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Personal and Planetary Healing Session

Sunday Call 05/06/2012
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Host: Wynn Free
Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Gina Brown
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or

Wynn: Good morning everybody. This is Wynn Free at 10:25 AM Pacific time on Sunday May 6, 2012. Welcome to our grid healing. This is where we stretch to make an energetic connection with our sources who say that they can flow energy into this realm in what they call love/light. On these calls we emphasize coming together and creating a group energy which includes all of us on this line, everyone listening to the replays, and however many of our sources join and participate with us. When we create a group energy we create group intentions for both personal and planetary healing and the group intentions are formulated by us and everything we ask for or put into the light is always for the highest good and honoring free will.

Understanding on our planet there's a balance going on between dark and light and our sources have to look at that balance and look at where the scales are because that's what allows them to do more or less interventions and we know they can do interventions. We know they can do things and shift things through working in the field that shift things in the physical. So we are focusing our intentions to shift things on the planet in a more positive way.

On that note, I'm going to open it up to the people on the call to put in their light requests

Wynn: Okay, I'm going to start. I'd like to put the Ring of Fire in the light and, in particular, California and any place there are earthquakes and we ask for the limitation of any earthquakes and if they do go off, they are away from major cities, and [are] minor and they let off their tension in small doses rather than huge episodes.

Marsha- LA: I have something very, very important to put in the light regarding my friend Jim Cole. Legal proceedings concerning depositions will be on May 10, 11, 14 and then his employees will start getting interviewed on 22, 23, and 24. On the 10th is the IRS agent, the 11th is FDA chemist. They know his products have nothing harmful in them so they are bringing this person to deposition and then the woman who framed him who was an ex employee, is disgruntled employee is on May 14th Jeanie.

I asked him how he would word this to put it in the light. He wants with all his being to see this situation dissipate and vaporize and for them to see the truth and to see that they were mistaken.

Wynn: Okay, next.

Gina- O’ahu: I want to put all the beloved Whales and Dolphins in the light for complete and total protection at this time. And this is just a heartbreaking story: There was a rare white buffalo calf that was born on a Texas ranch. His name was 'Lightning Medicine Cloud.' He was going to have his one year birthday and he was found dead and mutilated on the Texas ranch and his mother was found the next day. He was sacred to the Lakota Indian tribe as well as many other Indian tribes and many others. I like to send love and light to dear little 'Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother and father who father a week earlier struck by lightning that hit him and the peaceful passing on to a happy place and they get their sacred message to the people that they needed to. It's just a terrible heartbreaking story.

Also to all the animals on the planet at this time for complete protection on this planet from any harmful killing or wrongdoing or ill-treatment of them and also to humanity and Gaia at this time. Thank you so much.

Marsha: Maybe they could say who did this to the animals.

Gina: They were going to have a celebration for his birthday next weekend on May 12 one year ago because he was born one year ago but now of course now it will be a memorial.

Marsha: Didn't they skin his hide?

Gina: Yes, they did that also. It’s just a terrible, terrible unfortunate story.

Gijs: Much love to all those people involved.

Caller: Was this ritual killing?

Gina: I don't know, it sounds like it was because he was mutilated and skinned. There's a $5000 reward for his killer right now from the owner of the Texas ranch.

Wynn: I don't think we're going to ask who did it.

Marsha: Why? They should be brought to justice so they don't do this again.

Wynn: Well, put it to be brought to justice.

Caller: They will be brought to justice.

Wynn: Marsha, do you realize if we started doing stuff like that on this line that we wouldn't be here long. Putting that kind of ability out publicly...

Marsha: Okay, I got it.

Lori- San Carlos: I'd like to put Mother Earth into the love/light that she receives all the help and assistance she needs now and forever. I would like to put the protection of the U.S. Constitution into the love/light as well as all of our freedoms and all the freedoms all over the world and the protection of all of our natural resources.

Zoe- Sacramento: I'd like to ask the love/light to bring and maintain among the American populace and the populace off the world the high quality of discernment of those who are service to others and those who are not. Thank you.

Wynn: Next.

Tammy- Playa Del Rey: I'd like to put Foster Gamble and his wife in the light for his movie Thrive that's being released and that it reaches as many people as possible and starts a lot of energy and movement to reach happiness and a happy future for everybody on the planet.

On a more smaller more personal level, I'm having a lot of extreme problems in my own family and I'd like to put myself, my mother and my brother and my father in the light.

Wynn: I noticed “Thrive” was being played at California State University Northridge (Gina’s Alma Mater College). That's great that it is (playing) in Colleges.

Tammy: He's also premiering the movie in Santa Monica, California this Thursday and he and his wife will be there. Thanks for sharing that, Wynn.

Wynn: Did you ever look at it before?

Tammy: I was aware of a lot of the issues and have been exposed. It wasn't any real new information for me but I thought it was presented in the best way I've ever seen presented to expose it to many people.

Wynn: Yes. Thank you. Next.

Mel- England: I'd like to put Roger Rogers (sprint coach) again in the light for his continued well being and his situation regarding this diagnosis of cancer and that he gets all the energy and help that he needs to come through his present situation.

Wynn: Great, next.

Jean- So. Dakota: I'd like to continue putting Wynn’s sister Joanne the light and Carla Rueckert for healing and all the animals and children.

Richard and Barbie: We'd just want to put Egypt in the the light today and all the unrest that's going on much of which is now on RT which is Russian Television which can be viewed over Dish Network at 280 on the dial. There’s a lot of alternative news now coming through that media which is interesting. That's a very horrific situation going on in Egypt that we hear nothing about and I'd like to put the entire country and people in the light.

Wynn: Next.

Marilyn- Oxford Michigan: I'd like to put Wynn, Terry, Daphne, and David Wilcock in the light to continue getting the word across and out to everyone and to give them peace, safety, and care I'd also like to put my family, my sister specifically Judy and her husband in the light and my relationship with them- thank you.

Wynn: Thank you. I wanted to thank everyone who showed up last Wednesday. I put a special call in and we had a lot of people on the line. Somebody was on the line that was checking us out that may end up in a really big radio show so I'd like to put that in the light. Okay, next.

Marsha: Is there a recording of that call, Wynn?

Wynn: Yes. [Both the audio and the transcript are on for May 2, 2012.]

Zoe: I like to put into the light for the protection of integrity of educational system in this country and all other countries that businesses and people who don't understand principles of good education not be allowed to take over educational institutions.

Wynn: Thank you. I read something during the week that said when the U.S. went into Iraq 1 million children were killed so I'd like to put the souls of those children in the light and I'd like to put the entire Middle East in the light. We don't read it in the newspapers. There apparently was huge devastation there and for forgiveness and harmonization of energies for the highest good.

Jill- Portland: I have a new friend named Jeff. I ask for him to be placed into the light and his ex Maryann and their daughter Haley with what is happening to Haley is just so horrendous, I really request that we send her love and light.

Terry- West Virginia: I was just calling to put Lorna Hamilton in the love/light today. It's been three weeks since her passing and support for her family and anyone else who loved her.. ..I put her in the light about three weeks ago right after she passed. Ra'An made a comment about that.

[I'd like to put] Tracy and her whole family (in the love/light). She's at the hospital again with her grandaughter. Her daughter is sick and now her granddaughter is sick. If we could put her family in the love/light today. Her daughter's name is Leann and the baby's name is Aubrey.

Also I'd like put in the fairies and the mermaids, elementals, all organic farmers and everything to do with organic farming and for the asleep light workers to wake up and for all the light workers right now to put them in the love/light, too.

I also don't know if anybody wants to listen to that replay of the (Monday) night call. (not Wednesday). I couldn't get up for 20 minutes after that phone call. I couldn't move. I felt like I was drunk (laugh) so if anybody listens or re-listens to that phone call make sure you have a little bit of time to yourself to just lay down and take it. It was great!

Wynn: Geez. Do you remember that call, Terry?

Terry: I vaguely remember the call but I remember that I couldn't do transcripts for 24 hours after that. I couldn't edit anything.

Wynn: You know I told you we shouldn't get drunk before these calls.

Terry: It's after the calls that I have a problem.

Terri: I couldn't talk. I thought, “Well, no I can't ask a question, I can't even talk.” I guess it was when Rebecca (joined the call and) the combined energy of the two of you. I have never felt like that before but I'm looking forward to that again...

Wynn: I think she's going to be a regular. She really liked it.

Terri: I'm not going to be able to get anything done if you two are going to be getting together.

Caller: Is she only going to be on Monday nights?

Wynn: We’re just letting it unfold as it flows. She's really busy, We're really busy. I know they really like having Rebecca. It's hard to find somebody that has such a high intent that it doesn't just become recognition or something. Even if they're channeling the Elohim, that's still a possibility. .. We had a really good connection with Rebecca all the way around so I think she'll be on again.. I'm sure she will be. She wants to be...


Gijs: I'd like to ask for love and light to go out to Gaia Mother Earth and to the Whales and Dolphins and peace on Earth and that's it.

Pauline in L.A.: I'd like to put my father Jimmy in the light. He had a fall recently and has some bone fractures to his hip and shoulder areas and he is going to go to surgery.

Terry: Did they break, Pauline?

Pauline: Yes. Fractures.

Lori- San Carlos: I'd like to put the areas of dense negative energy such as battle fields and areas of great fear into the love/light for transmutation.

Wynn: Thank you, next.

Zoe: I'd like to put into the love/light the continued unveiling of the nefarious works of the international banking system so that people can become aware of what's actually going on and make choices with regard to that.

Wynn: Like take your money out of the bank. (chuckles).

Diana-Boca Raton: I'm actually in New York right now. I just watched Thrive today. I wanted to say that seeing these things sometimes inspires fear where we feel either helpless or afraid and it's been very helpful to me any time I start to be crimped in upon with fear that I am reminded that I have the light to turn to and I actually find myself mumbling to these entities and I find it very comforting. So I just wanted to put into the light, the light source within every person that we know we can turn to when we feel fear.

Wynn: Thank you for sharing that.

Jean: I'd like to put the Midwest in the light. There have been a lot of tornadoes warnings around here and I'd like to put it in the light that they be as non-destructive as possible.

Marsha: I would like to put drought in the light all over the world and that rain be as gentle as is needed and also organic farmers that there might be synchronicity manifest to intervene with GMO’s and Monsanto situations and companies that produce chemicals in Germany that are killing the bees and I would also like to put the bees in the light and their problems whatever they are including the pesticides that are killing them.

Wynn: I'd like to put all those humans who are highly intended light workers however they are intended that they find the synchronistic situations to help them become all that they can be and play their greatest part in this period of transition on our planet and I think they are the hope of success of the positive.

Rahmi- Charleston So. Carolina: I'd like to put everyone that's on the call in the light and I'd like to put Antoinette Scott in the light again for her back injury. I would also like to put the following people in the light to overcome darkness that is seemingly prevailing in their lives they are: DeWanda Britt, Emeron Hawkins, Dante Williams, Sharman Henry, and Kenneth Holmes.

Terry: What's going on with these people?

Rahmi: They are just good friends of mine who I've known for a while but I'm at the point where I really can't withstand any more darkness in my circle of friends and I would much rather keep them than disregard them. So I'm praying for them that they can open up their minds and their hearts to see what's overcome them and to help them. That situation.

Jill: I'm hoping to place Daniel Smith and his family in Spokane in the light- FDA has got a grand jury going on with his home business with natural cures and MMS. It's a natural cure business and what they are doing to that family is really wrong.

Zoe: I like to put Carolyn Sabin in the light. She took a fall in Uganda. She's on her way back here to rest and to get some physical help that she may be healed totally.

Wynn: When did she fall?

Zoe: A couple of weeks ago. She tripped and fell. She hurt her arm, she can't use her left arm as well. It has a hairline fracture. She's not walking quite as well. Her body is rather fragile still so she can get all the healing help she needs while she's back here. She'll be back here for a couple of months.

Gijs: My daughter yesterday broke her wrist and things are looking good but I just want to send some love and healing light to her.

Marilyn- Oxford; Michigan: I need healing for my sister to be able to see the truth about the world, about her life.

Wynn: We can't violate her free will- she's choosing all of that and it's not an easy one so you can send the light to her. One of the best things you can do is be as together as you can.

Marilyn: Yes, and she thinks I'm crazy...

Wynn: These are hard ones to overcome...

Well thank you all for showing up and being here and making this impossible possible...

You guys are grounding this energy and making it real and it doesn't seem like much because we’re a small group but I think that's going to change and we’ll all have an opportunity to be more of service...

Zoe: (calls in the light) Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the [highest] realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves the flow of energy radiating from the center of our galaxy, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a braiding of the energies of all those present and we invite only those service-to-others sources, honoring the Law of One to join energies with us as we create a protected field that only positive sources can partake of. We send this energy to the planet and each of us individually for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you and I'm glad to be of service.

Terry (RA’AN): We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator. This is RA’AN spoken for the Elohim and part of the RA group. We are connecting with you and we are available to you and we are there for you. We welcome each and every person on line with joy. It is like an old home week where we greet individuals who we dearly love and it creates the opportunity for connection. We are mindful of the questions and the issues that you put into the light today. This is sacred moment in time that we come together and can nourish your connections, nourish yourself in the area of the dense third density where it is hard sometimes to feel nourished and loved and to know that you are not alone. We are there with you. We are there with each situation that each of you has put into the light.

We are there with Jim Cole as the issues he has long been dealing with are brought to a focal point and as those energies intensify for him and we are mindful of his desire that this be passed. That these issues be dissolved into the nothing of the truth of the circumstances.

We then look at the issues that others have had of a similar nature - we look at the situation of the company in Washington and we see the family of Daniel Smith and we see their desire for healing.

We then look at the larger area of light workers everywhere and their desire to help and to bring light into the darkness that is in the third density and to shed light and to make it possible for individuals everywhere to have discernment. For the educational system to have people with discernment that are able to tell and how best to educate the children not only in the USA but in other countries as well.

We see in Uganda Carolyn’s fight to bring equity into the education system and to bring non-violence and to bring into the educational system the fostering of the children seeking education and the ability to discern.

We take a moment and we look at each person’s issues.

We see the truth of situations and the need of this truth to be brought to the light so individuals cannot be deceived but have the data to make up their own mind.

We send love/light to Jimmy for his upcoming surgery. We see the pain that is present. We work with that pain to dissipate it into speed healing for Pauline’s father.

We look at Antoinette Scott and her back injuries. We see the need for nutrients for circulation increase. We work with this. We send love/light to Rahmi’s friends for health and light and discernment.

We send love and light to Carolyn Sabin for the help with her healing and for speeding up of her healing. We thank her for her work and all the things that she puts in the light: the glaciers, the plankton, injustices everywhere, and also in the Mid East for peace and cessation of senseless violence.

We look at what Wynn put in the light, we see people in Iraq with all the children that were hurt and killed in the violence in the past in the Gulf war that these children find themselves and reestablish their path.

We thank Gina for her putting in the light of the white calf and the mother and we see the desperate attempt of some individuals to steal the energy to try to make it something of their own. We send love/light to the white calf and to the mother that they find new individuals, new protection, new safety that they may bring their gifts back into third density in safety and in protection.

We take a look at the Whales and the Dolphins and we see their energy is concerned with situations such as pollution, and such as magnetic changes in the direction of the North and South pole and magnetic north pole and that they may stabilize themselves as they are very resilient and very bright and they are sending us the information that in general they are dealing with these changes and that they are centering. Their love and their light transcend third density and keep them centered.

And we then take a look at our friend Diana in Boca Raton that is now in New York. We bless her travels and her ability to stay centered as the ability to stay centered and be oneself is the key to the ability to connect with others of like mind around them.

We send love/light to Rahmi for his search for such connections.

For areas of drought we send the situation or conditions or manifestation of light rain to help with that.

For areas of tornado warnings we send moderation. We send love to angry forces that create the tornado. We send love for moderation. The heart of the love merges with tornadoes forming and knows their anger and that they are able to dissipate their anger without as much physical destruction. But yet we grant we have to honor free will.

We send love and light to Carolyn Sabin for the trip and for the healing process for her.

We send love light to Marilyn’s sister Judy and her husband and that they may work out their difficulties.

We send love and light to Jill’s new friend Jeff, and Maryann, and Holly that they have relief from the situation.

We thank Rich and Barb for looking at Egypt. We see tempers flaring in the area and demanding a different situation. We send love and light to the people as they seek to work out their differences.

We thank Foster Gamble for his movie, that individuals see it and get some growth from hearing and seeing it.

We send love and light to Tammy, her mother, brother and father and put them in the light.

To Roger Rogers (the sprint coach) we send healing energy and a burst of shakti that he may be able to withstand the treatment and increase the electrical potential of his body and he gets the nutrients he needs to reestablish health of the body.

We send love and light to Mother Earth.

And the Constitutional re-establishing freedom.

We send love/light to Joanne and Carla Rueckert, and the animals and children everywhere.

To Gijs's daughter we send rapid healing and we see that she is young and vital and has good healing ability.

To bees everywhere send health and that the GMOs and pesticides that are hurting the bees and other beneficial creatures such as the bats that eat tons of harmful pests each year that these age old creatures need to be protected and these pesticides move into a place in the past where more common sense and discernment comes to individuals putting such things out.

To battle fields we see there’s stuckness of individuals who have been caught in battle that not known how proceed as is true with individuals who have suddenly changed their path. It’s possible to resume the path and not remain idle or resentful. We send them shakti that they move and get back on their way.

We thank each and every person on this line for your precious presence. You each are a treasure and we love you and are there for you. We leave but we do not leave. Adonai.

Wynn: Let’s move now into our planetary healing session…

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