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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences
Wednesday – 

How to keep the heart chakra 51% open?

Host:  Wynn Free

Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Edited by Valerie Hawes and Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  This is July 11th, 2012 – Wynn Free in Sedona, Terry in Sedona, Daphne in North Carolina, and all of you all over the place. This is a call; we’re getting our format together. Some of you—if you were on last Wednesday’s call, it was a bit like, crazy.  I’m learning how to do this.


Let me say that I am, despite the fact that I can get on here and talk and I sound like I know what I’m talking about, I’m pretty dumb about what we’re doing and I’m learning it day by day. But, I do get the idea that we’re doing something really extraordinary in this realm. I know many people who are checking this out, are looking at this, have their own belief patterns. They may be religious.


The word for one of our principal sources is the Elohim. If we’re really talking to the Elohim on a public conference call and they’re answering our questions, I say this is a pretty epoch event.


Sometimes people get on the call and they say “Wynn, why don’t you just shut up and let them talk to us?  Why do you talk so much?” One of the things I’ve learned is that part of my job is to create a group energy. You’re not supposed to believe they’re the Elohim because they say they’re the Elohim; you’re not supposed to believe that.


You’re supposed to get into it because of the quality of the answers they give, the wisdom in the answers, and the energies which some of you can feel when we do these calls. Put them into your own discernment machine, so to speak, and say “Maybe they’re who they say they are.” Then, it’s not even that easy because every time we do it a call, you have to do it again. Is that the same Source or are we getting a new Source?


They say if you look at the quality of their communication, it’s my experience that they have no agenda other than to send us positive, loving energies. They don’t want to say “Follow”; they don’t want to make you afraid. They have huge resources to bring information about things that a human could never figure out and when that information comes in, you have to see if it resonates.


You have to do it over time; it’s not a quick thing to say “Okay, that’s the Elohim.” One of the real dangers of quickly saying “That’s the Elohim and Ra” is that you’re going to give up your power; you’re going to think “They know everything; I know nothing; tell me what to do.” That is exactly not what they would wish to happen, because ultimately this connection is meant to be empowering.


Sometimes it takes a while to get that empowering energy back at you. The reason is because almost everyone in this realm comes to the table with a bunch of baggage. It’s hard to feel empowered with all that baggage. The first step is learning how to release your baggage, to let it go. It’s actually not something you can do with your mind; you can’t just say “Okay, I let go” because it won’t release that way.


There are different processes of letting it go. One of the first steps is to identify it; to notice it, to say “Now I see what my baggage is”; because when you start observing something, the part of you that is observing it is separating already from the baggage.  You’re starting to build part of yourself that’s looking at the baggage, because prior to that you thought you were the baggage; I thought I was the baggage.


Getting rid of your baggage is the first major step to empowering yourself.  One of the reasons people hold on to their baggage is that when you let go of it, there is this fear that you’re going to be empty. You keep the baggage around you because it fills up the space. To get into the energy of these higher Sources, you have to start to empty yourself, so they can flow into you.


When I say ‘flow into you’, again it sounds like something is taking you over, so it’s not the best way to say it, so that you can experience the communion with them and feel the energy of them as part of yourself. One of the subtleties of this is that the Elohim, the Ra group, the Universe, is all one energy. When you make the connection, it’s not like something separate comes in.


It’s kind of like you suddenly feel expanded; then, when you feel that sense of expansion, historically sometimes, people have called that ‘initiation.’ You suddenly have felt yourself in a space where you’re bigger than you were before. When you feel that, then you know you have somewhere to go; it’s like the first step. It’s not the end step; it’s the first step, recognizing that there are positive energies that you can expand into that feel really good.


It’s a process that you have to do by yourself; it can’t be done for you. But, you can get support in doing it. Part of the reason we’re doing these calls on such a regular basis, is because it gives you an opportunity to feel that expansion and it gives you the opportunity to understand it on a conscious level. That’s very important, because it’s a new territory. As you expand it on a conscious level, you can have more and more of it.


I know some of you on this line are really advanced. Up until now, I’ve done my best to read all my emails and even respond to them. Hopefully, we’ll expand and reach enough people where I’m not going to be able to do that. I really like doing it, but I’m going to have to prioritize my time, so I do what is most important. I see there are a lot of things I could add to my website.  There’s at least one other book to write; at least. There’s getting a book published in the regular arena so more people can access this.


Right now, I’m so happy; it’s so wonderful. We have worked so hard to get to this place where people are actually noticing us. It was not easy. Basically, I thought other people would find it important. I knocked on many, many doors and people said “Thank you, no thank you.” I realized that the people who would find it important were all on the grass-roots level; who didn’t have agendas, who were—how can I say it?—totally free of any worrying about what other people think about them and power and influence. They were struggling to make heads and tails of what this dimensional shift is about.


I would be certainly that way if I didn’t have these Sources. Now, we have this authoritative understanding of how things work. The thing that makes it so believable is when we start to cross-reference it with history, with the Mayans, Jesus, even the Old Testament. It has such a good point-to-point explanation of things but without any belief patterns. You don’t have to believe anything; this is in the moment and they’re explaining things in the moment. Yet, it all fits.


I’ve gotten many emails from people telling me how it was like connecting the dots of a puzzle. That’s what I thought too, when I first started unfolding this; there’s a lot more to learn in connecting the dots. As you connect the dots, it gives you more confidence that maybe we are really talking to who they say they are. Maybe this is an extremely positive thing to be contributing, and maybe you have the opportunity to speed up your evolution as a result of this connection.


Humans do evolve; we do grow. The nature, the process of how we grow has always been a kind of mystery to me up until recently. What does it mean to grow? Does it mean to get new concepts in your head? Does it mean to go to college and get a degree? There is one method of growth, and all of us have participated in this one method, which is experience.


We do things in our life; some things bring us pain and some things bring us joy. We make mistakes over and over again, and every time we do that, we’re growing.  We start to see “Well, if I do it this way it happens this way” and then you don’t do it that way again; you pass on that the next time it comes up. So, that’s bringing discernment.


There’s an English poet named William Blake, who I was a fan of for many years, and am still a fan of. He had this great saying “The path of excess that leads to the palace of wisdom.” When I first discovered that saying it was probably 35 years ago. I was studying all kinds of spiritual things.  Many of them were promoting asceticism. What is asceticism? It is denial, in other words, celibacy, poverty, simplicity. I tried it and it wasn’t working very well for me.


Then I read William Blake, who that quote is almost the antithesis to asceticism, because he says the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, which means by doing too much, by making mistakes, then, you learn to be wise. When you’re wise, you develop more compassion for other people, because you understand what they’re going through instead of talking down to them from some high spiritual platform.


Some of you right now might be in the middle of your path of excess.  That’s okay; it’s not to judge yourself. Some of you are in the middle of carrying all this baggage around; that’s okay, not to judge yourself, not to try to speed the process. Some of you are angels who have come into this realm and are here to hold an uplifted energy.


You can be doing all those things and still be wanderers. One thing about a wanderer, is that a wanderer who has come into this realm—some of us come in from another dimension—is going to get screwed up here, almost all the time; 90% of the time. Sometimes you go through lots of lifetimes being screwed up.


The truth of the matter is that when you’re doing that, it is not for naught, because this realm has a lot of negative stuff in it. By going through the negative stuff and coming out on the other end of it, it gives you much greater tools to be of service—much more wisdom, much more understanding and knowing a lot about how the negative works. It’s all okay; the big thing is acceptance.


This evening, one of the reasons I talk is because I’m creating a group energy. As you listen to me, you start to join and combine energies. When we start to do that, we create a safe haven for these sources to land their group energy. They’re not just a voice. They’re a group energy, and they say they’re landing. This is my word, using the word ‘landing’. They’re landing in our space. They’re landing in your space; they say that they are watching everyone on the line who is open to being watched and felt.  When we create a group energy, a loving group energy, then, they have a safe space. And, we have a safe space, too.


One of the things about what the “negative” is, the negative doesn’t like love. When there’s a loving space it bounces off and it can’t get in. The first thing to do is create a loving space and that creates the environment where the negative can’t penetrate. That creates the environment where we can trust our Sources more, because they might really be who they say they are.


Keep in mind; take this from the wisdom level. Don’t believe things they say because they say it; take it and integrate it and if you can make it work, it’s yours. It’s not something to repeat like a new doctrine, that the Elohim said that or Wynn said this. This is between your growth and whatever we’re doing; not a new doctrine to believe in, or a new religion to believe in.  By the time things become doctrines and religions, usually they lose their impact tremendously.


I thought I’d introduce Daphne. If you read my book you know it’s only been in the last few months that Daphne has been looking at this and is saying “I think what Wynn’s doing is really positive and is really helping people”.  She went through huge amounts of doubt about it for quite a few years and she was negatively attacked. That’s one of the ways that I learned about the negative; she was negatively attacked. We’re going to ask a question about that tonight because there is someone else on the line, that I decided to take their question because they’re under extremely, they believe, brutal negative attack. Carla Rueckert calls it negative greetings, but whatever it is it’s painful and disabling.


Daphne, would you like to just say hello to everyone on the line?


Daphne:  Hi, there. I’m in Durham, North Carolina. It’s wonderful that you’re all here on the line tonight.


Yes, it’s been a long trek. In terms of what Wynn just said, I’d make a slight alteration in that it hasn’t been so much the process of doubt, although that has been part of it. It’s really been the negative greetings that have been extremely challenging. They still haven’t gone away completely. You guys offer tremendous protection and tremendous inspiration. So God bless you.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Terry, would you like to introduce yourself?


Terry:  Um…


Wynn:  Terry’s very shy, you know. 


For a few years we were doing this, Terry would come on and channel. I’ll give you a little introduction so it’s easier for you. Terry would come on and channel. After it was over, she made pretend it didn’t happen. She said “I really can’t be doing that.” In a sense, that was good because it kept her from any sense of egotisticalness or self-consciousness.


Some of you who have studied our website or read the book know that when I asked “Was Terry ever anybody famous?” they said “Look up St. Catherine of Sienna. I found the story of this young woman who would go to the local Catholic monastery in Sienna, Italy and they would write down everything she said, because they felt God was speaking to them through her.  Of course, in modern day terms that would have been channeling.


“St. Catherine’s Dialogues with God” became an official part of Catholic history. Terry was the spitting image of St. Catherine. I learned through my work with David Wilcock that people look like who they were in their past lives.


That was one of the things that said “Maybe this is real.” Terry has a very beautiful, innocent, loving quality and she loves to be helping people.  She’s been a blessing, to be carrying this work forward. Daphne is a blessing to have started it; it’s a blessing to have her back. The nature of the information as it comes through both women is different. It’s not like you could think of a single consciousness that was talking and saying it’s taking over a person and moving their lips.


It’s different because, my way of putting it is that, they blend with the person; it becomes a group energy. Then, they use the person’s personality constructs. For example, there have been quite a few times where I’d been asking Terry a question and they would say “I wish Daphne was here; Daphne has a better vocabulary.” They suggested “Why don’t you learn five words a day?” to Terry. Actually, Terry does have a good vocabulary; she was a librarian, she’s very intelligent. Daphne probably has a better vocabulary than Terry or myself. She’s gone to Ivy League schools; she’s really studious.


They use the vocabulary of the person. Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is Daphne tended to be an aristocrat in past lives. She has an aristocratic way of expressing herself. Terry was probably more simple in many lifetimes. Probably she was an aristocrat; people end up being everything; but, just in the form of the consciousness this life. Her communications are more simple; Daphne’s are more aloof as if of an aristocrat. Terry’s are more ordinary, sometimes maybe more accessible, sometimes maybe less intimidating sometimes. Daphne sometimes can sound intimidating.


It’s very wonderful to have both women in support of this work; it gives us a huge access to great cosmologies. This is the beginning of a new epoch in your own life if you keep tracking it. What happens is you start to open up your hologram; you start to get ‘aha’ experiences; you start to get realizations. Not like on a logical mental level, but on an intuitive level.  You start to understand your patterns and you have this support system here, so that you can always tune into us and have that connection. It gives you more ability to go through changes.


Sometimes when people discover this work, they start bringing up and releasing baggage. When you release baggage sometimes you have to go through a certain amount of pain. Once you go through with that it’s finished. In Christianity they call that “the dark night of the soul.” 


Understand the process: the better you can understand the process going into it, the better you will flow with it, the better you will co-operate with it if painful things come up, to understand that for some of you that’s supposed to happen.


Now I’ll turn it over to you Terry. You can say hello.


Terry:  Okay.  As Wynn said, I have pretended that I wasn’t doing it. Then I didn’t get so nervous or something.


When I was a kid, I played in a piano recital. One of my hands started going faster than the other and it went faster and faster and faster and the other hand, the left hand, just kept going at a normal rate. The first hand finished way before the second hand; it was incredibly hard to keep going but I did. Then, people in the audience, one of the girls, rushed up and said “That was incredible; that was beautiful.” I said “I’m giving up playing in public because it didn’t come out right.”


When Wynn was talking about channeling in public, at the start I said “No way; I’m not going to do that.” But, I have, because I think it’s really important. It’s bringing through information that people really need to know. So I welcome everybody on the line; it’s wonderful to have you. I’ll turn it back over to Wynn.


Wynn:  You reminded me of a piano recital I made when I was in elementary school. I was taking piano lessons from this guy who used to come over to our house. Mr. Berkwhistle was his name. I was in a play for the auditorium and I picked the very hardest piece to perform. When I got up at the piano—I  think the teacher was Mrs. Smith, she was sitting next to me.  I kept stumbling; I kept faltering.  I was really not proficient enough to do that piece of music. When I finished she said “That was wonderful.” I knew she was lying and trying to make me feel good. I remember walking away from the piano, running out of the room and looking for a place to hide.


Nothing has changed now; I always pick the hardest things to do. Here I am, doing what I’m doing now. Luckily I haven’t faltered yet.


On that note, I’m going to call in the light. This is where I ask you to join in with your own love-light vibration if you feel it, and we’re going to create this very protected space that we all partake of. Then we’re going to bring in our sources through Terry and ask some questions on everybody’s behalf tonight.


Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect every person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the galaxy, from the center of the universe, through all the galaxies, through the center of our galaxy—the Milky Way, called the Hunab Ku—through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through all the planets in our solar system, through the Sun, through the Moon, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, coming right down into our bodies through the top of our head. If you close your eyes you might feel the energy through our bodies, cleansing our bodies, through our feet and into the center of the earth.


Right now, we invoke a group energy connection for all of you who are free-willingly choosing to participate. That means we’re going to combine our energies temporarily during this call in a higher dimension, one we can’t see. Just by having the intention to do so, it starts to happen.  That’s what I’ve learned; you can check it out for yourselves. If you shut your eyes you might feel the connection.


We invite those sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us, as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now. We invite our Sources, and they explain themselves to be a combination of two group souls, the Elohim group and the Ra group. We invite them to give an introduction through Terry Brown.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. Today is the 11th of July, 2012 and we are delighted to have Daphne on the line with us and we thank Wynn Free and everyone who is on the line who has joined us tonight. We extend our presence to you if you wish to make contact with us, or wish to connect with us. We have a very high frequency, and we have joined into a group we call ‘Ra’An’, which is part of the Elohim and part of the Ra group. This gives us a greater bandwidth that allows us to become within the reach of more people, that more people can sense us.


Ra has souls within it that have had incarnations on the third density in an earth-type plane. This brings in grounding energies, lower energies, energies of the earth, frequencies of a lower vibration, a beautiful vibration, that can be blended with our frequencies and can be a bridge for anyone, each of you, who is sensing our energy, or attempting to sense our energy, to climb on board and to begin to hear-see-feel-touch our vibration.


We are here to assist you, and we are delighted because we have felt, in the past when there was no vehicle, no communication bridge to the earth plane or very little—we have felt a sense of loss, as if part of our family were off, isolated and feeling alone. We were there for you, for them, for the individuals who are in the third density.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Tonight I’m going to ask some of the questions, the first questions on behalf of the new people. I know that many of them are taking this seriously and are very excited to be making this connection.


What is their best approach? How should they approach their own path in utilizing this connection in their own evolutionary process?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  It is an interactive path and we respond when we are asked or called. You have the ability to connect as you feel that you wish to connect. There is no obligation, no compulsion. We are there, like the ear, to respond or not respond, to be close, or not to be close. You are the master of your path and we are there for assistance. So go at your own pace. 


Read some of the old transcripts, if you wish, on topics that you are interested in. Listen to some of the audios on topics that you are interested in. Gage how much, or what you do, by your own interests and your own desires. This is for you; this is to aid you in what ways you wish to be aided in. So, go at your own pace and dip your little toe in the water and see how it is you wish to incorporate this into your life, little or big, or wide or small and, also gage by what resonates with you.


When you find something that resonates with you and brings you excitement or passion or desire to continue, then pursue that aspect. We have spoken in the past on many topics. Wynn is putting them up onto the website as he has the time to put them up. There is also, which has many of the calls for this last three years. Also on BBS Internet Radio, in the archive section under Wynn Free, which you can join, there are the audios for the last, I believe from 2007 to date. Eventually, transcripts will be put up there also.


We send out transcripts from the calls; we have wonderful transcribers that send them to Terry to edit and as she has the time, she sends them to Gary Brownlee who puts them up and sends them out to  People who subscribe to the Spirit Channel can get those recordings and transcripts.


We are profoundly appreciative of the opportunity to make contact as you wish, to each and every one of you that wishes contact, to whatever degree you wish contact with. We can be close, or we can be far. We are there for light workers all over the world also, and our energy-hearts go out to the light workers and to people such as George Noory, who is making the information available, the pathway to the light available, that people can step on and begin to walk into an expanded space, into a greater horizon.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Another question that is on a lot of people’s minds is, that we spoke about this graduation from this realm that’s in process right now; the idea that somebody has to have their heart chakra open slightly more than half. Of course, when people hear that they really want to do it; they say “I want to graduate.” What would you recommend to somebody who really wants to graduate and keep their heart chakra open?  What should they do?


Ra’An:  Thank you.  We have done channelings on this before, so these are some of the things that have been on some of the Monday night calls, how to open your heart.


The heart chakra system, the heart chakra, is a spinning energy that surrounds the area of the heart in the chest. People can open their heart under very good circumstances, when they know that they are loved, when they are giving and receiving love, when they are in an environment that is caring and nurturing.


Sometimes it is hard for an individual to open their heart when they have grown up in a household where they were not loved and cared for, as would have been optimal for the ability to open one’s heart, and one has closed down their heart, as a protection to be able to interact in a way that seemed appropriate in their time, as it is, when one is in the third density, hard and should not even be done when one is in a dangerous environment, to open their heart.


One can become the master of how far and when to open their heart, as even in some dangerous situations, it is the opening of the heart that can get one through that dangerous situation. It takes one being, not in the future and not in the past, but being in the present, in the now, to see how is best to respond in a particular manner when one is in the third density.


When one has come into a circumstance that one can set themselves up an environment, a meditation area, a time of day when they can meditate, and  during that time they can connect with us, can connect with the masters, can connect with areas of love in the universe and can then feel free and safe within that area to open their heart and can get around them a circle of friends, even a small circle, who they can feel open and joyous with and they can let down their hair. They can, during that time, open their heart.


One, then, when they go to the other areas of their life, where it is necessary to give and take in a business situation, in a think-tank, in a situation where they may be critiqued or under attack, then they may wish to close down their heart chakra for that period of time. So, it is getting a mastery over the opening and closing of the heart chakra.


There is an area from which one can look at things, where one is entirely beloved and entirely safe and that is a looking that beyond the transition.  When a person dies and transitions, then if they keep in mind that this is just a new chapter in their life and that all of these danger things that happened in the third density—there is a higher realm, a higher level, where they are totally safe and totally keep their place in the universe. No matter what happens within the physical body, they have their place within the physical universe and are totally loved and safe.


Then, looking at the third density from this level, it is possible to keep an open heart, even in dangerous situations. A dream can be interpreted when—we are going to give you dream scenario, a dream scenario wherein one is very high up in the air. They are walking on a narrow ledge and they lose their balance and they fall into space. They are falling into space and expecting a crash landing. Then that, from the third density point of view, is a very harrowing experience. It is something that would cause one to contract and close down. But, from a higher realm experience, it is something that can cause a transition, but where one is still kept safe and warm in the loving arms of All That Is, and one still is loved and still has their place in the universe. It is not the end of everything.


If one widens their view to know that death is not the end and there is more, there are new chapters in their life, and they are totally loved and totally cared for by the All That Is and by the Elohim and by the Ra group and other groups, then, it enables one to open their whole view and look at it from a different point of view, that a death, when looked at differently, can be like a skinning of the knee, or a mistake in judgment that creates a crash. That is not the end; it is something that continues afterwards. They are still okay in the overall theme and scheme of things.


We hope that sheds some light upon that area. Do you have further questions on that?


Wynn:  I was going to make one comment from my own experience. One of the key qualities or indication of an open heart is gratitude, if one can create circumstances of gratitude in their life that automatically supports an opening of the heart, in my opinion.


For example, everything is exchanged, tit for tat. I do this for you, you do this for me. I work six hours, I get this paycheck. Can you do little extra things on your job above and beyond the call of duty that create gratitude both ways? Can you find people—this is an easy one; everyone can find people that really need you—like in old age homes and rehabilitation homes? Those people are so grateful when someone comes to talk to them, to help them to write letters for them that show any caring. You don’t have to do that; that’s above and beyond the call of duty.


But when you do it, it starts the flow of gratitude—the extra things. You have to be careful: gratitude and doing those things doesn’t mean wearing your heart on your sleeve and being a sucker. You have to be very observant to notice if the feeling of gratitude comes in. Because there are certain people, if you do above and beyond the call of duty; they just think they can take advantage of you. You have to learn to tell the difference.


I’ll give you an example: I have gotten so many emails from people that have listened to our workshops, and that were from George Noory. At first it felt like “What a chore, answering all these emails.” As I started to do it, I started to feel this joy of connection with everyone I was writing to. I felt like how saying hello to them personally and making a comment was so important. I didn’t feel like I was doing it out of obligation. People emailed me back and they were getting it. There was a sense of gratitude, and then I kept doing it.


I don’t leave my computer; I go into the wee hours of the morning. I know that can’t continue. I know that’s not in my highest purposes to just sit and answer thousands of emails every day. Nonetheless, the energy of doing it was just wonderful and the energy that you all sent back to me has been wonderful.


Find ways and means to create gratitude. It can be unexpected. It’s the unexpected, random acts of kindness; that little saying that is on all the bumper stickers: Random Acts of Kindness. It’s within gratitude that you start building points that starts going towards grace; gratitude and grace have the same root. Grace is where your energy moves up above, out of the third density world of cause-and-effect and allows things to happen for you in magical ways; but you have to build towards that.


There was a woman who was coming into our conference calls for a couple of years and she was selling her house and she kept putting it in the light.  Of course, this is not a great time to sell a house. Suddenly, after she had put it in the light for a bit, the following week three people made bids on her house and she ended up selling it for more than she was asking. That is how the universe brings in miracles. They’re just waiting to happen for you; you are not excluded. You just have to do a little bit of ground-work to get yourself above the karmic cause-and-effect side of things.


I’m going to ask the next question here. The next question is:


Everyone is worried about everything breaking down, which there’s a good chance that it might. In the moment, how do I get more money to take care of myself and my family and how do I prepare for this world that looks like it’s breaking down?


That’s the question.


Ra’An:  Thank you. Each one has their own particular circumstances and their own particular gifts and their own particular way of offering services that they may be able to then pull in money from the result of giving their services. Each person’s circumstance is dependent upon their own ability to connect with others, because they will be pulling in money from connections with other people, so connections with other people, companies, individuals, can make a big difference.


One can open up their ability to connect with others in areas that they have gifts that they can contribute, that other people may be able to respond to and with the response to bring monetary sustenance to the individual. One can group themselves into a frame of mind of excitement at contributing in a certain area. Instead of sitting thinking “I have nothing, and there is no money for the electricity, what am I going to do?” They can set those thoughts aside as much they can and place themselves into the frame of mind of what can I deliver? How can I find someone, that my services will bring adequate monetary reward?


When they are searching in that manner for connections, then their eyes are open towards connections that will bring them out of their deficit economy. Sometimes individuals have to go through very painful things with the house and the mortgage being under water and the mortgage company demanding payment or to leave the house. During that period, if that is going on, then the individual can connect with family and friends for support and can look to the possibility of, we won’t say refinance, because when a house is under water it is unlikely, unless they have certain companies working with them like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.


So, individuals can keep in the positive frame of mind, knowing that they are loved. They have their place in the universe. It is hard to maintain that attitude when things are going wrong, as things like houses and money, they are like supports within one’s matrix. When one knows within their own mind that these things are available to lean on for support, life is easier. When they are not available, then it becomes very hard. 


Individuals have been working through these situations and have come out the other side living in cheaper housing. Some religions such as the Jewish religion provide housing for people, depending upon the amount of money that they are earning or not earning. There may be a waiting list. Veterans have opportunities that are provided by the Veterans’ Association. Government has some things that an individual can apply for.


Keeping one’s own confidence by tuning in to conference calls, getting on Team Shift, getting support from say five people on Team Shift every day and putting in the light the individual circumstances each day that are going on, can help one know that there are friends out there that are for them, that are bringing in the light and we are bringing in the light for those individuals, that further opportunities can be available to them and they can get through the discouraging times, the discouraging aspects, of the economic system, that it is going through at this time.


Wynn:  Thank you.  There was a question about ascension that I posed. The book talked about ascension and talked about disappearing from this realm in a body. I’m just going to clarify that myself very quickly:


Since the time that was written in the book, and more recently, there have been a number of questions about that. What they said was, that leaving this realm in your body is not going to be available for many people. In order to have that experience, all your chakras, all of them, have to be open slightly more than half. There was something, I think they called it ‘astral ascension’. It had to do with your heart chakra being open. With just your heart chakra open, and assuming there are unbalances in your other chakras, that you would start shifting realms after you die. You would graduate the realm in exactly the same way, but you wouldn’t leave here in your body. You would die however you died; they have huge amounts of angelic beings in other realms to work with people after they die and help them heal some of the traumas and things in their bodies, but your heart has to be open just slightly more than half to get that. That’s the way it’s said.


We also understand that if you’re dying, be in the most loving environment possible. Be around people who care for you, even if you have to go to a hospice. The loving of the people around you really helps you keep your heart open.


A lot of these questions that we’re asking have been asked before and are in our archives. You can go to the archives. They’re kind of messy; they’re not well-organized. It’s a project waiting to happen, but if you go through it you will find answers under where we have archives for the last few years of our calls. They’re automatically put in there by the service that sends our emails out.


Its 7:10 and I promised Terry that I wouldn’t keep her answering questions too long. But I also promised one person that I was going to ask a question on her behalf. It’s Claire Beacham in Brick, New Jersey. Claire has been having immense negative attacks, negative greetings. She experiences herself totally disabled, to the point where she thinks she could die. She has had, in the past, been a light worker, she has been a bright, shining spirit. She has influenced people and now she is really oppressed. Some of you, probably not to the extent that she is, may have negative stuff like that going on in your life.


I’d like to turn it over to our Sources to see how they handle that and if they can extend any special wisdom and a clearing for Claire.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


We understand how difficult this is; this is an answer for Claire, so other individuals may have similar circumstances, but this is an answer particularly for Claire.


We see negative energy within the body, and we take a look. We are speaking slowly as we are scanning this energy. There is an area that is deadened within the body and is not able to give and to take in energy from the outside and to move energy from inside to outside and outside to inside. We speak slowly as we look at this.


This area is complex; it has more than one source that has converged together, partly genetic, partly past life. We continue to speak slowly as we are working with this area to bring in energy into the area and to bring light into the area.


You have done well. In this realm, the third density is a realm wherein some of the things from the third density affect the body and affect the matrix and bring pressure to bear upon the individual. It is not the individual soul’s fault, for difficulty. It is that it is brought to bear upon the soul and the matrix by outside influences and past influences. 


We continue to bring light and love into the area.


We suggest drinking plenty of pure water and we continue to speak slowly as we look at the area. We suggest breath to bring air into your chest area and breathe out. Those are our initial comments on this, and we suggest you ask for relief also. We send you love, profound love for you, as you are a beautiful being and you are not the negativity, even though at times it may seem like it.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Claire has scheduled a reading so maybe we can go deeper into it at that time. 


Ra’An: Yes.


Wynn:  Another person submitted a question, but I don’t think I’m going to ask it tonight: Alicia in Orlando, Florida. Send it again to me for next week.


I think next week, the only way to handle this, is for me to open up my gmail and to have you guys send questions during the call. I’ll try to let my intuition pick the most appropriate, the most important questions right during the call. I know I’m not going to have time; I can’t take the time.  Usually we’ve only had a small amount of questions and it was easy to handle, but I’m trying a different procedure so that it can be easy. So send them after the call starts. I’ll be reading my emails and picking out the questions as we go.


On that note, do we have any closing comments before we bid adieu to everyone?


Ra’An:  We send our love light to each and every person on the call. We are honored by your presence. We look forward to many more conversations.  Adonai


Wynn:  Thank you.


For all of you here, if you haven’t gotten the workshop audio, I put the link up today. It’s worthwhile. There is like a half hour session with Terry on how the universe was created; there is an introduction to our first conference call from Daphne and there’s a live channeling on the end of it, plus a lot of information and understanding that I’ve gleaned from my ten-year immersion into this process.


So it’s in the email I sent out today announcing this call I believe. I thank you all for being here supporting this; we’re creating a foundation right now for many, many more people, I think, who will be finding us.


On that note, I’m going to un-mute everybody.


Everybody:  Thank you. Good night…


Wynn:  I’m just going to mention, I’ll leave the conference line open even after I hang up, so if anyone wants to hang out and talk to each other, meet each other, feel free to do so. We’ll see many of you on our Sunday call.  Thank you for being here.


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