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Sunday Grid Healing Call – 05/27/2012
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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Transcribed by Gina Brown
Edited by Terry Brown
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn: Hi, this is Wynn. It's Sunday May 27, 2012. This is our grid healing. I want to address something. I put up the beginnings of a website. You can see it at It really tries to describe what we are doing. I learn by what I see working.


It's very unusual to have these connections with the sources that identify themselves the way they do and the experiences we're having while we're on these calls that pretty well validate, not just for me but for you that it's real and it has a very positive benefit…There’s a video introduction…

This gives me a chance to go out and do some more radio shows.


From a planetary point of view, it's really important and as it expands, it's going to create a lot of  need and fruit for many of you who are learning to hold the energy to help if you want to because it's the way we help each other that makes this work. It's not just being an audience all the time. At some level there is something everyone can do to add something to the universe in a positive way. I know some of you are finding ways to do that in your life as a result of being on these calls...


We have people doing healing requests on the call and we have planetary healing stuff. When we were originally doing this I didn't encourage people to do personal healing requests on the call because I thought it would de-focus it, but I learned that you all need to do that because how can you be giving in a planetary way if you're feeling contracted in a personal way. So I let that happen...


One of the things is, coming in for a healing doesn't mean that it's going to happen, and I don't ever want to offer false promises...For some people it happens and some people it doesn't. I've noticed that those people that come into the calls create an energetic relationship and an energy path is created and the more open your energy paths are, the more they are able to work with you...


We're going to do this thing called “putting things in the light.” We're going to create a group energy. We're already starting [to create a group energy] just because we're here, you've showed up and I'm talking and you're listening so we have the beginnings of a group energy... Then all these things that are being put into the light are going to go into the group energy. The group energy is not just us. It's us and them. So it's a really big energy. As we go through the call you'll understand better because there are really unusual energies on the call that are very uplifting and they say it's them. They say they are coming in, they're watching us and are working with the people on the call that are open to being worked with in a very personal way.


Get the idea, there is a group soul in another dimension. There are billions of souls in the group. They have a big labor force up there. The way they say it, it's their greatest delight to be called on to help in this realm. They honor free will so somebody has to call on them and ask for their help. Otherwise they don't intrude. Now I believe that when people use the word “God” and pray it's one way of calling on these higher forces. They don't have to know all we know about how they operate. If a person has a pure intent, the pure intent lets them be visible through the veil, so assistance can be added.


On these calls we're having direct interface where they are telling us how it works. They do not present themselves as God. In fact, early on I said, “Do you guys really like to be worshipped?” (Elohim is the name for God in the old Testament and the Book of Mormon) They said, “Not really. Worship creates a separation.” The whole universe is one energy. They are a higher aspect of us, we are a lower aspect of them. In our realm there is a tendency to separate from that higher aspect. On this call we can reconcile this separation, so it's like they are high level energy friends. As long as the things we ask for are in the highest good of all concerned and honor free will, they are available to help adjust energies so things can happen that wouldn't have happened otherwise.


Thank you for listening. Okay, let's put some things in the light.


Gijs: Thank you Wynn. I ask for all energies coming around us, as they are more active, that they turn out for the highest good of all and everyone finds space in their hearts to absorb this.


Jean: I'd like to put the elementals, light workers, animals, children, Wynn’s sister Joanne, and Carla Rueckert in the light.


Gina- O’ahu; Hawaii: I'd like to put the beloved Whales and Dolphins as always in the light for complete and total protection and since today is Memorial Day weekend I ask that everyone remember who they truly are, absorb the energies, and Gaia too with all the changes. Thank you.


Wynn: Everyone is holding the energies and people are more open to things now than ever before.


Susan- Mesa: I'd like to put my friend Joanne in Scottsdale in the light. She has a big health issue and she needs to be put in the light. She's in the hospital now.


Wynn: She is. Okay. Next.


Gary-Redondo Beach: I'd like to put myself in the light and ask for the Elohim to give me whatever support I can get to help me sort out the crisis.


Wynn: If you feel comfortable doing it, can you say what your experiencing symptomatically?


Gary: Okay, well I just dropped to zero. I have 102° fever, no other symptoms- no diarrhea, no vomiting, just no energy. The doctors think it's my kidneys but I feel it's much bigger than that.


Jan: I'd like to put my mom Betty and her eyesight in the light. She gave her verbal permission and I'm happy that she did so- she has macular degeneration.


Wynn: Terry, is there a doctor that is a specialist with macular degeneration?


Terry: Yes, his specialty is macular degeneration. [He says] if ones eyesight is 20/80 with macular degeneration he can generally bring it back to 20/20. He can help make very good advances. His name is Jerry Tennant in Texas.


Jan: Thank you. I’ll look that up on the internet.


Terry: He does consultations over the phone and he’s in Texas.


Wynn: Next.


Zoe- Sacramento: I'd like to ask for love-light for all the women in the world who use their bodies in ways they don't want to and to young girls to be given support and a safe place out of situations for themselves and for my gallbladder and the changes in my body from the solar flares maybe but to bring me back into balance.


Carolyn- California: I'd like to put in the love/light Syria, Afghanistan, union workers, women everywhere for more access to education and birth control, soldiers becoming true peacekeepers, ending corruption in governments in Asia, middle East. Africa, America and ending corruption in the bank's, the police, the businesses, love/light for the whales and dolphins and protection from hunters, and an increase in plankton which is their food base and we've lost 40% of it, the seaweed, kelp, coral, icebergs, glaciers, North and South poles, for healing the holes in the ozone layer, healing for the Gulf of Mexico, endangered species like polar bears and birds everywhere, and those that are working for ways to the discover substitutes for oil based fuels to get more healing for the planet, for the economic life of America and all countries, and that there be more resources available for all, organic farmers and protection from companies like Monsanto and to also protect the bees and the insects everywhere and protection and assistance for women everywhere so their children can  be better taken care of. Love/light and for Terry, Wynn, and for everything that we all need and thank everybody for the time and effort and thought every week. That's it.


Mel – England: I'd like to put Roger Walters (sprint coach in England) in the light for more healing. He is responding well, and all power for everyone listening that everyone step into their power and their 'I am' presence.


Wynn: Next.


Marilyn– Oxford; MI: I'd like to put myself in the light, particularly my legs and my feet and Daphne, Wynn, and Terry in the light and everyone on this line, and the government so the truth come forward in every aspect of all of our candidates for president, and every aspect of our government.


Wynn: I second that one. What's the matter with your legs?


Marilyn: I have peripheral artery disease and I can hardly walk.


Wynn: Email me I might have something I can suggest to you.


Marilyn: The doctors want me on cholesterol medication and I won't take it.


Gary- L.A.: I’d like to put in the love and light the dark negative grid of the Archons have put around this planet that causes conflict amongst human beings on this planet. There is a worldwide meditation today to get rid of the negative energies (in the Etheric and Astral planes) of the earth.


Janis- Richmond; VA: I'd like to put Bill Bracker in the light and his incarceration and his decision to go forward with a court date to confirm his participation in Navy seal activities and liberation of the freedom of rights in America as well as people around the world from those that hold the power under the table so to speak. I ask light and love for his protection as he pursues this for our behalf.


I'd like to put myself in the love/light for releasing me of the sadness that seems pervasive in my life and the isolation. I would like help in opening my heart to receive love and to be confident that that is happening and to connect with my higher self and awareness of that connection that I may use it and benefit from it on a daily basis.


Wynn: Janis, I wanted to tell you that we have a program called Teamshift and one of the things that is true for many, many, many really evolved people on this planet is they feel alienated and that is standard for that to occur. Teamshift is little meetings of 5 people or so every day for 10 minutes calling in the light and you get to know each other and you get a little phone community just like we're doing here but you get much more personal attention. I wanted to suggest that you and anyone else that is listening if you feel this might benefit you to go to There's a little form that you just fill out. Edna is coordinating that. She's volunteering. There are different groups meeting at different times all around the world. She'll find a time that's good for you and introduce you to that group. It's a really good way to help you feel connected with highly intended people.


Janis: Thank you.


Wynn: If you can't figure it out email me. You can respond to any of our emails. I usually get it. If I don't respond to you email me again. I try to respond to everything but there are days when things fall through the cracks. Next.


Marilyn- CA: I'd like to put myself in the light for major anxiety over an illegal, unlawful arrest towards me and I hired an attorney who says he'll dismiss it. I need to put him in the light. His name is Tim Gomes in San Mateo; California.- who I cannot afford and can’t figure out how to pay for it.


Terri -West VA: I'd like to put my grandson Christopher in the love/light. He was sick and my granddaughter Kaitlyn. She was in the hospital and had a virus and she got out and is doing much better now and I'd also like to put into the love and light the ring of fire today- that's all thanks.


Wynn: Next.


Jim – Tomball, TX: I'd like to put myself in the light and everybody who suffers from depression because I find myself in a pretty depressed state right now. I could use some spiritual help.


Wynn: Again I'll mention Teamshift:  It's okay to come as you are. If you start attending those things frequently for a few weeks it can help you shift your energies. Next.


Gary- Redondo Beach: I forgot one major thing- something I've been so heart connected with for 30 years. It felt like my heart got crushed the same morning. (Affiliation with that group.)


Wynn: Okay. Next.


Rahmi- Charleston; SC: Greetings to everyone, I'd like to put Terry, Wynn, Daphne, and everyone on the call and all aspects of their lives in the light, and all children around the world in the light and all aspects of their lives, and Karen Sims for healing from surgery in the light and I'd like to put all aspects of my life in the light.


Bogdan  – Sweden: I'd like to put the protection and growth of the rain forest into the love/light for the highest good of all concerned.


Wynn: And Bogdan , put your health into the light.


Bogdan : (laughs) Okay, I put my health into the light for healing.


Wynn: I don't mean to boss you around. They said one time, just ask over and over again. It helps reiterate it.


Gary- LA: I'd like to add me in the love/light.


Wynn: Is your health okay, Gary?


Gary: Yeah, it's very good- I want to fly.


Gijs: I'd like to put Nan Garland our dear friend from Paradise- she passed away last week- I want to send her much love and support with finding the tunnel of light to safely reach the other side. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


Rahmi: Hi, I couldn't get back on the line for some reason..


Wynn: You did an application for teamshift, right?


Rahmi: Yes, I spoke with Edna.


Wynn:  I just making sure the wheels are turning. Next. There's someone out there that's really shy.


Daphne: I’m not very shy. I'd like to put Wynn, Terry, and everyone on this call and everyone doing this work on the planet in love/light at this time for balance, awareness, discernment, and healing. Today is Pentecost in the liturgical Western calendar which traditionally is considered the descent of the Holy Spirit to the physical domain. It's when the Christ’s apostles began to speak in tongues. Pentecost means 50 so it's the fiftieth day after Easter. Thank you so much. God bless you all.


Wynn:  Thank you. Wonderful to have you.


Carolyn- Alameda: I'd like to send love and light for my grandson who had surgery on his feet and his name is Jacob.


Wynn:  Thank you. Do we have that shy person who was thinking, “I don't want to talk, but I want to talk.”


Tammy- Playa Del Ray: I'd like say something real quick. I'd like to put myself, my mother, and my brother and my father in the light- we need help with healing and financial assistance and also my friend John here in the Playa Del Rey area- he has some problem with his legs and they won’t heal so I'm asking for assistance for him. He's very overweight and emotionally depressed and he has sores on his legs that won't heal. He's being taken care of. They keep wrapping his legs trying to get them to heal.


Wynn: Email me I might have something to suggest. Next. Tammy didn't sound like the shy one. Who's the shy person?


Janis- Richmond: That may have been me. I've already spoken but I'm still just as shy as I was before I did. I really didn't think I was going to say anything so you may still be feeling that.


Wynn: Still feeling your shyness.


I am so glad you're speaking up at this part of it because you are part of it and I feel the connection. When you talk, when you say something, you start opening up your energy frequencies into the mix. After you're here regularly you can do it silently but when you're first coming on it's the humanness in all of us that is so important. We are all part of it, we're each a piece of it. In this realm people lose it, they forget it. They can get disconnected. It's part of being a human. So it's great when you speak up because it starts to make a connection. It gets the juices flowing on the other side. So thanks for speaking up.


Janis: I'd like very much to request healing for my family, myself and my son and daughter and their immediate families. There is some kind of difficulty in sharing love and I know we are all on our own journeys but I also know that we can all use help from the same source so I ask for that. Thank you.


Wynn: You know one of the ways that I learned that it works is that each of you is a repeater station so when you get your connection it can repeat to those you have energetic connections to, yourself. They don't have to understand but the process is, as I see it from just observing it, you'll make an energy connection to them and through you, you'll make an energy connection to the people you have energy connections with, people you care about, and it can flow that way.


We know it works if you read my story, you know about my sister. That was the first time I ever experienced that when I was first with Daphne in 2002 and I asked them if they could help my sister and they said they could. I didn't really believe it. She had this critical operation and her cancer went successfully. I still didn't believe it. I thought it was coincidence until a few weeks later where she had to go for tests and the nurse said your cancer is [gone] but there is something's wrong with the tests. They kept testing her. Her Lupus went away and Lupus never goes away on the tests. So I went back and I asked them, “How did you do that?”  They said, “We just projected a filter into her blood and took the Lupus out.”


We're on this call and they are able to project into our systems but you have to be trusting. So it's one of the reasons to come into the calls to see if you can trust the energy. Especially when somebody's first coming into the calls. You should test this. You shouldn't believe it. You should come in until you feel the energies and trust it because that's when things start to happen but you can't push the river. You can't trust it until you trust it. Then you can open up and you''ll have your own direct connection, your own direct relationship.


Gary-LA.: About this resetting of this etheric and astral plane grid that's happening today. It's my understanding that this negative energy controls and manipulates human personal relationships and its been doing it for 1,000s of years and this grid is the reason for most of the human conflicts. In other words, I want to love my neighbor but I can't muster it up. Why can't I?  This most powerful light/love energy that we're tapping into and asking for to help heal, if there's a physical grid around the planet that resists and stops us from being able to love our neighbors  and love other people and be able to reach in with love, if this is a physical grid, it seems like it's a very, very important grid to go after and negate this negativity around the planet. The rebooting of the grid last Sunday on the eclipse was very successful. It's my understanding this is the last grid around this planet and I want to re-emphasize that since the planet is shifting and we are advancing so fast right now that it's important to get rid of these outside influences, that are influencing any kind of negativity upon us as we're trying to grow and evolve. I say this with love/light.


Thank you so much. I also put my family into the love/light.


Wynn: Gary, I want to make a comment about what you said. There are many groups out there and there many channelers that say various things are going on. Some of them are legitimate and some of them have agendas. I don't have the time nor do I want to take the time to evaluate what everyone else does or what they say or the model they are working on. You used the term 'Arcons.'  I'm not sure what that is.


Gary:  I don't know either. I don't know.


Wynn:  One of the tricky things about the negative is they will come in and create these elaborate models of how things are working in order to get people's energy and get a following. I do know that the earth has been surrounded by something called a veil. I know that's true and I do know there are forces on the other side that keep that veil in check  I also know that you can't confront the negative directly. If you said, “Get rid of the negative. Get rid of them, push them back.”  In terms of our sources you're violating their free will. They have free will. It would be like saying, “Let's shoot all the negative and get rid of them.”  When we asked that question, they said, “Well, if we just shot them, they'd come back on another planet in the future to do the same thing.”   So it doesn't get rid of them. It's just a temporary fix.


The way I understand that it has to work is you can't polarize yourself with what's negative. If you are against it you give it power just by being against it. You have to rise above it and send energy down into this realm from above it which is what we're doing on this call and find the cracks in the spaces in between whatever is negative for the energy to come in. Now I don't know if the model you're paying attention to is a correct model at all.


Sometimes people say, “So and so is doing a meditation. So and so is doing a healing.”  When I've gone in and attended those things, I don't feel the same energies as I feel on our call. Maybe I'm missing it. Maybe I'm egocentric. I don't know, but I don't feel it in the same way. There are people that I do feel it with like Steve Rother in Las Vegas who channels “The Group”...when he channeled I could feel a good energy in the room...


But ... I don't want to get into (judging whether something is bad or good). I just tell people to check us out and feel the energy of it, feel the resonance of it and come to your own conclusion. If I was taking everybody's inventory, I'd suddenly have a lot of enemies, “Wynn said you weren't good, Wynn said you were negative,” and it would not support the work we're doing to create that kind of polarization... In general things that are against something you have to look at carefully to see if there's a polarization... It's not my job, to focus on it. I had to learn about it so I could get my discernment razor sharp.


Daphne: If I could make a comment. I think what this is in reference to a frequency control fence or a frequency control net which I do believe it exists. Lisa Renee, whose work I respect, talks about this in more depth. There are many people and groups on the planet who in my experience who are doing very heartfelt work. As Wynn said, it’s important not to take inventories and say, “This one's doing good work or that one's not doing not so good work.” The trick is if you can go into a space of absolute silence and centeredness in yourself and be completely at peace with a group, with a teaching, with a prayer, with a meditation. It doesn't matter if it's your local Catholic church, or a Buddhist Zen center or communing in the woods, or being on this call. They are all are valid. The thing about this call, people can actually speak with each other about their experiences. In more traditional forms of organized religion sometimes people don't feel as free to talk about it. I wanted to share that.


Gina: We love you, Daphne!


Daphne: You, too.


Marilyn: Thank you for coming on the line Daphne.


Gijs: This makes me think of the channeling you had on BBS radio on Monday from Darryl Anka from Bashar. I think that was very powerful. That said, “Don't dwell on the negative.”


Wynn: That's why I played it because he was saying he's not going to talk about it any more. The bottom line is, the negative is really powerful and they hold the power cards. If you start looking at it you can get afraid because they are that powerful. You have to look at it to increase your discernment, not to get afraid, and go above it and find our own way of being positive and it's at a grass roots level. That’s what we’re doing here, grass roots level of being positive and not being against the things. Whatever you're against gives power to what you're against and unless you have enough power to feed it, which none of us have, it's not worth being against it, because they have the power.


The way things are going to shift is that enough people shift on a grass roots level that it shifts the collective. So the truth does have to come out and people have to know how they've been hypnotized, how they've been controlled, and how the media controls them...


Whatever you talk about you invoke. Some of you may have heard the crop circle call where we slipped into something and then they said the negative was watching us because we slipped into it. See, it's that fast. We're dealing with a group matrix energy that is not just information. It's an energy that pervades the universe. So what we talk about when we're in that energy, we're actually bringing in the energy of what we talk about. So we have to talk about it a just a little bit so people have discernment. We don't want to focus on these calls in being against things. That doesn't mean that there's not a lot of injustice in this world because there is. So we send light to the injustice for the highest good of transformation that those things that are negative have the option to switch polarity and they may not because it's free will.


Gijs:  I want to send much love to your sister Joanna that her pain may disappear and she feel lots of love in her heart and also to her husband.


Wynn:  My sister's spirits are a little higher. A few months ago I thought she was going to die. She was in so much pain that she wanted to die. Recently they had a test and found out she has tuberculosis. She had it when she was younger and it was still in her system and it was causing her pain. So they are going to probably go through a long process of treating the tuberculosis and hopefully that will help her tremendously. We ask her sources to help with that as well in whatever they can do.


Marsha: I'd like to put Jim Cole in the light for his legal proceedings this coming two weeks and my mother's having back surgery on Wednesday. She's also in quite a lot of pain. I just want to put that in the light.


I and several people were lead to read a near death experience. It moved everyone tremendously who read it. Years ago in the 1930's, this man crossed over in a near death experience and then came back. He ended up in a beautiful place where he felt enormous joy and happiness. Everyone there did. He asked them, “Why am I so happy here?” They said, “You ended up here because you have your heart open and there's only 30% of you that's negative or less,” and they said,  “Everyone here is 30% or less negative and there's a master frequency that is able to convert that 30% or less to the positive.”


[Wynn does the visualization.]


Jean (calls in the light) Our one infinite Creator we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the positive center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the planetary fields, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of the Earth, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group connection, a blending of all our energies while maintaining the sovereignty integrity of our individual souls and we invite those sources that are positive, in service to others, operating in the Law of One, honoring the Christed energy to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now. We send this energy to the planet and each of us individually for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you and I'm glad to be of service and we turn this over to (Daphne and then to) Terry.


Daphne (Elohim): We bid you greetings this lovely afternoon day from this locale in which we receive from this transmitting personage the state you would know as Massachusetts- the place you would know as Cape Cod, the hallowed Indian grounds you would know as being in the province of the Wampanoag.


It's our great privilege to send to you harmonious tidings of a solar and galactic phasing, an alignment which is now taking shape and form and geometrically coalescing into various higher octaves, of frequency co-ordinates in the reconfiguration of tectonic plates of your North American sphere in the Eastern Continental shelf.


We have on this line representatives from Europe, North America, and at times other parts of the world which we are attempting to bring together into an ascended frequency state and which allows a seamless transmission, a 'connectivity,' to use your technological term, of 24/7 a continuous in-streaming, a continuous downloading of  the trans galactic harmonic of this Christ consciousness onto your planetary sphere and into the particulate density which allows the heaven and the Earth realms to mesh, interchange, meet where the worlds collide. We are attempting to bring stabilization, equilibrium and balance between these cosmic forces and to harmonize the frequency resulting in an alignment at an evermore refined harmonic allowing reconfiguration of the templates imbued in the soul stream and matrices of all those present on the planet carrying the Christed light frequency at this time. As we are able to transmute the Christed soul stream into your so-called upgraded DNA you shall notice various bodily symptoms transpiring: a slight touch of coolness on the skin, a feeling of internal expanded awareness, a heightening of perception, depth of color, depth of field, a heightened acuity of vision, of hearing, of smell, of taste, a sense that you indeed are transcending time and space for when one comes into perfect equilibrium within the self and joins with the Christed over-soul self in the monad here on the physical template of the earth one is able to stop time and transcend  space. You become visceral light bearing anchors and centers and carry the net and the wave of God consciousness onto your very planet. You are not separate from what is happening here. Your souls have all incarnated and chosen this time and incarnated on this path at this time to be here at this juncture of time and space and herald in this call. We thank you for your participation in this work and it is with great reverence that we bid to you welcome, welcome into the galactic community of light anchors,  Adonai, adonai sabaoth om pax christos  OMMMMM.


Terry (RA’AN) We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator. We are available and in the space of each and every one of you to reach out and to touch us and to make a connection with each and every one of you that wishes a connection to be made and of the people you have put in the light we are mindful and working with them, each and every one of them that wishes the healing.


Joanne in the hospital in Scottsdale.


Bill Bracker [in the light.]


Janis in the sadness and the difficulty with the family and to each and every one of your family members we are sending love/light that they may get some relief from any disharmony that they are working through, and support.


To Gary in Redondo Beach for support and we say to you that your own track, your own work is viewed and goes down in time, the good work that you do with each individual you work with. You’re a support for the people and the organization can gain by whatever support you give to people. It is a new look at it that you are a creator in the area of your work and your organization does whatever it will, but your track is written in time and you are an example for your organization even though they may be going off in their own way. We send love/light for your health and renewal of your energy.


To Marilyn we send support, we send energy and increase of electrical potential to your legs and your feet. We then take a look at your postulate that the truth of the candidates be known and add that the truth of what they can really offer in a service-to-other mode be made known.


To Marilyn in California we send support and we send support to the attorney Tim Gomes that this debacle of justice be unwound and be looked at by people who can determine the unraveling of what has happened, and the trail of what really happened and it can release you.


We send support to Jim Stevens in Tomball, Texas and we look at the energy in various places around Tomball suggest that perhaps he could find some uplifting place to go and some uplifting people to be with for a time to shift, even momentarily, to shift his mood. We look deeper and we see things within the life that are used as a basis for psychological feeling of stability and support and we see that there are areas where some of these things that a person ordinarily relies on, for support within their own psyche for instance people around them supporting them, are not supporting and we see the need for finding support and suggest the finding of individuals that can then give support.


We send love/light to Rahmi and for Karen Sims for healing of the surgery and we send love/light to Rahmi and put him in the light.


For Bogdan   we feel so much joy. We send healing for Bogdan. We speak slowly as we are there.


To Nan Garland - we hold her in our love/light and she feels it and she feels loved and she feels whole.


To Tammy in Playa Del Rey we send love. We send love to her mother, and father, and brother and to John we offer help, however it is he that needs to ask.


To Jim Cole we send continued support and thank Jim for his service. For Marsha's mother we also send support for back surgery. We are speaking slowly as we are moving in time and sending love/light for the surgery.


For Terri in West Virginia. We send healing to granddaughter Kate and to Christopher.


We take a look at the Ring of Fire and we see that there are potential earthquake probabilities and some of this has to adjust and to realign and we send love/light to the areas and for moderation.


To the whales and the dolphins we see and invited them before we began speaking to be part of the call and we see areas where the whales and the dolphins have become concerned about situations within their pods. One of the situations is the moving of the magnetic field and the realignment that they need to go through and experience and we work with them on that.


We send healing to the rainforest and we see many trees that are gone and we see the oxygen that it creates and the balance it creates for the planet and we send love/light to all elements of the rainforest and to the individuals who have the rainforest in their care that they may take into account the balance of the rainforest and the health of the world.


We send love/light to children everywhere and to light workers.


We send love/light to Carla Rueckert.


And we send love/light to Joanne for healing of her tuberculosis.


To Jan in Ontario:  We send calming of anxiety to Betty about her eyesight and we send avenues that she may reach down toward healing and lastly we send love/light to her eyes.


Also, to Mary in Kentucky we send cessation of bleeding within her eyes so that she may attain to better eyesight.


To Zoe we send love/light for healing within the whole digestive system and in the gallbladder that it may be free of stones and that this can then help put her body into balance.


To Syria we see the fighting and the conflict and the agony and the suffering and we take a look and we offer our services to individuals there who can take advantage of them.


To Roger Walters we send continued healing.


To all species that are becoming endangered we send continued support for their survival and the lives of each individual within the group.


To the Gulf of Mexico we send healing and we still see the problem with the Corexit in the water and the contact with the Corexit with the animals [and] the shellfish that are seeking to survive and have had the oil within their systems compromised by the chemical that was added to the water to disperse the oil as it is disbursing the oil within their life systems.


We send protection to the bees and the bats. We speak slowly as we are looking at the pesticides that they may be dismantled and that there be new fresh leadership in the area of organic farming and in the area of providing of seeds for the world and that the systems of ancient times of saving the seeds be allowed to continue.


We send support to the individuals who are on the vigil today concerning the Archon grids and we suggest if anybody is going to be on that to very much take protection. This we do not say a whole lot about although we know a great deal about it as it is getting into a negative area that is difficult and we suggest it needs more work but technology is not at a point yet to do this work. We do see that the calling together of people who are working to send love/light into this area by virtue of them doing it does increase the percentage of the heart opening that is available to the peoples of Earth and this is good.


We turn the program back over to Wynn Free. We leave you but we do not leave you and we thank Daphne so much for her participation. Adonai.

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