totally into cars and that the car that they drive shows everyone around that they are worthwhile, that they have the money to buy this car, and they show off this car. They go through their life buying a new car every year and showing off their car. Eventually, they will move past this into the transition and in the transition, they will find that they are no longer able to carry on with this plan of building self-worth, and they’ll need to reevaluate. Life has a way of leveling the playing ground.

Wynn: It takes many lifetimes for a person to come to this usually – is that true?

Ra’An: It can take many lifetimes, or it can only take one lifetime. It takes whatever it takes, and it depends upon the orientation of the individual and how firmly he is entrenched in the ego.

Wynn: What happens is: when people are getting a new car every year, they are able to get adoration, attention, even envy from other people. All of that becomes interpreted for them in a lower level as a positive thing; because they felt empty and now people are looking up to them so that becomes an addiction for a long period of time perhaps – yes?

Ra’An: Yes, that would be. [And] as the addiction moves forward then they need the better and the best new car, the better and the best new clothes, the better and the best new house that individuals will continue to look up to them and they can feel that they are on the top of the heap.

Wynn: Those are all the questions I’m going to ask. Thank you for coming forth and giving your overview of it. We’ll just need to let you do the closing comments and then we’ll close the call.

Ra’An: We reach out – not only to each and every person on the line, but to each and every light worker whom we can sense out there lifting the tone of the planet and we send them love and support. We are with you; we leave but we do not leave. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you.

Thank you all for being here; thank you BBS, thank you all our volunteers.

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