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Monday – 05/14/2012

Has the Positive Really Won?

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:   This is Monday, May 14th, 2012.  I’m welcoming everybody to our BBS conference call tonight.  We were just having a question about humanness and reverence before we started recording.  If I was doing something once a week, or once a month even, and was saying, “Now we’re going to have this holy hour with our sources” and everyone would hush up and we could do that.  I could do that once a month.  How can you be on a call three times a week and not be totally who you are?  To be reverent three times a week; I’m not saying it’s impossible.  To be reverent to a public audience three times a week, then the human part of me would say, “This is getting boring.”  You’ll notice that there’s a group consciousness attached to these calls.  That consciousness is changing.  Each of you is constantly, if you’re paying attention, are kind of in a motion – kind of like catching a train, getting a ride then getting off; catching a train, getting a ride then getting off.


Things are evolving all the time.  I’m evolving.  I’m not evolving because I personally am evolving – although I probably am.  I’m evolving within the context of the group consciousness, the train we’re all riding.  Everyone is creating the train.  The idea is to make that train so strong that it just holds fast.  The more human I am, the more ordinary I am, the easier it is for other people to pay attention, to not feel like their power is being usurped by a source that is obviously extremely – I don’t like to use the word ‘exalted’ – but, profound.  [This is a] source which is important; a source that is the highest aspect of ourselves in the context of the Law of One that we’re all part of each other.


This call makes them public; it makes it possible for them to address a bunch of strangers and they don’t have to be put up on a pedestal.  In that way, it creates the maximum opportunity for energetic contact, because to me the most important – there are number of things that happen in this work.  First of all, we get a lot of wisdom about how things work down here and how we work and how we got here; a lot of wisdom that can help crack cellular memories that can expand us, can expand our awarenesses.  [It can] actually change the way we feel inside of ourselves.  I know many of you have had that experience so you know what I mean, but there is no force involved.  It comes from inside you; it doesn’t come from giving up your power to something outside of yourself.  Then, there is this energy on the call.  It comes in like clock-work.  Not everybody can feel it, but enough people feel it so it couldn’t possibly be accidental.  We have voices that tell us that they’re the energy.  We can’t prove that; then we have to listen to the way they explain themselves and see how it fits.  Then, we have people coming in on these calls and suddenly they have a healing, they have a transformation, something happens that wouldn’t happen by the laws of the normal, physical universe.  The sources talking to us say they were helping.


This is something that if someone is looking at it, then this is not going to be a quick decision.  This is going to be a process of your own evaluation.  No one here is claiming anything.  I may believe certain things are true, and someone else may believe things are true.  Until someone new discovers the truth of it, then our job is to hold for them; give them space to have their own experience; not to try and define their experience.  In that way, we become a group consciousness and we become affiliated with these – I use the world ‘high’, I don’t even like to use the word ‘high’ but I’ll use it – very high sources in the matrix, perhaps the highest sources in the matrix, who are so glad to be having a group of people down here that can get it in the right way, that can get it in a way that creates loving energy, that creates family.  It creates people turning towards each other and having more love for each other as a result.


That’s what happens, and that’s why people new come into the call and they hear everybody saying ‘hello’ to each other and they sound really warm.  [They are] a bunch of people who have never met each other.  That’s why that experience is occurring.  There’s no clique here; there’s no in-group.  It’s just a group of people coming together and magical energies occur in this environment and they feel the energies and they open up.  They open up not only to the energies on the line, they open up to each other.


As I talk I move right into the sacred as I say that; I feel the energy shifting.  I announced tonight a pretty topical topic.  I don’t think Terry knows what it is; did you look at your computer, Terry?


Terry:  No, I didn’t.


Wynn:  No.  It has to do with – I scan the internet; I look to see what’s going on and who is saying what.  I look at what David Wilcock is saying; I look at all kinds of different things.  I don’t believe anything; I’m tough on things.  I say, “Where is there a pattern?  What is true?  What is not true?”  Of course, one of the things that many people are out there saying is that the positive has won; there is going to be mass arrests, and there is going to be all kinds of things going on, and it’s kind of out of our hands.  We just have to wait and let it transpire.


In the course of all my questioning, I am not necessarily getting that that’s true.  Even in the course of evaluating what David Wilcock is saying, at the time that I wrote “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” there were things they said to him; he approved them and they’re in the book.  Things like “David, get your ego out of the way and let our messages come through.  We can stop disasters on your planet.”  When I put that in the book, I didn’t believe it necessarily.  There are a lot of things that I couldn’t evaluate, but I was open to the possibility.  I’ve watched things and then I’ve cross-referenced things with Daphne and Terry and Carla Rueckert and strangers that I just bring up on the internet.


One of the things in the Carla Rueckert channelings that really made me cautious, was the Ra group through Carla Rueckert was saying how the Orions – you know the Orions are essentially the major service-to-self, perhaps sometimes called the reptilians I believe – how they influence this realm.  What they said was – this is my paraphrase so I might not get it perfect, but the general idea was – “They work with the realm and turn it against itself so it voluntarily yields submission.”  They don’t conquer the realm because that would create karma.  They’re very advanced negatively, so they understand karma.  They don’t go out of their way to conquer things, but they get other people down here doing their bidding.  People think that they’re dealing with something exalted.  I believe this is actually the nature of Lucifer that comes through this group.  They also channel; these are not dummies.  They are really sharp, they are really sharp – and they channel.  If they’re talking to someone who is service-to-self and they’ve made a contact, they will make them feel that they can give them lots of power to do their bidding and you end up with people like Aleister Crowley or Adolph Hitler, who all had great occult contacts.  They’re doing the bidding of this group.


If you’re dealing with a positive person, somebody who is service-to-others, particularly someone who is channeling, the way it was described is they would take over the channeling.  It doesn’t mean 100%, but part of it – so, there would be positive information in the channeling and then there would be misleading information.  It doesn’t even look negative, it doesn’t look bad, it’s just misleading.  Then, there was the indication that both Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock – this was in the book and David approved it – had both connected with negative sources.  The prophecy of Edgar Cayce’s that is his most famous prophecy which has to do with – I call it the - devastation prophecy.  Some of you might be familiar with it:  California was going to go in the ocean, Japan was going to disappear in the blink of an eye; Europe was going to disappear.  There would be this huge cataclysm and everything would fall apart.  That was Cayce’s most famous prophecy of all his work.  Even when I was younger, I read that.  I remember I was with my friends and they said, “Gee, should we leave town?”


In David’s channelings they said that that was from a negative source; it wasn’t from them.  When I was younger and I was reading Cayce I remember reading that prophecy and somewhere else in the Cayce readings it was said, “These changes will come gradually.”  They’re talking about this period right now.  I made the comment to myself, “How can they both be true?  Why, in one prophecy, it said it was going to happen in the blink of an eye and in another one they’re going to come gradually?”  Now I know why it’s true; because they were from different sources.  If I have it correct, the one where they said they said it was going to come gradually was from the Ra group.  The one that it was going to be devastation was not (from the Ra group).  In fact, I researched the Cayce prophecies and that particular prophecy, the devastation one, had a by-line.  Many of his channelings did not have a by-line.


Do you know what a by-line is?  That’s where the writer identifies themselves.  The by-line for that particular prophecy had a name, and I’m not going to say the name because I don’t want to invoke any – I’m probably already talking about this.  When you’re dealing with a group matrix energy as you guys learned when you listened to the crop circle thing, we have to approach these topics extremely carefully because we want to side-step evoking, bringing in, any of these sources.  That particular prophecy, ‘H’ we’ll say, was the author of it.  I did the whole search on the Cayce prophecies, and I found out that being had come up other times.  Essentially, in one of them he said, “I am in the heavens like Jesus was to your realm.”  What a temptation, you see, to give up your power – a hierarchy.


Another point came up [where] it was indicated that the Cayce study group, which analyzed the Cayce readings and what Cayce was doing, and made recommendations to Cayce and about what they think would be good or bad – they stopped bringing this being in who made that prophecy because they didn’t trust him.  Cayce’s normal source was generally called ‘the source’ – Cayce thought it was the Christ.  Of course, if you’re tracking all my material, you will definitely know there was a connection, deep connection, between the Ra group and Jesus.  It was all fitting in for me in little segments, as I was studying this.  Armed with this information, I start reading a lot of the current channelings of people.  So oftentimes, they’re very loving but they’re patronizing; their loving is patronizing.  Suddenly, they’re saying, “The negative is done away with” or they’re saying, “We’re going to have big earth changes on December 21st, 2012.  If, in fact, there is enough people – I’m not sure exactly how this works, so we’re going to ask about it – if there is enough people believing something is going to happen, it’s possible the consciousness of the people that are holding that thought might create it.


Another possibility is what we call the negative; and, the negative in this realm is very real.  They’re behind the scenes; they manipulate governments, they manipulate things in huge ways – they may attempt to create something just because they have the opportunity to because of all the prophecies that are happening right now.  Some of you remembered, I guess it was maybe five or six months ago, we had one of our Monday night talks.  The topic had to do with Revelations.  I started to look at Revelations, and I said, “This particular chapter of the Bible, seems to me like it could have been from a negative source” because it was talking about gloom and doom; it was talking about fear.  [You] understand the nature of negative sources.  You think of somebody who is negative, and they just look mean all the time.  In the universe, this is something that I have come to believe to be true; I don’t want to explain all the reasons why.  I can refer to Carla Rueckert’s Ra material where she talks about eight densities, eight dimensions, eight timelines where there is existence taking place.  Of course, the earth is in the third density and it’s moving into the fourth density.  It was indicated that a service-to-self being can go as high as sixth density.  In order to go any further, they have to switch.  Then we move into the Law of One.


I would postulate that at the high end of our universe, we have very powerful sixth density beings who are programming this realm.  They can program it over thousands of years.  It’s like they can make long-range plans and put things into the timelines down here in order to cause them to happen; things that we might totally take for granted could be programmings of this high-level negative.  There were some indications – I haven’t done the research on this – that the Hebrew alphabet was part of that programming; indications that things like the Kabbalah was part of that programming.  On these calls, the sources we’re talking about, they have indicated that they are above that program; they’re above it.  If enough people in this realm can connect to above the programming, then that doesn’t have to happen.


Now, I ask myself, “If that’s true, why don’t I have a million people on these calls?  How come nobody can talk about this to anybody?” So I’m saying, “I’m not sure of the predisposition of this realm”, or the other idea is “Maybe I’ve got it wrong and maybe I’ve got a negative source, and everyone else is right.”  That’s where each person has to come to their own conclusion.  There are so many people running around right now saying, “There’s nothing to worry about; the positive has won.”  If something happens that’s really tough, what they’re going to say is, “We’ve been betrayed” and then they’re going to throw out the baby with the bathwater.  They’ll just say, “Things are the way they are.”


Of course, the goal is to create a new world order government and a one world government.  On the surface, that doesn’t necessarily sound bad, because if there was one benevolent government running the world and using resources to help people [they’d] say, “This country has more of this so we’ll move it over here” and “This country has more of this and we’ll move it over there.”  That would be a really great thing because it would balance resources all over the world.


The problem is, as I am fairly certain this is true, those sources who are behind this are connected to these negative sources I’m talking about in other dimensions.  They will use this one world government as a way of controlling us, controlling this realm.  I’ve had personal experience; I’ve watched this – some of it I don’t want to talk about; how any time there is a very positive influence in this realm that is reaching and uplifting people and sending them into higher dimensional experiences, the negative takes it over – every time.  Not just sometimes, every time.  The only way to do something is to decentralize it so it’s not centered around one person, it’s not centered around one building.  As soon as it’s centralized, it’s susceptible to being co-opted.  You might notice that when somebody becomes very famous as a pop icon and a musician who is not able to be controlled, they don’t last very long because icons who become famous have the potential to liberate a lot of people and tell the truth if they know it.  Many of them do; if you look at the people who have been killed – you look at Michael Jackson, you look at John Lennon and I don’t know about Whitney Houston, but Bob Marley… many of the people who hold the frequencies of connection to higher realms don’t last if they can’t be controlled.  This is a huge thing we’re dealing with in this realm and how to get through it and how to make a difference; how to stay alive.  Perhaps one doesn’t have to be afraid of dying, but it’s good to be around if you can make a difference.


The area that I’m pretty sure is true that I know that I can succeed in and that is – I know that certain people who are going to pay attention to this work are going to graduate this realm.  Whether that’s a million or a hundred, that’s a big success.  According to the Ra group, 25,000 years ago there was another opportunity like this for graduation and no one graduated – no one.  Or, if they were eligible they didn’t want to, because they wanted to stay around to keep working on the liberation of consciousness on this planet.  I know I can succeed and I’m sure I already have succeeded in certain people making the connections, opening their hearts, learning how to do this.  They’re going to graduate.


What does graduation mean?  Anyone new who is listening, you have to really study my materials to back all this up.  I don’t like to draw conclusions, let me tell you just sharing what it is.  There is this unusual thing that is happening in terms of our future lives.  I believe that there’s this dimensional shift, the earth is graduating to fourth heart chakra.  Of course, all the sources were saying that in order to go with this new earth, you have to have your heart open or else you have to be a cycle repeater.  If you’re a cycle repeater you get moved to another planet in another star system to repeat third dimension power and individuality as opposed to compassion and empathy.  I think that’s true.  That came through David Wilcock, it came through Carla Ruekcert, it came through Daphne, it came through Terry and it came through Jesus, who was preparing us for this period.  He didn’t quite say it that way; he said it in the way people could understand it at the time.  It’s essentially the same thing:  ‘One will be taken; one will be left behind’;  ‘The meek will inherit the earth’.  I think we’re succeeding in creating people who will graduate.  If you take this seriously and if you’re like wondering if this is going to work for you, I would suggest be sure to come in on our calls.  Get the understanding.  Be sure to read our books; see if it resonates.  Maybe I’m wrong; maybe I’ve got a negative source; maybe I’m misleading people.  I don’t think so; too many good things come out of this.  Jesus said, “By your fruits ye shall be known” and this work has a lot of fruits to it.  Nonetheless, you have to test it.  You can‘t just believe it because I’m a good speaker. You have to feel those energies, you have to see the logic connecting all these things.  If you don’t’ take the opportunity to read the books, given what’s at stake, then you’re missing a big chance for your own evolution.


On that note, let me just talk about the two books that are out there:  “The Reincarnaton of Edgar Cayce” – you can go to  You can buy it on that website through Amazon, or you can also buy it through us and you’ll get a signed copy.  You’ll get a 45-minute interview that I did with Ra group speaking through Wilcock, or what said they were the Ra group.


The second book, ‘The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe’, which is available for free.  It’s available at which tells the story of what happened to me and this voice that said they were the Elohim.  Half the book is my conversations with the Elohim as came through Terry.  There are many things of Daphne in there, as well.


If you haven’t read those books, they say, “As you study us we study you.”  Reading the books is a way of tuning into their energies.  If you tune into their energies, they’re going to tune into your energies.  If you’re not doing that, you’re missing a huge opportunity.  These are like no other books you will ever read today – I haven’t seen them anyway.  I get so many testimonials on the creator god book because it’s like feeding the real explanation of Christianity, of the shift, and explaining it from the sources who created this realm.  Getting back to our topic because– this is a tricky topic – I don’t want to ask questions about bringing in (the negative)…  As we know, if I ask the wrong questions, it opens up the matrix to the wrong sources.


The real thing about this is we’re on a pivotal point; we know this is a shift going on.  What’s the best way to stand here in that wind of shift and take care of ourselves, take care of our loved ones and prepare for the future?  What are the dangers – it’s kind of already answered - but I’m going to ask it again:  (Is it true that) the positive has won and the negative has disappeared and it’s just a matter of picking up the pieces?  If they tell us it’s true, we can consider that. 


Again, with regards to channeling, even our sources, I tell people, “Consider everything; don’t believe it because they say it.”  We’ll ask them anyway; we’ll get their point of view.  The most important aspect of these channelings is the wisdom that comes through, the triggers that the wisdom can bring to our daily lives, and the sense of connection with these sources; becoming friends with them.  This is not about prophecy here; they don’t like prophecy because prophecy locks things in.  We’re dealing with sources, if everything is accurate, that nothing is locked in.  If there were more people paying attention, we could shift this entire realm.  This is a rare thing we’re doing here.


On that note, we have about ten minutes.  Are you ready, Terry?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself, and everyone on this line and everyone on the replays.  Right now, we release our negativity to the highest realms of light and transmute it for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of our solar system, through the solar system, through the Sun, the Moon, through the outer energy fields of the earth and through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls – that means we’re making a connection of all of us on this line – and we invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us to create protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We turn it over to our sources to address us through Terry Brown.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is May 14th, 2012. 


We send love light to bring – we search for the correct word; to send is not the right word – as we are present.  We are here.  We are non-linear and we are always available in your space, next to your space, for those that wish to make connection.  We send you love light and much – not send you, but we impart love light.  We are with you and it is with great appreciation.  We feel honored that we are able to bring this connection to you.  We take a minute and we caress and touch each person with love light that wishes to receive the connection.


We are mindful of the things that you have brought up, and we do see that posturing of each and every one of you, the posturing towards positivity, towards connection, towards the positive makes a track in the consensus and it helps earth - Mother Gaia - and each and every person who is so connected, to maintain balance and maintain a positive attitude.


There is a story that is true:  There were some people in a parking lot and an individual was in the parking lot; he had some flat tires upon his car.  He came over to a group of about four people in the parking lot.  He was very angry, and he cursed the car and he cursed the day.    Then, after much cursing, he walked away to attempt to get some help for his car.  One of the four people there that heard this said, “What is the matter with him?  How come he is having such a strong reaction?”  Another person said, “He has no unseen support.”


When one has the support of the higher positive realms, it helps to balance one; it helps to maintain one’s center.  We are happy to provide this service.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  On the topic of the day which is:  obviously there is a lot of stuff going on about 2012, December 21st, what’s gong to happen?  Has the positive won?  Has the negative won and they just snuck through and we don’t know it?  We know that there is a battle between positive and negative going on in other dimensions; or, I think there is.  Everyone wants to know how it’s going to work out.


How about giving us a current report on however you want to address that?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  Again we say that when one maintains one’s positive internal balance that this is above and beyond whatever happens in one’s manifest life in the third density.  This will serve one well and carry one through whatever happens.  Although there may be trauma, we see that there can be negative influences that are made upon one in the third density.  One of them is to encourage individuals to build up debt which then makes them weaker and it takes away their centering.  We can recommend that individuals get into as strong a financial position as they can; to pay off debt as they can and to maintain their shelter and their housing in as debt-free way as possible, for then the individuals are stronger and can have more supplies, more support for their survival.  This is one way that individuals everywhere can gain strength.  There is time to do this, to begin a plan to not build up more debt while you pay down debt; to pay off mortgages.


If we look back to the individual to keep his/her house in order and to do the actions that are necessary to maintain a strong, grounded position.  There are, as always in the third density, things that may arrive on one’s horizons that can set them back, such as possibility of earthquakes and such as possibility of flooding:  the natural things that can happen in the course of life in the third density.  But, the third density is not the be all and end all of their life.  They can learn to be centered and to move through these things.  You are asking concerning things like economics, political control…


Wynn:  We’d better cut this short, because I think BBS is going to cut us off; maybe we’ll continue next week.  Now that we’ve set the ground-work for this, we’ll continue – if Terry is up for it – a whole call where we get more understanding of how to approach this period.


Thank you so much for coming.


Ra’An:  We impart love light to each and every one of you and thank you.  Adonai


Wynn:  Thank you all; I see you as having the potential to be the leaders of the future.  Not the followers, the leaders – to hold for the others – to have the courage and the love and the grounding to do that.


On that note, thank you for being here and thank you BBS and thank all our volunteers.  We’ll see some of you on Wednesday.

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