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Angel Talk with Carla and Terry


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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

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Host: Wynn Free
Guest: Carla Rueckert

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:   Hello everybody, this is Wynn Free. This is Monday, May 28, 2012 and this is our Monday conference call-BBS simulcast. 


By the way, if you ever thought of joining Team Shift, Edna is the person who coordinates it:


Caller:  Hi, Carla, hope you are feeling better!


Carla:  Let the Love flow unbounded.


Wynn:  There you go. Thank you all for being here, those of you who keep coming on the line. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard our conference line check in before, Carla, but that’s what it sounds like. We have this beautiful bunch of people who somehow find us interesting and keep coming back. It’s actually not because we’re interesting, but because their energies are present with us. You know what I mean by that.


Carla:  Yes, we were talking earlier about the fact that we just empty ourselves out and let ourselves be transparent and the love flows through us, not from us, but through us.


Wynn:  Yes.


Carla:  We make a space for it to do that.


Wynn:  Anyone who thinks we’re great is making a mistake. Anyone who thinks we’re exalted is making a mistake. We just all found ourselves in situations that if we didn’t do them we’d feel guilty because it was that powerful. Somehow we had to find a way to be human and let this situation occur around us. That’s my way of looking at it and I think that’s true in each person’s case on the line here. I ask Terry sometimes before these calls, “Terry, are you ready?” She’ll say, “I’m never ready.”


Carla:  That’s a new kind of battery: ‘Never-Ready’.


Wynn:  Let’s plug into Terry’s ‘Never-Ready’ batteries. I think that’s just another way of saying she’s showing up and going to be transparent; she’s just there. In all of our cases we are who we are on this line. When I first started doing this, I didn’t know I could be who I was. I thought I had to be something special, act like something special. Did you ever go through that, Carla?


Carla:  No. I was protected from that; I was totally involved from the beginning in learning how to channel better. I was pretty much the librarian and researcher with the whole thing, trying to figure out what made this reading better, or not so good, trying to figure out how I could serve better. The ego was never involved at all; I never thought about it; I was just busy trying to do better.


Wynn:  You were already a seasoned movie star.


Carla:  You’re talking about don’t think of us as exalted?” A couple of times I have been forced to show that movie to people who insisted on putting me on a pedestal. That’s my go to for knocking myself off the pedestal, to show that movie.


Wynn:  When I first met Carla and I discovered the movie, she lost this, but I sent it to her. I made like a little Word file and there were clips of the movie on the internet. I would take the clips. There was this one clip of Carla lying in a bed; I don’t think you were scantily dressed. Were you scantily dressed in that scene?


Carla:  Probably, was I tied up?


Wynn:  Probably, I don’t remember. She had a telephone to her ear and I put a little caption under it and I said, “Carla calling Ra.”


Carla:  For those of you who don’t know about the movie:


My research partner Don Elkins and I were trying to break into the movie business so we could make a movie out of a book we’d written called The Crucifixion of Esmeralda Sweetwater. So we found a guy who said, “Listen, if you’ve got a script that has sex and violence in it I’ll support it”. He wanted to make movies for the drive-in. Don and I hunkered down to write a movie with sex and violence in it. Of course it turned out to be a comedy; what could we do?


The day before shooting, the lady who was going to play the topless role—there’s the sex—she read the script, finally and she quit on the spot. She said, “I am not a comedienne; I am a star!” She took off and all of a sudden we didn’t have our topless person. Here I am with a ‘racklette’, rather than a ‘rack’, a very small bosom and the only one around. We don’t have anybody else that’s female; so I became the topless one. It was crazy, because I was also the script secretary and I was trying to keep track of each scene, when it began and when it ended on the tape for the camera and so forth. I didn’t have my shirt on for about three days.


It turned out to be a movie that is unique, I will say that. It’s really bad. But on the other hand, it catches something and a lot of people who have seen it say, “You know, I wish you’d gotten it out there more because it definitely would become an occult film.


Wynn:  If anybody wants to see Carla topless, what is the name of the movie?


Carla:  The Girl Snatchers


Wynn:  Just do a search: ‘the girl snatchers Carla Rueckert’.


Carla:  I don’t think I used my name, I think I made up a name.


Wynn:  Did you? Look up ‘the girl snatchers Carla’. I actually think your name is on there, as I recall. If you do a search I think it shows up Carla Rueckert.


Carla:  I’m proud of that movie, Wynn, because over half of all of the movies that get started, I mean big budget movies and stuff, they never leave the can. They never make it to the screen. Somehow I managed to push people through and get it all done and it made it to the screen; it was seen by various people in the South mostly. The neat thing of it was that the first night of the three night run, it would only pull a little bit because there was a better known movie against it. After that word of mouth was so much that we got everybody. Our numbers were fantastic; everybody was wanting to see this crazy film. We managed to make a film crazy enough to be notable.


I’m proud of it for the simple reason that we did it and it came out.


Wynn:  Carla, you missed your calling. It’s like I think the reason everybody went to see it was because of you.


Carla:  I guess so, because I did everything on the movie; I wrote it, I did the costumes, the props, the special effects, me with special effects; that was a riot. I did it all: The set design; for set design I went down to the Salvation Army, it’s a big place downtown. They have a great big place where they put furnishings back together and put them out to the stores to resell. I told them, I said, “I have $27 and I desperately need to furnish my apartment”. I dressed like a person who only has $27. He said, “Okay you can have anything you want for $27.” So I got the entire set decorated for $27.


Wynn:  Let me say we are talking about Carla Rueckert topless, but that’s not why she’s on this show.


Carla:  No, not at all.


Wynn:  We will get to the reason why she’s on the show in just a moment. We were talking, Carla and I, when you can be anything you can be and when you can be authentically yourself, it’s the easiest way for people to tune into the crazy stuff we do, the stuff that’s not normal; stuff that’s interdimensional.


Carla reminded me of a story, this is a short one. I know people don’t like to hear my stories, because I tell so many of them; but this one’s funny. At one point in my life years ago, I had a partner and we had a product. We went to some gift shows. We were actually doing fairly well selling this product at gift shows. We went to the New York stationery show, which was a huge very professional show.


We got to New York and we had neglected to book a hotel. When we tried to get a hotel everything was booked. The only place we could get a room was at the YMCA, so we stayed at the YMCA in Manhattan. Of course, there was a public bathroom; you’d go to the bathroom and there would be all these signs that said “If you want to get laid, Shirley’s in Room 7” and I won’t go on to the other signs that were on the men’s room walls, but they were just full of solicitations like that.


We went back to the bedroom we were sharing. It was pretty dirty; we tried to get it all together. In the morning we had to go to the New York stationery show. We neglected to bring a table cloth for our table. What we did was: we took all the bedding off the bed, took it down to this very professional show, put it on the table, tried to cover up the stains, and we went through the show. We actually were successful.


I think we sold $40,000 worth of product at that show, it was more money than either of us ever believed was possible to do in three days. It was all on the YMCA’s bedspread.


Carla:  Congratulations for that, Bud.


Wynn:  It wasn’t as good as making a movie, Carla, particularly topless.


Let’s get back to the real part of the show. Now that we’ve relaxed the energy everyone knows we’re human. Just to give a proper introduction, if there is anyone new: Carla went on. She had a partner whom she made the movie with named Don Elkins. Don had a hobby, an avocation, an interest in what’s commonly called channeling. He would lead channeling groups, was it in Louisville?


Carla:  Yes.


Wynn:  In Louisville, Kentucky. He would get all these different people to channel. There were people who were channeling deceased friends and other people; there were people who were channeling those who said they were in spacecraft and E.T.s.


At one point Carla was channeling and Don asked a very deep question, not the normal question, apparently. When he asked the question Carla immediately went into a deep trance and this voice came through her that said “I am Ra.” No one knew who Ra was. Ra said, I’m paraphrasing, “Because of the nature of the depth of your question, it called on us to bring our message through.” For the next four years Carla was answering questions from Don and this Ra voice was answering through her.


Ra was explaining itself to be not an individual entity, not a deceased entity, but a group entity. They called it a social memory complex; I call it, sometimes, a group soul. They said they were outside of time and that they had had bodies and had gone through evolution; they had gone through millions of years of evolution and they had evolved to the point where they didn’t have bodies. They operated as a team.


Carla:  They had bodies, but the bodies were made of Light.


Wynn:  Not bodies as we would know them, they were ‘energy bodies’, so to speak and they were a helper and guide for planets at lower levels of evolution where the inhabitants of the planets were still going through reincarnation. They had particularly chosen this group, the Carla Rueckert-Don Elkins channeling group, to speak to, because they felt that this group had a very high intent. Normally when they come through people the communication gets corrupted. They were having a hard time finding anyone down here that they could trust to bring their messages through and they chose Carla and Don.


Carla:  And Jim.


Wynn:  For four years—and Jim, was Jim there at the beginning?


Carla:  Yes, as a matter of fact he was the reason that it came though at all, because he had so much energy and he was an incredibly good battery. I was only able to carry that very high vibration because I had that energy from Jim to support me. It was sort of like Don was ‘Wisdom’, I was ‘Love’, and Jim was ‘Power’. That was the triangle.


Wynn:  For three years, from 1981 to 1984 I think, there was this series of questions about who Ra was; how they worked, how the Universe worked, all kinds of questions that I don’t believe the answers were ever presented for public consumption in the history of humanity. The question is: is it true? Were they really who they said they were? This is where you have to actually read their words, which you can download for free at Carla’s website. You can buy the books if you want hardcopies; you sell the books on your website right?


Carla:  Yes. One neat thing that is going to happen soon is that people will be able to purchase the actual Ra sessions and listen to them as they were originally done; I think its $3.00 a download.


Wynn:  The audios. Stay tuned; watch for the sessions; you can read the PDF’s for free. When I was originally doing the study of David Wilcock, the way I ran into Carla is that David kept raving about her. He had an abridged version of the Law of One; it’s called the Ra: Law of One series.


He had an abridged version on his website and I read it. Then I went to Carla’s website. I said, “Hmm, is this woman for real?” Then I went to Laughlin, because I heard Carla was going to give a talk there and I wanted to meet her. I wanted to look in her eyes, so I drove to Laughlin. I don’t think she knew I was coming.


Carla:  I invited you.


Wynn:  Did I talk to you on the phone before that?


Carla:  Yes. I think it was email, but I invited you. You were so surprised that I would actually let you in.


Wynn:  Right. I went to Laughlin, came in; we had dinner together; she did a little channeling session for her group. My most memorable event there was manning Carla’s table, because as a speaker she had a table. She kept raving that I was the best Ra book salesman that she ever saw.


Carla:  Oh! You’re the best salesman in the Universe.


Wynn:  She never gave me any commissions either, that’s okay.


Carla is my guest on our Monday call once a month. If you’re on our schedule, you can watch for it; if you’re not, it’s the fourth Monday on the call. We’ve had conversations about all kinds of things on this call from ETs to Jesus to love; we usually pick a topic. The topic this evening was, Carla suggested this, I had an irate email from somebody that said, “Why don’t you let Carla pick a topic? Why do you always pick a topic?”


I said “Carla, what do you want to talk about?” She gave me a bunch of choices and we came up with angels. I decided, not being an absolute expert on angels, that I was going to let Carla and Terry talk to each other about angels and I would be in the background. Before we do that, I thought I’d help get the juices flowing.  I was going to ask Carla and Terry to say what they really like about each other and then we could start. I happen to know they like each other; that’s why I can ask that, otherwise I could be in big trouble. Who should we start with?


Terry, who do you think we should start with?


Terry:  You can start with me.


Wynn:  I can? That’s very bold of you. What do you like about Carla and how has Carla touched you?


Terry:  She has a very loving nature which is open and it’s accepting and gives a person love. I think that’s one of the main things a person needs; it’s a real carrier wave for these things she brings through, because that shows and comes out. I feel accepted and nurtured. I also like the openness with which she can bring through the Q’uo, and before, the Ra group. All of that touches me.


Wynn:  That was great, thank you. Carla, your turn.


Carla:  Okay. I love Terry because Terry is an incredibly honest and authentic person; she is true to herself at all times. She’s dedicated to serving even when it’s uncomfortable, even when it takes her out of her comfort zone; she simply wants to serve. She does a beautiful job of it and I love her channeling and everything about Terry. I haven’t met you in person, but I think if we could meet we probably would just be giving each other a great big hug.


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Terry, do you have any rebuttal? Terry used to be a legal secretary.


Carla:  Rebuttal? This is a debate?


Terry:  No, it just really touches me.


Carla:  We just spoke, Wynn.


Wynn:  All right. Now I’m going to shut up. We have two fairly shy people I think. I don’t know if I’d call Carla shy. You do have a shy side.


Carla: When I’m being me I’m shy, but when I’m letting Spirit flow then Spirit’s not shy.


Wynn:  I decided it would be an interesting experiment for me to shut up and let Carla and Terry start talking about angels. It may be awkward at first, because Terry really is shy, but when she gets into it, she gets into it. If she really gets stuck I’ll come in and I’ll help pump the energy up, okay? I’m not going to go to the bar.


On that note, as Doug would say, “five, four, three, two, one—and go!”


Terry:  One of the things is I could tell is my experiences with angels. I have a number of experiences; perhaps the most profound was when John was passing into his transition. I was sitting by his bedside and I kept hoping and hoping that all their analyses were wrong and his body wasn’t shutting down; but it was. His daughter, John’s daughter Jane, was with me.


I saw an angel come into the room. The angel was just monitoring what was going on with John. It struck me, because I could see the angel; he was white and he had wings and was like a Sumo wrestler; he was muscle. He was taller than John and John was six foot one. He was quite stocky, but it was all muscle, angel muscle. I thought, “That’s really interesting, because here’s John’s guide to other side and he has a real big presence that’s bigger than John’s and stronger than John’s body was and that he could command the space from this stocky beautiful angel body.”


He would come through and he would monitor John as if he were taking stock of how John was doing; how fast his body was closing down and when he would be ready to go to the other side. Then he would leave.


I told Jane that I saw the angel. When John stopped breathing I signaled Jane. Jane said, “Do you see any angels?” I looked and there was that same angel; it was like he was a guide and the entrance to the Tunnel of Light appeared. I discovered during the whole process of John’s being there, really sick; he was injured; he was in an accident.


I discovered that every now and then he would leave his body and he would be listening to everything we were saying. He was getting everything even though he was unconscious. John would be there; he would look at us from not within his body, but he’d be watching us.


John would be thinking that Jane and I looked like alien creatures or something. Whenever that happened I would say, “Hey John” and I would bring John into the conversation and he would get connected again. So when the angel appeared and the Tunnel of Light appeared I said to John, “Let the angel show you the entrance to the Tunnel of Light”. I said, “Don’t give the angels any trouble”; I figured a little bit of humor would help John.


The angels guided John to the Tunnel of Light and John went in. I followed John into the Tunnel of Light because I was scared he would back out and I wanted him to have a secure transition. It was very interesting that the angel appeared as a guide to just make sure that John was okay and that his transition went well.


It did; John went into the tunnel and I told him to go find Robert Frost; he was very good friends with Robert Frost. John really liked that. He turned around and he asked me to come with him; I said no; John had to go first and check things out. We conversed some more and then he went on ahead into the tunnel, further up the tunnel.


That was one of my first experiences; one of my outstanding experiences with an angel. I have other experiences too that are extraordinary, but perhaps due to time I ought to let Carla talk.


Carla:  Okay, I’ll tell about the three kinds of angels that I happen to have seen. Then I’ll talk a little bit about what The Confederation Sources say about angels because I think it’s really interesting. The three times that I’ve seen angels:


One was when I was going through my husband divorcing me. Of course, it was a stressful time. All of a sudden one morning I was sitting there kind of gloomy and I looked over and I saw a red-headed angel sitting on the edge of the wastebasket. He looked up at me and he said “My name is Michael.” I said “Hello Michael.” Then he disappeared.


The second time that I saw angels was at Calvary Episcopal Church, a downtown church that was built during the Victorian era. The angels that I saw then, I saw almost every Sunday, every time I went to the church; they were Victorian too. The Pre-Raphaelite Movement, they looked like that; flowing robes, flowing hair and stuff.


The third time was when I moved into this house. I was very concerned about Don at that time; it was not too long before his death and he was having a lot of trouble mentally. I climbed the stairs feeling woeful in heart. I got to the top of the stairs and at the top of the stairs there is a bank of four windows which are three by six feet, it’s beautiful; it shows the whole back yard.


Clustered around those windows were angels that were purely white. I didn’t really see anything but the whiteness of them as if everything was bleached out; there were just masses of them. I was told later, as a matter of fact the Ra group told me, that the house was blessed with angels because they had frequently been invoked by the previous occupant of the house. Looking at the time, I think I better talk about what the Confederation says about angels.


They say that there is a hierarchy of energies. We show the hierarchy of energies for instance, in our body; the cells belong to the skin or the liver or some organ or the blood. All of those energy fields are held within the energy field called the human body. There’s a hierarchy there.


There is also a hierarchy of angels. I’m going to read from Q‘uo, February 12, 2011:


“The hierarchy of the angels of which you have asked is just as regular and predictable. You have angels at the level of the Creator and you have angels at the level of personal angels; you have everything in between. They carry responsibilities according to their hierarchy. What makes angels unique is that they have never left the vibration of the Creator. They have never departed from the one original thought of unconditional love. They have never incarnated and they never will.


While they have characteristics that can seem to be like a personality, to say that angels have a personality is to anthropomorphize incorrectly. Angels”, they go on to say, “are Love. Angels are Love responsible for realms in a hierarchical manner.


There are those which work with your Sub Logos and Sun, in creating the archetypal mind and the blueprint for the densities of this particular creation.” I believe that those are the entities that Terry is working with, those connected with the Sub Logos, those that have to do with creating the Earth as it is. “Then, there are angels who are attracted to vibrations and flock to those whose vibrations are beautiful to them.”


There are two basic energies which angels have to offer, according to the Confederation. One is the simple energy of love itself and the other is a feeling of safety. So: love and safety.


“Angels”, they go on to say, “also have connections with the four elements                                                                                       and the four directions. As you become more and more aware of the correspondence between certain archangels and certain energies, certain powers and certain directions, you become more able to cleanse your habitation or the area around you with the help of the archangels.”


They talk about another class of angels who have had incarnations. They become weary of incarnating and instead of moving into the healing of the incarnation and the choosing of another incarnation, these people move into the angelic realm. They are able to become angels because of their innocence within incarnation. Naturally, these entities are usually small children.


Then they talk about that it’s important to thank the angels and ask the angels, because the angels cannot come to you and work with you unless you ask them to. You need to ask them for their help; they’re right there, but they cannot infringe on free will. They talked about something that I didn’t know that they were aware of, but of course they are. I’ll just read it to you:


“One way that this instrument and the one known as Jim asked for the angels’ help is when they bathe, for angels are very good at magnetizing such substances as water or oil. If asked, angels can place healing energy into the bath water or shower so that the water carries a vibration of love and healing. This is also true of substances such as food; if you ask the angels to help with the preparation of a food, they are able to help you magnetize love into the food. Homely chores such as chopping wood or cleaning house are ennobled by the angels, as they aid you in magnetizing love to the motions that you make with your body and the thoughts that you think with your mind.”


Now, I’m going to Ra. Ra has a few things to say about angels. They talk about the dark angels. Of course, that would figure, there’s always a balance in things, so there would be the fallen angels or the dark angels. We’re familiar with them and what they desire to do on Earth, since it’s their realm. More importantly, I think it’s interesting to note that the Ra group considers angels to be part of the Confederation. Let me quote from the nineteenth reading, Q’uo chapter seven:


“A portion of the Confederation which is not working with third density, but finds they’re best used at another harvest, at a second density harvest, is responsible for aid in these harvests. The Confederation, as we have stated previously in these sessions, is composed of many of those in other densities, in your own density, within your planetary sphere and within the inner or angelic realms. Each of these entities developing a mind-body-spirit complex and then developing a social memory complex and then dedicating this social memory complex to the singular service to the One Creator may join the Confederation.”


Angels work with you when you are going to incarnate. The way Ra says incarnation works is, if you’re not a real old soul, then you incarnate automatically. If you are an older soul, then you can take responsibility and you and your Higher Self can choose what to do. For those who are not yet aware that they are that powerful, there are angels that help with incarnation patterns. I’ll read this to you to get it right:


“There are those directly under the guardians who are responsible for the incarnation patterns of those incarnating automatically; that is, without conscious self-awareness of the process of spiritual evolution. You may call these beings angelic; they are, shall we say, local or of your planetary sphere.” Then, Ra said about the harvest, that there are three levels watching over the harvest:


“The first level is planetary, and that which may be called angelic. This type of guardian includes the mind-body-spirit complex totality or Higher Self of an entity and those inner plane entities which have become attracted to this entity through its inner seeking. The second class of those who ward this process are those of the Confederation and the third are the Guardians.” 


The harvest is automatic in that it happens when it needs to happen. Each of us get to walk those steps of Light to see how much we’ve learned and if it’s possible to move on to fourth density or if we need to repeat.


Ra says finally, that all entities have their guides or angelic presences. I think it’s really important; nobody is left out; everybody has his or her angels. You simply need to ask them to be with you and to help you and they will be so glad to do that.


I’ve skimmed real quickly through my database on angels so that I could be as accurate as possible. I have experienced angels all my life.


I have an ongoing conversation with Holly, who I call ‘the Holy Spirit Holly’; it’s an angelic presence. Indeed, I have channeled Holly and there’s a book out that we have, it’s called The Book of Days. It stems from a time when I was trying to learn how to tune my very best and to challenge spirit my very best. I was really trying to do as well as I could with that and to get better.


Jim would be so kind after our morning offering together, to put the tape in the tape recorder and push it down and record what it was. What I was trying to do, basically, was I was practicing my way of accepting the spirit, challenging the spirit and deciding if that was an okay spirit. Then I would have the spirit on the horn and it felt funny just to say, “Thank you, I was just practicing.” So I would ask for a thought and they would give me just one little crystallized thought.


I did this for about four years really working hard at the craft of channeling. I had more than enough to have a reading for every day of the year. So I put it out as The Book of Days; Channelings from the Holy Spirit and it’s available, either free on the web at or from our store.


If you would want to have the book, it’s a beautiful book. I love angels; angels are a very big part of my life. I just really encourage everybody to open themselves, open their hearts to the angels. Know that you have your very own angel that wants to love you and keep you safe.


Back to you, Terry.


Terry:  Okay. I have a question. You said that the angels had two things that they offered; one was love and the other I didn’t get.


Carla:  The other was to make you feel safe.


Terry:  Okay, thank you, got it.


Wynn:  Carla? You didn’t mention Rose.


Carla:  Rose?


Wynn:  Yes.


Carla:  Did I give you an angel one time? Oh, you’re talking about when I was in a séance. I was in a séance one time and this little girl angel just materialized out of thin air, this was a very valid experience. It came over and asked if it could be with me because it liked me; it promised to help me find lost things. I said, “Sure, you can be with me”. It just sort of melted into me; it laughed and it was hugging me, hugging my knees and then it disappeared but Rose has always been with me, thank you, I’d forgotten that.


Wynn:  I think Terry needs to borrow Rose sometimes.


Terry:  When I lose things.


Carla:  I do too; it’s just horrible. I’m thinking about something and I’m sort of in the moment with that and things like purses and sweaters, it all goes by the wayside. It’s bad!


Terry:  I know that feeling; I know what you mean.


Wynn:  We can go on because there’s no show coming on after us.


Carla:  Oh, so this is continuing? Good, because Terry didn’t get a chance to talk after that. I was really trying to get in the things that I was aware of from the Confederation, because I thought it was a real valid Source.


Terry:  I can tell you about that I had angels with me. I remember being in the angelic realm; I used to debrief people when they would come back to the angelic realm from the Earth plane. Their attention would be all wrapped up and I couldn’t get their attention into the present now moment. I would work with them and work with them and I kept on. I [thought], “What is this, that they’re so wrapped in something when they get here from the Earth realm?” I said, “I’m going to go to the Earth realm and see if I could determine what it is with these people.”


I got together with a group of angels and they said, “You can’t go alone; we’re going to go with you because we know it’s tough down there. We’re just all going to go as a group and we’ll protect you.” We all came to Earth and we had a series of incarnations. It wasn’t very long before I got totally messed up and had incarnation after incarnation. Yet the angels were there as kind of a stabilizing force which was really, really helpful.


I remember as being Catherine in the past life, when I used to have this game when I was really little; the game was to have the angels carry me downstairs.


Carla:  Oh wonderful!


Terry:  One of the angels, his wings were about five feet high, so he was really strong. It’s like my mother of that lifetime got really mad at me because she said “You’re going to hurt yourself. Don’t do this anymore!” She would order me to not do it, but it was so much fun that I’d still do it.


Then in this lifetime, they were here as a stabilizing influence too. I was sitting in the living room with Daphne one day, and Daphne looked at me and she could see the angel with his wings. She was really surprised; she said “Those wings go almost clear to the ceiling!”


We kind of began to distinguish ourselves. “Who were the angels and who was I in this lifetime?” We had one experience in this lifetime where we met a spirit that he was just so overwhelmed by everything about life in this density, he was himself and so I took him back to heaven. I asked them “Can you work with him? Work with him.”


What they did, there was a cloud that they have, like a cloud machine. It wraps you in beautiful white and it gives vibrations of being totally loved and totally safe so the individual can get oriented and begin to find his own center.


They wrapped him in this cloud. It’s not mist; it looks like an actual cloud that they wrapped him in. It’s like they have workers that know how these technologies work. They took the individual and just knew exactly what to do to help him. That was a really good experience.


That’s a little bit of my angel experiences.


Carla:  That is so neat. My best angel story is from a woman. I think she had six kids; she worked very hard. On Saturday morning she always hoped to sleep in, but of course that was a lost cause. One Saturday she was able to sleep in; it was 9:00 before she got up and said, “Oh my heavens! I must get downstairs and feed the babies.”


She hurried to the kitchen to feed her chicks and there was a big cast iron frying pan that was full of bacon grease and the table was—obviously the kids had had bacon and eggs. The oldest of these kids was seven; they didn’t make those. She said to the kids, “What happened?” They said, “You know that angel that we told you about that comes and sits on the end of the bed when we go to sleep?” She said, “Yes.” Of course, she never believed it, but she wanted to be nice. They said, “He decided that you needed some sleep and so he fixed us breakfast.” There was the evidence, right there.


Terry:  That’s great.


Wynn:  I wanted to insert something. I’m being good and you guys are doing great by the way. I was thinking; I know if I was listening and were just one of the people just listening, they are thinking, “All those guys have angels but I don’t have an angel; I’m not worthy of having an angel. How do I know that I can have an angel? Where’s my angel?” Maybe there are some tips to give somebody on how to connect with their angel.


Carla:  I’ll tell you how it works: You have to believe and then it works.


Wynn:  Like Santa Claus?


Carla:  No, not like Santa Claus. Get real.


My mother, for instance, at one point told me that there was nobody there; she didn’t know how to pray. I told her, “Here, I’ll tell you what you do. Talk to your bedpost, you can see the bedpost, right?” She said “Yes.” I said, “You can even see it at night, right?” She said “Yes.” I said, “Talk to the bedpost that’s on the right side of the bed as you’re looking at it, stay to the left. Just tell the post everything.”


She started doing it; a couple of weeks later she came to me and she said “Carla, you’re not going to believe this, but the bedpost talked back!” She got it after that, that there was somebody there. You just have to put yourself out; open yourself to the possibility. ‘Clap if you believe in Tinker Bell.’


Then if you just launch yourself into mid-air; you remember the cliché phrase of the Divine leap, or something like that, ‘The Leap into Faith’ that philosophers talk about? That’s what it is; you take a leap into mid-air, saying, “Yes, I believe I have my angel; angel will you come to me? Will you be in my heart? Will you help me?” Then just let go and you’ll feel that angel. If you don’t feel it the first time, just keep doing it. It will come to you because they’re just as real as you or I. They really want to help you and they really want to love you and make you feel that all is well in your world and that you are basically a safe person and that you’re protected; you’re protected by love.


Wynn:  Terry described having an angel with wings that she saw and Daphne saw it, too. Maybe the people who are listening, maybe they wouldn’t see the angel with wings, but I think something you might try is to say, “If there is an angel around me, I want to feel you in my heart.” Notice if you get a little upliftment in your heart; like: “Hmm, was that it?”


Carla:  Or a lot!


Wynn:  Or at a lot. “Okay, I can feel you, is that you?” And then see if the heart goes ‘dit-dit-dit-dit’. Make pretend; it might be your angel, maybe you’re making it up. It doesn’t matter, because your heart is opening up and that’s all that counts. If you keep doing that you might develop a relationship and say, “Okay, I’m ready. Are you there?” Suddenly you’ve developed a thing that can open you up. Maybe you’ll get a bigger confirmation on how to work with that angel.


If you have an angel in your space, what would you do with it? What would you want it to do for you? How could it help you? How could it help you help others? Could you send it to other people for blessings? Could you learn how to do that? You want to share that, Carla?


Carla:  I have sent angels to lots of people; most of the time they can feel them as soon as I tell them. I tell them that you have to ask them and they’ll say, “Okay angel, would you please show yourself or give me some hint that you’re there?”  They get confirmation, as you said Wynn, in the heart usually; that the heart feels warm, and there it is, it’s just solid and it’s subjective. Everything is having to do with the spiritual walk, whether you’re on your own or whether you’re in church, whatever you’re following, your own path, the path of Christianity, the path of Krishna, whatever.


Nothing can be proven one way or the other; this is the way spirit works, it’s entirely a matter of faith. That leap into faith is the most important choice that you can make. Once you make that leap, then you discover that you’re walking on solid air, and you’re able to move in a way that you never thought you could because you feel that support from your angels.


Terry:  There’s a thing that what you focus on is what you get. So if a person is focused on “I’m alone”, then that kind of like opens up this alone portal where there isn’t anything there. If they re-focus and focus that the angel is there and talk to the angel, then they will begin to re-focus as if they were re-focusing their whole eyesight; their lens, their view into what’s around them. Then they will be able to see more and be aware that there are angels there.


Carla:  That is so true. Not everybody is interested, but I think if you are interested, it definitely is going to be very much a good experience for you. I have met people, any number of angels and if I think that somebody needs an angel I’ll ask the angelic realm, “Okay, who wants to go? I’ll get a name and I’ll write them an email. “Okay, I’m sending you Robert. I’m sending you Henry.” It works.


Wynn:  I got a great idea; I’ll pose this. If you have any objection you can say no. Why don’t we just send angels to everybody who is listening right now who asks for an angel to come visit them?


Carla:  That’s lovely.


Wynn:  How should we do that? You guys figure it out, you’re the angel people.


Carla:  Heavenly Father, let your Spirit be upon us; let those angels that you have created move to those people who love you and who are thirsty for the Spirit. Let angels come to each and every one. We pray in the name of Love and of Light. Amen.


Wynn:  I think this is a good time to end the show. I think we should leave on that note; that everyone should be there and inviting angels in and realizing that we opened the door.


Carla:  My heart is just throbbing.


Wynn:  Whether you feel, whether you know it’s an angel, if you feel an upliftment in your heart, if you feel like a little flicker of love in your heart, imagine that you have one of your angels coming in and answering your request. Try it every day and see if they get an answer. Get the feeling that they’re always there just waiting for you to ask.


Here’s Terry. We’re just closing out.


Terry:  Okay. We did the process earlier and there are angels enough for everybody who asks, so if you want an angel, ask.


Wynn:  There you go. Carla?


Carla:  Thank you all for listening. I hope that it helped; I always hope that something that we say might be a resource for you. If it doesn’t sound logical or good, please just let it go. But if it does sound good, take it and run with it. There’s enough love in this world that you can just be filled up to the brim with it and your life can be beautiful. The angels already think you’re beautiful so you need the angels to tell you that.


Goodbye, all you beautiful people.


Wynn:  Thank you Carla. Good night to everybody. Remember, on Wednesday, if you guys submit questions, we’re going to be asking for answers live through Terry. Think of your toughest question. Think of your most embarrassing question. Think of, “Why didn’t I get an angel on Monday?” Come up with a question and we’ll see you Wednesday night at 6:00.


Thank you Carla, thank you Don, thank you everyone. Thank you all the people on the line for holding such a beautiful energy. We’ll see you all next time.

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