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Shift Frequencies to Stay Positive


Wednesday 3.28.2012

Hosted by: Wynn Free

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Channeled by: Terry Brown

Transcribed by: Isis Ruiz

Edited by: Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes, Cindy Izzo and Susan Rush



Wynn:  This is March 28 (2012); we’re Wynn Free in Sedona and Terry Brown. Her body is in Sedona; we never know where else she is—and all of you listening on the call. This is the call where we submit questions. 


Before we start, I want to share something. We make this idea that the energies of these Sources are on this line and are available. I want to share how that feels, because it's subtle and sometimes people look for something too big and it is big; it can get very big, but it doesn't usually start out big. It's almost like, go to the human level and think how you can go into an environment and suddenly you feel a shift in your own space, or you can be talking to somebody and there's a shift in the space.


It's like an expansion of who you really are. We all need to feel some sense of connection to things, whether it’s on a human level or whether it’s on a spiritual level; it's about connection. It's easier to connect on the spiritual level, the spiritual frequencies, when people come together with a high intent, with the intent to make that connection.


What happens is we connect with each other, but we're not focused on the relationship with each other. When you focus on the relationship, usually it just stays on the human level. In other words, if two people go out and they have a conversation, it can be very entertaining but it's usually a human conversation.


When two people get together and the focus is let's pray together, let's do a meditation together, let's blend our energies, the human part gets to the side and there's kind of a space and that space is an expansion of your hologram through the veil in many cases; at that point it becomes easier for these Sources to connect with you.


 One of the things I've noticed; it blows my mind and it's always a surprise when it happens: I'll start out on the human level and talking to someone and at some point in the conversation I might start talking about the work I do and this is someone who doesn't know about it. I'll start talking about our calls and how they come into the energy field and at the moment I say that, they come in.


I've become sort of astute at noticing it and I hadn’t mentioned that to the other person; then I’ll say, did you notice that? And they usually do. They usually notice the shift. It's like that magic moment when you articulate, because once you've developed the rapport with these Sources and the rapport with the energy, they start paying attention.


So when you talk about it to someone else, now of course it depends how you talk about it. I mean if you are just sounding like you are in a cult and there's this energy on the line, it's not the same as invoking the energies. Try it sometime; I don't know if you can do it manipulatively; I never do. I never think I'm going to talk about it and sometimes I don't; it depends on whom I might be talking to.


But when I do talk about it, when I talk about it, immediately the energy shifts. So if you want to make the connection, you've got to learn to feel that shift. Coming into the calls is kind of a training on feeling the shift, but when you start taking that and integrating it, making it part of yourself, you then have the Sources as co-creative energies to give you support.


That happens in however long it happens; it may not happen the first time; it may not happen for the first year; but when it happens, it's like “Wow, I noticed that; that was it.” Then suddenly you realize how to work it, how to work the energy of it. It's kind of like, in the olden days, they might have used the word initiation and really, initiation in my vocabulary—now there's a lot of people who use initiation for negative things and all kinds of stuff—but in my way of looking at a positive initiation, it would be in that moment when you suddenly feel the frequencies of higher dimensions, of positive higher dimensions.


You feel it and then you lose it, but then you say, I want to get back to that and you start working through stuff, so that you can make the connection and learn to hold it. When I say hold it, it doesn't mean like you are aware of it all the time. It's kind of like a background program and all you have to do is say the right words and you activate the program and it's there. It's not necessarily appropriate for it to be there all the time; although you might start to recognize, “Oh, I can feel the background program going,” and you have access to it. 


So on that note, we have some interesting questions tonight. Thank you everyone who submitted questions. Let me see if there are any last minute important questions that have come in. Ok, here's a good one: Mary in Kentucky. “Why don't you ask them if 2012 is the end of us?”


That's a good question; people wonder about that. Let me see here; I’m adding that to my list and let me see if there are any other questions. 


One of the things about making these connections is whether 2012 is the end of us, or 2025, one thing is certain, that we're all going to end, so does it matter when we end? One of the things is, while you're in this realm—people have said this and I think it's true—that this realm has the greatest potential for growth of anywhere. If you die, you may not continue growing; you may just get stuck in a certain slot; it could be a positive slot, but I don't know if you continue to evolve in between lives.


You come into this realm and there's a great potential for evolution, so that's the reason it's important to be around for a while, particularly if you are coming into these calls, because there's so many things that we're all learning, including me, including Terry, from being here on these calls, that it's good to be around and how can I say it, max out your learning to your highest ability. So on that note, let me call in the Light. 


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, for the Love Light to surround each and every one of us on this call, listening to this call, Daphne, Terry, myself and everyone on the re-plays and reading the transcripts and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies, and into the center of the earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring The Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space, that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature, must leave now.


We wait for our Sources to make their presence known to us. 


Ra'An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. We are pleased to be with you this 28th of March, 2012. We make connection with each person on the line; we make a connection with each person who wishes to have the connection made.


We are at a very high frequency and as being this high frequency you may not sense that we are there; we are somewhat, you might call it heady in that our frequencies are light and sweet. We have a little bit the color of light pink, which you may or may not sense. We are with you today, to answer and to be of assistance. Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes. My first question is; the way I just described the way that works in our realm, was I fairly accurate in that? Do you have any comments, or updates, or corrections? 


Ra'An:  Give us a moment. Can you give a brief one sentence?


Wynn:  I was talking about how it feels when we connect with the higher energies, that it's very subtle and it's like a kind of addition to who we are and how Sources come in when I talk about them to people, suddenly the energy shifts in a way that both people can feel. 


Ra'An:  Yes. We are a separate and distinct energy yet can totally share energy with people and they might feel it as a very high vibration that is very loving and that has a slight color of pink and something that supports them at a very high level. You had made comments concerning the in-between lives, which is an odd way to term it, as those are almost more real than the life in the third dimension and an individual can indeed make growth in the higher realms. There is knowledge available to them in the higher realms that is not available to them under the veil. 


Wynn:  Why is it said, other people have said this, that it's possible to have faster growth in the human body in this realm, than it is in between? 


Ra'An:  Because an individual is presented with more duality in the third density and it creates muscles and strength for the individual to learn how to navigate those waters in the third dimension. 


Wynn:  Thank you. Alright, we have a question here from Gary: "A feeling of pressure applied to both ears at once. The sound, as best as I can describe it, was like ringing cymbals". Let's see; I might have missed the first sentence when I copied that, let me see. 


Ra'An: It's like what? 


Wynn:  "A couple of nights ago, just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard this loud sound within my head, along with the feeling of pressure applied to both ears at once. The sound, as best as I can describe it, was like ringing cymbals, bringing cymbals quickly together to stop them from ringing.


It was so loud it really startled me awake and I was a bit frightened and then again I went back to sleep; it happened again, then no more. I asked for the healing of scar tissue on my left eyelid last Sunday; were you involved in that sound and if so was it connected in a response to my request on Sunday? If not can you tell me what this sound was about? I do think I am seeing better from my left eye, so in any case, thank you."


Ra'An:  Give us a moment. There has been an assignment of one of these sections of our group to work with you on your eyesight. As it takes working with the individual cells to re-establish circulation, we do not—Give us one more minute to check. We do not see the sound associated with that. There are changes in pressure in areas before earthquakes and this can come across as sound and people that are very sensitive can sense the changes in pressure; it is like a ringing of the earth. As changes are set about that then happen later. Those are our comments. 


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question, Mary: "Why don't we ask them if 2012 is the end of us? I'd like to hear the answer." 


Ra'An:  Thank you. 2012 is not the end of you; 2012 is not the end of society; 2012 is more like clearing of straw, of chaff, that then after the clearing is complete, there can be more green crops grown and growth can start anew and building can start anew and healing and connection with love.


We comment further. In some cases, as the earth is under pressure, there will be changes to areas. The general direction of the United States is to move through and to dispense with the weakness, such as in the financial system and to build a new foundation that can be enjoyed by the majority. 


Wynn:  Thank you. Chris in Memphis, Tennessee asks, "Are Ascension symptoms real and am I experiencing them?" Some people talk about Ascension symptoms, is that a good way to describe it? People think Ascension and they think they're going to be floating away and according to our information, very few people are going to be floating away; most people are going to be having, in one discussion, astral Ascension, which means that they will die a natural death and then move to the higher dimensions after they're dead.


For you to take your body with you all your chakras have to be open and that's not going to be available to most people. While in the shift we do have high energies coming in; are those high energies creating shifts in people, which cause symptoms, which might even be negative as people are processing? I think that's what Chris means by Ascension symptoms. 


Ra'An:  Yes. However, what is happening with Ascension symptoms is that if an individual has some area of their connection with the outside world, or some area within their matrix that is not true, or grounded, or is not strong—one example might be one's own connection with power, with their power chakra and their connection with the world and their connection with their fellow man, their daily connection with the people around them—if they are not secure in their own connection with their body and with the people around them, then they will be experiencing the fomenting of that, the connect, the triggering of those areas, due to the higher energies that are in a sense forcing one’s hand.


So if one has not thoughts of genuineness or they're shy and they can't be outgoing, these things are becoming triggered by the higher energies, so you are seeing at this time people that are breaking under the stress of this.


We are speaking in general now, not of Chris, but we are speaking in general of society in general. If someone has something that is causing them to not have a solid connection with their surroundings, this at this time will be triggered and they may feel dizzy or they might feel weak and one could say it was a symptom of Ascension.


However, one can get more detailed and see that it is a symptom of the higher energies triggering the self to make corrections, to come out and release the negativity that has been built up and they have been trying to withhold the negativity, because of it being not socially acceptable, or they've been trying to withhold negativity, because they've been trying to fit in and then there's all of the pressures on them at this time, from the media and from things that have been done.


For instance, the 9/11 scenario; things have happened that have, from the negative point, triggered people. Their firewall is coming down and it is becoming harder to keep that firewall up and people are then letting the release go, but often it is over-reaction, because they've been holding it in for so long, some people all of their lifetime. As when they were growing up, they hadn't been allowed to interact; they'd been forced to fit a mold and to not be themselves; so some of this is give-and-take as some of the individuals are triggered and need to find ways to release.


Now we see, moving to you specifically; we've been speaking so far in general of the general populace, but moving to your situation, we see some illness in your body that is like a weakness in your liver and give us a moment. The weakness in your liver is creating a difficulty in the communication of your endocrine organs and you are experiencing some symptoms from this that are not Ascension symptoms.


However, all that you have going on is affected by the higher energy and it is magnifying the weaknesses in the body and the apparency of the situation. It's being magnified by the higher energy coming in. There have also been negative things in the area, that have caused individuals in the area to be concerned and even scared and this also is having an effect.


We mention this, as one of the things is weather, floods and the tornadoes in the central part of the U.S. It's creating some nervousness and we see this as part of the symptoms, as when a body is subjected to conflict and this is conflict--when one feels nervous about their safety, then the cells and the whole body, the chemical reactions of the body, tend to mobilize to respond. However, there is not a lot of response that can be done, so it's a frustration and a continued nervousness about the safety in the area, so this is a complex thing. We hope we have made some sense. 


Wynn:  Thank you. This is from John and he's going through certain symptomatic things. I think he said irritable bowel syndrome and he's saying, “Oh my God, do I have cancer? Am I sick or is it in my mind?” Now, we’re not doing diagnosis here, so don't say anything that is going to get us in trouble. But the next question is, he's feeling his own psychic awarenesses getting higher and as he becomes higher, he feels like he's maybe taking in things that can damage his body or makes him sick or ill. If that's true how can he protect himself? 


Ra'An:  One can learn fine control and if one is moving into areas that are having a negative effect or a conflicting effect on the body, then one can use meditation to tune out from those things and to re-set oneself so that one is tuning out those negative things. As one becomes more aware, they can sense some of these things, some of the negative things and they can feel the effect of conflict, and the negative effect it has on the body.


The body emits certain chemicals in response to negativity in order to attempt to defend itself. It affects the digestive system. So in your awareness, be aware of things that are in conflict within your own system and within your thoughts and in conflict with you and other people.


When one has negative thoughts and resistances, and resentments within their own self, it creates a difficulty with the body and then the body cannot flow and function and some of the cells do not get the proper oxygen and can then go out of control. They do not get the proper nutrients and release certain toxins and certain chemicals that are built up when a person is under stress.

So meditation is a good way to sort this out and to see what is coming in as conflict and worry and nervousness and during the period of meditation, to let that all go and nurture your cells that they can then recover and can grow strong.


There's also some impact from the people and family that has had a worrying effect and in meditation, you can unravel that and let the worry go. Some of this has been taken on from others that are in your surroundings and you can make the boundary, that that is theirs and to then within your own self, give your own cells in your body a chance to release the negative chemicals that have been released into your system and to then send healing energy and draw healing energy from the outside into your body, so your body can connect to a positivity and not be bathed in worry and some negative things, that have come from others in your surroundings. 


Wynn:  Thank you. This is from Peg in Massachusetts: "Sometimes I feel my spirituality is being taken over by negative forces and I have a hard time getting back on track. Can this really happen or is it just my imagination working overtime? Thank you so much for all you do."


Ra'An:  Thank you for your question. Yes, you can be taken over by the negativity of others, but in order to be taken over by the negativity, you need to have something within yourself for it to ground to. There are other circumstances where individuals using witchery are able to use witchery methods and processes to take over your body and to send it on a declining path.


To handle that, one can become like a light house, like an interactive light house that can sense the energy, which is something that you are able to do, to sense energy, to see if it’s coming from a certain direction and to then move out of its tractor beam, out of its negative effect and to let it go and to reside at a different frequency.


We suggest that in meditation you can isolate out sources of worry and negativity and directions from which it is coming and to then jack up yourself to a different tone level, a different frequency, where you are out of that mode that is coming from you.


Some of the negativity is coming from the TV; some of it is coming from the radio, the newspapers, by them projecting negative things that have happened, but it is not necessary that these negative vibrations come through the newspapers, or the TV, or the media; it is also coming by the airwaves, just the airwaves, by virtue of the fact that it happened and these things happened at a certain frequency and we are, in a sense, all one.


So when there is negativity to some degree, it tinges and colors our own sphere and we can get riveted and paralyzed by it, or we can move out of the way and move to a different frequency where it is not and we can then reside at a different frequency, where the negativity doesn't live and cannot go. 


Wynn:  Thank you. Next question, we're almost done for tonight. This is from Janny. She wasn't completely happy with my answer to her question last week, so I'll put it out, "Why, if we're all Divinely where we're meant to be and everything is playing out just as the Divine has intended, and we are not broken, we are just experiencing what we have agreed to in advance, why do then we put things in the Light to hopefully be changed, or pray to make things different?" That's from Janny in Canada. 


Ra'An:  Thank you. One has free will and if one has made a contract, say a contract to come into the third dimension realm and to be here for a certain number of years and then to leave and to go back to the higher realms, if one has made that contract before they came in, then one has the free will to keep with it or to change it.


We give you an example: There was a man who made the contract to come in and to live for 32 years and to marry, but to leave after 32 years. After 32 years and he found his true love and he was living with her and he was totally and completely in love with her and his time, his 32 years was up and he did not want to leave; he wanted to change his contract because he was so much in love with his wife.


So, although his body became infirm and ill and to all appearances should have died at 32, he hung on, and on, and on to be with his wife and to love and feel love with the union of his wife and the self. He lived probably two more years after that and then he passed on and then he still hung on as a guardian angel for his dear wife and he then was asking that his wife find another, that she could be happy and feel happiness again with another beautiful relationship and the growth had been magnificent between the two of them and she was able to feel love and open.


So that is an example of one thing; a person has free will and they can change their future; they can change their contract, or they can stay to the contract that they have made so solidly. We hope that helps.


Wynn:  And when we pray or put things into the Light, we are creating options for things to shift that may have not otherwise; is that true? 


Ra'An:  That is correct and it is always up to the individual whether they continue to experience what they have planned and what they are working out and how they move with their own growth. It is possible that an individual can, by something being put in the Light, have a new renewed opportunity for a different choice, that wouldn't have been there unless it had been put there or they had been open to it.


If someone has a solid contract, then they can gain by the love that is given them, but they can stay to their contract and if they have made the contract to be mean and formidable and this is the growth area that they are moving through, then they do not need to connect with the love and they probably will not be on these calls.


The people that are on these calls are people that are reaching and are looking for an acceleration in growth and a new level of loving and they are open and looking for new possibilities, which is and can also be part of, their contract. 


Wynn:  Thank you, Last question: There's a mental dysfunction called Tourette’s dysfunction I believe, where a person constantly says swear words. The question is from Ross, I think in England and his question is, "What is this dysfunction? Is there a metaphysical aspect to it? Why do they choose swear words instead of other words?"


Ra'An:  There is a great deal of anger and there is often, in Tourette’s, a splitting of personalities, where an individual has been under so much stress, so much pain or psychological pain that they split off into another personality and this other personality is where they express all of their frustration and their anger and they are like sitting on a powder keg of anger and furiousness and this is an avenue for expression of that. This can be worked with; it is very embarrassing and hard for the person with Tourette’s, but that is our thumbnail sketch of what is happening. 


Wynn:  Thank you. That'll be the end for our questions tonight. Tommy, if you're listening, I still have your question and I wanted you to please send it again with more details, so we can get enough details on it to get the best response. Do we have any closing comments? 


Ra'An:  We send Love out to each and every one of you on the rivulets of the highways of time, to connect with each as they wish to be connected to. We are available; we are there; we are willing to give our assistance; we do not need a telephone line; we do not need Terry; you can ask directly and we will hear. Adonai. 


Wynn:  Thank you so much. Thank you all for being here and thank everyone who is volunteering and we'll see many of you on our Sunday grid healing. 






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