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How Connecting with the Elohim is like riding a Bicycle

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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Monday – 06/04/2012

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Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by: Terry Brown

Transcribed by: Connie O'Brien

Edited by: Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes


Wynn:   Welcome! It’s Monday at 6:04; Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona. This is our Monday night simulcast—teleconference-internet simulcast, where we talk to beings in other dimensions. They give us great, wise advice. Sometimes people have miracles. Thank you for coming in. If you’re listening for the first time, consider it an adventure; don’t believe anything. 


Terry, are you there?


Terry: I’m here.


Wynn:  My co-host is a being from another dimension, who happens to have a body.


Terry:  I think everybody is.


Wynn:  Do you know what we’re talking about tonight, Terry?


Terry:  No, I have no idea.


Wynn:  I just want you to know; we don’t rehearse these shows. Of course if we did, they’d fire us.


Terry:  Right. I’d be a nervous wreck before the show.


Wynn:  That’s right. I always ask Terry, “Are you ready?” She always tells me “No.”


The topic tonight, which some of you saw at the last minute as I sent it out, is “Why is connecting with the Elohim like riding a bicycle?” It relates to this: I put a link up on the mailing to the website I’m working on. It’s been my challenge. How do you put this up into the world? How do you start with people? This has been like a ten-year challenge.


One way or another, you all found us, and you found us because something was somewhere. It’s usually like when you click on the link, you’re not finding what you were looking for. In other words, you might have been looking for The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce; you might have been looking for God-knows-what. Somehow, something kept your curiosity and you started paying attention. Something resonated, and you kept coming back.


Given that’s the way it occurs, it’s always a challenge of how do you present this to people? How do you ramp people up? I’ve been working on this project of taking little excerpts from some of our, we call them channelings, transmissions, messages and, putting them on a scrolling text line on a video with Daphne’s music. Daphne, are you on the line?


Daphne:  I am.


Wynn:  You are. Do you mind if I talk about you?


Daphne:  It depends on what you say.


Wynn:  I’m used to talking about you when you’re not listening; then you come back and yell at me “You shouldn’t have said that!  How come you said that?” Now I have to watch my Ps and Qs.


Wynn:  Is there anything you want to correct about how I’ve ever talked about you from the beginning of time?


Daphne:  Um…


Gijs:  She doesn’t know where to start. (chuckling)


Daphne:  Is there anything I want to have corrected? I’m not sure exactly what you’ve said.


Wynn:  You could have said “You could have been a better dishwasher.”


Daphne:  Hmmm. You’re putting me in an awkward position. I’m not sure; right off the cuff; I’m not sure. (laughing)


Gijs:  You may want the list tomorrow, Daphne.


Wynn:  That’s my Ed McMahon right there, okay? Remember Ed McMahon?


Callers:  I do.  .. Johnny Carson…


Daphne:  He was Johnny’s straight man.


Wynn:  Gijs is my straight man coming in. We can make a list up, and at some future time I’m going to have you share the list with everybody. “You shouldn’t have said this; you shouldn’t have done that. You could have said this better….” So we get it right. That way, all this time I’ve been talking about you behind your back, you can fix, rectify.


Terry:  The thing of it is, if you’ve been talking about her behind her back, she doesn’t know what you’ve said. How can she say what it was and what wasn’t?


Wynn:  Because she’s psychic.



Caller: (laughing) Nobody’s saying anything!


Wynn:  Nobody is saying anything. She feels the energy. This will never be a perfect exercise. The reason is she doesn’t know exactly what I said, and even if she rectifies it, the people I said it to are not going to hear it. It’s going to be the people on the line now.


I’ll clarify this, and as I clarify it, every time I say something that you don’t like, say “Wait a second!  Could you say it this way?”


Daphne:  Are we doing an impromptu radio show for everyone’s entertainment? Is that the upshot of this? (giggles)  I’m not quite sure


Wynn:  We started this by saying “We don’t know what’s going to happen.” That’s how it started. For those of you who don’t know—you may be listening for the first time—in 2002, in April, I met Daphne. We were a—I’m going to stop and you fill in the blank.


Daphne:  We were a blank-blank. I don’t know—what were we?


Wynn:  We were a “what-were-we?” and we were driving together and we were going to…


Daphne:  We were on a road trip; we were driving on I-5 in Northern California. We were at Mount Shasta.


Wynn:  It was pouring rain. We were going to get a motel, if I remember. Uh oh; I don’t know if I should have said that. We were going to stop. I don’t think, we decided; we couldn’t afford it, so we kept driving. I said “Let’s do a prayer of protection.”


Daphne:  Let’s back up, Wynn. I don’t think ‘afford it, not afford it’—I don’t think any of that was part of the particular. It was raining, and it was very mountainous and it was not great driving conditions.


Wynn:  I said, “Let’s do a prayer of protection” right?


Daphne:  Right.


Wynn:  And I did a prayer of protection. I remember very specifically, as I looked at the sunroof of the car and said “Does anybody want to talk to me?” I said it like a joke; I was in the middle of writing the book about David Wilcock. Daphne, do you remember what happened then?


Daphne:  Yes. That’s when the initial channeled messages started coming through.


Wynn:  I really didn’t know that at the time. Daphne started talking and she said something like “We’re here, and do you have questions?” I thought she was kidding. I don’t remember what I asked; I probably said, “Who are you?” or something like that. After a few minutes—I usually say this wrong.  I say that she said “That’s the strangest thing that ever happened to me.” You always say that’s not exactly what you said. Do you remember what you said?


Daphne: It actually isn’t the strangest thing that’s ever happened. Maybe we should give a little bit of background about my experiences with this.


Wynn:  There we go; go ahead!


Daphne:  Here we go. From the time I was about five years old, I seemingly have been able to access these frequencies, these voices, this interdimensional knowledge. I thought it was kind of a normal thing; I thought that most people could do this. It wasn’t until I think I was a teenager, that I pieced it together that maybe everyone didn’t necessarily have conscious access to this material. I do believe everyone does have access to it at some level, but it’s not necessarily conscious for everybody. I could start there.


Wynn:  So you had little voices talking to you in your head?


Daphne:  It wasn’t so much little voices talking to me in my head. It was that I seemed to have access to very, almost scientific ways of—I almost want to say it was like an intergalactic library or sorts or maybe the Akashic records. 


I seemed to be able to focus on a question that I would have and the information would just download; it would just be there. It would be this consecutive kind of ‘aha’ moment; like “aha, aha, aha.”


Wynn:  How old were you when you were doing this?


Daphne:  I think the earliest that I specifically remember was about five.


Wynn:  So you would have a question, “When is daddy coming home?” and you’d get an answer.


Daphne:  Pretty much, yes.


Wynn:  No one around you, no one around you knew this. Your parents didn’t notice.


Daphne:  I could focus on something, or someone and I would become conscious of either where they were going, or where they’d been, or events that were about to happen. I had precognitive dreams, still do. I guess I was slipping in and out of time-space from a relatively early age. I’ve never been able to control it.


Wynn:  You couldn’t possibly understand it in that language when you were young. How did you understand it for yourself?


Daphne:  I’m sorry; can you repeat your question?


Wynn:  You couldn’t have possibly said when you were six years old, “Here I am slipping out of time and space again.” How did you little mind relate to that?


Daphne:  That’s kind of a hard one, too. First of all, when a person is six years old they are six years old in this envelope. We’re supposedly these beings of infinite consciousness; we have existed forever and will continue to exist forever. At some level we can access All-That-Is.


You’re not necessarily limited by a six year old consciousness. How did Chopin play the piano like he did at six years old? Look at the virtuosos of the world; they’re accessing mind-blowing abilities. Just listening to Pat Mossini, arguably the most influential jazz guitarist on the planet, he was a virtuoso from a very young age.


I don’t think age has too much to do with it, Wynn.


Wynn:  Okay. We have this theory that people had other lifetimes, and they all had developed talents or abilities. When we come into this lifetime, we have a potential to access those abilities. We know this is true; if all our stories are true, you have other lifetimes, maybe many, many, where you accessed this ability. Of course, you don’t remember them, but you end up with the ability in this lifetime, as did Terry.


Are you on the line, Terry?  Hello, Terry.


Terry:  I am on the line.


Wynn:  When you were young, did you have anybody talking to you?


Terry:  I did a lot of talking to the Universe.


Wynn:  How old were you?


Terry:  Around five or six, seven.


Wynn:  For those who may be listening for the first time, this is a fairly rare kind of conversation. Both of these women ended up talking to me with these voices from other realms. I had to figure out what it meant, what the meaning of it was. Of course, I have a fairly inquisitive mind, and at one point I was physics major. I said “What a good opportunity to ask questions and see who these guys are and how they talk to us.”


If you stay on the line through this call and Daphne and Terry both want to do this—as I said, this is unrehearsed. I didn’t know I was going to be talking to Daphne and talking about this. We may ask them some questions right here, in front of all of you. It’s very unusual to be doing something like this in such a public way. Talking about the background of it helps to ground the energy.


Sometimes I get emails from people and they say “Wynn, why do you talk so much? Why don’t you just get right to talking to them?” What I’ve learned, through all of my conversations with these voices, is—initially, I said “This is interesting; I’m talking to some kind of intelligence from somewhere else. They know a lot of stuff. They know a lot about how things work in the universe.” I started asking them questions and I was getting information, masses of information.


The way it started with Daphne was, we were driving around all over southern California and we were going to these little shows. That’s what I was doing to make money at the time, selling things. In the midst of it, and at the strangest times, she would say “Those guys want to talk to you again.” Sometimes I would say “Could we have a conversation?” and we did an early form of Calling in the Light.


I was in an exploratory stage, because I had done enough reading about the idea of channeling and I had been reading Carla Rueckert’s material. The Ra group, who was speaking through her, said that just because there’s a voice from another dimension doesn’t mean it’s positive. 


Often times, what we would call negative or service-to-self voices can talk through people and they will mimic the positive. I was writing this book about David Wilcock, and I had come to the conclusion that at least many of his communications were positive; I’m not sure that all were. I was studying his communications and just on the basis of the wisdom that was in them—if you haven’t read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, I highly recommend it. Just on the basis of the wisdom, it just rang true.


It was like you didn’t have to worry about whether it was positive or negative, at the least the stuff that I chose to put in the book. It was so wise and had such a huge view of life. The counsel, the advice they were giving to people in their messages, was so profound that I said “What I’m including in this book is positive.” Now I say “what I’m including” because even they said to David that both Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock had negative sources talking to them at different times.


That put me on guard not to assume anything that David had in terms of a channeling was positive. That’s why I tell everybody all the time on the work that we do, to always scrutinize it; I don’t think we’ve had negative stuff come through on these calls, but there’s always a potential.


The thing that I began to learn in these communications and in my experience—I didn’t learn this because they told me—I had one specific experience, where I gave a talk in San Diego and there was this huge energy in the room. I could see the energy; this was in 2004. People left the room and they lined up to purchase books. Terry was sitting at the table and they were saying things to Terry like “I could see the auras in the room; I could see light. That must be what people mean when they talk about light.”


Now, I was seeing it— 


Terry:  They were so excited when they ran out; they were running out of the room to get to be first in line to buy the books and things and they were so excited!


Wynn:  This was a whole new thing. I didn’t know what to make of this energy at first, but then I did a session with Terry and I said “Could you explain that energy that was in the room?” and they said they could. They said it was them. The way, I recall—this is a paraphrase—was that they were projecting themselves, their energy, into the room and they were helping me.


I said “This is an entirely new take on this. It’s not just information; this is some Source out there that can project energy into the room.” They said they were a group soul; they were at the beginning of creation or the beginning of time. They were outside of the physical universe and they created the physical universe and they had the ability to project energy into the physical universe.


Is there anything you want to say Daphne? I want to make sure that you say everything that you want to.


Daphne:  This is interesting; I remember this gathering really well. It was at the Scottish Rite Temple on Route 8 in San Diego. It was 2004; I remember my experience during those two to three days, feeling extremely ungrounded, feeling very, very nauseous, feeling very, very dizzy; having a really hard time just being in the physical body. It is interesting; that is the onset point that you remember as the Elohim/Ra group saying they were projecting their energy across the time-space continuum and into the physical earth plane.


Wynn:  I’m not sure the time that you were there was the first time; that might have been the second time I did that talk in San Diego, but the same thing would happen. Terry, was Daphne there the first time we were there?


Terry:  When this occurrence was, Daphne wasn’t there; she wasn’t there.


Wynn:  I don’t think she was there; the first experience happened you weren’t there. I’m going to read to you. This is that video on the website that I told everyone to look at. I thought this was extraordinary. The topic tonight is “How do you connect with these guys?  How do you make them connect with you?”


They gave an answer; they were talking about how it feels to be them and it ended up going into how to connect. I’m going to read their answer.  This is up on that website and it’s one of the videos.


Every time I read this, every time I watch this video, I start to feel a connection with them, just because I’m watching. They’ve said at other times that they’re in the words; it doesn’t matter if you read them, you read a transcript, or you hear an audio, or they’re talking live.


“We are so delighted that you asked that question because we were thinking during the preamble, of telling you some of those answers but we decided to wait until you asked the question.”


By the way, this particular session happened live, I believe on one of our Monday or Wednesday night phone calls. This was not in the early stages; this was in the last year and a half.


“In our world, we do not speak English. We speak in mathematics; mathematical equations and relationships in terms of very easy back and forth communications. In other words, let’s say we are working with one of our divisions, which is creating focusing mechanisms— (a focusing mechanism is you and I; they had said that earlier. Life is a focusing mechanism where the light of the universe is contracted into an organism, a being, or maybe even a planet. The earth could be called a focusing mechanism.)—“a focusing mechanism, or the loose connection of concepts that fit then, into the interlocking geometries that make up a focusing mechanism.” 


Now, what are they saying there? They’re saying that we, you and I, are not just physical bodies; we are interlocking geometries. That means the part of us that is in other dimensions.


Each of us starts in other dimensions, and through a network of frequency interactions, energy interactions, and geometrical interactions, our bodies exist and our consciousness exists. Let’s say that the flow is not working to the focusing mechanism quite right—that’s you and I. 


“We could communicate in terms of mathematics and love to that individual, and our thoughts would be relayed from energy to energy without language such as you know language. Our thoughts would be revealed in two ways. One would be in the adjustment of the mathematics and the connections and the relaying to the area in your realm where the mathematics was not quite right.” Let me put that in a different way, as I understand it.


They’re saying when we’re screwed up, when we’re out of balance, when everything in us that is not quite right, it’s a function of these interlocking geometries. They have the ability to repair the geometries so that we come into better balance. That’s a big statement and we’ve learned, first of all, that when they do that, there are a lot of things that have to be right to allow them to do that.


For example, some people are in a process of learning something from their out-of-balances. If they’re in that process of needing to learn a lesson, then they won’t do anything until the lesson is learned. They don’t intrude.


They don’t just go saying “We’re going to fix this person; we’re going to fix that person.” There has to be a certain asking of the person and an understanding of the process to allow this to occur, but they have the ability to do it. That’s why sometimes people who come into this line have a miracle. Because we’re introducing them; we’re introducing their energy and we’re introducing the potential to make a request which starts to line up the requirements so they can do something, so they can help.


One of the reasons that people get their geometries screwed up—I’m using their terminology—is because you can not be in this realm without that occurring. This realm is under the auspices and control of a lot of negative forces. It’s not your fault. You end up in the wrong place in the wrong time; you make the wrong decision. Before you know it, you’ve been brainwashed; you’ve been hypnotized; you’ve been abused; you’ve been traumatized and you end up with a screwed up matrix. It’s not your fault; you’re not bad. It’s a function of being in this realm.


The question is: How do you make it right? How do you fix it? Most people don’t even know they’re screwed up. I remember when I was young, I was really screwed up, and I thought that’s how if felt, that’s what everyone felt like. When you live in a certain set of circumstances through your life and you feel a certain way, you think that’s you. You don’t even know you could be something other than that, or that it could shift, or that it could feel different to be you, and that it could feel cleaner and clearer.


Daphne:  In my experience—this has actually come through my meditations—there is one antidote to this feeling of oppression down here in the physical realm. That feeling is when a person can connect with their center point, their still point, their ‘I Am’ point and move into their own authentic zone. That is where the world’s greatest artists and creative people are able to pretty much remain.


When one can be in that place, you basically become creation. You are no longer at the effect of the created world and circumstance outside of yourself. You become the nexus point of God Source. Music, art, poetry, photography, dance—whatever it is, flows through you and you become the conduit.


Wynn:  I don’t think you have to be a creative artist for that to occur.


Daphne:  Oh no! What I’m saying is that when anyone—it doesn’t matter who you are—every human being on the planet has that point inside of themselves.


Wynn:  Everyone is an artist in their own way.


Daphne:  Exactly.


Wynn:  Everyone has the potential to move into that place in their own life and live their life. They don’t have to be a great virtuoso piano player; they can just be a great friend, a great mother, a great employee.


They can lift the vibration of the places around them. It’s not an ego trip; it’s a very humble thing to be in the center of yourself. When you go into the center of yourself, you help everyone else go into the center of themselves. They have to move into the center of themselves, and so it becomes a shared experience.


Let me go back to the thing I’m reading here. They were talking about helping to fix a matrix. Let’s imagine while we’re reading this, they’re working with all of us—with those of you who would ask—and they’re helping to fix our matrixes; they’re helping to fix the energy on this call. I think that happens all the time and that’s why people keep coming back to the call.


“The Elohim group working on this project would immediately understand the equations that would need changes in the interlocking geometries, that would then be fixed and the energy systems repaired; that would eventually become a repaired individual soul who had become damaged, for example, in some kind of explosion within the third density, whose matrix had become torn and misaligned.” 


“We have higher frequency groups that can send energy that appears in colors, as if one was putting a paintbrush over a scene it would wash the scene, for example, in light pink and would convey similarly to a smile in third density; but rather than a visual appearance of a smile, it would convey the friendship and warmth that one of our energy units—an energy unit would be an individualized Elohim—would feel for another.”


“Do we get tired? One of the reasons for tiredness is the interaction between interlocking geometries that creates some friction and then needs some time for repair. So if an Elohim is working on a particular energy unit, with the subgroup working as a team, working on a project that has not been going totally smoothly, we start to experience frustration and the fold-down, slowing down of time.”


Remember, they’re outside of time. They say they created the Universe; they say they are available to work with anyone ‘down here’ that would want that kind of connection and that kind of help in the repair of their own geometries. 


When they do it and they experience frustration, when there’s friction and it doesn’t go well or it doesn’t go fast, for them, their time slows down; in other words, most of the time they don’t have time, or they have very fast time, compared to us. They can experience frustration where it slows down.


“Time goes much more quickly when we are working with the energy units in our realm. We do have a matrix that can extend even into your realm, and when that matrix is working on a project that is becoming frustrated, it can misalign our local matrix as we track with the frustrating matrix. Eventually, we become in need of repair of our matrix; we need to take a break and a rest and to repair our matrix. We do not think of it so much as sleep, as you do in the third density, because when you sleep you repair not only the physical body, but the mental body and the emotional body.”


Now, remember we’re talking to Ra’An, which is a combination of the Elohim and the Ra groups. Now they’re talking about sleep and dreams, and they interject “This is an area where the Ra group can help and works with people while they are sleeping, in their dreams. They can send dreams to the individual and help to heal emotional issues. For instance, at this time”—now the Ra group is talking—“we, the Ra group, are sending dreams to the channeling entity, who is Terry, concerning mistakes, as there has been a tendency for the channeling entity to want to be perfect.”


Terry, is that true?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Do you want to be perfect?


Terry:  Yes. Well, I try but I don’t make it but I’m learning to be able to forgive myself when I make mistakes.


Wynn:  “In the dreams that the Ra group is sending to this entity, there are opportunities to make mistakes and corrections and be totally loved during the whole process. This is a teaching kind of a dream that we, the Ra group, can send to one in the third density.”


I would like to make an aside to that one: All of us are around other people, and in our ability to let people go through their changes and their issues and keep sending them love—if we can do that, we allow them to change and grow. Just as Ra is explaining, they did that in the dream or dreams to Terry. “It is delightful to live in our density, and as we look at the process of translating from our realm to yours, we think in mathematical terms; therefore everything is very fast, and in total telepathy and love.”


“When we look at your realm or one of your questions and begin to form an understanding of the questions, we begin to draw upon our knowledge and the knowledge of All-That-Is to bring in examples.” We talk to them all the time. They draw on their knowledge and the knowledge of All-That-Is to bring in examples; or, to remote view areas.


Remote viewing is usually a term for humans who have the ability to telepathically tune into another area and see it. It’s a fairly standard technique; even the government—in fact, the government may have been a lot of encouragement to develop those techniques for intelligence operations.


So they’re explaining that they can do that; they can remote view areas and translate a concept that can help harmonize the problem of an area that the individual is questioning about.


“A large part of the job still ends up with the human’s responsibility for the correction. We can point things out that a human may not be able to see directly. The first requirement is for a person to ask, because then we know they are in alignment with the process and they are giving us permission to help with the change and the solution.


If they do not ask, then we often will watch that individual moving in a remote, automatic way, working through their issues on the lower, third density plane, and that is fine. But when we look at the possibility of manifestations that could make more harmony within that individual’s life, then we can comment on that.


It is up to the individual and his own effort, willpower and intention, to be able to bring about the change. Much like the chain on a bicycle where the person does the pedaling; then there is translation into the movement along the path of the wheels.”


I thought that was a very profound image; the way that I understood that—I want to say it so that you folks can internalize it, because that is a key to this thing, a key to the connection to these higher sources. You have to start turning the pedals.


What is a bicycle? It has these little pedals that go to your legs, and then it’s translated through the chain, through gears, to a motion on the rear wheel. As opposed to walking somewhere, you can get there, maybe ten times faster, riding a bicycle because you have all this added energy coming in from the rear wheels. Right now, we are bringing in that energy.  We’re not walking; we’re not riding a bicycle on this call, but we have a motion, a movement, and spontaneity.


We have two gifted people and one schmuck—me, who is just keeping the motion going. As we keep that motion going, we can feel the energies shift. All the time on these calls that happens; it’s always amazing and even a surprise, but it’s now become an expected surprise. I’ve learned that no matter where we start at the beginning of the call, at some point on the call--almost every call—there’s a shift and that energy comes in.


We can feel how we have opened up the geometries and they’ve done whatever they do so that the space becomes refined. Can you guys feel it?  I think you can. Some of you can.


We have a really interesting topic here, where we just have the explanation from this group-soul energy talking about how they come in, how they repair matrices and they end up with that image of pedaling a bicycle.


Remember: you can go there. We have about twenty of these videos. Every one of them is profound. They’re not meant to be read fast; some of them may scroll too fast and we’re going to have to fix them. The level of understanding and communication on these is so high that you have to let your consciousness assimilate it. You can use them like meditations, and if you felt a transition while I read that—that’s on that page. You can go read it anytime.


In the background is Daphne playing a harp. At one point, in one of these sessions, they said when she plays music, she brings in these higher frequencies in the way she plays music. This is something to observe; when she is putting her music together on that harp piece, you’ll notice it always has these very unexpected changes and it keeps you on your toes. You’ll be listening, and then you think you know where it’s going and suddenly, it goes somewhere else. It’s not always a repetitive pattern, so when you listen to the music and you read the words simultaneously and the words as they came through Terry on that particular piece, you get a chance to move into the energy as we did when we did that.


Are you there, Daphne?


Daphne:  I am here, yes.


Wynn:  Would you like to bring through anything they’d like to say about the topic that we’re talking about tonight?


Daphne:  I can give it a try.


Wynn:  Remember—this is unrehearsed, so she may say “I can’t come up with anything.” We don’t usually do this with Daphne; we do it with Terry. Terry, is it okay if Daphne does this?


Terry:  Yes, that’s great.


Wynn:  We’ll do our Calling in of the Light:


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Daphne, Terry, myself and everyone on this line, listening to the replays, and reading the transcripts. We ask that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light, and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us, and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We are going to request that through Daphne, if they would like to make any further understandings on the topic of that channeling that I read through Terry where they talk about how they rearrange geometries, how they work to repair things that are dysfunctioning, and how we can access them, by the image of riding a bicycle and start pedaling? Through our pedaling, we access higher dimensions.  Everyone wants to know “How do I pedal like that?” 


I’m going to turn it over to our Sources; I think it’s going to be Ra’An through Daphne, and have them share whatever-however they’d like to discourse on this topic. Thank you.


Council of Ahn:  Greetings. We come to you from the love light vibration of the One Infinite Creator. This is the Council of Ahn. It is our deepest pleasure and responsibility to give forth counsel at this time, regarding those pertinent questions which have been posited by the facilitator of this group.


It is in our consciousness that we are benefitting your understanding at this time, by explaining the particulars and the parameters of the constructs, as regarding those sacred mathematical geometries which interlace the various mind-body-spirit complexes throughout the densities, throughout the differentiated structures and move the articulation of harmonics from one level to another.


You exist as multi-faceted beings, simultaneously outside and inside of the time-space continuum. You are focused, however, in a conscious manner, only on a small, particularized experience or locus of your imagination.  This gives you the appearance, and a limitation, of only being able to access a very minute portion of your All-That-Is-All-That-I-Am structure and gives you also a false idea of your limitations as a human.


You initiated a series of questions regarding a mathematical downloading and translation of the geometries to enable discourse from one level of self to another level of self.  Would you like to continue in this line of questioning?


Wynn:  Yes.


Council of Ahn:  Please continue.


Wynn:  We as humans are connected to a bunch of interlocking geometries that are the precursor to our physical embodiment, and most of us—all of us, to some extent—are compressed by those geometries. I would postulate that the people who are listening to this call who are coming back regularly are desiring to have some kind of un-compression of their matrices, so they can access their fullness as a galactic being in this realm, as opposed to a contracted human.


I would postulate that a human who is listening to this call is intrigued with the idea that they can expand from their limited earth consciousness to be more effective in this realm as accessing their galactic potential, and that the Elohim group—we’re  talking to the Elohim group now—has the ability to assist people who would like that, as long as they are service-to- others, as long as they have pure intent, because having that kind of expansion without pure intent could just turn a person into a more powerful negative being.


I would like a deeper understanding of how a person can start that process of galactic expansion from a service-to-others perspective.


Council of Ahn:  Willingness is the key; willingness is key, and focus is essential. The best way to start on this path is to simply set aside a small amount of time, say five or ten minutes, in which one quiets the mind and the body and asks for guidance and asks for those higher Sources.


This can also be in the form of asking for one’s guidance, one’s angels, one’s protector, one’s personal representatives on the path of self-realization, or moving towards God. One asks for this.


One must ask, because, according to the law of free will, the higher celestial agents cannot impose their will on a third density human. So, asking is key.  Repetition is key; it is better to sit quietly for five or ten minutes once or twice per day on many days in succession, than sitting for a half an hour or an hour one day and then giving up on the process to go back to it at a later time.


You require focus, tenacity, and a manner of feeling open in the body; visualization of an openness of mind-body-spirit. Preferably, if possible, do this in a space which is somehow influenced by nature, natural forces. If one is near an ocean or a lake, a forest, a mountain—these are natural attractors.  Nature is the most powerful natural attractor of the God-Universal-Creative force. It exists in abundance in places of nature untouched by humanity. These act as receptors or antennas.


Attention should be focused on the breath. The intake of the breath and the outflow of the breath are the natural exchange mechanisms that the body-mind-spirit complex exchanges with the I-Am-All-That-Is God-Source-Creator. As one becomes aware of breath moving into the physicalized body-vehicle-vessel, one can get intuitively a sense of the creative cycle, the beginning of the infinite cycle of perpetuity moving as an ocean, as the tides—always in and out in a very even flow, in a very calm flow, in a very centered flow.


The objective is to move into a still point, a zero point—some call it the Omega point—of oneness, where one’s thoughts are not centered on the future or on the past, on fears, on anxieties, on what one would have or wouldn’t have. In essence, one must learn to empty one’s mind, to quiet one’s mind, to still one’s mind. When you think of your brain function, it’s very akin to a radio transmitter-receiver. You need to turn the radio off.


Once the radio is turned off, a still, small voice of the Divine consciousness can be heard from the center of being. The external sources: senses of hearing, of sight, of touch, of taste, and of smell, must be turned much, much down.


This would be the beginning point of a physical attempt at quieting the mind-body-spirit complex, in order to make better contact, communication, with the higher self.


Next question.


Wynn:  What is the dynamic between being and action? In other words, you described sitting still and meditating, doing spiritual exercises, asking for a request to have this connection. What is the counter-point of taking actions and steps that might also support that connection?


Council of Ahn:  If we understand your question, you have asked what actions can one take in addition to the quieting exercise. Is that correct?


Wynn:  Yes.


Council of Ahn:  The actions which are most beneficial for an individual to take depend entirely upon the personality and circumstances of the individual. Thus, it is best to begin one’s day, one’s morning, with a few quiet minutes of deliberation. The quiet-asking, quiet-entered inward focus of dedicating oneself to Spirit, to the All-That-Is, to God—giving oneself, one’s life forces, one’s circumstance, one’s trials, one’s tribulations, one’s challenges, one’s gifts, everything that one receives and that one is. Give it as a gift to Spirit every morning.


Ask actively for angels and guides to be with you throughout the entire day. Seek only to focus on that day. The old adage ‘one day at a time’ is indeed very powerful; be present fully as you can during the day. Stop several times during the day, even if just for a few moments and reaffirm your connection to Spirit. In this way, you have an ongoing, active affirmation of the quieting exercise we spoke of just previous.


Next question.


Wynn:  I think I will just let you close out this topic with whatever you think is most important for us to hear next and then we’ll end this call.  We’re going longer than usual; thank you so much for being here, through Daphne, and communicating with us.


Council of Ahn:  At this time, we would encourage each person who is on a journey unique to him or herself to act in accordance with their own deepest affiliation, with their own deepest resonance, of how Spirit speaks to them. Learn to trust your innermost connection to Source. Learn what that feels like and time and quiet and time alone away from distractions, noise, music, family, obligations, books; what have you.


It is imperative that one shut out exterior stimuli in order to understand the organic connection that Spirit has with your unique soul. This is the crucial step, and the step that is probably the most frustrating for most humans in this overly busy, overly noisy, overly-impulsive—especially in the West—world, where everyone is almost continuously at the beck and call of external technologies and obligations.


As one can learn to hone the signal which is authentically the signal of Higher Self, the Spiritual Self, one can start asking for guidance and one can start feeling the life flow and essence of Higher Spirit. Think of the body-mind-spirit complex.


One can ask for solutions through dreams, synchronicities, through meetings of the persons who have best helped or advised the soul on their particular journey. It is merely a matter of practice.


This is our message to you.  Blessings. Blessings.  Adonai, Adonai.  Pax Christos.


Wynn:  Thank you very much. Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  Would you like them to say anything through you, or do you think that’s enough for this evening?


Terry:  I think that’s good.


Wynn:  Good.  On that note, great show. Thank you, Daphne, so much, for being the portal for that great message, that great counsel.


Thank you all who are listening. Remember on Wednesday night we do a conference call, where you can actually submit questions and we ask them live.


Also, letting you all know that Daphne is very open to doing readings, if anyone wants a reading. Right now, I don’t have the website set up for that, but you can go to and follow the directions. If you send an email that indicates that you’d like your reading from Daphne, then it will be that way.


When we do a reading, I do what I call an intake conversation. We try to determine the most important questions, issues that you are dealing with. Then I carry that privately; I call Daphne or be with Terry and we bring in the Light and we include you in the circle. We ask the questions that we’ve come up with.


Then, you get an audio back in your email with that session. It’s a very great opportunity to see yourself as you’re seen from these higher beings with their wisdom, their understanding and even the potential for their interventions, by asking in the reading for where you would like that to occur.


On that note, is there anything you’d like to say from your human side, Daphne, before we close?


Daphne:  Thank you very, very much. This was very interesting for me, too. God Bless you all.


Wynn:  Thank you. We’ll see you all next time.


Gijs:  Thank you very much Daphne, Wynn, Terry, BBS, our Sources. It was beautiful.


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