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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Monday – 07/16/2012

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Host: Wynn Free

Channeled by: Terry Brown

Transcribed by: Connie O'Brien

Edited by: Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes


Wynn:  I know we have people listening all over the place these days, all over the world. We’re so glad to have you with us and supporting this.


As most of you know, and some of you may not, this is a very unusual interaction between intelligence in higher dimensions and earth. We’ve been doing this now for ten years and, like anyone, I was the biggest skeptic. It probably took me three years to say “I think they are who they say they are” and “I think this is real.”


Then, it took me another three years to say “I think this is important for other people, but I had no idea how to put it out into the world.” I was visualizing myself on a corner with a sign saying, waving “Sinners repent!” It took me another three years to work on making websites and learn how to do this stuff to get to the point where I figured out how other people could share the experience.


We were on George Noory, I think two weeks ago, and that was kind of a miracle. Now, we have, suddenly, thousands of people paying attention to us. I thank you all, because one of the things they say is that you have to decide this for yourself.


Whenever I quote something they say I can’t prove it. I can prove certain of the things that have happened around us; I can prove certain predictions, I can prove things they said where somebody was somebody else in a past life and the person was the spitting image of that person. I can prove all those things.


There are a lot of things I can’t prove, and that’s where people have to kick their tires. Ultimately, no matter who they are and where they’re from, as long as they’re positive, then each of you has to get something that benefits you, or else why bother? This is not about following voices in some other dimension; this is not about following Wynn Free or Terry Brown. We’re just two people who ended up having this experience and saying “I think this is important for other people to share.”


The only reason we’re doing three conference calls a week, is because my experience is that there is a frequency attached to these guys in other dimensions. There is an energy that flows in that people can feel, and when they get that energy—it’s a very loving energy—they start to change and shift, and they start to get more loving.  It’s a process, though.


All of us in this realm, or most of us in this realm, have gone through such long periods and probably even many lifetimes, of feeling separated and alone and figuring out what you’re doing here. It’s one of our contentions, and our sources say this, that if you’re one of those people and you keep coming back to these calls, then you could be one of those spirit-forms that was in another dimension that graduated this realm and decided to come back and be of service and help. When you do that, you forget why you’re here.


I hear somebody thinking, who is listening tonight,” What a bunch of wackos!” You’re welcome to your opinion; you have to explain back to me.  Most of those people that say that never, ever studied the story. They just make a snap-decision, and they think they’re really smart, and they walk off.


If you’re one of those people thinking that, please read the book at least; read the story. Believe me; I did not make anything up. If I had to prove that all those things happened, I could do it, step-by-step-by-step. I wasn’t alone; there were people around me. There were hundreds of tape recordings. The original tape recordings with Daphne are still in existence.


If I was doing this to make money, I sure didn’t do a good job, because in the course of the last ten years, you can ask Daphne about that, we didn’t make much money. I was going around doing shows and talking about this and sleeping in my car. I knew I wouldn’t make any money, but I had to do it. We give all these calls out for free; occasionally we charge for something. I gave an option today that if somebody just wants our free stuff, just click this button, and we’ll never sell you anything.


Personally, I think that everyone should have access to this; they can make their own choice, but they should have access. I also know—here is another key thing—when you give things out for free of this kind of nature, when you do that, it creates a protective energy. I’m not trying to manipulate everyone to spend money, “Come to my $300-a-weekend workshop”; if I ever do one of those – I might; you never know—it  only means that the people who do have the money will help me do more to support the people who don’t have the money.


There is no way we can afford to put on a weekend workshop at a big hotel and not charge for it. But, we can do what we’re doing now on these calls. The calls, for whatever reason, the technology is free, the ability to use phones is free. The internet is not free, but it’s certainly inexpensive for the amount of people we can reach.


I had this idea that “We could reach a lot of people.” I asked my Sources; this was in 2007, “Can you feel people on the phone line; can you do that?  Can you work with them?” They said they could. Again, I didn’t believe them when they said it, but I said “I’m willing to give it shot; let’s see what happens.”


Here we are; and, so many of you are emailing me, feeling the energy. Many of you are saying this is what you’ve always looked for; I think it’s what I’ve always looked for. If it’s not real, you’re welcome to try to give me another explanation. But, don’t dismiss it too quickly, because you may be missing something that could be extraordinarily important to your own life’s path.


On that note, I hope Terry is here.  Are you here, Terry?


Terry:  Yes, I’m here.


Wynn:  Were you muted?


Terry:  Yes.

Wynn:  Let’s see if our conference line people are here; hang on; let me open up the line. Are you guys here on the conference line?


Callers in Unison:  Hello!  Yes…


Wynn:  Thank you for being here.


Caller:  I only think I’m here.


Wynn:  You only think you’re here?  That’s Terry’s line; she says “That didn’t really happen, did it?”


Caller:  Figment of my imagination.


Wynn:  It’s a figment of my imagination.


The call tonight we’re going to do, Terry, do you know what the call is about tonight?  Did you read the email?


Terry:  I have no idea.


Wynn:  You have no idea; she doesn’t read the emails.  This is totally off-the-wall.


This is one of those calls that I have to give a lot of disclaimers for, because when we do a live channeling, we can’t take it back and we don’t know what’s going to come through. The only reason that I’m willing to do this is because we are creating a loving space. You guys who are on the conference call and you guys who are in front of your internets have learned to hold a loving space so that there’s protection in it. In doing so, you are creating the ambience that allows me to think that what’s going to come through is going to be positive. And, it usually is; almost always is; so I have a track record.


Sometimes people say “Wynn, why don’t you stop? Why don’t you let them talk? We don’t want to hear you; let them in.” You guys don’t realize, you’ve never done this. This is not just an intelligence from somewhere else; they are coming in and sharing space with us. If you’re on the line and they’re sharing space with you, and you’re feeling weirded, if you’re feeling out-of-balance, if you’re feeling resentful, you know what? If enough people were feeling that on the line, we would be getting a negative source because we’re doing it publicly. The reason I talk is to bring the energies together. I’m a human and if I can do this, so can you. I’m an example and I’ve learned how to do it.


I tell you; it does not mean that I walk around in an exalted state all the time. Anyone who is around me knows that for sure. I can be irritable; I can have all my human characteristics. Then, I can lie down and meditate and I can feel this energy come in around me that’s very loving and you can do that, too. You don’t need to channel to feel that; just try it. Lie down on your bed or get in a comfortable chair. Shut your eyes and say “If you’re there, you can come.  I’m open.” Feel the energy; see if it shifts.


It’s really easy to make it shift when there’s a group, even a group on the phone where none of us know each other. We’re a group; we’re humans; we’re all part of the same energy and we tap into the Oneness while we’re on this phone line. You’ll be learning over time to take it home with you.  You already are home, but take it into your life and hold that space. So many people have already done this.


When we do our call, we’re going to ask about what’s happening on Planet Earth. That is going out on a limb. Very often times, they do not want to give a prophecy of doom and gloom. One of the reasons is because if enough people who are on this call or doing anything that is like this somewhere else, they’re lifting their energy above the veil, then whatever was going to happen will change.


There are multiple time-lines—see if you can visualize this—there are multiple time-lines from where we are to the place where there is no time. Each of the time-lines is creating a certain future. If there’s a time-line that’s creating doom-and-gloom  and that’s a time-line that everyone on the planet, or a very good majority of the people are accessing, then that’s the time-line that’s going to prevail. If we’re really accessing Sources that are above those time-lines, if we access them, then it turns it into a wild-card where the future can change.


They’ve definitely said there is going to be earth-changes; they said the extreme of those depends upon the people of earth. I asked them “Is all life going to end on planet earth?” They said “We don’t think so, but it’s up to the choice of the people.”


That’s the thing people don’t realize; they’re all part of making the choice. When you’re looking for prophecy, if you heard me on George Noory, George tried to pin me down on the prophecy. “What do they say is going to happen?” He allowed me to side-step it, because I know how these guys are and I know the kinds of things they say.


Prophecies are all made within the context of lower time-lines. We’re connecting with the time-line above all that, just the fact that we’re here, and just the fact that we’re expanding; we could expand a lot more. If any of you have ideas for reaching more people, please email me, because that’s a priority now. If what we’re doing is real; if you’ve come to the conclusion it’s real and we’re accessing the Source that is above all these prophecies, then the more people on this planet who are accessing this Source the better it’s going to turn out.


We’re going to ask some of those questions tonight about possibilities.


They always talk about probability vortices; on one hand, it’s good to know what might happen so that you can have insurance. Insurance might be having extra water in your refrigerator or in your cupboard; insurance might be a lot of canned food; insurance might be some gold coins, and some silver coins. Insurance might be a couple of cans of gas so that if there are long gas lines and you have to get out of Dodge, you can.


You know there was one question that was asked, not to Terry, but to another Source. I think about four or five years ago, what they said was, the best insurance is community. The best insurance is having people that you’ve built spiritual affinity with, and connection with, in your own community. That keeps you working together; that keeps you, if there is anything that happens that’s really dangerous, you have people to turn to. 


For example, if you just have a bunch of gold coins under your bed and you think that’s going to save you and your neighbors know about it or somebody knows about it, or even people think about it, guess who is going to be a target? You! You may end up being worse off than the guy with no gold coins. These are things that each person has to figure out.


One of the reasons we started Team Shift was to start senses of community.  I know many of you have sent in applications and we haven’t done anything yet. The reason is, because we were not prepared for so many people; we’ve just been “lankering” along. We have little groups of people who have developed great affinity with each other. Team Shift is a great thing because you get to know people in other areas so if there ever was a real emergency, you’d have people to go to.


The time to develop these kinds of things is now, not when there’s an emergency, because when there’s an emergency and everyone is clamoring, it’s really hard to know where to go, because anybody can’t help everybody. There will be too many people; but, if you built your relationship now, if you built your community now, that’s going to last through a calamity.


On that note, I’m going to start going into a session now and I’m going to ask questions about all this. Now, I picked this topic, and I didn’t ask them if that was okay so they may change their mind.


Terry:  What was the topic?


Wynn:  You’ll find out; just a second.


The really big disclaimer is, remember, when we bring intelligence through from other dimensions, it is not meant to be absolute; it’s meant to be considered. It’s possible that Terry’s conscious mind can bleed through; it’s even possible we get a negative source, although I don’t think so, because I don’t think that’s ever happened, but I do think Terry’s mind bleeds through sometimes. We’re not here dispensing Truth.  We’re going to see what resonates and take it in and see what we need to prepare ourselves for things that could happen.


This is 2012; loads of people are saying December 2012, something is going to happen; there are people saying the negative is going to make something happen on December 2012, just because so many people are thinking about it. We have solar flares; it’s obvious weather changes are happening. We’re going to look at that picture for as much as we can; we have about thirty minutes, and see what our Sources say. So, I’m going to call in the Light.


I think, Terry, after I call in the Light, anyone on the line who is needing healing; we’ll leave a space for maybe thirty seconds so that people can bring in the energies and ask for healing for themselves or other people. Is that okay with you, Terry? Is everything okay?


Terry:  Yes. We’ll give it thirty seconds after you call in the Light?


Wynn:  Yes. That means if you’re feeling the energy, or even if you’re not, just ask silently for the things you need. I know at one point they said “Write it down.” If you want to write it down, they said that strengthens the connection; so get a piece of paper and write it down. If any of you have results, please email me and let me know what happened and I’ll share it with other people.


Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the sun to the earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of those present on this line and all of you who are listening to the replays and reading the transcripts, anywhere on the planet. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Right now, I want to ask for a special blessing, a special prayer, a special intent for all of you who are going through anything, whether it’s a disease, whether it’s a difficult relationship, whether it’s someone you care about who is having a problem. I want you to feel this energy and I want you to send it to your problem for the highest good of all concerned, and honoring free will.


When I say “Send it to your problem”, I should clarify “Send it to your solution.”  We don’t want to strengthen the problem!  We ask to surround the problem in love and let it release and heal so we have a solution.


(Interlude of meditative silence)


Okay; we are ready and our Sources can deliver, through Terry, their opening statement and whatever they want to say on the topic that I have introduced.


Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the one infinite Creator. This is July 16th, 2012, planet Earth, in the density that is considered the third density. We take a look at your planet, and we see many, many wonderful people and many light workers.


We also see many people that are under pressure, economic pressure and people who are struggling to make ends meet and struggling to hold their families together and people who are influenced, to some degree or another, many people, by karma.


One of the karmic things that plays havoc with an individual’s life is the belief that they are not worthwhile, or they are not worthy. This can be picked up by comments that are made by the parents or other people when they are growing up. This is something to re-program yourself from, because you are worthwhile.


We extend farther to the nature of the elements on the planet and we see that they are in the effects of the stars, of the energy of the stars. We see that we, in the third density ,as we are here with you, as we are multi-dimensional, we see an intensity in the frequency, an intensity of density that is increasing and we see that it is moving your poles, your magnetic poles.


As the density increases, the frequency also increases and you have a ‘pushing upon’ and a ‘pulling upon’ the magnetic biosphere around the earth, the magnetic flux, the magnetic fields, and, this is working in the areas of your earth that are weakened by the lack of the ozone layer in places. This is affected by the Haarp energies, as they do not totally consider all of the ramifications of the specific energies that they are aiming at the skies and, there are, as we speak, solar flares that are impinging upon earth.


If we take all of these influences together, the consciousness of the people, the consensus reality of all of the people and the struggles that they are going through creates a further vibration and density. We take all of these frequencies and these impingements together, that there are some over-riding influences such as the position of Earth within the galactic field. The impingement is creating a change in the magnetic field, which can lead to a magnetic pole shift.


You have seen some anomalies in the migration paths of whales and dolphins, which are partly due to this. Some of your airports have had to change the direction that the planes take off, so that their compasses will continue to direct them in the correct direction for their flight path.


The outcome of this, particularly after earth comes to the center of the galactic plane [or moves through a galactic arm÷density wave as it is now] and moves to the other side, which has been happening gradiently, makes this impingement accelerate. 


So, consciousness groups such as yours—and we totally appreciate each and every one of you and your participation—as this helps with clearing of the consensus reality to bring through a clarity towards the survival, towards the clearing of karma, towards the bringing of love and love-light into the third density.


This is a group that understands, in general, the importance of the love-light and the importance of bringing the joy into the Light, into the Earth’s realm. When as a person works towards the betterment of life, to bring joy into it; to bring joy into the world, into the Light, to bring excitement and enthusiasm and passion into life, it really helps change outcomes.


As you do this, then it replaces the dreaded look at what might happen with all of the detrimental things, all of the things that people put out there, that the media puts out there, that the market is going to crash, that the economy is going down. 


Passion and enthusiasm and excitement can bring a new look, can bring a look in that works, that moves towards exciting things for the economy; the replacement of the energy that is used, by other means of energy, Tesla energy, solar energy, and other energies that can be an exciting replacement and can provide jobs.


We hold this there, as the people on this line have the ability to love and to care and to feel joy, which can bring a change to the consensus reality.


Those are our comments.  Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes. We have people all over the world. I know of course, people worry about economic changes and breakdowns; they’re worried about earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanoes.


Is there any, if you want to address this, are there any areas where people should be particularly careful about storing food and water, or any high likelihood of those kinds of events?


Ra’An:  Thank you.


We say that community is one of the most important things, getting onto things like Team Shift which is something that Wynn set up to put little groups of people together that can help each day to support each other and can provide the fuel towards survival in times when there may be more difficult times in an area.


Such as, there is a water machine that takes water out of the air using solar power. One can have enough water, which is very important for survival, can have enough water from this machine to sustain them, one to four liters a day, depending upon what machine that they get; or, store a little bit of water. Or if one is in a difficult area, for instance in times of difficulty, some of the cities can be a difficult area, so, individuals can take a look around and see what’s neighboring in the country and different places to go.


We do not wish to create alarm; these are simply—we do not have a particular location in mind when we are saying this—these are just comments and things that an individual can do. They can get the valley together and say “If something happened here, how can we all get together?” and make arrangements of how people can meet or get together. If they are on Team Shift then they can use Team Shift with people in different areas; and, to be on the calls.


We look at it from a slightly different viewpoint in that we see that each and every person’s life is a chapter in their track. As they move from one life and transition to another, they take valuable lessons with them that they can use as they move through their track.


One of the most important things is to re-program yourself to believe in yourself, to trust in yourself and know that you are extremely valuable and you are a beautiful, beautiful, magnificent, divine being. This knowledge will carry you through anything and you can simply move through it and on, much as a child falls off the wagon, scrapes his knee and then gets up and heals and one moves on. That is just a transition into a new chapter of your life.


Those are our comments.


Wynn:  A lot of people are talking about solar flares, and the potential for a big solar flare to come down and disrupt things. Is that a high possibility, a high probability, a low probability? If it’s in the cards for that occur, how might it impact us?


Ra’An:  We see that there is a connection between the sun and the earth, and we see that the sun is under pressure right now. It burned darkly for a few years and there were not solar flares. However, now it is breaking out because of all of the pressure and it is the solar flare cycle time for the sun. It will produce solar flares.


If the solar flare does not aim towards Earth then there is no worry.  However, if it is aimed at Earth, then it will most likely affect the satellites; they have some protection in that they can close down their protective machinery to protect against a solar flare. Also, flights may be asked to fly lower and beneath thirty thousand feet in the air.  It is unlikely that the solar flares will come to earth and create the burning of part of the Earth’s surface, although in the 1800s there was a solar flare that caused some of the telegraph wires to burn. This is a rare occurrence, but it is a possibility. 


There is a connection, as we were saying, between the Earth and the sun; and the better we treat Earth, the more harmony it will have. It will not be communicating to the sun, asking it for help. When you, not you who are on the line, but people of Earth, set off hydrogen-bomb explosions, it creates a tearing within the atmosphere. It creates a tearing that needs to be healed and the Earth experiences trauma as a result of that. The spirits of protection of the Earth experience extreme trauma when a hydrogen or atom bomb is set off. Explosions are difficult. Sometimes Earth signals the sun and asks for help from the trauma.


In a sense, as Carla Rueckert has said in the Law of One material: “We are all One.” When one thinks they are getting away with something, and no one has noticed and there are no consequences because no one has noticed, that is not true. It becomes a part of the whole, a part of all, and they have not gotten away with it. We are all One.


That is one of the reasons we are so delighted to have contact with each and every one of you that wishes contact made, because it is re-establishing ourselves as a whole and letting you know that you are not alone and you are part of the family.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Ra’An:  Do you have more questions?


Wynn:  A lot of people are talking about December of 2012, which is not very far away. Of course, if you listen to George Noory, there are people saying every which way kind of things. There are also people saying that the negative is trying to take advantage of that date and that anticipation, to create something to happen that wouldn’t naturally happen but would happen as a result of some negative catalyst.


Could you share with us the probability vortices of things happening in December of 2012?


Ra’An:  The probability is that we will move through that period without too much difficulty. Individuals should be aware of their circumstances around them and should take special precaution to make sure that they drive safely and that they have put their house in order for safety reasons, not to start a fire and leave the ashes on the porch; just take your normal precautions. But, we do not see in the outcome that there is anything particularly detrimental as a whole. We realize that there are people who are totally convinced that there will be tidal waves and there will be difficulties.


Now we see that there are events that will happen because Mother Earth needs to release pressures in certain areas which can be through prayer of groups, lessened and can be very much changed in its outcome by consensus of love-light being brought to the area.


As far as negative groups, there—we do not wish to delve too much into the negativity as we do see negative things, but we do not see them particularly, how do you say? We have reviewed the Earth and the things going on and the projections that are projected for then, and we do not see some huge difficulty, but we do see some negative groups that would love to make some problems. But, we do not see that their trajectories are overcoming the natural progress of Earth.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Ra’An:  Yes. We see also that there will, as we mentioned, there will be, as Earth releases itself in the area of volcanoes, that there will be some things.  But we do not see them particularly aimed at December 21st. We see that individuals can be aware of future volcanic activity through the paying attention to earthquake activity in the area of a volcano, using one’s common sense, and paying attention, too, to your dreams and to your psychicness, your psychic, what your psyche is telling you. That will also help you with any changes.


Wynn:  Thank you. You know, as a result of being on George Noory, we’ve had a lot of new people come on our line; many of them are listening tonight. How has that impacted the effectiveness of our group, all these new people?


Ra’An:  We can feel the consensus of the group who is listening, and it is a loving group and it is impacting not only the effectiveness of the group that you have, but it is impacting the whole of the consensus with it, of the human race within the earth’s realm and also is warming our heart, our energy hearts, to a great extent, as it is bringing through love-light into this third density, into the earth realm.


Wynn:  Thank you so much. So, we’re about to close. Perhaps, I would like to say, it probably would be a very good service for everyone who takes this seriously to send George an email and have me on again. That’s george@coasttocoastam.


We can take another minute, at the most, for any closing comments.  Then, we’ll close this call.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We send our love-light to each and every person who is hearing this or reading a transcript later or listening to a replay at whatever time you are listening. We are in your vicinity and there for you, non-linearly, each and every one of you within the sound of the voice or reading of the transcript. And, our profound appreciation for each of you goes out to you. Adonai.


Wynn:  Thank you so much; thank you Terry, thank you BBS. We’ll bring this call to a close and see some of you on Wednesday night and some of you on Sunday on our grid healing. Thank you for being here.

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