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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Monday – 04/09/2012

Should we focus on Personal or Planetary Evolution?

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  Hello everybody, this is Monday.  This is Wynn Free and Terry Brown with our Monday night conference call.  The format this evening is: we have a topic that we come up with that we think is going to be important to those of you listening.  We ask questions to sources that identify themselves as being ‘out there’.  They say they’re group souls, they say they’re kind of over-souls for our planet.  They say they’re here to help us with respect to this shift that our planet’s going through.


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  And is our conference call there?  Can you hear anybody on the conference call line?


Callers:  Yes.


Wynn:  I heard a voice that was familiar.  [Callers check in]



Wynn:  Did anyone see the topic I sent out today?  Did anyone see the topic of tonight’s call that I sent out in the email?


Lisa:  It’s about the shift.


Wynn:  This is Monday, April 9th (2012).  I became aware when I first started writing my book, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” that we are in the midst of a shift.  There were going to be a lot of changes taking place, and the book started to describe some of the changes.  There were many, many things in the book….  Those of you who are studying David Wilcock right now, you might want to go back and look at that book, because the book is not a reiteration of what David is doing now, it’s different.  At the time of the book, David was expressing himself sometimes as a channel, and sometimes as what he called a “scientific intuitive.”  He was channeling a source that said they were a group soul, that they were part of the Ra group.  It seemed to me that they were attempting to give our planet guidance for this period we’re in.


They were also counseling David.  Interestingly enough, in their counsel they were saying things like, “Leave the negative alone; don’t pay attention to it.  If you focus on it, you’ll pull it towards you.  Let our messages come through; we can stop disasters on your planet.  David, get your ego out of the way.”  Actually it said, “David get your ego out of the way; let our messages come through.  We can stop disasters on your planet.”  When the book came out, David shifted his focus to, I would say, what he called “intuitive science” and probably, if you’re following his site now, talking to insiders who have inside information on the plans of the New World Order, the Illuminati, etc.  He’s become very controversial.  I’ve had to study him to figure out “Where do I position myself on all of this?”


I’m my own person, and I wrote the book from my perspective and David edited it, but it was essentially my creation.  He wouldn’t have done that book himself, no way.  He was very resistant to being looked upon as the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce – understandably, because that creates a huge amount of responsibility.  People kind of think you know what’s going on.  If you’re Edgar Cayce, or if you were Edgar Cayce, of course Edgar Cayce was the most documented psychic/prophet in the history of the world, perhaps.  He was so correct on his predictions.


They also said, in the book I wrote, that both David and Cayce had negative sources; they didn’t know that they had negative sources.  What does that tell us?  If you notice, how many times do I say, “Don’t believe channelings; listen to them, take what you can, take the wisdom, but don’t believe them blindly”, because there’s a predisposition for a human to want to give their power up to something other than themselves.


I have somebody that I keep talking to about alternative cures for things, and they have someone who is not well.  It’s been hard to get across the idea of trying something natural, alternative when it’s so easy to go to the doctor.  The doctor just says “Prescribe this.”  Why is that?  The reason is:  when you go to the doctor and the doctor says to do something, you don’t have any responsibility in it any more, except for getting the person to the doctor.  When you don’t go to the doctor and you want to find a natural cure for something, then you suddenly assume a great deal of personal responsibility. 


We don’t necessarily want to be personally responsible for things.


Many of the things that are happening in the world right now are things that were predicted in the book, even to the point where when David asked source why he looked like Edgar Cayce, and they said because he was Edgar Cayce and if he studied Edgar Cayce, he’d see all the parallels.  This lifetime, if he was going to do his highest purpose, he wasn’t going to do past life readings and health readings, but he would be a public figure and explain the shift to the planet.  David certainly has become a public figure, and he is explaining the shift and he is also talking about a lot of other things, like: a bunch of Ninjas in China that might be helping to overthrow the negative; internal, almost revolutionary stuff – and, I’m not sure--he didn’t follow the advice of sources at that time. 


When you talk about this following the advice of sources, it becomes a nightmare.  When you consider the fact, as they said, that any time in a channeling a source could be switched to a negative – it’s possible if you’re going to follow a source and say, “Tell me what to do” if that source switches to negative – and just the very act of saying, “Tell me what to do, I will follow you,” actually can attract a negative source.  When I quote David’s source as saying, “Don’t pay attention to the all the political agendas; get your ego out of the way.  We can stop disasters on your planet” it’s going to take a lot of thinking to say, “Is that the good guy source or is it the negative coming in and taking David away from his highest purpose?”  You see how tricky all of this is?


The topic tonight was “Are we working on planetary evolution or personal evolution?”  What’s more important?  What should our focus be?  I’m not sure our source can tell us specifically, because it’s going to be an individual matter from person to person.  We can get some of the parameters of that, some of the general ideas.  There are a lot of beautiful things happening in the world right now - there are people living in communes, there are people making farms, there are people doing free energy, there are organizations, there’s the movie “Thrive” if you haven’t seen it.  I believe it’s now available for free on UTube.


It’s a movie that exposes a lot of the agendas of what we call the negative.  A lot of money was put into the production by a guy by the name of [Foster Gamble] who happens to be one of the heirs of Proctor-Gamble.  His name is Foster Gamble, and of course, he’s a Proctor-Gamble heir.  So in one way of looking at the world, Proctor-Gamble would be one of those companies that represent the negative.


I will say without a shadow of a doubt, there most definitely is a negative; there most definitely are controlled sources, both in business and government that have agendas.  It is very hard to figure out what’s going on as a human unless you do a lot of cross-referencing on the internet.  When you start doing that, you get caught up in something called ‘disinformation’ where - of course, if we look at regular information we would look at regular media and the news, and what they’re saying.  We know – maybe we don’t know that, but I know – that can’t be trusted, that that news source is being controlled.  When you go into disinformation, now you have organizations that are looking like they’re positive, looking like they have important things to tell you, but they have an agenda because they want to mislead you.


Say for example:  If you start looking up David Wilcock’s recent comments, an interview with this guy who says that the country is on the verge of arresting the heads of business that have perpetrated crimes against the world.  You read that, and the guy sounds very good – the question is:  “Is that guy legitimate, or is he disinformation?”


There’s a big budget up there for disinformation.  I’m not going to answer that question; I’m just going to ask it.  I’m going to tell you, when you’re surfing the internet when you’re looking for things you must keep that in the back of your mind if you’re going to try to figure out what’s going on.  The whole thing becomes very much like science fiction.  I’m trying to think of something that I can say is disinformation, or I’m pretty sure it is.  The whole thing becomes very much like science fiction.


For example, there are people saying that there are spacemen are going to land and they’re going to save us.  There are people saying that the negative is going to create a circumstance of such hardship on this planet that when spaceships land, they’re going to look like they’re going to save us but they’re only the negative that’s designed to enslave us.


It’s a bit of a nightmare trying to figure out what’s going on.  Even when people are nice, and even when they sound good and even when they sound loving, they could be a product of following disinformation and be leading people astray unknowingly.  In fact, those are the best people to lead people astray.  Why are they the best people:  Because they sound so sincere and loving.  If somebody didn’t sound that way, you’d say, “He’s no good, he’s nasty and angry all the time.”


So the goal is to get those sweet and loving people and misdirect them.  I have the idea that a lot of the New Age movement has fallen under that spell.  I’m a product of the New Age movement, but I’ve been studying it and seeing all the influences.  That’s how tricky it is, because people are saying how wonderful love and light is and channels coming through about spaceships landing.  Where are these channels getting their sources, if they’re talking about spaceships landing?  There are definitely people channeling and saying that.  Supposedly you can program and project words and thoughts into people’s minds from other realms.  They can do it through technological things or psychic things and they have to make themselves acceptable; they have to make themselves look good otherwise no one will listen.


We are all here and we’re tying to discern stuff.  I get emails from people all the time, and I have to say, “I think that’s not a positive source.”  The only thing that has convinced me that we have a positive source – I say usually positive, maybe always, but I don’t want to say 100% - is the energies on these calls.  It’s not necessarily on this call, because this is a different kind of call.  This is kind of an informational call, at least up to this point.


That energy on the call is extremely loving; it’s an energy that touches each person in a very personal way who tunes into it.  They say that’s them; it’s not just being friendly and loving, it’s an energy that goes right into your space, into your bedroom, that you can feel.  Where is that energy coming from?  That is a demonstration, for me that validates the positive polarity of our work and then the transformations that people have after they connect with that energy.  That’s why I’m doing this; because of you, because of the results you’re getting.


Going back to “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”, there was this idea that was coming through that we are going through a separation of souls – a graduation of sorts – and that the earth was moving into a fourth-density earth, a heart chakra earth.  In order to participate in that New Earth, your own heart had to be open slightly more than half, otherwise your energy field would no longer fit into the earth’s energy field.


There was going to be separation of souls – there were going to be those souls that would get moved to another planet in another star system to repeat the lessons of the third density, and there would be those souls that would be graduating to a higher dimensional earth, a loving earth.


Who is the coordinator of all this?  The Ra group!, the very same source that was speaking to people in the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.”  If that’s true, and they’re on this line with us – they are good guys to get to know.  It may not be true; maybe that was something negative coming through David.


That’s why – if you haven’t taken the time to read these materials and study them, you’re selling yourself short because if we have it right, this is really important because we have not only the group soul that created the physical universe on the line with us; we have the group soul that is administrating this whole division of souls process and if that’s true, this is a great opportunity to get on their good side and hear what they have to say about what’s going on down here.


Then there are other people who are acting as if the whole planet is going to shift and everyone is going to change and we’re going to have this new world of love light and that we have to be building that and working on that.  People give up and put their positive anticipation in the future on this great new world that’s coming, and they’re not necessarily in the present.  So we’re going to be asking questions about that this evening.


We have about 20-25 minutes left; this is a critical time for the history of our planet.  It is critical.  One thing I will share from our early readings of Daphne:


When I said “Will life end in 2012?” the answer was “Mostly likely - no.”  Then they seemed to say there would be some kind of modicum of order until 2017.  They didn’t say what would happen after 2017; I suspect it depends on us.  It could go for maybe hundreds of years.  It depends on the consciousness that we’re creating.  We do know that there is a negative agenda that would like to change anything to a more contracted perspective.


One of the things that seems to be true of the negative agenda is they’d like to do away with two-thirds of the population.  If you don’t think the negative agenda has power, which I hope they don’t, but I ask myself, “How come there are chemtrails everyday?  How come when people examine these things [chemtrails] they are harmful?  How come our educational system in this country has gone down the tubes?  How come we just did a war in Afghanistan where hundreds of thousands of people were killed based on a false premise and no one even protested?  The war in Iraq maybe, where they were saying he had weapons of mass destruction; and later they say “Excuse me, he didn’t have weapons of mass destruction” after we go in and ‘shock and awe’ loads amount of people.  Then we have New Orleans, when we had that hurricane.  All those people who were suffering and couldn’t even leave, that looked like they were being punished.  They were trapped, and there was no public outcry even though it was in the news everyday.  Do you think they were testing us to see how apathetic we might be?  If the world is very apathetic, then who is going to stop this from happening?  What have you done today to make a difference, to make a change?


On that note, we’re going to call in the light.  Terry is this topic okay with you?


Terry:  Okay.


Wynn:  Pardon me?


Terry:  We’ll see what they say – I don’t know.


Wynn:  You guys listening know this is very seat of the pants; the reason we can do this - given all that I just said about negative sources – very few people go on and do this kind of questions and answers to these kinds of sources live.  It took me a long time to say, “It doesn’t seem like it’s negative; I can’t read any negative agendas in there.”  That’s why we started it.  We started it very carefully.  Those of you who are on the line help hold the energy and the space and the protection and have built the grounding so this can occur.  As they said through Terry on Saturday in that meditation with Daphne: they said that people think that Terry is the one to be connected to.  No one thinks that I am; because I’m not the channel – that’s good.  They said “No, Terry is just letting us share space with her to bring these messages through” and getting to know Terry…..


There are a lot of really great things about getting to know Terry.  Terry is really a great person, but she’s not them – she’s her.  She has her human side which I am aware of; and, I have my human side.  Of course, since I don’t channel, it’s more or less okay for me to have a human side.


We have this very special circumstance on these calls to be able to get this incredible information, plus to get these incredible vibrations coming in our way from the higher dimensions.  Some of you who are paying attention to energy notice: as soon as I say certain things, the energy shifts.  That’s one of the things that amazed me.  I said, “ I start talking about energy coming in from higher dimensions” [and it comes in] and it’s kind of like they’re waiting for the opening.  They’ve probably been waiting for it on earth for a long time.  I think we’re giving them an opening to talk to us.


On that note, I’m going to call in the light.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on the line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the planetary fields, through the energy field of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us, and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our sources present?


Ra’An:  Yes; this is Ra’An.  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  We are with you this April 9th, 2012.  You have progressed through part of the year of 2012.  There has been much trepidation about 2012 because of the Mayan calendar and because people have been generating rumors about possible things that might happen.  Then, in the background are the real threats that individual countries hold as seemingly important to them for their defense and power positioning.


We understand your questions and your nervousness about the future.  We look at things from a longer point and term of view where over thousands of years there are the build-up of civilization and the eliminating of country organizations and then the renewal of other countries.  Over the long period of time, we see there - as a country develops - there can be a complacency come in among the people.  Individuals can begin to take advantage of power and rest on their laurels, and the enthusiasm for building and for communication, and for the growth of the individual lives in the country and the individuals in the country can be superseded by a complacency and a resting on their laurels and a desire for the sitting back and allowing things to happen, and to take advantage of the pleasures of life.


We look at things in terms of this, and we see the need for renewed enthusiasm of individuals as when they sit back complacent and attempt to use the proceeds from earlier windfalls and do not keep creating that things begin to go downhill.  When individuals do not actively take part in the building, there can be a collapse and things can begin to reverse.  The enthusiasm, the passion begins to be lost.


There are other factors which can supersede the building and enthusiasm of the people, and one of these other factors could be Mother Nature.  However, if one is diligent with building and compassion and with enthusiasm, they can surmount these changes in nature, and can use it as added impetus for growth and renewed ideas and concepts towards building.  Therefore, we say that much of the future rests in the hands of the people.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes.  We were talking about the time of writing “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”; there were kind of projections of future possibilities.  Some of those projections were that the government might have a whole shift and change, or even a revolution, and it seemed like it was because as people became more aware of the truth and the deceptions that that might occur.  They talked about that the Ra group, speaking through David - assuming it was the Ra group - was talking about ascension and that people were going to be leaving in their bodies.  That was the year 2000; this is the year 2012.


Could you give a view on how that view of 2000 has shifted or modified in April of 2012?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


We do not see that the view has shifted that much, as there have been time delays entered in and there has been the work of individual light workers who are working to bring in more light that more people may graduate the realm and more people may wake up.  There has been a holding pattern and there have been interventions that have held things up and prevented them from too deep a crash, or destruction.  There are forces that are working to bring about their own ends without consideration of the free will of the individual; however, they have had to delay their timelines based upon some of the light workers work, such as yourself, and other light workers such as David. 


However, we do not wish to get into the localized politics of what is going on now between David and the insiders.


Wynn:  Thank you.


When there are groups that give people hope – and there a lot of light workers that are reaching for hope, reaching for a savior, reaching for ETs helping us.  They’re highly intended people.  We’ve had this discussion and we’ve asked them, that it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.  What is the advantage to the negative of giving someone hope when something is not actually going to happen?


Ra’An:  You are making assumptions in between the formulation of your question and the question.  You are making the assumption that you are giving people hope, which may or may not be the case.  There are different factions within the group you are speaking of – some of them have different ideals and goals, and others do not agree with what they are doing.  There is what you might say ‘infighting’.  So as a group, they do not have a uniform harmonious – we search for words – ‘harmonious idea’ here.


Wynn:  I’m going to re-phrase the question slightly, and if we take a moment that there are certain ideas of hopefulness and that at some future point something will happen that makes everything change.  Hopefulness could be Jesus returning, it could be spacemen landing, and that there are highly intended people and loving people that buy into some of these ideas.


The question is:  If you’re highly intended and loving, and you buy into an idea of hope that doesn’t happen or may not happen – what is the impact of that on yourself and your own evolution, if you bought into the wrong idea?  Does it make a difference?


Ra’An:  We take it before the situation to the point of inaction or action.


If a person buys into something where everything is going to be done for them, they are going to be given it, they’re going to a wait for this hope and they do not have any action of their own in connection with it, then it is doomed to have a great chance of failing.  If everyone is simply waiting for something to happen, then they are like chaff upon the water, and they can be taken under in the undertow or they can be taken out to sea.  They may not be grounded; they don’t have their own connected purpose toward their future.


It is when individuals are working together and are grounded and are doing actions towards their future that they build a solid future that will support the people involved.  When they sit and wait for pictures in the sky or for someone to walk in and give them Nasara or for everything to fall like manna from the sky and they do no actions, they are not really connected to their life or living in their life or growing to the extent they are capable of or would be the best for them.


Wynn:  Thank you.  That was an awesome answer.  It kind of resolves the show today on the question I asked:  Personal or Planetary Evolution?  Whatever is happening in the future, you are happening in the now.  We need to find a way to make ourselves happen in the now.  The more we do that, I suspect and I’ll have our sources answer this – the more we do that I suspect the better the future is going to turn out.  That will be our last question for tonight and then we’ll close the show.


I do apologize for all the technical difficulties; I hope my voice sounds better tonight.  I’m using a better microphone.  We went on Skype and changed our procedure.  Thanks for going along with us; I think it was quite well worth waiting for; we have some great guidance this evening.


I turn it over to our sources to answer that question.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  Yes – it is about you and your connection with your life, and the building of your own life.  Then, together, as people build, they can implement things to aid them in their growth, in their community growth,  and in their country growth.  Without personal growth, then as they are the source, they do not have as much to give to their community or their country or their family.  It works together.  Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you so much.  Thank you all for being here.  I’m not going to go back on the conference line; it’s too complicated.  Thank you all on the conference line for holding the energy; we’ll see you on Wednesday call.  Please send me questions: 


Submit your own personal questions, even if you think they’re dumb.  Why should you ask what would seem like an inconsequential and dumb question on Wednesday?  Because, it’s not inconsequential for you; for you it’s very important.  Our sources are very masterful at taking questions, even questions that would seemingly cause someone to give up their power, and turning it around and empowering them through their answer.  It’s worth trying it.


They also said – this is a very important one here – when you ask a question, they have to make a track through all the fields to look at you; to look at your auric field, to look at you to answer your question.  When they do that, then they go back to where they are and leave a track that opens the possibilities for you to go back and connect with them.  That is a priceless experience to have in a human body.


When you ask a question, you open up the possibility for this kind of track to be developed.  I urge you to send your questions in and listen to our Wednesday call.  I give priority to questions from people who have never asked a question before.  Please submit your questions, and we’ll see you next time.


Watch for the email for the audio for the Saturday session where we had both Daphne and Terry both on the line doing a preliminary transmission prior to the meditation.  I would say the energy on that call, even though there was like 20-25 minutes of silence, was about as high as I can ever remember it being.  If you can feel it, it’ll help you greatly to enhance your connection.


On that note, we’ll see you all next time and thank you for being here.

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