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Wednesday 05.23.2012

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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012. We are Wynn Free and Terry Brown. We have our honored guest Daphne, sometimes referred to as our founder, on the line tonight. This is the call where people submit questions and we answer them; our Sources answer them.


We do this and I tell people, “Don’t expect anything to happen.” We put things in the Light and oftentimes things happen. They’ve explained to us the nature of how this works. It’s a co-creative process, but you’re asking the question allows the beginning of the co-creative process to occur. It’s not easy to put into words, but when you get it, you get it. Then, you say “II got it. That was it.” It was very interesting because Mary had an experience; can I share what you shared with me, Mary?


Mary:  Oh, yes.


Wynn:  In fact, maybe I should let you share it. What do I have to share it for when you’re on the line? Why don’t you share what happened? This was on last Sunday’s grid healing, right?


Mary:  Yes.


Wynn:  Mary put something into the Light. I will say that I could feel the intensity of her intent on this; she really had a high intent. I could feel the difference when somebody puts something in the Light with a really high intent. They just say, “I’d like this and this and this to happen.”


Mary emailed me after the Sunday call; she had a really unusual experience. I’m going to turn it over to you, Mary, and have you share something.


Mary:  Alright. I was just a tad skeptical before last Sunday, but I did ask for healing for my eyes because I have an eye disease that makes my retinas bleed. Terry said; well they said through Terry, that they were working with the problem right then. I had my eyes closed. I could actually see them scanning my eyes. Although it didn’t last for two hours, I saw better than I’d seen for months. It was two hours and I could read small print. You don’t know what that’s like if you can’t do it, if you lose that ability.


They asked that I come tonight to ask for a couple of questions. The question that I had was, “Did they think they could help me permanently?” I know they can; I know a lot of things now I didn’t know before. I just wanted to share that with everybody and tell you that I don’t even have to think about it; I know that everything is real; I know it is now.


Wynn:  When you said that you saw them scanning through your eyes, can you describe what it looked like? No one knows what it means to have your eyes scanned, including me. Share with us how you perceived that.


Mary. Okay. I had my eyes closed and the vision spots that are dark in my vision are black; they’re black. When I close my eyes, it’s still a black spot that I see. It looked like somebody taking a white light and it looked like a copier was flashing on my eyes. Do you know how a copier will make a copy of something and the light will scan across the screen to make the copy?


That is exactly what my eyes looked like; that was what was going on with my eyes and when I opened my eyes I could see better than I had in months. I could read small print, and this lasted for two hours. It was absolutely amazing; it brought me to tears; I could not stop crying. It was just amazing; it was amazing.  That’s what it feels like to get your eyes scanned; it looked like a copier going across the screen with the light.


Wynn:  Great. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure they’re going to say more to you tonight so everyone will be waiting to hear what they say so get ready. 


Gary Brownlee, who is one of our helpers in sending out our emails every week and really a huge help—Gary was having a problem with one of his eyes and he put it in the light. He said, “They [the doctors] said it wasn’t going to get better and the next week that one eye was getting better and kept getting better, kept getting better.”  Finally, we asked a question about it and they said they assigned a team to work on Gary’s eye.


I’m just an observer like you guys I never say anything that I can’t validate as true, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. We can observe all these things and draw our own conclusions. Anyone who has been on these calls regularly knows that there is a lot of amazing stuff that happens in the course of these calls for people and for the planet. Apparently it’s pretty special to have a group of people meeting like this and bringing in the energies of the higher realms in such an accessible way.


On that note, we have a bunch of questions tonight. Daphne, are you on the line?


Daphne:  I am.


Wynn:  If it’s okay with everyone, maybe we’ll let them bring a message in through you. Would you like that?


Daphne:  That would be fine.


Wynn:  Terry, are you there?


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  I’m going to let Daphne do a greeting and then we’ll do one invocation. Then we’ll go right into the questions for tonight, okay?


Father Mother-God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection among all of us present on this line, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We’re gong to turn it over to Daphne who is going to do an introduction from those intelligences, the Sources that speak through her to us.


Thank you.


Council of Elohim:  One moment please; We greet you from the vast infinity of all of the created and uncreated spaces of the Universe. This is the Council of Elohim; we are the soul stream known as the Council of Ra’An. It is many months since we have been able to have the opportunity to speak directly [through this entity] to those people who are listening to our messages, to those souls who are taking sojourn now of being embedded life vessels in the time-space continuum of the earth’s venture.


We send greetings to you, we send Love to you. We send messages of hope to you; we send strength and endurance to you. You have carried our messages; you have carried our love; you have carried an attitude of service, benevolence and gratitude. In so doing, you have ventured to uplift not only your lives, not only yourselves and not only the healing that is imparted because of our messages to you, but also everyone who is in your life, everyone you touch, everyone you may not know, those who get wind of what it is you are creating, for you are indeed co-creators in the vast, galactic Omni-verse, which is currently shifting and shifting very, rapidly.


We extend our most heart-felt thanks to Wynn and beloved gratitude and thanks to Terry, who have undertaken this work through thick and thin. All of the many people who have been supportive and have continued moving upstream against various factors that are not always easy. This is our message for you this evening. Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you so much. Would you like to be on stand-by and we may pose one of the questions from our participants to you through Daphne?


Council of Elohim:  This is acceptable.


Wynn:  Okay, thank you.


I think we’ll start with Mary Driver; she just gave her testimonial, and she has the experience of a healing she felt an energy in her eyes. She’d like to know how she can extend this into a permanent experience, where her eyesight shifts. I’m asking that to Terry. Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We shine light upon Mary; we shine our radiance upon Mary. We are in the midst of working with Mary and we shine our radiance from the front on Mary


We ask that Mary, when she is getting ready to sleep and is in the state between sleep and waking and in the morning also, to call upon us to bring the healing energy into her. We take a further look and we see that secondarily—we speak slowly, because we do more healing—there needs to be a repair upon the minor blood vessels; there needs to be a closing off of the bleeding; we speak slowly as we work upon this.


We ask also that she again come on the call and ask further. This is the exercise for this week: In the time between sleep and waking, and waking and sleep, to picture the minor blood vessels simply healed. There is more, but this is a start and we ask that she also come in a week.


That is our information and we send Love Light. We do not close this off with Mary and we are there.


Do you have further questions for someone?


Wynn:  Yes. We have a question from Clark.


I’m going to read his question, but I’ll synthesize it and make it simple. This is me now and then I’ll read his question; things are breaking down everywhere in our country. Maybe it’s not totally visible to everybody, but those people who are looking beneath the surface are expecting financial stuff, economic stuff, weather stuff, earth changes, God knows what.


The real question here: Is there any chance of fixing those things from the top down to create new power structures, or does it have to be from the bottom up?


Before you answer that I’m going to ask his question, because I synthesized it down. That’s what I think his bottom line question is.


It seems that our need to rely on authority, top down organizational structures is fading with more people beginning to rely on self perception of what is right and beginning to reject the automatic belief in government, media, and economists running things. I do not see new models to replace authoritarian power organizations. I’ve been playing with ideas on how one might build a grass roots defensive organization structure for making decisions as a way to replace the authoritarian model but they all lack efficiency or effective values or some important aspect like supporting free will.  I think we need a new way to organize our communities and states for cooperation and efficiency.  (This is Wynn.  I translated his question slightly off. Let me keep reading as it stands.)


: “How can we retain effective and efficient efforts while preserving free will and sovereign individual choice? Are there any models existing in nature or anywhere that we can look at and learn from one-on-one, or even in small groups which fit into one room?


“I have in the past helped others navigate group consensus decisions which move the group forward. But, in larger-scale situations, with more people than fit in one room, like community government or businesses, the ability to gain trust, hold people’s attention and build consensus while preserving free will falls apart. 


“Is there any information our Sources can give us on how to set up new structures to replace old, outdated, authoritarian models which no longer serve our best interests? In other words, what can we explore and where can we look to begin to create new models to represent community interests and needs without falling back into the failings of the old, authoritarian power structures? Are we even ready for this yet? What can we do to prepare? Is there anything we can do?”


I’m just going to end there and let our Sources address that. That was a very well thought-out question Clark and thank you for submitting it.


Ra’An:  Thank you for your question. We take a look at this and we see that there are some things and we can mention some of these things that you can observe.


If you take the basic economic structure that the banks are working on, you will see that it will play out as the projections indicate. When you take a look at how they create money from thin air, then you see that eventually there will come a thin air platform which is not sustainable any longer. If you simply take the way a bank creates money and the loans that created money and then it is able to create more money from the loan money, then you can see that the system works to get more and more into thin air.


Now in the third density, a structure can be created out of something of this nature. It can then get bigger and taller and bigger and taller, but the thin air that makes it up gets more and more and eventually it has to fall. So if one is going to take a small model and then expand it of a real, solid, concrete way of handling money and making loans and the backing of money, then you will have a something that can be expanded and expanded and expanded and still be on rock-solid ground.


This is the essence of how to develop a model; however, when you have influence brought to bear by the individuals who are setting up the banks and procedures who have enough money that they are able to buy the system, then you have something that can get bigger and bigger based upon thin air and bigger and bigger, until eventually the sides are shaking; the structure is having problems; they try to Band-Aid it together and it gets taller and bigger. Eventually it will have more and more problems and something will need to be created that will work, as pockets of not working are beginning to show up, as [some] countries are no longer accepting the dollar in trade for certain energy products.


Therefore the Band-Aids eventually will not work. An interesting thing occurred concerning one individual who was attempting to set up a local currency in the area of Venice (California} and there are some attempts like this to set up local currencies or tickets to barter, or some such way that individuals in a local community can buy into and have something to trade.


We do not predict exactly how the whole scenario will play out, but in general one can take one small look at one small area and then expand the look to see how, eventually, something will hold together or something won’t hold together.


That is our look at what one can begin to put together and take a look at and observe.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I’m going to put the next question to our Sources as they speak through Daphne. For anyone who is new who is wondering how the same Sources sound different between two different people; basically, as I’ve understood it, they’re working through the structures of that person’s beingness. So where one person has the structures where they’ve studied things, they have certain emphasis in certain areas and the other person has the structures which are different, they can bring forth different sides of information and they sound different based on their individual voices, their individual personality structures.


For Daphne, we have a message from Jan in Canada. She took some pictures on her digital camera of her friend’s grandson running around playing, I guess in their back yard. On half a dozen of the pictures she saw orbs, lovely, big, round, smoky-looking orbs.


“What are they?”


I would like to add to the question. If orbs show up, would they always be representing service-to-other consciousness, or can service-to-self also turn up as orbs?


Thank you.


Daphne:  Please give us a moment. The question you have asked which Janny has posited.


The question which has been presented, and which we now take into consideration, is one of unbraiding energetic structures, moving from one dimensionality into another dimensionality, one that is akin to your visible electromagnetic spectrum and thus appears on film and also in some instances, to the eyes as a moving orb or aura of Light.


Most usually, these have colors and iridescences which take the form of gold or silver or purple-silver or lavender-silver. These are of the angelic and arch-angelic frequencies and thus are attuned to those aspects of yourself, the higher aspect of yourself, which are between what you would see as ourselves, the Elohim and the Ra group and yourself, which you would see as incarnate humans visiting the third dimensional experience.


In between the dimensions are myriad harmonic and sub-dimensions. Your soul and your soul group and your over soul extends completely through all of these dimensionalities, from the lowest to the highest. There is no value judgment given therein, just as there is no value judgments on the frequency of a note played on a musical instrument. It is simply what one hears.


As for the question presented before, as to whether the orbs or the auras are always aligned with positive energy, service-to-other energy, in general we would say this is the case, although one must always use discernment and remain in the centered heart-space of the heart-self and directly ask the inner self, the inner consciousness: “Are you Light of the highest good? Are you Love-Light frequency working for the law of All That Is, the Christed Light and the Law of One?” If the answer is yes, your whole body-mind-soul complex will resonate in reverberation of ‘yes’. If there is any quavering or doubt, it is best to turn one’s attention away from the situation.


Does this sufficiently answer your query?


Wynn:  Yes it does. Another question is: she was talking about gray orbs, “lovely, big, round, smoky-looking orbs”; I assume they were gray. I’ve seen many pictures with gray orbs; is there any special significance to gray orbs as opposed to other colored orbs?


Daphne:  As we have spoken, orbs which are positively predisposed are most usually of the hues silver, gold, bluish-silver, purplish-silver, sometimes magenta, sometimes pink. In the case of these gray orbs, these are of mixed polarity and hence should not be paid attention to. Energetically, it is best to de-focus from such mixed-polarity energetic structures.


Wynn:  Thank you. I’ll address this to Terry. This is from Greg Best. I think I’d like to make a comment on it before Terry answers me; they can correct my comment if they choose. The question is:


“What is your best advice for developing the ability for individuals to contact the Elohim directly?”


I would like to say, from my own experience of this, many people would say “I would hope that they would talk to me; I would hope that we would have verbal communications,” as we’re doing on this line. I would caution about that particular ambition, because until you’ve learned razor-sharp discernment, when you get a verbal communication, even if it says it’s the Elohim, then you don’t have the discernment yet to identify it and verify that it is who they say they are.


So there are two aspects of connecting to these high Sources, both the Elohim and the Ra group. One is verbal communication; even more important than the verbal communication is their frequency, is their energy, which we are demonstrating all the time on these lines. If you believe we’re talking to the Elohim, if you trust that, then we’re creating a reference point for their energy. As you keep exposing yourself to it, both by being on the line and by being on our grid healings, then eventually you will be able to feel that energy on your own.  You won’t need the calls.


If you start feeling that energy and then suddenly there’s a voice that’s attached to it, that would be a safe way of perhaps validating that that intelligence might be who they say they are. Even so, you must test it and test it and test it; you have to look for agendas. You also have to look at yourself and think, “Do you want to do this to get attention from other people?” Because if you are attached to the attention that doing this kind of work brings, you will very likely attract a negative source. That’s the vibe of your intent, from worshipping the highest of highs to worshipping the God of opinion. That is my experience with it.


I’ll turn it over to Terry and you can clarify or correct anything that I’ve said. Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We take a look at the people listening and their connection with us. We have a very high frequency and we communicate more with concepts than we do with words. We bring first of all the frequency, the very high frequency of Love Light, a frequency of connection in Love. This is something that you can feel by listening to the channelings or reading the transcripts, because our signature is written in between the lines.


We express our intention, our intention to assist, our intention to exchange concepts so when you have a concept, something you’re asking for assistance on, we can pick this up. Often people do not realize that we have picked this up, that we are there for you.


With Terry it took about two years before we could clearly express things, as sometimes we’ll give concepts and there will be no way to translate it. We have a translation unit; the Council of Ahn translates. The concept is the most important thing, as often there are not words to put the concept into, but the individual can grasp the concept. We have our own particular frequency which one can learn to recognize by listening to the call, by reading the transcripts whether you listen immediately or you listen in the future. The calls, the audios, or the transcripts carry the frequencies that we put there as a tag, for you to be able to sense our presence, and to get to know us.


Does that shed some light on it?


Wynn:  Yes. Thank you very much. I’m going to ask a question. We have two people who are in other countries that are not on the call tonight. One is in Finland and one is in Sweden. They’re both having some health issues and they’re both very dedicated to being on our calls. They submitted their health things that they’d like help with. Would it be better for them to be on our Sunday call and do it on our Sunday call, where they are able to be present physically? Better than bringing it up now, when they would have to listen to the replay?


Ra’An:  We see; we get an impression of Jere, and we submit that Jere can ask before going to sleep and we can, just as we have given instruction to Mary, Jere can also ask. We see that Jere is having trouble and it is based upon something that is more long-term. This needs to be resolved and worked with.  We speak slowly as we work with Jere as we speak.


We move to Bogdan and we work with Bogdan. It is also good if they can be on whatever call they can be on. It will help.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you. Another healing question is from Tracy in West Virginia; she is asking this on behalf of other people. She’s asking for help with her mother’s brain tumor, Vickie; her daughter has Hepatitis C and has had surgery, and has a staph infection. Her baby has caught the staph infection as well.


Ra’An:  Could you repeat this and speak slowly?


Wynn:  My mother’s brain tumor is back; I’d like to ask for healing for her; her name is Vickie. Then we have her daughter and her daughter’s baby, who have MRSA staph infection, and apparently Hepatitis C, at least for her daughter. The names are Brianne and Aubrey.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We are looking at the people. Thank you. We will continue to look at this situation.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Wynn:   This is a question from Edna and if Daphne is there I’ll address this to our Sources speaking to us through Daphne. Actually, she’s following through with a question that was previously asked to Terry about a difficult life situation she’s in.  Apparently, the answer was, she needs to have strong discernment in her current eventful life situation.


“I would like to better understand the particular meaning of this statement in order to apply it correctly in my day-to-day. I appreciate the support I’m getting in my life from these Sources; I would like to let them know I do notice their constant presence supporting me in my current life.”


That’s from Edna in Washington.


Ra’An:  We would like to make a brief statement before Daphne comments; we would like to say we mean to have sharp observation of what different individuals say, keen observation of body language, keen observation of what is said, so that all of these things that you observe may go into your decisions on how to proceed or how to interact in any one moment, simply to stand back for a minute and take a look; become aware of exactly what is there for you at any one moment. We do not mean to withdraw from the situation and become distant or remote, but to simply observe so that you will have more clues to put into your toolbox of things to use in proceeding forward.


We turn it over to Daphne.


Daphne:  Give us a moment, please. We register the energetic imprint and coalesce those healing vibrations that focus on the entity and soul stream known as Edna.


From our perspective, there seems to be a need for re-composure, a time for Edna to gather about her, her life force, her strength and ask for her healing guides and angels, those communicators if you will with the higher aspects of her soul-stream, which move into the space we would understand as the Elohim and the Ra to make a kind of energetic connection or bridging from the physicality matrix into the higher angelic healing matrix.


They are not so different; they are rather part of a continuum, but the healing of the higher frequencies results in the downloading, which eventually precipitates into the physical body, just as discomfort or disease as you would understand it in your realm, originates often first in an energetic imbalance or malaise which is on an emotional or psychic level first and then translates into a physical problem or demise.


We speak to Edna to see the continuum of her physical structure, her physical being at it’s root, at it’s core keeping up with the intensity of vibrancy of 1,000 solar suns; to see the light radiating outwards from her solar plexus upwards through her head, throughout her extremities – her hands and feet – and moving into her  shells, into her higher dimensional shells of 4d,  5d, 6d, 7d, 8d, 9d, 10d, 11d, 12d, 13d.  In your parlance, 13d is the Universal or monadic over-soul structure where All That Is, the One Force, the God Source, the Creator Source becomes The One Infinite Creation. It is the infinity point.


Edna, we ask you to see yourself connected with the infinity point of your ‘I am’ creator self. You are separate from no thing; you are separate from no one. Healing and Divine perfection of your bodily template is availed to you as you open your mind to complete harmonious non-judgment, complete harmonious compassion and complete harmonious love.


As you open your soul stream to these avenues of Divine compassion and Divine healing, you bridge the architecture from the Great Infinite Creator, which is yourself, through your bodily encasement.


Sickness be no more.  Adonai, Adonai, Pax Christi


Wynn:  Okay. There was one question I’m going to leave for next week that was from John. Thank you for your question tonight. Would you do me a favor and please submit it to me next week? Let me know you’re on the line, as part of your question is related to healing, particularly because you’re a new person to come into the line. You say you’ve been listening to the calls for six months now, but this is the first time you’ve addressed a question. To help make the right vibratory connection, it’s probably best for you to be on the line.


I thank all of you for being here; I thank Daphne for her contribution tonight and coming in to being on the call.


On that note, I welcome all the new people on the line tonight:

We’ll see some of you on our Sunday call. Thank you so much.



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