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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences
Monday –
With Special Guest Rebecca Jernigan

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  This is Monday, April 30th 2012.  My name is Wynn Free.  Welcome to our Monday night conference call telecast.  Those of you who are listening to our call regularly, which we know there are many of you out there, this call is unusual.  Although, we have made the unusual very usual on this call because we communicate with sources in the process call channeling oftentimes, where we talk to a source that identifies itself by the name the Elohim and the Ra group.  The Elohim makes the claim – and we’ve asked them many questions about this – that they created the physical universe.  That’s kind of a big deal: talking to an intelligence that created the physical universe.  I always tell people, “Don’t believe that they are who they say they are; learn about it by how they answer questions, their intent and why they are communicating with us.  Is there something we can learn from them of understanding about who we are, how we got here, and what life is all about.  What is the benefit of communicating with a voice that says they created the physical universe?”


I constantly have reiteration that they are, in fact, who they say they are.  Many of you have heard the story umpteen times.  The only reason I tell the story so much is because it causes people to pay attention.  It’s hard to get people’s attention in this realm.  People are occupied; they have their lives, their families, their jobs, their struggles, their traumas, their challenges.  If you’re communicating with a source that created the physical universe, there has to be some benefit to you as a person.  It could just be a curiosity – “Oh, there they are.”  Ultimately, if it’s going to stick, it has to mean something. It has to change your life, contribute to your life in some way.  Many of the people who are listening to this call and have listened to these calls regularly have had life-changing situations (and) circumstances.  They've gone deeper, they felt connected, they became more loving, they had a synchronicity where something happened that may not have happened otherwise.


There are not that many people out there who are communicating with the Elohim.  Even in the narrow margin: there are not that many people, even when I think someone is communicating, that I would bring them on this show.  So often, when you’re in front of the public and when you’re getting attention, people compete with each other.  That’s not a good energy.  Those of you who have heard our Carla Rueckert calls know that there is no competition between Carla and myself; we respect each other and honor the work we’re both doing.


A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the internet and I found, on UTube – you guys are welcome to look this up – a series of twelve videos where it was introduced that this person was channeling the Elohim on those videos and they were giving a message to us, or to the people on the video.  I listened to some of the messages, and I said, “It does have a resonance with the source that I’ve been talking to.”  I looked up the name of the person who was doing the channeling:  Rebecca Jernigan.


I remembered that in 2004 when the book came out “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” I was on the internet radio show called “Journeys with Rebecca” with the same Rebecca Jernigan who was channeling the Elohim on these UTubes.  I didn’t know she was channeling the Elohim; she never said anything about it on her website.  Maybe she did, but maybe I didn’t see it.  She never said anything about it on the radio show.  Of course, at that time, I never said anything about it even though I was having that experience.  My book had come out and I wasn’t talking about the Elohim.  I was apprehensive about talking about it.  I said, “I’m already wacky enough writing the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.”  To bring in me talking through two women, a source that identifies itself as the creator of the physical universe I thought would take my credibility and run it through the mill.


We had an interview.  I called Rebecca and we connected and I told her a little bit about my Elohim story and she told me a little bit about her Elohim story.  I said, “Why don’t we do a session and just feel the resonance of it?” which we did.  Those of you who got the email today, there are two links to that session we did.  I don’t even remember what we talked about, but I do remember it had the same feel and resonance of the source we talk to on this call.  Keep in mind that if you paid attention to this work and listened to the channelings, each person who channels the Elohim sounds different; it goes through their matrix, their thoughts, their structure, and it becomes connected to that person's individuality.


For example, Daphne sounds very much different from Terry although if you pay close attention, you’ll see the connection.  I would say Rebecca sounds different from both of them; maybe a little bit more like Terry than Daphne.  Nonetheless, there is a resonance.


We’re going to explore that on this show.  Rebecca is my guest tonight and we’re going to discuss her experience with the Elohim.  I don’t know if she often does that publicly; she has, on her radio show, she has had so many famous people from David Icke to God-knows-who.  She’s been doing it for ten years, and she’s taken her role to be a presenter of different people who have something that she feels is valuable to offer.


Rebecca, how would you like to introduce yourself? That was my best shot.


Rebecca:  Thank you for that.  Wynn, as always, you’re always so gracious and kind in your introductions and your explanations, so thank you very much for that.


That’s kind of a loaded question on how to get started here.  You and I have talked about:  You’ve said that you were introduced to the Elohim I think in 2002, yes? 


Wynn:  Yes.


Rebecca:  For me, they have always been voices kind of, as it were, that have always been there.  Some people might attribute this to having an angelic guide.  The Elohim have always been with me; it's always been the same ones.  When I was a very young child I actually did not know that other people didn’t have the same experiences that I did; I just thought it was the way everyone was.  Through my growing up and from my childhood forward, I really realized that those that were with me - by the way – I did not know that they had a name.  They’ve just always been with me; I never thought to ask them, truly.  It’s like looking at your mother after all those years and saying “What’s your name?”  You always identify her as mom, right?  Or, mother.  You don’t necessarily refer to them or call them by their first name.


They were always with me; they’ve always been my mentors.  They have been my teacher.  I haven’t had any physical teachers in this life cycle; I haven’t had any that I have gone to for mentoring or teaching the way that a lot of people do.  They have always been my teachers, and they’ve been very succinct with me through the years.  If I ask them a question they will answer me whether I want to hear what I think I want to hear or not.  They’re very honest; they tell you like it is – at least for me they do, when I ask for my own individual curiosity whatever questions as I’m out there trying to figure out what’s the meaning of life kind of a thing.


They’ve always been with me.  It wasn’t until the early ‘90s that I actually sat and channeled them.  Some of the experiences were what you would call organic; where you just sit down and I stepped out of the way, knowing that was the process I was actually going through.  I would come back a little while later and there would have been people standing there and looking at me and their information was quite astounding.  I have a friend of mine that recorded a lot of the old channelings that I did and it was pretty profound if we’d been sitting here going through the information again after all these years.  I did do some channeling, I’m here locally in Kansas City.  I did do some channeling here locally for quite a few years.  I moved out of the area back in the late ‘90s, and when I returned in the early 2000’s I did not channel publicly.  That’s where the radio shows came in.


Getting back to the Elohim:  it was in the 90’s when somebody asked me who it was I was actually communicating with.  Like I said, I never even thought about it, Wynn.  I never thought to ask them who it was.  I was doing energy work; we used to have open houses.  I had a store, and we used to do these free healing sessions on people; energy exchanges, actually.  They came in the middle of this as I’m working on this person who is lying down and running energy.  They said, “We are the Elohim.”  They were so loud that I really thought everybody else could hear them.  It’s always been the same voice; it’s always been the same energy that I’ve felt since I was a young girl.  I asked them to repeat it again, and they said that I needed to look them up and that which was written about them isn’t necessarily all that they are and that I would come to know more about them – I needed to do the research.


That’s what I did – I began to research.  I asked people, “Do you know who they are?”  A lot of people took me different directions.  Some of it resonated.  A lot of it didn’t according to books that were written or how they were addressed or what have you.  I think you, yourself, would agree – maybe not, Wynn  - I think you, yourself ,would agree their dimension to them is far greater than that which has been written about them: about who they are, how they interacted and what their actual history is as it pertains to human beings.


Wynn:  They’re usually exalted in history.  People defer to them and think of them as omnipotent, as God.  As I got to know them, I got to feeling – in fact, I asked them the question – and they said, “No, they don’t like to be worshipped.”  They’re as real as you and I, and they exist in other dimensions.  They have abilities that are not like yours and mine, at least in this dimension, abilities to interface with our realm in rather unique ways.  They have the ability to help shift things in this realm.  They say that they honor free will so that means somebody has to ask for their help.


You can see how easily that can turn into the idea of an omnipotent God, because we all need so much help.  We can feel helpless and say, “Elohim please help us” and that becomes a prayer, so to speak.  That’s okay if you use the word prayer.  They’re not in any way, shape, or form from my experience, God, in the way that most people think of God.  They’re rather playful, and they’re loving.  It’s hard to imagine how it feels to be them.  Have you ever tried to imagine that, Rebecca?


Rebecca:  Yes, I did.  It’s like you expand and expand, trying to see what they see from their perspective and how do they feel about it.  You just can’t get there from here.  I guess that’s the best way of saying it.


Wynn:  It’s hard to imagine what their awareness is like, because we had no reference point for that kind of awareness.  I can only reverse engineer it, like thinking of them, “Here’s how it feels…”  Terry?


Terry:  I’m on the line.


Wynn:  Rebecca, we have Terry on the line.


Rebecca:  Hello, Terry.


Terry:  Yes, I’m enjoying this.


Wynn:  Over the course of this call, we have two people who are talking to the Elohim and this is going to be really interesting.  I do believe both people are talking to the Elohim and the same source.  I do believe that, from my initial indications.  I tell everyone on the line, “Just because someone says they’re talking to the Elohim or they’re talking to Jesus, don’t believe it until you do some due diligence and investigation.”


One of the things about the Elohim and the Ra group is never ever do they disempower you or me. (Just ask) questions.  Those of you who are on the call, even though you come back over and over again, it’s not like you’re following something.  From the outside somebody would say “You’re following that.”  You’re just showing up and what happens is what happens.  My goal, which I’ve kind of succeeded in is to create – I was talking to somebody – myself as being this corny host who makes a safe spot and a comfortable spot so they can come in and not have to be in any level of pretension.  That’s a pretty rare thing to do.  Those of you who are listening to these calls over and over again might go back and remember how it amazing it was when you first started to discover that we’re doing this so casually.  We don’t have any fanfare, no ritual, no big deals – yet, the most extraordinary things happen on these calls.


Rebecca, you were talking to them.  Even when you were young could you have dialogs with them?  They just said, “Rebecca, do this; or, what do you think of that?”


Rebecca:  It wasn’t dialoguing like that.  It would be simply my mind would question or I would look out at something and I would think – like, looking up at the night sky.  That’s a really good example.  I’m looking at all the millions and billions of stars out there and thinking that we weren’t alone, and they would begin conversing with me.  Because even in the statement, there was a question because there’s this curiosity.  They would begin to expand on that curiosity by giving me pieces of information, allowing me to kind of, in a conscious way, travel outwards and view the world from the cosmos as opposed to being on the planet earth looking up and would share explorations of space, as it were, our universe in a flow manner and allow me to pull those visuals back in and conceptualize and begin to ask questions from that which I was viewing.


That happened everywhere.  If I were standing someplace - it used to be really strong when I was a kid - I'd be standing outside and I would be barefoot and I could feel these vibrations going through earth.  I would always wonder, “What was that?”  [This is] the question that you ask yourself inside of your head and say, “Gosh, what is that?”  They would just come in and start giving me pieces of information.  Even as a young child I knew about underground bases even though I didn’t have any reference point to what that meant.  I was viewing underground bases all over this globe when I was a young girl.  I realized that there were different beings in different parts of this globe that we weren’t familiar with.


Wynn:  There’s a phrase called 'remote viewing'; was it like you were able to remote view?


Rebecca:  Yes, that’s exactly what it is and I didn’t come to understand that term either until actually fairly recently, what remote viewing was.  That was an organic gift or talent that has been with me since I can remember.


It was pretty amazing; they’d take me under the sea.  I would have these extreme dreams at night; lucid dreams.  I was a lucid dreamer even as a child, and in these lucid dreams were different worlds that I wasn’t familiar that were here on this planet  and was shown and communicated with different types of beings and things like that. 


This has just been an ongoing story; being able to look at somebody and know that they had attachments, and they had different energies about them and understanding the individuation of each of us as a soul, and understanding we’re all connected to all things.  Of course, as the years go that expands according to your level, your own frequency, your own vibration, what understanding that you have, what your life experiences are.  As they say, the older you get hopefully the wiser you get and you’re able to apply the knowledge in a more expanded way than from the viewpoint of a small child.


Wynn:  I know Terry will tell me that – say for example on our grid healings – you were on the grid healing on Sunday.  When we put something in the light and then Terry is being with the Elohim.  She says – I’m going to let her say it – but my take is, she says that when they go somewhere she goes with them and can see it as if it were her seeing it with them.  Terry, is that approximately correct?


Terry:  That’s correct.  What happens then is I feel like if there is an interchange going on.  I have to be very quiet so that I don’t enter anything into the interchange because sometimes it’s covering very delicate circumstances.


Wynn:  Rebecca’s experience is kind of like yours; there are similarities to it.  You didn’t have voices in your head when you were young, did you?


Terry:  I had something like that:  I’d ask a question and then the answer would come like, “Do right and you shall fare well” – something like that.


Wynn:  You’re getting kind of cryptic answers to questions that you’re formulating?


Terry:  Right.


Wynn:  Some of you may know the story – when I was with Daphne and she was channeling the voice that said they were the Elohim.  For a good portion of the time it was just her and me.  I wanted somebody to witness this, so I called Terry up and I knew Terry was open to this.  In fact, we had talked about it.  She came over to our apartment, and we did a channeling and I asked some questions and they were answering the questions.  I said, “Terry would you like to ask any questions?”  Why don’t you share what happened?


Terry:  I really loved their energy and they said that yes, I would be able to channel them.


Wynn:  Then, it was about a month later that Terry came over and they knocked her on the head.  We tell the story.


Terry:  Tap tap tap -  like, knock knock knock.  It was like tapping pressure on my head on the right side.


Wynn:  They told Terry to wake me up; that they wanted to talk to me.  Terry said, “Why don’t you just talk to me?  He’s sleeping.”  They said, “No, we want to talk to him.”  Believe me, when she woke me up and said, “Get the tape recorder out” I thought this was nutty; this was totally impossible.  I had washed my hands of the experience after Daphne left and I said, “Well, that’s that.”  Then a month later, Terry is telling me, “They want to talk to you.  They still want to reach you.”


Terry:  It was very important to them.


Wynn:  It’s been a wild ride ever since then.


When did you first start telling other people that you had these guys talking to you?  And, what happened, Rebecca?


Rebecca:  Well, the first thing I guess I need to let you know is that when I was a young girl I would say something about people, like my aunt got married and she lived in a different city, a different state.  She and her new husband came to visit.  I am about five years old.  So they introduced me to this man, and my mom said, “Go give your uncle a hug.”  I said “Well I don’t want to.”  She said, “You need to go give him a hug.”  And I said, “No, I don’t want to.”  She said “Why not?”  and I said, “Because he’s a bad man.”  They’re looking at me; of course, I got my mouth slapped for that.  She said, “What do you mean, he’s a bad man?”  I said, “That’s what they’re telling me.  They told me that.”


After getting into trouble for saying that’s what I heard, that’s what they told me, I was pretty careful about not saying that kind of stuff anymore because I knew it was going to get me into trouble because nobody believed me.  As a matter fact, when I got a little bit older with these conversations that my grandparents were having with my parents.  They thought I probably had multiple personality disorder because it would just start talking and I would say these things.  People would just look at me; and their eyes...  I wouldn’t know that I said anything; I didn’t say anything, they did.  They would just leave the room; they couldn’t even talk to me.  I freaked people out; it was actually – I look back at my childhood – it was actually quite astounding.


I learned how to communicate with them.  I told them, “You guys can’t be doing that.  You’re getting me into trouble.”  It’s been a developing relationship all these years.  As I change, they change, and they communicate with me on a different level.  We’ve kind of grown together; I have to say, they’ve always been with me.  I know even in my deepest darkest hours on this planet that I was never alone.  There were times when I didn’t want them to talk to me, but they refused to let me do that because it’s part of what I agreed to do, just like anybody else.  We all have our contracts, so to speak, when we come in.  This was part of my contract; I had to honor that.  I had to take responsibility and I had to accept it.  So I have.  I’ve done the best I could with it.  They have never steered me wrong; never.


Wynn:  A question comes to my mind is: what happened when you had a boyfriend?


Rebecca:  That part there was the rebellious child that didn’t want the parents telling me that I made a bad choice.


Wynn:  You were making bad choices in boyfriends, right?


Rebecca:  That gets into a whole different arena.  We’re all here to clear past traumas, past emotional difficulties, issues – some people call it karma.  I call it the cycle of reincarnation.  We keep getting into these loops where we have to have these experiences over and over again because we don’t realize that our record is broken and we just keep playing it out until we figure out how to break the cycle, how to break the wheel of whatever negative emotional personality kind of things that we come in with.  This is how we heal ourselves; this is how we become whole, how we become happy and well-adjusted is by letting go of the reincarnation cycle as far as the negative experiences that we’ve had with others continuously show up in our lives over and over again; life cycle after life cycle.


So that kind of gets into a whole different kind of aspect there; there are some things that you have to play it out in order to understand what kind of a cycle that you’re in: What is that?  You can’t necessarily just by-pass the experiences; they can tell you about it, but until you experience it you don’t really know how to break those cycles.  That’s in the energies of when I was growing up; the energies now as you’re probably aware of, Wynn, and everybody else on this call.  We’re in a very heightened state of energetic cycles; this whole universe is, the dimensions around it is.  This is a very auspicious time for those of us here on planet earth.  We’re here to tap into that energy and we can now cycle through things that no longer serve us; things that are trauma.  We still, time line after time line after time line, we can break those emotional bondages thorough these life cycles of reincarnation over and over again in order to become higher frequency, higher vibrational beings and to actually literally create a new paradigm is how this earth was actually kind of getting closer back to the original blueprint, the original intention.


Wynn:  Did you have a conversation with someone else that was communicating with the Elohim before?


Rebecca:  No.


Wynn:  I should shut up and I should let you and Terry talk to each and see what comes up, because I think it’s unique.  Terry, do you have anything you want to ask Rebecca, or vice versa?  I’m putting you all on the spot.


Terry:  It’s just a profound, wonderful thing to be able to find somebody else that can speak with the Elohim.


I have a huge echo to everything I say though, and it’s very disconcerting when I say anything.


Rebecca:  Yes, same here.  I have a terrible echo from my end as well, Terry.


Terry:  When you’re coming across here, you have no echo.  Maybe I have no echo when you listen to me.


Wynn:  Let me mute the conference call because sometimes that creates an echo.


Rebecca:  I still have an echo.


Terry:  I still have an echo, but it’s not as bad.  Well, maybe it is as bad.


Gijs:  I think, Wynn, it only happens to Elohim channels.


Wynn:  Gijs cannot resist getting his two cents in.  Gijs is my producer.  He comes in and helps greet everybody on the calls.  He got the job because one day I was late and he did it.  Then, he never stopped.  We really appreciate him.  You guys are supposed to be talking to each other now.


Rebecca:  Okay, I’d like to respond to what you said there, Terry, is that as I was growing up and went through my adulthood I did what I called scanning.  I would scan others; I thought surely there are others out there who are communicating with these beings or with beings, period.  I could sense – this was before I got really good at being able to follow energy lines.  That didn’t actually happen to me until the early ‘90s.  I would scan out there; every once in a while, I’d call it ‘dropping down’.  It’s like this energy grid of everyone who is on this planet.  It would just kind of drop down into a geographical location just momentarily.  It was to let me know that yes, there is somebody here, there’s somebody there.  There are actually quite a few people but not everyone of them are going to step up or step forward nor were they meant to be channelers.  They’re simply part of the collective, if you will, that in this spiritual kind of energy, I guess for the lack of a better way of saying it, they live their life according to the energy of the Elohim; they’re not all meant to be channelers, they’re not all meant to be in public.  There are a few of us here on this planet that are incarnated; they did show me that.  I was pretty young back in then when I did that.  I remember thinking how at peace I felt that I wasn’t really alone on this planet.  It’s like, “Gosh am I the only cow amidst all of the sheep, right?”  Surely, there has to be a cow out there somewhere.


I just knew; I’m going to tell you:  patience was never one of my virtues in this life cycle, never, but working with the Elohim all these years, there is just this sense of knowing and there comes this peace and this comfort.  You just know when the time is right that there will be others that you will find or they will find you.  Somehow, that divine process will happen.  You just don’t think about it; it’s just this sense of knowing.  You move forward in your life and then it shows up and it’s just like they said it would be or it’s just like how it felt to me.  So I’m pretty excited.


It’s not the first time that people have come to me; I’ve had some people who have written to me over the past, even after I started the show.  When I first started the show I did talk about the Elohim a lot and then I really started getting a lot of guests – more guests than I could even really get on the show.  I had not as many openings as I had guests.  The channeling information, the information about the Elohim, kind of went to the wayside because it was all about the guests being on.


That being said, I would have people who wrote to me and they would send me emails or links or whatever to different websites or to different blogs.  At that time they didn’t call them blogs in the early portion of the internet when it first came out.  There wasn’t a resonance there with me; I was like, “Well, that doesn’t feel like who I’m communicating with or I’m associated with, they who call themselves the Elohim to me.”  In 2004 when I spoke with Wynn he talked to me a little bit about the Elohim.  I remember them saying, “Just wait for it.”  I didn’t know what the heck I was waiting for until, of course, I got a phone call from him a couple of weeks ago.


So there’s that.


Wynn:  I think it’s a really special thing to be doing this right now.  I think one of the things is in the average person’s mind the average person would say, “It would be impossible to be communicating with the Elohim.”  My job, as I’ve taken it on, is to make that actually not only a possibility but a reality; to create this comfortable space where we have hundreds of people listening to these calls and it’s become a reality to them.  I’ve observed carefully what the kinds of benefits are from connecting with the Elohim.  I think the most powerful thing is that aside from being an intelligence that can answer questions they have the ability – when I said this this way before they corrected me – I said they have the ability to project energy into this realm.  I think it’s more like they’re not sitting somewhere projecting; they’re just there and it’s like tuning into the frequency of them. 


Rebecca:  Right.


Wynn:  It’s not like they’re somewhere else; they’re right next to as are a lot of other beings right next to you, including negative beings.


It’s a matter of learning how to select, with your remote control, the frequency that you’re going to allow to come in.  They’re right next to everyone who is listening right now; they’re not far away.  They’re right next to you.  They’re an energy.  Can you tune into their frequency?  Shut your eyes for a moment and feel the space; notice if it feels different than it normally feels.  Consider the possibility that the difference in your space right now is this very same Elohim that we’re talking about except you’re not a channel.


It’s just like handing somebody a guitar; they have the instrument but they don’t know how to create the music but they know the guitar is in their lap.  So even without being a channel, when you start allowing them into your space – there’s a clearing that starts, a healing that starts, automatically.  To [begin to] understand how to cope with that healing; how to ride with it to get the maximum out of it.  Does that make sense to you, Rebecca?


Rebecca:  Absolutely.  Their energy is everywhere; we’re sitting in it literally.  Their energy is everywhere.  It is like tapping into radio waves, tuning your radio station so that you can hear, see, feel, sense, communicate, otherwise understand that they’re here.  In the presence of them, when I really sit down and tap into them, there is such an energy that flows through me that is indescribable.  It's love energy, it’s a peace, harmony, balance, protective – it’s all those things and more.  I can’t even describe all of it.


They take you on journeys.  If you’re curious you ask them a question you’ll be off running, tripping around in the cosmos and in other dimensions, if that what you want to experience.  They’re fabulous.  I’m grateful.  I’m humbled, I’m honored, I feel blessed.  But the one thing I have to say, it’s a very big call: they do not wish for anyone to venerate them or to proselytize themselves for them, because they consider us in the highest regard, no different than them.  We’re just assisting in a different frequency in this physical form.


Terry:  That’s what they told me, too.  They don’t want to have us look at them as being better than us; it’s just like we’re brothers and sisters, although they don’t have a particular gender.  Like, they’re family.


Rebecca:  That’s right, because they are family.


Wynn:  I don’t know if anyone listening has questions but I’ll open up the conference call.  It’s okay if no one has any questions I‘ll just close it off again.  Everyone is unmuted; does anyone have a question for Rebecca?  Or, a comment?


Rebecca:  It’s okay you guys.


Wynn:  Going once.  Is anyone feeling the energy of what we’re calling the Elohim in their space as we’re talking?


Rebecca:   Don't be shy.


Gijs:  Rebecca, all I can say it’s wonderful to listen to you, to hear your story.


Rebecca:  Thank you, I appreciate it.


Wynn:  I’m going to ask a question and you guys can say 'yes' or 'no.'  We’re not going to know who you are though; this is a little test to make sure someone is there.  Is anyone on this line shy to say something?


Steve:  I just can’t think of anything to say.


Wynn:  Is that Chris?


Steve:  No, Steve.  I just don’t have a question in my head right now.


Wynn:  That’s fine; sometimes you don’t have to have a question.  It’s just like putting your frequency on there that makes us feel like someone’s actually out there.  Does anyone else have something they don’t want to say?


Don:  All I can say is this is very awesome for me.


Wynn:  Who is that?


Don:  Don from Florida.


Wynn:  I will tell you that in my experience when they started talking to me through Daphne and through Terry my conscious mind couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t believe they were; I couldn’t believe it, even when I thought they might be who they said they were, my conscious mind said, “I must be making a mistake.  There must be something wrong here.”  It was too wild.  With Daphne, she would tap me on the shoulder and she would say, “Those guys want to talk to you again”, no matter where we were; in the most inopportune times.  I’d take the tape recorder out and I’d be asking questions and I said, “This is not how it’s supposed to be; this is way too casual.”  Really, it took me about three years to say, “Maybe they are who they say they are.”  That was my experience.


Anyone else want to share anything?


Lisa:  Yes, I’d like to ask a question.  Rebecca, did you say how long you’ve been channeling the Elohim?


Rebecca:  Literally all my life; but, I didn’t really do it in a conscious way until 1992, where I’d actually sit down and call them in and step aside.  I’d had a lot of what I call organic experiences where there would be a group of us, we’d be sitting around talking and I myself was gone and they would step in and they would have these things to say and then I would be back.  I wasn’t in the intention of channeling; it happened.  There were very good about doing that in those days, and they still do that.  If I’m in a group of people and I’m very comfortable with them, they just speak.  They’ll say something to those and they’ll address people.  As a conscious channeler with intent, I didn’t start that until about 1992.


Wynn:  When they would slip their word in edgewise, people thought it was you, correct?


Rebecca:  Yes; those who did not know me very well would think it was just me because the voice doesn’t change too much.  There’s a different tonal quality to it, but for those good friends of mine who know me well, they will know during the course of the conversation where they just kind of step in, say a few things, and step back out.  They do that even now.


Lisa:  So you’re saying that happens spontaneously?


Rebecca:  Yes; I call it organic.  Spontaneous is an appropriate word, yes.  Kind of weird, eh?  It gives me all these little memory lapses; I thought maybe there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t remember conversations.  Do you remember saying that?  No, but it sounds pretty fine so it probably wasn’t me.


Terry:  I think I’m experiencing that also, where sometimes they’ll come in.  Like I was having a telephone conversation with somebody and they said, “It sounds like you’re channeling right then.”  It’s like they were; it’s like they were coming through right then.  Then sometimes I don’t remember the conversation.


Rebecca:  That would be their modus operanda.


Wynn:  That’s one symptom:  You don’t remember the conversation.  Do you notice how all these people have overcome their shyness and they’re speaking up?


Rebecca:  I love it!


Wynn:  It wasn’t that hard.  We have a group of people who have participated and I have to say, I can’t give the people that come into these calls regularly enough acknowledgement, because they are anchoring the reality that makes the calls real.  This is an ‘us’; it’s not a me and a you.  It’s always an us; we’re not always in the experience of the us but so often in these calls, we do move into that experience.  When we move into the us consciousness it’s like you guys – even in silence – are making it possible to do this.  It’s really unprecedented in this realm to have such a casual interface in a public way with the Elohim.  It’s not like, “Here’s the Elohim; let’s get on our knees.  What great wisdom do you have for us?”  They always bring it through like they’re our brothers and sisters and our friends.  Not like, as Rebecca was saying, prostrating ourselves.  It’s hard for people, even myself when they first started talking to me:  “What am I supposed to do?  Tell me what to do with this?”  I said, “I think you really are who you are.”  They said “Put up a website.”  Would you like to know what my first Elohim website was, Rebecca?


Rebecca:  I would love it.


Wynn:  It was called ‘conversationswithmygirlfriend’.  I didn’t put my name on it; I was scared to put my name.  I was the questioner and then there was 'girlfriend x' and 'girlfriend y.'  Daphne just hounded me; she said, “I don’t like being girlfriend x.  It sounds like porn.”


Barbie:  Wynn, this is Barbie Anderson.  I’m in Mission Viejo tonight so I tuned in a little bit late.  I got in where you were talking about does anyone have questions?  If I could just interject, I have really been drawn to just being with the energy of this whole thing on the nights that we do connect, because sometimes I can't actually hear; with Richard sometimes it’s hard for us to just hear.  It’s being in the energy; I can’t explain it.  We don’t even have to understand or hear, but there is a transmission of beingness in this higher vibration of energy that is ministering and uplifting and bringing about a transition.  I can’t explain it because I don’t understand it except that it’s happening.  It’s like a fireside chat type, just being together like we’re all together around the fire in the living room of some sort.  No matter where we are in the world, we are one together when we’re connected here.  Sometimes I can see, it would be hard I can imagine it must being in your shoes figuring out, “What am I going to tell people” and “How are we going to figure this out?”  We want to put structure to it and maybe all the Elohim wants is just to connect with us however each of us feels or receives it.


I know it’s helping me just move into higher vibrations, creating more uplifting realities.  There’s nothing that I've connected to in any website or talk show of any kind that has this elevation; that has this God-like inspirational beingness that just feeds that spirit of moving – the love.  It’s hard to put into words.  Sometimes just being here even if we aren’t even saying anything; it’s just being together; it’s just bringing all of that Elohim in that is just so uplifting, it’s just so incredible.  It’s hard to put adjectives, but it’s there.


Wynn:  Thank you so much for sharing; I want to thank you all for sharing.  One of the reasons is because I hope Rebecca will come back often and maybe join us on our grid healings.  Terry would welcome this – we could rotate between Rebecca and Terry when we do some of our sessions, or even out Wednesday sessions and have Rebecca answer questions.  I feel very comfortable with her; it’s really unusual for me.  I don’t have that many guests on this show and usually I feel if I have a guest the energy goes down to a lower level like I have to:  “Hi, this Wynn Free.  We have David Icke on tonight…  David, what are the reptilians doing?”  We don’t get the energy of the oneness with guests.


It can be entertaining, it can be information, it can be distracting.  To be able to do these calls three times a week; for some of you I know maybe you get tired of it and take breaks here and there.  So many of you keep coming back, holding the energy.  I know some of you are not healthy and are having health problems.  You’re learning that you may not able to do what would appear to be big and glorious things in the world; you’re not able to, but by listening in on this line, your energy is part of shifting the collective and making possibilities for things to happen in this realm that would not be possible if you weren’t here.


So I want to give yourselves a pat on the back for showing up.  Thank you, Barbie.  Is Richard in the background?


Barbie:  No.  I have a home here in Orange County; most of the time I'm at Richard's in Temecula.  So I’m not sure if he’s even on – are you on, Richard?


Richard:  Yeah, I’m here.  I'm standing up in the lemon grove in the mountains.  It's beautiful.


Wynn:  It’s 7:03 and they have not kicked us off of BBS yet which means we can keep going.  What I thought would be an interesting thing to do:  to have the Elohim source if Rebecca wants to do it, if she feels comfortable, address us through Rebecca and say anything they like.  Rebecca, we have this unusual thing where a couple of years ago we had become quite well acquainted with the Ra group.  Apparently, I am more connected, me personally, more connected to the Ra group than the Elohim group although I’m starting to feel quite a connection to the Elohim group.  The Ra group has a different frequency.  Did I talk to you about the Ra group, Rebecca?


Rebecca:  Yes, you did.


Wynn:  Did you grasp who the Ra group is?  Did I give a good feeling for it?


Rebecca:  Yes, you’re very good with articulating concepts and ideas. 


Wynn:  At one point we had the Ra group come individually through Terry and Daphne; mostly it started with the Elohim group.  The Ra group started coming in secondarily.  I actually felt guilty about talking to the Ra group because I’d become friends with Carla Rueckert and she was the prime person that brought in the Ra group in 1981. They said it was a very unique opportunity for them to communicate.   So when they started talking to me I thought, “I hope Carla doesn’t find out because she’ll get mad at me.”  Nonetheless, she and I have become good friends; she’s on our show once a month.  Sometime we might have all four of us on a group show; Carla, you and Terry.  Each of us represents a template of energy, and when they bring this template together as a group, I know it’s powerful.  It brings in a lot of energies into the earth realm just to have us all here.


If you would like, I could have your sources address us, then Terry to address us.  The source that comes through Terry says it’s Ra’An which is a combination of the Elohim and Ra group. so they say.  The reason they used the word 'Ahn' is historically when Daphne first started.  If I was to give you the history of the whole way this started for me, the first voice that came through Daphne identified itself as P’tah.  I was very much a novice; I was just asking questions to try and figure it out.  We had two or three conversations with P’tah.  Then, a voice came through Daphne that identified itself as the Council of Ahn.  They were indicating that P’tah was kind of an emissary.


Then, we had a few conversations with the Council of Ahn and probably in the sixth or seventh time we did a session, the voice came as the Council of Elohim.  I’m trying to figure out who is talking to me and why they’re switching.  I was mistrustful, because I wanted to trust one source, and suddenly I’ve got three different sources.  I was already on guard by studying them enough to say it’s possible to have a negative source but they never asked anything of me; they just said ask them questions.


Then it was explained that P’tah was an emissary of the Ra group.  P’tah was much less spaced out, much more specific, earthy answers to things.  It was P’tah that did that newspaper prediction early on with Daphne.  Then, when I asked about the Council of Ahn, the Council of Ahn was sub-set a sub-council of the Elohim that was responsible for translating the geometric language of the Elohim into the language of a location, like earth.  This is what they said; I didn’t know this was true.  I’m just telling you what they said.  They were translating the language of the Elohim into English so we could understand it.


Then, the Council of Elohim came in; then there was another Council that came in – I don’t remember the name.  It was one other council that was part of the Elohim Council.  During that period there was another voice that came in that said it was the Council of Twelve.  The Council of Twelve was described as twelve very huge beings; maybe they were twelve Elohim beings or maybe they were some Elohim in and some Ra, I can’t remember.  Their purpose, their function - the Council of Twelve - was to interface – they said there was like a cabinet, like a president with a cabinet to make recommendations to the Elohim.


As I was understanding it, the Council of Twelve would monitor the earth and look for situations of high vibration here where people were coming together in a high way and creating a highly intended group energy.  They would find those energies; they would then petition the Elohim to support that energy.  They'd observe a bunch of people mediating somewhere and they might say, “Okay let’s bring some energy into those monks or those people meditating.”


As that was being described to me, I asked a question: “I’m bringing energy into this realm directly from the Elohim and I’m not going though the Council of Twelve; or, I didn’t think I was.”  I started to experience that there was an energy coming in when I did things.  Then they said, “The Elohim has free will and choice; they’re not bound to go through the Council of Twelve and that what I was doing was creating great opportunities to bring their energy into this realm.”


That’s a little of my history.  For the longest time, we just talked to the Elohim.  Let me just say, when I was communicating through Daphne there were a number of other sources that came through.  I was always a little bit apprehensive because I was afraid of negative sources.  There were times when a voice that come through that said, “This is Mother Mary”, “This is Archangel Michael.”  I was never sure of those; I would just ask questions and try to see where it went.  Another time it was the Planet Jupiter.  Jupiter wanted to talk to us and bring good fortune.  Another time it was the Solar Logos; the Solar Logos was, if you’ve been listening to our calls, Solar Logos was the name for the center of our galaxy.


Of course, all these things are alive; theoretically you can talk to Jupiter, you can talk to the earth, you can talk to the Sun.  They all have a consciousness to them.  But it gets really confusing because how do you know they are who they say they are and how do you know they’re positive and how do you know you can trust them?


With Terry, I’ve never looked for any other sources, but they brought in the Ra and the Ahn which is the Ahn Council of the Elohim, and the Ra energy.  Would like to do something, Rebecca?  You don't have to.  Don't be put on the spot.


Terry:  I just wanted to say something; Rebecca, I welcome your participation.


Rebecca:  They have some messages here that they’d like to share.  As you all were listening and talking, they’ve been chatting at me about what they would like to say.  Give me just a second; we’ll have them come in and I’ll say a few things, or they will rather.  Then, they’re going to step aside.


Wynn:  We’re used to doing a little protective invocation; we’ve already gotten the energies, but I’m so used to doing it and people are so used to doing it.  Is it okay if I do my little invocation?


Rebecca:  Yes, if you need to - sure.


Wynn:  I don’t need to if you prefer not to; we don’t have to.


Rebecca:  It’s fine.


Wynn:  I’ll do it very quickly here.  We bring in the light of the highest realm of the universe; we bring in this light to surround and protect each person here and we release any negativity to the higher realms of light for the highest good of all concerned.  Everyone listening, everyone on the replays, we’re going to invoke a group energy connection and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join our group energy.  We maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls, our individualities while we do this.  We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


I turn it over to Rebecca to bring forth communication from those sources whom she has been talking about.


Elohim:  Greetings; we are the Elohim.  We have but a few things to share.  From our view, from our perspective, we are embracing this meeting of all these people on this call.  We are honored that you honor energy that sits in your space.  We are here to share nations, to expand, to give you the understanding of what great sovereign beings you are.  Those of you who have remained on this reincarnation wheel for a very long time.  We have always been and we will always be.


We come in the greatest of love and honor for those of you who are on this very unique journey.  Sit for a moment, allow the energies to come forward, call them in, allow them to take away any sickness or illness, any pain or suffering.  Allow those energies to flow out, feel the energy, feel the vibrations, feel the frequency of wellness, of vibrancy, of health, of patience, of love.  Understand you are so much more and many of you are beginning to realize that.  As you continue to expand in this energy and this awareness, you will again reach for the stars.  We love you all.  We love you unconditionally.  We are here to support you, and all you need to do is ask.  Blessings until next time.


Wynn:  Terry, are you called to say anything through you?


Terry:  I’m just picking up that they are very, very happy about this meeting and they are really sending their love.  I mean, it’s not sending; they are really loving us.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I want to just be sure that I give Rebecca a plug: .  Rebecca, you do readings also, right?


Rebecca:  I don’t know what was said, but that was a pretty emotional state for a moment at a very good frequency.  Wow.


Wynn:  We felt it.


Rebecca:  I don’t usually get quite as many benefits from it, but it’s still here.  It’s very interesting, it’s very beautiful.  I thank them for that; it makes me want to weep - not from sadness either. 


I’m extremely grateful for all of you tonight, I really am.  I do a radio show called journeyswithrebecca, I’m on Monday through Friday 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Central Time Fridays are 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Central time, but I also do readings.  I do all kinds of different readings.  I also am involved with a process that they have given me through the years in order to accelerate awareness and getting off of what's called the reincarnation wheel.  It doesn’t mean that you cease to exist, it means to be able to heal time lines, reduce trauma, re-write the past energetically; it literally changes the physiology of the individual going through this process.  It’s just been absolutely fantastic.


They’ve been giving me the process for years and we’ve fine-tuned it.  With this new energy that is very, very present, extreme energy that is present these days, it allows a person to go through these things in a very quick manner and find that you are lifting burdens that you didn’t even know you were carrying; you find that relationships work better than what you ever could have thought.  You are in such a heightened state of awareness once you’re able to start carrying these time lines kind of a thing.  It’s a really fascinating process.  I do this once a month as a small class, it’s an online workshop.  I also do them in private sessions.


I’m literally in the process of building a new website.  That should be up by the end of the week but you can find some of the information at   You can also go to for additional information, more things like that.  I’m combining both of them and hopefully by the end of this week I should have my new website up.  It’s just going to be really 'the bomb.'


Terry:  Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you so much; thank you for being here.  We thank our sources for being here.  We’re so grateful to have this connection.


Rebecca, you are welcome anytime on a Wednesday night, if you want to come on and answer some questions when people submit questions.  We can rotate between you and Terry.  Anytime you’re on a Sunday if you want to participate in the grid healing figuring out a way that’s comfortable for you.  I think the synergy creates more than the individual parts, always.


Rebecca:  Absolutely.


Wynn:  I’m so glad to have you.  I welcome you into this new synergy that we’re creating together.


Rebecca:  I wish to thank everyone who is on this call tonight and for the wonderful welcome and the wonderful statements and the sharing of their own experiences.  It’s just an honorable place.  I wish to thank both Terry and Wynn for having me here.  I honor each and every one of you that we're all in it.  Fantastic – thank you again.


Wynn:  Great.


Caller:  Thank you Rebecca for joining us; we think you’re adding a very interesting dimension.


Caller:  Yes, it really strengthens the energy to have you on.


Lisa:  We feel the energy more and more I think.


Rebecca:  Good.  That’s their goal, because it’s infused.  Cool – thank you all.  See how gracious you all are.


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