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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences
Wednesday –
What’s the Updated Story on Ascension?

Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien


Wynn:  Welcome everybody – this is Wednesday, June 6th (2012).  My name is Wynn Free with my co-host-associate and partner, Terry Brown.  Terry are you there? 


Terry:  I’m here. 


Wynn:  I think we have some people listening for the first time tonight.  We sound a lot better once the tape recorder starts rolling, because I get good.  At the beginning of the call, when people are checking in – it’s an opportunity to loosen the energies up.  There are a lot of things that are rather intense going on on our planet right now.  And, there are a lot of outcomes that are still working out.  I know a lot of you are under stress one way or another.


This is an unusual call; as many of you who come in regularly know.  It’s unusual because I tell people, “Do not believe anything.”  I can share my experience.”  I hope if you’re coming into this call you’ve read the book that I wrote and you’ve looked at the videos on because you need to ramp up.  You need to ramp yourself up to see if it fits; if there’s energy on it for you.  This is not a call where you can show up and we’re going to say, “Here’s what happening.”  In fact, that’s not very important what’s happening.  What is most important that we set an example here for how to connect with the vibrations of the higher dimensions.


We have communicated for a long time now with a voice that says it’s the Elohim; they say they created this realm.  They’ve demonstrated to me many, many times phenomena [and] miracles; they’ve demonstrated it to people that come into this line.  They don’t want you to give up your power to them.  They are not God in any religious way of looking at the Word of God.  But, they are at the beginning of the universe; they are at the top of all the dimensions.  They have the ability to flow into this dimension energetically.  They can do it in a way that you can feel them.  So, when they do that, you’ll know it’s occurred.  On these calls, we have learned how to bring their energy into the call.


When I say ‘bring their energy into this call’, what does that mean?  How does it feel?  It's one of the most important reasons to come to these calls: to learn to tune into that energy.  If I heard this before I was doing it, and I said if some intelligence that created the universe is something that you’re going to feel on a phone call – I would have said, “Sure.”  Then, I would have thought, if it was possible, it was going to be like burning bushes [and] bright lights – all kinds of really intense things.  It can be intense but in general it’s a subtle, smooth flow that actually feels like you suddenly became expanded.  The Elohim are part of you.  The universe is one energy.  When you feel something that’s part of yourself, that's way bigger than you, then it’s a subtle feeling; it just feels expanded.  It feels like you in a more expanded space.


That’s how they come into this realm; it’s like a frequency.  It’s kind of like – have you ever had a good friend or a family [member] when you were around them – something shifted inside of you?  It wasn’t because you were talking; it wasn’t because you were engaging; it wasn’t because of anything.  There was something that happened on a more subtle level and you just felt relaxed; you felt comfortable; you felt at home.  If you’re in their space – I’m actually in somebody’s home right now – it’s like I can feel their energy.  I went up to the bedroom and I can feel their energy surrounding me as I’m in the place.  It feels different than Sedona.  Everywhere we go – we don’t pay attention all the time – but we’re moving in and out of different energies.


These sources we communicate with are also energies, just like people in the physical realm are energies, but their energies are not in this realm.  They don’t originate from this realm, but they can project into this realm.  When you learn to tap into it, it’s just like they’re here!  You start to get comfortable with it.  That’s the value – one of the values – of these calls: learning to get comfortable with that energy.  We start out by getting comfortable with each other, because the more comfortable we are with each other, the easier it is to open up to the energies of the higher realms.  I just learned this by hook-and-crook; they didn’t explain this to me.  It was a matter of uncovering it.


When we do all that tom-foolery at the beginning of the call, it’s part of getting our energies comfortable with each other.  Some of you know this:  I used to be a singer-songwriter.  I used to go around and perform in front of audiences.  I got used to the idea of how to make an audience relax, and I think that’s one of the reasons – maybe – why they started talking to me.  Otherwise, if you don’t do it that way, it becomes a holier-than-thou thing; not that that’s wrong, but it’s not as accessible.  It is holy; it is sacred.  But, it’s accessible.  It seems like my particular ‘niche’ in this is to create a very comfortable space so they can come in and there’s already a comfort zone when they start talking.  Some of you can feel them; they’re in between my words; they’re in-between the spaces – and, they’re watching us.  You can open yourself up to the possibility that they’re watching you.  You don’t have to have any shame, you don’t have to have any guilt because they’re not judgmental.  They won’t intrude on your space unless you ask them.


One of the reasons they got such a tough rap throughout history – i.e. the tough rap as being God – is [because] part of their criteria was honoring free will.  Somebody had to ask for their assistance down here.  That idea of asking became known as prayer.  If you’re sick, if there’s something wrong with you and you ask and something gets better, then it seems pretty awesome.  So, it seems like they have all the power and we don’t.  But – what I’ve learned – it’s always co-creative.  It’s always – asking is more than just saying, “I want you guys to do this, do this, do that, do that”, give them a laundry list of everything.  There’s a connection to be made, and it’s learning how to tune into their frequency.  If you send letters to the wrong address, they never get there.  It’s learning how to address the envelopes properly.


Being on these calls is a great assistance.  We have a couple of people who have asked questions, they’ve had experiences.  They told GaryGary asked them about his eye and they said they were working with it and they had a team of people helping him with his eye.  Contrary to what the doctors were saying, his eye started getting better.  Mary is on the line; she was on the line and asked for their help.  She sent me an email right after –said they were working with her and she saw something scan across her eyes.  Her eyes are showing improvement.


We’ve had many, many instances like that on this line.  The only reason I’m a believer is because I keep watching these instances.  I didn’t know that would happen when we started.  In fact, the idea of going into healing was a little bit uncomfortable for me.  It all originated when my sister had that healing, and I said, “How do you set this up so other people can take advantage of it?”


We have some really interesting questions tonight.  One of the questions is about something called ‘ascension’, which a lot of people are talking about.  I’m going to set a little bit of information up about that before I ask the question.  I don’t think it will be the first question.


Starting with the Bible, starting with Jesus – there’s this idea of the rapture and that we’d all be disappearing from this realm and going somewhere else but, it was people who were worthy or that made the grade, so to speak.  Then, there was a lot of information in David Wilcock and then I was asking questions about that.  There was a whole new understanding of what that meant esoterically in the fact that the way it was being described by these sources is that we’re at the end of a cycle and the energy of the earth and whole solar system is being ‘ramped up’ higher than it’s ever been before in the history of mankind.  This ramped-up energy is causing a lot of changes, and we’re in the middle of all those changes right now – watching them.  Aside from physical changes: tsunamis, earthquakes, and weather changes – all the planets in the solar system are changing.  If this is new to you, you should be sure and get The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce because it explains it.


[Among] all these changes, there’s another change that’s  happening and it has to do with the earth, which is a conscious being.  [The earth] is moving from what’s called 3D to 4D, or from third chakra to fourth chakra.  The third chakra is your solar plexus; it has to do with power and individuality.  The fourth chakra is your heart – it has to do with compassion and empathy.  The earth is moving into compassion and empathy.  So, the energy of the earth is changing.  That means, in order for a human to continue with this upgraded earth – you could call it the new earth – their own heart chakra has to be open slightly more than half or else they won’t fit.  Their energy field doesn’t fit into the earth anymore.  It’s like getting a square peg in a round hole.


The way the universe deals with that is that those souls that don’t fit into this upgraded earth continue their evolution on another planet, in another star system dedicated to third chakra evolution.  The earth is now in fourth chakra evolution.  So – they are cycle-repeaters.  Apparently, the people with open hearts won’t be there, so it sounds like it’s going to be a tough place for quite some time.


How do their souls get moved from one plane to another?  This stuff I’m telling you, “Don’t believe me.”  You have to read my materials, because you can’t believe it because I say it.  Don’t believe it because I say it, it’s too far out.  You have to see consistency of the way information folds together.


We’re talking about the Elohim group who created this universe.  There’s another group soul player, which is the Ra group, which is made up of souls that graduated the physical realm; who came into this realm, have gone through thousands of bodies, thousands of reincarnation episodes and graduated.  Eventually they became pure energy; individuated pure energies helping planets at the lower levels go through their – you could call it – ‘graduation’.  When you make the grade to graduate the earth from third dimension to fourth dimension or from power to heart – that’s called a graduation.  You no longer have to go back and do the power stuff, you’ve gone above it and you now can begin operating in learning about oneness, learning about love, learning about connection.


How do these souls get to this planet who are cycle repeaters?  In one bit of material from Carla Rueckert, the way they move from one planet to another is because they’re carried by the Ra group.  The Ra group is these pure energies that no longer have bodies; don’t ask me to explain it.  I can’t explain it, but they move souls from one place to another.


There are other indications that Jesus was a product of the Ra group, or a co-creation of the Ra group.  You’ll notice the whole description I’m giving is very similar to the Bible, but in a more esoteric way.  The way the Bible says it:  “One will be taken, one will be left behind,”  “The meek will inherit the earth,” “There’s going to be a separation of souls.”  If we have it correctly, that is what’s happening now right on our planet.  We are all involved in consciously deciding which way we’re going to go by our ability to keep our hearts open.


When we have that – I call it kibitzing or fun – at the beginning of the calls, that is part of keeping your heart open; that is creating a vibe amongst each other.  Learning how to do that is teaching us all to do it; we’re doing it.  We’re not talking about it; we’re doing it.  We have this phenomenal guidance because we have both group souls paying attention to our group – so they say.  This is what I tell people if you’re new, “Don’t believe anything; kick the tires.  Read the materials.”


A lot of people say that this could be negative, or maybe this is the devil.  I tell people, “Maybe it is.  You figure it out.  Go look at it and read it and study it; and if it doesn’t feel right I’m not going to tell you to believe it.  Go somewhere else.”  I’m doing this whole talk about this particular topic because there is a question of:  How do you graduate this realm, and what is ascension?  What is the rapture?  We’ve asked a lot of questions about that.  At one point fairly recently, they said most people are not going to qualify – I’m going to answer as we’ve heard it so then they can catch up and don’t have to repeat themselves.


Most souls aren’t going to qualify to graduate this realm in their body.  That would mean, on some level, [that] your body disappears [and] ends up somewhere else.  They said in order to graduate this realm with your body, all your chakras have to be open.  Most people are not going to have that occur.  Then, they were talking about what they called ‘astral ascension’ which meant you would die a natural death and if your heart was open slightly more than half – if your heart was open – then they would work with you on the other side and you would graduate.  But, it wouldn’t be through ascension, or it wouldn’t be a physical ascension.  Most people are not going to qualify for physical ascension.  I don’t emphasis it, but Rahmi asked the question tonight.  So, I’m giving you all the background so when they answer the question you have the history of it and no one is left not understanding.


On that note, let me just see if there are any last-minute important questions that came in.  Edna asked a question at 6:02.  I like Edna’s city:  Snohomas, Washington.  It must be an Indian name.  I have her question.  Dee Collier.  When people are asking for healings, which many people are and of course when your health is impaired, that is critical.  I can tell you to remember part of this connection is tuning into their frequency and learning how to feel their frequency.  Being on these calls is an attunement.  If you just show up to say “Okay, fix me” and then we don’t hear from you for a long time you probably don’t have the right energy connection.  I don’t tell people not to do that; you never know.  The more you’re connected, the more you feel them as friends, the more chance you’re going to get them to work with you.


They don’t want you to – I was going to say ‘kiss their ass’, but they don’t have asses and it’s not a respectful terminology.  They don’t you to be differential to them.  When I ask them, “Do you really like it if people worship you?” they said, “No.  Worship creates a separation; worship creates a division.”  In fact, they are us; we are them.  I said that earlier.  There are a lot of keys in all this material and if you don’t read it; if you don’t come into these calls, what can I tell you?  We’re putting it out for free.  I think it’s that important that anybody that reaches for it shouldn’t miss it.  So it’s on you to reach back.

One way of reaching back is to come to the calls; another way of reaching back is to send money and support the work we’re doing.  Another way of reaching back is join TeamShift and make a little community.  I’m doing my best to put stuff out that people can use. “Why do I do this?  Why do I do three calls a week and not charge for it and all this stuff for free?”  It’s because they were saying there’s going to be this division of souls.


By the way, a lot of people say the whole planet is ascending – the whole planet may be ascending, but that doesn’t mean all the people on the planet are ascending.  A lot of new age people don’t take this into consideration:  somewhere between 5 and 30% are going to actually graduate this realm – 5 to 30%.  Don’t be so quick to think you don’t have to work hard to make sure you get over the grade.  Usually the first thing, when somebody hears that, is fear comes up.  So, cope with your fear and keep moving through it.


If for some reason you don’t graduate, it’s just a continuation of what you’ve been doing already.  We’ve already gone lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, but we can’t remember things, so as far as the universe is concerned, what’s another couple hundred thousand of years of lifetimes, particular since time is not real.  Time is an illusion.  From their point of view, they’re outside of time, and from your point of view you’re not going to carry the memory of one life to the next; it’ll be similar to this.


We’ve been doing it, we’re here.  But, this is just a rare opportunity to quantum jump the process; to quantum jump and get ahead of this evolutionary game.  One time they said, “Those things you do in your life now will be written in the skeins of time and space for all eternity.”  This is a special time; you may not realize it, but this is a special time to apply yourself because you can graduate this realm.  These calls and everything we’re doing here, I believe, are giving the tools that if you wish to do that then you can.  That’s why we do three calls a week and do all this activity we’re doing.  It’s on your behalf to take advantage of it.


On that note, from my human side – Terry, do you want to say anything?


Terry:  No, I’m in trance right now.


Wynn:  You’re in trance?  Okay.


We do this routine [or] ritual of calling in the light:


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Terry, myself and everyone on this line and everyone on the replays.  Right now we see the energy flowing from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our sources present?


Ra’An:  Yes.  This is Ra’An, and we are present with each and every one of you and available from your perspective to give and take.  We are there.  It is not necessary for you to come to our realm to have this interaction, as we bring our frequencies to you in your realm.  We are aware of the value, the treasure of life of each of you in the third density realm in which you live. 


We are working with your preamble concerning the ascension, and we are looking at the very population of earth realm and the growth processes each is going through at each [his/her] own level of connection with All that Is.  And we look at, check-in, touch and we spend a moment with Francis.  We return to the topic of ascension: and we see that each of you, as Wynn has said, are now preparing for what will happen even though your attention is not necessarily on it – by the activities and the intentions that you address and live in your life at the third density.  We send greetings to each and every one of you.


As you are living your life and doing acts of service in your life, interfacing with your families, providing assistance where needed to those in your life,  you are aligning with – you might call it ‘various doors’ – which you eventually will have the opportunity to move through into the transition and into the higher, or ascended life.  The richer that your life is, [the] more open your heart is in the density where you live, the better the alignment with a place that you can move into which has individuals of similar open-heart alignment, and you can increase harmony by the actions of simple things you take, the actions that you do now, you can increase your harmony and your ability to then move into a place within the higher realms of love and caring and nurturing as you wish it.  Not all people are at that level or wish to be at that level, and they are working through issues of power and expression of their own survival and egoistic impressions on others of their will.  They will have, then, the opportunity to connect with other similar people who are at that level and are working with the issues with power.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes.  I’m going to read the question that Rahmi had sent on this particular topic.  He asks for some clarifications on the aspects of ascension that are unclear to him:


Based on research and what has been shared, the following seems to be accurate in terms of information transmitted by various extensions of the all-oneness over several time periods.  There is a experiencing a dimensional shift which may bring about drastic material transformations, as it transitions into fourth density.  Humans who are deemed ready for harvest will also shift into fourth density.


This is Wynn:  I prefer using the word graduation as opposed to harvest.  I know Jesus used harvest; the Ra group used word harvest in the Carla Rueckert channelings.


Humans that are not deemed ready for harvest will be transported to another planet of third density, where they will continue their evolutionary attempts.


I’ll make a comment there; as I understand it: It’s far more complicated than that.  It’s not like everybody goes to one place; there are multiple locations that occur.  [There are] multiple destinations that occur.  In some cases, the humans end up in – one possibility is: they end up enslaved by the negative; certain groups of humans for essentially what might be a very long time.


Another case:  It was indicated that it was possible for a human to dissolve into nothingness and lose their identity, individuation, and that their energy would be put back into the pool of light from everything, which is a horrible fate.


I asked questions about that, and they said that would be a rare event, for someone who is totally disconnected.  People would go, move to where their energy was connected to.  If you were totally disconnected, then you may not find yourself anywhere.  That’s one reason for you to lovingly connect with people, because it’s within the connections that we’re making that we create our futures as I see it.  They can correct me.  Going on with Rahmi’s thing:


If these expectancies are correct, I’m curious as to whether the humans which are harvested will be transported outside of the physical body to inhabit a new earth while this present earth is prepared.  Or, will those harvested remain on the new earth where we will be beings of pure light, physical beings of light or hybrids on this new earth?  If neither of the three options apply, what life form will be applied?


Thank you.


[Wynn]  That’s the question.  Did you understand the question?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We will give you our answer


Wynn:  Thank you.


Ra’An [continuing]:  and then you may make comments.


Earth is going through a transition at this time, and it is experiencing high vibration, as high vibration is coming in, and today is Venus transit across the sun, which increases even further these frequencies in the high intensity, which does place more stress on parts of the earth.  Then, parts of the earth respond, and move into a greater harmony.  It jostles them to move into the great earth’s harmony with the different particles that are co-existing in the earth’s realm.  So, these particles, these forces, that are interacting with earth at this time are indeed moving the earth into a higher vibration and the earth is following. Some areas of earth are reacting with earthquakes and the settling and the forming of new connections, which then leads into earth changes a locality or in a broader area.


And men, as they exist on the planet today in the body and the body being of “matter” the body then also responds to the forces that are brought to bear and comes along for the ride.  The individuals, as they pass over into the astral, have predetermined where they are going by their own vibrations and their own intentions and their own desires and their own free will, as free will is not violated.  They are the captives of where they will be aligned with and where they then will be transported to, or will end up.


Some of the transport mechanism is merely synchronicity of vibration, so that the vibrations being the same in nature, then coalesce the individuals within into that particular area.  The individuals then, as is the best for them – the highest good for them at the time for their own growth and for their self-expression – are moving into that area where they will receive and be able to express the biggest growth.


It should be guarded against to assume that all individuals should go to one location, to the highest, and should manifest the greatest amount of love and peace because – the individuals are, at all points, on their growth curve.  They can then, in this certain circumstances, the way things happen and work out, they can address through their own intentions and will, their own future, and where they will end up.


There is another choice, which although it is possible to look at an area of disconnection and say that an individual may end up with dissolution and that this would be a horrible fate.  There is a way of some individuals, they merge back into the light, and in merging back into the light they achieve complete fulfillment, complete bliss, complete light.  This is outside of space/time and is a magnificent homecoming.


Other individuals, who have totally become disconnected, may then feel alone, and – through their desire to disconnect – end up in an area of disconnection.  That is also part of their growth process, to then feel what it is like to be totally isolated and totally disconnected, although they may feel that this will bring them peace; then, eventually they realize that it is only through connection that they can achieve peace.


So, individuals, as they live their daily life from lining up, so to speak, experiences and vibrations that bring them to a connection with an area that is similar to where they are – that they can then continue to work through whatever they are working through.


Does this help?


Wynn:  Yes, thank you.


I think that’s one of the things that I realized, and I just wanted to reiterate it: how important connection was; how important – not only is connection important for you – it’s important for other people.  If you’re allowing yourself to be isolated, you’re doing yourself and those other people who you care about a great disservice.  Of course, you can’t connect with people who don’t want to be connected with, because that’s free will.  There are so many people who are hungry and reaching right now, and to find a way to touch those people.  As I get it – I’ll just stop and let them comment – if you touch someone like that, in a true authentic way, just that act in and of itself can change the path of a person instantly, by holding that connection.  We don’t have to go through, “I have to get my heart open” – it keeps your heart open and keeps someone else’s heart open.


Am I accurate?  I’m asking our sources:  Am I accurate in the way that I expressed that?


Ra’An:  Yes.  It is not a true opening of the heart if someone tries to keep it open by force, because if they have to force it there are things in the way.  These things must be let boil to the surface and observed and let come out and move through so that the individual can, of their own free accord, desire the open heart connection and learn enough about it so that they know when to open their heart and when not to open their heart and get discernment about how to work with your open heart issues.  There are ways to even open the heart when they are still in their own power and in their own balance.  This is how to, a way to become connected and include oneself in the connection so that they are a vital, vivid part of the connection and expressing themselves and allowing, therefore, their love to flow outward.


That is our comment.


Wynn:  I thought that was a very important question and something that I’m sure is on lots of people’s minds.  That’s why I took such a long time talking about it to bring everyone up to speed who is on this call about the understanding of it.


We have a lot of other questions and we’re going late now, so I’m not probably going to get everything.  Again: if I don’t get to your question please ask it again.


Ra’An:  We send love light to Mary and her healing.  We send love light to Edna and her working through her issues and love light to all the that people who she touches, and recognize the people that she touches on her call and in Team Shift and in her daily life.  We send love light to each and every person.  We send love light to Jere for his issues with his back to keep working on this and to keep letting the negative energy flow off and to dissipate and to bring correction in the area of his back; his lower back. 




Wynn:  Thank you.


Gary Brownlee asked about his eyes, to keep working on it.  I want to see if there’s anything really important here.  You know Mary – I’m not going to ask the question; I know you feel really upset about your circumstance.  The problem is, it’s like so many people are making their own free will choices to create their lives in a certain way.  It’s hard to fix everything, even when you care about them. I’ll put this situation in the light and let our sources work with it; I’ll just read it:


My son Shawn’s daughter Leah, 17, serious condition – he is taking his granddaughter Elena away from Leah because she keeps making bad decisions and he is worried that Elena will not have a good life with her mom if he kicks her out of the house.  Leah has one year left in school; he has asked for my opinion and I don’t feel that I can make any good decisions that would be for the highest good of all.


Could we put their situation in the light, in other words where this convoluted family relationship – where there’s a mother who is not taking the best care of the child and the son wants to take her away and give her a better life; how can we give advice there about anything, except to put it in the light.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We also note that people who ask directly are open; then we know that they are open to the situation.  You mentioned that your son has asked you, and it is important to recognize the free will of the parties, that they’re intensely trying to work through things and attempting to grow and find harmony, and it is through their struggles that they will learn discernment and learn how to harmonize with the people around them and learn how that they can best provide for their families.  We send love light to the situation.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Dee Collier – her husband is having mini-strokes from a lot of brain damage – he is miserable and uncontrollable blood pressure and headaches. She’s asking for some healing to be sent to her husband.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  His body has been damaged through earlier misuse and through not enough omega oils as the brain needs omega oils for repair, B vitamins that are brought into a body gradually.  Love – we send love to him and his difficult circumstance.  We see the damage in his lungs, and in the connection between the lungs and the blood vessels and the stiffness of the capillaries.  We send love light; we also see that if a person asks directly they get the most help and have the most impetus to apply healing to their body.


Wynn:  Thank you.  We have a question from a doctor in Brazil.  I want to suggest, if he can, email me next week; re-submit your question and let me know – it would help to be on the line, live.  Let me know that you’re going to listen to it so that we have some kind of connection.  I think your question is important – his name is Claudio.  He is in Brazil.  Thank you for asking; I think for the moment – I know we had some other questions:  Edna has question and Kim has a question.  I think we’re going too long tonight.  We covered that question on ascension.  That was important; I think that’s a bottom line, very important thing that we don’t want to talk about.  I don’t like talking about it; no one likes talking about it.  The reason is no one likes to say, “If you do this you’re going to go this way; and if not, you're going to go the other way” and no one wants to go the wrong way.  If you create fear, which has the opposite impact of what you want to do.  On the other hand – it’s not designed to create fear, but fear has the potential to be a motivator, to motivate you to say, “I better stop sitting on the fence and get it together.”


Ra’An:  It is very carefully orchestrated that the person goes to the place that their intentions and that their concerns are and that is needed for them to go for their  growth.


Wynn:  I think that’s where the fear comes in, because no one wants to go to the third density planet.  People who are listening to these calls certainly would like to feel that they’re all graduating this realm.  I’m sure their anxiety that they may not, may create fear.  I would say, in general, that if you’re listening to these calls you’re getting perhaps the best guidance on the entire planet about all of this stuff.  You’re getting the great connection of loving sources, you’re getting the wisdom.  If you’re taking advantage and you’re joining Team Shift you’re making connection with other people .  you just have to work it; it’s being laid out for you.  You can be sick in bed and you can still work it because it’s over the phone.


In any case – I’ll let your sources say anything to close off the evening and then we’ll say goodbye.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  Faith is important in the process, faith in the process that an individual will be taken care of and will be moved in accordance to his own free will.  We leave with that thought, and we look forward to our next time together and to answer the rest of the questions.  Adonai


Wynn:  Thank you so much for being here.


I want you all to know, Daphne is  really making a bigger [connection] as you may have noticed if you’re checking in on the calls – she’s really getting endeared with this work.  We look forward to her future participation.


I wish you all a great evening, lots of love.  Next time we get together is on Sunday.  That’s all.  Over and out.


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