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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conference
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
Audio Link -
Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by April Buffalo-Robe
Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee

Wynn: This is Wednesday, April 11th 2012and we have some questions people have submitted tonight which we're going to be asking our Sources and I'll mute everybody.


This is Wednesday night and if you happen to listen to this tonight or tomorrow morning, I'm just going to announce that tomorrow at 11 am I'm going to have a conversation with a lady named Rayelan, who has a website called Rumor Mill News that I think gets something like ten million hits a month.


If you go to Rumor Mill News and look at the top where it says 'radio', there should be a way to tap into that and hear our conversation. I think it's going to be wild. She is really open to what I am doing. In recent times I haven't really worked too hard to try to get on radio shows, because so often I don't make a connection with the people who are doing interviews.


It's like, "Hi, this is Wynn Free and he wrote the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and how do we know Edgar Cayce is back in the world?" Then I have to tell them; "That's not what I'm really here to talk about” and they get mad at me. But she really—I called her yesterday and she had a cancellation this Thursday; so anything can happen. She really connected with the work I am doing. 


That's, all one word and you'll see a really busy website, with all kinds of people posting all kinds of news, alternative news, conspiracy theories, disinformation stuff and loads of comments; people getting mad at each other, accusing each other of this and that, but there are some interesting things on the website.


You can read what people say about David Wilcock. So far they are not talking about me, but they might be after tomorrow. So we'll see.


Let me open up a question...


Nimoway:  Wynn, this is Nimoway.


Wynn:  Yes.


Nimoway:  I just want to say that if you go to the top of the page at right when it opens, I think it says 'Micro Effect Radio' click on that and it should take you to the radio.


Wynn:  Did you go there?


Nimoway:  I've been there a lot. I live there.


Wynn:  Oh, you know about Rumor Mill News then, huh?


Nimoway:  Yes.


Wynn:  You know the lady who founded it?


Nimoway:  Yes, Rayelan.


Wynn:  Rayelan, right. I mean have you ever seen any of her videos?


Nimoway:  A little bit yes and I've listened to radio shows. I mean I've followed that website for countless years.


Wynn:  About what?


Nimoway: About what?


Wynn:  It should be interesting. I mean, she really likes me.


Nimoway:  Yes, there's a spiritual thread in there. It's not predominant, but you'll be fine. It'll go well for sure.


Wynn:  I'm pretty confident; well, after we talked for a couple hours, she would have hung up on me if she didn't think I was relevant, okay?


Nimoway:  She's had very interesting life. Well if you talked to her for a few hours she probably filled you in. You can follow things on the website too about her.


Wynn:  I read quite a bit about her, okay, just to prepare myself. Even before I called her I read alot about her, because I wanted to feel pretty good. You know one of the things about these alternative sites is, some of them, the site itself is not legitimate.  The site itself, you guys probably don't even dream of this, but the negative uses things like that to find people who are potential trouble-makers. It looks like they're being acknowledged, but you end up getting on lists or worse. That’s one of the things about going on her show. Well, I'm probably on a list somewhere; it just goes with the territory. Just the fact that I wrote the book about Wilcock probably was enough.


Nimoway:  You know something, right now there's tons of surveillance. In an article that just came out in Wired Magazine that just came out about two weeks ago, there's a five billion dollar center currently being built in Bluffdale, Utah, that is going to be dedicated to recording every single electronic transaction and exchange in the whole US. So everybody's on the radar screen and if they wanted to really bother you you'd know it. So if you don't know that, you're doing fine; you're not attracting too much attention.


Wynn:  Well, at different times I was bothered and I've kind of learned how to maybe slip through the cracks. You know what, it's okay if you die; it's just a matter of making sure—like what we're doing is so rare in this realm, just be able to anchor it in such a way that it continues whether you die or not. It has to go beyond one's mortality. I don't think I've succeeded in that yet, but getting closer, or it's in the realm of the potentials.


All right, let's get on with our questions for tonight. Did any of you read the article I sent out tonight? I think I'm going to start putting 'news' at the bottom of my mailings and keep people updated on stuff that they probably don't know about. 


Terry, are you still there?


Terry:  Yes, I'm here.


Wynn:  Okay. Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of The Light to surround and protect everyone on this line and everyone listening and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our Souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, Service to Others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and create a protected space that only the Positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We invite our Sources to introduce themselves through Terry right now.


Ra'An: We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is Ra'An; today is April 11, 2012 and we are delighted to be with each and every one of you and we connect with each and every one of you who wish connection. And we are there; absent the telephone line we are still there; absent when it is on the radio we are still there. And we do not need a telephone line to be contacted as we hear your prayers. Do you have questions?


Wynn: Yes, we do. My first question tonight is from Janny in Canada and she has a good question. I am going to make a little preamble to this question.


You know our invocation to the Light that we do over and over again. I originally came up with it and then Daphne started hammering on it. She said, "We can't just say 'we create a group energy connection.' We have to say, 'we create a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our Souls.' We can't just say, 'send to the Higher Realms of Light.' It's got to go to the 'Highest Realms of Light', because for Daphne in particular, the form is very important. Form is extremely important to her.


We had conversations about this in channelings where it was explained that she is so fluid, like water, that if there is not a strong form she can't contain herself and that's when she's had negative attacks. So she gravitates to strong forms to stay anchored.  I'm different than that. I find myself trapped in strong structures. I think part of it is that I am more of a Ra soul and Daphne would be more of an Elohim soul. The Elohim, when they come into this realm, are so celestial that they need more grounding.


A Ra Soul who has had many lives in this realm can make the whole world their home, like I can take my RV and park it on the side of a street and say 'okay, I'm home' and I would feel comfortable. I start feeling more trapped in houses. I'm starting to get over all that, but it's an interesting understanding of different kinds of soul groups that take on incarnations.


So for Daphne, the form, the exact wording of calling in the Light, is extremely important. In fact, sometimes I'll be calling in the Light and she'll jump in and say 'You've got to be more emphatic there. Anything not of that nature must leave now'. I understand for her, she’s been so attacked by negative stuff that it's a real issue. 


So here is Jan's question:


“I understand your urgency in discerning the negative source from the positive Sources that many people channel and that you are always telling us never to believe anything-everything we hear in the channeling; so my question is, does calling in the Light that you do before each channeling or saying any prayer to protect us, like ‘the Law of One’ or ‘service-to-others’, do these not work then? If not, what else can a channel do to not bring in negative sources? Thank you.”


Ra'An: Thank you. If we understand your question correctly, it is to do with the invocation and whether the invocation can protect one. The invocation can be a protection, as it places one in the frame of mind that when they are in the call or in the audience or listening, it places them into the vibrations of positivity and it is through the connection and staying positive that they do not get attacked or taken in by a negative source. As long as they maintain the positive connection, the negative source is barred from entry in.


It is a setting of a mindset before the channeling that allows people to proceed through the channeling maintaining the positive attitude. If an individual has within a negative intention at any point, it can then attract negativity to it, as one then has moved into a different frequency, the frequency where the negativity resides. In some cases there can be a high 4D level negative source that attempts to simulate the positive Source’s frequency.


In that case the individual can then, if they aren't careful, jump track to the negative source. But this is very rare and the channel herself is vigilant of that and tunes into the frequency, the soul frequency of Ra-Elohim which is us and we then lock into the channel and it makes it impervious to other groups.


It has not been a problem, except for one time when Wynn was under attack by a negative source and the negative source was very strong in attempting to break into the connection however we and Terry caught it and ended the channeling, until we could reset and continue locking out the negative source. We hope that helps some.


Wynn:  Just to add further clarification on that question, saying the invocation by itself is the beginning of protection; but it seems to me, in addition to the invocation, there has to be fairly pristine intent on the person, the parties involved; i.e. that they really want to use this to be of service to other people, that they don't have a need for attention or self aggrandizement to say, 'Wow look what I'm doing'.


It’s the creation of a sacred space, so that in addition, the invocation can help create that because of all those things that are in the invocation. But if they just say the words of the invocation and they still have all those other things, it seems to me that they could be in danger of a compromised connection. Is that correct?


Ra'An: Yes, if one recognizes within oneself an egoistic tendency or does that for power or some motive or intention that is not conducive to a pure connection, then one can set it aside, set it on a shelf. Picture a set of shelves and put that motivation on the shelf and set it aside for the time of the channeling and then they can resume that at the end of the channeling. This is called ‘motive-stacking’ and it can clear one’s space.


We don't expect all individuals to be totally free of ego or of desires to impress or other things that could skew the look at the channeling or could open them to other aspects when the channeling was going on. We don't expect them to clear themselves of everything permanently, but during the channeling before it starts they can motive-stack; set the motive aside during the time of the channeling and then take it back at the end of the channeling.


Wynn:  Yes. Another thing I've noticed is that the Sources we're communicating with, the Elohim group and the Ra group, have identified themselves in our group by what might be their exalted names. In other words, Elohim connects up with the word for God in past epics of history; but I've also noticed that other people use exalted names like Jesus, Archangel Michael, even Elohim and it doesn't feel like the same Elohim.


At the same time, I've noticed that there are people that channel things that feel like the Elohim, but they don't identify themselves. The Sources don't identify themselves by the name Elohim. In fact one person I am thinking of in particular is this fellow in Las Vegas. I believe his Source says they're The Group and then there are other people that say Council of Light and maybe you could share from your side what your criteria is of how you name yourself when you are speaking to someone or through someone.


Ra'An:  Thank you. We take into account the channel and we take into account the channel’s audience, when we give a name and we do not always give the same name. It is a connection with the people that is the more important thing and therefore we act accordingly.


Wynn:  Thank you. I would assume a negative source could use an exalted name as a way of tempting someone to disempower themselves and prostrate themselves towards that name. Is that correct? 


Ra'An: Give us a moment. Terry’s phone is ringing. Would you repeat the question?


Wynn: Sometimes a negative source might identify themself by an exhalted name, like this is Jesus, in order to tempt the channel to become disempowered in the face of such an exhalted name. 


Ra’An: That is possible, particularly if a source is attempting to mimic another Source or is attempting to get access through a magic name.


Wynn:  Okay, thank you. Mary Jones asked a question about the Monday night channeling. As she understood it, we should not be passive at this time, but actually take action. “I have been trying for years to accept things in people as they are. Does this mean that it’s not the correct position to take? And that we should be trying more aggressively to influence people and their thinking?”


Elohim: Thank you for your question.


In the Monday night channeling we were attempting to get across the importance of participation, of passion in the creation of a person’s life as they live it. We see one thing at this time; individuals are placed under a great amount of stress in having to earn a living and having to support their families and do all of the things that are necessary for the creation of their lives in a manner that is sustainable.


The economic pressures have been brought to bear at this time and it is difficult to have free time, after maintaining the household and all of the chores and the duties and the finances that are necessary to come up with.


An individual when confronted with the possibility of having extra time to take part in their community, to take part in their home owners association, or to attend local council meetings, that individual may not be able to come up with the extra time to do that.


Therefore things begin to slide through; whereas an individual, if they had spent more time investigating, not necessarily even taking part at the start, just investigating what was going on, [could have effected an outcome].


Who are their council members? What are the issues that are being talked about in the council meetings? Are they deciding whether to put fluoride into the water? Are they deciding whether to take fluoride out of the water? What is the importance of whether fluoride is in the water or is out of the water? What is in the water? Is there an adequate filtration system in the water supply so that the water that is coming to the homes is free and clear of toxins? That would be important to know about.


There is an active interest that is the next step up from passivity, where just being interested in knowing what is happening in their community can then allow them to tell if there is something going on that needs changing or if everything going on is fine.


Even this local active interest is hard because of the duress the families are put under at this time, by having to earn a living and having to provide for their families. 


So when we are speaking of a group activity, of a person being less passive, of a person taking more interest in what is going on, we are speaking of little things, even. We are speaking of community, of people taking an active interest in what is going in their community and how to better their community.


As we see, as the country goes on, the individuals can become more consumer-minded in wishing that they could have the biggest and the best of the entertainment system, which is good, but to have more and more the attitude of consumerism, not balanced by creation, makes the country less viable.


These are some of our thoughts. We see a range of behaviors, from passivity to active participation, and as an individual has time and energy and they have the willingness to investigate what is going on around them and take connective interest, maybe not even doing anything, but finding out who their neighbors are, finding out who their council members are.


What are the issues that are being heard locally? Who are their Senators? Who are their representatives and what are the issues they are voting on? Are they voting to have take-over rights to farms? Just what are they voting on and what is one’s position on that? We hope that answer helps some.


Wynn:  I wanted to add something from my own experience: in general I have not found it—and probably many of you have not found it successful—to tap someone on the shoulder and say, 'Oh my God, we're going through a shift and I've got to tell you about it.' I've learned that if you want to more aggressively influence these people and their thinking, the key element is to make people reach towards you, to make people curious; otherwise when you try to explain this stuff to somebody, invariably they go into shock; it impacts their reality systems.


So you need to ramp up. For example, if you're working in an office, you can leave a copy of the Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? on your desk. Sooner or later someone is going to say, “What's that?” “Oh, that’s a book that really influenced me.” “What's it about?” “It's hard to explain. Let's go to lunch tomorrow and I'll tell you about it. It's pretty amazing. It talks about stuff from the other side, but from an unusual perspective.”


I mean, whatever comes naturally.   


Another thing I've learned is, the more I talk about my own experience and I share my experience, as opposed to bringing in a lot of platitudes, the more people pay attention. It's like it's real; it's authentic. There's something about talking about your own experience; it's not easy to lie about it. That's what I've learned.


I didn't know this at the beginning, when I was involved with all this channeling. I said, “Where do I start talking about this?” And I said, “I'm just going to tell people my story”. By telling people my story, a certain amount of people get really curious. You might tell somebody my story. You might say, “I’ve got to tell you about what happened to this guy. I've listened to him over and over again. I think he's telling the truth and then I started to study his other work and it all started fitting together.”


You need to ground it in a way that doesn't make people resistant, because if you do it in the wrong way it freaks people out; you sound like you're in a cult; they'll tell you you're a wacko. It's easy for people to move into that way of thinking very quickly.


Talk about your own experience; say, “I've been on the line; I've heard that people are changing their lives. Things have shifted for other people; things have shifted for me.” Tell whatever has been your own experience, because there is authenticity there and people get the authenticity. They may be interested in more and they may not be, and that’s okay.


You have to be very detached from outcome, because as soon as you're attached to outcome like, “I'm going to change this person’s life”, you're probably not going to get that outcome. You have to be in the moment, where you just develop some respect and authenticity and maybe they'll keep listening and maybe they'll say, “This is too far out for me”, and then be okay with that.


Don't back yourself into a corner, where you feel rejected if they say that. Be willing to have them say that. Say, “I’m going to say ‘that's fine.” Those are the things I've learned about doing this and I know it’s worked for other people as well. Do our Sources want to comment about that?


Elohim: Give us a moment. Would you repeat the major part of that in a sentence or two?


Wynn: I was responding to Mary's comment about trying more aggressively to influence people in their thinking. I was explaining how I have learned that instead of trying to aggressively change anybody's thinking, I say something that makes them curious or leave a book out on the desk that makes them ask questions, because when they reach slightly they'll then open; otherwise it's like shoving something down their throat and they'll resist.


Elohim: Yes, that is a good way to get someone's attention, to provide a few clues and see if they have interest. Another way is to listen to what they are saying and when an opening comes up to say something that would connect with the topic they are talking about and give them further information or if someone has a question that some of our work can answer, then it is a good time to bring it up.


A person can begin to talk about this with someone, much as Wynn does when he meets someone. If the individual expresses interest, then pursue it or give them a card where they can download the book. People in order to pick up on this, need to be at a level where they are searching or open for information and one can sense when someone is searching and desiring more information.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is from Gary in Los Angeles. He is on the line tonight. He talks about Ascension, ascending alone. I just wanted to clarify, according to our past couple of years’ questions; most people are not going to ascend in their bodies, very few people. In order to have a full-body Ascension, all your chakras have to be open.


Most people are going to die and have what they termed an astral-Ascension; whereas after they die, they'll be worked on and then they'll come back in the upgraded Earth. You're not going to necessarily disappear from this realm in your body.


Gary's question is: “If we love our family and soul mates, what are our responsibilities and karma of ascending alone because they are not ready? Abandonment is a pretty big guilt word in a relationship of compassion. With Love and Light to all,” Gary.


Elohim:  Thank you. When you are with them in this realm, you can do everything you can to connect with them and to give them all of the communication and help that you can. If you ascend first and are desirous of still connecting with them, as most people are, you can help them from the other side. You can be there to welcome them when they ascend. If you ascend and are on the other side, you can be still connected with them.


Because a person has transitioned to the other side does not mean you need to disconnect as you carry them in your heart; you carry that love for them in your heart. That can transcend the separation of the body from their vicinity.


In your work with them in this realm you can talk to them and communicate with them that transition is not a bad thing. Transition is the opening of a new chapter for the individual and that they too can be with you on the other side and that love is not lost when someone leaves the realm. It does not need to be lost.


Wynn:  Thank you. Now, Matt; Hi Matt; this is a beautiful thing you wrote, but I have to say you might want to rephrase it next week in the form of some questions. I don't want to do it for you. I'll read a little bit about how Matthew wrote this. He's really working on himself and he's really working on getting through his stuff.


He's asking help and support from the Elohim for his transformation process. I think we're all asking for that, for the Elohim and Ra group to help us. I'll read a little bit of what he said: 


"I am letting go so I can flow and fulfill my destiny. I ask the Higher Realms for benevolent guidance, to dissolve any and all resistance to highest intent being carried out through me or any vessel. It is my intent to manifest the highest and deepest truth in myself for the love of all Creation and Creator.


“Solidify this in my being, to allow my creative and sexual energy to flow in a pure and positive way, for my heart to always be swollen with unconditional love and gratitude and to be empowered in loving action. I ask for healing for my inner child and all aspects of myself, humanity and the earth, not to dwell on the past or future, but to be empowered, present in the moment to dissolve in me any and all questions and patterns that do not serve me."


Matt, you have written a prayer there and that’s beautiful. I would suggest for a future call look at some of the things that you find are not shifting in that way that you’re asking and pose a question like, “How can I get benevolent guidance from the Higher Realms? How can I get my creative and sexual energy to flow in a pure and positive way?”


Bring the most important ones that are most prominent, so that they can respond to them. In the meantime I will turn it over to them and let them respond to what you have written.


Elohim:  Thank you. You are attempting to bring in the Higher Energies into the realm which is third density, which is dualistic and where you may not always respond with loving feelings, as there may be things that require a response of anger or a response of resentment or a response even of boredom or a cheerful response. There are different responses that are appropriate in the third density and as you deal with other people who have those emotions, it is hard to maintain a loving response in all circumstances.


In some circumstances, because of the love, one may have anger or frustration in that the love may have been cut off, but the love is there and providing impetus for a frustrated response. Therefore one needs in the third density to learn to be a master with the emotions and learn to accept the emotions and not to express the emotions if it is inappropriate.


Rather, work with them and acknowledge them, so that you can learn more about life in the third density: what it is like to experience these things and if there is injustice, if it is inappropriate to express it, at that time you can write about it, talk about it to the walls, talk about it to us, find a friend to express it to.


It is through expressing these things and getting them into your view that you can then dissolve them and let them go and experience the totally loving nature of who you are. It is learning how to work with power, how to move forward in spite of difficulties in dualism in the third density. There is much to be learned, much growth that is available to one interacting in the third density. Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you. I'd just like to make a comment from my own experience, that when you create this idea of what it is to be spiritual and all these wonderful qualities, what happens is you keep running them against yourself and you seem unworthy.


You feel like there's something wrong with you. It's my experience that all of it is you and that it all has to come up and surface. I mean, I'm not ready to do this job and Terry's not ready to do this job. We're not ready for this and yet we are doing it.


If I were to sit back and look at myself, I'd say, “I can't do this.” That’s the problem with some of the New Age spiritual platitudes. When you don't measure up to them, you don't work them out, you feel bad about them; you feel ashamed about your lower nature and you think some kind of magic way is going to transform and that’s not been my experience. It has to surface.


They're saying be human, let the right feelings out at the right time, not hurting other people, but if it's anger, scream in a pillow, or at least don't make yourself wrong for feeling any negative feelings. Learn how to process those feelings, because it's in the processing of them that you move from A to B. It's not in the attaining of very lofty things, because there is no bridge from here to there. 


One last question from Mary Jones: “If everyone keeps the same physical looks from reincarnation to reincarnation, what happens if someone doesn't like the way they look?”


Elohim:  Thank you. It is possible to change one’s looks. It is possible even to change, for instance, if one doesn't like the way they look and they're thinking, “maybe I should go get some plastic surgery or something, to change.” There is a way that a person can gain control over their body and can project how they would like to look. 


It is possible when an individual gains enough control over their body, to change their body structure; to move their bones, increment by little-increment, around a little bit and this takes control of the body, but it is possible to do this. It is possible when an individual is growing old and does not like to grow old, to have enough control over the body to make it move to the younger: the bone structure, the sagging skin, to liven it, and to let it lift.


This is possible, to drink enough water that the skin does not wrinkle and fills out because there is enough moisture in the system; this can be taken farther to change even hair color and to change physical characteristics, to change how the body carries itself. It takes a higher level of control, but this is all possible.


One can experiment around with this by looking in a mirror and seeing if they can raise their cheekbone a little bit, widen it a little bit. How would they like to look? What would they like their hair color to be, and then imagine it. This is within the realm of advanced control of the body, but it is possible.


Wynn:  Thank you. Maybe I can get my nose a little smaller. I'll work on that. 


A couple days ago I was on another radio show, of Susan Cole. She is a plastic surgeon; maybe we can trade a reading. That’s okay; I don't mind my nose. In any case, that's going to be it for tonight. Any closing comments?


Elohim:  Give us a moment. We feel your energy and we appreciate the connection deeply. It is a sacred connection and we send Love and —send is not the right word, give Love is more the right word, because we are right there with you. Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you so much. And thank you all who are on the line; thank you all that submitted questions. I urge all of you, particularly those people that have never submitted a question, to look at your life issues, look at your obstacles, look at the things that seem insurmountable and send them in as questions and see what happens. You might be surprised. Good night to everybody.





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