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Monday – 04/16/2012
Crop Circles – Why, How and from Whom?

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


The Monday night session was scheduled to be on the topic of Crop Circles - who made them, how they made them and why. We did cover all those questions but we ended up discussing a particular crop circle which had a picture of an alien gray in it with a warning. Here's the Youtube about that particular crop circle.!


Terry:  We’re on right?


Wynn:  We’re on.  Let me just say, this is Wynn Free and Terry Brown.  This is our Monday Night call.  If you’re new, we always start this way so be patient.  This is a call where we have live conversations with certain sources in other dimensions; not just any source, but a source that says they created the physical universe.  We have so many interesting dialogues.  I tell people “Don’t believe they are who they say they are until you have a resonance.  Be open to the possibility.”  I had to spend three years [of contact to be able to] say “I think they are who they say they are.”  If they are, this is a very special event for you, because there is information, understanding and resonances which have really never been presented to the human family.  Listen, discern and decide for yourself.


I’m going to turn it over to my co-host Terry Brown, and I’m going to see if I can’t get our conference call on the line.


Terry:  Hello everybody out there in BBS Land!  This is Terry Brown, the co-host of the Wynn Free Monday Night show.  Wynn chooses a topic every Monday night.  Sometimes he has guests on, and sometimes I do channelings.  The topic can be continued from one week to the next, or it might be just a one week topic.


We’ve been doing the show since 2007.  If you go to BBS Radio and join their archive section, you can see all of the audios; what the audios are and the dates every Monday night.  They put up the audio there, and if you’re subscribed to BBS Radio you can hear all the audios.


We also put up the audios on the Spirit Channel.  We do transcriptions also, and we put those up.  It’s a more disorganized section than BBS Radio, but Wynn is working on a master website which is going to have channelings and it’s going to have lots and lots of archives and information.  It’s a really good website that he’s been working on for weeks now.  That’s going to be coming up.  You can go to our websites: and and find out more information about this.  He also has a website called “Cayce’s back”; I believe that’s dot net too. 


We’ve been channeling a source called the Elohim; then later it was joined by a section of the Ra group.  They called themselves Ra’An:  Ra from the Ra group and Ahn from the Elohim group.  The translation unit of the Elohim unit, they called themselves as the Council of Ahn.


I remember one time when I was channeling, they were giving me so many mathematical equations and they were just laying out all this information for me.  I just wasn’t getting that, I said, “I can’t understand this; I don’t speak that good math.”  I’ve got a minor in mathematics in college, but this was way beyond me.  There were [formulas] all over; in my field, my matrix – they were showing me mathematical equations.  It was beautiful, and I wish that I could have comprehended it.  I told them “Can you send a translator?”


Since that point, we’ve been usually accessing the Elohim through the Council of Ahn; also, Daphne, when she started to channel the Elohim was accessing the Council of Ahn.


There is one really nice thing that happens when I channel.  I might be thinking of something worldly, like maybe paying a bill or something and then I sit down to do the channeling and the Elohim come in and they work with me, and they just have this loving energy.  They just work with these things that I might be stuck on and we get them out of the way.  Then, everything feels clear.  Then, I go into the channeling.  It lasts [during] the channeling. Sometimes [after the channeling] I’m a little bit dyslexic; like I might push the wrong button on my phone and cut me off the air.


Wynn:  Can you hear me Terry?


Terry:  Yes, I can hear you.


Sometimes after I finish a channeling, then I’m a little bit dyslexic and I might be putting something on the table to eat.  I ask Wynn “Do you want onions in it?”  He will say he didn’t want onions in it, he didn’t think it would be good.  Then, I’d just put onions in it.  It’s like I don’t have everything quite organized in this realm.  Sometimes I just feel like sleeping and I go to sleep for a couple of hours; I get intensely tired like I’ve done a whole lot of work.


It is work; it’s not ordinary-type work, but it’s like mental work.  I’m exercising a part of my brain that hasn’t been exercised or people don’t normally exercise.  I’ll give you an example:


One time I’d been doing a whole lot of channeling and we were doing a Sunday grid healing.  We had one person stationed at the top of Mount Shasta on a meadow.  She was on her cell phone.  I’d been doing so much channeling, and it requires like focusing the cells in the pineal gland, focusing on remote-viewing a location.  I was focusing on the top of Mount Shasta – we were using it for grounding because it is such a big mountain and such a big piece of rock.  It was very grounding to focus our energy on there.  Things would happen, like I was focusing on the area and I saw a bird diving on a squirrel.  The squirrel and the bird, particularly the bird, was squawking a lot and trying to protect the nest.  The squirrel was trying to get into the nest.  There was this big altercation.  It’s kind of like: I focus on different things that people put in the light.  We’d been focusing on the Mideast and the conflict there.  I’d been really exercising the cells in my pineal gland; just really exercising and then focusing it.


When I tuned into the scene, the thing I tuned into there was the scene where there was a conflict between the bird and the squirrel.  Then, I was trying to focus on a flower and my pineal gland muscles were so tired that I couldn’t get five feet from the flower and look at the flower.  I would try, but my muscles were just over-taxed, like my muscles of my leg might get overtaxed if I was running too much.


Suddenly, I could focus close in and I was in the flower.  I could focus way out and the flower was really tiny; but I couldn’t get five feet because my muscles were too tired in my pineal gland.  The girl on the top of Mount Shasta was listening to all this and she sent me a picture of the flower bush and it was exactly the flowers that I was looking at, light pink flowers.  And, she had observed the conflict between the squirrel and the bird.  It’s really an adventure; it’s been an adventure to trust it more and more.


Wynn, are you there?


Wynn:  I think the conference line is here; let me just double-check.  You were doing so good I wasn’t going to interrupt you.  I said, “Gee, she could do the whole show.”


I think what’s most interesting about what we do is all the ways we get validation that it’s really happening.  When you have a voice come through someone else and start talking to you, and they say they’re somebody, how do you know they’re who they say they are?  How do you know you can trust them?  How do you know if they have some kind of agenda?


In the case of Terry and Daphne – they always said “Ask us questions.”  It took about three years of asking questions and watching things and observing things for me to say “I think they are who they say they are.”  I wasn’t anxious to know that, by the way.


If they really are who they say they are, and I believe it, it creates a huge responsibility on my end.  What am I supposed to do with this?  How is this supposed to benefit other people?  I’m still learning how to assume that responsibility, because the voice that’s talking to us says they created the physical universe.  They have a tremendous amount of understanding of how things work, and how we work and how life works and what human evolution is.  I should be recording this; I can hear Gijs thinking “Wynn, are you going to record this?”


Terry:  BBS also records it, so the recording is right from the beginning if you go to the BBS site and join their archive section you can hear the whole thing right from the beginning, also.


Wynn:  Okay, we are being recorded.  This is Monday, April 16th, 2012; Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona Arizona.  We have a conference line of people, so we’ll let them all just all say hello.  Are you guys there?


Gijs:  Hello everybody.


Wynn:  We were talking about how amazing it is to have this voice talking to you that says they created the physical universe.  Actually they have a conglomerate of two voices that have teamed up.  That is one group soul that was the original creation of the realm; another group soul is made up entities that went through a series of incarnations here and graduated.  In other words [they] got off the wheel of reincarnation.  They act as a huge team helping planets at the lower levels of evolution like us.


In [the book] “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,” [it said] Edgar Cayce was channeling the group soul of graduates, if I have it correct.  We are channeling the group soul of the creators and the group soul of graduates - together.  That’s a lot to believe, isn’t it?  So, don’t believe it; just consider the possibilities.  One of the things I had to learn in putting this out was: even if I came to the conclusion that it’s true it was not for me to tell you to believe it because I think it’s true.  It’s something that you have to get your own resonance with, and we give you plenty of opportunity to do that.


We do three conference calls a week and if you’re not on all our calls and you want the schedule, just send an email to, or you can actually go on the internet - - and we have the schedule there.


One of the cool things about listening to these calls regularly is that we are going through a lot of shifts right now, in case you haven’t noticed.  There are a lot of opportunities to be fearful, to be alienated, to be separated.  On this call there’s an energy that comes in from a higher dimensions, I believe it does.  That’s the only way I can explain it - that gives you a sense of connection and continuity and support through this shift our planet’s going through.


That’s really important, because as we’ve come to understand, there’s a division of souls taking place.  Some are graduating and some are repeating.  People are making those choices, but they don’t know they’re making it.  That’s the way it seems to work.  Just connecting with positive energy, getting rid of your fear, are two things which greatly enhance the potentials of graduating this realm during this lifetime.


If you don’t know what that means, if you haven’t read my book; there’s a free book you can download:  Please read it, because half the book is my conversations with this source that says they’re the Elohim and I ask them questions.  They answer me and they give their take on how things work – it’s very interesting.  Many people have just read the book and gotten triggered by reading it.  They’ve said their energy is in their words.  If that’s true, reading the book – of course, half the book is their words - so, it gives you an opportunity to tap into their energy.


Our topic tonight is “Crop Circles”.  I thank Daniel Davis for sending me a UTube which I actually took the time to watch, and I decided it was going to be a good topic.  During the course of this call, we’re going to learn stuff perhaps no one else knows about the origins of crop circles, because we have access to this unusual sources of information.  They may not want to tell us; but I didn’t do a dress rehearsal and say to them: “Are you guys willing to talk about this?”  If they don’t, we’ll have to change the subject; but, I think they will.


If you’re not aware of what crop circles are, you can certainly do a Google search on it.  Mainly in England, there have been these very unusual designs that would appear overnight in fields.  The designs are geometrical; the designs are … I’m looking at some pictures here.  I’ll read a little bit about crop circles so it can set the stage:


“Crop circles come in many different shapes.  The most basic is a single circle.  Circles may also come in sets of two, three and four.  The stalks inside a crop circles are typically known as swirl pattern; I should mention that crop circles are usually pretty big, sometimes hundreds of feet across, and they appear overnight.  The stalks inside of a crop circle are typically bent into what is known as a swirl pattern, and the circles may spin clockwise or counter-clockwise.


In patterns with several circles, one circle may spin clockwise and another counter-clockwise.  Crop circles can range in size from a few inches to a few hundred feet across.  Many early crop circles were simple circular designs, but after 1990 they became more elaborate.  More complex crop patterns, called pictograms, emerged.  Crops can be made to look like just about like anything – smiling faces, flowers, or even worms.  Sometimes they have unique designs, but they can also be based on ancient motifs.  Some of the more sophisticated patterns are based on mathematical equations.


Astronomer and former Boston University professor Gerald Hawkins, studied crop circles and found that the positions of the circles, triangles and other shapes were based on specific numerical relationships.  In one crop circle, that had an outer and inner circle, the area of the outer circle was exactly four times that of the inner circle.”


It goes on here, but in any case this has been a tremendous mystery.  It’s very rarely in the news; nonetheless, what is causing these crop circles?  Where do they come from?  People have speculated about this for years.  Many people think that it’s ETs in flying saucers that are communicating with us.


While I was writing “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce”, if you have that book, you’ll notice on the back of the book is the picture of a crop circle.  In that crop circle, it’s the design of the winged bird that represented Ra in Egypt.  That was a crop circle.


I did a channeling at that time and we asked about it – I can’t remember – I think it was through Terry.  I said, “Who is making the crop circles?” and they said, “By and large, the Ra group.”  Of course, the Ra group is the group I was talking about earlier that’s composed of beings that graduated this realm [and] got off the wheel of reincarnation.  They’re a huge group.


It’s hard to imagine how they are; I asked questions about it and they said they were like a template of energy spread through the Solar System and the universe.”  In other words, they were part of the energetic flow and they have the ability to work as a team and talk to people down here.   They have the ability to do other things as well.  I don’t know all the limitations and the extent of what they can do or not do; I don’t know all the limitations of what the Elohim can do or not do.  We know they most definitely can do things that couldn’t be done by the normal laws of the physical universe.


For example, the Ra group can disable weapons from going off; I don’t know if the Elohim can do that.  Maybe they could but they don’t, because it’s in the hands of the Ra group.  One of their criterions, both groups, is they honor free will.  They don’t intrude on our evolution unless we ask them.  Most people, if they knew such groups really existed, they’d be asking. 


Most people don’t know they exist.  It’s okay if you just ask God; that will end up going into their realm and they can answer that, I believe.  Most people aren’t even sure that there is something called God.  Part of the work we’re doing is convincing people they exist so that if you ask for something that there really is someone up there that can answer and help.


They don’t like to be thought of as God.  You can see how easily the idea of God came about, since you have this invisible source that honors free will; their criteria is you must ask for something to happen.  That easily could turn into giving up your power into some nameless, faceless mystery that we call God.  That’s okay, because the idea of God in a traditional sense may not be the most accurate visualization, but its close enough so that it works.  They have described something that is called the One Infinite Creator, or maybe the first cause, the initial cause.  The Elohim were break-aways from the One Infinite Creator.  We’ve already had many calls talking about that.  So we’re not going to go into again today; today’s topic is crop circles.


What provoked me to pick this topic for tonight is this video that Daniel sent me.  In the video, I sent the link out today; I suggest you look at it. There was some kind of signal that was sent into space some years ago with the idea of seeing if there’s any intelligence out that would answer that signal.  It was a radio signal of some sort.  Years later, there was a crop circle that seemingly answered the signal.  There was a coded kind of pictograph on the signal they were sending out, and this crop circle appeared and it had the same pictograph on it.  There was, adjoining to this pictograph, there was the face of a gray.  Shortly thereafter, there was another crop circle with another face of a gray and there was something that they were able to translate; I don’t know how they translated this.  I’m not an expert on crop circles. There is a lady I do know who is an expert; maybe I’ll have her on the show some time.


The picture had a gray – do you know what a gray is? – that’s like an alien that looks like one of David Spielberg’s aliens from Close Encounters or from E.T. -  those guys with big eyes and rounded heads.  We’ve had a lot of experience studying grays and asking some questions about grays.  According to our information, Terry’s and mine and different sources I cross-referenced, the grays were a dying race.  Somehow they got radioactive on their home planet and it affected their genes and their ability to reproduce.  So, they have to reproduce themselves by cloning.  The clones were getting weak and they were going to die out as a race if they didn’t figure out some way to fix this.


For some period of time, they have been doing hybrids with humans.  When you hear about abductions, it’s usually – one source of abductions – the grays are doing hybrids and creating hybrid babies with the idea of incarnating into them so their race doesn’t die.


Now there’s a picture of a gray in a crop circle with a message sent out to space.  I may not have this exactly right, but there’s another picture of a gray with a message coming back.  There was some way they translated this and it said “Beware of those that….”  I really should read this directly, I’m paraphrasing. “Beware of those that seem to come to help you because they have an agenda.”


Terry:  I can read it exactly here; I have it up.


Wynn:  What does it say?


Terry:  Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises; much pain but still time.  There is good out there.  We oppose deception.  Conduit closing.”


Wynn:  That message is next to a picture of a gray.  We know, there is a lot of evidence for this…  I’m going to run another E.T. workshop, and if you haven’t heard that, you should participate next time I run it, because I’ll give all the details.  According to our understanding, I’m sure this is true, this gray/E.T. race made a bargain with our government in the ‘40’s I believe.  In that bargain they were going to give technological advances for permission to abduct people, and our government made the deal.  Many of the hi-tech technological advances we have right now are part of that deal.


But, there is something wrong with the agenda, because the grays didn’t keep their end of the bargain.  They were supposed to report; there was supposed be a limitation on how many they abducted and etc.  There’s an agenda on their part, I believe, to take over our planet.  There are beings above them that control them and they’re part of it.


This crop circle is a warning to say, “Don’t believe those who bring gifts”, and “There’s still time.”  That’s why I’m talking about this; I don’t like to talk about this stuff.  For many people, they’re hearing this for the first time.  Number one, it can be scary; and number two – they might be thinking I’m wackier than I was.  I have to take the risk of people thinking that.  If you explore these things, there is a lot of stuff on the internet backing it up.  The thing about it is, you don’t want to become preoccupied with it but you want to know enough about it so you’ll have some discernment.


For example, one of the things I’ve read is that there is one agenda from the negative to bring the planet into such a state of desperation that there will be a spaceship landing - those ships that land are going to look like they’re positive but they’re not going to be positive - to set everything up so that there’s a pre-disposition to welcome them as positive and as our E.T. saviors.  This is something that if there’s any remote truth to that, you’re going to want to do your own study and see about that because one day you may have to make a decision, and you’re going to need this kind of information to make that decision.


On this crop circle, there was a definite warning to humanity about that.  Most people would never figure it out; a lot of people are still thinking E.T.’s  are positive.  That’s one of the reasons I chose this topic today, because it’s very possible that particular crop circle was made by the Ra group.


Without further adieu, we’ll do a little protective invocation and we’re going to ask our sources about crop circles in general, what we can learn from them, how they make them, who is making them, are any of them being made by the negative?  We do know occasionally some are made by humans; I don’t think the humans can do as a good a job, but we’ve caught humans running around in fields trying to tromp down weeds and make something.  I don’t think that’s [what these are]; if you look up crop circles and look at some of the pictures, you’ll see they’re far too complex for even a few humans to make in a single evening.


We’re going to call in the light:


Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here, and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to.


We’ll wait right now for the identification of our sources.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is the 16th of April, 2012.  We are mindful of the topic that you have chosen tonight, and we see that there are alien beings that have joined us and are observing us tonight in this call.  These alien beings have been having an extremely hard time and have been seeking to make inroads into the siphoning off of the resources of planet earth and the furthering of their race and their children and they consider their life as dependent upon the resources.  They have grief in that they are fearful that they may not be able to survive, and they have shame in that they have not been able to perpetuate their race in the manner that is so desirous, and they have grief in that they are backed up against the wall.  This is the heart and root of some of the agendas that they are seeking to surreptitiously or otherwise to infiltrate and bring to pass.  They seek the survival of their children, and they seek the survival of their race.  They feel that they need the race of humans to bring sustenance and strength and new genes into their race.  Their actions, at some level, are a plea for help.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Are we in a safe zone talking about this on this call tonight?


Ra’An:  It depends upon your point of view, whether you are in a safe zone.  We have entered into the conversation from a safe aspect.  We do not wish to discuss safety any longer; it makes them very nervous. We take a look at the heart of their problem, and we send them love light.


Gijs:  May I ask a question, Wynn?


Wynn:  No.


Ra’An:  We wish to hear Gijs’ question.


Wynn:  Go ahead; I’ve been overridden.


Gijs:  May I ask:  if we love our enemy like our friend, can there be a peaceful resolution if we as a group of humans work together on this?


Ra’An:  They are desperate and seeking help and they have a very hard row to hoe.  We see that loving your enemy like your friend, if it is done right, considering that they are backed against the wall, that you need awareness in how to deal with them and in seeing their vibrations, as you need to approach them with the knowledge that they’re backed against the wall and as one of the species of humans, alien humans, they have the fight/flight response.  They have been backed into a corner by their genetic decline and are valiantly seeking to reestablish their strength.


Wynn:  If they were to have asked the Elohim and Ra group for help, were there possibilities of solutions that may not have been obvious to them?


Ra’An:  To some degree the emotions have been bred out, and they have become technological, taking the technology route and found solace in the technology route and not thinking of the emotional connection.  Yet, they feel the grief of the loss of it upon the future of their race and feel the solution is to create new genes, and better DNA.  They are very intelligent and they have had the emotions, to some degree, bred out of them.  They seek to survive with technology and smarts, and they desperately need emotion and caring, as their bodies do not hold that; their bodies have been programmed to be the sharpest and smartest and to override emotion, yet they feel the emotion of loss.  They, around the edges, are hoping to reestablish this connection, this ability to feel.  They can intellectually know that their bodies have lost the holding of that to a large degree; but, as spirits, they can still feel it


Wynn:  If compassion is extended towards them, can they feel that compassion?


Ra’An:  They as spirits can; their bodies - it has been bred out to totally resonate with that.  They totally resonate with the achievements of technology, and if you enter by that door, they do feel success and affinity for this type of thing.  They do feel achievement.


Over many of the years they have lost their DNA, their programming of their bodies have lost the ability for deep connection.  Their bodies have been programmed to shut it out and to move toward technology.


There have been, in their past, a perceived weakness with feeling of emotion and a perceived strength and mastery in proceeding without emotion, as if this would handle the human aspect of their life.  We include them in humans in a way, although they do have this other aspect which separates them from the human race, as well as looks and the makeup of their body.


They have inclined more towards inanimate silicon in their body, which does not pick up and resonate the emotions as the human DNA does.  They have been bred to take this silicon base and to weave the fabric of their body matrix with that, which then they cannot resonate within the human emotional way.  They are sorry.


This information is not generally known to all but a few people; only a few people have realized what it is that is different, and why the grays can not feel emotion.  It is their body makeup has been honed over millions of years to breed out emotion, which they feel is weakness – although as spirits, they do feel the emotion.


Wynn:  Did I understand that they have a silicon-based system and we have a carbon-based system.  Is that correct?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  When you say that they were breeding out emotions, did they choose to do that as a race, or was that done to them by other genetic scientists?


Ra’An:  It was through genetic scientists within in their race and they were trying to make the best race possible.  There was a consideration within the race that it was wrong to have grief and to cry and to have caring.  It was an attempt to survive by the more macho, more [an] attempt to get along with the third density and to go along with its pain and its suffering.  They have tried very, very hard to overcome pain and suffering through developing the silicon-based system.  So the individual bodies can be more macho, can be more survivable in that they can weather the tumultuous turns of fate by living in the third density better by having a silicon-based body.


Wynn:  Who made the crop circle that we have been referring to at the beginning of this talk?


Ra’An:  The crop circles are made, generally, by us as Ra and we bring information to you in the crop circle.


Wynn:  How does the Ra group make crop circles?


Ra’An:  It is with electrical interaction with the plants, with electrical density manipulation of the straw, density manipulation with imaging the straw and less density in some parts and more density in the other, which causes it to curl in various ways in which we have determined to make the message imprint on the straw.


Wynn:  How long does it take, in earth time, to complete one of these complex crop circles?


Ra’An:  It can be done in layers; it takes a few hours.


Wynn:  And it’s not done through spaceships or anything like that; it’s done through energetic interface with plants directly from the Ra group.  Correct?


Ra’An:  We are being watched as we do this show, and your answer is correct, but we are attracting too much attention on this show right now; we wish to close.


Wynn:  I would like to ask that right at this moment, we take the information that we’ve learned on this show.  We’re going to create a new moment, a brand new moment, right at this moment where we bring in the highest realms of light projecting through the realms, through all of us and into the earth and re-birth this moment into a new moment and that all of you do that and clear the space right now, and establish that connection.  Take a moment and bring in the energy from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the planets, through the earth, through our bodies and into the earth.


We send love and compassion to ourselves and all beings in the universe that are open to receiving these energies.  We take a moment and hold the silence.


And we bring this show to a close.  Thank you all for listening.  We’ll see you Wednesday when you ask questions, but I don’t think we’re going to take any questions on this topic for obvious reasons.


Over and out; this is Wynn Free and Terry Brown on our Monday Night conference call.


Goodnight everybody.

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