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About Dolphins, Also Fukushima, with Guest Don Newsom



Monday 5.07.2012

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Host: Wynn Free 

Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Terry:  We’re recording the conference line; it’s also being recorded by BBS Radio. If you subscribe to BBS Radio, you can go on their site and into their archives and hear any of our shows that we’ve had since 2007. They’ve all been recorded and put on BBS Radio on their archive section.


Wynn, are you on the line here?


Wynn:  No.


Terry:  That was Wynn, ladies and gentlemen.


Wynn:  I wanted to see how you’d handle that, okay?  A few years ago, if I did something like that with Terry she would have fallen apart.


Terry:  You would have heard a big silence.


Wynn:  What do I do now? Do you know what happened? I was on the phone with somebody. It was 5:00; I was going to make a really short phone call. Suddenly, Terry comes in at 6:00 and says “Where are you?” I said “Oh my gosh! I didn’t send the email out; I had a good topic I was going to do tonight, but now I’m not going to do that topic because I think that it would better to save it for when I announce it.


I thought I’d just talk about some things; maybe we won’t do a channeling tonight, we’ll just talk. There are things that are really important going on in the world right now. It’s good to know about them and how to cope with them. We were actually going to do a channeling this afternoon, and I was going to ask them questions about it. We have our conference lines still open. Are you guys still there? Can you hear me?


Voice: Yes.


Wynn: Okay, at least one person hears me. Anyone else hear me?


Gina: Yes.


Wynn: Is that the same person?


Gina: No.


Wynn:  They sounded similar, didn’t they? This must be one of those days when everyone sounds like Gina.


Gina:  It must be that dolphin energy.


Wynn:  Gina, can you make a dolphin sound?


Gina:  I can, yes.


Wynn:  Would you make a dolphin sound for us?


Gina:  Okay.


Wynn:  I’d never ask you to do this, but I said “This is going to be a seat-of-the-pants show.” The only way to keep this show interesting is that I don’t know what it’s going to be about when we start. If we do that, I stay interested. If I worry about what I’m going to do I get boring. Isn’t that nice?


I mean, we go from Gina making dolphin sounds to talking to the voice that created the physical Universe. That’s why they like me for this job, because I’m so corny that it takes away the pretension. Have you guys noticed that? 


Tracy:    Yes.


Wynn: Who said I was corny? I was just going to get somebody out of the woodwork; to say I was corny, and I did. Was that Gina?


Tracy:  No, it was Tracy.


Wynn:  Tracy, Hi, Tracy. It’s nice to have you. Do you really think I’m corny?


Tracy:  I really think that you are very, very different in the way you handle things, and I think it works, yes.


Wynn:  Thank you. I’m different from what?


Tracy:  From a lot of teachers; a lot of people who have something to show people, at least a path to point them on. The way you do it, you don’t take yourself seriously; I love that. You don’t get too caught up in the ego at all. It’s all seat of your pants; we love it because that’s the way energy works, it flows.


Wynn:  Thank you. I’ll send you your $10 tomorrow.


Tracy:  I want double if I say anything else.


Wynn:  Who else wants to say something?


Gijs:  About you?


Wynn:  Not you Gijs, because you get too gushy; somebody who is not gushy.


Gina:  Did you want me to make my dolphin sound, Wynn? 


Wynn: Yes, you see that? I forgot. I’ve got everybody out in radio land, waiting for you to make your dolphin sound and I forgot, okay?


Gina: That’s okay. I kind of made one, but you were talking. I can make another one; the dolphins absolutely love it. They respond to it, they come right up when I swim with them; so they seem to love it. You guys ready? (Gina makes dolphin sounds.)


Wynn:  I was just going to tell people a little bit of background about Gina.


Gina actually got stuck in a human body, but she’s probably more of a dolphin than a human. Her best friends are dolphins; she dreams about swimming with dolphins. She swims with them; she travels and goes to where dolphins are. She’s always sending them love. Go ahead, Gina, let’s hear some dolphin sounds.


Gina:  Okay. (Dolphin sounds) I do it differently every time; I even spoke their ancient name to them through my mask and they still came up. So they still responded to that, too. They’re amazing; I moved to Hawaii just to be able to swim with them twice a month. I am very blessed and grateful for that.


Wynn:  I’m going to tell you guys a really funny story. Some of you might know it, but I’ll bet most of you don’t.


We’re on the BBS Radio network. The reason we’re on this network is about five or six years ago, somebody sent my story to Don Newsom, who is the founder of this network. He was just starting it; he had two shows on BBS. He got back to me and he said, “Wynn, you’ve got the most far-out story I’ve ever heard. Do you want a show?” I told him “No. What am I going to do coming on every week; tell my story every week?” So I said, “I’ll tell you what:  I’ll talk into a tape recorder and I’ll send you the story and you can play my tape.”


So, he did. I don’t know if anybody was listening; they were just starting and maybe three people were listening. Then Don started calling me and we started having these really deep metaphysical conversations over the phone. We had two or three of those.


Then one time I taped the conversation and I sent them the tape and I said, “Why don’t you put this tape out on the air and we’ll call it The Don and Wynn Show?” Are you listening, Don? Are you in the background, Don? He’s not listening; that means I can talk about him.


So we did it. He said, “Wynn, that’s a great idea: The Don and Wynn Show”.  So we started having conversations then we started going live. Sometimes I would talk about the book; I was still in the midst of talking about The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?; then I started talking about Daphne and Terry. Daphne was living in Cape Cod; she was busy thinking, “Maybe Wynn is negative; Wynn is crazy; this can’t be real”. We would talk and finally I invited her, “Why don’t you be a guest on The Don and Wynn Show?”


I invited Daphne on The Don and Wynn Show.  I said, this guy Don thinks what we’re doing is really great and we started this. So Daphne is on the show and we’re interviewing her. For about the first twenty minutes, she’s talking about how I ruined her life, then suddenly she says, “You know what? They have a message.  Do you want them to give a message?” I said “What do you think, Don?” Don said, “Why sure!”


We had never done anything publicly like this before, not ever. We had been talking in our little apartment and she’d say, “Those guys want to talk to you.” So Don says ‘Yes’’. Don, are you listening? This would be a good time to have Don come on. Don said, “Yes.”


Doug:  Hey, Buddy, Don’s not ignoring you. Do you want me to bring him on?


Wynn:  Is that Doug?


Doug:  Yeah. Do you want Don on?


Wynn:  Bring Don on. He’s going to be my guest tonight.


Doug:  I will bring him on.


Wynn:  This is Don Newsom, the founder of BBS. Are you there, Don? He should be filling in the blanks.


Don:  Yep, here I am. Sorry about that, Folks. Now everybody can hear me; I’m live! Thanks for calling me onto your program.


Wynn:  Don, the reason I called you on is that this is an unusual show tonight. I ended up starting to talk about The Don and Wynn Show. I was telling the story of how I sent you that audio when you had two shows on. I sent you my tape and you said you played it; I don’t know if you did, and how we started The Don and Wynn Show. Why don’t you tell people what you thought when you first met me? We can be really honest now; you can say anything you want. This is an authentic show. Just remember it’s you, me, the conference call, the internet call and the Elohim are all listening to you, so be good.


Don:  Well, it was just meant to be; that’s what I think. I think the energy is Divine and we have Divine energies making that possible. So I’ve loved this journey, The Don and Wynn Show was one of the first three shows on the network; the very first I would think, besides the Dr. Bell’s Health Science and Energy Show and then Nancy Leader’s Zeta Talk.


Those were really the biggies and well, the big three that started it all. It’s been a journey ever since. We’ve gone into the paranormal realms, into the religious realms, we’ve gone all the way into the—I don’t know—woo-woo (laughter) woo-woo realms, political realms, comedic realms...


Wynn:  You’re not telling people about the sex realm; is that still going on?


Don:  Well of course, that’s my favorite.


Wynn:  That’s your favorite, right? What’s that called?


Don:  The sex realm?


Wynn:  You had a whole series of shows that were sexy.


Don:  When we were going to do the adult channel. Correct, correct.


Wynn:  The adult channel, right. I’m telling the story that Don and I are doing the show. We don’t usually have guests; we’re just bantering between each other, talking. I invite Daphne on and for the first twenty-five minutes she’s kind of complaining about me mostly, about how I ruined her life. Then she says, “They want to say something.” We had never done a live channeling before, ever. I said “What do you think Don?” He said, “Yes!”


If we were really in good shape today; if I really had prepared this show, I would put it on a clip.


Don:  That was a good one; I’m certain I have that clip somewhere.


Wynn:  I have it too, but I don’t think I have the ability to play it. How many of you heard that clip? Did you guys on the call? We have the conference line still open; have you ever heard that clip of the Council of Twelve?


Caller:  I did.


Caller:  I heard it too.


Wynn:  I think when we send out the mailing on this, I’ll include that clip. If you’re not subscribed to the Spirit Channel, if you subscribe you’ll get this clip as well as the audio of the show. Did you find it Don?


Wynn:   Are you there Don?


Don:  I am.


Wynn:  Basically, the Council of Twelve came through Daphne; this is the first time the Council of Twelve had ever come through, as I recall. I was a little nervous, because I said. “Who is this talking?” As much as I say “Always scrutinize your Sources” and “How do I know this is going to be positive?” I didn’t know. They said they were an emissary of the Elohim.


The way they described themselves is they said they were looking for points of light, points of high intent; like groups on the Earth that had a high vibration. Then they would petition the Elohim to join with that vibration and to add the energy to those people on the Earth. They said they were like a cabinet; they were like the disciples to Jesus. I think they used that word.


Then they gave this big message about life on Earth and what Earthlings needed to do. Even though we didn’t have a big audience, this was a very momentous thing for them; to be doing this publicly. I had found other people who channeled the Council of Twelve.


We continued and I wanted to bring Daphne and Terry on the show, which we did over time. Don kept wanting to bring people who were seeing UFOs. What did you want to bring on the show, Don? You had predisposition at that time to do that kind of stuff, right?


Don:  I had this feeling, and the feeling pretty much revolved around off-world Presence, an off-world presence. I felt that the New Age—I still do today folks—somehow involved the presence of an off-world family. I think in our historical records throughout history, that presence has been collaborative and helpful to humankind in great stages of evolution. That truly was what the Mayans and the calendar were talking about; there’ll be another period where there will be that unification again. I think that’s what it portends.


I have really very little to go on except for feelings, a little bit of intuition. My personal own inner guide is usually right except when it comes to anything like this and then it’s usually wrong.


So I’m probably going to be wrong. I believe somehow 2012, at the end of the Mayan calendar, portends that we are going to be coming back into a unification process and that will involve off-worlders. I could be wrong; I have a fantasy mind too, like everyone else my imagination goes right off the bloody charts.


Wynn:  I’m in constant contact with “these Guys” who are talking to me. I studied the Wilcock channelings, plus I had Daphne and Terry and Carla Rueckert to discuss these things with. My take on this is that in most cases, what has been positive which has come through has been the Ra group. They don’t always say they’re the Ra group; the name is not important.


There are a lot of negative sources that look positive. Carla Rueckert came to this conclusion, that negative sources will come through and say things. Regarding the transition that is going on in our planet, it’s not written in stone what’s going to happen.


There is this balance between positive and negative. The disposition of the future is partially dependent upon that balance; how many people are actually turned towards the positive; how many people are actually keeping their hearts open; how many people are praying in one form or another. Just because somebody says it’s praying doesn’t mean that it is; there are people reaching with all their hearts for higher powers, whether they call that God or the Elohim or whatever name, Love or the One Infinite Creator.


If their intent is strong enough, they’re impacting the balance in this realm; that’s what I’ve learned. These are the kinds of conversations Don and I would have; maybe if we’re continuing we’ll include that as part of this show, because we’re different. Vive la difference”.


What I wanted to say was, we went on having our shows and sometimes we would have guests that Don would bring on. Then I brought Daphne on a second time. Don said, “Let’s hear it” and the voice that came through Daphne the second time we were on said it was, do you remember what it was, Don? Think of cabbage, okay?


Don:  I love you, man, I really do. I do miss our chats; they were for hours. We would chat every day, sometimes six or seven hours. It was amazing; we had a great growing relationship. It was always metaphysical, off-beat and I loved it. It was right up my alley. The world hasn’t gotten any less crazy;  so I’m there with you now, my friend.


Wynn:  The second time Daphne came on, you were like all hyped-up, saying, “Let’s see what’s going to come through Daphne”. The voice that came through suddenly said it was Bucxoi the dolphin. Do you remember that?


Don:  Oh yeah, Bucxoi the Oracle.


Wynn:  Right, we still have those archives. So people would phone in and ask questions and Bucxoi would answer the questions. I was never sure if this was really a dolphin speaking to us, or if it was the Elohim dumbing themselves down so they didn’t have to say they were the Elohim, because the show was getting a little bit irreverent, so I never decided that. For a couple of shows we had Bucxoi coming in and people were phoning in and asking questions.


Don:  Bucxoi needs a whole new beginning; it’s not finished yet. The whole concept behind Bucxoi, I thought was delicious!


Terry:  I have a comment about Bucxoi. Daphne called me up one day and she said Bucxoi was trying to get a hold of me; that we were old friends. The thing of it is, I remember Bucxoi. It is totally real to me, that Bucxoi is the dolphin who was on my track, was the dear, dear friend and buddy of mine. When she said he’d been trying to get a hold of me and I hadn’t been responding, that was really a beautiful moment for me, because I remember Bucxoi. So we talked through Daphne and that was really great.


Wynn:  I think that was a time that I had run off with Daphne and you were really sad that Bucxoi wanted to talk to you and we called you up. Bucxoi was consoling you; is that right?


Terry:  Yes. Bucxoi was like connecting me up with a dear friend. He would remember and she would be able to bring that through; it was really special.


Wynn:  What got me on this track, you know, was Gina. Let me open the line a second and see if Gina is there. Did you ever hear that Bucxoi stuff?


Gina:  I did; I knew that you were going to bring him up. He’s an interesting character.


Wynn:  Don for your information, Gina is really connected to dolphins. Whenever we do these calls and Gina comes in, she starts blessing the dolphins. When Gina came on earlier in the show, I asked her if she would do a dolphin sound and she did. She travels places; she goes to Florida; she lives in Hawaii; she tracks dolphins. Gina, Don wasn’t here; would you like to make your dolphin sound for Don?


Gina:  It would be my pleasure. [more dolphin sounds]


Wynn:  Don, if you were going to answer her what would you say?


Don:  I would answer with something like: [odd sound]


Wynn:  Gina how do you make that sound?


Gina:  I just do it; it just comes to me and the dolphins love it. They come right up to me immediately when I make that sound. They respond pretty well to it.


Dolphins have what’s called a signature whistle or a sound that they make. They’ll say, “Hi, I’m Wynn” or “Hi, I’m Terry” or “Hi, I’m Don” or “Hi, I’m Gijs” or whoever; and each of them have a unique sound. So what I do when I swim with them, I make my usual sound and they recognize it’s me.


They can tell it’s me anyway, but they operate on such a high vibration with tones and sounds. I’ll change up the sound even and they like that. I try talking to them in my mask, calling their ancient name which is Wa-Ta-Key-Ee, I mean, I’m sorry, that’s their goddess. Key-Quo-Key-Ee.


I said that in my mask and it came out in the tones and they responded immediately to that also. They seem to like it when I do it. They’re the highest sentient beings on this planet right now, that’s the theory, as well as whales of course, in 3D I’m talking about.


Wynn:  When you go in the water in Hawaii, do you have the same dolphins? Do you keep seeing the same dolphins? Do they look for you?


Gina:  Yes, there is a pod of three hundred resident dolphins on Oahu. I can see anywhere from ten to fifty to sometimes one hundred. It depends on how many of them there are. Sometimes they’ll even join up with a bigger pod and two pods will join up and become a super-pod. They were very excited on Saturday; they were jumping.


Wynn:  Can you recognize them? Can you tell one from another?


Gina:  Sometimes, if they have certain markings on them. One has a circle on the side where his cape is; what’s called his coloration, his gray parts. There’s a circle because he was bit by a cookie-cutter shark so he has like that scar and I recognize that dolphin. There’s another one on his dorsal fin, his back fin, it’s kind of chewed a little. It’s not perfect and I recognize that dolphin.


Sometimes I can recognize them. I’m so blessed and grateful and honored to really be in their presence, truly.

Wynn:  Let’s see if anyone on our call wants to make any comments on all of this.


Terry:  I would like to make a comment, can you hear me? Gina, if I make a sound could you say if it was anything like a dolphin sound. I can picture it in my mind; I don’t know if I can make it. It goes something like: [Terry makes sounds imitating dolphins.]


Gina:  I didn’t quite hear you Terry, too well.


Terry:  I’ll try it again: [Terry makes sounds imitating dolphins] – something like that.


Gina:  Yes that certainly could be a dolphin sound. Dolphins have different tones and different sounds. They can be real high; they can be real low. They have what’s called ‘chops’; sometimes they’ll have squawks, squeaks or whistles. The sound you were making is a lower tone, a lower sound, which certainly could apply.


They even make sounds our human ears can’t even hear; the sounds are so high and so low and the frequencies they operate on. Some of the sounds they make we can’t even hear.


Don:  Sorry about that, I was trying to bring in some dolphin sounds but I don’t think what I was getting were dolphins.


Wynn:  You were going to try to do a dolphin sound yourself Don?


Don:   I was just bringing some in and I don’t think it worked well.


Wynn:  Anyone ever try to make a dolphin sound on the line? Gijs, you’re our producer and our greeter.


Gijs:  I think I know a hungry dolphin sound. [Gijs making pseudo-dolphin sounds]


Wynn:  That was Gijs.


Don:  I’d probably leave that dolphin right where it is; I wouldn’t touch it.


Wynn:  Anyone else? Tracy, are you there?


Tracy:  Tracy’s laughing at the Gijs seal. I don’t think so.


Wynn:  No one else wants to make a dolphin sound, huh?


Gina:  They’re very excited, I will tell you guys this. I’m always in their stream and in their field and we can connect with them at any time, they want us to know that. We don’t always have to be in the water with them; the whales also, to connect with them. So they’re jumping and they’re spinning and they’re going crazy right now because we’re thinking of them and they appreciate it so much.


Tracy:  Do you mind Gina to tell me or tell us why you think they were so excited Saturday? Are you talking about the super moon energy?


Gina:  Yes. Actually, that was part of if, if I may continue Wynn? I don’t want to take over the whole show. They are the grid holders and the grid keepers of Gaia; of Mother Earth. They are very sensitive to all the Earth’s changes. The whales too, but the whales do more balancing with the Akashic Records and stuff like that.


The dolphins are super-attuned to any Earth changes, however minor or major they are. Definitely, yes, the full moon, but also because of the birth of the sixth Avatar was born on May 5th. This sixth Avatar child holds the twelfth strand of DNA which will help humanity to ascend from 3D into some people say 4D some say 5D.


Marsha:  Who is the sixth Avatar? Also, would it be possible to teach the whales and dolphins to stay away from the danger of humans, of their ships and things?


Gina:  They’re a lot smarter and I think a lot of what they do is on purpose to help humanity, to advocate for them and to learn more about them. They know often to stay away, but in terms of the sonar, for example, that sets them off-kilter. If we keep surrounding them with white light and protection, certainly that can help. Yes, we can ‘telepathize’ and tell them, “Hey guys, stay away from that” or “Be careful of that”. I don’t know who the sixth Avatar child is; however, I feel that he is a male child and I believe that he was born in Asia. That’s kind of the feeling I’m getting, but I’m not sure on that one.


Wynn:  Is this Avatar a dolphin?


Gina:  He is definitely connected to them; he’s connected with Jesus. He holds the frequency that Jesus did, because Jesus was the other Avatar that had the twelfth strand DNA as well.


Wynn:  Let me say that Gina is not speaking the truth of this show, she’s speaking her own experience. She’s not representing, but it might be true, I just want to clarify that.


Gina:  This is all theoretical with the Avatar child.


Wynn:  Don, are you still there? Hello, Don.  Did you disappear, Don?


Gijs:  I believe he ran to the pet store to get a dolphin.


Don:  I just stepped out for just a second.  I’m actually back.


Wynn:  Did you go to the bathroom?


Don:  No, but I did visit the dolphins. Here’s some dolphin sounds.  I guess that’s kind of like a dolphin, right?  I’m just on the browser.


Wynn:  Don, I don’t know if you know this, but dolphins have a sex life that you would probably like.


Don:  I appreciate all sex lives, yes.


Wynn:  Do you know about the sex life of dolphins?


Don:  No, but I’m intrigued. I bet if you told me about it, I’d be right there with you.


Wynn:  I’m not going to say it; I’m going to have Gina share it, because she’s the expert. Gina, are you there?


Gina:  Thank you Wynn. You’re too kind. What would you like me to share?


Wynn:  Tell us about a dolphin’s sex life.


Gina:  A dolphin’s sex life? 


Wynn:  You have to do this without blushing.


Gina:  Dolphins are definitely polygamous; they have sex with anybody. It’s kind of an open free-for-all for them; in other words, they’re not monogamous. Also, the females will be with females and males will be with males if they prefer. They’ve often done this right in front of me. I’m like “Okay guys, I get it.” They like showing me. Basically what they do is:  one will swim up…


Wynn:  They’re exhibitionists as well?


Gina:  They are, yes.


Wynn:  They like it when other people watch.


Gina:  I think they enjoy it, actually, because they do it. It’s the birthing season right now, so a lot of wonderful cute baby dolphin calves are being born right now. They’re just as big as a football, the spinners I’m talking about because those are the ones in Hawaii. They’re just cute as can be.


Usually a dolphin will swim on its belly, and then one will come up and go right on top. They’ll continue swimming as they’re doing this; they’ll just kind of float you know. In other words, they won’t stop and stay still and do the intercourse; they’ll keep on swimming.


Wynn:  In other words, they’re engaged and passionate intercourse and they’re swimming at the same time, right?


Gina:  Yes. They slow down a bit of course, but they’re still moving, they’re constantly moving. They can also do it kind of standing up too, like straight up.


The dolphin will be there and another dolphin will come next to it and they’ll just kind of swim in an upwards motion, too. They can do it that way, too. It’s very quick, because the dolphin’s penis is kind of hook-like and it comes out of the belly because it’s in the belly. It comes out and they have a vestigial hind limb left over from their evolution, which is another evidence that they are our cousins and related to man, to humans, besides their five phalanges, their five finger bones and their flipper too.


The penis is hook-like so it comes out and inserts into the belly of the female in her vaginal area and it’s pretty quick; it happens pretty quick, a matter of a couple of seconds, maybe a minute or two I’d say at the very, very most and that’s it.


Wynn:  A minute or two? They don’t have foreplay?


Gina:  Oh, they do. They’ll scratch and nip and bite at each other and I would consider that not only a form of communication but foreplay as well. Sure they’ve got that.


Wynn:  Do they kiss each other?


Gina:  No, but they’re constantly touching each other and rubbing up against each other. They swim very close together always, unless they’re a scout, then they’re on the outside of the group or the front or back of the group. They may go off on the side a little bit, one or two of them. But they always come back in the main pod.


They love touch; however I would never touch them in the wild because that would betray their trust in me. I’ve been very honored, because they’ve gotten close enough to me, arm’s length, where I could reach out and touch them if I chose to. I have not done so; in fact, Wynn, I have some videos I just took and some videos I recently took of them. I’d be happy to email you those if you’d like so everyone can see them.


Wynn:  Email me them and we’ll send them out when we send out this audio.


Gina:  They’re so graceful and so appreciative as well as I, Wynn, that we are talking about them and recognizing them. They’re very profoundly in gratitude; this is what I’m getting from them.


Wynn:  Do dolphins ever get attracted to humans?


Gina:  Yes, they can. There have been times in captivity and myself as well, when I have swum with them numerous times in captivity where one will rub up against you; they’ll rub up against my leg or bump up against my fin or my arm and some males have gotten attracted to female swimmers. They’ve gotten a bit amorous with them. Yes, that can happen with whales too.


Wynn:  I’m not going to ask you anymore about this. We’re not going to pursue this any further. Does anyone have any questions about this stuff? I have a feeling this is not going to be one of those calls where we bring our group souls in; but the spirit of the connection is present. You can feel it; I can feel it.


Don, do you have any questions? Are you there, Don? We were going to talk about The Don and Wynn Show from Hell, okay? I don’t know if I should talk about it unless Don is on the line, listening.


Don:  Yes, I’m here; just wandering around a little bit.


Wynn:  Do you remember The Don and Wynn Show from Hell?


Don:  The Don and Wynn Show from Hell? It rings a bell.


Wynn:  I think it was the last one we did.


Don:  We’ve done a few that would be considered inappropriate for any audience.


Wynn:  Is there anything I can say about you that I shouldn’t say live, in public?


Don:  Let’s see… Ladies, I’m single.


Wynn:  I was going to talk about how… everything is in the past.  So whatever we did in the past we can look at it and laugh about it.


Don:  We’ll keep that hotel night between you and I, right?


Wynn:  That motel from hell? That was Terry and I and we were in Palm Springs. The Don and Wynn Show had deteriorated; remember how it deteriorated?


Don:  Yes, it fell apart.


Wynn:  I think one of the things that was happening was you were having activities that were making you a little woozy on the show, remember?


Don:  Those are proclivities, not activities.


Wynn:  Proclivities, right. Don would show up on the show


Don:  Inebriated.


Wynn:  and he was inebriated. We would try to conduct the show.


Don:  I came to work inebriated.


Wynn:  He was under the pressures of building BBS Radio.


Don:  Oh, I was trying to expand my mind.


Wynn:  Is that why?


Don:  That’s why I came to work drunk, off my keister, falling over. I don’t know; I probably felt like it. That’s the beauty of working for yourselves, folks. When you work as long and as hard as I do every day and believe me, I’m always here, so… when people say, “You know, those guys don’t work, they have people working for them.” Do you want to bet? 


We work; we work hard. Sometimes, we party. We like to party; I’m a partier, guys. Nothing wrong with partying; you got to work hard and play hard. I don’t go out much, so I have to play within the confines of myself.


Wynn:  We won’t ask you to explain that okay?


Don:  I can ‘inebriate’ on that.


Wynn:  This is the kind of rapport Don and I were having on the show; we’re having good rapport tonight because he’s not inebriated. Maybe you are; are you inebriated tonight?


Don:  I’m always inebriated.


Wynn:  You always are?


Don:  Most times.


Wynn:  How much do you drink a day?


Don:  About eight glasses of water; five cups of coffee; two teas, no sodas…


Wynn:  That’s hydrated, that’s not inebriated.


Don:  Close enough. You drink as much as I do; it will inebriate you. See my eyes.


Wynn:  Anyone on the line want to ask Don a question? Are you open to questions, Don?


Don:  Me? Sure, I’m always open to assault. I’ll take a question. Sure. Fire.


Wynn:  I’m open to a ‘pepper’. 


Don:  Pardon me.


Wynn:  Never mind, that was a bad pun; a salt and a pepper.  Who would like to ask Don something? Sometimes I do this and nobody says anything. There’s dead silence on the line.


Don:  I’m just not that all interesting.  I haven’t even found myself all that interesting so I don’t even ask myself questions.

Wynn:  Don, did you meet Gijs? Gijs, did you meet Don? Gijs, are you on the line?


Gijs:  Yes, I met Don.


Wynn:  Gijs lives right around the corner from you, you know?


Don:  Very cool.


Wynn:  How far are you?


Gijs:  Fifteen minutes. Do you remember we met, Don? It was like half a year ago; almost a year ago.


Don:  I believe you.


Gija:  They were giving away all those awesome vegetables, homegrown.


Don:  I’m trying to recall. Was it about a job?


Gijs:  No; but we did talk about solar panels.


Don:  Right, that’s right. I remember.


Wynn:  Are you telling the truth, Don? Do you really remember or were you inebriated?


Don:  I remember; I’m just glad he’s not the guy with the wife and the girlfriend.


Wynn:  I see. It’s almost time to bring our show to a close.


Don:  I remember quite well; I do remember now. Did you have a question for me?


Gijs:  I have no questions for you, no.


Wynn:  I have a question: what’s the name of your dog?


Don:  My dog? I happen to have several dogs and they’re all hounds and all beagle-type dogs. There’s Obi Won Kenobi. Obi’s the boy; then Coco and Kaitlin are the two females. We have another female. We have a cat, a few rabbits and we have some hens. Then we’ll soon have a partridge in a pear tree. Kind of a little farm community around here now; I love it.


Wynn:  Do you know that I had a dog that was named Obie? I had him a long time, a little kind of cockapoo. Then I actually gave Obie—for those of you who have been listening to the show regularly, Terry has a friend John who passed away recently.


We had an amazing show where Terry was in the hospital when John was passing. She followed him up and pushed him into the column of Light, which he probably wouldn’t have gone into otherwise. John was about 88 years old and at one point in a channeling they said, “It would be really good to give Obie to John because he would really be a great companion”. So, I did—I gave Obie to John and they were great companions. John at first didn’t want to take Obie because John and I at first competed; he had a hard time at first. He wouldn’t accept it, but we gave it to him anyway. Obie died probably a couple of months before John did. Isn’t that right, Terry?


Terry:  About two months before John died, Obie died. We always said he didn’t know what when Obie died. He hoped that he would die after Obie, so Obie would be taken care of.


Wynn:  They were quite a team. I don’t know if you guys know this; I don’t know if we ever talked about it. Should we keep talking a little bit more, Don, do you have another show after me?


Don:  No. 


Wynn:  One of the things I wanted to do and you can join us, right now, I want to do this right now. We’ve learned to create—this is a pretty critical time in the world right now. One of the most critical things, which I’ve been reading on the internet about—have you been reading about Fukushima reactor four, Don?  Have you read about that?


Don:  I stay upon all the news, yes. I read the news daily voraciously, all of it. You know I’m interested. I want to know what’s going on. I watch mainstream news and alternative, so I try to get a good picture.


Wynn:  Fukushima was where that nuclear disaster was in Japan.


Don:  It was appropriately named too, I’ll say.


Wynn:  Fukushima? It sounds like it’s connected to dolphins.


Don:  It sounds like we’re finishing the job, doesn’t it?


Wynn:  In any case, reactor four is the one with the most radiation in it, the rods, considerably more than the others. There were a number of emails about what would happen if reactor four broke down and had a meltdown, if that reactor, the building that it is in was already tilted from the tsunami, already tilted.


There’s a number of articles being written that say that if reactor four has a meltdown, people are saying it’s a serious possibility, that it would create an extinction event on our planet, okay? People should be preparing now for that possibility. Helen Caldicott, who is a person who is kind of a spokesperson for not using nuclear electricity; Helen Caldicott said if she would leave the country and go to  South America. Apparently, South America…..


Don:  Look at the Bush family; I mean they bought a hell of a water aquifer down there, didn’t they? South America seems to be where to go if you’re looking to escape some of the problems; that might be the new green mecca of the new age. It’s unfortunate what we’re doing, but if things get any worse like some of them say, yes, it would be critical, wouldn’t it?


Wynn:  One theory is that the whole thing was started, you probably have seen this on some of your blogs, by a bomb that went off in the Pacific Ocean, right?


Don:  Well, I think the timing and the coincidences of what’s going on and the payoffs and how the whole economy, the global economy’s been moving… the march is on. I think there’s been a lot of funky-business; I think the Gulf’s been funky.


This has been a funky situation, a false flag situation; I think there have been others. You get more and more heinous, more and more involved, with more people a part of it, more money a part of it; it’s an oddity; it’s strange, folks.


You need to listen to some of the good politicians today, they tell you like it is. But that’s not being communicated to anybody, so people are still in the dark and if they aren’t, they’re probably as shocked as I am by the unbelievable atrocities that are going on. I mean, what can you say at this point, except that we’re going to have to take a long-term, coordinated strategy; feed the young people and young minds.


We’ve got to sit back and say, “Okay, yep, we’re going to now play this thing long term and smart and we’re going to play the game of the money, even though we don’t want to. That means people are going to have to step up to the plate; they’re going to have to get involved in things they don’t like to and they’re going to have to change things.


You can’t change things unless you play the game. Like Ron Paul said, “You have to get involved to play; you can’t put your head in the sand. You can’t duck out.” Believe me; it’s coming to get everybody at this point. We’re all going to have to find our unity and commonality, if we are going to survive with a free and just society. Otherwise we’re not going to have it; we’re going to lose it. The time is approaching fast.


Wynn:  I want to read you a little bit of this article from Natural News. Natural News does not normally talk about catastrophic events; they talk about alternative health things. This is written by the editor of Natural News; I want you to hear this. He thinks; how can I say it? This is the biggest story of the day. Listen to how he approaches it.


“The news you are about to read puts everything else in the category of insignificant by comparison. Concerned over the 2012 US Presidential election, worried about GMOs, fluoride, vaccines, secret prisons?; none of that matters if we  don’t solve the problem of Fukushima Reactor Number Four which is on the verge of a catastrophic failure that could unleash enough radiation to end human civilization on our planet. The resulting releasing of radiation would turn North America to a dead zone for humans, mutated and failed crops, radioactive ground water, skyrocketing infant mortality, an explosion of cancer and infertility is what could be unleashed in any moment in an earthquake in Japan. Such an event could result in an event 85 times the Cesium 137 released by Chernobyl, say experts. The Chernobyl catastrophe made its surrounding region uninhabitable for centuries for humans.


“Yet astonishingly, the usual suspects of deception are saying absolutely nothing about this problem. The mainstream media pretends there’s no problem with Fukushima. President Obama says nothing about it; Federal Regulators, including the NRC, are all but silent.


“It’s as if they think their silence on the issue somehow makes it go away. Perhaps these professional liars in the media and government have become so used to the idea that they simply spin their own reality, that they now believe they can ignore the laws of physics. That’s why they have refused to cover the low-level radiation plume that continues to be emitted in Fukushima. The fate of the world now rests on Reactor Number Four. It’s no exaggeration to say the fate of Japan and the whole world depends upon the Number Four Reactor.”


Wynn:  That’s a quote from Mitsuhi Morato, former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland and Senegal, Executive Director of the Japanese Society for Global Systems and Ethics. Mr. Morato’s stunning statement should be front page news everywhere around the world. Why?—because he’s right. If Number Four suffers even a minor earthquake, it could set off a chain reaction of events that could quickly lead to North America becoming uninhabitable by humans for centuries to come. Imagine California, Oregon, and Washington states being inundated with radiation, up to 85 times the radiation released from Chernobyl. We’re talking about the end of human life on the scale of continents. Here’s how this could happen according to Mr. Robert Alveraz, former Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary for National Security on the Environment of the US Department of Energy. Here’s his quote:


“The Number Four pool is about 100 feet above ground, is structurally damaged and is exposed to the open elements. If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain, this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire involving nearly ten times the amount of Cs 137 released by Chernobyl. The infrastructure to safely remove this material was destroyed as it was in the other three reactors. Spent reactor fuel cannot be simply lifted into the air by a crane as if it were routine cargo. In order to prevent severe radiation exposures, fires and possible explosions, it must be transferred at all times in water and heavily shielded into dry casks and this has never been done before. The removal of the spent fuel from the pools of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactors will require a major and time-consuming reconstruction effort and charting in unknown waters.


“Reactor Number Four contains 1,535 spent fuel rods which remain highly radioactive. They hold the potential of 37 million curies of radiation. These rods are stored in a concrete pool located one hundred feet above the ground inside the structurally compromised reactor building effectively making the pool open to the air. The pool holding the fuel rods is structurally damaged; if an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain, this could result in a catastrophe, radiological fire involving nearly ten times the amount of Cs that was released in Chernobyl. Infrastructure to safely remove this material was destroyed, as it was in the other three reactors.


All these fuel rods are astonishingly exposed to the open air. They are not held inside any containment vessel. The total number of spent fuel rods across all six reactors is 11,421. If Reactor Number Four suffers structural failure, the release of radiation from the 1,535 spent fuel rods would make it virtually impossible for work to continue on the site, potentially resulting in an inability to halt a massive radiation release from all the other rods.”


Wynn:  It goes on and on; you can look this up. Just look up Fukushima Extinction Event, and I’m sure you’ll get three hundred websites on it. It’s coming from all kinds of websites; it’s not just the alternative rabble-rouser websites. What I wanted to do was take a moment of silence, call in the Light and ask for our Sources to help. We’re not going to do a channeling, because I don’t know what they’re going to say and I don’t want to put it out right now.  It’s not positive.


Wynn:  Don, would you like to hang in with us for the next couple of minutes while we do this?


Don:  I can do that.


Wynn:  You don’t have to; this stuff works. We’ve had so many amazing things happen on these calls; things shift and people get healed. So t can’t do any harm and maybe we’ll do some good.


Everyone who listens to this right now either live, or on the replays or on the telephone replays, we’re going to just take a moment. Shut your eyes. We’re going to bring in the Light; we’re going to invoke a group energy honoring your free will. We’re going to bring in our Sources to this group energy. Some of you can feel the connection.


We’re going to take a moment of intention; I don’t know how this intention will manifest, but we’re going to use our group intention and ask our Sources to join with our intention to first of all surround this entire area with protection from earthquakes and tsunamis and anything that might upset this reactor. We’re going to ask that any way, shape, or form that there can be any mediation on this reactor to reduce the radioactivity in some miraculous kind of way, we’d like to ask for that  intervention.


We can imagine our energies just descending on Fukushima, surrounding that area. Okay, done.


We’re going to do a private questioning about this because maybe it’s something we’re going to add to all our calls and have Team Shift add to all of their calls. This is one of the unusual benefits of having this kind of connection with these kinds of Sources.


On that note, I thank Gina for being so helpful on this show and sharing with us her dolphin information. I especially thank Don for gracing us with his presence and for founding BBS and giving a forum for many people like myself to reach an audience with their messages. Don, do you want to say anything in closing? Don is gone.


Of course, I thank Terry and everyone else. We’ll see you Wednesday and maybe we’ll have some more information on this nuclear disaster in Japan. So on that note, God bless you all and have a great evening. Thanks for being here.


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