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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

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Host: Wynn Free
Channeled by Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown, Valerie Hawes and David Masty

Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee




Terry:  Hello everybody; this is Terry Brown, the co-host of the Wynn Free Monday night BBS call. I’m happy to be able to give an introduction and what you hear there is the conference line, because this is a simulcast with BBS Internet Radio and also the conference line where people can call in. So there are two accesses to the call. BBS records it and puts it up on their site in the archives and Wynn Free records it on the conference line and does a replay of it, so people can also hear it that way.


Wynn, are you on the line? Gijs, are you on the line?


Gijs:  Yes Terry; we are both here.


Wynn:   Can you hear me?


Gijs:  Yes.


Terry:  There is Wynn; ladies and gentlemen, Wynn Free.


Wynn:  Now Terry, I don’t remember promoting you to co-host. I thought you were an associate.


Terry:  Am I?


Wynn: I thought you were just an associate. Does that mean you have to make more money?


Gijs:  Yes.


Terry:  I’m underpaid.


Wynn:  You’re underpaid.


Gijs:  I want to drop in there that it’s Monday, the 23rd of July, 2012.


Wynn:  Yes. Do you hear all those people coming into our conference line? If you’re listening on the internet, this is a simulcast between a conference line and an internet broadcast. So all those people who have been trying to listen to us that have big phone bills can now do it on the internet.


Gijs:  Wynn, what has been brought up by some of the callers is that they want to start a The Coffee Club call-in, like an hour or two ahead of time and hang out before the show.


Wynn:  It’s fine with me. You know, if everyone wants to call up and they want to hang out, they’ve been doing it spontaneously already, getting to know each other. So anyone on any of our calls, if you want to come in early and see who shows up and say hello to people anywhere in the country and maybe the world, please do it, okay?


You should be aware though, when you start doing stuff like this, you’ve got to be prepared; you guys can’t mute everybody. You start doing that and then somebody will come on and say, “Hey! You guys are going to hell. What are you doing here?” So then you’ve got to call a moderator up and say, “What are we going to do?


Edna:  It’s kind of like a big Team Shift meeting.


Wynn: Yeh. Do you remember? We had that happen on a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago, where somebody pushed *6 and came in and up to that point, we had been really casual; everyone who has been coming on the calls was familiar with each other and friendly.


When I first started doing the calls it was really scary, because there were only about six people. I was thinking, if we get one nay-sayer, it’s all over; it would break the ambience. So I never put the call numbers out publicly; people had to go through some kind of [somersaults]. I had to know they read the book or something before they would get the numbers.


Let me tell you that we have aside from the conference line, call in lines to BBS. So if some of you are listening on BBS and you want to call in and make a comment, I will make an opening at the beginning of the call to take calls; not towards the end of the call, because there is a good chance we’ll be in the middle of a conversation with these guys and I’m not going to interrupt it for a question and you can’t me a question to ask them then.


Wynn:  There are nice emails where people are really being reached by our work; and then, there are questioning emails which I think are fine. Particularly from people who have been studying the Bible, they ask about the valid warning from Jesus about, “Beware of people who come in my name who are not really in my name”.


I think you should beware; I tell everyone. I can’t say it enough. You’re not supposed to believe this because they say they’re the Elohim; you’re not supposed to believe this until it resonates in your heart.


I think those people who are paying attention have noticed that there is never anything to give up your power to in what we’re doing. No one tells you what to do; no one tells you if you don’t do this you’re going to go to hell.


These calls are coming together and there is a lot of joy present that is being shared and you don’t have to spend any money to share the joy. Even when we ask them questions, even when people ask questions that would tempt the people to give up their power; I have not seen them answer questions that would cause someone to do that. Like if somebody says, “Should I take this job or that job?” They will tell you, “Here’s the criterion for looking at it yourself and making a decision”. They would never say, “Here’s the job you’re supposed to take”. Should I live here or should I live there? It’s the same thing.


You see, one of the things in this realm is that if you don’t learn discernment and someone is telling you what’s good and what’s bad, you’re going to have some big problems.  Because there’s going to be times down the road where you have to figure things out and you don’t have the tools to figure them out. So one of the most important lessons to learn is discernment and how to figure out what is positive and what is negative.


You know, I had topic tonight and the topic was particularly for all those people who are listening to George Noory. There has been a running agenda of conversations on George’s show about secret bases, underground aliens, the cabal, secret societies and you know what? All that stuff is real; I would not say it’s not real. I’ve had enough experience and I’ve done enough research to know that its real and they’re very powerful. How do you deal with it?


Well, I have had lots of conversations about that and I’m going to share a little bit about the results of my conversations and then I’m not going to ask them to repeat stuff that has already been covered; I’m just going to share it with you and then we’ll see what they’d like to say about current events.


Most people who are paying attention to this work are wanderers. And you know, being a wanderer doesn’t mean you have your stuff all together. In fact, it could mean just the opposite, because when wanderers are in this dimension, they have a hard time of it.


Unconsciously they have this very high intent of service and they can’t figure out how to do it and they can get really caught up in a bunch of weird stuff and I can say that I did, for a good portion of my life. So don’t feel like you can’t be a Wanderer if your life is a mess; that might be even more of an indication.


Daphne, what do you think about that?  Am I right about Wanderers getting all screwed up in this realm? What do you think?


Daphne:  Well, I think that Wanderer or not Wanderer, most people get very confused in this realm. Maybe the ones that we call Wanderers are the ones who have an intense desire to be of service and so they take on more of their spiritual homework and try to go through it faster. I don’t know, just a hypothesis.


Wynn:  Terry, do you have any comments on that topic?


Terry:  Yes. There was a time when I was not in this realm; I was in another realm and it was a higher realm than the angelic realm, which I spent some time in also. I was working with a fellow in the higher realm that was making templates for bodies.


I said that I wanted to leave, and to check out some of the other realms. He warned me severely about doing that; he said, “If you do, I’ll never be able to talk with you any more because you’ll pick up patterns; you’ll totally forget who I am and where I am. You’ll just be lost if you leave.” I did leave and came to the angel realm and I still didn’t get all my questions answered, so I came to the earth realm, to this third density realm, because it was also on other planets.


I had my own planet for a short time and so I got into the problem that he had warned me about and I forgot who I was and I picked up patterns that weren’t even my own; I got programmed. Then it was really hard to get out of it. And so this lifetime I remembered him and I went back to see him. His time was going so much faster than mine; I was in slow motion to him.


So I just sat and looked at him. He just said, “Get out of here”. I had asked him to fix my hip, because I had broken it and it was bothering me a lot and he fixed it so it didn’t ache anymore, but then he said, “Get out of here or I’ll break your hip again.” So I went; I went back, came back to this realm. After a few months he came to visit me in this realm like, “What’s going on?” He was really curious.


That’s a little bit of some of the higher view of what could happen in this realm and what happened to me. It takes a little bit of centering to not pick up patterns just from being around in this realm.


Wynn:  Terry, I’m curious:  How long do you think you’ve been in this realm, once you came in?


Terry:  In the third density, I’ve been here about perhaps 76 million years; I’ve been in this density about that long


Wynn:  76 million?


Terry:  That’s right.


Wynn:  So, do you see how crazy this is? There are all these multiple timelines, and while 76 million years passed for Terry, there are all these beings in other realms. You get up to the Elohim realm and it was like—I’m only imagining this.  First of all, I don’t know if she’s been here for 76 million years—she hasn’t convinced me; I don’t know how to prove that.


Perhaps it’s true and you go to the Elohim realm where they say there’s no time. So 76 million years is like a snap of the fingers, like boom! They say they can move into time and out of time. And now, what we’re doing on these calls and this work we’re doing, is we’re creating, all of us together, a relationship between no time and linear time and some of you have noticed how fast time goes on these calls.


Originally when I started doing this, I said “Gee, I’m going to overexpose myself; people are going of get tired of me. How can I be on three calls a week?” Plus I do the workshop we did, two or three hours of answering questions last Saturday and people still didn’t want to get off the call. Time moves so fast on these calls and so many of you are feeling the energy; it didn’t happen the first time maybe,  but then it started to happen; so many of you are feeling the energies around you on these calls.


When we look at the Universe, at least the way I’ve come to understand it, is we have stack upon stack of timelines and each timeline has its own beings in it, both positive and negative. Some of the timelines are really advanced, where there is a lot of high technology.


Some of the timelines have beings that can move through dimensions; some of the timelines have black magician beings that can move through dimensions and if we’re really doing what it looks like we might be doing, we’re creating a zone above all the timelines; we’re creating a zone at no time, and integrating it in this slow motion time of what we call 3D.


And because we’re doing this, if we’re doing this, it creates this potential to have a lot of things happen in this realm that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, like miracles. Because everything in this realm—everything, as far as I can tell—is downloaded from other realms that are at higher timelines than this one. And that includes a lot of the negative that’s in this realm; that includes the occult, the black magic, the ceremonies, the control patterns—all the things that scare the hell out of you if you think, “What if this happens this way?”


Daphne:  Wynn, its Daphne, just a question. Was it the Ra material that said that the negative can only exist up until the lower sixth dimension?


Wynn:  Yes, I believe so. They also said—now  we’re not doing a whole explanation of dimensions, so that might be confusing—but the Ra material also said that the negative gets its power from the fear that we have in this realm. This was a quote from The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?; here we go. Let me read this to you all. 


Now again, every time I read a channeling you have to think, “Could this be negative? Could this be a negative source masquerading?” That’s why you can’t take one thing and say, “It’s true.” I’m reading it because I think its true, but I could be wrong. This is where you have to develop your discernment. I can tell you why I think it’s true and why some of this stuff which is so out there could be true.


We are not here just at the effect of channelings and following what they say. I’ve done so much cross-referencing everywhere, every which way. Because quite frankly, I didn’t want to make a mistake putting this out to the public; I’m not doing this for attention. Daphne spent ten years saying, “What if you’re making a mistake?” Daphne, after all her scrutiny of this, has come to the conclusion that it’s really important and I would say that’s probably been a growing attitude over the last six months to a year, slowly but surely.


But let me read something in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?. Wilcock doesn’t talk about this now. He talks about Management and he talks about ETs. I believe that when he talks about Management and ETs, he’s talking about the Ra group. He’s not talking about spaceships. There have been no indications in our work that spaceships are going to land and save us. OK? If it’s true, it will be news to me.


And if people are saying that, you have to look very carefully, because when it comes to channelings, you can’t tell what’s positive and negative. The negative can channel just as well as the positive. That’s why your discernment has to be razor-sharp when it comes to evaluating anything that’s channeled, because the negative will look like the positive.


Down the road, somebody could come and say, “We’re talking to the Elohim and the Elohim said this” or “Jesus was talking to me and Jesus said that”. Never assume that the voice that’s talking is who they say they are. Why should they be? If you’re negative, you can lie; you can say whatever you want; you can trick people. That’s one of the ways the negative has gotten huge edges on this planet, because they do talk to people all the time. At the top of all these secret societies in most cases, you’ll find there’s a negative source that’s coming through. I can’t prove this, but there’s enough on the internet that you can go look at it yourself. 


There are things about the positive that the negative can’t do.


We call the Sources “group souls”. They’re conglomerates of group souls. There’s the Ra group and there’s the Elohim group and they’re both different. The Elohim group is at a higher timeline than the Ra group and the Ra group can work more closely with things. The Elohim group can work in a different manner and if you keep studying our work, you’ll see the difference between the two of them. But both groups are at the place of pure energy.


How do we know there’s a group soul? Well when we do these calls, people all over the planet are feeling the energy. If there was one individual soul, how could that happen? How could people feel that energy everywhere? It would be just a communication that might reach your emotions. But now, as a skeptic, let’s suppose I was looking at what I just said and I was a skeptic; I would say, “Wynn is hypnotizing everybody; this is a case of mass hypnosis.”


Well if I am, I don’t know I’m doing it; I’ll tell you. I’m just showing up and talking and there is absolutely no control pattern that I’m putting out other than sharing everything that I’ve experienced as honestly as possible. And now there are Terry and Daphne both on the line, both being vehicles for this. Am I hypnotizing them? Again, the skeptic is going say “What’s this power of this guy? He’s hypnotizing everybody.”


Well I don’t think that’s true and I don’t even think it’s true on an unconscious level. There is nothing I want from anybody except to share a loving energy. What I get from our Sources is, there’s nothing they want except to share a loving energy. And what’s amazing is, you guys are responding and we seem to be succeeding.


What happens is, if we’re really bringing in an energy in a timeline that’s above the negative, then that energy by-passes the control patterns. Have you noticed since you’ve been coming on the calls that there’s less fear; you’re having less fear, some of you. I know some of you are still in the midst of working out lower karmic patterns and that’s okay; just be patient. I wanted to read here a paragraph that came through Wilcock that’s in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?.


 When I was first reading Wilcock’s channelings I was saying, “Can this be true? Can this be true? Am I making a mistake?” I’ll read this to you; this was from May 29, 2002.


“Our Staff is standing by to assist you, and our presence will not forever remain in the shadows. When the time is appropriate and the help is then truly needed, the free-will clause will allow us to make our requested appearance and we will see that events occur in peace. We are completely ready to fulfill this obligation at a moment’s notice, due to the uncertainties that you are now faced with. Remember that.


“The true knowledge to one of your minds regarding how much we are capable of doing to avert world catastrophe would seem utterly overwhelming, since the neurological capacity of the third density mind is but a droplet in the ocean of consciousness that we are working with. Each mind anywhere in the world, either incarnate or discarnate and at all levels of density can be studied and analyzed with regard to collective mind.


“As we advance forward in time along various timelines, the consequences of any of these subtle actions can be seen, much less like a fractal function or a quantum hologram.


“Hence, by our vast team efforts, we are capable of analyzing your grand chess board and figuring out what pieces go where at what time and seeing how the different entities involved all contribute to the final outcome. In this way then, if an event is not in the interest of all involved, the law of free will allows us to intervene in the lives of entities, often at crucial but unexpected points in the chain of causation in order to offset such an event.


“These interventions can follow a gradient from the remarkably subtle to the relentlessly blatant at times, depending upon the degree of balancing that is required and how the individual free will weighs against collective free will.”


Here’s the key sentence:


“The more that humanity as a whole strives for wisdom and understanding of the truth of love, the more interventions we are authorized to perform.”


That is from the Ra group. Now, in our crazy science-fiction presentation to this planet, we started out talking to the Elohim group and the Elohim group is not quite as warrior-like as the Ra group. The Elohim group is more feminine, more angelic. It’s hard to find words to describe it, but this is how, if you keep paying attention, you’ll see how it comes across. The Ra group had lifetimes down here; they understand more about how this realm works from personal experience than the Elohim group does. The Elohim group understands it vicariously, from looking at it and watching it.


Maybe they can move into somebody’s space, which they can. They can feel that person and they can feel their pain. But they’re not stuck here. It’s different being stuck here, than it is taking a moment and feeling somebody’s pain. The Ra group was stuck here; its members went through thousands and thousands of lifetimes stuck, until they graduated this realm. They said, when they were going through physical bodies there was another group—we’re talking about millions of years ago—another group that was a group of graduates, that was helping them. And now they’re the group of graduates helping us.


I was writing this book and I was taking all this in and studying the Rueckert channelings and I was saying, “Can this be real?” Then I met Daphne, two years into writing the book. Suddenly this voice comes through that says it’s the Elohim group.


I started asking them about everything that the Ra group was saying. They agreed; they said, “Yes, that’s exactly right.” I was asking Daphne questions that she didn’t know the answers to and yet they were confirming everything that was coming through the book I was writing. And that was one of the first things that said, “Oh my God, this is really important!” That’s what put me in a path where I was willing to do anything to get this out there.


We’ve talked about crop circles. We had a session on a Monday, probably about three months ago, where we started talking about crop circles. At that point, the Ra group said they were making crop circles and they went through a little explanation of how they did it.


What are crop circles? David Wilcock goes through an analysis where he shows how they are symbols of evolving DNA and they’re tying to show us how the DNA has to evolve into the fourth strand of DNA, which is the heart chakra DNA, in order for a human to graduate this realm.


They don’t say that, they just do it symbolically. David has put it all together. The thing is, he doesn’t say it’s the Ra group and that’s his choice. I think he knows that; in the book we wrote we talked about that and we put it in the book, but he says it’s ETs.


Of course, the Ra group and the Elohim group do come under the general category of ETs, because they’re not terrestrial. But when we normally think of ETs we think of guys in space ships; they are not in spaceships. They are pure energy that can flow through the realms and arrive here as energy and they can move through all the things that are the precursors to the physical world we live in, and they can shift them. They can change things. They can block things. I’m going to read this sentence again:


“The more that humanity as a whole strives for wisdom and understanding of the truth of love, the more interventions we are authorized to perform.”


So what are we doing on these calls? If you’ve been paying attention to our Source, originally the Source identified itself as the Elohim group. The Elohim group was saying that they created the physical Universe. We’ve had so many calls; if you ever listened to the workshop I have the half hour audio on there of this amazing call through Terry, where they said how they created the physical Universe, using scientific terms talking about frequencies. At the end of it, there was just this blessing, loving energy that came through.


I listened to it and I said, “Every time I listen to it, it bends my mind. I can’t quite understand everything.” But when that energy started and by the time they’re finished, I could feel it. This is one of the things many of you are experiencing, feeling this energy. What we’re doing is really rare, because we are the ones that have to re-create the energy inputs into this realm so that they have the permission to do more. How do we do that?


Well, if you’re one of those people whose life is being changed, expanded, you have the motivation to send people to our home page of our website. Let them start the process; let them look at the video. Let them download the book. Because what we’re doing is putting out material that yes, it seems crazy at first. It seemed crazy to me. But the more you go into it, there are no glitches; I haven’t found any glitches. Of all the people who are paying attention—you know, if someone wanted to prove to me that what we’re doing was negative – nobody has done it and you can’t quote Jesus. You have to use your own discernment.


I mean, if you want to quote Jesus, Jesus said, “Many people will come in my name but they won’t really be operating on the behalf of the Christ-consciousness. They’ll use my name to control other people.” Then he said that thing about, “Many people will come and deceive you”. Then, he said, “These things I do you too can do, and much more.”


Now, if you’re going to follow the Bible, you have to decide for yourself what something is. You can’t trust it because somebody uses Jesus’ name and you can’t trust it because someone claims it to be something. You can’t trust it because someone says, “This is Jesus and I have a message for you”, or “This is the Elohim; I have a message for you”. You have to use your own discernment.


I’ve noticed something:  there are a lot of people who have emailed me and they’re saying, “Ask them to heal this, ask them to heal that”. I have observed this recently, because so many of those requests have come in. I have to tell people, “You have to learn, if you’re tapping into the energy.


I was on the call Sunday and somebody sent me an email in the middle of the call. I think his problem was called tinnitus, the thing that rings in your ear. He said he couldn’t believe it; it went away and somebody else had some kind of leg pain and it went away. 


Not everybody tells me what happens, but the Sources don’t want to take credit. They don’t want to be there and say, “Come everybody, and we’re going to heal you”. They have said very clearly that what changes things is when people reach back, not miracles. Miracles cause people to give up their power.


If you want a miracle, start out by reaching back. Start out by studying us; make sure it’s comfortable for you. Start out by listening to our Sunday call particularly and see if you feel the energies on the line which so many people feel. The energies are on the line right now, but I’m not focusing on them. This call is to get information across, but some of you can feel the energies on the line right now.


When you start feeling the energies, then you have to ask yourself, “Is that energy intelligent? Then you have to observe it carefully and then you have to say something in your mind, like, “Can you guys work with this?” And then, something has to shift; it’s like you’re in your own laboratory.


It’s not like magic; it’s going to be “Geez, they really were paying attention. That energy is intelligent; they can hear me. They responded to something.” But don’t look for them to talk to you, because if you do it’s so likely that you’ll get a negative source and won’t know the difference. If they’re going to talk to you, let them initiate it, because the prevalence of negative sources talking to people is so overwhelming and it is so tricky.


We had a situation a few years ago where some woman was coming into my calls and she said she was getting messages from them. And I said, “Well that’s great.”  It’s not up to me to validate or invalidate other people unless they ask me; particularly for their experience. I’m not going to invalidate other people or other channels or famous people. But, if somebody asks me, I’ll ask my Sources. Now of course, you see if I have negative sources, they could invalidate it and the person still has to validate it for themselves, ultimately.


With that being said, we only have about seven minutes, and I want to do a quick comment from our Sources. The topic tonight is, “What about the negative”.

So, Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Okay.


 Wynn:  We don’t have a lot of time; this is going to be like a five-minute session.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light, to surround and protect each person on this line, each person that listens to the replays or reads a transcript; that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through all the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth.  Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service to others, honoring The Law of One to join with us, while we create a protective space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


We only have about four minutes. I’m just going to let you address the topic I was talking about and add anything if I said something that was mistaken; or anything that would add to the understanding of how this planet can evolve above all the restraints of what we’re calling the negative. I turn it over to our Sources as they speak to us through Terry Brown. Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you. We comment briefly. This is Ra’An, the 23rd of July, 2012. We send greetings and love to each person within the range of this call, whether it be on a transcript later, or whatever time it is, or on a replay or on the BBS Radio network playback, or within the sound of the voice here at this time on the 23rd of July.


And we make a comment, first of all, concerning time where we reside in the tenth dimension. We are in an area where there is time; however, it is very much at a different speed than the time within the earth’s plane. We have had to slow ourselves down to co-ordinate with your dimension.


Second, we address the concept of negativity, as when one is in the third density one is in an area of black and white, of on and off, of yes and no, an area of life or death, an area of money or no money, an area of love or not. 


There is a negative for each thing and one of the tricks of being in the third density is to learn to be within your own center and to be your own master of your own life, rather than to be taken over by the one side or the other side. But be able to walk in the middle and thus handle whatever comes your way.


As when you are in the third density things can befall one and they are not always within one’s control, although there is that about creating your own reality. You choose the consensus reality where you reside, which brings other actions within your own sphere.


So, there are people, there are higher spirits, that work towards bringing negative for their own purposes, service to self, to others, to take advantage of their energy, to siphon off their energy, to simply exercise mindless control for their own satisfaction. It is part of the growth that those individuals go through in the realm.


The third density realm and the fourth density realm have the wherewithal to show them the consequences, however long they need to learn the consequences of that and as such, they are not able to move into the very high densities, as they limit their growth by their inability to give and to take.


Those are our preliminary comments on the subject.


Wynn:  Thank you so much, and thank you for being here. Thank all of you for being part of this—I call it an experiment—and you’re part of it. This is a group consciousness exercise. Yes, there is a lot of information, but there’s energy and transformation in a group consciousness here.


You who are paying attention, supporting this work, thinking about it, listening to our audios, learning how to hold yourself above the spaces of the negativity, learning how to be centered in yourself, learning that you actually do have a purpose in being here, you’re all really important.


We’re going to be on Wednesday night doing our “Questions That People Submit” call, and don’t submit a question in advance. I’m picking up the questions right during the call, because I don’t have time to go through them all beforehand.


Thank you. Thank you Terry, thank you BBS Network, thank you Gijs for moderating and helping us and thanks to everyone who is volunteering and we’ll see you next time.






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