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Monday – 07/02/2012

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Channeled by Terry Brown
Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee



Wynn: Welcome everybody. We’re a few minutes late; we’re getting our technical stuff together. This is Wynn Free for our Monday night conference line. We’ve been doing this call for quite a few years now and we’ve had a very loyal bunch of people coming in, supporting the energies of it. We have done some extraordinary things on our Monday night call.  Oftentimes, I pick a topic and we start a channeling and we ask questions about that particular topic and we do it live. We’re not going to do that tonight, because there are so many new people; it’s kind of like we have to integrate the energies.


Obviously, we’ve been having a pretty extraordinary experience; I have myself since 2002 and now there is a group that has been having that experience. The experience started out where I had this new friend and we were driving. I said “Does anybody want to talk to me?” and she answered. This started a series of dialogues with a voice that said they were the Council of Elohim; now, they didn’t say that the first four or five times. There were other voices; there was something that said it was the Council of Ahn, which later said they were a division of the Council of Elohim.


If you put yourself in my position and suddenly someone is talking to you,   a voice says they’re the Elohim and you Google the word ‘Elohim’ and you find things like “the creators of the physical universe”, “the name for God in the Old Testament”, “the name the Mormons use for God”, you’d have a hard time believing it was real. I had a hard time believing it was real. It took me about three years to say “I think they are who they say they are.”


One of the interesting things that first caught my attention, was I was writing the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. In that book, it told the story of the connection between David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce. If you don’t know who Edgar Cayce was, you can go look him up on the internet; for forty years of his life, he had a voice coming through him that was able to answer questions about almost anything. In particular, for the first twenty years that he was doing this, the questions were all health-related.  People would ask a question about their health or the health of someone they cared about. The voice that came through Edgar Cayce was able to answer these questions with medical precision; they could diagnose the person. Then the person would go to the doctor and whatever they were told in this reading was what the doctor said.


The second twenty years—he did this for forty years—the voice started telling people who they were in their past lifetimes and how what they had done in their past lives was impacting their present life. This was a little harder to prove.


I remember thirty years ago, I had read twenty books about Edgar Cayce.  At the time that I did that reading I was kind of an agnostic; I said “I wonder what’s out there. I don’t know if there’s anything out there; I want to be able to prove it to myself if there is.” As I read Edgar Cayce, I started to say “This guy really existed. There must be something out there that I don’t understand, but I’m going to keep studying and researching to try and understand more.”


I spent many years of my life reading books about spiritual things, attending lectures from people. At one point there was a guy who I crossed paths with, that a friend of mine said could do readings just like Edgar Cayce. I went and had a reading from him. In that reading he told me I was duplicating patterns from a past lifetime, where I was a troubadour in England a thousand years ago. Of course, at that time I identified with being a singer-songwriter. I was travelling all over the country; I was playing at little coffee shops and at colleges. I really didn’t have a home; I wasn’t really centered anywhere. I was just living on the edge, playing music and I loved it. I used to be physics major; I was very linear. I was scientific and suddenly I’m having miracles of synchronicity, I’m having people loving me and I’m writing songs.


He said I was duplicating this pattern of a lifetime in England. Then he told me the whole story of what happened in that lifetime. I’m not going to tell the story now, but what I realized is: not only did the story help me understand my relationships with all the people in that lifetime: my father, my girlfriend at the time; I had written a song, probably six or eight years before he did this reading and the song had exactly the same story.


It talked about a poet; I’m not going to take the time up to tell you the story. It was so accurate that I realized that reincarnation had to be real.  There was no other way to explain how this guy could tell me the same story that was in my song. I didn’t know what to do with that; I just said “Reincarnation is real and I’m just going to be open.”


When I was writing the book about David Wilcock being the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, I had studied Edgar Cayce tremendously; there are 500 books that have been written about Edgar Cayce, about every aspect of his work. Because after he died, his children opened up a library of all his readings and all these people came to research it; many of them were trying to prove that he was a fraud, and they couldn’t. His stuff was too accurate. If you’re not familiar with Edgar Cayce, do a search on Edgar Cayce and you’ll see probably a million websites and you’ll see the story of his life, which was amazing.


In discovering David Wilcock and studying David’s story of his connection with Edgar Cayce, I knew enough about Edgar Cayce at that point to not only be resonant with his story, which is an incredible story, but to also as I was studying his readings, be resonant with the way the readings were formed. It sounded like Edgar Cayce. In fact, they were correcting some of Edgar Cayce’s readings at that time, through Wilcock.


One of the major aspects of what David was bringing forth from his channelings was this idea that we are in the midst of a dimensional shift. There’s something happening now that has not happened for 75,000 years and the rules of the game are different right now than they ever have been previously. The vibration of the earth is lifting.


If you’re familiar with the word ‘chakra’, which applies to humans normally, there are supposedly seven chakras in your body. Each chakra is an energy center that relates to a certain part of your being. For example, your third chakra is your solar plexus which represents power and individuality. If you know martial arts, you know martial arts students are taught to radiate energy from their solar plexus in order to get an edge on their opponent. The fourth chakra represents your heart, which is compassion and empathy. It goes on up, like the third eye in the center of your forehead is your sixth chakra and it represents psychic awareness; sensitivity to vibrations. The earth also has chakras.


To understand the nature of this shift, the easiest way is to talk about the chakras of the earth. When humans evolve, when they get more spiritually evolved, they learn to open their different chakras. Some of you know the experience of when your heart is open it kind of has a glowing warm feeling inside of it. Some people very rarely have that feeling and some people have it lots. Part of the work we’re doing on these calls is helping people open their hearts.


Opening your heart does not mean wearing your heart on your sleeve; it doesn’t mean being a nice person; it has to do with energy flow from your heart into the space around you.


The earth itself has chakras; we could use that term for the earth. For 75,000 years, the earth has been a third chakra planet which means the principal lesson in this realm has been for people to learn power and individuality; individuation. Because of this cycle-end, because of this shift that’s occurring, the earth is moving into a fourth chakra planet. This is what they’re saying; this is what Wilcock’s Sources are saying. It’s not anything a human could figure out on their own.


I didn’t know if it was true as I was writing the book. I knew that Wilcock was Cayce; I knew that his Source was wise. If you read The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, half of the book is composed of these messages from Wilcock’s Source. When they started talking about the earth is moving into a new dimension, I couldn’t prove that but I said I’ll be open to it.


Another thing they said, which they never said through Edgar Cayce, is they explained who they were and they said that they were a group soul that was made up of graduates of this realm. If you’re familiar with Buddhism, there’s this term that’s called ‘getting off the wheel of reincarnation’. Many of us have had hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes in this realm and we get stuck here. We don’t even know we’re stuck; we don’t even know we reincarnate. The way it works is, when you die your energy continues. It goes back to what you were attached to when you died. If you’re attached to “I want to be successful”, “I want to have everybody love me”, “I want to have this love of my life”, be romantic and if you didn’t fulfill those things, you have to come back to this realm to fulfill them.


Also, there is something called karma, which means you can create debt and obligation to this realm. For example, maybe you really hurt somebody in another lifetime. Because you did that, it creates the circumstance where you need to come back and fix that in some way. This is how it works and I’m sure at this point that’s true, that we come back for many, many, many lifetimes. Every time we come into this realm it’s like a blank slate on one hand, because we don’t remember our past lives but we do carry the matrix of our past lives. So if you have talents, if you have propensities, if you’re mean, if you’re loving, you carry all those things in your matrix and as you grow and get older, it starts to feel like that’s who you are.


One of the ways to get off the wheel of reincarnation is to make connection with energies that are not of this realm, that are outside this realm and really make the connection energetically. At which point when you die, that energy is still present and you have more options on the other side as to where you go.


I was studying Wilcock and I was studying this story about the shift. What they’re saying was, because the earth is going into fourth chakra, or a heart-compassion based planet, for a human to continue on the earth, in order to fit into the energy field of the earth, their heart had to be open slightly more than half.


If it wasn’t, then you didn’t fit; you couldn’t fit into the earth, so you would get moved to another planet in another star system to start over as a cycle-repeater, third chakra evolution, power and individuality. What they were saying was that people were making this choice, but they didn’t know they were making it, by the way they lived their lives. That’s all put in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?.


By the way: the Source who was speaking through David Wilcock did say who they were. They said they were a group soul, or they were a social memory complex, and they were composed of souls, millions of them, multi-millions of souls, maybe billions that graduated this realm; that got off reincarnation. They operated as a team to help planetary populations who were still stuck in reincarnation to graduate.


You’ll notice that what I’m saying and describing about this shift and this division of souls has a certain connection to what Jesus said. “One will be taken, one will be left behind”; “the meek will inherit the earth”. There was an indication that this huge group soul has been participating in the evolution of humans on this planet from the beginning of humans. There was the indication that Jesus might have been a member of this group soul who came and took a series of incarnations on earth, culminating in his Jesus lifetime, to be of service. When Jesus said “Father” it just might have been this group soul that answered.


As I was writing The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, I was considering “If they are who they say they are, this is a humungous responsibility to put this book out into the world.” I couldn’t prove to myself that was true, but they were so wise and loving in their messages, that I had to consider that it just might be. I was doing a huge of amount of research, cross-referencing and going back and finding other people who channeled that same Source and comparing the messages. Everything was checking out.


I started writing the book in the year 2000, and in the year 2002 I met Daphne. For six months, she would keep interrupting whatever else we were doing and saying “Those guys want to talk to you again.” I pulled out the cassette recorder and turned it on and I would ask them question.


You probably know the story: They predicated a newspaper headline and they talked about what they did with my sister; they took her lupus out and they said they projected a filter into her blood and she had a medical miracle.


Also, I was asking all the questions about the book I was writing and about this shift that was going on on our planet and about David Wilcock and the group soul that was made up of graduates; I was not talking to the group soul made up of graduates who identified themselves through Wilcock as the Ra group.


I was talking to this voice that said they were the Elohim group. They said they were a group soul that didn’t usually take bodies, but if they did the bodies got stuck here. There are some of you who might be Elohim bodies who are in this realm.


They were pure energy and they were at the beginning of the Universe and that they did create the physical Universe. If you read the book, they explained how they did it; not that I understood it all, but I said “There is something that resonates about this. Maybe it’s possible that they are who they say they are.” It was very striking at the time to realize that they were giving a second opinion about everything that was coming through Wilcock and it was exactly the same as Wilcock’s channelings.


It was a little scary for me, because when I was writing the book I was thinking “I can’t prove this, but I’ll say what they’re saying; it’s a second opinion.” When Daphne started channeling and answered all the questions exactly the same way, I had to really give myself pause.


I did keep thinking “Could this be negative? Could I have a negative source? Could they be fooling me? Even when I had the healings and even when they did the correct future prediction of the I-40 bridge collapse into the Arkansas River, it was a huge responsibility to try to bring this out into the world and talk to other people about it; I didn’t want to make a mistake.


Once you start talking about it you kind of get stuck. If I ever thought I was making a mistake, I would quit in my tracks right now. I don’t think I am. That’s why I tell everyone, if what I’m saying is true, you need to, yourself, evaluate this material with a fine tooth comb and make sure that it resonates with you.


I know there are some people who look at my material quickly and they say “That’s got to be demonic” or, “That’s got to be the Annunaki.” I say it could be, but I don’t see any indications that it’s that. If you study Jesus, one of the things Jesus said is “By your fruits you shall be known.” I have watched very carefully: we’ve been doing this in small ways for quite some time, and I have watched how people have been impacted; how they actually shifted and changed.


One of the things about these group souls that I learned in 2004; this was the first time I became aware of this and this kind of blew my mind; I was giving a talk in San Diego, and as I looked into the room I could see energy in the room. I have sat in some lectures and talks with some very high spiritual people. I remembered feeling that energy while they were talking; I could see the energy. I could see a glow around people.


Suddenly, I was giving the talk on The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, and I could see that same glow in the room. I didn’t have the idea that I was doing it; it was just there. When people came out of the room to buy books they were saying to Terry, who was selling books outside the door, “I could see auras; I could see energy in the room. I never saw that before; that must be what people are always talking about.”


So, it wasn’t just my perception; it was people in the room who never felt that who were experiencing it for the first time. I then did a channeling later on and I said “Could you explain that energy in the room?” They said “That was us; we were helping you.” That was mind-blowing. I started checking it out and every time I gave a talk that energy was in the room and that energy was very uplifting.


So, I was starting to get the idea that this voice that’s talking to me not only could give me this amazing information about how the Universe works, they have the ability to project from where they are into this realm, in a way that people could feel them—not only feel them, but get very uplifted and happy. It’s like things start to clear.


Every Sunday we do what I call a grid healing and this is all developed by trial and error. I say over and over again: “Don’t believe in this until you have your own experience. You can believe I’m telling the truth, which I am. I don’t exaggerate anything; there are a lot of witnesses; these things actually happened. But you need to have your own experience; feel the energy.” People come to our calls and keep coming in. It may not happen the first time; it may not happen the second time; it may not happen for a year.  It usually doesn’t take a year, but learn how to tune.


The way they describe it is they are a frequency and their frequency is on the line. Some of you are feeling it, even though I’m not emphasizing it; some of you are feeling the energy while I’m talking. They can project and they can visit and connect with each of you if you’re open to that. One of the things about having that experience is you have to trust it. They’re not going to impose themselves on you. In order to trust it, you have to study the materials, pay attention and have an open mind and see what happens.


Many people have said this integrates much of what they knew about Christianity, about Spirit, about New Age. It’s kind of like connecting a lot of dots and no one else is talking about it. It was only because I kept thinking, I remember when I was having this experience, there must be a mistake. I’m getting an understanding of how the Universe works that I have never ever, in all my study of metaphysical things, had anyone describe; there were little bits and pieces of it, but not the whole enchilada.


There are these two group souls: one that’s made up of graduates of this realm and one that’s made up of celestial energies that rarely come into this realm. They are both on behalf of this realm; and did many interventions in our history to try and shift things here. The difficulty is, you would think if they were doing this we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in right now.


The problem is there are negative sources, both in other realms and in this realm. These negative sources have gotten control of a lot of things. Even when they do something, the positive Sources or these two group souls, almost invariably, the negative comes in and attempts to derail it. Let’s just say Jesus was an expression of the group soul of graduates and that was he was positive. The reason he created such a following is because people could feel the energy.


When somebody is manifesting or connecting with them, other people can feel it. Many of you who were on our call on Sunday could feel the energy on the call. You can’t fake that; it’s real, it’s powerful. Of course, then what happens is, Jesus leaves this realm and a little bit later there’s something called the Council of Nicaea that re-writes the Bible. Christianity is now being adapted; what happens is, those people in power try to use things like the real deal and take control of them so they can control other people.  It quickly gets corrupted and that’s why this realm is so screwed up.


There’s a lot more to the story and I am going to do a workshop Saturday (7/7/12). I’m going to spend a lot of time explaining some of the mysteries of the way things work that can be very important to all of you. 


For example, it’s very hard to figure, in this realm, what you can trust and what you can’t trust. There are so many people vying for your attention and saying “If you don’t do this you’re going to go to hell” or “This is the way it is” or “UFOs are going to land and they’re going to save us.” I think I really know the understanding of a lot of that stuff and by listening to me for a few hours it’s going to help your discernment immensely.


If you’re getting a gut level reaction that I’m positive and this Work is legitimate, it’s one of the reasons I give most of it for free, because it’s so important. I know that it’s so ‘out there’ that you have to discover it first before you resonate with it. I can’t present it to you and say “Read this book and it’s going to save your ass.” I can’t do that, because it wouldn’t sound legitimate.


We’ve been doing things for free for a long time and mostly out of our own pockets, out of Terry’s pocket, out of doing other things. We’re suddenly getting a huge amount of people paying attention to us from Coast to Coast and what it’s going to allow me to do, is to charge small amounts of money, very little. If there are enough people sending $5. or $10. or $3, it can support this Work and cause it to have the funding to reach more people.


I’m going to read a question here; then I’m going to let some of the people on the call tonight, some of you who heard me for the first time on George Noory and some of you who have been regulars and have had experiences on this call, share a little bit of their experiences. I’m going to answer this one question; this from James Lifelock and he heard me on George Noory.  This is a good question. He says:


I’m a skeptic of channeling; is there a way for you to make me believe it’s real? Can you channel and ask them about my future if it will help? I’ll send a photo of me along with this email; I’m the guy in the gray shirt and the photo was taken in 2009. James, even though we’re not going to do that, I’m going to tell you why we can’t do that and why that’s not even a good idea.


In the past, they have done many miracles to catch people’s attention down here. They decided that miracles are not the best way to connect. The reason is, because people give up their power when there’s a miracle; they give up their power and they say “Okay, I’ll follow you. Tell me what to do.” That is not what these Sources want; they want to make an energy connection with you; they don’t want you to be their follower.


They want a co-creative relationship. If they prove themselves in the way you’re asking, that would create the potential for blind following. They don’t want to prove themselves in that way; although the people who are on our conference calls have watched many, many things happen that were impossible to happen otherwise. They usually don’t take credit for it; It just happens.


There are people who come into the calls and have healings. I remember more than once this happened. Once Terry was channeling, and they suddenly said hello to somebody by name, a strange name, and I got a letter from Turkey saying “Hey, they said my name. They know I’m here.”  It kind of happens in between the cracks, if you pay attention you’ll start to see that they actually are paying attention.


When Terry talks, and when she channels, there is no way Terry could bring this information through out of her conscious mind; there is no way she could make it up.


 Another thing about phenomena and miracles: the negative in other realms can also do phenomena and miracles. If that is the way you’re going to validate what you’re going to pay attention to, then you could just easily get a negative source as a positive source, if that makes sense.


Thank you James, that’s the answer. You’re going to find the proof is going to come to you by your paying attention and being open-minded. You have to ask yourself “Where is this voice coming from? Where are Terry and Daphne getting this information? Is there anything negative? When they say they love us, do they really mean it? Can I feel the love, or are they just conning me?”


You’ve got to ask yourself that; because from their point of view and they’ve said it many times, this is a rare and unusual thing that we’re doing in this realm; it’s very unusual to bring this out in a public way and bring their message and their voice and their energy in a public way that could reach millions of people.


One of the things that they constantly reiterate is that they can help us; they can rearrange things. They can co-create with us; but we need to tune into their frequency and we need to ask them, because otherwise they would be violating our free will, even when it seems positive; even if it’s something we really want.


They way they described it in one session was: we can help you. It’s like spraying WD-40 on your aura. In which case, they can break down patterns of resistance, help you to break down patterns of resistance in yourself, so that you can flow, so that things can flow towards you.


Many of you understand the experience of how you can feel really stuck in yourself. I certainly know this experience. When you feel stuck, it’s very hard to attract something towards you that you really want. It would be like going around looking for a job when you’re sad, depressed, and angry and keep going into offices and having interviews and everyone is going to say “no”. The key is: how do you get out of all those feelings so you can exude some real joy, some real expression, and some real confidence? It’s not money that makes you confident; it’s an inner quality. On our calls, in all our materials, we are coming up with many, many tools, many wisdoms that are helping people go through those kinds of patterns.


There is one lady who had an extraordinary experience, Janice, who I think is on the line, and I thought I would have her share it.  Janice, do *6. Are you there, Janice? *6.


Janice:  I’m here.


Wynn:  I hear you; okay we’ve got you. Janice discovered us on the Coast to Coast Show and she came into our Sunday grid healing. She emailed me her experience on that call; this is not unusual for someone to have this kind of experience. If you come into the call, you may not get this the first time, but I just want you to know what happened to someone who did get it the first time.


Go ahead, Janice.


Janice:  I called and I could just feel the energy through my feet, just resonate through my whole body. I guess the only way I could describe it is like you light a match and the heat distorts the air around it and you can actually see that; it’s kind of wavy. It was kind of like that through my entire body, but not hot. You could just feel the good energy in it; you could just feel it, it was amazing. Then, when I was done and I went outside, everything looked ten times brighter. It was a very emotional thing.


Wynn:  Were you depressed before the call?  Do you feel depressed in your life often?


Janice:  No, I don’t, actually. Just me, I’m not a depressed person. Yes, it was very amazing. I can feel it while I’m just sitting here. I could feel it before I got on the call that people were going to start to calling in, so I’d better get in. I was the first caller; isn’t that weird?


Wynn:  Right. Did you ever experience that before? That feeling?


Janice:  No, I’ve never felt that before that; that was quite something.


Wynn:  Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.


Is there anyone else on the conference line? How about if we take somebody who has been on the calls regularly who had an extraordinary experience of growth?


Kathleen:  Hello.


Wynn:  Who is that now?


Kathleen:  I just pushed *6. My name is Kathleen.


Wynn:  Hi Kathleen; are you discovering us newly right now?


Kathleen:  I’m not discovering Elohim as brand new, but I’m discovering you as brand new. I tried and tried, from quarter until six forward to get into your show via the internet and I could listen to it but I couldn’t get in the on-call when I didn’t hear someone. I’m more than happy to bow out, but if I can speak with you, I’d love it.


Wynn:  You’re on; go ahead.


Kathleen:  I’m also—at the end of the show I’d like to ask you to make sure you announce where I can find you online.


I’m a creator and a writer; I’ve been creating this story, been on my journey, for 26 years. It’s an incredible story and I was led to you. The Elohim the other day in a meditation came to me and were celebrating and bowing to me and congratulating me and myself to them as well because I was just so moved. They just kept saying “Elohim, Elohim, Elohim.” The day before that I think I went on a little journey to a ship; I won’t go into all that awareness of mine. My characters come from many, many, many dimensions and I believe they are channeled through me; I don’t even question that stuff. That’s what my character’s about; my story’s about my children.


To be led to you, I’m thinking, “Oh my goodness, this is fascinating” because I’d like to talk to you personally as well about the Work. If you can speak about—that’s the first time I’ve had the conscious contact from Elohim, Elohim, Elohim. I repeat it, because that’s how they kept communicating to me. I won’t go into the visuals and everything to get when I got there, with the Council and the colors and the Cathedral that they sat me in, et cetera.


I’m still in awe over it and I don’t want to be misinformed. I really resonate to what you’re saying and respect it; I missed some of it in the beginning. I wish I could find out your website to find out more information about what you’re aware of. 


Wynn:  The website is We’re still building the website; literally, I finished the first part of it a few weeks ago. It’s been my challenge to think, “How do I put this out into the world? What do I put on the website?” I think I finally feel comfortable with the way I’m doing it; I’ll be putting lots more up there.


On the website there’s one link at the top that’s called ‘Archives’; it’s sloppy. It’s not really put up very well. That’s from our email sender. Every time we send an email out, they put our email in the archives. We have three years of our conference calls there. It’s a good place to go research.  You’ll find audios; you’ll find transcripts of many of the interactions that we’ve had with the Elohim.


Thank you for sharing.  Anyone else like to share?  *6 on the line.


David:  I’d like to share. My name is David.


Wynn:  Hi David.


David:  I heard you on Coast to Coast on Sunday; sorry, I don’t think it was Sunday, I think it was Friday or Thursday. It was last week. I went on your grid healing on Sunday. I was speaking to several people before the call like an hour and a half before you actually came on. When you finally did come on, I felt that energy initially through the feet, the tingling. Then, I had my phone ended up cutting out when you were saying a prayer for the earth; that was a very odd occurrence. It just completely cut out.


Wynn:  There are a lot of odd occurrences that happen around this work. I don’t know if that was something energetically, or just with the phone company, or if they’re both the same thing. 


What city are you in?


David:  I’m in Mesa, Arizona. It was part of where you had to move in your book. I was reading your book and you were moving here.


Wynn:  Are you a Mormon?


David:  No sir, not at all.


Wynn:  You’ll learn in my book; they told me to go to Mesa and then they sent me to a Mormon church to introduce myself to the people there.


David:  That’s about how far I got in the book.


Wynn:  Right, okay. It’s always fun to talk to somebody from Mesa.


I remember we were in Motel 6, Terry and I, in downtown Mesa. We went out to dinner. They told me I was supposed to meet somebody in Mesa, but I didn’t know who it was. I remember when I went to Mesa for the weekend, I said “This is going to be a wild goose-chase, but I have to not leave any stone uncovered.” We were in Mesa and we were having dinner.  I asked the waitress “What is Mesa known for?” She said “Mormons.” I knew that when I googled the word ‘Elohim’, I found that the Mormons use the word Elohim as their word for God.


When I found Mesa was a Mormon town, I asked them “You don’t mean for me to introduce myself to the Mormons, do you?” They said, “Not the entire church; there’s a small group here that will be open to you.” I said “How do I find that group?” They said “Go to the church on blankety-blank Street”; they gave me the name of a street. Then, I went through the phone book; there’s a huge amount of Mormon churches in Mesa and I found the church on that street and I went. If you read the book you’ll see what happened. David, thank you so much for sharing your experience.


Anyone want to share anything? 


James in Tulsa, OK:  I’ll participate. This is James in Tulsa OK.


Wynn:  Hi, James; I love your Tulsa accent.


James:  Thanks a lot. Now my wife’s laughing at me.


The reason I called was: I had a son about nine years ago. My wife, after the pregnancy, lost her birth weight the first week, but she has been losing weight since. She’s down to about 80 pounds. I heard you Friday night on the show and I was hoping to maybe get her on the calls and maybe she can get a healing eventually. We’re both on the call tonight. When somebody else was talking, I just though I’d let you know why we’re here.


Wynn:  Thank you.  What’s your wife’s name?


James:  Her name is Donna. Donna is 4’11” and 80 pounds.


Wynn:  4’11” and 80; Hello Donna; nice to have you.


A lot of people want healings; they hear they can have healings. I can explain to you what I’ve observed, that as you come onto the line, as you get comfortable being here, as you start getting their frequency, it opens up, increases the potential, for some kind of healing. I’m not a magician; I wish I was. I don’t like being in the position of having people having healings around this work, because I don’t want to disappoint anyone.


I would love to wave my magic wand and say “You’re healed.” Maybe that will happen, but it hasn’t happened yet. I can tell you that people who come on the line regularly, that start to get healings—in the past, it’s been small enough that everyone gets to know each other—and as you come on the line and get to know the other people on the line, it makes like a ‘comfort-ability’.


It creates and grounds it into the human side. One of the things that I’ve learned is that as high as these guys may be, you’re still a human. The more you can be human and accept your humanness and understand your humanness, the easier it is for them to connect with you.


I’ve said this many times: When my sister had her healing, there was a two-step process to it. One is, she survived this critical cancer operation and although I asked them to help, I didn’t know that they were involved.  I thought it was coincidence or she would have survived anyway. She was in a rehabilitation home and I started calling her every day and telling her jokes. I called myself ‘the cheer-up committee’ and I made her tell the jokes to the nurses. Her bed where she was started to glow; everybody loved her.  They would come around and say, “What’s the joke today, JoAnne?” Four weeks later she had to go in for tests to see if the cancer had gone away.  They told her the cancer was gone from the tests, but there was something wrong with the test, because her lupus disappeared. They tested her over and over again.


Then, I get a call from my brother-in-law. They had no idea. I didn’t talk about these conversations I was having through Daphne with my sister. I get a call from my brother-in-law and he says something really strange happened; JoAnne doesn’t have lupus and lupus never goes away. At that point, I was dumb-founded; I realized there had to be some kind of intervention. I asked them “How did you do that?” They said “We projected a filter into her blood and took the lupus out.” Later, they told me that if I didn’t do the cheer-up committee, they wouldn’t have been able to do that healing.


One of the aspects to have a healing is to be happy where you are; the more happy you can be where you are, the more open your energies are for something to happen from other realms. That was a really amazing thing to learn, because I said “These are these magical beings; they can do anything.  They healed my sister.” Yet, the cheer-up committee was a crucial part of that.


It’s 7:03; we’re probably supposed to be off the air. Doug hasn’t thrown me off, so they probably don’t have a show on after me. We are going to do another call on Wednesday night where people submit questions. If you want to submit a question for Wednesday, send your question to I can’t promise that I’ll get to it. I try to pick the questions based on how the answer will impact the largest group of people, whether you’ve never asked a question before, I give that priority.  Also, personal urgency: if your life is totally falling apart and they can give an answer that will help, there’s a good chance I’ll ask that question.


Something about channeling, this is very, very important. Something I’ve learned is because we are doing this, many people think they want to channel. They start saying, “Could you talk to me?” What I’ve learned is, there are negative sources that will come through and talk to somebody and say they’re the Elohim. So any time you have any kind of verbal communication with anything from the other side, don’t believe it’s who they said they are; I didn’t believe it. Test it, test it, test it; ask questions. 


One of the things a negative source will do is will kiss your ego. It will say “You’re such a special person; we’ve chosen to talk to you. You are our next world leader, blah, blah”; they will do things to seduce you by your ego. They will also make predications of doom and gloom.  Anything that comes through that does anything like that, be careful.  We’ve had people in our group over the years who have had that experience and when I checked it out myself, I didn’t get a positive that it was a positive Source.


We also have had people who have actually gotten the Elohim as a result of being on our calls. One guy was on the call, and that night his wife came through and said “I’m getting this voice in my head.” He sent me a recording of it, and I said “I think it sounds like it could be them.” Then, I asked a question to our Sources and they said it was them. He ended up putting up his own website and putting up his Elohim messages.


This whole idea of channeling is very, very, very tricky. The most important thing is to learn to feel their frequency, to feel their energy. When you feel their energy and it’s very loving and it’s very uplifting, then you have a reference point. If something ever talks to you and you don’t feel that same energy, then be careful; negative sources can lead to very horrible things happening if you’re not aware of what you’re doing, including things like abductions and God knows what. 


Don’t strive to be a channel; strive to feel their energy. If you end up getting guidance and something and you hear a voice inside you, test it for a long time. Don’t do anything it says; ask it questions. Otherwise, you can get hooked into the negative and start bringing negative messages out to other people. In the world of channeling, there are many, many people that sound really good, but they have mixed messages.


In fact, Carla Rueckert who is somebody that has been channeling the Ra group since 1981, has said that if you’re dealing with a channeled source, the best way to protect yourself is to ask questions of Universal truth.  When you ask is the stock market going up; are we going to have an earthquake in California? You have to be really careful with those kinds of questions, because that can bring in a negative source. She also said, this is something I learned, is even if you’re channeling a high Source, it’s possible for a negative source to come in at any moment and intersperse a message with your positive messages. It can really throw you off. You have to be very vigilant. I tell people when we’re talking to the Elohim, never take it and believe it blindly; test everything.


We are lucky enough to have Terry, who is very highly-intended. How can I say it? She has no self-aggrandizement, not wanting to be recognized and only wanting to be of service. All those attitudes in her make her a pure channel.


It’s like: most of us, or many of us, don’t feel recognized, don’t feel appreciated and wish we were. If we suddenly channel and think “Now everybody is going to pay attention to me”. That is exactly the attitude that can bring in a negative source. You must be very careful with this.


If you keep coming into our calls, you’ll start picking it up. You’ll pick up the frequency and you will start to sense who they are and how they are.  


It’s 7:11; Terry, are you there? Hello, Terry?


Terry:  Hello; yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  I wasn’t planning on having them say ‘hello’ on this call. Are you feeling their urging to want to say hello to this group?


Terry:  Give me a minute. Yes, a very brief hello, because we’re running over.


Wynn:  Let me call in the Light and we’ll have them say hello. I never promise we’re going to do a channeling.  One of the things, we don’t do this to try to prove ourselves or to show-off. To do a channeling publicly like this, one of the things that’s required is that there are enough of you who are listening; you are not anonymous. Your energy is being noticed, and we need enough of you holding a positive energy that makes it safe to do this publicly. As I was just saying about negative sources, once we do a channeling publicly, we can’t take it back. It’s only been because we’ve proved ourselves over and over again and I’ve felt the positive-ness of this, that we’ve been willing to do this. It’s worked out wonderfully.


I do a little invocation of protection:


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person here. Any negativity be taken to the higher realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection of all of those listening and all of those listening to the replay, and all of those reading the transcript. While we make this group energy, we maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls. We are not losing one bit of our own individuation. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


We’ll take a moment; those of you that are here and want healings, just ask silently for that in this moment. Some of you can feel the energy coming in at the top of your head; you feel a little glow or light-headedness around your forehead. That means your energy is going through the dimensions.  I’m going to turn it over to our Sources as they communicate to us and with us through Terry.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of The One Infinite Creator. This is July 2nd, 2012 and we non-linearly welcome each and every person who is within the range of this voice, or listening to the replay or reading a transcript of this call. We thank Don and we thank Doug, for providing the opportunity to come through on the radio station and the conference line people and all the volunteers. It is a sacred moment for us to be able to offer ourselves in presence within your dimension.


We speak slowly, as we are in the air, the space, of each and every person who is hearing this or reading this, at whatever time they are being able to read it.


We feel a profound appreciation that we are given this opportunity and that you have joined us and joined the call. We are speaking slowly, as we are in your presence to whatever degree you wish to be present with us.  We look forward to more opportunities to serve you. Adonai


Wynn:  Thank you. On that note, I’m just reminding you; pay attention to our workshop this Saturday. I’m going to be going into a lot of detail about how to discern negative and positive, about the history of the Universe.  Being on the call for three or four hours is a real good way to start to learn how to tune in to these frequencies from higher dimensions, for yourself.


Thank you all; thanks to all our volunteers, thanks to all the people who have been regulars on our call. We’ll see some of you Wednesday and some of you Saturday and some of you on Sunday. On that, we wish you a great rest of the evening.


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