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How Can I Tell if My Heart Is 51% Open?

Wednesday Call 06/27/2012
Host: Wynn Free
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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O’Brien
Formatted and sent by Aharon ben Or


1. Who was the angel that came when my grandmother passed?

2. How do we know if our hearts are open at least 51%?

3. Helpful things in helping a person move into having more of an open-hearted experience?

4. Can things like orgonite drive negativity away?

5. If our unconscious mind is blocking a healing, what are some of the guidelines by which we can come to understand the blockage and then remove it or let it go? If we do let it go, does that allow the healing to take place?

6. Will you put my back in the light again?

Wynn: This is Wednesday, June 27th; 2012 Wynn and Terry in Sedona and Daphne in Cape Cod. We have a number of people on the line live, and I know there is a number of people who are going to be listening to the replays. For all of you who listened on Monday night, I want to say you probably listened to our worst call ever. If you haven’t listened, please go back and listen because then you’ll know what a bad call sounds like.

Gijs: Wynn, it was a great call.

Caller: Yes, it was.

Wynn: Did you think so?

Gijs: Yes.

Wynn: I don’t think so.

Caller: I thought it was very informative.

Wynn: This would be like going to a performance, and the performer comes out and lies on the bed and goes to sleep for an hour and sleep-talks. We were all exhausted. If anyone wonders whether we go through human stuff, go listen to the Monday call. Daphne had broken down, and she was in some little town in New Hampshire in an expensive hotel; Terry and I were …

Daphne: No. I was in Boxborough, Massachusetts on 495 in a very expensive, hi-tech corridor in Massachusetts where the Holiday Inn was $149 a night. I was right on the Cisco campus, and I happen to have hooked up with a really nice garage; I really lucked out. That little jaunt from New Hampshire ended up costing me $500. Actually, it was okay.

Wynn: We were tired; where were we? We were in Motel 6 in Denver and we had just checked in. Everybody was pretty tired.

Terry: It was 110º.

Wynn: It was over 100 º. The room was nice, but the neighborhood was sleazy.

Wynn: I’m just turning off the entry and exit chimes; that way if somebody hangs up on us we don’t have to take it personally because we won’t know. Some of you, if you’re listening, I don’t know if anyone is new tonight. Part of doing this work is to be ordinary, because we all are ordinary. In fact, we might be sub-ordinary. If you met us in normal life, you’d say, “Oh my God, let me get out of here.” It’s the ordinariness, I have learned – I didn’t know this at the beginning – I said, “Oh my God, we’re talking to the Elohim. How do we do this? How do we present this?” I thought it had to be – I didn’t know – we just experimented. I’ve come to know that the more ordinary, the more human I am, the more human Terry is, the more human Daphne is – the easier it is to bring their energy in. I don’t have to be more than I am and I can let everyone decide if it’s real or not and make their minds up without making any claims.

We have so much experience – those of you who are listening regularly know that – over time, there’s an energy that is on these calls that’s above the energy of the timelines on planet earth. As you start to be on these calls, you start to tap into those higher timelines and things start to shift for many people. Some people, when they hear about this, they hear who we think we’re talking to – it seems like its magic. Its like “Elohim, please do this; heal this; do that; do this.” I never know what’s going to happen, but I do know that it’s co-creative; the more co-creative it is, the more chance you have of having an intervention, a healing, a shift. The more ordinary you can be, the more you can open up to the energies; the less intimidated you are by having these group souls that can intervene and can participate in our life, and amazing things happen – can happen – as a result of that.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me, because I want everyone who has a serious issue, a serious problem, to have results. I want that. I don’t even like to – there’s part of me that doesn’t even like to say there are possibilities of that, because then if somebody doesn’t have that kind of result, maybe they’re going to think that something’s wrong with them. There’s not. But, we’re going to ask some of those questions tonight and find out what it takes on your part to participate in this.

Two things: (1) Coming into these calls regularly, participating, for many people – I’m not going to say it’s for everybody, but for many people – can make a huge difference. Reading our materials can make a huge difference, because they say their energy is in their words, and if you read their words it helps tap into their energies. (2) Being a part of Team Shift can make a difference, because in Team Shift people are meeting every day or as many times a week as they can participate for five or ten minutes. They get to know each other – it’s like three, four, five, six people – it’s a small group of people meeting every day. Whereas on these calls, everyone can’t necessarily feel their personality is present; on Team Shift it is.

You can come as you are. The thing about Team Shift is – I think one of the blocks people have is their pride, because they feel they’re not good enough. They’re afraid people are going to see them in a way they don’t want to be seen so they don’t participate; or, they don’t choose to. Some of you are listening in the back ground, and maybe you feel that way. You’re on our calls, you’re on our replays and you feel like this is above you; it’s not above you, believe me. It’s accessible to everyone; it’s simple. Just come as you are. When you come as you are, and you don’t have to worry about how you look in being Top Dog – when you come as you are, you find that who you are starts to change.

It’s like our Monday call; we did our Monday call, and somebody said they gave me credit for doing it because we came as we were. We were all totally wiped out and totally tired. My pride level said, “I don’t want anyone to hear me that way.” I know that it’s an example, because you feel that way sometimes. I’m not different from you; I’m just a guy who had these crazy experiences and is making the best of it and wanting to be of the highest service to everyone who reaches back and can gain something in terms of their personal wisdom, their feeling of connection to something.

We have some questions tonight – Terry, you’re on, correct?

Terry: Yes, I’m here.

Wynn: Daphne, you’re on – correct?

Daphne: I’m here.

Wynn: As usual, nobody is ready and that’s a good sign because that means we’re in neutral. Being in neutral allows the energies to flow. We’re going to call in the light – calling in the light is not magic. It’s just an invocation that’s a fast way of bringing our energies together into a group energy, and bringing our sources into connection with us. Now I can’t use the word ‘blending’ after they corrected me for that; now I have to think of another way of saying ‘blending’; but, I’ll think of it.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect Daphne, Terry, myself and everyone on this line and everyone on the replays and that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted or the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the sun and the moon, through the outer energy fields of the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection of all of us present on this line and the replays, of all of you who’d be willing to participate in that. If you’re not willing, that’s fine – it’ll pass you by and you can listen from your intellect until you come to the conclusion that you can trust these energies. I think that’s very fair and reasonable that you do that.

When we create a group energy – when we invoke that – it means that part of us, each of us, that is in other dimensions starts to connect with each other – even though we’ve never seen each other – we all exist there. We invite our sources to connect with us in whatever way they would choose, and be part of this group energy. We maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls while we do this, and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.

We’re going to turn it over to Terry to give an introduction to us, and then we’ll ask our first question. Thank you.

Ra’An: This is Ra’An and we greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator. We are with you; we are next to you, and we can reach out and touch you if it is what you desire – to connect with us. We are available to be of assistance. All you have to do is ask.

Do you have questions?

Wynn: This is from Sarah who is on the line. I didn’t write down her city, so if we need to know I’ll unmute everybody and get her city. Her question is –

Gijs: Illinois.

Wynn: Thank you – she’s in Illinois:

My grandmother passed away in February of 2010. A couple of hours before she was officially on the other side I saw a gold angel and felt enormous sadness; and, I cried for hours. Who was that angel? A messenger? Was it my grandmother’s energy spirit? I loved her enormously and miss her every day.

Thank you. Sarah – Evanston, Illinois

Ra’An: Thank you. When an individual passes away, the angels come to help guide them to the other side. In this case, there was an energy connection with you so the golden angel came to ease the connection; to make the connection between you and your grandmother and the other side. It carried the information of your grandmother’s transitioning to the other side, and this is why you felt the sadness, because in your heart-of-hearts, you knew that she was leaving.

Yet, she is alive and well, and she continues in a better state in more of a healthy body on the other side. She loves you very much. She is continuing her life in a very healthy, robust way. That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you. We have another question from Sarah. She read our book The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe want to talk to you. It said a requirement for graduating into the fourth dimensional new earth was having the heart chakra open at least 51%. We’ve actually asked this question before to Terry; I’m going to ask it to Daphne:

How do we know if our hearts are open at least 51%?

I want to make the comment that when I learned and believed that to be true – that came from Carla Rueckert, it came from Daphne, it came from Terry – if I was going to put that information out to people, I wanted to make sure that we gave them the opportunities to open 51%. I do believe that these conference calls and Team Shift and our materials helps people connect with an energy, that even if you don’t feel a sense of love in your life directly, that it can help you open up to the love of the higher realms and feel love and give love back. Plus, we get a community of people who are all opening to each other and who understand the game.

On that, I’m going to turn that over to our sources as they speak through Daphne. Thank you.

Council of An: Give us a moment please.

The question you have addressed us this evening concerns energy frequency, the heart chakra, and receptivity. Receptivity is the availing of the life force to be in commiseration, to be in companionship, to be in empathy, to be in communion, to be in compassion with other beings and with other souls. In order for the life force frequency to flow both to and fro, this connection, this receptivity, must be an actuality whereby information exchanged is going in both directions. One must be as open to receiving as one is in the intent upon being heard, or being received. There must be in the channel, in the vibration, in the conduits – a more or less equal amount of exchange in the receptivity and in the desire to make connection. There is, perhaps, in your way of speaking, in your language, a misnomer here we would like to clarify.

If one’s heart were to be, for example, 100% open what does this mean? Does it mean, in fact, that one is only open to the empathetic needs of others and has no sense of the need of self? A healthy balance, a correct assessment of need of self and need of others – this is what is required. One need not be overly self-sacrificing, and we say this only in that if one does not take care of one’s own basic needs, one can be of no help to anyone else.

Take, for example, a health care worker; for example, one of your EMT– emergency management technician – people. If this emergency person did not have adequate food, shelter, sleep, nutrition – would that person be able to respond to the demands of their job in the way that they do? The answer is plainly no; they would not be able to. Likewise it is with yourselves; you must balance your own needs for rest, for recuperation, for proper nourishment, for quiet, for proper boundaries with others in your life. This is proper self-care and in so doing, you are able to open yourselves more fully, more realistically and more effectively to others. This is truly the balance of open-heartedness; it means also to open heart to self. Do not confuse this with self-serving, for ultimately the goal here is not selfishness, it is to be able to be of higher service. High service means that one must take care of oneself at high levels of need as well. This is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you. Just to ask the question – I mentioned my idea that coming into the conference calls, meeting people in Team Shift – which are all free. Also, getting a reading, a personal reading, which we do charge for – – you can go there and get the information. Are those three things helpful in helping a person move into having more of an open-hearted experience?

Council of An: One moment, please.

These experiences open one from our perceptual reality systems into a wisdom-gathering mode; and in so doing, by honoring the sacred higher wisdom aspects of experiencing – which they are now garnishing and gathering for themselves by virtue of participating in said readings and said calls – they may thereby nurture themselves more by giving themselves the spiritual nourishment and food, wisdom and intelligence, to make choices which can promulgate, which can lead to, a wiser and more open more open-hearted way of seeing the world.

We say this: One needs to open one’s heart with wisdom, not with foolishness. One needs to open one’s heart in a knowing way, otherwise one risks being taken advantage of by forces which do not honor free will. Discernment is always necessary, and vigilance is always necessary.

Wynn: Thank you. In other words, wearing your heart on your sleeve and just trying to be nice to everybody, and giving, is not necessarily a perfect way of having this open-heart connection with interface with the world. Without the wisdom one can be taken advantage of, be a fool, and end up in the clutches of beings – both in this realm and other realms – that would want to take advantage of that vulnerability. Is that stated correctly?

Council of An: We would say this: ordinarily, in times past, most definitely – yes. However, because of the time that we are in now, there is more protection, especially for those young people who are operating very much in a state of grace and very much in a state of innocence. There is a kind of wisdom-protection, there is a kind of grace that these young people seem to be operating in by virtue of the time-space continuum that they, indeed, have incarnated within.

However, if a person is finding themselves habiting a body over the age of perhaps thirty, this kind of grace does not necessarily extend so much into your life, and discernment and a careful assessment of the motives of other people must be taken into consideration. Not that one is to become a distrustful person, but rather that one need learn to read the energy signature of particular individuals, particular circumstances, particular places and particular things before leaning and depending upon these things for any significant impact upon the life experience.

Is this clear?

Wynn: Yes; I’ll add one more question. Oftentimes, people find themselves in a circumstance where either they have a family that might be negatively oppressive, which is by birth, or they have even a partner or mate, or a lover that they went into innocently and find out that it wasn’t what it was. How can a person relate to those kinds of situations and not get pulled into what might be the negative manipulations of people who they are bound to?

Council of An: One moment.

This is a complex and multi-faceted situation, and pertains to the individualistic circumstances of each person involved; a kind of over-arching answer would be daily prayer, daily discernment, daily invoking of the archangelic forces of the god-force, of the one infinite Creator, for guidance; a daily meditation and quiet-time practice, a daily communing with nature if at all possible, a daily taking of an exercise – be it walking, jogging, swimming – whatever it is, communion with the physical body, with the physical vehicle; ingestion of healthy foods.

This last point, which might be difficult to understand, nevertheless it is powerful – an absolute knowingness that whatever circumstance one finds oneself in, to bless the circumstance; bless the circumstance meaning that you trust the divine aspect of the godhead, of the all-that-is, to be able to bring good out of even the most challenging situations; recognizing the divinity and the sacredness of each and every present moment and circumstance. By so doing, you lessen the power that the circumstance has over you, and you allow grace to run into your life and eventually to take over your life.

Wynn: Thank you.

Now, we have a question from Ramie, and it has to do with – I’m going to ask this to Terry, our sources as they speak through Terry. It has to do with negative attacks, and in particular alien extraterrestrial negative attacks. Ramie – I’m not going to read his whole question – I’m going to pick out here what I think is most important and relevant:

There are certain products, energy products, which some people say can protect you from these kinds of attacks. People, sometimes, might use religious symbols like a cross, or in the particular case that Ramie is bringing up he talks about something called orgonite which, interestingly enough, when we were at the New Age Trade Show there was a gentleman who had a table with orgonite pieces. They’re kind of a resin that has something embedded in them, and I don’t know how they’re made, but I did pick them up and I could feel energy in them. There are people who say orgonite can bust chemtrails and drive aliens away.

The question is: What is the deterrent for negative attacks, particularly alien attacks, with various materials that have some kind of good energy in them to drive those attacks away, and – the over-arching question – what is the best way to protect oneself from those kinds of attacks if they’re in the midst of it.

I would add: attacks from people in this realm who are creating negative thought-forms towards you, creating wishes of harm, creating spells – anything that falls under negative attacks – how can a person protect themselves? And, are these kinds of materials, that some kind of positive energy, effective in keeping them at bay?

Thank you.

Ra’An: Thank you. Give us a moment.

When one is centered within their own matrix, and are at the frequency of good, vibratory, harmonious energy and are putting out that energy and are open to receiving that energy and are not moving over into the frequencies of negativity, of the frequency wherein one would experience the attack. But, when one is centered, and in their own matrix, and open for giving and receiving of good energy, this is the best protection one can have to not bringing in the negative attack energy. In other words, it’s like the tuning of a radio station. In one station, there is discordant music, and one does not go to that station; one goes to another station where they love the music. They do not even experience the discordant music of the other station because they are on a frequency that opens them up to great music, great giving, great receiving.

When one has tuned themselves so that they have tuned out the negativity, then they can be helped, also, to stay tuned to their good energy frequency by materials such as orgonite, sage, and other materials can help to reinforce their good energy and good bandwidth.

There are some exceptions: when an individual lives in an area that impinges upon them with that energy, then it can bring the bad energy and overcome the person’s good energy if the person is living in an area of great disharmony and bad energy and bad things going on. One needs discernment to see exactly what is going on; what it is that is attacking. Does it have to do with the location? Does it have to do with the history of the individual, wherein they have gotten involved in other energies that were not the best for them, and now that track record is in their own matrix and so is making them vulnerable to this.

One can learn through observation and through working with themselves how to tune themselves so that if they are sensing a negative attack to first of all discern where it is coming from. Is it something in the physical that has zeroed in on them? Is it something that has to do with the location where they are living, in that the negative energies have gotten laid in in earlier times into the locale, and is it something that needs to then be cleared from the location – spirits that have gotten all tangled up in some negativity in some past trauma, that is connected with the locale that needs to be cleared and that may keep impinging in spite of the person tuning themselves to the positive energy; the negative may keep impinging.

In a case like this, one may check out other locations and see if there is the negativity still there, as often it may have to do with the location and will not follow them to another location. Or, is it something to do within their own matrix that they keep pulling in? It is a matter, depending upon the individual and where the individual is located, and it takes keen observation to pick up the source, pick up the direction, pick up the signature of the negativity and determine what is going on and if it has to do with the location or if it has to do with the person’s own past history and open to negativity. A person can get clues, and can then put them in the light to be cleared or can get a professional that could clear the area; let’s say, of Indians.

Let’s say, a battlefield where trauma has happened in the past, and it is stuck in the matrix of the physical location and needs to be cleared or if it is not cleared, it may impinge upon the individuals within that particular location. If the attacks are continuing, then one can move to another location or isolate out whether it is part of their own history that is somehow attracting the negative energy, and learn more about it and can eventually release it, let it go.

That is our answer.

Wynn: Thank you. There have been a number of times, probably three or four or five times, when people who are living in an environment – we’re not talking about now about living in an environment with negative people, that’s different. They were living in an environment that had connections with discarnate spirits of one form or another who were in that environment, and they had a reading and our sources looked at it. They said that they were helping to clear the area one way or another. There were shifts in the person who had the reading that they seemed to experience that the environment changed as a result.

Can you explain a little bit more about how this occurs?

Ra’An: Yes; there was one such area in South Dakota where the people in the neighborhood were experiencing visitations by angry Indians who felt that this was their territory and that the white men should not be there. The children were experiencing visitations by the Indians and the families were experiencing some thought of cursed happenings, which were stemming from the Indians wishing to eliminate the white man in the area.

When we were on the line with Jean in South Dakota, the Elohim brought the energies into the area and made it alright for the Indians to express their anger and the lead Indian expressed his extreme anger and that he did not even wish to speak; that he was committed to eliminating the white men in the area. The Elohim, us, with great love to this man, understood his predicament and the great tragedy that he had experienced with his people and understood his anger and said to him that he needed release from all of this unpleasant, very difficult experience that he was going through; and, that they did not wish to change him but that they wished to give him some relief. They presented him with a column of light – his name was Blue Feather – and asked him, just for a minute, to step into the column of light to experience some relief. He did; and for the moment that he stepped into the column of light he began to experience the joy of it. He began to laugh like a child with playing in the light. He was then transported to the other side where he could be helped and could find true relief.

The Indian attacks and curses went away in the area. So, that is one example; there are other examples where the earth holds the energy from the past trauma, and the individuals are stuck, not knowing what way to go and totally committed to resolving some injustice and not wanting to give up until that injustice is somehow solved and made right.

It takes keen observation to know what it is, and it is often different injustices, different circumstances, with attacks. It often has it’s basis in some feeling of injustice; or, sometimes with the Indians it is a desperate attempt to reestablish a life which they do not know how to reestablish, as they have lost their grounding and their footing.

Those are some examples.

Wynn: Thank you. This particular question was posed by Ramie, who was obviously feeling some sense of negative attack in his environment. Is there any comment you would like to make to Ramie, who posed this question, about his own personal circumstance?

Ra’An: Give us a moment. We see that this is more complex, and that there was some kind of a trauma involving an unjust death that lingered on, and it was not fair; and, that it involved a body trauma. Give us a moment.

We see a desire to reinstate an energy in wholeness, and we see it is taking energy in an attempt at a life, but it is reflected energy. It is taking energy that does not belong to it, and this entity that is doing this feels entitled and is holding on. Give us a moment, as we are there looking.

The entity is afraid that if they give up holding on and taking it – energy – that they will have nothing. They do not know the joy that they are missing. We see this energy as feminine. We are speaking slowly as we are working with this entity. They have lost their ability to stand on their own and are trying to live through Ramie. We see a very pretty skirt, a full skirt – that this entity could move on to have another life where they would be able to dance and would be able to live on their own without trying to grab onto Ramie. We suggest that Ramie let this energy go, and tell this energy that she may experience better times and better energy in her own right.

Those are our comments.

Wynn: Thank you. One final question on this track:

If one does live in an environment where there are negative energies that are earth borne, does that weaken the space so that there is more potential for some kind of alien attack beyond whatever the attack is, or the interface is, from the energy on that particular property?

Ra’An: It is depending upon the individual situation, as in some areas there has been alien abduction. This energy mixes with other bad energy in the area and it is a mixture of the two.

Wynn: Thank you.

I am going to ask a question to our sources through Daphne. In both of these cases, they relate to health issues and healing; both of these people have been coming into our calls for quite some time. I probably would not ask this question for someone who is new on our call.

I have to make a disclaimer that whenever we talk about anything healing, this is for entertainment value. We are not qualified – as humans, we don’t have credentials – to do this; although sometimes really valuable information comes through. If you happen to ask a question like this, you have to check it out with your doctor to make sure that it works for you, there’s nothing contrary to your own situation with this information.

The question here is from Gary Brownlee who has been volunteering for us for some time. I know he has an issue; he is very concerned about his health and his liver. His question is:

If we ask our sources for some sort of specific healing, something in our unconscious mind can block the healing as I understand it. If that is the case, what are some of the guidelines by which we can come to understand the blockage and then remove it or let it go? If we do let it go, does that allow the healing to take place?

That’s for Daphne. We don’t hear you, Daphne – are you there? Are you muted?

Let’s move that question over to Terry – did you get the question?

Ra’An: Yes, we did.

We send love light and healing energy to Gary. We see that there can be blockages that lead to situations where disease can be more opportunistic within the individual. For instance, one’s emotions – when one considers their emotions –one’s emotions trigger the body to respond. There is the fight/flight response where one senses danger, one feels fear, the adrenals begin to pump adrenaline and the chemicals within the body begin to prepare the body to put all their attention on handling the danger.

There are things that happen secondarily when the body experiences this, and that is that some of the functions of the body shut down in order to enable the body to put its full attention on handling the danger. If one experiences resentment and things that are not said, and they have a response where they would like to express anger but they don’t, and then it shuts down certain aspects within the body and it overtaxes the adrenal glands and can run the adrenaline glands down. So, eventually they are not able to respond with the acuity that they originally did. This can also shut down areas within the colon and in the digestive tract, as the energy then is coursing through the body to help to respond to the thing where the person’ attention is located.

The alignment of the chakra systems, the openness of the expression chakra, the ability to interface with others, to give one’s opinions, to receive their opinions, without getting them stuck somewhere with a disagreement. Just the ability to have a flow of open communication both ways helps the body to continually make adjustments to its environment and the intestinal system to flow properly.

There is an emotional component to health issues. There is a background setup, a program, that when the body is responding that it uses the resources that are available to it, the chemicals needed to make the adrenaline. The body then can when it has the proper minerals and the proper nutrients then it can make the materials it needs to chemically be on its toes for the proper responses. As an individual gets older, some of these resources are used up in many cases. One of them is the materials for digesting the food, and in the intestinal tract. Salt, not Morton’s over-heated salt, but sea salt or Himalayan salt – some salt that can carry minerals to the system and carry the materials needed to make the digestive aids within the stomach are important.

The digestive tract is extremely important for the individual to continue to provide the proper nutrients to the body so that it will make the materials necessary for proper functioning. When something goes wrong, say with the liver, then there can be other systems that are not working properly; one of them can be the kidneys and when the kidneys are working properly they take off the toxins and they allow the liver to dump its toxins and to replenish itself. The liver is very regenerative; it can regenerate.

There need to be a proper flow where the liver can move unwanted things which livers tend to store when they can’t get rid of it; extra toxic things that can store in the liver. The liver needs to be able to move that off so it is not stuck; it is not filled with toxic substances, for when it is filled with toxic substances it can not then clean the blood of toxins and move those off. The whole system needs to move together.

We are taking a further look, and we see again as summary, that there needs to be inflow and outflow of communication; and, there needs to be a cleansing, a letting go, of resentments, which is hard if you feel like there is an injustice. There needs to be – not to do with the mind, but to do with the expression chakra – the ability to express what one is feeling. One may move these feelings through and off; and the receipt of other people’s information. It comes down to some degree to a matter of inflow and outflow, as the toxic materials need to flow out; the responses need to be moved through and not held on to.

Wynn: Thank you. Finally – last question for tonight. Daphne, are you on?

This is from Jerry in Finland; he has back pain. It’s a lot better; I was wondering if you’d put my back in the light again, it’s still not in place even though it’s a lot better. There isn’t much pain, just discomfort but I still can’t sit properly.

Jerry, just from my own experience, something that you might want to try – I’ve read about this. I don’t know anyone who has tried it in particular, but I read a lot of testimonials on the web. There is an infrared heating pad; it creates micro-circulation at a deep level because it’s infrared. When you create micro-circulation, it can cause healing to occur, fluids to come in where they weren’t before. Microcirculation can be done by infrared and it can also be done by ultrasound – both of those things.

I would try one of these – I’ll give you the brand name, it’s called Thermotex and it’s an infra-red heating pad; it’s not like a normal heating pad because of it’s infrared. Look up testimonials and see if it sounds like it might work for you.

His question is:

Could you ask, for example, if they have suggestions from their higher perspective hat I could do, because they won’t say what to do, but perhaps they’d give me some clarity to the situation, or to bring the right person or situation in my experience that would help me solve this?

Ra’An: Thank you. We send love light to the back area, and we still see that there is something that is not quite in place. It may have to do with one of the legs.

We take a look at something called The HangUp, which is a machine, sold in the U.S., that allows a person to move from right side up to wrong side up to right side up to wrong side up – pumping the fluid within their spinal column, and helping the spaces between the vertebra in the back to align and to retake the proper spacing. We see that in using such a machine that one needs to be sure to use it very carefully and to have a machine that is very well built that can give proper support; this is one thing that we see.

We look at your back and we see a need to properly align the lower part of the back. We send you those thoughts.

Wynn: Thank you. I just looked up TheHangUp on Amazon and it says:

Persons with the following back conditions should not use this; called a spinal stretch:

Instabilities of the spine since as recent fractures;

Unstable spondylisthesis;

Gross osteoporosis;

Cancers or tumors of the spine;

Pregnancy people;

Fresh disc surgery;

Severe bony stenosis infection of the spine.

Again, read up on that carefully and make sure that you don’t have any of those situations that are contraindications to using this kind of device.

There are a number of devices for stretching your spine and decompression; maybe they’re suggesting that might work for you. I was suggesting that Thermotex heating pad is worth a try; probably less chance of some kind of personal injury with the heating pad. Then there’s back bubbles, spinal decompression, pain relief, all kinds of stuff.

On that note, let me turn it over to our sources for their final comments and we will bring this show to a close.

Ra’An: We send love light to Daphne, and we appreciate her participation and to Wynn Free; and send immense love; and, to each and every person on the line we send immense love at this sacred time, this sacred connection.

Thank you for the opportunity to connect with each and every one of you. Adonai

Wynn: Thank you very much; thanks to both Terry and Daphne for giving their time to be of service on our Wednesday session and all of you for being here and supporting this work and supporting those who – many of you may not need these answers – but your energy is helping to hold the space that we can bring them forth for the people who do need them.

We wish you a good evening, and we’ll see many of you on our Sunday grid healing. Thank you.

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