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Monday Calls  06.25.2012
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Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn:   This is Monday, June 25th(2012) we’re Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Denver, Colorado; yay Denver! Terry, are you on the line?


Terry:  I’m here


Wynn:  How about Daphne? Are you on?


Daphne:  I can hear you.


Wynn:  This is a come-as you are party; I’ll tell you how we all are on this Monday. Terry and I did something called the International New Age Trade Show on Saturday, Sunday and Monday; we flew to Denver and we had a table there. This is a show where people come who have New Age stores; it’s been going for about twenty years.


It’s where people with oils, crystals, books, all show their wares to the stores everywhere; it’s not like a public show. One of the reasons that we started selling those pendants was because we had tested them in some New Age stores and so we decided to go to that show to present our pendants to the stores. We’ll tell you more about what happened, because some really interesting things happened.


The show was over today at 4:00 Denver time. We checked out of our expensive hotel and took a shuttle to Motel 6. We got to Motel 6 about twenty minutes before this show. We had all the show stuff, so we had to move it into the room. Terry was telling me that’s where she started looking red as a beet, standing in 90° sun while I was carrying things across the street into Motel 6. Tomorrow we’re leaving, back to Phoenix and then Sedona. That’s our story.


Wynn:    Now we’re going to introduce Daphne; she’s going to tell her story:  Daphne?


Daphne:  My story:  I was up in New Hampshire, near the seacoast. I was up there visiting my father’s sister, my aunt, for about two and a half weeks and had a really nice kind of relaxing decompression time. I’m about to take a road trip down to Virginia, North Carolina and Atlanta, from New Hampshire down to Cape Cod where I’m headed, where my mom is; I’m going to pick her up. She’s going on the road trip with me. It’s about a three-hour drive.


I was on Route 495, which is a big beltway around Boston; the outer beltway; the inner one is 128.  I was doing about 70 and all of a sudden my car died. The steering started to freeze up because the electrical system died. Luckily I was able to get to the right-hand lane, then over to the shoulder; there was an exit.


I was thinking, “Okay, God; you’ve got to help me through this.” I was able to restart the car, only to have it die again a couple of minutes later; but I was able to get to the service station.


Then a good Samaritan in the form of an older gentleman gave me a ride down to a local garage, where I ended up having the car towed. To make a long story short, I’m at the Holiday Inn down the road from there, to the tune of $149 or so.  I have a bad ignition. Apparently the ignition switches in the Honda Odysseys are known for frying out after so many thousands of miles. That’s my story; I’m also in a hotel.


The interesting thing is that this hotel is adjacent to the east coast campus of Cisco; Cisco is one of the largest manufacturers of routers in the world. It’s a San Francisco Bay area company; it’s actually headquartered in San Jose. The husband of one of my friends was a lead design engineer for Cisco. I thought, “That’s interesting” because their logo is the Golden Gate Bridge.


That’s my story.


Terry:  Are they fixing your car right now?


Daphne:  Yes. I was able to have the car towed to a local garage here and they had to order the part; they’re fixing it tomorrow morning and hopefully I’ll be on my way by the afternoon, back down to Cape Cod.


Gijs:  Good luck Daphne.


Terry:  Good for hanging in there on all that.


Daphne:  I’m going to hang up and call back in; I can hear you, but I can’t hear anything else.


Wynn:  As you can tell, we’re all fried. I don’t think it’s a good night for Daphne or Terry to channel. It’s a good night to let everybody know how human we are. We end up in human situations.


Anyone listening for the first time tonight, this is not a normal call; just letting you know. Everybody ended up in a motel at the last minute and no one is relaxed enough to do a channeling; I don’t think. Everyone is too discombobulated.


We’re going to have to play it by ear; we’re going to find the divine in the ordinary.  Did someone just check in? Would you like to say your name and city?


Daphne:  It’s the discombobulated member of your group who just had to call in again.


Wynn:  I see: the discombobulated member. Since we have an open line, did anyone else have anything happen today they’d like to share with us?


By the way, I wanted to tell you that this is the night that Carla Rueckert was supposed to be on; we’re supposed to do a thing with Carla as we do on the fourth Monday of the month. An hour before the call, Jim called me, Carla’s husband and said, “Carla’s going to have to cancel out tonight. She had to go to the doctor and waited in line for two hours. She’ll look forward to doing it next time.” Just letting you know, keeping you abreast.


Who wants to share anything interesting that happened for them today?


Wynn:  We can do a group meditation. Did anyone have anything difficult happen for them? Did anyone on the line get yelled at? Did anyone get yelled at today?


Terry:  I got yelled at.


Wynn:  Did I yell at you?


Terry:  No, it’s one of the customers who was telling me a very, very interesting story and that was yesterday. I really wanted to hear the story, but I also didn’t know what to do about the other people who were waiting. So, I went to another person; he went away.


I nabbed him today and I said, “I want to hear the end of your story” and he just blew up at me and he said, “You weren’t hearing the end of any story! You cut me off and it was very, very important to me; I own a big store! I was putting together an order in my head and you cut me off, so you aren’t getting anything.”


I let him tell me what he thought, to try to release it as best I could; I gave him a pendant as an apology; I gave him a copy of the Reincarnation Book, because he was really enchanted with it. Unfortunately, finally he started really talking to me and it was really interesting and I heard some more of the story. Then another customer came up and I had to deal with that customer. I asked him if he would please come back, but he never came back.


So I’m learning how to interface with groups of people. So that happened, too.


Wynn:  Usually, I have to watch Terry, because people love talking to her; she looks so lovable and approachable. I want you guys to know if you’re listening for the first time, this is not an ordinary call. Please put up with us; we have Daphne whose car is broken down in New Hampshire and Terry and Wynn in Denver after a three-day show. We’re just telling and sharing; usually on these calls, as the regulars on the calls know, people can share. We have amazing, extraordinary conversations with the Sources, group souls on this call.


They call themselves the Elohim group and the Ra group and we interview them on various aspects of the way the Universe works, such as how this realm got created. We just pick any topic, i.e. where crop circles come from.


Extraordinary things happen on this call. If extraordinary things happen tonight, it’s not going to be because of us, I don’t think. You never know; we’re not over yet. It’s going to be a night of laying back, because everybody is in kind of an in-between state.


I’ll share with you. We were at the International New Age Trade Show. I talked to some amazing people who were really interested in our work. One of them is a guy who has actually has known me for a long time. In fact, he‘s a publisher and I submitted “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” to him when we were first working on it. He was actually considering it, but he didn’t go for it because his publishing company was in Virginia and he had a lot of interface with the A.R.E., the Cayce Foundation. So he didn’t want to take that book on.


Today he talked to me for about two hours. He’s the guy who introduced and marketed “Conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsch; he is really looking forward to reading The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You book. We’ll see what happens.


The other guy I spoke with was the guy who published “The Secret.” He was really interested in our work and is a follow-up. I’ve learned not to expect anything to happen, because most things don’t happen. I knew they were both interested; they both are going to go on my new website, If you haven’t visited it please do; it’s the first time I’ve had a website up that puts the idea of what we do out and I’m getting great comments from people.


Daphne, are you there?


Daphne:  Did you ask for Daphne? Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  Daphne, what would you like to share with everybody tonight?


Daphne:  What would I like to share? I think there was a divine design in this car failure; it’s a very reliable car; I’ve never had any problems with it. In fact, three days ago I just had the whole thing gone over and all the fluids changed and the tires rotated because I’m about to take this 1,200-mile road trip down to Atlanta


The fact that I am in Boxborough, number four, numerologically four, four is about foundations, the fact I’m in Boxborough, Massachusetts; ‘mass’, as in the precipitation of energy into matter—you know E equals MC squared? And Cisco, is one of the largest router companies in the world—I  have personal ties with people who were founders there and the lead design engineers there. They’re based in San Jose and I lived in Saratoga, eight miles away in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now I find myself literally on the periphery of their east coast campus.


Okay; what are the divine guides doing? What I noticed that they do through me is that they have me go to places all over the world; lately it’s been all over the North American continent and they have me anchor things. When Wynn and I were in New York City, back in March of 2007, we ended up going to the site of the World Trade Center, the 911 site and we also went to the U.N. building and we went to the Brooklyn Bridge. I think they wanted us to go to the statue of Liberty, but we didn’t get out to Staten Island.


Then, we were in Philly; where did they have us in Philly, Wynn?


Wynn:  Independence Hall.


Daphne:  Do you remember when we were taking all those pictures with the strange auras?


Wynn:  Yes.


Daphne:  For those of you who don’t know, Wynn is from Philadelphia. Those are his old stomping grounds, so his energy is there; at least his growing up energy is there. Then he went out to the West Coast, in U.C. Berkeley in the mid-60’s, to study ostensibly physics, but got side-tracked into being a mystical journeyman-singer-songwriter-poet-traveler across the United States in the zone. Is that how you would describe that, Wynn?


Wynn:  My troubadour phase.


Daphne:  Yes.


Wynn:  Interestingly enough, I was sitting in the lobby of the Comfort Inn, just about an hour and a half ago. There was this lady sitting across from me who was wearing what looked like a Muslim headdress and she had prayer beads in her hands, which I thought was Catholic phenomena. I looked at her; she had very good energy. I sat next to her. I said “Are you a Catholic nun?” because of her prayer beads. She said, no she was a Sufi; a Muslim Sufi.


We got into a conversation; turns out, she was in Berkeley. She used to be in something called the Floating Lotus Opera Company when I was in Berkeley, which was the street-opera company. Then, she was in Philadelphia; then, she went to India to study with masters. I said “You’d be interested in my work.” She said, “No, my masters say…” She had a very strict way of seeing God. So I said “You’re doing a good job; I can feel your energy. You feel connected. You don’t have to know anything about what I’m doing.”


That’s the interesting thing, although we have a very valid thing we’re going through. It doesn’t matter; people can connect up energetically to higher realms and not know this. They have a different belief system of how it’s working. As long as their intent is high, they can make the connection.


In any case, for me what Daphne is referring to is my troubadour phase when I was in a rock and roll band and then I was in a duo with my friend Gillian. Then it was just me; I wanted to discover life and I started hitchhiking around the country for probably four years. I ended up in all kinds of amazing places.


Back to you, Daphne.


Daphne:  You’re a hard act to follow. I didn’t hitchhike around the country for four years.


When I was 18, I’d been forced to go to a school called Philip Andover, which is actually the oldest independent secondary school in the United States. When I was there, it had just gone co-ed three years before, so there was a lot of resentment from a lot of the old faculty members who thought it still be the bastion of blue-blood males. I didn’t fall into that camp at all; I was not a male and I was not a blue-blood. I’m half-Greek, and I’m not a tall, lean Anglo; I’m short, stocky half-breed. I thought, “What am I doing here?” And I didn’t have a large trust fund, either.  But, I was a good student.


It was a really weird experience being there; I felt very much like a fish out of water. Then after three years there, for complex personal reasons, I left that school and went back to public school for a year. I think my father felt badly and said, “What do you want from us?


Wynn:  Daphne, I have a question.


Daphne:  Sure.


Wynn:  When you were going to Andover and you going in between classes, did you have any voices talking to you?


Daphne:  No; no voices, but a feeling of, how do I describe this? I remember going to the library and just perusing the stacks and I would do it for hours and hours on end. I was seeking out books on basically esoteric wisdom, but I didn’t know that at the time.


I was taking classical Greek; I was reading Dennison’s Anabasis in Greek at age 14; I wasn’t a Latin student. What else was I taking? I was taking Greek there; I didn’t take German until I went and lived in Switzerland. I remember just looking at all this ancient, classical, western civilization and now I can appreciate it. At that time, none of it clicked for me; I couldn’t make any headway with it. I thought “What does this have to do with me?” I felt like I was a Chinese person and trying to speak Swahili or something. It was a total disconnect. I felt very much lost, and people would be very caught up in whatever they were caught up in and I just couldn’t make any connection.


I did end up making a connection, although it became very difficult later, with a professor there who had been a former monastic; he had been at the monastery, a Trappist monastery in Spencer, Massachusetts. After four years I think, he left and pursued getting his Ph.D. He went to the University of Virginia. Just before he had come to Andover he was teaching at Harvard. His brother had already established himself as a well-known travel writer and novelist, who is actually quite famous at this point; he’s kind of a household name; if you’re a literary person at all you know of him. He ended up making a film with Peter Bugdanovich, “Mosquito Coast.”


Anyway, the brother, who was my professor who shall remain nameless, lives on Cape Cod and I had a very difficult friendship-relationship, in that he sparked something in me. He definitely had a sense of God and the Divine; I could feel that in my connection with him. At the same, it was confusing, because I didn’t know what was being asked of me.


It’s interesting, because years and years later, twenty years later more or less, I ended up having what I consider a mystical conversion to Catholicism, even though I consider myself a Mystical Christian and I’m very eclectic. For some reason, I do have a draw to western orthodoxy; I was baptized Greek Orthodox and I spend a lot of time even to this day, going to Mass at Catholic churches.


Anyway, where was I going with this story? Now I’ve forgotten my train of thought. Can you help me out?


Wynn:  This is one of those days; this is how channeling gets started. Everyone gets to the place where they can’t think of what to say and suddenly they start talking.


Wynn:  Daphne, I have to say you have a wonderful phone voice!


Daphne:  You’ve got wax in your ears, dearie; you need to clean them out! But thank you.


Wynn:  Gijs, what do you think? Does she have a good phone voice?


Gijs:  She sounds beautiful.


Daphne:  I really hoodwinked you guys, but keep the compliments coming.


I got up this morning; I actually got a pedicure yesterday and I had my hair done for the first time in months; she did it darker than I’ve had it in a long time. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought, “If I don’t scare other people, I certainly scare myself when I look in the mirror sometimes.”


I feel like there’s so much processing going on in terms of the energetic infrastructure; the energetic substructures. Yesterday’s call, our Sunday planetary healing call, was extremely powerful, or I felt it to be that. I felt like that was a tremendous amount of energy anchoring. Then, oftentimes I will see or feel the results of that 24 hours to 72 hours later. I look like a raccoon sometimes; I have these very dark circles under my eyes; I look like somebody who has been on crack or cocaine for months at a time. I’ve never touched any of that stuff.


I can feel it, the way it processes through the physical system when these huge waves of energy are getting inserted, literally, into the physical envelope of 3D consciousness and then into the grid systems.


I think one of the reasons we’re having trouble with the phone lines tonight is that we’re literally establishing this electro-magnetic infrastructure, these big broadband telecommunications lines, for this consciousness.


I think we’re actually helping to posit the proto or meta-highways for this stuff into the consciousness, into the realm down here. So it’s like being a spiritual samurai in the Amazon jungle and you’ve got a machete and you’re literally having to hack through virgin territory; there is no road.


I used to complain to Wynn all the time, “Well, how do we work this? There aren’t any structures in place that can deal with these energies?” He said, “It’s kind of like you learn as you go.” I said, “It’s hard; the ability to explain this to people, you have to find the words, you have to find the language. It’s a big experiment.”


For whatever reason, physical resources are really hard for most people now; in my own personal situation they’re ridiculously tight. I’m living by the grace of my mother and my aunts, pretty much. Talk about being on the edge; it’s kind of like Indiana Jones, but I don’t have MGM or some big Hollywood person paying me a salary. It’s challenging.


Wynn:  If anyone wants to make a donation tonight, we will send it to Daphne. All donations this evening go to Daphne; she’s stranded in New Hampshire.

When you look at the way things happen and what puts things together, the intricacies of what create a synchronicity—I met Daphne at something called The Prophet’s Conference. I was in the middle of writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? And I was also writing articles for a web magazine called The Spirit of Ma’at. You can go look up some of those articles; I was probably one of the first people to interview Greg Braden – spiritofmaat/wynnfree/. There was a conference in the Monterey area, Pacific Grove, actually. I went to interview people and was being paid every time I interviewed somebody. There was going to be a potential ten to fifteen people there who I could interview.


I walked into the conference room at the Prophet’s Conference and the first thing I see in the room is this fellow and his wife whom I know from L.A. I’ve known the guy, Sam, for probably fifteen years. I started chatting with them; while I was chatting with them, my eye caught Daphne’s eye and she was looking at me; I looked at her and said, “Do you know me from somewhere?” I never say exactly the right thing here. What did you say when I said that?


Daphne:  I think you said to me, “Do I know you?” What did I say? “Not in this life” or something like that?


Wynn:  I thought you said “You remind me of an author.”


Daphne:  You were speaking very animatedly and your hands were wildly gesticulating; Wynn is tall; he’s about 6’2”. He’s kind of an eccentric figure; you can find him in a crowd. But he reminded me of this author, this person I had been referring to, earlier, the former monastic. That’s how I originally met you.


Wynn:  When Daphne was in L.A., we went to visit Sam and his wife Pauline.

About two or three months later, Daphne started channeling. Sam is always sponsoring spiritual events. He invites people to come to his house; he’s still doing that. He’s done that for years.


I called him up and I said “Sam, I have to tell you!” At that time Daphne was channeling and I wasn’t really talking about it. I said, “Sam should be interested.” I called Sam up and I said, “Remember Daphne who was at your little party? This voice started coming through her and said it was the Elohim.” He said, “Wynn, I’m so glad for you! Congratulations.”


Daphne:  Didn’t he say Mazel Tov?


Wynn:  He said Mazel Tov; I was just not translating it. I said, “Sam, it’s the Elohim. Don’t you know? You’re Jewish. These are the guys you were calling God.” He said “Congratulations.” After a while, I stopped talking to him; I didn’t know how to talk to him anymore. He was just at this event in Denver and I met him. He invited me up to his room to visit with him and his wife. I went up and we actually connected, really connected, for the first time in ten years.


One of the things is Sam has known me for a long time. He could not shift his consciousness to what I was actually doing. This is something I’ve noticed many times in my life; I knew people and I looked a certain way and had a certain image. When that changed, I couldn’t change their relationship with me; it didn’t track to the new place I was going to. Usually you have to leave people behind because they don’t fit to who you’re becoming. It was quite amazing to have that relationship with Sam transform.


Boy, qre we doing a terrible job tonight. Thanks to you guys for putting up with us. This is definitely a seat-of-the-pants call.


If you’ve never worked a Trade Show, if you’ve never worked a booth, there is a fatigue that happens like nothing I have ever experienced. It’s not necessarily a fatigue because you’ve worked hard. There’s a little bit of physical work sitting at the booth, but it is so much psychic energy standing in front of a crowd that’s walking by you and engaging them for hours a day. At the time you’re doing it you can look really enthusiastic; but when it’s over it’s like ‘flop’. That’s how I’ve been feeling. I have a feeling that’s how Terry’s been feeling too. Is that how you feel, Terry?


Terry:  I can’t hear anything anymore.


Wynn:  Okay; just hang on. I have unmuted everybody; would anyone like to ask us—no one is sharing anything. Here we are, struggling and you guys aren’t sharing!


Greg:  I’d like to share something; I’m reading your book and I just want to share with everybody that I’m really enjoying it. This is really a good read and it really indicates to me; I’m just getting through the chapter about Ra’Ta. It’s just absolutely fascinating.


I really have liked David Wilcock, but the insight that you put together in the book is just like, “Wow.”


It’s very well done; I think if you haven’t read the book, you need to get it and read it. I think it would increase your understanding of what’s going on here; it lays a good foundation, if anybody hasn’t gotten it.


Wynn:  Thank you for sharing that, because there are a lot of people who when they discover Wilcock live, they think, “What do I need to read the book for? I’ve seen him live.” There are so many things in the book he will not talk about live.


Daphne:  Wynn, if I can just interject one brief comment.


When I was at my aunt’s house, I share this with you; she has an old farmhouse built in the 1860’s. All kinds of things there, books and kitty-cats and attics full of stuff. I was wandering around in her sewing room, and my eye falls upon a book. The book was Wynn’s book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? I guess this was a copy he had given to my aunt. I pulled it out of the shelf and I brought it into my room.


A night or two later, I’m went to the bookshelf in that room and my eye fell upon a book in German. At one time I could speak and read and write German quite well. I pulled the book out, and lo and behold! It was the German edition of Wynn’s book; in German, the title is Der Schlafende Prophet Erwacht, The Sleeping Prophet Awakens.


So I was taking a look at it and I was telling Wynn, “You know your book reads even better in German than it does in English. The prose gets really tight in German.” There was a part in here that really jumped out at me. I’m trying to think exactly where it was, but the gist of it is: apparently when Cayce gave the prophecy that he would return, it wasn’t that Cayce would return; it was that Ra’Ta would return, in 1998. I thought that was very interesting.


Greg:  I heard it; I agree. I just got some goose-bumps.


Daphne:  I thought that was very interesting.


Wynn:  I’m going to add one thing that’s very interesting. Remember I told you about the guy who did “Conversations with God” and brought that to the public, and who I was talking to? What I found out; it was interesting, this show.


That guy’s name is Bob Freedman, totally responsible for “Conversations with God.” Do you know what else he’s responsible for? He’s the guy who published Carla Rueckert’s Ra Material. I never knew that. His company was sold to Schiffer. At this event, the guy who was representing the metaphysical catalog in Schiffer came by. I’m going to help him get the Ra Material to be well-known.


In any case, we have to close. Thank you all for putting up with us tonight. We’ll see you Wednesday; we will have questions that you all submit, that maybe Daphne will be helping us answer. Thank you all; thank you Gijs. We wish you a great night!


Gijs:  Thank you Wynn, Terry and Daphne and everybody. Love to all.

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