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A Visit with Carla Rueckert


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Monday – 07.09.2012

With Guest Carla Rueckert

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Host: Wynn Free

Transcribed by: Connie O'Brien

Edited by: Terry Brown

Formatted and sent by: Gary Brownlee



Wynn:  Welcome everybody, this Wynn Free. Our conference line check-in is still open; you can hear the people checking in.


Wynn:  We have people all over the place checking in. Before I mute you, we’re on the air, so we have a bunch of people listening to us on the internet. Why don’t you all say hello to everybody on the internet before I mute you?


Callers:  Hello!


Wynn:  Okay. Terry, are you still there? Hello, Terry.


Terry:  I’m here.


Wynn:  Is Daphne there?


Daphne:  I am.


Wynn:  Daphne, are you on the line?  Hello Daphne.


Daphne:  Yes; this is Daphne here in Virginia.


Wynn:  Carla, you’re on the line.


Carla:  I am.


Wynn:  This call is dedicated to Carla; Terry and Daphne are just in the background. I might ask them a question during the course of it.


Gijs:  We’re all muted, Wynn.


Wynn:  Okay. Now we have a quiet line.


I announced earlier today that Carla was going to be my guest tonight.  Carla and I have known each other, probably ever since I first met Daphne, when I was starting to write the book about David Wilcock. I was studying Carla’s channelings. David was referring to her work in all of his material; he still refers to her work. I actually drove to Laughlin, Nevada to meet her.  She had a little table there; I offered to man her table. She said I was the best salesperson for her Ra books that she had ever seen.


I think when I met you, Carla, I don’t think I had met Daphne. I think that was just before that. Is that right?


Carla:  I believe so. Do you hear an echo?


Wynn:  No, I don’t hear an echo; everything sounds clear.


I wanted to read to you. By the way, I want to thank everybody who has been sending me emails. So many of you are having such amazing experiences on our lines; it kind of blows me away.


One of the things I want to say is that when you first expose yourself to this material, it’s a beginning. This is a huge door you’re opening, and your life –if you stick with it—your life will change; but it takes sticking with it. It opens up energies and possibilities, but all of us, everyone here, comes to the table with a huge track of what you could call your past karma, your past habits. Usually, those have been developed over many, many lifetimes.


When you suddenly get exposed to all this amazing stuff and you open to it, it also opens up—some people don’t have this; God bless them. Some people don’t have this experience. I did; Carla did; Daphne did. I don’t think Terry did; she was already busy processing her stuff; so it didn’t change.


Opening up to these energies can open you up to surfacing things, because the key here is cleaning yourself out of the old patterns; you have to do it.  The Ra group doesn’t do it; the Elohim doesn’t do it. They give help, they give guidance, they give wisdom, but ultimately, it has to come from your intention. It takes a lot of intention to clear things. I’m just saying that; Carla can share some of the things that she went through when it started for her.


Carla, do you want me to give an intro to you, or would like to tell people about your self?


Carla:  Be my guest.


Wynn:  Be my guest? Okay.


Carla was interested in channeling, and she met this person named Don Elkins, who was a Ph.D. and I believe he was a professor at a University, correct?


Carla:  Yes. It wasn’t a channeling group, Wynn, it was a silent meditation.


Wynn:  It started out a silent meditation?


Carla:  Yes. 


Wynn:  Somehow or another in these silent meditations, people suddenly had voices in their heads. Ph.D. Professor Don, I guess, got pretty fascinated with it. There were these communications taking place between discarnate entities and some fairly high beings; as far as I can tell, they were individuated beings. Don would ask questions; Carla—I don’t think she usually went into a trance—she was semi-conscious while these voices were coming through her.


At one point, Don asked a very deep question. The way I understand it, Carla went out. She just went into a trance; lost consciousness with the physical. This voice came through Carla that identified itself, “I am Ra.”


For the next three and a half years or so, Don Elkins would be interviewing Ra, asking questions: Who are you? Where do you come from? How do things work? Don was very smart and he was getting huge, amazing information that has never ever, in the history of mankind, been delivered into this realm about how things work.


Her stuff is deep; particularly her Ra material. It’s like—it’s not fast reading; I looked up on Amazon and there’s a book called—she has four books out—her first book was called “The Ra Material.” I hate the title, because I think the publisher came up with it: “An Ancient Astronaut Speaks.” I don’t think Ra is really an ancient astronaut; Ra is a group soul-social-memory complex. Those of you who have been listening to me talk know that I described it. It’s a group soul that has gone through thousands of lifetimes, maybe millions of years of evolution, graduated this realm; and continued to evolve in other realms. At a certain point they came together.


It’s very hard to understand this in your mind, so don’t think you can. I don’t think I can. You can only get their words and try to put it together intuitively. They came together in another dimension, in a higher dimension, and—this is my way of looking at it—they act as a helper and a guide for planets at lower levels of evolution.


Historically, they have been responsible for many positive events in the history of mankind. They’re not always called Ra; they don’t care what they’re called. They’ve talked to other people in history.


In the Rueckert material, in Carla’s material, there were indications that they were talking to a former lifetime of David Wilcock-Edgar Cayce in Egypt, 10,000 B.C. They told the story a little bit in Carla’s material, of that lifetime. I wanted to read to you a testimonial that’s on Amazon; this is for Carla’s first book:


Who is this from?  I doesn’t matter who it’s from. Somebody was moved and got really excited when they read her book:


“There is a lot of channeled material out there; some good and some not so good. I think it is important to use discernment in reading channeled material, just as it is important to use discernment when reading anything or when listening to a preacher talk. Ultimately, the truth is inside of us.”


“Ultimately, the truth is inside of us, but we don’t know it. So, it helps to have it confirmed by outside sources. Sometimes we come across something that has that ring of truth in it, and we know it is appropriate for us at that point of time in our lives, not necessarily appropriate for everyone at all times; or, even for ourselves at all times. But, appropriate in the now for where we are right now.”


“Thus, I have encountered many books and other sources of info that have all had varying degrees of what I consider truth, with no one of them being the Truth, because I have long ago dismissed the Bible as the Truth, but consider it to have some truth in it while most of it has been distorted. The Law of One books are the closest I have found to being the Truth. Many of the channeled works out there are cheesy, or they come across as too authoritative: “And such-and-such this here will happen and that’s the way it is.”


“Ra, on the other hand, does not claim to be an authority; rather, this entity repeatedly tells us “Please use discernment and accept only that which resonates as truth within ourselves”, then proceeds to get into that totality that rocks your socks off. This stuff is deep; it’s very deep. I have never read anything else, channeled or not, that even comes close to such high caliber. It is just completely obvious to me that the info is coming from a higher being, because there is no way anyone could have made this up.”


“Okay, maybe someone could have, but this info came to a woman in a trance, and she didn’t even know what she was saying until she woke up.  Even very specific details are consistent throughout the text over the course of several years of channeling. And, the material describes the cosmology that was way ahead of it’s time—certain aspects of quantum physics, for example, described in the book had not yet been discovered. No one could have made this up.”


“When you read the material, you get a very strong sense of higher knowledge. It’s just really obvious that this is not coming from a human source the way most channeled material seems to be. I had a lot of ‘aha’ moments while reading it; in fact, pretty much every sentence. But my purpose is not to try to convince you; before the skeptics start, let me say: I’m not trying to prove that this channeled work is authentic.


If you are searching for absolute Truth, then clearly this book, or any channeled work, is not for you. Better to stay in an organized religion and do as they tell you. However, if you are a serious seeker who is not afraid to think for yourself, then I highly recommend you give these books a try; be prepared to have your mind opened.”


“If you’re still with me, then maybe you’d like to know what the books are about:


For starters:  the nature of life, the universe, how the pyramids were built, who the aliens are, chakras, other dimensions, the important elements of the spiritual path, the nature of sexuality and lots of other interesting topics. But, that is not what makes the book stand out; other books have tried to address these topics as well.”


“What makes the Law of One stand out is the explanation of good versus evil. If you find the idea of a good God being in constant war with the evil Satan over-simplistic, or if you believe God is all powerful and beyond good and evil, if you have a hard time believing God will lose most of the world’s population to the devil, and you are searching for a more intelligent explanation of why there is evil in the world, these books might be for you.”


“Or, if you’re tired of all the doom and gloom prophecies and would like to re-kindle hope, then these books might be for you. Be forewarned: These books are not light and fluffy, and whatever you believe they will challenge you; they will also inspire you and give you comfort.”


Introducing Carla Rueckert; I am honored to have her. I am honored that she has chosen to trust the work we do and to show up on our Monday night show once a month. We talk about everything; sometimes we’re just really down-home. Tonight I know we’re having a lot of new people; and, they’re being introduced to the idea of channeling for the first time through my work. They’re being introduced to this new way of looking at the Universe. I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure you knew who Carla Rueckert was.


Carla, now that I’ve given her that big intro she’s saying “What am I going to do now?” Carla, what would you like to say?


Carla:  Thank you. I am honored to be asked to be on the show, and I’m tickled to death to be with Daphne and hey, there, and with Terry and maybe you. Love to everybody, and love to those outside; it’s a wonderful thing that we can meet in the ethers.


I think you probably want me to start with just the story, and you did pretty well at that. I was a 19-year-old when I heard that a very—epic-making professor at Speed Scientific School where I was a librarian, or assistant to the librarian, was teaching. Everybody held him in total awe; he was a brilliant guy. Since the mid-‘50’s he had been studying the paranormal, anything that took you outside the realm of normal life; because it was obvious to him, if not to anybody else, that science as it was did not explain the deeper questions.


People learned to work with things like gravity and light but they did not know what they were. They’d learned to call energy that, but they just didn’t know what it was. There came a point at which science failed; Don was always trying to get beyond that point. He travelled a lot in his little airplane; he knew how to fly and he was a charter pilot on the side when he was a professor at University of Louisville—better known for its basketball, really, but there is an excellent engineering school there. Don was teaching there.


Don ran across some material that suggested if you meditated silently, together, in a group, that eventually you would begin picking up the messages that were coming in, because there were messages that were just waiting for somebody to ask them to come in—in order for that to start to flow of that energy.


That energy would turn itself into the words that were the equal of the energy between the two, the other-worldly entity, or extra-terrestrial entity and the person trying to pick up that message. It was a long time before anybody actually got any messages. Meanwhile, I was happily meditating silently; it was a great group. I really enjoyed it.


Wynn:  Carla, how many years were you studying silently?


Carla:  Twelve, actually.


I did not want to be a channel; I loved the silent mediation; I’m very mystical and I loved to listen to the messages, but I didn’t have any desire to be a channel.


So, that’s what I did until 1974. By that time I was quite a bit older; a lot had happened to me and I was pretty well settled working for Don at the time, and partners with him. We had written a book together; we were in the process of writing another book, so we were partners in that. I always considered it a great joy that he pried me away from the librarianship; I did research for him.


I read everything there was to read; he didn’t much like to read, and then I would report to him, the things that I found the most interesting in the books. He would remember those things. When he was talking in speeches, he had those quick sound-bites to offer people; that’s the way he did his research.


Things changed a little bit when I finally agreed that yes, his experiment was about to end with the extraterrestrial voices, because the last engineer who had learned channeling was leaving town and getting another job, which is pretty typical of people these days. They move around and, of course, engineers go everywhere these days, so—gone. 


Don really wanted to keep this up; so I agreed to try, not at all wanting to do it. But by golly, it took me about two months and I finally caught on. Once I caught on, I immediately became very interested in why some sessions were better than others. I tried for years to pin that down, as I was working.  I figured out several things that would make a channeling session go down the tubes. I never was interested in letting people ask fear-based questions; if you’re in fear, the energy that you’re putting out is going to pull in a much lower vibration than if you don’t have any fear.


I wouldn’t take questions that were like that, and I wouldn’t take specific prophecy questions, because those were usually fear-based, or at least certainly not positive. I found that if I eliminated those two things from the questions, and then I worked on myself so that I was at my own highest tuning where I would go into meditation, then that made the sessions better.


I continued doing that and after I’d been working on it for about eight years, I think, no six years. Six years, it was ‘74 and just in January of ’81 I began channeling the Ra group. I had always channeled consciously, then as Wynn says, the first time channeling those of Ra, I was able to challenge those of Ra in the name of Jesus Christ—I’m a Christian. The Ra group was able to answer that quite quickly and gladly and “Oh yes, of course”; and they were very enthusiastic about responding to that challenge.


When you get that kind of response, I knew that it was going to be a good session. What I didn’t know is just how good it was going to be; it was the best channeling that I’ve ever done, no question about it.


I was only capable of it because my now-husband, Jim McCarty had just joined the group. He was putting a lot of physical energy into the group, as well as spiritual energy. Really, he powered the Ra contact; when people say “Oh it’s wonderful how Carla channeled that”; I channeled the group’s effort and Jim, sweating through those sessions and sending me love, really did more than his part.


At any rate, there is no question about it: the Ra material is a classic, has become a classic. It’s a wonderful thing that people are more and more able to know about it. We have it for free; you can read it on our website,, or you can pick up the book; some kinds of people like the books better; I certainly do—and read them that way.


The whole idea of the Ra material—Ra is coming to talk to us about love—about how love comes to us in a pure and unadulterated fashion, and how our minds distort love in all kinds of different ways, but that we can learn to lessen that distortion, and to become more and more like the love vibration that created all that there is.


It sounds very simplistic, and actually it is. It’s too simple for most people.  They want to get their teeth into something logical. Since Don was a scientist, there is a tremendously strong, logical leaning to the book, even technical questions and stuff that I know nothing about, so I have no idea how in the world Ra picked that stuff out of my mind, but, they did. It backs up everything that it offers, with an explanation that is internally consistent, as Wynn said.


I’ve read a lot of philosophy in my time; this beats the internal consistency of any philosophical body of writing that I’ve ever seen. I’m a pretty good critic and I generally can tear apart most philosophical attempts, because there are always holes left somewhere; you just have to find them and say “Well ,look it doesn’t talk about this,” not the Ra material, not the Confederation material in general.


I’ve channeled the Confederation material from the very beginning; it’s just that the Ra group is at a higher velocity, I guess you’d say ‘group’, than I ever channeled, before or since. I do channel; in a way, I channel the Ra group now, because the Q’uo group includes the Ra group; there are several other entities that are with the Ra group to make the Q’uo principle that sort of step down that energy to where I can work with it and still be conscious.


I’m just a little, sincere, older lady who has watched a wonderful blossoming of people that love this material and want people to know about this material. Every day we get letters from people that feel that the material has changed their lives and has moved them in the right direction.  It’s what they need for now; I am so thrilled at that, because in and of myself, I’m not a particularly interesting person. I’m just this cat that’s living in Louisville, Kentucky and likes jazz and romance novels; I like to cook and garden. There’s just nothing jazzy about me; but the Law of One material is certainly all of those things that I am not.


I’m so tickled, Wynn, that you’ve given me a chance to just blather on here about things. Would you like to come in and direct the discussion?


Wynn:  I thought of a couple of things that would be good to talk about:


It’s interesting that you still go to church. Carla has not been well. She had an operation and she’s still been recovering from it—and complications. You hear the shakiness in her voice probably; and that’s probably because she’s still under the weather. She’s still here with us.


I want to say: you go to church every Sunday.


Carla:  I do indeed; when I’m well, I go every time they open the doors.


Wynn:  Right; you probably haven’t gone for a few months.


It’s interesting that they choose people to talk through who tend to be Christians. For example, Edgar Cayce was a fundamentalist Christian. You go to church every Sunday. Daphne is identified as being a Catholic; a mystical Catholic. She used to go and volunteer at the local nunnery when she was living in Silicon Valley. Terry, I think, used to teach Sunday school.


Many traditional Christians, when they hear about this kind of thing you’re doing, we’re doing, they immediately come and say “That’s of the devil”. I thought I would ask you how you reconcile the Christian religious part of you with the channeling part of you.


Carla:  In my younger days, when I was much more intense than I am now about studying the Catechism, the prayer book and all the things that make the body of work that makes you a Christian and makes you think a certain way in certain situations, I ran into the fact that I didn’t believe any of it. I didn’t see the point of it.


I was at summer camp, and being a total idiot and not particularly like anybody else at the camp, I was the only one who showed up for the nightly sessions with the bishop, who was holding an inquirer’s class. You could come and ask him anything you wanted. I came and I said “Bishop, I think maybe I’m not a Christian because I just don’t buy the Virgin birth.” 


He nodded and he said “I’ve had a lot of trouble with that one myself.” I said “Well, how do you say the Creed?” He said “In faith; in faith that one day, probably not during this incarnation, I will understand all this stuff.”  He said, “I haven’t a clue; I just say it in faith.” Then he said “Now don’t ever leave the church, because you’ll have no one to talk to about Jesus if you do.”


I have found that to be true; I have found it rewarding and endearing and heart-opening to be the member of the choir and the person that listens to the preaching and all the comfortable words of the Bible, whether I believe in them intellectually or not, they are comforting.


I think that the problem that people have with something like the Ra group is not connected with the outer trappery of religion. If you stick to the things that you’re supposed to believe, especially in the more fundamentalist churches, who say it’s true that the world was created 6,000 years ago; that kind of leap into faith, then you’re going to have trouble with somebody who is as far-out as I, even though I’m not far-out as a person.


I don’t have a problem with it, because I’m not a fundamentalist Christian; I gave up the doctrinal part of Christianity at that point when I figured “Well, if the bishop can just say in faith I guess I can vamp for now in faith and see what happens later.” Because this comforts me; I would always be a Christian because I knew Jesus Christ as a very young child, and that doesn’t go down well with people who don’t believe strange things. I actively had Jesus Christ as a part of my magic forest that I would sneak into when I supposed to be taking a nap; it was wonderful.


He would gaze at me and I would gaze at him, and I would hold his hand and look into his golden eyes—he had beautiful eyes—and I would know what love was. So you’d never be able to take me away from the sight of Jesus the Christ. I love him with all my heart.


All this trappery that has come up around Jesus, the stuff having to do with the church, I find it beautiful. When it’s beautiful, does it need to be the actual truth or is it more that it needs to lead you towards the truth?  So that’s sort of the way I look at Christianity and the way I look at the Ra material. Let this lead me towards the truth; let me be a better servant of Jesus Christ, whom I will never stop serving. 


You start with faith; you drop the dogma; then, a mystical set-up like the Law of One Universe, where you’re spending eons of time evolving, and then becoming one with the Creator. It’s not a religion at all; it’s different from any religion or any philosophy, really, in the way it folds back on itself endlessly.


I think one of the reasons it does that is that Don kept asking questions; he’d go into a session and help me to go under trance and he’d be all ready. He’d have his notebook full of questions he’d carefully worked up from the last session. Then, Ra would answer a question in such a way that the scientist part of him just couldn’t stand it and he’d have to go and investigate that. So, off we went down the rabbit hole and into something else interesting.


Wynn:  My opinion on this is that somehow people have gotten the idea that if they have certain beliefs they are going to be better people; they’re going to go to heaven, as if they can believe it in their head, rather than experience something in their heart.


That is, I think, where religion has gone off-track; turning something that should be an experience, that should be something that you can feel inside you, that should be something that makes you more loving and empathetic with your neighbors, turned it into a belief.  Then, they fight over who has the right belief; my belief is better than your belief.


My experience with group-channeled material, which there’s not that much of, but at least yours and mine—is that when you read it—many of us are old souls. We’ve had lots of lifetimes; we know things, but we don’t know them in our conscious minds. When you read it, it wakes up something on a deeper level that is familiar and makes sense. Then, it starts evolving you, it starts causing you to open up to deeper levels in yourself. It’s like cellular memories waking up.


Carla, I thought that if you don’t mind, that particular question about religion and channeled material, if Daphne wants to make a comment on that. One of her issues, when we were first together, was “How does this reconcile with my Catholic beliefs?” She went through a huge amount of trepidation; she probably still does to some extent; she doesn’t have to answer. Daphne, are you there?


Daphne:  Hi, Wynn. I am here.


Sure, sure—in answer to the latter part of your question, no, I’m not going through any trepidation now. I think the trepidation I did go through was more the fact I was experiencing all the negative attacks.


Before I had the actual experience of bringing in the channeled material, I had been exposed to Jane Roberts material, and had spent thousands of days with that, starting in the mid-‘80s or so. There were a lot of others, but primarily Jane Roberts material.


I think, similar to the way Carla describes her experience with Catholicism and Christianity in general, there’s a part of me that very much needs and feels grounded, and somehow completed, by an experience of aesthetic beauty. That I do find in the Christian liturgy; for me, especially the Orthodox liturgy. I was raised in the Anglican Church, but I was baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church. My godfather is Russian Orthodox.


I found in the time that I spent as a young child and attending Orthodox liturgies, which are extremely beautiful and reverent and filled with chanting and incense and architecture, which essentially goes back to the early Christians, it was an extremely grounding and fulfilling kind of thing for me.


Eventually, for whatever reason, I had a mystical conversion to Catholicism in 1995. There seems to be some kind of a threading, that fact that I was baptized in the Orthodox Church, raised an Anglican, then married a Jewish man who was practicing, but I had that tie-in; then, I converted to Catholicism, I had all these tie-ins.


It’s not really a source of conflict for me, in as much as it’s been a challenge with the negative attack issue. I guess I’d like to say that.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I think I’ll ask a question to Carla about that, because she’s had the experience that when she started doing her Ra channeling. But before I go to her, let’s give Terry an opportunity. Terry, weren’t you a Sunday school teacher?


Terry:  Yes; I taught Sunday School from the age of 14 to the age of 18. I taught the second and third grade, and it was a Presbyterian Church.  There were certain things that if I didn’t understand something, I would not teach it. One of the things was the Trinity, and I didn’t understand that.  Sometimes in the lessons I was supposed to be teaching about it, but I always steered away from it.


It was a few weeks ago, maybe a couple of months ago, that one person asked a question about “What is the Trinity?” and, they answered. So I’m starting to understand things now that I didn’t understand before.


Wynn:  You are understanding them more in an experiential way, rather than a belief-way.


Terry:  Yes.


Wynn:  Thank you.


A good topic to ask Carla is: If you study Carla’s work and her history, you’ll know that when she was bringing through this Ra material in 1981, starting, she got very sick; she lost a lot of weight. They were asking questions about why that was happening to her. The Ra group was answering something like “There was … “ I don’t know if I should bring this up, because if I bring it up it might invoke it.


Carla, can I talk about it?


Carla:  Let me get it straight first: I lost the weight because I didn’t know how to exteriorize the energy that puts out a trance channeling; usually, you see a misty cigar-smoke-like energy that’s out there; it’s an energy force that’s containing the source of those words. But, I didn’t know how to do that; they just had to put me to sleep and sort of knock out a few walls and make do. Every time I went into trance, when I got out of trance 45 minutes later or so, I would have lost 2-3 pounds. Ra said that that was because of my not being able to exteriorize the ectoplasm; that it was interior so it was just chewing up my body weight. I never ate so much in life as at that time.


The other thing:  Once I got into doing these sessions regularly, I certainly did have—we could call it a ‘greeting’; I like to call it a greeting, because if you call it a negative attack it sounds all scary. It was just that I had somehow—this group had somehow been able to—make contact with those of Ra. We were able to stand very close to the Light. I humbly say that the three of us are okay human beings, but when you stand that close to the Light every distortion you have stands out.


Negatively oriented, service-to-self entities will look at what’s creating that light; “How can we put out that light, or distract that light from happening?” Usually, it’s a very simple thing. You just drop in those fear-based questions; you just drop-in those people who are scared about something, or that want to know who’s going win a race, or when the world is going to end. People will get ego-filled; they’ll want to answer that question and they want to be right. They’ll venture something of their own mind and it lowers the energies coming through tremendously.


They were just trying to distract me, and if they couldn’t distract me they were perfectly happy if my physical body died. It was kind of a serious attack; it doesn’t usually happen. Usually, when you start meditating you feel a resistance; what that is the shadow within yourself, the part of you that you haven’t loved yet. You have to go back in, pick up all those pieces:  You didn’t love that in childhood, you didn’t like that when you were growing up, bring them back and love them and comfort them and cherish them and make them part of yourself, so that you’re a real whole being.  You can do that to yourself once you’re grown; you don’t have to live with those pains of childhood.


I think it’s perfectly okay to talk about what they call psychic greeting, or negative attack. There is going to be some clouds to obscure the sun when anybody starts trying to stand closer to the Light. It is very rare that it happens like it happened to me. In a way, it was an honor, because I would never have gotten their attention except for the fact that I was connected in a loving way with those of Ra.


Wynn:  The Ra group said they had waited two hundred years to find someone they could trust to bring this stuff through, isn’t that correct?


Carla:  Yes. They had to find somebody to trust to bring it through and then to find a support group that they could trust. It’s never me; it’s always the three of us, Don and Jim and me, I being no stronger than the others. It’s just that I had the gift of channeling; Don had the most incredible mind I’ve ever known, not just wide but so deep and his questioning, I think, was unlike anybody else’s questioning that I’ve ever seen. He had so much knowledge of the paranormal; he’d studied this stuff since the ‘50s—you  figure this is ’81—he’d had a whole lifetime, a career-time when his whole interest and avocation was the paranormal, especially UFOs.


After he got hold of me and we started in partnership, we ended up creating more books and more channeling. It would have gone on longer except that he died in 1984. The Ra group had warned me against trying to get in touch with them unless both Don and Jim were there, because of the energy requirements.


There’s a tremendous amount of love between the three of us. I think what you have to look at is that you can’t earn your way to something like that. The love is sacrificial, and all three of us had sacrificed a lot to be a part of the group. It’s sort of against the norm to have a spiritual family instead of a birth family and a marriage family. We had broken the tradition there. We were kind of eccentric, but okay.


After Don died I went right on channeling, but it was the conscious channeling. A lot of people like that better than the Ra channeling because it’s a little more stretched out. You can study a paragraph of the Ra for – what, Wynn?—a week, and you go on to the next paragraph and you think “Am I going to make it to the next page before I die?” Especially in book two, when Don says “Now let’s talk about when the world began.” He gets into all these scientific terms and I’m going “Oh my God, I’ll never understand.”


Eventually you get the point; a lot of it is simple as anything. Love—he puts it right out there:  Love the self, accept the self, and the Creator.    That’s the game-plan for creating a magical personality. It’s really simple.


Wynn:  I get a lot of emails from people who are saying “Won’t they talk to me?  Why don’t they talk to me?” I tell people:  If you’d listen to Daphne and Carla, you’d understand the delicacy of bringing in these high Sources, and the danger of a negative source coming in, mimicking them and confusing you and taking you totally off-path and even worse, getting sick. It takes a huge amount of commitment to service to do this, and a lot of people think “I’d like to channel; I’d like my friends to hear me channel; I’d like to bring in important messages.”


The most important aspect of this is these Sources all have frequencies, and you don’t have to channel them to learn to tune into their frequencies. These sources have frequencies; it is possible to feel them without channeling them.  That’s my take on it.


Carla:  Absolutely!—matter of fact, its better. I like the silent meditation better than the channeled one any day. Would you like to spend a little time creating that, Wynn?


Wynn:  A little meditation?


Carla:  You want to?


Wynn:  We have about—not very much time.


Carla:  Minutes or seconds?


Wynn:  We have maybe two minutes.


I wanted to say one thing before we do that; I want everyone to know Carla’s website:  There are thousands of her channelings, her books, available to be downloaded on her website for free. You can also buy her books on her website, and that helps support her. You can buy them at Amazon; I strongly suggest everyone read at least Book I of the Ra material.


I wanted to mention that a couple of months ago, we did a thing where we sent angels to everyone who is listening. I don’t think we can do that tonight, because this is like a getting-to- know-you session. To do that, we need to be able to create more a group energy. We did that because we had the same group of people on our calls for a couple of years, so we all got to know each other. Now, you’re getting to know us. On future calls, we can take questions and we can do all kinds of things.


Carla, why don’t you do a little prayer? I don’t usually call them prayers; I call them intentions for the highest good.


Carla:  That’ll do.


Wynn:  And, we’ll bring this call to a close.


Carla:  Feel us all together, sitting on one blanket, breathing one air, feeling the wind, seeing the stars. Quiet; how quiet it is! All of us together, ready to offer to this moment our hopes, our dreams and our intentions to love well, to let ourselves be loved and to seek the highest good with all our hearts in love.


Wynn:  Thank you, Carla; thank you Terry and Daphne for being here and helping to hold the energy, and BBS Radio, and especially thanks to all of you who took your time tonight to listen. We’ll be on Wednesday night, with a conference call where people submit questions. We’ll see you then.


Have a great evening!

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