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Why does it feel like time is speeding up?

Wednesday 7.18.2012
Questions and Answers Conference Call

Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by: Daphne Karandanis and Terry Brown
Edited by Valerie Hawes and Terry Brown

Wynn:  This is July 18th, 2012; this is our Wednesday night call where people submit questions. I think I’m finally getting into figuring out how to do this call, but we’ll see. We’ll figure out if I do a good job when we hit the end of it.

People were asking questions, and they were saying “Do these guys ever show themselves physically?”

I’ll share with you an interesting perspective that is not very obvious, but when you hear it, it makes sense.

You’ve got to figure that these group souls are wise. That doesn’t mean they know how to do everything down here, or they don’t make mistakes because they do. Oftentimes, when they come in and people put them up as God. They’re not God in any way, shape or form in the traditional way that religion talks about God. Sometimes for people who have been ingrained in the religious idea of God—it still works. In other words, they respond to intentions that are for the highest good of all concerned, through the veil; they go through the veil. They respond to that; they can sense it and feel it. 

They can, oftentimes, work as a group; there are millions of them, but they’re all part of each other, unlike us who all feel separate and have to work really hard to feel connected. They can just go “boom, we’re connected”. If a lot of energy needs to be focused somewhere, they work as a team.

There’s something called the Original First Cause, referred to as the One Infinite Creator. The Elohim are breakaways from the One Infinite Creator.  Even the One Infinite Creator is really not God; the idea of God is just an over-simplification to give people an excuse to ask. In earlier epochs of time, that worked really well. For today, the people are so sophisticated which—if I have it right, which I think I do—they’re kind of explaining the real workings of the other realms.

Basically these two group souls—this is my take on this—they don’t have bodies, they don’t have possessions, they’re not very needy (if they’re needy at all). But, they do know that they can impact this realm. Their criteria is to make energetic connection here with people, like tapping into their frequencies; they have frequencies, they have a way of feeling them, they are on the line right now, they are watching people. Some people sense their presence, but most people have to be on this line a while to get the real feeling that, “Am I making that up?” I used to feel that. “Am I making that up? Am I imagining that? Is that really going on?”

I know a lot of people on the line have the hope of healing and that’s one of the things that I have to learn how to work with, because I get many, many emails from people that say “Have them heal this; have them heal that.”  You know what?  They don’t follow my orders; I don’t call them up or talk to Terry and say “Tell them to heal this.”

Another thing is people are asking me “Could you ask them about this; could you ask them about that; could you ask them about the other thing?”  It’s not really as easy—when we do this on the line it seems really easy. It’s like “Okay Terry, let’s ask them something.”  It doesn’t work that way. Whenever we are talking to them, we have to stop everything we’re doing; we have to get into a mode of connection and bring the energies in. Then, we ask questions. When we’re finished, Terry sleeps for six hours, or three hours.

It’s kind of like, when you move into these other realms it looks easy, when you’re watching it, especially on these lines. For Terry and Daphne, it is easy. I want to give you the vision of what actually is happening, what’s happening right now and it’s happening when we talk to them. Maybe this will help you make a connection. This is all about group energy.

When you’re a human and in a body, it feels like that’s all there is because your senses, your human senses, only see and feel this dimension. Yet, every human has an energy field that moves into other dimensions. Some of us move really far out and some of us move just a little far out. But that part of you that’s your energy field is always changing; it’s always mutable. In other words, you can walk down the street and then suddenly you’ll meet somebody that you really love and your energy field goes wang. It just expands, and theirs expands, and the two of you have a group energy; it just comes from nowhere. You may not experience that as a group energy; you may experience that “My heart’s full; I feel really good.” But, it initially happened out of the body; you saw the person, and part of it was your emotions.

Everyone has an energy, and when we’re walking around we’re always combining energies with everybody all the time. It happens at a below-the-surface level, but people who are metaphysical know this. Even if you’re not metaphysical, it’s like it rings true; you can sense what I’m talking about. If you go and sit on a bunch of grass, you feel the energy of the grass; you feel the energy of the woods. If you look down from a mountaintop, you feel the energy of a city. We’re always combining energies, all the time.

On this call, what we’re doing is—what I think we’re doing—we’re creating a group energy of all of you on the call and all of you on the replays. When we create that group energy, we feel a connection and something shifts inside us. You notice, as soon as I said that it started to shift; something changed. One of the signs that you’re dealing on an energy level as opposed to a personality level, is if you’re on a personality level you have to keep the personality going. You go out with somebody; you have to entertain them all the time; you have to talk: “What do you think about this? Did you see that movie?” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. When you’re dealing with group energy and you start to combine energies in other realms, you’re not dealing on the personality level, even though there are personalities.

For example, some of you might feel this. If I just stop talking now, you’ll feel the energy. I could stop, actually for a long time, and unless you’re one of those people that have a mind like a chatterbox, which I know there are a few of you on there—unless you’re one of those people and you haven’t learned to quiet your mind, you’ll feel energy in the spaces. Now, how are you feeling that? There are all these people on the line and you don’t see them, and yet, there’s energy in the space, right over the phone line.

Somebody was saying earlier “When are you coming to Denver; when are you coming here; when are you coming there?” I don’t mind doing live things; usually, I have to charge a bunch of money. I usually lose money, until I have hundreds of people that want to see me, or I have to raise the price. Here’s what I’ve experienced about live events.

When people go to a live event, they’re present in the same room.  This combining of energy is even stronger because they can see each other.  Except, when the event is over, they go home and the energy starts fading away. A week later, it was just another event, another memory. You know all the people that go to all these New Age weekend events all the time and they keep doing them? They don’t hold the energy.

When we do this on the conference call, the energy may not be quite as strong as in a live event, but guess what? You’re already home; so the energy is grounding to your home. When you come to these calls, you’re not grounding your energy in an external event; you’re grounding the energy right where you live. When the call is over, the energy stays. If you start to pick up this energy, and you keep coming to these calls, your whole life shifts because it’s happening right in your home.

This is my experience; that’s far more powerful than going to a weekend workshop. Now, if you’ve been coming to these calls and we do something, it’s great to see you! It just means I have to wear pants; I can’t do it in my underwear. Nonetheless, it’s great to hug people and see them in the physical. But, there is more benefit to be had by coming to these calls than going to one live event that we charge a lot of money for.

For those of you who want to come to a live event, we’re going to do one next Saturday –not this Saturday, but a week later—in Sedona where Terry and I live, so it’s easy. It’s not that expensive; but, it’s like fifty or sixty bucks, at a hotel. We’ll do it all day. We’re going to go from ten in the morning to nine or ten at night. Either we’re going to have to do really good, or you’re going to get sick of us.

The thing about it is, when we’re working with these group soul energies, no matter what I do—almost no matter what I do—the time goes fast. I’m not doing anything; I just show up. It doesn’t matter what I talk about. It took me a while to figure this out. Here I am, I’m just shooting the s. with you guys right now, and it doesn’t matter what I’m talking about if the energy is present.

People who want healings, people who want shifts in their life, it’s not magic; it’s this energy. You have to start coming into the calls enough to connect with the energy, because once you connect with the energy, there is the strong potential of having some kind of thing happen from other dimensions that transmutes into the physical dimension, which looks like a miracle. Now, that gentleman who asked me, “Do they ever show up in a way that I can see them, in a mist?” They won’t do that. They could, but they won’t.

The reason they won’t is that the last time that happened, which was in Egypt 10,000 years ago, people gave up too much power to them. That’s one of the reasons they don’t want to do miracles on demand, either, because they have a goal. What is their goal? Their goal is that we evolve ourselves spiritually, not necessarily to make our lives more comfortable, or to take our illnesses away—although if that will help you evolve spiritually, then that’s a real inducement for them to do it.

For example, my sister who had that healing, she and her husband both suddenly have this great connection to spirit, which they never had before. Of course, because that happened with her, I said “I think this might be real” and I really pursued it. The way that happened for my sister was the energy went to her—she didn’t know that was going on; it’s not like she was doing it. Since I have a great love for my sister, we have an energetic connection. So, if I connect to them, they can connect to her through me. That allowed them to do a healing.

It’s not about just saying “Do this for me, do this for me, take this away, fix this.” It’s about getting an energetic connection with them. When I started to realize how this worked, it’s why I started doing three conference calls a week, because the people who keep coming to these calls start getting that connection, most of them.  The people who are looking for a quick fix that say “Fix me now; see ya later,” they’re not going to get quick-fixes, because there is no spiritual benefit to having a quick fix; there’s no spiritual growth.  They’re interested in spiritual growth.

On that note, I should—one day soon, I’m going to do a call and I’m just going to do it without channeling and just answer questions. I have so many things that I have asked about and I can talk off the top of my head. For me, it’s not hard to do this; it doesn’t take me a lot of energy. I guess I’ve had lifetimes of being a public figure, and I was a song-writer this lifetime. I used to go in front of audiences all the time. But when we’re channeling things, it’s a whole different thing. Both Daphne and Terry—Terry worse than Daphne, probably—they process a lot of the stuff from what’s on the call.

We got a bunch of questions tonight; what we’re doing is we’re sharing space with each other and with these group souls. We’re creating a group energy, and they’re just speaking to the group energy. We talk about the Law of One all the time; the Law of One means we’re all the same energy which means they have the same energy as us. We’re just a lower part of it and they’re a higher part of it, so they can look at us from the higher aspect and have wisdom; they can send energy to things.

Let me see. What I’m doing now is, I’m just browsing here. I’m going to see who has a good question, and okay, here’s a health question, and I think it’s something that maybe a number of people might ask about.

Let me make sure—Terry, are you on the line? 

Terry: Yes.

Wynn: And Daphne, are you on the line? 

Daphne: Yes.

Wynn: Daphne, you’re ready to answer questions, right?

Daphne:  I can, yes.

Wynn:  You can? 

Let me just make a preamble here; remember; with channeling it is always approximate science; we get a lot of wisdom, but  it’s always possible for the person who is talking to bleed through bit-thoughts from their own conscious self. In fact, it’s probable, in any channeling, that some of that will occur because Terry always recommends her favorite doctor and never anybody else.

If we hear that, then understand—even though they’re probably agreeing that he’s really good—it’s kind of a co-creation between Terry’s conscious mind and them. But, there are always chances for bleed-through; and there are even chances for negative sources to come through. So, if something doesn’t feel right, then please negate it.

Prophecies of gloom and doom, things that create fear, are all connected to negative sources, by and large. We’re not here dictating everybody’s truth; in general, I don’t think we get negative sources; and, in general, I can know that there are hundreds and hundreds of people that have been helped by our calls.

But I say that, because there is a predisposition to give up your power and say “Tell me what to do”. That’s not what they want to do. One of the reasons they don’t do miracles: some people say “Okay, if they’re really who they are, can you tell me where I was on March 17, 1877?  I’m going to check them out because I know exactly where I was. Let’s see if they tell me.” You know what? Even they knew, they wouldn’t tell you. 

Because, what they have learned over time, is that the best way to create an energy exchange with someone in this realm is to make them curious. If someone is curious, then there’s a reaching back; within the reaching back there’s energy exchange. Doing miracles, showing up in bodies saying “Hi, there” doesn’t create energy exchange. It creates blind worship, blind following and it ultimately doesn’t spiritually evolve people.

Those guys do miracles all the time! I mean: Have you ever looked up crop circles? According to our information, crop circles are made by the Ra group, one of our group souls online. They’ve said that online, and I’ve researched it, and it all fits together. Crop circles were being made to give people indication that we’re middle of a shift. David Wilcock talks about that a lot. There’s a whole thing about all the DNA shifts in crop circles. 

They’re signaling us; they’re doing the best they can without coming in and saying “Here we are; why don’t you listen to us?”, because that would not work, believe it or not, it wouldn’t. It’s my understanding they’re not bringing Jesus back in a body, because that wouldn’t work. Everyone would fight over him and say “He is”, or “He isn’t.” There’s a learning curve they go through to find what works here. The biggest way to get people’s attention is to make them curious. I think that’s why my story with two women—it’s a real story; I couldn’t make it up—makes people curious, and they keep looking, and then they find what’s under the rest of the rocks.

Let me call in the light. This is my official way of creating group energy.  Then, we’re going to go through some of these questions.

I’m going to put out an email and ask you things that we could do that may be of service. Keep in mind, we’re doing an awful lot for free and there is a limit to how much we can keep doing.  I’m even answering everybody’s emails from the past two weeks after George Noory. I actually really like it; it’s like I feel so much love, most of the time when I’m answering people. I know it makes me human and they feel connected, so I appreciate it. We’re doing all these calls. But we might do a special call where we charge something and people ask questions. We could go for a few hours as long as Daphne and Terry can handle it and rotate between them and keep asking questions. On Wednesday, we’re supposed to go for an hour and that’s ten minutes later; I’ve talked so much that we’ll go a little longer.

Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the galaxy—center of the universe—through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.

What I’m going to do is let both Daphne and Terry just give a brief hello through them; you’ll notice they sound different through both of them; it’s the same sources, but they’re working through the individualities of each of these people.

So Daphne, if you’re ready and would like to greet the group, let them greet the group through you; we’re ready.

Daphne:  Okay.  One moment please.

Council of Ahn:  We greet you this evening in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. We bring our presence to you through the one we know as Daphne. She has come to you now from a place of stone, the place of the large monolith…

Wynn:  If you could speak a little louder, please.

Council of Ahn…a place of the stone, a place of the large monolith, the one connected to a place which extends under four of the seven states.  We mention this because there has been a sojourn, a journey, of this entity from that which you term your Massachusetts, to that which you term your Georgia. And in so doing, collectively, this group has also anchored the frequencies along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

You see, when these calls are made and collectively, souls willingly participate in a free, willing communion, connection, heart opening, there is an alignment of light threads, light filaments, light streams, which you are actually placing into your technological devices, into your phone lines, into your smart-phones, into your laptops, into your iPads, into your iPhones and you are actually habituating and calibrating and anchoring this love light frequency into those technological tools.

Similarly, if one were to look at a map of the North American continent, of the U.S, Canada, Alaska down also into Mexico, the Yucatan, Central America, the earth herself has light waves, light gates, light filaments, grids. And, as you physically move, you habituate, you attenuate, you calibrate the frequency of yourself holding the love light vibration to the physical place where you are, where you are working, where you are interacting with people, where you’re travelling, where you’re commuting.

The place in which you find yourself is not necessarily a random place. If you have come to the place where you are physically, where you are working, where you are living, through a series of guided, synchronistic events, there is an aspect of your soul stream guided by the higher love light vibrations, which is participating with you, to raise the frequency of the vibration of that particular space. In other words, you’re making it easier for other people around you to connect with this energy.

Your job is similar to a job of a first responder, a first responder such as an emergency service worker, someone on the highway, a paramedic, someone who first comes onto the scene of a very critical situation. Well, you are coming onto the scene of a very critical situation in that the earth is going through a shift. This solar system is going through a shift. It will go through the shift whether or not humans co-operate. The humans have a choice; the choice is to grow, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and to evolve, in which case it makes what is to occur easier. Or, they can resist it and the keyword there is ‘more difficult’.

As a first responder, you are as someone in a jungle with no path. You are acting the part of spiritual machetes. You are acting the part of way showers. You are acting the part of guides. You are acting the part of teachers, not necessarily with words, not necessarily with anything you do, simply by being who and what you are, being open-hearted and attempting to convey the love light frequency to others around you. In this way, you are light-pillars, you are light-anchors.  And as such, being located all over the world, primarily on this call, on the North American continent, you have created a map, a map—if  one were to look at a map of the continent—of pin-pricks of light, and if one can see from point-to-point, there is a whole infrastructure of light, spiritual light.

We greet you this evening and we look at your web – your spiritual web – of light, and it is a blessing. 

Adonai, Adonai –Tsebayoth. Ommmmmmmmmm.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Terry, anything to say through you?

Ra’An:  We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator. Daphne has spoken well with our message, and we move this back to Wynn to continue.

Wynn:  Thank you.

Our first question is from a person who has fibromyalgia and headaches.  I know for many people, as these changes come around, and we’ve been told that fibromyalgia in particular is a new age, or a shift, health problem. Actually, excuse me, not fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue.

Could you and your sources possibly address these health concerns? Chronic fatigue syndrome and intense headache, not relieved by any method I’ve heard or read about. Could this be, to some degree, part of the shifts we and our bodies are going through?

That’s from a lady by the name of Sunny. She doesn’t have her location.  I’m going to address this to Terry. If this is particularly for Sunny, then it may not be for everyone else. If it’s a general answer, then please indicate whether it is or it isn’t.

Ra’An:  Thank you.

There is a lowering of electrical potential within your system, a slowing down of energy transfer within your system. There is a build-up of toxins that are moving through your system and are not being released. The lymph is one way that toxins are moved off, and then through the kidneys.  What is needed is an increase in electrical potential within your body.

One thing that could aid in this is to make sure that your body has an alkaline system, so that if you would test with litmus paper and see the alkalinity of your urine in the first morning voiding, you would be able to see what your alkalinity/acidity ratio is.  By having an alkaline system, you make more electrons available to your system for healing, and it is when you have enough electrons available, that your system can then utilize these to heal.

We suggest that you take a good look at your teeth, and make sure that there are no infections in that area, as this can move through the meridians of the body and create a flow of toxins that feed into the body. We see and touch your energy field, and we send you a higher electrical potential; you may experience a tingling. Even though your density is moving through a shift to a higher frequency, this symptom of headaches and chronic fatigue can be handled by the increase of electrical potential. Make sure to breathe clear air, also, where you are you may have access to clean air and to breathe deeply of clean air. This will also help you increase your electrical potential.

Those are our comments.

Wynn:  Thank you very much.

Let me mention that we have been experimenting with this product that has kind of made miracles for certain people. If you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll send some information on it and how to get it. No guarantees that it’s going to work, but it’s worked for a lot of people that had things that nothing else worked for.

This is for Daphne, for our Sources through Daphne.  It’s from Philip. I think Philip is asking a question that is a wanderer-type question.  Wanderers, or star-seeds tend to be in this realm and they wonder what they’re supposed to be doing here. Philip summed all those questions up in one question.

I’m looking for direction, love relationship, concerned with my job and, am I living in the right location? Thank you, Philip

Would you like to address that, Daphne?

Daphne: I’ll try; or, they’ll try.

Ra’An:  One moment please. We greet you this evening in the immaculate love light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An. We perceive now the entity questioning, the one named Philip. We hone a frequency and align with the one who has questions, the one known as Philip.

We see that this entity is experiencing a type of distancing from that which he would term supportive structures of a heart-felt connection. He is currently in a searching pattern; a searching mode. We would encourage this entity to continue with his questions, to continue with his search, as it is his questing which allows us to bring our frequency within his environment and to move and to make shifts in his external structures, that bring him more and more into alignment with what is his higher purposefulness and mission here on the planet.

We would ask that he pay attention, carefully, to dreams and to keep a small physical notebook, with spirals, and to jot down those instances of insight, flashes of cognition, premonitions and those things pertaining to dreams. Information of a higher caliber, of the God-nature, meaning the Higher Self nature, is deposited into the consciousness primarily through the route of the subconscious via the dream state. When an entity has a particular question, they are trying to work out, they are seeking answers to, most of the time this information comes through the dream-state through symbolism. Pay particular attention to colors; pay particular attention to places, to persons and ask yourself “What is it that this is moving me towards?”

We would recommend those books on interpretation of the dream state which are published by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. We have found these, in our own experience, to be very good developmental tools to work with in working with the dream state.

Adonai, Adonai

Wynn:  Thank you.  I’m just going to read a couple people’s emails, and we’re not going to get answers to these; we’re just going to put them in the light, and all of us focus on positive intention towards these people. I may not get to everybody tonight, but these people are going through things and ask for synchronicities or whatever, to come their way.

This is from Lise—I’m going to court tomorrow morning about child support issues with my ex; he has apparently stopped paying. He also quit the job. The current child support order is attached to yesterday, two days before the court date. I haven’t paid my electric bill or my phone bill, and if I do not have the child support and continued child support, I will not be able to pay my August rent, which is due on August 1st.

In addition, both myself and my child are extremely ill and disabled; we have chronic Lyme Disease. My ex’s name is Stevie; my given name is Susan; my daughter’s name is Zoë. Would you please put us and the child support situation and a cure for Zoë’s and my many illnesses, directly into the light for absolute healing tonight? I feel I cannot breathe I am under so much stress.

Some of you may have your own situations right now that are similar to that. Let’s all close our eyes and send that, not to just that person, but to all of you who are under stress financially, that are under stress for health issues. Take a moment with our Sources, and bring that energy in and out and extend it.

(A long pause for silent meditation)

Thank you.

This is a question, and I’m going to address this to Terry.  It’s from John, and it’s kind of not a personal healing question; he is asking the question.

Why does it feel like time is speeding up? Why do months feel like days and days feel like minutes? It feels like time is speeding up as we get closer to December 21st, 2012. Can you tell me why I’m having that experience?

Ra’An:  Thank you.

There is a blending that is going on from the higher realms, and a spinning of the layers separating individuals in the third density from the higher realms, so that individuals are beginning to sense the speeding up of time as in the higher realm, time is speeded up, so that when we look at the earth realm, we see that time goes very slow. Time is not a constant, and as you move into the higher frequencies, there is this speeding up of time.

So you are not imaging it; time is going faster.

Wynn:  Thank you.

We go to Daphne for a question/answer.  Let me just make sure my mic is on here – my mic seems to be on; good.  This is from Bonnie in Monterey, California.

Will there be a period of harmony or an epoch of evil after December 21st, 2012? The Incas believe in 500-year epochs when either good or evil reigns over the earth. Will this be the beginning of a new epoch, and what we can we do to help bring in a new epoch of goodness, truth and beauty?  Bonnie


Council of Ahn:  Give us a moment please. This is the Council of Ahn.  We address the individual’s question thusly:

We are moving headlong, headfast into an expanse of time which we see as a culmination of a great galactic collective. In this, there is the precise alignment of celestial harmonics and dimensional portals and stargate structures, which make for unprecedented opportunity for interdimensional and intergalactic transportation, and opportunities for individuals’ and collectives’, evolution, the likes of which have not been known on this planet and in this planetary sector. That being said, the key word of the next six months is opportunity.

Imagine that you are moving along a great super-highway, either a physical highway or a cyber highway, as on your internet, or a galactic highway. There are many exits; there are many roads to be chosen. You are coming now to a kind of fruition time.

What you experience in your own perceptions and in your life, and in the lives of those close to you, and in the lives of those in your local community, will depend very much upon your consciousness and the choices which you make. In other words, what you focus upon, literally, brings that reality structure and system into your own physicality for experiencing.

If you experience those things which you would rather not experience, the choice is yours to focus upon that which you would rather experience. When one focuses upon harmony, upon balance, fairness, justice, compassion, those things come more and more into the life, because one is resonating, one is frequency, one is honing, at that point.

We would ask you to become aware that you are frequency-generators; you are receiving and sending stations. Each of you has it within your power, within your grasp, to co-create with your environment, with your higher self, and with others, those situations and those constructs and those circumstances which you would want to experience.

There is no over-arching negative or positive that will or will not come to the earth; it is in a constant state of development, and that constant state of development is the one eternal now. The reason that time is speeded up is because we are moving to a zero-point of infinite access to infinite consciousness, to infinite love-light. In so doing, we approach the infinity of speed, which is also the infinity of Sedonas.

It has to do with what you would term your number 64 in the i-Ching. In the development of the hexagrams it is termed ‘before the end’; before the end, and then, once again, a new beginning. You are at the center place; you are in the center point.  The decision rests with you.

Adonai, Adonai.  Pax Christos

Wynn:  One of the things people can do is to find a local source of community, like a Unity Church or a Religious Science Church. If another church works for you, that’s fine but oftentimes there’s a lot of doctrine and belief patterns that might be uncomfortable in certain churches. But those two churches are fairly broad-minded.

That doesn’t mean that they carry the High Spirit; you have to sit there. It’s not about what they believe or espouse, but the energy in the room. If they’re truly connecting, there will be an energy in the room, and there will be the chance to meet new people who have high-minded intentions, and even, new opportunities—ways to go somewhere where it wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

It doesn’t have to be a church. It can be some other group if you can find it.  The key is, you have to be very sharp in your discernment. You can go and sit through something and feel if you feel a Good Spirit in there. That’s a sign that it’s probably okay.

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This is a question from Sandy, and we’ll put this to Terry. This was from the free book that we sent you, the Creator Gods Book.

This was quite disturbing, even to me, when I got that answer, so maybe it would be good to get further clarification. In page 104 and 105, the Elohim speaks of souls blown up and moving their anchor points because of a nuclear blast. This is seemingly not resolved for the soul; why is the body not dropped and the soul moved on? It sounds so hopeless. How does this compute with the rest of their message of love for us, and helping us to get to a higher consciousness? If you get a chance to ask them about this at some meeting, I would be grateful.

Before Terry answers, I want to make a little point of my own experience. I had a question about that, and they said if somebody develops a connection with the higher group souls, a real energetic connection, then what would very likely happen, if they were in a nuclear blast, that group soul would have the ability to take them out of their body before it fragmented.

Just in case you haven’t read the book, what was said was that when souls are caught in nuclear blasts—a nuclear blast happens in multiple dimensions, not just in this one. A soul tends to fragment, and it can float around as a fragmented piece for a long time before it finds a way to reintegrate itself. A long time could be a really long time. So that’s one of the great benefits of learning how to hook into these energies, because if that’s true—that’s what they say and I think it might be true—if that’s true, then if we have some kind of death experience, even if it’s not a nuclear blast, and you’ve made those connections, that energy connection with those Sources will continue after you leave this realm.

I’m going to turn it over to Terry to address that question.

Ra’An:  Thank you. We consider this question as a very valid question. 

We see that when one moves into the third density, they set up within their own self a matrix, and this matrix helps to ground them, helps to orient them, and it acts as a support for them. This matrix consists of anchor points that the individual has set out to help orient and to ground him/herself. This matrix is something that an individual carries with them even from lifetime to lifetime, and helps them to re-adjust and to ground and to carry the memory of their DNA so that it can be re-established when it is needed. 

When you have an explosion of the nature of a nuclear blast, it is so rapid and so sudden and so disorienting that everyone within it’s sphere is reset, in their attention, to that particular moment in time. Their matrix is stripped from them and they are there with the other consciousnesses that have been in the vicinity of that blast.

So, when this happens, there is a great disorientation among all of the individuals involved, and there is a great confusion, because of the resetting of everyone to that instant in time; there is a great confusion as to one’s own identity. There is a great, within the nuclear cloud, a great unknowing of what direction to go, as one follows the direction of the cloud and becomes in the control of the explosion.

This happened to Maldek millions of years ago; and, Maldek exploded.  It is now a part of the asteroid belt. The Ra group re-oriented those souls to earth to become Neanderthal men. It takes a great deal of love and caring and nurturing, and a great deal of experience for an individual who has been through that experience to move into the present time and not keep remembering or experiencing pictures within their mind of nuclear explosions.

 It is through the experience of these individuals who are working that through, that they can add growth and knowledge to their own self and strength within their own self, an experience that then can be shared with others to avoid, at all costs, nuclear warfare, as it is very unfair to individuals that happen to be caught in the blast.

We have worked and the Ra group and the Elohim group have worked to devise ways to bring individuals that had such an experiential track through the trauma, and to bring them out through the other side, so that they could re-establish their matrix and could again live a viable life. This brings us great sadness for the plight of individuals that were caught in such circumstances, and we continually work to find new ways to help these individuals. We now give a tribute to such individuals, and send them love light that they will come out the other side as stronger beings and more loving beings, and even some of them, with great gifts.


Wynn:  Thank you.

Its 7:35 and I think we’ll bring this to a close. Before we do, I’d like to take a moment and just—all of those that had healing or are suffering and even emotionally suffering—take a moment of positive intention for transformation.

(Silent pause)

Let me mention; there is no way we’re going to answer everyone’s questions on these Wednesday night calls, as hard as I might try. One option is to do a Saturday call, for a few hours, and maybe charge ten bucks and let many of your questions come in. Maybe one charge if you’re asking a question and if you’re not, you can listen and not ask a question. I don’t know; it’s just an idea, just thinking how we can do this most effectively. I’m sure the time is going to come where we couldn’t even handle a Saturday call like that, because there would be too many people that no way would we be able to do it.

Send me emails if you have ideas. I do read my emails and consider everything—how we can use this unique situation we have here to give everyone the best benefit and at the same time, survive, because we all have to pay our bills. That’s one way, perhaps, to do it, every so often, to do a Saturday call with questions.

Another thing is, we do readings, but I don’t encourage them that much, because they are so time-consuming.  Daphne is kind of available right now for readings. If you’re interested in that, there’s still a waiting list of at least three to four weeks. You can get in the queue. You can go to and you’ll see the directions there.  It may be Daphne who does the reading. Sometimes there is somebody who is particularly appropriate for Terry and she’ll do it; we look at it.

The way a reading works is: you fill out a little intake form that has your particular questions. I call you up and we spend some time on the phone making sure that the questions are as good as they can be and they go to the core root of your circumstances. After you and I do that, we do the reading and I go through the questions; you’re not present and then I send you the audio file of it. For the most part, it’s been an extraordinary experience for people who have done this. You can check out terryreading .com. And see if that resonates.  I’m pretty sure that over time we’re not going to have time to do that any more; if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks you can get in line and we will get to you.

On that note, I thank both Terry and Daphne and our Sources, and all of you who are showing up to hold the energy. On Sunday we have our grid healings.  It’s probably our most popular call; we emphasize on feeling the energies on that call. If you’re available, watch for our emails—10:00 a.m. Sunday morning. We have on our website the schedule of all the calls, at

I suggest, if you like coming to these calls, record them on a piece of paper, so you don’t have to worry about my last minute announcements or my mistakes when I send the wrong phone number out, etc. because those are the right numbers.

I wish you all a great few days. I wish that all of you can keep your energy lifted above all the challenges that our planet is in the midst of right now, all the challenges you are in the midst of.  We love you and we’re going to continue being here for you. Thank you and we’ll see some of you on Sunday.

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