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How Can the Solfeggio Frequencies Assist Our Transformation?

Wednesday Call 03/21/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Isis Ruiz
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes and Michael Adler
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or


1. What's the right diet for human beings?
2. Do the Solfeggio frequencies have psychological, spiritual, and healing benefits?
3. If you leave a relationship how do you avoid karma?

4. What can I do for my infected, swollen tooth?
5. Why do I see pictures of violence and tragedy, car crashes, and fires?
6. If everything is playing out just as the Divine has intended why try to change it?

Wynn: Hey everybody, it's Wednesday March 21, 2012; this is Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona and this is our question-and-answer call. Let me just see if there are any last minute questions that came in. Nope. Let's see here. We got a great email from Chris; I don't know if he's on the line. 

I tell this to people and I know it’s true; if you keep coming into these calls and particularly if you are going through some really heavy things, eventually, for some people sooner, for some people later, things shift and it's one of the ways to change a pattern, but you have to be willing to go through stuff; you know you have to be willing to face what comes up.

And the way it works is, when stuff comes up, it might mean being really sad for a period of time. It might mean being really hurt. It might mean being really angry and it doesn't mean to take those things out on other people, but it means to let yourself feel them; that’s one way, maybe the only way, I’m not sure. But it's one way that you release the patterns from many lifetimes through your system, to get into the present moment. All the baggage you are carrying has to process through you and it doesn't mean you're not spiritual if you're going through that.

Some people have a strong idea that they are never supposed to be angry, and they are never supposed to be something. And the thing about anger is; when you repress anger, when you don't allow it to surface, it can very easily turn into depression and withdrawal and you don't even know what it is. You don't know, because it's under the surface.

How do you release anger? Well one way is to let it come up and feel it, the other way is not to blame anybody. Usually if you are angry it's your own stuff processing and often times you tag it onto someone else trying to make yourself believe they are doing it to you and it's never them, it's always you. Even when they provoke it, like for example if two people are in a relationship they know each other’s’ buttons; they know how to provoke it. But the fact is, you have a button and if your button gets pushed it's because you have a button. You can really thank that person for pushing that button, because that surfaces it, so the way to deal with anger is not to blame anybody but to let it come up and to feel it.

Some people would say to take a pillow, put it over your face and scream into it at the top of your lungs, but you know think of it like being constipated and taking a laxative and you are starting to release stuff and you may be releasing for quite some time, it may not just go zap, now it’s gone, because were dealing with patterns that are ancient.

Some of us are hundreds of thousands of years and we've gone through many lifetimes carrying that pattern, so these calls are a safe place, a holding ground for the things to come up. You know we need a safe place when we are going to process this stuff, otherwise they may carry you off to a loony bin, because other people don't understand. Some of you may have had the experience that you got into a love relationship and suddenly all these feelings came up and it was safe for all this stuff to come up; I don’t mean just love, anger; I mean all kinds of stuff: sadness, sorrow, blah, blah, blah.

So in order for these things to come up and process, you need to feel somewhat safe, and if you don’t feel safe around someone around you, these calls are one place where we all come as we are and it is ok however you are, to be here and it's ok not even to say hello and just to listen in the background if you prefer.

There are certain advantages to saying hello, because it puts your frequency into the mix, so when you say hello there is a more open space for energy to come back to you from the call; you've opened up a little bit of a track. When you just stay in the background there's less of a track for that to occur.

Are you on the line Terry?

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: Are you ready?

Terry: Yes, as ready as ever.

Wynn: Now you guys wouldn't believe this, but Terry has gotten really good at expressing anger. 

Terry: (Giggles) I had trouble expressing it for a long time because I was forbidden to express it when I was a child.

Wynn: (Giggles) And I don't try but I am good at pressing her buttons. But you know, she sees how it works that when she expresses the anger there's a clearing on everything.

You know one of the things I noticed, since we’re talking about anger; I noticed this a long time ago; It was a question that I had, trying to figure this out and I noticed that people that have leadership ability, people that were able to be leaders, always seemed to have one thing in common and that was they had access to their anger and they weren't necessarily angry or expressing anger all the time, but there was the threat of anger around them and that you knew if you crossed them in some way, you would get it.

Just that threat of anger gave them a better means that they could protect their boundaries, so if someone crossed over a boundary, they knew how to regain their space and keep that person at a distance that was comfortable to them and it was the threat of anger that allowed them to do that.

Now the threat of anger is not the same as screaming and yelling at people all the time and sometimes people that are bosses do that and they vent on other people and they dump on other people and that's not what I mean. I mean having access to your feelings; having access, so that you are not afraid to being angry if you need to be. There are those moments in your life where anger is an appropriate expression towards another person to back them off, to stop them from taking advantage of you, like regrouping in a relationship where you are not being yourself; so everyone has to figure that out. 

But none the less, I don't know why I am talking about anger. It's probably because Terry just yelled at me (Wynn and Terry giggle). You know, that's the other side of Terry. I wasn't going to tell anybody, Terry.

Alright, anybody come on the line that wants to say hello before we start the recording? I might un-mute everybody now. Is the lady on the line that asked about her sister?

Ok, I am muting everybody. And let's start the tape recorder. I already started the tape recorder and our first question is about ascension symptoms tonight. Our loss of memory is one of them, which I certainly am qualified for.

Somebody asked a question tonight and they said, could you ask them to help with my sister on a certain item. I'd like to share with you a little bit about when you ask on somebody else’s behalf, because I've watched and drawn my conclusions on how it works.

Often times when we've asked those kinds of questions, they say the person would have to be on the line, because they can't violate their free will to do something. Yet on the other hand, when I've asked a question about my sister—and by the way, I want to thank all of you who have been putting her into the Light; she's going through her stuff, and it feels like things are getting a little better—when I asked about my sister, she didn't know that I was asking and yet something happened.

It was extraordinary and of course, the way I see it is, that when you have a connection with someone, there's different ways that we connect with people and we can care about somebody, we can care about a lot of people, but we don't have an energetic connection; it’s care.

It's like there's a me and there’s a you. When you have an energetic connection with somebody, you and they are kind of blended and it doesn't mean you are joined at the hip; but it's kind of like when you think of them love comes up, you can feel the love. What I noticed with a lot of people, care translates into worry and worry is not an energetic connection; worry is an energetic disconnection; somehow or another, you’ve got to stop worrying about someone. First of all it doesn't work. You can sit and worry from now until the end of time and it doesn't work, because it doesn't do anything except make you sick, or make you feel bad.

Moving from worry to an energetic connection and to have an energetic connection it takes two, so both people have to move into that space. One way to tell if you have an energetic connection is, go into the silence and see if you can feel the person. When we are on these calls, I feel an energetic connection with all of you; I can feel it and sometimes—you guys can try this—sometimes I will be kind of meditating and I'll think of somebody on the call and I can feel the energy move between me and them.

Some of you have established connections with each other on Team Shift and you may notice that same aspect. So can you go into the silence and actually connect energetically with somebody? I believe when you learn how to do that, when you have somebody in your life that you can do that with, you should ask for something for that person on the call.

It kind of goes from them to you, to the person you care about. When I say them, I mean the group souls. It's like you're a repeater station. In that case something might shift without the person being on the call, but if your relationship with the person is worry and concern, then it doesn't work. I believe the reason my sister had her healing was because I had that kind of energy with her. That gave them the ability to work with her.

Now, I may be wrong, this is from Wynn's conscious mind. I watch things really carefully and try to figure out why things work this way and why they don't work that way. Because it would be nice if we just magically just say, blah, blah, blah and everything shifts, but unfortunately, when you have somebody and all you can tune into is worry, you're probably not going to be able to help them very much from the place of worry.

It's like going above the worry, go into the place where you can envision them as a complete, loving being; see them in their best aspect, no matter how they are presenting themselves, no matter what their going through and then hold that energy of them as a complete being. You may not be able to do it with everyone you know. You just may not, because even that on some level, people may be cut off from allowing other people to see that; they don't want them to see it; they want to hide.

You know, when people have shame and guilt, they want to hide. So they put up psychic walls so other people don't see them, or they think other people don't see them. Other people do, but you have to honor their walls, and you have to act as if they're not a certain way. If anyone saw them that way, with their shame and their guilt, they would feel even guiltier. They’d say, not only do I have shame and guilt, but now everybody knows it. I don't know why am rattling on here. Let me call in the Light and we'll ask some of the questions tonight, we have some really good questions. 

Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and be transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through our galaxy, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of the planet, coming in through the top of our head through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Do we have our Sources present? 

Ra'An: Yes, this is Ra'An and we greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the 21st of March 2012 and we are connecting and available to connect with each and every person on the line; for each and every person who can hear these words, whether it is right now in the present or if someone listens in future, in that present, we are also available. We are available 24/7 and we do not need a telephone line; in fact, as we connect through the telephone lines the lines seem very inanimate and we connect outside of the telephone lines. We are available within reach of each and every one of you, to listen to and to hear what you are asking and to feel connection and we feel joy at the opportunity to connect with each and every one of you. We are available for questions. Do you have questions?

Wynn: My first question is; I gave a little rant in the beginning of the call and I was talking about the circumstances where you can help as a third party and when you can't. Was I anywhere near accurate in the way I was describing that?

Ra'An: Give us a moment. When an individual has some disease, such as your sister, and when you pray, when you ask, then the availability for healing is made available to that person. If the person has the attitude, the orientation, that they wish to heal, then they can take advantage and this can boost them. They can take advantage of this opportunity that others are praying for them, that others wish to support them in their continuation of their life in the third density.

They can take advantage of that opportunity that helps the spin of energy within their space; it can help them get over the hump and heal, where they might not have healed before. If the individual is not open to the healing or has other intentions, such as to cross over to the other side, then they do not pick up on that energy, however that energy can still help them in their gaining of stability so that when they cross over it can be an easier time.

When we had a recent show, we had been asked about the healing of a cat who had been mauled by a dog. The healing energies went to the cat and helped the cat's astral [body] to further heal even though the cat, at the time had been put down. Does this answer some of your question?

Wynn: Yes, thank you. I have to tell you, the next day Terry said, “Geez; I see this tiger cat in my space; where did that come from?” You know, we really do meld, and merge with things on this plane, and we move in and out of oneness. One way I've been thinking about this idea of oneness and this helps me visualize it; is that we blink on and off, like we are all in a quantum field. On one blink we're on the Oneness and the next blink we’re in our bodies. We can kind of focus on the Oneness energy and we can focus on our bodies, like a picture where you can see one color or another, one of those pictures where you can stare at it long enough and something pops out of the picture.

In any case, the first question tonight is from Sarah and the reason I'm asking her question is because she had such a good intro, "I love, love, love what you guys are doing; it brings so much hope and understanding to my life. I read the messages and transcripts when I can." And her question is, "What's the right diet for human beings are we supposed to be eating meat, become vegetarians, vegans, how do we know?" Sarah.

Ra'An: Thank you. One of the ways to tell is how it is making you feel, if it does not make you feel supported and sustained; if it gives you energy and then you lose the energy and it does not sustain over a period of time, then there are nutrients that are missing in your diet or there are factors that are hindering the absorption of the food. Man and animals developed, different species developed, over long periods of time. They developed in a way to eat the things that were available to them and synergistically these supported life.

At the start when man was developing raw food was more available and individuals in eating raw food were able to make better use of the food than after the food was cooked. There are elements such as enzymes in raw food that work synergistically with the food to help digest the food.

When food is cooked, over a period of time the individual who is eating the cooked food uses up his store of enzymes and the minerals and the salt needed to manufacture within his system enzymes, these enzymes are necessary for an individual to digest his food, when an individual in the society today reaches, say an age of 40, 50, 60, they begin to lose the ability to manufacture digestive enzymes.

If an individual takes some sea salt every day, then they can maintain the ability to manufacture hydrochloric acid and the individuals can then digest foods for a longer period of time.

Your stores are full of anti-acids, shelves of powders and capsules and tablets that supposedly enable you to get rid of heart burn, however they do not address the true problem, and that is the lack of hydrochloric acid to digest the food and get vitality out of the food and turn it into nutrients for the body, therefore the body begins to starve even though a person is eating a diet of what might be considered healthy meals.

A person can extend their life by approximately one third again, if they maintain the ability to digest their food, if they have the proper probiotics in their intestinal tract so they can continue to manufacture their own B vitamins, which a person needs for energy, for eyesight, for the attention span to be sharp.

The maintenance of the body functions of digestion and of a good culture in the digestive tract is extremely important toward the continued vitality in the person’s life. Information is available on digestion and how to maintain it. You can go to and you can read some of the talks that Dr. Marshall has given on this subject and you can call the number there and you can ask for information on how to maintain or rebuild your own digestion. Those are some of our comments on diet.

Wynn: One additional question that I am going to add here is; I know there's an aspect not only to the chemistry of the food you're eating, but also the vibration. I most definitely notice, for example, there's certain restaurants that the food makes me feel much better even though I could eat the same entree somewhere else, it feels better in a certain restaurant. There are also historically, many religions, spiritual groups that bless their food and then there's breatharians, people that supposedly have learned to not eat and get enough nourishment from the air and the sun. Can you make any comments on this?

Ra'An: Thank you. The breatharian tradition comes from the Vedic writings and there are ways to connect with the surroundings, to draw moisture, minerals, and nutrients out of the surroundings and to then connect vibrationally with your body with these nutrients to support your body. There's a vibrational transfer of information, when one has the correct training, to be able to merge with these elements in the surroundings and to take on their vibration.

When one—and this applies to all objects—when one cooks food or touches food, one has a vibrational transfer to that food or that object. If a person is upbeat and has a good vibration, this transfers to the food. If a person is dour and angry, this transfers to the food, also to the walls and the surroundings.

Then if you go into a restaurant that has positive vibrations, the people are positive; they are lending positivity to the walls, to the surroundings; the whole atmosphere lifts one up and then transfers to the person who is eating in the restaurant.

Wynn: Thank you. Next question is from David and he was asking about something called Solfeggio frequencies. It is said that each of these frequencies can help balance our energy and keep our body mind and spirit in balanced harmony.

Do these frequencies have psychological, spiritual, and healing benefits? Are these frequencies part of sacred geometry? Can DNA be repaired by sound waves?

I looked up Solfeggio frequencies and I wanted to get a definition of them online; it said everything, including you, is about vibration and balance. This is the secret; every cell of your body, every thought of the mental state, vibrates and has an optimum frequency; this is the secret behind Solfeggio frequencies and sound therapy. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind, and spirit, in perfect harmony.

The six names of Solfeggio frequencies are: 396 liberating guilt and fear, 417 undoing situations, 528 transformation, miracles and DNA repair, 639 connecting relationships, 741hertz awakening intuition and 852 returning to spiritual order.

As I go down on this page they show some tests that are done when people are put into these frequencies and it seems to indicate that they work.

There's a lot about it; it has to do with Pythagorean reduction of reverse numbers, etc. and how they're organized. I guess the question David is asking is; do they work as they do seem to and if so, why?

Ra'An: Thank you for your question. This is a very interesting question. When an individual is brought into the third density and the person is around the parents or the upbringing parties, there can be areas that the individual is directed away from that they do not, or are not allowed to, get experience with.

Once such frequency is to do with psychic awareness; an individual, often as a child, has memories of past life and they are directed away from that as being real and are led to believe it is imagination.

Then the person, instead of resonating with the memories, has a shut-down in that area, which is a shut-down of frequencies of receiving of memory, of resonating with—and there is a shut down. Often the individuals, as they become older and go into grade school and junior high, have a shut-down of psychic abilities, as they attempt to not resonate with those frequencies, based upon training within the family.

The frequencies you mention can then begin to reinstate within the person resonances which they had shut down and begin to make it ok for the person to experience those resonances and have abilities come back that they did not have during the period of grade school, but did have earlier on before school or before they expressed memories of past lives and were told that that was all unreal.

If one is tested on the various frequencies, they may have missing frequencies actually, when one is tested on say C, D, E, F, G, the scales of notes. Some of these may be missing in their make-up and if one plays that frequency, that note, they may not like that note, as they have been trying not to experience that particular frequency.

So when one is played some of these frequencies, they may experience discomfort, as they are shut down in that particular area; however it is very good to play these frequencies for people and as they let them sink into their matrix, their psyche, they may start to experience abilities that they did not have before.

Wynn: Thank you. I am on this website. If anyone would like to experiment with that, it looks like this lady is very knowledgeable and she has free downloads of the frequencies and in some cases she sells the downloads but not for very much money, like $8, or something. I'd be interested, if any of you experiment with this, to see how it works for you.

Get your pen out, here is the website: She has free downloads of the frequencies and I imagine you just play them and see what happens. I'd be interested in hearing from you if you try them. 

Ok, next question.

In relationships there's some people that can fulfill us much better than other people, we have more chemistry, we have more passion and if we're in a relationship and then we find someone who has that potential to fulfill us, we think they do in a more deeper manner, and we enter into that relationship karmically, what are the ramifications of the people that are hurt because you've done that?

For example, you may be in a relationship and want to leave that relationship. The other person may be in a relationship; there may be children involved. Karmically, are you taking on karma? Can you avoid this? What happens in this circumstance? 

Ra'An: Thank you. Thank you for your question. It is a very difficult circumstance, as there are many involved and we look at this, give us a moment. Things are difficult and if one moves into the space and creates a space; eventually all of the people that are overlapping into that previous space will create the new space and will move into their new space.

It is a matter of making space; space is taken up by others at this time; there's overlapping of desired spaces here. We speak in practical terms here. Give us a moment. One can break this down into parts. Each person involved is a part, each action is apart. Give us a moment. There are parts that are lighter and parts that are heavier; there are desires that are there.

There's the truth of the matters; there is a child that could be very, very hurt, very hurt. If one decides to go ahead with a plan of action, they should break it down individually, to all of the people that are involved and they should explain and have numerous communications and expression of love to the children that are involved, that the children do not blame themselves.

There is a child that is resentful and to some degree feeling that somehow they have failed, or are not worth love or they have been responsible in some way and that child needs to be communicated with, even now, before any action or further action, that child needs to be communicated with to explain that the child is a beautiful child that it is no failure on the part of that child.

There's another child that has this lesser than the first child and is more matter of fact about it, but still at the heart of it, feels that it is something to do with a fault, that that child feels itself to have. There is a lot of bitterness; there is a lot of love that lays underneath the bitterness and as if the love of the child, the children, have been rejected and somehow that it is their fault and that they aren't worth as much, they aren't honored and they feel injustice on the part of the treatment of their mother.

There should be communication with these children, to somehow get it across that it is no fault of their own and that they are very loved, although they would possibly reject that this is true. It is a difficult situation.

Wynn: Thank you, next question. This is a healing request from Sanya; let's see her city here. Just reminding you guys, when you're asking particularly for a healing request, they usually say, what city, because it helps them tune in to you. Should I have her re-send that with her city? 

Ra'An: Give us some more information, we have a little bit of a tune in to Sanya but it is not strong enough.

Wynn: She's from Virginia. She does say she's from Virginia. Her upper left side tooth is having a problem and it feels like the root of it is in my jaw, it's swollen. Healing is asked for and accepted. 

Ra'An: Thank you. Yes, we see infection there. This is important to handle; we work on it as we talk. However, we see that more is needed. There are toxins in the area that need to be withdrawn from the body; there are toxins which hinder proper osmosis within cells and move along meridians within the body. We are working on it as we speak; however, we recommend also, connect with a very good dentist that uses bio-compatible materials with the body, as such infections as these are important to eliminate.

There are different levels, the tooth is operating at a lower electrical potential than is needed. You do not need that in your body; you need the proper electrical potentials for the support of that meridian within the area of the tooth. There are dentists available that use bio-compatible materials and there are dentists available that do not use bio-compatible materials but compound the problem by using toxic materials in the teeth. You can find out more about this subject by calling Dr. Marshall's office and ordering tapes to listen to, on bio-compatible dentistry. You can call to order these tapes from Dr. Marshall's office at 310-320-1132. Those are our comments. 

Wynn: Thank you. We have a health question from Connie and I'm not sure how she's writing it. I think she should give us more detail, but I'd like to ask to send the Light to Connie for her health.

Ra'An; For her what?

Wynn: For her health, something about blood work that was out of range and two diagnoses as a result. She doesn't say what they are. Further tests had been ordered and she's on a tight budget, but let's just get some more information about it and let's just send her some healing energy right now. 

Ra'An: Alright. Thank you. 

Wynn: This will be our last question. Let me see if there's anything really urgent here. Nancy, send your question again for next week, if you would, ok? Ross, on Tourette’s syndrome, Ross, do you have somebody close to you that has Tourette’s syndrome, you want help with? Or is it just an intellectual question? I mean, it’s a good question and it’s a curiosity, but I'm putting it off because we have people with urgent health things going on that I'm putting in the front of our list, ok?

The last question is from Dan in Tennessee. "Throughout my life, as my mind has been unoccupied with a task, worst case scenarios flash into my mind. I mean, as clearly as photographs."

Ra'An: Could you repeat that?

Wynn: Dan has worst case scenarios, situations of violence and tragedy, car crashes, fires and so on and they come into his mind, as clearly as photographs.

They feel personal to me and they seem to occur at random times, like when I'm sitting at a traffic light and my mind is idle. Are these glances a view of possible timeline outcomes?”

In other words he’s asking, “Are these future predictions, or memories from previous lifetimes? Or am I under a negative attack at those times? I find them greatly disturbing and wonder why I don't receive flashes of positive and joyous outcomes.”

Ra'An: Thank you. Give us a moment. We are taking a look here. We see that it is a multi-layer thing here that is going on, part of it is the news; part of it is the potentialities, the past, as there have been in the past incidents of car crash. Part of it is a blanketing, a negative blanketing of other otherness, other origins, as there has been some experimenting with projecting such negative pictures onto an Earth plane in certain areas.

This can be even to the point that there is a negative movie running and many people are seeing it and many people are picking up those vibrations and thoughts from the movie and then part of it can be when there is a car crash, say in a state such as Michigan, involving many tractor trailers and cars in an area of fog, or such as happened in Florida, in an area where there was smoke from a fire and then these are projected by the news upon many peoples’ TVs and many people are looking at this.

Then an individual such as yourself, who is very open to the outside world in connecting and connecting with vibrations with the outside, outside of yourself, can pick up on those images and they can waft through your space; they are not your thoughts; they are thoughts that are being projected around the country and you are picking them up. This, tied in with the past life of having been in a crash, can then make the thought wafting through from the outside world, ground within you.

What we suggest is moving out the frequency, just accepting the picture: “Oh there it is, it's like what happened on the movie screen, there it is,” and acknowledging it, “Alright that's a really bad one, and acknowledging it.” Don't fight it, but don't connect with it, just view it as if it is a picture on the TV screen.

See about moving into a higher frequency, out of the band of bad situations. Once you can move your own matrix, your own sphere into a lighter area and are not-so ground in by the darker picture, but can move to a lighter area, you can change the frequency, change the station.

We see that the darker pictures have a grabbing effect. Acknowledge them, do not fight them; just acknowledge them. Do not hold on to them; let them move through, and on out. Just observe what happened just before they came in.

Listen a little bit to the news and see if something was going on at that particular time that you were picking up. Work with yourself; do not beat yourself up by having this happen. It has to do with the frequency that you are tuned into. Change the dial as you can; acknowledge that they're there and change the dial and move to something else and see if you can let go of the hold these pictures have for you.

Wynn: Thank you. Ok, we're going to just take a moment and any final words from our Sources, before we close this call?

Ra'An: We send Love and Light to each and every one of you and we realize the difficulty, as you move through situations that you are struggling with and we send you Love and Light and support, as even the questions you have asked tonight can provide tremendous opportunity for growth. As you are participating in life's world and move through these situations, you will gain great insights and great growth. Adonai.

Wynn: Thank you.

Janny in Canada asked a question, which I would like to answer. If this is not adequate, re-submit it next week and I'll ask it. This is a question that is actually an important question; we've covered it in other questions, so I’ll just let Terry release energetically, because I promised her that we wouldn't go too long.

Janny's question was, "If we are all Divinely meant to be and everything is playing out to be just as the Divine has intended, or that we are not broken, we are just experiencing what we have agreed to in advance, then why do we put things in the Light, to hopefully be changed, or pray to make things different?"

I am going to answer that from my experience. There are certain new age ideas that I think are not accurate and we've heard them so many times that we don't even question them, and yet they're not correct. The idea that there's a Divine plan and we are meant to be and everything is playing out just as the Divine has intended and that we've agreed to everything in advance is not accurate.

We're on a Divine chess board; we're on a chessboard where everything moves, where everything is alive, including us. Each piece on the chess board is totally changing things and as they've described it, life is a series of snapshots, always in the now and it's our consciousness that is creating the projection for the next snap shot; we are all creators. We at least have that potential to be creators.

If the Divine was going to create a world where everything was playing out, then we might as well just watch movies and watch the same movie over and over again, because everything would be known and it's not. Even Source doesn't know everything that's going to happen next. What happens next changes according to the consciousness of people now.

For example, I'm out here talking and doing what I do and there's a small group of people that are paying attention and are getting influenced. Suppose somebody heard of me, people are talking about me and somehow I got on a TV show and I was talking about all of this and suddenly there were 20,0000 people paying attention to our work and going through changes and learning how to be co-creators.

The future would change; something would change in the Universe as a result of that happening. Suppose I go to a restaurant and I talk to a waitress, and I say something of great wisdom to her and suddenly she reads a book and her whole life path changes. We are all little cells, constantly changing everything around us to our ability to energetically flow in the present moment.

If you're not flowing in the present moment, if you don't know how to do that and you're holding a lot of ideas about how things are, those very ideas may be the things that are stopping your flow. To get into a true flow, the highest aspect of the Universe, as I understand it, is chaos and chaos organized itself to be The One Infinite Creator, and The One Infinite Creator sub divided to be the Elohim and then these Elohim started creating planets and imbuing them with energy and finally there's us.

If you are in a rigidity in your life, think of the chaos, because the chaos is like getting in between everything and re-creating it and starting it. Ask yourself; why are you not flowing and what are you holding that's rigid inside of you that prevents you from flowing, from creating, from co-creating, from connecting.

We are the creation of the Universe; we are the Divine and each of us, to the degree that we play our part, is changing our future and is changing the planet's future.

That is a responsibility we all have, if we learn to assume it and the question is, how do you assume it? We are doing these calls; I don't have to do them; I don't have to do them now. I do them because I know it's making a difference for people, and Terry's doing them for that reason.

I could be doing things that maybe are more fun, or that I would think were more fun, but yet I've assumed responsibility for this. Each of us has some area of our life where we can do that. It may not be in the public, it may not be a lot of people and it can be in small ways, but to do it, you have to die in your ego sense, because you have to let go of any form that you're projecting, that you'd like other people to see you as.

You have to let go of the spiritual; you have to let go of wanting people's admiration and you have to feel the energy of the other person; you have to make someone feel received and in feeling received, you make a person feel safe.

When a person feels safe, they can then go through their stuff around you and they don't feel judged. Each of us has the ability to do that. But there's also a risk involved, because you enter into this zone where you don't know what's going to happen next and as long as you are attached to wanting to control what happens next, you're not going to become a co-creator at a high level of co-creation. That's my answer and if Janny wants to ask that question again next week, if she's not happy with that, ask it again, and we'll get our Sources’ answer.

In the meantime, thank you all for being here. Thank you to Steve, for being such a good host tonight. Thank you to Terry and thank you Carrie and thank you Bogdan and thank you Connie and thank you, everybody who's helping. Thank you Paula, and Pauline, and we'll see you Sunday for our grid healing. 

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