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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences
Wednesday –
How do you program crystals?

Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien


Daphne:  This cat is mean; he’s very territorial.  I said “Claude, I’ve got to sit over there; that’s my chair.”  He hissed at me; so this cat has a huge aura; he’s commanding the space right now, not me – the cat is.


Caller:  That’s life with cats.


Wynn:  I just started the tape recorder.  We’ve been having a conversation with Daphne; Daphne was getting profound when she was talking about her cat.  I didn’t want you guys to miss it.


In terms of the conversation, I think that – I don’t like to use the word “genius”; it’s even a hierarchical word.  Everyone has their own unique gift.  The big challenge is, for each of us, how do we tap into our gift and share it?  One of the things I learned through doing these calls – this was a big lesson for me:  I used to think being a public figure and you could say something in front of a group and everyone would change and forevermore their lives would change; you could do that.  What I’ve learned is that: it’s one-on-one on one on one – each of us, one-on-one, has the ability to reach another person, one-on-one.  It’s through our sincerity, it’s through our passion, it’s through our care for that person that that becomes expressed and people get it.  That changes people more than any kind of big gifts.


Gifts can be great; great musicians can lift the vibration of an audience, and great artists can lift the vibration of people looking.  Nonetheless, you can’t be in an audience and listen into a great band all day.  Every day, we’re going to come across people, one-by-one, by one by one: it might be gardener, it might be the operator, it might be someone that answers the phone.  Terry knows; she watches me.  I’ve learned to never miss an opportunity to say something that lifts somebody’s spirits.  I do it a lot through being funny, and I’ve learned not to censor myself; or worry about what people think.  I know that humor – if you can make somebody laugh – you’ve changed the course of their day.  But, every one has their own way of doing it.  It’s not about teaching somebody something, it’s not about telling them about the shift, it’s not about talking about God – it’s about expressing your gift in your unique way.  Figuring out what that is how to do it, and to have the courage to do it.  Have the courage, so that if you do it and for some reason it’s not accepted, then you don’t take it personally.  It’s better to do it and shift the energy of some people, and have one person be upset than to not do it.  So many of us are just focused on that person who won’t accept us, so we miss the ten people that we could have shifted the energy on.


The thing about it is: when you learn to do that it’s not like because you’re being goody-two-shoes; it’s not like you’re saying, “Oh good, I’m being of service.”  You can’t do it without lifting yourself.  It’s a huge reward; your day goes better, you feel better Somebody doesn’t like what you said, and it doesn’t matter because the people you reach, you reach.  I’ll give you a really good example:  somebody could be working at the supermarket and they have a menial job.  They’re putting things in bags.  All day long they’re thinking, “What am I doing here putting things in bags?  I’m too good for this.  Don’t they know I have a college degree?”  They’re kind of going through their day and they’re not very uplifted.  The people who they are putting stuff in the bags for – they all sense it.  They all sense that person has an attitude and they put up with it because they gotta get their food in the bags to leave.


On the other hand, that person could be using their positioning in that supermarket to have warm smiles for everybody, to just say things that cheer everybody up.  Oftentimes, when somebody does that – somebody will be going through the line – maybe it will take a couple of months and they’ll say, “Hey, I might have a better job for you.”  Because, they look like they’re a pleasant person to be around.  They end up leaving their supermarket job, and they do something that is – I don’t know if it’s better, but say it makes more money; it gives them more responsibility.


In today’s world, if you’re looking for a job, because people are so stressed out, because people are so concerned you need to have the abilities to do the job.  Even more than that, your attitude is equally important – I won’t say more than – but, equally because a lot of people have abilities, but not that many people walk around cheering everybody up.  Those people will always have jobs.


When you look at your circumstance and you feel worried and you feel oppressed, you’ve got to turn that around.  You’ve got to find a way to make yourself happy no matter what’s going on.  You got reason to worry: you don’t have the money.  Your money is running out; this is going on, that’s happening.  Nonetheless, if you keep running that, it’s like you’re running the mantra:  “I don’t have any money; I’m broke.  I’m going to be on the street, I’m going to be on the street.”   Well, guess what?  You’re creating it; it’s going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.  You have to transcend your circumstance.


What are we talking about here?  If you’re going to go to the higher realms of consciousness, the higher realms of awareness, it means doing it while you’re in a body.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have a job; it doesn’t mean that you’re so spaced out that you can’t work and you’re in some kind of outer space zone; the job grounds you, the house grounds you.  That’s all.


I’m going to ask some questions.  When you guys hear about alien attackers, you might be laughing, but that is a very serious issue; very serious for many people. 


Wynn:  Are you here?


Daphne:  I’m here. 


Wynn:   Are you ready?  Would you like to answer any of the questions tonight?  Is that okay?


Daphne:  Yes, sure.


Wynn:  Daphne did a reading this morning and then she slept all day.


Daphne:  No, I did not sleep all day; it would have been nice.


Wynn:  You were tired?


Daphne:  Tired, yes.


Wynn:  That’s one of the things about this work – and both Daphne and Terry and experience this – it seems so easy when they’re channeling and talking; it seems so easy and fluent.  Depending upon what we’re talking about; depending on whose questions we’re answering, we’re all moving into the space of the person – all of us.  The two of them, in particular, move into the space.  If a person is processing some intense things inside themselves, then what happens is Daphne and Terry end up processing that.  Sometimes they’re tired for the day, or Terry sleeps for the day.  If it’s really intense, it’s three days.  After one of the Sunday grid healings – it’s hard to believe this is real; I’m not saying it’s real I’m just the observer here – Terry was saying, “I’m so tired after this grid healing; my energy was in Japan, then it was in the Middle East and then it was in the Atlantic Ocean.  I have to fall asleep and get back to be myself.”


Terry, is that accurate?  Is that what your experience is?


Terry:  Yes; each situation is like a little reading.  It’s being in the circumstances of that part of the world with whatever is going on that we’ve put in the light.  When we’re doing it, like if we’re in the Gulf of Mexico, then I experience the feeling of what it’s like to be in the middle of all that oil and all that other stuff – the chemicals they put in there.  It’s a little disorienting.  Then, we’re in England and maybe it feels cold there; then we’re in Syria and people, there is somebody en massed, on the border ready to fight….


Wynn:  One time Terry told me – I’m telling you to believe this – I’m just telling you what Terry told me; this was her experience so you can take it or leave it.  We had sent the light to someplace in the Middle East that was a little volatile.  After the call, she said that there were all these Arabs and somehow they felt the energy of it and they started saying, “Allah, give us a sign are we supposed to go to war?”


Terry:  There were about six of them:  “Allah, Allah – give us a sign; we’re ready.  We’ll go to war, give us a sign.”  It’s like I had to be really, really totally still.  It was the Elohim who I was with and they could handle it.  But, I was like “Oh boy, I better not even make any disturbance in my matrix or they might interpret it as a sign.


Wynn:  I’m going to call in the light; this is our little ritual invocation to bring our energies together.  When we bring our energies together we create a group energy.  When we create a group energy we create a protected space, all of us together.  We add our sources to the group energy and so we have a complete hologram that goes all the way, from way up there to way down here.  Then it becomes a safe spot to bring these questions in and there’s a lot of protection around it.  We’re creating the protection.


Some people wonder about protection; they think, “If I just call in the light, or if I just say ‘Jesus’”…  This is my experience is: it’s not enough.  It takes a completed hologram to the best possible ability.  Otherwise, when you start to expand to the higher realms, you have ‘holes in your hologram’ so to speak; you have distortions there.  The negative can come in on your distortions and it doesn’t matter what you say because your distortion is still there.  Everybody has distortions, so it’s something you have to learn how to work with.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect everyone on this line, and everyone listening to the replays and Daphne and Terry and myself, in particular, as we ask these questions on your behalf.  We release all negativity in the highest realms of light for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies, through the top of our heads, through our bodies and grounded into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy of all of us present, and while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


I’ll just point this towards Terry to give us an opening reading before we ask questions.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator.  This is the 13th of June 2012, planet earth.  We are moving our energies into the vicinity of each and every person on the call and each and every person who will listen to the call on the replay or read a transcript at a later time and we send love and light to our transcriber, Connie, and to each and every person on the line who is listening now.  We take a minute and we send love light to Daphne. We are profoundly grateful that Daphne is also here.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I’m going to address our first question to Daphne, to our sources as they speak through her.  If, for any reason, she wants to pass she can say that and we’ll move it to Terry.


This is from Edna in Snohomish, Washington:


When requesting guidance from the higher sources, does it make any difference on the efficiency if I ask the Elohim, Ra or Ra’An directly?  Or, should I ask the personal angels and guides?  What is the difference asking the guide to answer it with help from the Elohim instead of angels and spiritual guides or vice versa?  Is there a better way to do this?


Thank you.


Council of Ahn:   One moment, please.


We greet you in the liquid love light of the one infinite Creator.  We have received your question.


In accordance with the various frequencies and the laws of harmonics, your question falls within this particular envelope.  When addressing help, or the request for help, the more specific one can be in their request makes it more attenuated, the frequency more specific, more honed to the particular individual and to the particular source who is requesting guidance.  As we seek you, our methodology is similar to that which you would encounter using a GPS navigational system.  If we can know exactly what it is you are asking and seeking, we can send those parts of ourselves, for the angelic councils are also part of ourselves, to aid.


There does exist a strata, a hierarchy, of dimensional vibrations which are posited and which have sovereignty over particular realms.  The angelic realm, the guardian angelic realm is, as it were, more involved with the personal sphere of care of the soul.  If one has personal concerns, familial concerns, health concerns, one can ask one’s guardian angel for direct guidance and direct intercession as this is most often beneficial.


Have we answered your question sufficiently?


Wynn:  I think I’d like to ask a little addendum to it, and that is:


Most people can’t differentiate much through the veil.  I think, to a certain degree, people might be learning the difference between the Elohim group and the Ra group on this line – I’ve learned to feel the difference.  When they have a concern or when they’re making a request, assuming they have some differentiation, are there different kinds of requests that would be more appropriately directed to the Elohim group and different kinds of requests to the Ra group.  Since our source is identifying itself as Ra’An which is a conglomeration of the both; can it be directed to Ra’An?



Council of Ahn:   Let us process, please.  Our answer to you would be thus:


The Elohim, from your perspective, are what you would call celestial architects using laws of wisdom and laws of creating physical structures through the time/space continuum, originating with ideas outside of time and space.  So questions which deal with wanting to understand one’s situation, one’s circumstance – the hows and whys of why things have befallen a person – these are best directed towards the Elohim.  If one is looking for advice about how to handle, how to move through, what steps to take in a certain situation – of course, your will is always considered – these are better suited to the nature of the Ra group.


Ra has to do with actional ability; the ability to move energetic, kinetic forces of intent through the vibrational matrix in order to transmute; and, to rectify, to ameliorate, to bring into balance those frequencies and those harmonics needing adjustment.  To sum up, roughly speaking the Elohim is the more feminine, the more receiving vibration; it is more the stronghold of vast, intergalactic libraries of held wisdom.  The Ra group is more yang; it is more of the spiritual warrior, spiritual protector, spiritual guardian alliance.  It would show a soul how to move through situations and how to best take advantage of those tools within one’s personal inventory in order to best deal with challenge.


Wynn:  Thank you.  If it’s possible, could you describe how one would feel if they tuned into the energy of the Elohim, compared to how they would feel if they tuned into the energy of Ra?



Council of Ahn:   One moment, please.  We would say in general the feeling of the Elohim vibration: it is one of serene, quiet, detached, cool, dispassionate, unmoving, peace, beingness, knowingness, saneness, stillness – stillness inside of the self – and knowing that one is connected in one’s body/mind/spirit complex to all that is; one is a reflection of all that is.


Connecting with Ra energy is extremely dynamic, kinetic, fiery, powerful, intentful, catalytic, cathartic, something of the warrior stance.  If one thinks of your film “Braveheart” – think of watching an erupting volcano; lava flows, moving consciousness the way that molten lava moves – molten earth into new formations of continents.  One is pure knowledge; the other is pure intent, pure action.


We hope we have answered your question.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Just for clarification on that same question:


It seems to me that Daphne kind of represents in a fairly pure way Elohim energy, and perhaps I represent the Ra energy in a physical body.  Is that somewhat accurate, if people are feeling the differences in our energies – it’s a way to point people toward the two groups?


Daphne:  They’re speaking through me now.  The information aspects that I’m able to access; in general, it’s Elohim.  [But] there is a part of my makeup, my personality structure, that actually is very Ra; I have the three yods in my chart – Fingers of God.  It’s not actually as clear cut:  on the outside level, yes.  If you were to look at carefully, there’s actually a mix of both, not only in me but also in you.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Next question for Terry.  This is from Martin.  Martin, I’m going to revise your question because I don’t know what a Genessa Crystal is.  What I’m going to do is revise it so it’s more generic.  I hope it will answer your question, too.


In metaphysical people, there’s this idea that crystals are transmuters of energy from this realm to other realms.  People wear crystals, quartz crystals; there are crystal balls, there’s crystal swords, there are different crystals for different things.  Crystals have a geometric structure – this is not Martin’s question; I’m not up to it yet.


My question is:  Is it the geometric structure of a crystal that allows it to be a portal into other dimensions?  That’s for Terry.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We take a look at the crystal structure.  It can, depending upon the cut of the crystal and the formation of the warps that the crystal moves the light into; it can be a portal to another dimension.  It also can be an aid for an individual wearing a crystal to have their chakras aligned by the crystalline energy, assuming that the crystal is of the proper frequency to interface with the body chakras.


Therefore, it can be a window for someone who has their chakras balanced with the aid of a crystal to harmonize with their own life, and to interface with others in their life and at the higher overtones to then resonate with the higher frequencies and the higher dimensions and make the individual more open to giving and receiving energy from the higher realms.


Also, the higher realms, the energies from the Elohim can activate a crystal and can use it as a window to move energy; helpful, beneficial energy to the individual.


Wynn:  My question was:


If crystals are portals to higher dimensions, there’s also the potential, it seems to me, to be portals for the negative in higher dimensions as well.  Is that true?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.  We are looking at circumstances where a negative use may be put to crystals, and this is true in that would a person wish to send negative energy to another they can use the mechanism of the crystal to direct and transport that energy into the sphere of another so the answer is yes.


Wynn:  A crystal can be used essentially as a magnifier of intent, both positive and negative?


Ra’An:  That is correct.


Wynn:  Martin's question is – he uses a terminology that I haven’t used – he uses the word ‘program’ a crystal.  He says “What is the best way to program a crystal?”  I’ll just leave it at his words and see how you come up with that.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  When an individual is in the vicinity of the crystal, the programming has begun and then the energy of the individual, the frequencies of the individual move through the crystalline structure and mold and shape to that energy that is moving through the crystal; they mold and shape the crystals with the memory of that energy.  It picks up that energy that is being put through the crystal and the individual has an identifier within that crystalline structure.


A sensitive person may pick up the crystal then, and may see back to the people who have held it, have owned it, have used it in the past, as there is a recording there within the crystal.  When one is programming a crystal, one may put it into a frequency bath so that the frequencies throb or rhythmically flow through the crystal and it picks up those frequencies that are being put through it, then then operates when it is finished with the programming, operates by giving and receiving the best at those frequencies that have been programmed into it.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Do our pendants that we have been putting out to our group – do our pendants have a similar property?


Ra’An:  Yes, as they have been imbued with frequencies that are beneficial to the human.


Wynn:  If somebody wanted to use a crystal in this way for their healing – I’ve heard people talk about them doing this – but, I thought it would be good for you to say it because maybe this might be helpful for some people who are curious.


I believe the quartz crystal is one of the most common – I don’t know all the differences of the other crystals – but, if someone was doing a meditation and they put crystals on their body while they’re lying down for example, would that help stimulate the energies through their chakras?  Like, if they put a crystal on their heart chakra, a crystal on their third eye, a crystal on their stomach – would that be a balancing?  Is there a specific technique you could recommend?


Ra’An:  Yes.  One can do that, and they can use crystals that help to open up the individual chakras.  This would be a crystal that is color-wise coordinated to the ideal color of a chakra, so that the crystal can pick up and attenuate and even magnify the effect of the chakra that is spinning and can enhance perception through a chakra so that particular chakra can give and receive information more readily by the assistance of the crystal in the area of the chakra.


Wynn:  Thank you so much.  Thank you for sharing that with us.  I don’t know if we’ve totally answered Martin’s question here.  He asked:


Is there a command that they prefer, or a prayer to ask for the highest good in relationship to programming a crystal?


Ra’An:  Give us a moment…


Yes.  A prayer can be created by the individual doing the programming and they can, in the prayer, ask for a purity within themselves as they program the crystal that they do not get any of their own interests into the programming so that it is done for the highest good.  One can make this prayer a simple prayer, and they can also look within themselves and find anything that might interfere with the pure programming of the crystal and set it aside; stack it on the side shelf, so to speak, until they are finished programming the crystal.  Any intent of a personal nature that wouldn’t be for the highest good can be set aside until the programming is over.  Then, in the prayer, they can ask for the highest sources from the highest realms of pure love and light to be with them as they and help them as they program the crystal.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Another question here.  Daphne, would you like to answer a question?


Daphne:  We can try; sure.


Wynn:  This is kind of a question from Lena.  She is having an unusual experience around a person she knows.  I’ll just read this:


There is energy in my life that I feel very strongly, to the point of almost physical presence.  There is also a person in my life who affects me profoundly.  I would like to know if the energy that I feel has something to do with the person.  It feels as both came to me about the same time, although I have different relationship with the energy and the person – total love with the energy, and confusing and somewhat painful relationship with the person.


I have a feeling my subconscious mind knows the message there to be, but my consciousness does not.  For some reason, I have a strong desire to go off this world to unite with this energy, because it feels I would never experience this union here in the physical.  Sometimes, I feel it is here in the physical which is person I know.  But, we have a big age difference that’s difficult to reconcile.  Also, I’m feeling I am here at this time for a specific reason but what I am going through distracts from what I have to be concentrating.


You can answer as much of that as is appropriate.


Council of Ahn:  We’ll give it a shot.  What is this lady’s name again?


Wynn:  Lena.


Council of Ahn:  Lena, okay.


Wynn:  Usually, I’d like to say, if people are asking questions like this they should include the city they’re in so it’s easier to tune in on them.  We’ll see if you can tune in on that; I don’t have her city.


Council of Ahn:  We are attempting to make energetic contact with this individual.  Please give us a moment.


The entity we now assess being Lena, has asked a question about the spirit of said energies in her life, which make her feel as if she does not want to continue physical existence because she is, in some way, more fulfilled by the higher density love light vibrations which she is recognizing in her field.  She is recognizing the oncoming planetary energies of the liquid love light Trinitarian Christ Consciousness which is now embodying itself physically onto the grids and which can be found in some places, more or less, depending upon the time-space constructs of individual locales.  She recognizes this energy because it is birthing within parts of herself.


The entity with whom she has a painful relationship is serving as catalyst for her in that the other individual is reflecting back to her unintegrated parts of self, of the egoic mind/body/spirit complex, which need be lifted in vibration up into the liquid love light Christed consciousness of acceptance and communion.  To believe that one can have a 'perfect union' with another in the physical in a human form is erroneous at best.  One can experience a kind of – they’re saying a word – a holy reverence or a holy alliance with another individual.  But, this is at the level of recognizing the indwelling Christed self each within the other.  It’s recognizing the Christ monad each within the other of the human presence. 


Daphne:  This is me talking now:  They’re saying how this would play out with each other is there’s a certain form of stillness.  You would best recognize it as a relationship of profound loving kindness, but it’s a gentle relationship and it’s not imbued with passion.  It’s beyond passion; it’s the relationship that spiritual sisterhood or brotherhood that monastic people – monks, nuns (have)– it doesn’t matter if they’re if they’re Western religion.  It could be eastern, it could be Hindu, it could Buddhist, it could be Sufi – but, basically people who have walked the spiritual life and understand that, it’s important to understand this:


Council of Ahn:  The level of union that this person is experiencing, or wanting to experience, transcends duality; therefore you don’t have the dance of yin and yang.  Therefore, emotion as we know emotion in 3D, no longer exists.  It’s pure compassion, pure love.  So there is no desire, there is no desire or intent towards the other.  There is only communion; there is only holy recognition of Christ self in the other.  So, it is an example of quietude.


Wynn:  Thank you.  There is a question from Serena; Serena Sue.  I’m not going to ask it tonight.  I think it’s a big question, and I’m going to put it off until next week.  It has to do with negative attacks; why people have them and how to protect yourself from them.  That’s a big answer to that; it’s a serious question.  I’m putting it off until next week.  Selena, you might resubmit it for next week just so I don’t forget, because it’s an important question that I’d like to address.


We also have Tammy Andrews is asking to send light to her friend John Warren who has sores on his legs that will not heal; he has some kind of circulation problem called lymph-edema. He’s overweight and depressed about his condition; he’s asking for help and open to receiving help from higher sources; he really wants to heal.  That’s from Tammy in Playa Del Ray, California.


On that note, I’ll turn it back to Terry.  And, if you want to make any comments regarding Tammy, or any closing comments, this will be our last contribution in this session.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We are taking a look at John, and we see a lack of circulation in the area.  We see a number of causes, and it is a complex situation.  We can suggest that he get some professional help, as he is close to the center of Dr. Marshall in Santa Monica.  Some professional help in the area of wrapping his legs with substances that can help this heal faster and can support, also, the body/mind complex that he begin to know that there is some hope there. 


To take an action by first of all, calling the center – their number is 310.320.1132 – and asking them for information on the subject during the time of day when they are not busy.  There are certain wraps that they know about that could help take toxins from the legs, and a meeting with Dr. Marshall himself could reveal more information as to things that he may do and supplements he may take to help the skin heal faster and to help clear the area of the intestinal tract so that the toxins are able to leave his body faster and to help his kidneys heal, as support is needed in all of these areas.


We see other causes beyond that; we would prefer that he ask directly rather than through his dear friend who is concerned about him because his asking will have a direct bearing upon how much we can help.  We send love light to each and every one.  Adonai


Wynn:  Thank you so much.  I thank Terry and Daphne for volunteering their services for this call.  I feel so honored myself to be in the midst of such wonderful – what’s the word – being a portal for this to be shared with all of you and to have the support of both Terry and Daphne.  On that note, we will see some of you on Sunday.  Bless you all for the rest of your time after this call.


I should say Daphne is available to do readings now, and there’s not such a long wait – she has the time.  For the moment, her life is in a space where if she has to process stuff she can do it.  I don’t know how long that’s going to last.  If you’re interested in a reading, it won’t take that long for me to put it together.  I don’t have her page as of yet.  If you go to and just follow the instructions for Terry.  We’ll figure out who is probably the best person for you. 


If you want a reading, send me an email – you’re going to fill out an intake form for the reading – if you particularly have a preference for Terry or Daphne you can put that down.  If we can’t fulfill your preference we’ll let you know.  For right now, it usually takes three or four weeks sometimes to get a reading from Terry.  With Daphne, it’ll probably happen in a week.  Just letting you know; we’ll see you all next time.


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