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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Wednesday – 05/02/2012

Do the replays have the same connective energetic quality as the actual live calls?

Host:  Wynn Free

Audio Link – 2012calls/wed_channel_2012-05-02.mp3

Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien


Wynn:  Hello everybody, this is Wynn Free.  [It’s] Wednesday, May 2nd, (2012); this is our call where you submit questions.  If you’re listening and you don’t know this, and you like these calls and you can’t make them all the time… we have something where you can subscribe.  We’re not charging for it – I won’t promise that we’ll never not charge for it, but it’s free - where you can subscribe and get the emails and the transcripts of these calls in your own in-box.  They get sent out automatically.  You get audios that you can play in your car, or in your house.


I tell people, I think many of you are figuring this out:  Yes, there’s a lot of great information on these calls and there’s a lot of great wisdom on these calls.  But, there’s also an energy on the call which you may not feel the first time you’re on the call, you may not feel it the tenth time.  There are enough people that feeling the energies eventually.  There’s one person that I think it’s been five years and she said, “Oh my gosh, I get it.”  There’s an energy on these calls that if you listen to the calls regularly, you start to connect with that energy.  For most people, it’s a very positive, uplifted feeling.  Of course, our sources as they speak to us through Terry, they tell us that’s them.  I tell people, “Don’t believe anything; kick the tires.”  Oftentimes, people want to give their power up and say, “Oh my gosh, they’re talking to these guys.”  That’s not what this is about; it’s not what they want.  They want to be energy friends, so to speak, and they can be that but you have to rise to the occasion.  You have to tune into their frequency.  Being on these calls is a way to tune into their frequencies.  So many people have done that and I know it works.  I didn’t know that would work when we started it.


We have some great questions tonight; I thank everybody who is turning in questions.  Terry is going to be our conduit to answer these questions.  I remind everybody we’re doing something called channeling, which means there is what says they are intelligence in another dimension, that is speaking through and with Terry.  There’s always a caution anytime there is channeling – including my channelings – and that is, take what resonates.  Don’t give up your power.  Listen to it; use what works.  Try something, if it doesn’t work discard it and do something else.  You are the pilot of your own ship.  You are not supposed to give up your power to anything outside of yourselves; you’re supposed to be in the center of your being.  You can connect with things outside of yourself; we do that all the time in the course of our day.  When you start giving up your power, you stop growing.  This is not a call that is designed to make anybody give up their power.  We have sources that are talking to us; they say they created the universe, they’ve explained a lot of things.  If you listen to them, you can come to you own resonance as to whether it’s real or not.  Never believe it just because it’s a highfalutin name so to speak.


Are you there, Terry?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Everyone is muted and I started the recording.  We do a little invocation.  An invocation is like a very quick guided visualization.  When we do this, it’s a way of bringing the energies together; it’s a way of connecting with the higher realms.  If you shut your eyes, you might feel the energy as we go.  If you don’t, don’t worry about.  Keep coming onto the line; sooner or later you’ll feel it.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line.  Any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the energy fields of the planets in our Solar System, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present; a blending of energies, a touching of energies, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We let our sources give a little introduction through Terry before we start asking questions.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is the 2nd of May, 2012.  We are part way through the year of 2012.  It is a year where the energy is very high as we are coming into direct alignment with the Hunab-Ku.  We then will move out of that sphere gradually and back into a position where we had less direct energy.  But, it is a time when individuals can become more psychic; can have more connection because of the higher energy.  It helps connect individuals.


We greet each and every one of you tonight and we welcome you to this call.  We are honored to be here and to be available to connect with you.  It is a rare occurrence when we on the other side get to connect and to speak in such a clear manner.  We appreciate all of the people who are making this worth making this available.  We are here for you.


We ask if you have questions.


Wynn:  Our first  question is from Pauline in Los Angeles, who is currently in the Bay area.  She wants to ask a question about end of life care.  A physician called in a prescription for a very strong pain medication and a strong sedative for a patient who is on hospice care. and this is basically to sedate him while he is passing over at home.


My boss said that it was okay, but it didn’t feel right to me.  We got into an argument and I requested that the case be passed to a co-worker.  I later found out they are weaning the patient off the ventilator and he is going home to die.  I had to finish the case due to time constraints but I didn’t feel good about the whole situation.  What is actually happening? 


She didn’t write this, but the question I think is:  When somebody is dying and they are treated that way, is that a positive or is it a negative?  How can someone who is in control of that situation make a decision that would be best for the person who is dying?


Ra’An:  Thank you for your question.


When an individual is in a transition phase, they go through a period of withdrawal from their body.  As they withdraw from their body, then they can reach out and they can find their way to connect to the next phase that they will be moving into.


Sometimes when an individual is in this stage of dying, it is very hard to know what the right thing to do is.  It depends upon the intention of the individual; the desires and the wishes of the individual.  Many times, the body has taken such a beating and it is not processing food correctly, and is not digesting the food and therefore the individual is not receiving enough nutrients to be able to recover and is not in a posture that they can recover and have chosen to withdraw from the body.


Many times, people blame themselves for things that happen in this state.  It is hard to get the gradient right.  Some of the things that one can do is to communicate with the individual directly if the individual is in a state where they can communicate.  If they aren’t in a state where they can communicate, a person with clairvoyance can still maintain telepathic contact with the individual and realize that the individual, even though they are not obviously paying attention, still are there and still are aware.  When one can connect, even though the individual does not appear to respond, one can connect and speak to the individual.  Someone who is very telepathic then can actually have two-way communication and can tell where the individual is at.


It is a ticklish prospect to get the gradient right and to provide for the individual to the best of his highest good when there are such turns and twists.  The individual may come to and may talk to one or may go unconscious and then take special circumstances to be able to know where the individual is at.


One thing that should not be done is to ignore that the individual is there and is most likely paying attention, even though it is in a subconscious manner.  They are there and they are listening from the disconnected state of the body.  The first choice would be to communicate with the patient and learn what the patient’s choices are.  They can be asked questions, like “Do you wish to have resuscitation?  Do you wish to have your pain totally eliminated?  The patient will tell you; and a patient can be in such pain and trauma that they do wish to be under sedation.


The second thing one can do is work with the people that are in charge of the case after one has communicated with the individual and see if something can be negotiated to get something that the individual desires to make his passing easier.


Those are our initial comments on that subject.  Pauline, if you have other further questions, you may also ask next week.


Wynn:  Thank you.  This is from Larry in Florida.  I think this is a really good question that all of us can relate to because it has to do with his family, feeling alienated from his family and feeling that there were times when he wasn’t loved in the way that he needed to be loved and how it left residue in him.  I think that’s true for many people; we carry those things from our family.


Here’s the question:


When I was young, I always had a strong love for my family.  But, after I got married, I feel that their love for me is not unconditional and my feelings were always being hurt.  Thus, I have detached myself from them.  Why did I choose to be born into a family (he said “that didn’t love me), but I guess he felt loved when he was younger – didn’t love me when I got married and allowed them to create negative patterns that have been so difficult for me to overcome.


Ra’An:  There is an aspect of this that you connected with these people to work out things that happened in your past, in a past life and before you were born.  There were reasons that you chose these parents.  You can take the issues, each separate issue, and analyze each separate issue.  Observe what your reaction is; then, observe the reactions of your parents.  You might even talk to your parents about it, as this is something that has come down generational through your parents and their parents.


Your parents have developed programming in their own life, and they are merely expressing this programming and the belief systems that they have.  Once you can see, isolate out, what these belief patterns are and then go back to circumstances that you have experienced in your past where you have felt unacknowledged, unloved, that they didn’t really get you – you can then express how you felt, what you wanted, your viewpoint.  You do not need to express it to them, but you may write it down, express it in words so that you can get a clear picture of what you really wanted and how you would feel if they really got you, if they really understood.  Just the writing of this down will be helpful.  Then: to take a look at your parents, and see the pattern that they are expressing.  It may have to do with their programming that they were brought up with.  Then, you can apply forgiveness.


Forgiveness doesn’t mean agreement; forgiveness means that you are accepting the situation, much like there is weeds in the backyard and you hate those weeds, but they are there.  It’s an acceptance of what is.   Once you can accept what is, then you have something to work with, instead of wishing it was some different thing.  We take a look further and we see that your parents still love you underneath it all.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Our next question, this is from Diana in Florida:


Do the replays of our calls have the same connective energetic quality as the actual live calls?  If I missed a live call can I benefit just as well from the replay, or is it more for informational purposes only?


Ra’An:  We are also present.  Our vibrations are present, and when you listen to the replay or actually read a transcript, our vibrations are present within the words, in between the words.  They’re present in the sound of the voice.  Our vibrations come through even though we are not on the line.  Everything is now, and we are with you now and always.


Wynn:  Thank you.  We have two questions that are somewhat similar, but a little bit different.  I’m going to ask one after the other and maybe there is a different slant.  Remember when we ask these questions they may only apply to the person we are asking them about; and they may apply to you as well.  Take the answer, because everyone has a totally different set of circumstances in their life.  Also, there are a lot of things that we all experience the same way.


This is a question about relationships.  This is from Diana in Florida:


Can we ask the universe higher guides to assist with opening the heart of a person we love for that person to be more receptive to us?  If yes, how does this get achieved without interfering with that person’s free will?  Is this prayer for assistance a reasonable request to make, or is there another, different way that is more effective?


Wynn:  Thank you.


We look at this as a question to do with the surroundings of an individual, the – 'atmosphere' is not quite the right word… the surrounding attitudes of the person.  An individual can open their heart if they feel that they are loved.  It makes it easier for one to open their heart.  If someone is feeling that they are criticized; that they are being made wrong by another person then they close down their heart.  It is part of the protective mechanism that an individual in the third density carries, so by opening your heart to the other individual you create a surrounding atmosphere around the individual that makes it easier for them to feel love, for them to open their heart.  When you open your heart to them, they are on the other end of that and they can open their heart more easily.


One thing that you find is if there is someone you have been having difficulty with and you open your heart to them, forgive them, then you may feel the connection open up between the two of you.  You may get a telephone call from them.  You may find that you can establish a new relationship on a new footing and it is grounding to move on from there to more connection


Wynn:  Is that the answer?


Ra’An:  Yes.


Wynn:  The next question is from L.J. in Oregon:


Is there a spiritual benefit or damage from staying in a marriage with somebody who is not open to spirituality, and not able to give love on a deep level?  Can your sacrifice heal them or hurt them?


Thank you.


Ra’An:  It depends upon how you go about it.  If the individual, let’s say that they are in an angry state all of the time or most of the time – that’s their chronic tone level.  Then, if you attempt to come in at a cheerful tone level, they may not feel understood or like that they can really communicate.  If you match tone, this may be an opening for greater communication with them.


If you stay with them, and you are finding that you yourself are damaged; that it is detrimental to you, then it is likely also detrimental to them.  You can tell by your own reactions and emotions what is going on with the other person to some degree.  If you are feeling really happy and really good about a relationship, then you most likely won’t be feeling that way unless there is a connection that makes that feeling valid and resonate.


Wynn:  Is that the end of the answer?


Ra’An:  Yes.  Wait… we have a further answer concerning free will of an individual that the other person has asked:


If you’re attempting to establish a situation with an open heart with another person and you open your heart and you send them love; if they have something within themselves that holds it back, something stuck that they need to express to live their life in a certain manner, then you will not affect their free will choice to do that, even though you open your heart to them.  They will not feel it; they will still remain closed.  By opening your heart to someone and sending them love, as long as you are not doing witchcraft or attempting to have them be different than they are; but just put that (open heart) potential out there then that does not hurt their free will.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question:


This is from my sister JoAnne.  She hasn’t been very well; she’s plagued with a lot of different health problems.  I have suggested to her that she should try castor oil packs which was one of Edgar Cayce’s regimens.  She asks:


Do you think there would be a benefit for her to use castor oil packs on her abdomen and might that help in curing of any of her present health problems? Or which problems would that help?  Her concern is if the treatment is worth doing, as it’s very messy and she's bedridden with limited movement which makes it difficult to clean up the oil.


I’ll add:  She’ll accept any healing from your direction, any further healing, if it’s available.  That’s my addition to that; I know we talked about that and she'll certainly do that.


Thank you.  That’s from JoAnne.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We see that castor oil packs can help relax you more; can help remove toxicity from the area.  We do not see it as the cure, however, but we see it as an aid, as a help.  It would help you to relax and help remove toxicity.  We see other things that could also help in these areas.


In healing of the body: the body needs to have an alkaline pH to make enough electric potential available to the body, enough electrons available to the body that the body can use this to heal.  You need enough nutrients that the body can make use of to repair and mend.  We can send you healing energy.  To maintain the body, it also needs proper minerals and nutrients to be able to use these for repair.  We, on this call right now, are sending you healing energy and feel you are receiving that.  We thank you for being here, and we will continue to work with you.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Hello Wynn and Terry:


My name is Martin and I live in a town known as Lake Los Angeles, California.  I don’t believe I have stumbled upon you by chance.


In 2007, I almost lost my life due to severe head trauma after sparring with a close friend.  After I got out of the hospital I felt this strong pulling towards spirituality.  Since then, I have practiced many practices and I’ve gotten very deep in my meditations; I’ve noticed very strong presences around me when I meditate.  It’s as if I’m connecting to another dimension most of the time.


I have a pet dog, Cinnamon and Moose, two pet dogs, and when I tap into their fields they sense it and they start breathing intensely.  My question is: Are the beings that are in my presence of good intentions and are they communicating to me through my dogs, and what are they trying to tell me?


Again, thank you so much for your service.


That’s from Martin.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  Your dogs are able to sense these presences around you, and we see that the presences are helping, are attempting to work with you.  To some degree, they are attempting to experience life in the third dimension in their connection with you.  There are some past relatives that have come to check in on you to see that you are doing well.  They are also attempting to experience life in the third dimension by connecting with you.  This is friendly, with these individuals.  Your dogs do sense them when they are there.


Wynn:  Thank you.  We’re going through these questions fast tonight.


Larry asks a question about his son.  His question is:


Over the past eight months my son has become very detached from me and we rarely have contact.  Is there a reason for his change in patterns?


I’ll point out, when he asks, “Is there a reason for his change of patterns?”, that would normally not be an acceptable question because it violates his free will to say something about him.  If you don’t mind, Larry, I’m going to just convert it and say:


What is the best way that I can relate to his detachment?  Any advice on how to create a better connection?


I hope that’s okay to re-word that.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We are speaking of Larry in Florida?


Wynn:  Yes, Larry in Florida and Danny.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We send love light to Larry, and we see it as difficult to experience the withdrawal of Danny.  Danny is working through certain issues that are his alone to work through, and his attention is wrapped up in the working through of those issues.   As his father, it is difficult as you feel a strong connection and ties with Danny.  Keep putting your love there for Danny, and see if there is any way that you can assist him.  If you could get him talking about the issues with the significant other, with Danny’s girlfriend, or the issues he has come up against and is struggling with.  If you can get him communicating about it, to not be critical but just to listen to see what he is going through.  It would help for him to have a listening post and someone who could understand and connect with him on these issues that he has come up against.


Wynn:  Thank you.  This is from Deborah in Texas:


My husband’s father passed over in June 2011.  My husband’s name is Rick and his father is Poppa.  Three of them, Rick’s siblings, are being very negative towards Rick and the ramifications are many.  I feel the siblings are frightened and lost without the leadership of their parents and they’re taking it out on Rick and me now, making unfair decisions.


She’s asking a prayer:  Please help heal current and past bad feelings among the kids; they’re in their 50’s and 60’s, and honoring their parents.


How can we bring peace to this family and raise the vibrations back to the love frequency?


Ra’An:  Sometimes it is very hard, due to free will, to bring individuals that are negative or are being hostile or resentful back into the fold.  There are some things going on that have been fomenting since the growing up of the boys.  Without poppa there to mediate and to be the strong hand, they have not yet learned how to exercise their own control without expressing the earlier resentments and feelings of unfairness.


So, when there are issues like this where individuals have felt injustice, then it is not likely or not easy to change them to get over it.  Listening to them or asking them pertinent questions about what is going on maybe to do some investigation into why they are being recalcitrant at this time.  It is past issues that are fomenting, and there are jealousies as to who poppa allowed to do certain things and not the others, and a feeling of favoritism, a feeling of jealousy that they all wanted to be the favorites and were not.


[Use] common sense, listening and seeing in a situation if they can talk about it.  See by observation what they are saying; who they are jealous of and what their private issues are, because determining what their private issues are can help, if nothing else, but to understand them a little bit.


Wynn:  Thank you.  One more question here and this is from Jackie:


I ran a re-run of your last Wednesday’s questions-and-answer call and I felt the Elohim came into my being.  I asked inside myself if they wanted the humans who were able to reach or talk to them to come together and meditate as a group to help mother earth and us humans to make the shift.  There are many problems to overcome on earth, and we need to come together as groups and meditate on the oneness.


This is an aside from Wynn:  That is exactly what we do every Sunday morning.  If you can sense that we’re actually doing that, please come and please invite other people to come, because it makes a difference.  To continue with her question:


It helps if the people meditating have already made or can make connections to the higher realms.  I've seen this in dreams where we do this, and I am pretty sure it is how to work together.  All I know is that Terry can ask them to see if I am telling the truth and if I’m right.  Wynn knows a lot of people who could bring other channels together for this occasion.


I’m going to comment on that: I’m always open to bringing people together, but oftentimes, as soon as there is a group, oftentimes people’s intentions get compromised because there’s attention.  Attention becomes a commodity.  Even though there’s the idea of having a higher purpose, the individual’s need for attention creates competition and competition doesn’t allow the higher vibrations to manifest.  I’ve experienced this so many times, even though sometimes people seem to be like that, when it comes together it doesn’t work out in that way.  That’s Wynn’s comment.


I hope you consider this, so I hope you can ask this question.  I’d like to get your take on it.


Thank you.  Jackie.


Ra’An:  Thank you, Jackie.


We see when one is in the third dimension and is subject to duality and ego, that this is one of the things that individuals in the third density work through.  You will run into it in the third density.  This is something that we observe, but we do not feel ourselves.  We see on the grid healing on Sunday that individuals put their own issues and the issues of the larger sphere – the world, Mother Gaia, the political systems – they put it into the light, and we are able to look at it without any prejudice for one thing over another, except we do work toward the highest good.  If there is something that is negative, we do not put ourselves behind it.


One of the things that we do is to take a look and see things that are going on in the world and we do see that there are, within the ring of fire, there are differences in pressures.  We wish, at this time, to work with those differences that there may be moderation.  There are big differences in potential, and we will continue to work with this at this time.  We do see getting together in groups.  For instance, as we do on Team Shift, it can help and at the bigger scale, the grid healing can help to bring issues into the light and help a new solution, a better equity for the highest good.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I’d like to ask a question.  It seems to me that we have been doing this, or developing what we’re developing for quite a few years.  Inherently within it: it’s not static; it moves, it changes all the time with new possibilities and new potentials.  Within this group that we’re working with, there is still a huge amount of untapped potentials yet to be manifest which many people who have been touched by this work could be able to be part of the manifestation.  I don’t see myself as… I can’t possibly manifest it all.  I can only show up and do what I do.  It takes other people stepping forward to make it manifest in different ways.  Could you comment on this visualization and how you see the future potentials unfolding within the context of the work we’re doing?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


We take a look at the obstacles that are of the physical universe, the physical world, nature, and we see that individuals, while they are in the third density, take on this job of how to survive, how to handle power, how to bring in wisdom, how to make enough money, an abundance, to survive.  There is enough abundance for everyone.  It is a matter of how to work it out.  So, individuals have their own tasks when they are here in the third density.


We see that you are making inroads into setting up the platform for which things may expand.  Other people can help take the reins, as you have started Team Shift where individuals each day work with each other to bring the light into their own issues.  As this platform is made available to more people, it will gain more momentum, and it will reach more people, and it will reach into the other side, the dimensions where we are, and allow us to do more work with individuals in the third density.  We see you have laid a good platform and it can be rolled out.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Do we have any closing comments before we adjourn this call?


Ra’An:  We send love to each and every person on the line, each and every person who hasn’t announced themselves, each and every person who is listening and is evaluating this.  We, as Wynn has stated, we say: if anything resonates with you then keep it.  If it doesn’t resonate with you then it is not for you at this time.  Our comments are directed pretty much towards the individual who asked the question.  Although the answer may be similar to something that would be your answer, it may not apply or fit totally.


Take what you can and keep it.  We are available and we appreciate you.  We cannot even express how much the connection means to us as it is rare; but it is beautiful.  Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. Thank you Terry, thank all the people who are volunteering.


Gijs:  Wynn, may I do a request that we extend a moment of silence to ground some energy for the ring of fire to stabilize the pressures?


Wynn:  Yes, let’s take a moment of silence and hold for the ring of fire which is the area around the Pacific Ocean which is earthquake-prone.  One of the most volatile earthquake zones.  They have said when we do this, it gives them more access to work with the energies that can minimize the danger of these earthquakes.


Let us come now into a sacred space, a connection.  Feel that connection that goes through the top of your head where we start connecting with other dimensions and work with our sources.  We’ll visualize the entire Pacific Ocean and a huge light coming down on it that we’re part of the projection of and they’re part of the projection of.


We’ll just take a moment of silence to hold that.


Goodnight to everybody; we’ll see some of you on our Sunday morning grid healing.  Over and out.

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