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Wednesday – 07/04/2012

Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled and Edited by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Formatted and Sent by Gary Brownlee


Wynn:  This is Wynn Free; this is the Wednesday night call, where we have been taking submissions of questions and asking them. We have been doing this for a couple of years now and probably with about 30 or 40 people on the line. I have to give them great thanks for holding the energy. 


Suddenly, our procedures are going to have to be upgraded to learn how to accommodate all the new people who are coming on, all the people who are needing help.


Obviously this is very unusual, what we’re doing. It’s a learn-as-you-go process; the idea is; how do we create the highest service? How do we impact the most people? How do we support ourselves while we’re doing that? What are the procedures that we use to make it all work? Obviously, telling the story about my sister and having somebody have a miraculous healing, encourages people to think “I want that, too.” I don’t blame you for wanting it too. What’s the process that people can access this energy so they have that option?


In terms of watching people on our calls, we have had some amazing things. We have other people where there’s no shift. What I see is that there are a number of things that cause a healing to be possible. First of all, we’re doing something out-of-the-box here; we are saying that we’re communicating with a voice that identifies itself as The Creator of the Universe. One of the things about that is that I don’t tell people that’s who they are; I say that’s who they say they are. Over the period of time that I have been having these communications, I’ve come to the point of view that I think they are who they say they are. There are many things that have occurred in this work, some of the things which I’m going to talk about on this Saturday workshop, that are pretty compelling and convincing. For the people that are listening on our calls, there are many things that have happened on these calls.


One of the things is they’re not here to prove themselves by creating miracles. As I have felt their agenda, if they have an agenda, it’s:  They want to speed up the spiritual evolution on our planet. They want to help you speed up your spiritual evolution. This is a unique process; you could say that it’s non-linear so to speak, because you can’t understand it in your mind. There is an energy on our calls; there is an energy on these lines. When I say they’re on the lines, they’re obviously not on the phone lines; they’re in your bedroom, they’re in your living room; there’s a shift. You who are sensitive to that are learning how to connect and identify an energy that’s projected from outside of this realm, into this realm. When we connect with that, then what happens is there’s a melding of holograms.


It would be like when you’re with somebody, a friend, and you feel your friend’s energy; they’re in a body; they’re projecting through the physical world and you can feel them and they can feel you. We are working with the idea that there’s an energy that’s not in this realm. We can’t see it; we don’t know it’s there. We have no visible representation; yet, on this line, many people feel it. We’ve asked hundreds and hundreds of questions to both Terry and Daphne, mostly Terry on this particular Wednesday night call. Daphne’s coming in and starting to participate as well. We’ve asked many questions that I think when the question was asked, the people on this line were thinking, “How are they going to answer that?” It’s just amazing, because they answer the questions that a human couldn’t answer; there’s no reference point.


You can go look at our archive section. We have lots of our conference calls up there; it’s pretty sloppy. It needs to be edited. You’ll hear people saying “Hi, this is, somebody.” We had a small group and everybody would say something at the beginning of the call. The small group that has been on these calls has become kind of a family. I want you to know, you guys who have been holding for this; I’ve not disappeared. It’s different now. You’re part of what we are creating and we’re going to figure it all out as we go.


I thought I would just have a couple of people who had some kind of personal experience share their experience as a result of being on this line. Let me say again, if you’re coming for, expecting, a healing, it may happen. But it may not happen right now. The reason is, we have come to this point, right now. I won’t say everyone, but most of us have come to this point carrying a huge track of garbage and many lifetimes of being compressed in this realm and creating patterns. I want you to know; that’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong; it’s just what happens in this realm.


This is an opportunity to release that baggage. This is not like a New Age technique; this is not like, “You do this and you do that and you say a mantra.” This is making a connection with the part of you that existed before the baggage, because that part still exists now. These Sources that we’re dealing with, my way of understanding it is, when we start to create an energetic connection with them, it creates an opportunity for you to move above your baggage, above the place where all this got created.


It can start to dissipate; it can start to fall away. For every person it’s going to be different. Since we’ve never had so many new people on the line at one time, we’re going to ask them “What is your best approach to this work?” so rather than it comes from me, it will come from them.


In terms of releasing your baggage, first of all I’ll tell you a couple of things that I’ve noticed: there has to be an intensity of purpose on your part. This is not saying “Do this for me, do that for me, do this for me, help me.” You have to have an intensity of purpose, a conviction and endurance. You can look at our work and you can say “This is really happening. He’s really doing this. But, I’m not feeling it yet.”


Some people do feel it; some people have something happen right away. Some people don’t, because they’re still feeling their own baggage, their traumas, the things they’ve done wrong. I shouldn’t even use the world ‘wrong’, it’s not the right word, the things we have done to disable our own connection with our own spiritual self. If you’ve done things like that, this is not to hold yourself to blame. You didn’t know any better. You didn’t know what you were doing. You didn’t know the repercussions. You didn’t even know you had a spiritual form. You were struggling to get along in this world; life in this world can be tough. Making ends meet can be tough. If you met the wrong person and the wrong person led you down a path and screwed you up for ten lifetimes; that can happen.


This is a new moment right now and all of that is in the past, except, you’re carrying it as your luggage. The first step is to look at our work carefully enough to say “I think he might really be doing this” and pay attention for a while and consider the possibility that your luggage can release. There’s a Christian term for that when that occurs. The Christian term is called Grace.


Grace, from a metaphysical standpoint, is when you move your energy out of your own timelines into the timelines above where the stuff was created and something shifts. We need this for the planet right now. We need it desperately for the planet. Who is going to create it for the planet?


Not the Elohim; not the Ra group, it has to be you and me. Then, they will come in and support it. But if we’re not doing it, they don’t do it. What I’ve learned is that we are the ground crew. Many of you have wanted to be of service your entire life and you’re going to learn how to be of greater service than you ever imagined possible, on these calls.


I wanted to take a moment and I want to introduce two women (the two women I discussed in my book, The Creator Gods. I’m so blessed to have them both on the line and both coming forward. Daphne is on the road with her mother in Virginia, I believe. Terry is in the next bedroom in Sedona. Terry, would you like to just share anything with all these new people that are listening?


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Terry and I have known each other for at least thirty years. We met when Terry was doing a multi-level marketing company; we met in the Bahamas. Now this is what she tells me: She remembers before she came into this realm. She and I knew each other in other dimensions and that I jumped into this realm and I disappeared. We were friends, so she jumped in looking for me. That was umpteen millions of years ago.


I’m not telling you that’s true; I can’t validate that. Terry remembers things and I’ve known her for a long time. To tell you the truth, I said “I don’t know about this part of Terry; I think maybe she’s slightly a nut case.” I now know she’s not a nut case, but I was not open to this, even fifteen years ago.


Terry was going to a channeling, a lady who did channeling in L.A., once a week. She kept telling me to come with her; I would never come. The only person that ever impacted me with channeling was Edgar Cayce, because I could prove to myself that guy really knew something.


In any case, Terry, what would like to share with the people on the line?


Terry:  I want to welcome everybody, each and every person. Take your own time to check it out. If you can, subscribe or get the transcripts of the calls, because at that point you can read them. If some of you are having trouble with the telephone bill being too high from the telephone company, you can get the transcripts on the computer and read the transcripts at your own leisure.


I’m very happy to see so many people here. It’s through participation like this that the world can have more opportunity to grow and to change for the better. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you. Daphne, would you like to introduce yourself?


Daphne:  I’d like to say thank you first of all, to Terry and Wynn for their incredible perseverance and support. This has been a really long and difficult journey. I’d like to welcome all the new people and sincerely thank and send big hugs and lots of love to the old people.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Daphne:  You’re welcome.


Wynn:  Both of those people, in the course of the next hour or so, are going to have this voice that comes through them. If you’re not on track with our call for a while, or reading our materials, or picking this all up, there are two soul groups which I believe are positive.


It’s very important with channeling to be very discerning, because channeling in and of itself can bring in negative. There are a lot of negative sources in other realms which I have learned about. Some of you have negative attacks and some of you have experienced some of that. There are all kinds of ways that this realm has been manipulated by the negative.


Any time there is a channeling, even with Terry and Daphne, you’re not supposed to give up your power. You’re supposed to apply your own discernment and make sure it resonates. The only reason I’m doing these calls publicly like this is because it’s passed my own test. It requires an incredibly positive intent to keep the negative out. There can’t be self-aggrandizement; there can’t be ego.


One of the reasons we do so many things for free, is because when you start charging money for everything, it’s very easy that you start, even for myself, the temptation. It looks like you start maximizing the money, instead of maximizing the service. When we do have the donation things, believe me it really helps us. We’re doing this workshop for only $10 on Saturday [7/7/12].


Not only will it be an immense value to yourself in ramping up your speed in connecting with all of this, but it helps us, because everyone on this line, Daphne, myself and Terry, have made huge sacrifices to bring this to this point. I had been trying, bugging George Noory for years. For some reason, we slipped through the cracks and we got on. We went over well and I think he liked us. I hope he’ll put us on again.


We’re just a bunch of humans here, a bunch of humans that have had an extraordinary experience. We’re tying to turn that experience into something that can be of service to you. It’s important that you support us back, because that actually helps make an energetic connection that helps you connect. Don’t do it until you feel it; but, if you feel it, do it.


There are two people that I have asked, that have been on our line who have had some kinds of amazing experiences. There are a lot of people who have had amazing experiences, but I’m not going to go through them all. I will ask Gijs. Are you there, Gijs?


Gijs:  Yes, Wynn.


Wynn:  Keep in mind that we have had these calls regularly and we’ve had about 30 to 40 people on the calls and perhaps 300 listening to the replays. The 30 to 40 people have rotated somewhat, but they’ve all gotten to know each other. That’s not going to be possible with 300-400 people on the call.


We have things in place; we have something called Team Shift; I don’t think you should join that yet. We have some people who have signed up for it that we haven’t put in yet, because I want you to be on these calls for a couple of weeks, or three weeks, to get into the feel of it.


Team Shift is a program that I put together. This has been going for a couple of years. Edna Eisenbach has been managing it. What it is is groups of three to five people who meet every day, and they have their own conference line. They do something which is our little ritual:  Calling in the Light.


Really, they’ve learned to feel the energy on this line and carry it into this small group so the energies can be the same on the Team Shift line. Then, they put thing in the Light every day. I know I got an email from someone in Team Shift who told me they were putting their son and I think there was somebody else, two people in the Light that had Hepatitis C and their Hepatitis C disappeared.


The theory is that our group souls are paying attention to you, right now. They’re paying attention; they’re looking at you. They can do that because they’re a group energy. I’ll never understand exactly how this works, but they can move through the realms; they can jump into our realm as energy in a way that you can feel them. Some of you may be feeling them and some of you say “What’s he talking about?” This is where you have to keep coming into the calls; this is where you have to read our materials. This is where you have to break through your mind, which is going to say “This is impossible!”


I had to do that. Personally, if somebody told me they were doing this, I would say, “How do you know you’re doing that?” You have to apply yourself; listen to all the stories; listen to the people; listen to what’s happened and make it worth while to show up. We do it three times a week. Team Shift is once a day.


You can gauge all that for yourself and follow your own heart. If it starts to work for you, it’s a great thing. We have the thing, particularly on our Sunday calls, of putting things in the Light, putting people in the Light, putting ourselves in the Light and asking for help with different problems.


Gijs has been coming into the calls for a couple of years at least. One time he showed up when I was late and he started greeting people. From that point on, almost every call we’ve done, he’s been greeting people at the beginning of the call. I think because he was doing that and he took it on to be of service, he increased his own affinity and connection with these Sources.


Why don’t you share what happened with your son, Gijs.


Gijs:  Yes. It was last year, the first of January was on a Saturday and my son told me and said “The number one wish I have is for my warts to disappear”, because it was going on for a year and a half, two years, or so. The next day on the call somebody else asked for his warts to be gone from his son and I thought “Hey, I can tag onto that.”


I think it was important to tell that in the meantime before I did it I saw my son; he walked up to me and I said “Hey Eddie, can I ask on this call for your warts?” “Of course” he said, “Please do that.” I requested that on a Sunday. The very next day I was at work and my wife called me. She said “Wow, I can’t believe it; Eddie’s warts are disappearing.” It was the very next day. It took another like another two weeks or so and everything was gone.


Before that, I was certain we were doing the right thing with these calls, but absolutely no doubt after that.


Wynn:  Thank you. Thanks for sharing. Here’s another different kind of thing that happened. We had somebody who started coming into the calls, again a couple of years ago. Jean, can you do *6?  Let me see if I hear you.


Jean:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Jean lives in South Dakota. When you came into the call; you said something. Do you remember what you asked for?


Jean:  That was back when we were doing different locations. I said I had a couple of Native American spirits in my house. I found out that they were in a lot of the neighborhood homes. The little girl next door had told my grandson that when there was no one else to play with, she would play with the spirits. I said “Okay.”


We had things turning off and on in our home, so I figured “Well, they’re here.” On one of the calls I said “Can we work on my house? I think I’ve got a couple of spirits here.” Terry channeled; there were a couple of Native Americans here and in the neighborhood there were more. Some of them wanted to go in the Light and some of them didn’t. I remember; one of them gave us a name. Then, I did see a couple of them go into the Light and Terry, I believe, saw several of them go into the Light. A few of them held back.


A few days later my grandson was over. He has the little neighbor girl over playing. I asked her “Ellie, do you still have your spirits that you play with?” She said “No, they’re gone. I miss them, but they left.” I said “Okay.” It was confirmation that hers left, too.


Wynn:  I want to mention, if you noticed, they chose to go into the Light. This is a free will association, so the Sources never force anything. There are a lot of spirits that are stuck in the earth realm. When they connect with an energy, apparently those spirits can feel them. They can give them a choice to release them from being in their bondage to the earth; they’re kind of ghosts, so to speak. But, there is never any force.


When we put things in the Light, there’s always the stipulation for the highest good of all concerned, number one and honoring free will. The negative does have free will; the Sources won’t stop something from the negative, except under one condition, that there are enough people reaching for their help. As they look at it, as I’ve come to understand it, there is a balance. 


They can read the energy of our entire planet, of our entire collective. It’s either more slanted towards the positive or more slanted towards the negative. They have said that the more it’s slanted towards the positive, the more interventions they’re able to do.


What that means is we on this line, who are discovering this material, are learning how to hold a positive energy in this realm, learning how to get over your fear, learning how it feels and the joy of connecting with the higher realms. We are part of that influence. The more people that find us, the better it is. 


We’re not the only ones; there are lots and lots of people, whether they call it prayer—they don’t have to know all the stories, they don’t have to know it’s the Elohim. I believe that when people are intently praying they can find their energy; it starts to change the nature of the collective.


Right now, there’s nothing more important than that. If the collective does not cling to the positive and hold that energy, then the negative can do all their plans and the Sources can’t or won’t; I don’t know how that works, but interventions don’t happen.


There have been interventions. In reading David Wilcock, he’s talking about people going into battlefields and guns not going off. I haven’t validated that for myself. We understand that nuclear weapons have been disabled at different times and people think its ETs.


This is like building a relationship. They’re not God in the way that we see and think of God; they’re a team of energies that can operate as one. They can combine; they have councils. They are monitoring our realm. Probably what’s unusual about what we are doing is that, if all our premises are correct, when they come in we’re having not only feeling their energy, we’re having verbal communications with them.


They explain to us things directly, without any kind of religiousness or belief-ness. You don’t have to believe anything; just listen and say “Who was that giving that message right now?” You should be skeptical. You have to keep listening to feel the pattern of it. They say that as you listen to their words, as you read their words, you start to connect energetically with them.


I have a whole document here of things that people have brought in to talk about or to ask for. There’s no way I can get to everybody; part of these calls I’m going to have to turn to a period of silence, where you let them look at you and you establish the connection and let the healing occur, if that’s going to happen, without me verbally talking to them. There just won’t be enough time to do it, particularly as we get bigger and bigger. I’m looking at organizing this, helping to bring in other people who do healings, so the load of working with people can be divided.


When you have some kind of disability, disease, there are a couple of things to consider. Number one is:  In the physical realm, how well are you taking care of yourself? How good is your nutrition and what are the things in your body that are holding energy and blocking your energy that’s causing you to have that disability? Can that be cleared? When these things clear, it’s usually a group project, where you are part of the healing. That’s not done to you; they don’t want that kind of relationship where people are just asking them “Do me a favor here; do me a favor and heal me.” You become part of it.


In Gijs’ case, with his son’s warts and in my case with my sister, in both cases, the person that was getting the healing was not on the call. In my sister’s case, she had no idea I was talking to these guys. The way that I think that works is that when you have an energetic connection with another person and you come on these lines and you start getting an energetic connection with these Sources, the connection moves through you to the other person.


You are actually part of the healing. What do I mean by an energetic connection?  It means you love them. It means that when you’re by yourself, you can think of them and a loving feeling comes over you. That means you have a pipeline, you and those people have a pipeline as I did with my sister and as Gijs did with his son.


For example, maybe you have somebody you’re close to whose doing drugs and he’s really in a difficult situation; the energetic pipeline might be somewhat disabled. That doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t put him in the Light, because there are things that happen if they’re in close relationship to you that maybe that energy can connect, even though in the outer realms they’re mad at you or whatever, on the inner realms there might be a connection.


I’m just learning how all this works and I thought what I would do is I would like to let them talk and like them to give some guidelines about how they see this proceeding, so that the maximum amount of people can get the most value from these calls.


I have a little invocation; it’s calling in of the Light. If you want to feel the energies, the best call is our Sunday morning call, because that is totally focused on feeling the energies. If you come to that call regularly, there’s a good chance you’re going to feel it; some people have felt it right away. 


This is from somebody who was reading the book.  As they were reading the book, they were feeling the connection.


“I live in Belize, Central America. I broke my wrist three years ago. There are no doctors or dentists here; my left hand got really bad. A doctor in Mexico saved me, but it was stiff and I have terrible pain when trying to move it. Things are better for me after receiving a surrogate operation through a shaman in South America.


While reading your book and saying ‘Elohim’, my hand improved instantly. I would like to receive proper healing, blessing and protection to continue this process. What can I do?”


Now, that’s a good question to have them focus on. I’m going to do this invocation. Then, I’m going to have Terry and then Daphne speak; is that okay with both of you?


Terry:  Yes.


Daphne:  Yes, that’s fine Wynn. Thank you.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.


I’d like to ask you to just move into a state of openness and receptivity right now. 


We see this energy flowing from the center of the Universe; it’s going through all the galaxies; it’s going through the Milky Way; it’s going through the energies of our solar system, all the planets and the sun and the moon and through the outer energy fields of earth, through the top of our heads, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present on this line and we do this while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.


This is only a moment in time; we are not glommed together; we are not stuck; we are just sharing space with each other and that’s voluntary. If you’re checking us out and you feel skeptical, if you think there is anything negative here, just say “No, I don’t want that to happen.”


For those who are open to that happening, we create a group energy; it’s a blending of our souls. We invite our Sources to come in and be with us, and connect with our group energy and be part of it. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now. 


I’m going to turn it over to Terry.


I want to explain one thing: that is, I have learned that when we are dealing with a group energy, they actually blend. I don’t know if ‘blend’ is the right word; they work through the person who is channeling them. This is not a total-trance channeling; the person still has their personality; they’re using the mental structures of that person; so they’re going to sound different between Daphne and Terry.


It’s possible for something in that person’s conscious mind to bleed through, so this is why you have to always use your discernment. The purpose of this exercise is not to cause you to disempower yourself to these Sources; it’s to cause you to empower yourself and to have friends in high places. You can energetically connect with them and they can become familiar to you, and you’re a friend. I believe that is the kind of relationship that they would strive for with each of us.


We turn it over to our Sources as they speak through Terry:


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator and we reach out and we touch you who wish to be healed. We see the energy connection of the one who asked the question, the person’s arm and hand and we connect the nerves. We speak slowly as we work with this. It brings us joy to work with you.


This is Ra’An; it is a combination of a part of the Elohim and a part of the Ra group. This is an energy connection that is a bringing of the electrical potentials of the various parts of the hand into harmony, as pain occurs when there is a separation, a break, in the communication. This occurs within the body when there is a break in the communication between the nerve cells and of the various parts of the body and it occurs emotionally when there is a break, a disconnect between individuals.


We also feel the intention of all the people on the line that are bringing the intention; as this intention occurs it brings a soft Light and all of these individuals, all of you, who are rooting for the person to heal, are helping to provide a higher electrical potential, a higher motivation, a higher intention, a higher environment that this healing can occur.


We are honored by this opportunity to work with you, and we will work with you on this to continue your healing.


Wynn:  Thank you.  And I turn it over to our Sources as they address us through Daphne.


Council of Elohim:  One moment please. Welcome, welcome.


We greet you in the Love Light of The One Infinite Creator. This is the council of that which you would call the Elohim, a celestial conglomeration of interstellar vortice matrix, sacred geometries, mathematical algorithms, and what you would call the ‘God-particle.’


Your physicists now are very close to discovering what they have coined the God-particle; the miracle particle of that which precipitates physical matter as a celestial or spiritual energetic potential or intent. What your physicists will come to know and what your mystics, saints and sages have known from time immemorial is that the miracle particle is love. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It is love which precipitates all things into gestation, into fermentation, into precipitation, into coagulation, into physical densification in the strata of what you would know as the solid.


For a simple understanding, think of the substance you know as water. It is composed of hydrogen and oxygen; in its normal state it’s liquid; under 32º F it becomes a solid; over 212º F, it becomes a gaseous steam vapor; it becomes ethereal. Note 212; it is by no meaningless coincidence, i.e. it is a meaningful synchronicity, sync-chronos, “meaningful timing”, consciousness precipitating into the time stream, that we are moving from the physical water of emotion into a gaseous substance.


The metaphor here is quite plain; what on a physical level one can drown in, i.e. your oceans: emotional overwhelm, emotional stuckness, now, at this time in the calendar, what you would know as the Mayan calendar, on the winter solstice 2012, December 21, there is an energetic portal of energies, confluences, affecting your entire solar system, which shall allow those with sufficient heart-light-love-intent and consciousness, to lift themselves out of the muck and the mire of emotional stuckness, emotional impurity and to literally boil away, not in a painful way, but in a releasing of dross, of densifications of karma, a releasing of old patterns, which will allow oneself to lift above those life crises and situations which have imprisoned the soul in identification of matter, which has not allowed the soul to express its beauty and perfection in physicality.


You are literally, dear ones, celestial archangels in training; for that is what you are, moving into a timeline beyond linearity, going to infinity, where your spirit source will be allowed to express its perfection of sacred possibilities in the physical architecture of the earth’s realm.


You are literally, at this time, preparing to launch into a critical light-speed, into critical escape velocity, from a prison of physicality into an expression of heavenly architecture within physicality. A possible creation, yes, of heaven, not on this earth as you experience it today, but an earth that you shall experience six months down the line.


It is indeed a glorious, glorious moment and we eagerly await this opportunity to help birth the silver light cord structures moving from this matrix into the golden sun Ra, literally the Sun s-o-n, s-u-n, of the Christed consciousness. It is with deep joy, deep beneficence and deepest gratitude that we give our heart-felt thanks to everyone who has participated all over the world in this Work, be they here tonight or be they here in the future; and everyone who has helped in the past.  Godspeed to all.  Ommm Shanti, Shanti Ommm.


Wynn:  I would like to ask a question, and the question is:


I want to create a procedure for how to work this line when we have so many people on the line that are going through things. I wanted to suggest and you can make your own suggestion, that perhaps I should read their name, read their email and go through all of that and then just leave some silence to work with them, since we are not going to have time to get an individual answer for each person on this call.


You can say, “Do we need to read their email, or can they just silently shut their eyes and ask for a healing? Can you notice them in that kind of circumstance?”


Council of Elohim:  We have heard your question; it is our view of the situation that at the level of focus which has now been achieved with this group community, it is sufficient and fully possible, for us to envelope a healing Love-Light container around simply the person’s name and a held sacred space for that person’s healing and upliftment, for the highest attainment of Christ consciousness.


Wynn:  Thank you. We are going to do that then. I am going to read everyone’s name. I might choose to say this problem or that problem. I’d like all of you who are on the line to shut your eyes and be open to receive, who is looking, whether you sent anything in or not, whether you have something wrong with you or not. If you don’t, then I want you to hold the space for those people who do have infirmities.


It is our group energy that is the vehicle that brings these transmissions into the physical. We are very much a part of this action. It’s not them doing it to us; it’s them doing it with us. You, on the calls, who hold a higher space, you who have come in and have already connected spiritually; there are many of you on this call of that caliber. Use your intent in support of those people in greater need.


Let me go through some of the things; if I don’t have your name, then you put your name in. Shut your eyes and feel the energy. The energy comes in for most people, it comes in from the top of their head.


We have here Kevin Keyes, who has a healing request for his older brother David Keyes; we have John O’Connor for his sister Mary Ann; we have Lynn Strong for Bridget Daleia and herself; we have Mia Kamet, who has a syndrome that she was born with…; we just ask for her. [We ask for] Carolyn West … in Bronx, New York.



We have Steven Graham; we have Suzanne and her sister; Claire Meacham, who is having negative attacks. Georgina; we have Shastra. We have Joseph Rodriguez. Everyone else who sent an email that has their name, take a moment of silence.


A long meditative silence


Okay, I’m going to bring that to an end.


We’ve never done anything like this before; I consider this an experiment. I’d say a lot of the things we do are an experiment. I am not promising anything to anyone. I do know that we have had many situations where people have been on our line and things have shifted, sometimes major, sometimes minor.


Doing this in a public way may not work. This might be something that has to be done in a different way, in order to hold the sacred energy for what we’re doing.


In the public, everyone on the call is part of the energy of the creation of the call. If we do this in the public, it can easily turn into something that suddenly people are attacking us for doing this; people are going to have their opinions about what we’re doing.


We’re just going to have to learn how to proceed. I wish you all a really good night. I sincerely wish that each of you gets what you are looking for out of this and I hope some of you will come to our workshop. 


I will say, when we do something and we even charge a little bit for it, it’s usually that the people who show up are going to be positively disposed to what we’re doing. So that’s a more protected environment.


On that note, I’m going to say goodnight to everybody and we’ll see some of you next time. If any of this doesn’t resonate for anybody, just please unsubscribe from our list and find what works for you.


Thank you very much and we’re going to close off for this evening.


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