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Wednesday – 05/16/2012

How is the Universe both a shared illusion and a hologram?

Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien


Wynn:  Hello everybody.  This is Wednesday, May 16th (2012); this is Wynn Free in Sedona with Terry Brown in Sedona on our conference call live on a Wednesday night where we ask questions that you all have submitted.

We were having a discussion about that new project we’re doing which I sent out with all the videos on UTube.  I’m going to send it out again, but I think next time I send it out I’m going to send it out in the website format, because all of those videos are going to be on one page all in little thumbnails.  You can just look for your issue and click on the right video.  I’m testing it, but I think it’s a good way, not only for those people who are regularly on the line, but also for people who are discovering us.  Instead of just talking about my wild story or telling them, “You’ve got to read this whole book” they can watch a four-minute little byte and either it reaches them or it doesn’t  they can qualify themselves about whether it’s something they’d like to reach further for or not.

We are in the middle of a shift; we’re on the roller-coaster, we’re rocking and rolling.  Lucky for us, we have some really good guidance and really good anchoring on this line – I say, “Lucky for all of us.”  We have questions for tonight; let me fill myself in.  Let me see if there is anything last minute.  If you have not availed yourself to ask a question, I highly suggest you do.  At some point, we’re going to have way more questions than we can possibly answer.  This is a pretty good chance, if you ask a reasonable question and even sometimes an unreasonable one, we might ask it.

Sometimes there are questions I wouldn’t have asked when we first started doing these calls.  I told Terry “…put yourself in my position; you guys know how shy and reserved Terry is” and here we are – live!  I said, “I’m going to ask her a question and she’s going to go screaming away, saying, “Oh, no!”  Every question will be like, “Go see Dr. Marshall.”

Terry:  Or, “I’m not getting anything.”

Wynn:  Or ‘I’m not getting anything.  Just a moment – I’m not getting anything.’

Terry:  I’ll be back in an hour.

Wynn:  I’ll be back in an hour.  Then, I imagined articles being written all over the world about Terry’s failed public attempt, probably starting with David Wilcock.

Terry:  Right.

Wynn:  We’ve come a ways, and we’ve come a ways with the help of many of you; your acknowledgments, many of your thank-yous have made a huge encouragement to continue doing this.  Believe it or not, we don’t have to do it.  If it’s not working, I wouldn’t do it.  I don’t need to spend three nights a week scheduling my time.  I’m a guy who hates schedules, yet I’m doing this because it’s working.  It’s because of the emails I get from you that say – even from strangers that I never heard from – that say how much it’s impacted them.  If you’re listening on the calls and you’re new right now, then don’t expect too much; just be neutral.  I don’t think we’re good at meeting people’s expectations; it’s always a surprise.  I say, “Where did that come from?” then these beautiful energies come on the line and everyone feels them.

On that note, I’m going to start.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the Sun, the Moon, and the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies, through the floor and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us.  We create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.

Do we have our sources present to answer our questions for this evening?

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is Ra’An; the 16th of May 2012 and we reach and touch and are available for everyone who wishes to connect with our energies.  We are there for you and we can be a stabilization in a time when stabilization is so needed, as there are things shifting in the economic system and in people’s lives that uproot the energies.  The energies also are increasing due to the position of the earth in the galaxy at this time.

We impart love to each and every one of you.  Do you have questions?

Wynn:  Yes, we do.  This is from Chase Holden.  It’s kind of a philosophical question.  He asks, “How is our universe based on a holographic principle?  Reality can appear differently to different observers, and even different when not observed at all.  How is the universe both a shared illusion and a hologram?”

Ra’An:  Thank you.  When you have a cup of water and you put some red wine into the cup, then the whole cup turns slightly pink or slightly red, depending upon how much wine you put into the cup.  The shared thing, then, is the combination of the two things – the water and the wine.  You have then, because water is of a structure that it can receive the wine and can absorb the wine and integrate it, then you have the shared water and wine and the taste becomes slightly like wine.  You have also another possibility, and that is when you pour motor oil into a cup of water, and the motor oil floats on the top and is of a different viscosity and so it is separated.

These are analogies as to how holograms can either merge, depending upon the nature of the people creating the hologram, living in the hologram, or holograms can separate out.  As the universe is put together, the third density is like a layer of the water and then the higher densities – for instance, the place where heaven is - is separated by the frequencies.  It, too, can have visitations of one realm into the other and heaven can shine upon the earth realm into the hologram of the third density but it does not merge and become one, as there is a separation in frequencies between the two and densities between the two.

There can be tunnels that connect the two – for instance, the tunnel of light which an individual may transfer from in their transition from the life on earth to the transition into the heavenly realm.  In the tunnel, then, (they) can radiantly, as they move through the tunnel, be released of the frequencies of the earth realm and introduced into the frequencies of the heavenly realm.  So they are ready to go into the heavenly realm without being as dense as it is necessary to be in the third density realm.

Does this help with your question?

Wynn:  I think so; the second part of the question is:

How is it both a shared illusion and a hologram?

I do believe that people in higher dimensions - beings in higher dimensions - can see into our dimension.  I don’t believe we can see very easily into their dimension.

Ra’An:  In order for a person in the higher dimension to see into the third density dimension, they need to be able to bring in, hone in those frequencies in order to bring them into focus so that they may see them.  Otherwise, if they are simply in the higher dimensions, they do not see into the lower dimensions.

Wynn:  I see; so they don’t have technology, for example, where they can tune some technological instrument in and see what’s going on down here – right?

Ra’An:  They do have technology of that nature, yes.

Wynn:  They do?

Ra’An:  Yes.

Wynn:  I see.

Ra’An:  Individually, if a person, say, has been in the third dimension and moved into the heavenly realm, they can revisit the third density.  They still are carrying the frequencies and can open up to the frequencies and see into the third density and then move back – or stay – in the heavenly realm.

Wynn:  When we talk about a technology that allows a being in another realm to look into this realm – would that be utilized more by the negative?  Or the positive?  Or mixed?

Ra’An:  It can be used by the negative, and there are various beings in the earth plane who are seeking to develop technology to be able to tell what people are doing; to access visually or otherwise – access verbally - the sound waves.  However, the technology in heaven for such things is used for the positive good and is strictly operated and used by individuals who have the total highest good of all concerned.  Otherwise, they are not allowed near the equipment.

Wynn:  Thank you.  It’s interesting; we have – this is from Janny.  Janny senses an entity next to her oftentimes, which she believes is her husband Donnie who passed over.  She senses him with her in the garden, cuddling up – how does this work in the realm where he is now?  How can he be here and there?  Can people who have crossed over stay with us a long time, or do they eventually have to leave us?

I’m going to ask a question.  It sounds to me as if Donnie might be a ghost.  Is that true?  Is he hanging out in this realm, in particular to hang out with Janny?  Would it be wise for her to release him, if that’s the case?

Ra’An:  We take the first question:  Yes.  It is your husband, and he is very much caring and nurturing and wishing to bring you love and is there for you, much as the spirit guide might be there for you.  He is able to cross over into the heavenly realm and to receive guidance and he’s in a special position of being there for you.  We would not classify him as a ghost in this matter, as a ghost would be simply stuck or attached to the third density.  Your husband is not; he is able to move back and forth and has assumed somewhat the role of a guide which is a blessing.

We do not suggest that she send him anywhere, but just enjoy the contact, as it is very good and warm and heartening.

Wynn:  That means that a person can die and go through the vortex of light that we’re spoken about into the higher realms to be worked upon, and they can choose to show up in the way that Janny’s husband is showing up for her and then still go back to higher realms; they can go back and forth easily once they’ve developed the aptitude?

Ra’An:  Yes.  There are special areas that an individual can go to receive briefing and to be able to be available in the third density.  It is as though, based upon their desire to be of service to the individual left behind, they are supported in this and they may stay with the individual off and on, and bring them comfort and support, as they move through their life.  In some cases, they may wait for them to resume their journey together, and their paths through the life path that they have chosen together.  We are giving that as an example; we do not specifically attach that to the relationship with Janny and Donnie.  It is created between the two moment by moment, and Donnie has the highest good of Janny in mind in a very pure way.

Wynn:  This is from Lorena in Long Beach.  Interestingly enough, she asks what’s on the surface as appears to be a similar question to Janny’s.  She says two Saturdays ago on May 5th, on a very early Saturday morning she was asleep.  A movement by her pillow woke her up, startled, but there was nothing there.  Her question is:

Can you tell me who that was?  Was it something from the higher group souls we’re talking to?  Was it – I’m adding this since we just asked that question:  Was it former person or entity that is watching over Lorena, or could it have been something from the negative realm intruding?

Ra’An:  Thank you.  We get that it was someone that has passed over and that previously was in the area.  We give it a moment to look further.  We  do not see that it is someone that you know, but someone who has previously been in that location.  That location means something to them, and they are yearning for something different, like to re-experience something that happened in that location previously.

We give that being a chance – that being (is) lost, a girl.  We give that being a chance to express.  This will take some time, so we send understanding and caring to that girl, and look at her pictures of what has happened.  [We] wish her that she may revisit (manifest reality), become manifest again that she may move forward, she may express that yearning again in real life time.  We show her a way that she may move into the experience she yearns for really.

That is our answer.

Wynn:  In this particular situation, would we label that being as perhaps a ghost?

Ra’An:  Yes, one that is incomplete.  We do not wish to dwell (on it) at this time; we do not wish to direct the individual out of where we have directed the individual.

Wynn:  That will be my only question then on that.  Thank you so much.

Next question is – this is a question that I don’t believe the person who asked this has studied our material very well.  I probably shouldn’t ask it; I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t.  If you want to re-direct them to read the creatorgod book, then that’s fine.

Wynn:  This is a person who, by the nature of their question, it sounds like she has not studied our material in depth, because the question is postulated from a religious doctrine point of view.  I think the question will have to be converted into the terminologies and awarenesses that we have.  I’ll ask the question as it stands, and I’ll let you decide how to handle that.  This is from Mrs. Misuraca:

“I wish to know if the angels that fell with Lucifer decades ago – I think it was longer than decades – can ever be forgiven?  Are they destined to eternity roaming, or is there hope they could ascend again?”

That’s the question; you can handle it as you wish.

Ra’An:  Thank you.  Thank you for your question.We look at forgiveness as an acceptance of what is, and forgiveness is for the forgiver, the person that is forgiving the other as the person who has committed the disharmony; this person is on it’s (his) own path; her own path.  Just the mere act of accepting that the angels have fallen and what the angels have done can then immunize the person from negative judgment, which then (would) polarize the individual, but to look at what has been done the same as weeds that one hates growing in the garden, and accepting the fact that they are, without cursing them, but just accepting – not liking it necessarily - but accepting the fact that it is a reality.  That is the first step towards moving past an obstacle is realizing that it is there.  When one condemns it, then they really put it there in spades and it is hard to move around and get out of the way.

All individuals, the fallen angels included, have acceptance or forgiveness.  Whether they forgive themselves or not is another matter, as they become locked into their negative path.  It becomes harder for them to escape the negative path.  Forgiveness is one of the first steps in helping them to change their path, because it is saying, “Alright, this is the way things are but they don’t have to be this way.  You can change how they are.  You’re not condemned forever; you have a way out.  You can retain your validity in heaven.  You can come back; you can be forgiven.  For  the angel to come back takes the re-organization within their matrix of how they react.  Instead of reacting with ego or in a negative way, they can reclaim their positivity and their actions for the highest good and put the negative behind them.  They can be reclaimed; they can reclaim their position in heaven.

That’s our answer.

Wynn:  Thank you very much.  Our next question is from Edna, who would like to understand more about the shift happening.  It seems like everything in her life is happening so fast.  She’d like to know, “How should I go about it?  Is this normal, or are the challenges there for a reason?”

Ra’An:  Thank you.  You have much going on in your life wherein everything seems to be happening at the same time.  You are accelerated in your movements and your path, even more than the acceleration that everyone is experiencing.  There is much to gain, and it is hard to keep an even grounding, grounded footing, with the things that are shifting for you in particular.

This has to do with your path and the particular things you are moving through.  Eventually things will become more grounded again, and you can then look back and you can see where things were grounding and where things were not grounding.  It has to do with your own particular path at this time.  We suggest discernment; strong discernment – a cool look at the particulars of any one thing; the particulars about any one conversation, the particulars of what a person has said – a cool, meditative look.  Also, in the specifics, to ask for guidance on particular issues. We send you love, also.

That is our answer.

Wynn:  Thank you.  We have two questions tonight about prison, and I think I will ask them both together and you can take them apart if there is an individual answer for one that’s for the other.  First one is from Renita Farrall, and she’s talking about:

Ralph Brown has been in the hole for no reason in prison.  Is there anything that can be done to get him out of the hole and out of prison, as this was done to keep him from getting his parole?

The other person is:

I have one close friend who – this is from Connie Baum in Nebraska – I have one close friend in particular who is being harassed and intimidated by his warden and the officers.  He is being held as a political prisoner at this point, and should have been released to freedom long before now.  It is unconscionable.  I don’t want anybody to be hurt, but we must find a way to get him released.  Could you speak to the issue of prisons, please?

Thank you.  Connie Baum

Ra’An:  Thank you.  Would you repeat the first one?  We would like to take them as separate issues.

Wynn:  Okay.  Renita Farrall:

Ralph Brown has been in the hole for no reason in prison.  Is there anything that can be done to get him out of the hole and out of prison, as this was done to keep him from getting his parole?

Ra’An:  Thank you.  We look at the prison and we look at some of the individuals in the prison board to do with the administration of the prison.     (Ralph) has said something in the past to an individual, and the individual has taken it as being detrimental or derogatory, and it has inflamed him against Ralph.  We see the connection there; this particular official has been and is in some authority – he has an authority rank, and he has prejudice and ordered the lower people to not parole Ralph.  He feels that Ralph should stay in prison. He does not trust Ralph; he feels that Ralph – we search for the words - that Ralph is too much of a know-it-all, and he is trying to teach him (Ralph) a lesson and to keep him in prison as a sort of a revenge.

We suggest that if Ralph is truly interested in this, that Ralph ask us or that Ralph could figure out, give his permission, that he could somehow listen to the calls or he could, himself, get in a position where he is asking directly, as we see the connection you have and the warm-heartedness you have towards getting him released.  We would like to see Ralph involved directly if possible.

Who is the second person?  Read the second one again.

Wynn:  The second one is from Connie Baum, and we don’t have the person’s name:

I have one close friend in particular who is being harassed and intimidated by the warden and the officers.  He is being held as a political prisoner at this point, and should have been released to freedom long before.  It’s unconscionable and I don’t want anyone to be hurt, but I (we) must find a way to get him released.  Could you speak to the issue of prisons, please?

That’s Connie Baum in Nebraska.

Ra’An:  Thank you.  The laws have been changing so that it is easier to hold people now as political prisoners without having specifics.  If someone is suspected, then they can hold them.  It makes it easy for a third person who wants to get that other person out of the way to do frame-up jobs.  It makes it harder to sort the issues out.  This can happen more now that the laws have been changed and making it easier for someone to be taken as a political prisoner and harder to get him a fair trial.  Is there a possibility of getting this person an attorney that can donate his time and investigate the matter and bring it before a proper judge?

Those are our comments.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Two more closing things tonight if we can fit it in regarding healings.  One is for Michael Adler’s friend Melinda. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with her.  He did tell her he was going to ask.  Michael says, “She left me a phone message and she was dying and wanted to tie up some loose ends.  I don’t really know anything about her condition, but when I saw her last at a retreat, she didn’t look well.  She has a family with a husband and two children.  Could you include her in the healing request?”  Melinda Donavan in the San Diego area.

Ra’An:  Donavan, did you say?  Melinda Donavan?

Wynn:  Yes.

Ra’An:  Give us a moment; there seems to be very strong downside energy in this case; very strong downside energy.  We take a look to see the source of this energy.  We do not see that the source is Melinda; we see a very strong negative force.  It may be simply a matter of the end of her contract for this area.  We see it is very powerful, a very powerful force, and she may be being called to another area.  We suggest that if Melinda wishes to be healed and to have a different outcome that she come on the calls and put in her request in person.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Last contribution tonight is from Jere in Finland:

I’ve just been wondering about some stuff I’ve been feeling around this situation, and I feel there is more than some sport injury because I don’t remember how or when this back thing came about.  It wasn’t just some sudden movement.  That’s why I was asked if they could answer verbally to find out if my feelings have any truth about them or am I translating them in a clear way?  If there is more to this than just hurting myself training, because I don’t recall this happening but that’s what I thought it was, that made me think of the lesson behind this; more even if there is some connection with implants.

Because this is right in my lower back and most of my health issues are around there – that’s around the place where there was something that wasn’t supposed to be there last time if I remember right – this might be just my mind overworking.  I wanted to mention it, hoping it might help somehow.

I think Jere also said that he had a great reduction of pain last time he was on the call and made a request for help.

Ra’An:  Thank you.  We see something is out of place there, and it is better but it is out of place.  We work with it a minute here.  We love your energy.

Thank you, and report back.

Wynn:  Thank you.  Is there anything else he can do to help release this?  He had a reading; would another reading be good?  I don’t like to encourage people, but in his case he’s going through a lot of pain.  Would that enable more interfacing?

Ra’An:  Give it a week and then ask again for more healing.

Wynn:  Okay.  Thank you so much.  We’re going to close this for this evening.  We’ll listen to closing comments, and we’ll say goodbye to everybody and we’ll go.

Ra’An: Thank you.  We continue to work with Jere here.  We do see some past life trauma in the area, and we look for stabilization in the area.  We send love light to each and every person on the call, and to Barbara and Richard and Michael and Gijs and Sarah and Gina and Wynn and Terry and Daphne and Carla and Lisa.  We send healing to Lisa, as she is going through knee surgery.  We send love light to Steve and Anita and Jean and Ron and Suzanne and Chris and Joe and everyone else who is on the line.  We are delighted, like a child is delighted, to see an old friend; to see, hear, sense you on the line, each and everyone of you, and each and every one who reads a transcript or listens to the replay.

We leave but we do not leave; we are here for you 24/7.  Adonai

Wynn:  Thank you.  Thanks, Terry – thank you everybody.  Thank all of you.

Edna:  Thank you, Wynn.  Thank you, Terry.

Terry:  You're welcome.

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