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Wednesday – 07/25/2012

How do we handle negativity that is coming through someone else and directed toward us?

Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown

Edited by Valerie Hawes and Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien


Wynn:  This is July 25th, 2012—Wynn Free and Terry Brown in Sedona, Arizona; and, Daphne in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and this is a call where we ask questions that you have submitted. Thank you all who submitted questions.


We start out with our little invocation to bring in protection. The reason this invocation works is not because the words are magic, but because they create intentions. The intentions—I say this quite often, but I’ll say it again—the intentions are the energies that a human has that allow a human to project through the veil. In other words, there is this veil that separates us from higher dimensions. An example would be: I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures of some lady whose son was caught under a car or something, and she walks up and she lifts the car up and pulls it off of her son. That’s the power of intention.


Each of us is learning how to have an intention. An intention is different than just asking; prayer could be considered another way of saying intention. An intention—the highest realms for the highest good of all concerned—might be what a prayer is.


So we do our invocation to create an intention, to create a group energy, and to bring the energies in from other realms into our space, which some of you are learning to feel. Many of you will feel that if you stick with us after a while.  You’ll understand how that feels when the energies come in. I’d like to note that of course it’s different for everybody. And, for many people it can be subtle, even though it’s coming in from higher realms, it doesn’t mean it’s huge.  This is my experience—it’s almost like, since we’re dealing with an energy of oneness. We’re dealing with an energy of them and us being part of the same energy. There’s one energy in the universe. And so when we connect with these higher realms, the positive realms—it’s like connecting with a part of yourself that you’ve become disconnected with, and it’s like an enhancement; an expansion—a tingling. It may be akin to certain human experiences where you connect with an energy of another person except there’s no other person to connect with; it’s coming in from exterior.


I know many people who are on this call have told me, emailed me, how it feels to them, and it’s a little bit different for everybody. Some people, it hits them over the head and they’re on the ceiling. Other people feel it and they start to cry. They just suddenly know they’re not really alone, even though they thought they were. But it takes patience.


I sent that little extraordinary thing that I did with Daphne yesterday, which, I never know when something extraordinary is going to happen. Between Daphne and Terry, we do these calls and so many of them are really great. I listen to it and I say “Wow!” And, occasionally something goes through the roof, like “Wow Wow Wow!  Who are we talking to?” If you were on the workshop or listened to the replay, there was that time when I was having a conversation with Terry—with our sources through Terry—about how the universe was created.  And then they went into this awesome explanation; finally, they brought it home and there was all this loving energy. I can’t even put it into words, but when people listen to it, they get it.


Yesterday was one of those times when Daphne just said “Hey, can we get them in; it would help me feel grounded” and  I turned the tape recorder on, and I just said “Let me see; I’m talking to them. Let me ask them questions on behalf of new people who are learning to pay attention to us.”


People are asking: “When do I feel the energies?  Terry said they’re here all the time.  I’m saying ‘Okay – I’m ready.’ And, I don’t feel anything.” They answered that really beautifully. That was on today’s email. If you haven’t gotten it, you can either spend $3, you can spend $100, you can spend $0 – its like you fill in your own amount. It doesn’t matter if you spend $0; we have to ask sometimes. So many of you are supportive, but no one is being denied that kind of stuff for money.


Even if you’re checking us out, and saying “Are these guys for real?” and you don’t feel inclined to spend any money, just get it for $0, keep checking this out. One day, when you get it, you’ll give something back. Why do you give something back? If you appreciate what we’re doing, giving back is a way of expressing gratitude, and gratitude is a way of bringing in higher energies.  It’s a way of reciprocating, but not out of obligation.


I don’t know if you guys can understand this, but in general, this world works on obligations. It’s one of the fundamental rules of the world. I do this for you, and now you do this for me and I do this for you; you owe me and I owe you and you owe me. Obligation isn’t bad; it’s like you rent a place and you pay so much per month and that’s obligation. You have a job, and your boss agrees to pay you so much per week, and you do this and he does that and that’s obligation.


Where Grace comes in is where you do a little extra; something you didn’t get paid for. You don’t do it manipulatively, do it just to do it. It’s like that famous bumper sticker about “Random acts of Kindness.” It’s like, it’s the little extra things we do that we didn’t have to do that starts raising us above the law of obligation in this realm. Another way of saying obligation is the law of karma; or, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”  Then, everything is reciprocal. Everything is reciprocal and balanced in this realm.


Only as you start to do things that you’re not obligated to do, but guess what—you open the door, and things come to you that you weren’t expecting, because the universe essentially responds. But, you can’t do it for the universe to respond; you can’t do that. You can’t sit and wait for it. You’ve got to do it out of the purity of your intention.


That starts to invoke higher laws in the universe. Like there’s this law of grace. I don’t know if that’s a law, but the principle of Grace. The principle of grace—you notice grace and gratitude have the same root:  gra: gratitude, grace.  As you create gratitude, as you do that, gratitude is another human quality that pushes your energy through the veil and starts to set up energy patterns for your own life, penetrate the veil and allow things to come in that wouldn’t have come in otherwise. It starts to attract synchronicities as you start to move into that, and many of you have sent me emails that they’ve watched synchronicities happen.


Synchronicities are crazy; they don’t make sense, they’re non-linear. It means that you’re starting to create your own life energy patterns which are non-linear which means moving beyond the linear timeline we’re in, in this realm.  Some of you understand what I mean, and some of you will learn that. It doesn’t make sense; it’s not logical and you can’t control it. But gratitude is one of the things, intention is one of the things—there are all these things that you can do, that start to build the energy so that can happen.


On that note, I’ll call in the light.  I wasn’t going to give a lecture, and there I ended up.


Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person on this line, and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned.  We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of planet earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke; we intend, to create a group consciousness, a group energy field of all those present on this line who are free-willingly open to share that. We maintain the sovereign integrity of our souls while we do that. We invite those sources that are positive, service to others, honoring the Law of One to join with us and we create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.


And on that note, I have a question. Let me just make sure—Daphne, you’re online, yes?


Daphne:  Yes.


Wynn:  I’m going to direct this to our sources as they speak through Daphne.


I’ll remind you that who speaks to us explains themselves to be a conglomerate of group soul energies. They’re actually two group souls. Now, this is what they say, we can’t prove it, but they say one of the group souls is the energy that created the physical universe, and the other one is made up graduates of this realm. I’m sure it’s not the entire, whole group soul because there are billions.  I guess there’s a certain—some day we’ll ask this question—there’s a certain amount that they place on to our call.  One of the reasons we feel them is because it’s group soul energy, not just one intelligence. So while we’re on these calls, there are two things happening. There is the answer to our question, which sounds like it’s one person but it’s not. And then, there is this energy that’s coming in that many of you can feel.  No matter where you are on the planet, it comes in.


And so the question for them through Daphne is:


How do we handle negativity that is coming through someone else and directed towards us?


Council of Ahn:  One moment please.


We welcome you this evening; we address you in this manner concerning the question you have asked. This is the Council of Ahn; it is our honor and privilege to share with you that information which we believe will help assist you in your evolving consciousness to move into those realms of self-awareness and self-assessment which enable you to make more clear, more growthful and more loving choices and decisions regarding life-circumstance and habituated patterns regarding your emotions, your preferences, your likes, your dislikes.


We would address you thusly concerning what you perceive to be negativity emanating from another being.


There are those in your field of experience who, for whatever reason, are working through patterns and reacting to situations from a place of fear. We say reacting, because they are not consciously responding with a loving or open heart; they are reactive from a place of primal, animalistic or reptilian complexes.


Each human being has, at the base of their brain stem, something called the reptilian cortex. This reptilian cortex is that aspect of the lower nature of human self, traditionally in Christian teaching known as the fallen self, which has not moved in line with the Christ-consciousness. It is based on an exteriorization of survival, and survival of the fittest.


Your job, so to speak, at this time of the ascension, is to fully recognize in every life situation the emanation point of those who respond to you, or those who react to you. The difference between response and reaction is the difference between light and dark. Response is a loving vibration; it is a vibration which invokes not only the heart and compassion, but also the other faculties. The intuition and the intellect can come into play. But, it is moved by love, and it is moved by a willingness to connect.


Reaction, on the other hand, is oftentimes divisive. It’s based on fear, it’s based on hierarchical patterns, and it’s based on old power structures:  might is right, based on “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” and old statutes of dominion over others, entitlement. 


We are moving into a time on your planet where it shall increasingly be essential that people recognize the Christed nature, the Christ-self, and apply a Law of One to each and every individual and interaction that comes their way.


We would advise a person, when faced with a situation where someone is closed, reactive, shut down, that you, yourself, call interiorly for help from your angelic realms, from your guardian angels and learn through interior consistency of practice—and this is what is truly meant by spiritual discipline—it is a practicing and a learning to keep your center balanced; keep your center balance-point in whatever situation you may find yourself.


It is easy to be centered around those who are loving, because they are re-affirming the Law of One, the Christed self; and they are flowing energy continuously towards you, and you towards them, thus creating an infinite light-loop.  It is much more difficult to remain in a loving, centered, Christed space with one who is either antagonistic, or one who is shut down, because the physical effect, the physiological effect on your light-body, on your auric body is one of depletion. It is one of being drained. It is one of having your energies not received, not reciprocated, not acknowledged.


This is a challenge for many, and until you master it completely, you will find yourself knocked off center and be triggered into an irritation, or an upset pattern yourself. This is a sign. This is a test, if you will, for you to practice loving kindness, both towards yourself and towards that one who can, for whatever reason, not accept love and not trust. Hold a state of intention interiorly for that person; surround that person with the love light.


Traditionally, as Christ has said, turn the other cheek. Pray for your quote “enemies.”  They are not your enemies; they are the unloved aspects of your own self.


When you find the challenge of those in your matrix, those in your space, who are not perfectly reflecting the love-light consciousness back to you, it is simply an opportunity for you to become ever more perfect in your own walking, working light of bearing the Christed light.


We hope this has answered your question.


Wynn:  Thank you very much.


The next question is from Jean. She didn’t say where she was, but it’s kind of a general question. I think I’m going to answer this one, because it’s a question that we’ve asked a couple of times and I think I can do a good job of answering it.


The question is:


I was wondering why it is so important to repeat the items that are put into the light every week.  I’ve learned that by repeating yourself, there’s a lack of confidence that your request will be answered.  What do they think about that?


I’m going to answer the way this has been answered previously:


On this planet there is a multitude of beings with different intentions. There are many powerful beings working in organized groups, who are constantly using their intentions to re-orient the energy fields of our planet towards the negative. And they have free will to do that; essentially a tug-of-war going on between the beings who are orienting towards the positive and the beings who are oriented towards the negative.


When you’re putting something in the light where you are asking for some kind of shift towards the positive and there are a number of beings who are putting something in the light towards the negative, then if you don’t keep re-iterating your request – and they keep re-iterating their request – they win.  So, when something is really important, then the re-iteration of the request is important.


Say for example, if someone is ill and you were praying for their healing, they perhaps have things inside them that are creating their disease.  When you are praying, you are trying to help them to re-arrange that negative thing which could be a very old habit-pattern that keeps creating their disease. Do you pray one day and if they don’t get better, stop praying?  Probably not, because they will snap back and re-create the old pattern. It takes a lot of re-iteration, usually, to change that.


It’s not a lack of confidence; it’s an understanding of the way energies work.  That’s my answer to that question.  Now, I want to ask another question.


I’m going to ask this to Terry. This is a good question from Joseph, Joseph Rodriguez. Thank you for your question.


Can a paralyzed person—Terry, you’re there, yes?—with a spinal cord injury elevate to a higher plane by energy flowing through the fourth chakra?  In other words, they’re concerned that because they have a spinal cord injury the energy can’t flow and they’re going to be blocked.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


There are other bodies within the individual than the material body and the physical body; there is the ethereal body.  And, energy can flow through that body. The chakra systems can operate even though there is a spinal cord injury, there can be movement within the chakra system, as the chakra systems are a vortex of energy that is spinning normally in a clockwise direction in each of the chakras.


Once these are activated, then you can get the energy building. You can use breath to bring in prana from outside of the body also, to help energize and elevate the pranic energy which then helps you to connect to the higher realms.  So, even though there is a spinal injury and a disconnect in the spinal area, you can still access the higher realms, and you can still get your etheric energy moving and your prana to a high level.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I would ask another question on behalf of Claire who has asked the question previously, who has a very overwhelming, negative something lodged in her body that she’s having an extremely hard time with. It’s not just lodged in her body, it makes her see things in her eyes, and she’s semi-immobilized.  Is there anything that you can share with Claire this evening that could help her?


Ra’An:  Thank you. We also are working on the problem, and we have seen that there is a very high energy body that is accessing your body and taking off prana, taking off life-force, and we are working with that entity that it may stabilize and cease the need to connect to you in this negative manner.


We also see that there is a physical disconnect within the area from your power chakra up, and in through your digestive system; that there is a blockage and there are toxins running around in your body that are creating a dysfunction, and creating the, you might say, hallucinatory visions.


We see that working with your body, making sure you get adequate water, adequate nutrition, and when you get that nutrition, to put aside the negative during that period of time and sending the food and the water and the drink, sending it love-light so that it may have the best capability within your body for providing nourishment to your body. We see those main issues.


And, to move to, for instance, drinks that you may drink that are very fresh and are partly fresh-squeezed juice, if you can get it, to increase the energy in your body to some degree in that manner, as your body is lacking in energy and electrical potential. Your bringing things to yourself that can increase electrical potential will help; making sure that your body has alkalinity can help increase the electrical potential.


We will continue to work with you, and to work to disable or disarm the negative impulse.  And, we send our blessings. Send is not a good word, as we impart our blessings to you, as we are near.


Wynn:  Thank you. This is a question from George Houber. Now, if somebody sends a question of a very personal nature, I won’t use your last name if you ask me not to, but it is good to put your city in, because they do attempt to locate you. It’s good to be on the line so that they can feel your energy easier on the line. In fact, normally if I’m going to ask that if you ask that kind of question be sure to be on the line.


But, this is a general question, and the question I’m going to address towards Daphne:


What is the nature of orbs?  What is my relationship to them?


Obviously, George sees orbs or is sensitive to orbs. If you don’t know what an orb is, they are round, colored globes that most people don’t see but often turn up in photographs. Some of you may have seen that photograph of me giving a talk with the blue orb, a really bright blue orb, on my elbow. I did ask about that, I said “Could you explain that blue orb?” and they said “That was a member of the Ra group who was working with me while I was giving that talk.”


At another time when Terry and I were first at the beginning stages of communicating with the Elohim, I was there saying “Could you guys manifest an orb so that I can see it?”  They said they already had an orb; that the orb was as high as the sky and it went into the earth, and that the Elohim orbs are so big—and that’s what they said—that it was beyond my ability to see them in a localized way. And so when I’ve asked questions about orbs in the past, they said that was a way that interdimensional beings interface with this realm.


So, George is asking “What is the nature of orbs?  What is my relationship with them?” and “Am I to communicate with them in some way?  Are we to be of service to each other?”


I would ask the following question, and that is “Could we expect that orbs are always service-to-others, or can service-to-self also project orbs into this realm?”


Thank you.


Council of Ahn:  Give us a moment, please.


Wynn:  If you could be a closer to the microphone, you’re a little bit lower than Terry. Thank you.


Council of Ahn:  Yes. We have heard the question. The entity known as George is experiencing light emanation patterns. Light emanation patterns can be projected through various densities, depending on the assimilation ability, the track record, the practice that that individual’s consciousness has had in moving between dimensions.


It is relatively easy for positive, love-light vibrational energy to coalesce itself into a simple geometry and appear to your physical eyes as an orb of light.  When answering whether or not orbs are always service-to-others, in general the answer is yes. However, discernment must always be applied.


Orbs often appear in a similar kind of way, as in earlier times your angelics, your angels, would appear. They come to offer help, assistance, guidance and a reassurance that you are not alone in this realm; and that, indeed, your frequencies are making connections through the ethers, through the various vibrational tracks and connecting with the oversoul self.


You are part of a larger group matrix; you are part and parcel of the Elohim and Ra star seed families.  As you develop your over soul consciousness, your love light vibration strengthens, and thus you begin to see emanations of yourself in the other realms, in the higher frequency realms, which are not physicalized as in a physical body, but in a sacred geometrical formation, usually of a circular nature. But, it can take other natures as well.


Your crop circle formations are actually part and parcel of this same advancement of light through the various sectors of consciousness. Your crop circles, as they are appearing in your fields of grain in places such as the United Kingdom and Australia, are emanations of the love-light consciousness at a very high level of projected frequency vibration, and are indeed mathematical fractal patterns embedding through a multiplicity of dimensions to awaken those latent recognitive calibrations, within your own blood stream patterns.


It is as if you have, within yourself, codes; codes, which when aligned properly, can allow the most beautiful harmonies, music, abundance, health, joy, resplendent love-light frequency, to flow. When the blocks are arranged in a disharmonious pattern, there is blockage in the life, and the health, the love light force, the flow of emotions, of intellect, of talent becomes with much more difficulty.


Grace comes through proper alignment of these crystalline codes within the blood stream. Call on your angelic assistance; they may well come to you in the form of an orb.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is for Terry, and this is from Sarah in Evanston, Illinois and Linda in Oaklawn, Illinois. There are aspects of this question that I’m going to leave out, because it’s asking questions about what somebody was feeling when they did something, and that would violate their free will. In this case, they were committing suicide.


But I will ask the main body of the question.


“I am desperate for some answers.  My brother-in-law, David, passed away last Saturday—I think it was a week from last Saturday. He left his wife and two kids. We were not that close, but his death created extreme loss and sadness in my life, and I miss him very much.


The day after his death, I felt his presence in my home, and I felt his tremendous pain and sadness to the point of me crying uncontrollably. It felt like my heart was breaking in a million pieces. There’s tremendous guilt on my side that I was not able to help him when I felt he was in need of help. We pray for his soul, but it feels that he is still earth-bound.”


She asks the question:  Is he under some influence, like alcohol or drugs, or was he?  I don’t think we want to answer that.  Most important, is he okay now?  Did he cross over to the other side?  Is there anything he wants to share with us? And, is there any way you can help?


Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you.  Give us a moment.


We are with him at this moment, and he is with us. He is with you, and we see another part to your person. He is with his children and wife; he is confused, and he has not totally adjusted to his new circumstance. He has not fully realized where he is, and the change that has come to him, and he is trying to straddle the world that he left behind, and to still operate, to a certain degree, within that world.


He was not ready to leave, as it was an impulse. It was a momentary, but yet repeating pattern, within his own mind that came forth, as if it were the answer to his inadequacies to leave.


Yet, once he had left his body, he still was manifesting his energies in the same way as before he left his body, making him a-straddle of both realms, and still with incompleteness, as he hangs out, not willing and not realizing his new position, and not willing to acknowledge that the incompletenesses that he has left—for instance, the children that he was raising—that he, in his new circumstance, is not able to complete. This leaves him with incompletions, that he needs time to be able to fully realize what his options are at this time.


We put within his space that his best option is to move through the extreme grief that he feels, and that you have felt partly from his own person, his own energy body, to move through this grief, to express this grief, to feel this grief as he experiences the loss; the loss of you, the loss of his family, the loss of his children, the loss of the physicalness and of the ability to be physically close and to give and receive communication.


He, as if moved into another frame of mind in the time that he passed over, as if feeling that was important or that was an answer, and that he himself was not worthwhile. And, the best answer was to move to the other side, or out of the way, and to get out of the way.


However, this was a momentary, repeating thought that went through his mind. We send him love-light and caring, and we have placed information, both for you and him, about his circumstance. It is very hard for him right now. He is sorry for what he did, and he wishes to come back and to pursue the raising of his children and the completion of the things that he so loved and his wife, and the relationship, and his family, his outer family.


As we are talking, we are there with him, and we are consoling him, and he has extreme grief upon the loss of the ability to make contact that is known to the people he loves, and he is expressing to you and to his family that he is sorry; he is sorry; he is sorry.


We spend some time with him, and listen to what he is saying, and relay the message: He loves you all; he loves his wife, he loves his children, he loves you all, he loves the family, and, he wants to express that so heart-felt to you all.


He knows that the time draws near when he will have to go, and we have outlaid a plan, a way, that he can return to his heavenly home, and can renew his own self, and he can somehow, he feels, make amends.


We say that in the heavenly realm, we speak to him:


“You will find love and be able to work this through further, and you will not lose connection with all of these people, except as your mind tells you, you will.  It is not necessary to lose connection, heart-felt connection with all of these people you love.  We leave you with that thought; you do not need to lose connection. You may send love and caring to each of these people and in some manner, although it may not be visible or auditory, in some manner, they will know.”


We leave him with that thought and we thank you, who have placed the question for your placing the question and having this opportunity for him to express his love for you all.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Final question for Daphne, or our sources as they speak through Daphne; this is from Dave. He asks a very good question that probably many of you might have asked in yourself.


“The Elohim seem to treat agency, or free will choice, as hallowed territory not to be tampered with by them. Yet, my third density thinking has a problem with their position.  Our world is controlled by 2% negative elitists who seem to take great satisfaction in denying the rest of the 98% of us our free will choices, e.g. the right to own firearms, the free will to travel unencumbered by any government authority, the right to drink whole milk, the right to eat non-GMO foods, etc. etc.


In other words, it seems that the rich are the only ones with true free will, and the peons get the dregs of free will, as the elite may feel disposed to dispense to us. Why would the Elohim stand by and allow these elitists to steal our free will, with no apparent concern or intervention, if free will is such a valued, holy thing?  Thank you.


Council of Ahn:  Give us a moment, please.


The subject of free will is, indeed, paramount.  From the galactic perspective, from the universal perspective, from the Christed perspective, there is only one.  By this we mean there is only one totality of energy, there is only one totality of consciousness, there is only unity. Unity disseminates into matter and into energy throughout the various strata of densification of the various layers and multitudes of energetic dimensional templates, which you experience, finally, in your third density as a kind of duality, as a kind of dualism, as a kind of positivity and negativity, love and hatred.


At a very fundamental level, everything is part of everything else. Third density expression and experience—in order to graduate from this realm and into the less-encumbered fourth, fifth and sixth densities—one must come to a place of absolute neutrality within one’s self; a place of non-judgment.


Meaning that even though there are those who would oppress, the 2%, the elitists, the historical figures of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc, yes, objectively, from a third density perspective, these are evils. Yet, to fight an evil with the equal amount of hatred or vehemence does not eradicate it from your reality systems. It perpetuates the struggle.


How to, then, overcome evil?  Evil, objectively, must be overcome by a change in frequency in consciousness in each individual human being. In other words, when you, yourself, can stop judging another—that is not to say you agree with the actions of, for example, the young man who lost his sanity and killed all these people in Aurora, Colorado in the last few days—one does not have condone the actions of a person, nor agree with the actions, to cease judgment.


Non-judgment means you cannot condemn the individual. You understand that the person, from whatever perspective, no matter how skewed or twisted or broken or deranged or pained or depressed they were, carried out an action which has consequences which they, themselves, will have to atone for.


Yes, they have set in motion a situation, circumstances, which have ramifications and perhaps deep, deep hurt for many, many others. This is not to say that one should not work against injustices. Obviously, it is a very good thing to work against injustices.


But, what we are saying is different than social action; it is different than working as an environmental lawyer, for example.  What we are saying is that at a very fundamental level, one must cease to judge, to condemn. One must cease to see the other as other, for the quote “nega-élites” are the flip-sides of yourselves; we all have reptilian cortexes in our brains. Any one of us, given the opportunity, could become just as oppressive as those who we judge to oppress.


We know this is a difficult concept to get your mind around, because you are enmeshed, and actually swimming and floating in, third dimensional experience. We would, however, recommend a small volume, a small book, which was written by a woman named Thea Alexander called “2150 A.D.”  It is a small science fiction book that specifically addresses this problem of non-judgmentalism in order to graduate this realm.


Thank you for your question.


Wynn:  Thank you.


There were many more questions tonight. If your question was not asked, then feel free to re-submit it next week just before the call. What’s happening is I’m getting more questions and more emails than I can possibly deal with, although I’m trying to. I used to read all the questions and we didn’t have so many and we could cover most of them.


Now, just in respect for my own time availability, I have to start looking at the questions maybe a half hour before the call. So if it comes in earlier than that, it will probably be left behind. If you keep sending questions, I will notice.  Particularly there are questions about health. There are questions about all kinds of things that I know are very important to you. I didn’t not ask it because it wasn’t important. I didn’t ask it because there is not enough time.


As you know, we are spending a lot of time and giving a lot of time, Daphne, myself and Terry, pro bono. I can’t let this call go on, this particular call, of channeling for hours on end. And one day, maybe, I will do a Saturday morning call, if Terry and Daphne agree, where we charge a small amount and we’ll do three hours of calls and only take enough people so we can handle all their questions during that call to justify all the time we spend. On that note, I do thank all of you who asked questions.


For the person who asked about the negative, it was a very interesting thing that came up in the Rueckert material that I thought I would share. That is, that in the Carla Rueckert Ra material, it was explained that one of the ways that free will was extended in the universe—she uses the word ‘logos’, and I believe her use of the word logos would be the same as our use of the word ‘Elohim’—it was the original first cause, maybe the one infinite Creator.


Then, there was the logos, then there were sub-logos; sub-logos, sub-logos, sub-logo/logii. Humans are referred to as sub-sub-logii, or something like that.  Each piece of the universe that developed had a consciousness, where it created the particular laws of its realm. For example, as I understood it, the sun would create certain laws of evolution within the solar system, and the earth would create certain laws of evolution within its surface.


There were times when the sub-logii created environments that were very positive and that were very comfortable. What was said in the Ra material is that the evolution of the beings in that environment where everything was comfortable was extremely, extremely slow. The fastest way for beings to evolve into higher dimensions, into God-head, to graduate a realm, was when there was a mix of polarity between positive and negative. That created the thrust that caused people to grow.


So, from their point of view—this is my memory from what I understood about all of this—from their point of view, the goal is to create beings that graduate this realm and move up the ladder. That can take one lifetime, a thousand lifetimes; it could take beings moved from one planet to another, from one galaxy to another so that occurs. Making everyone comfortable doesn’t necessarily speed up that process. In fact, it might slow it down. So the interplay of negative and positive is the fastest way for that process to occur.


The negative has the advantage in that it can cheat, control, whatever, and lie, and the positive has the advantage that we have the ability to have these group souls on our side by asking. So, there is this interplay in this realm, energetically, as I said earlier: Why do we keep asking for certain things?  It’s because we have the asset of having these huge, positive group soul sources to help us with our intentions. Their requirement is that we ask. Why is it that they ask? It’s because just in the nature of asking, we start to expand into the oneness of their realm; it begins that process.


This is Wynn talking now; this is my take on this. They’re fulfilling their agenda of helping humans graduate and grow and move into this process of moving back to God-head. Just to do things, without creating that energy, they said, “We’ll just wait until they show up on another planet in another system” and then we’ll have more opportunities. Since they are outside of time, where time moves at a different space, they have a lot of patience.


So that’s part of my take on this process. We might look at it, for example—maybe you know people like this—where somebody comes from the ranks and ends up being phenomenal and soulful and influencing loads of people.  Whereas someone that comes from a wealthy family, that had all the finer things of life, ends up being a nobody. They’re rich, but they’re a nobody. They have no soul energy. They’re just floating along.


If you’re into astrology, if you ever studied astrology, which I did at one time, there are influences which are easy which are called trines. There are influences which are difficult, which create conflict, which are called squares.  When we studied astrology, it was always said that if somebody had a lot of trines then they could not grow very much because their life was easy; things would come to them.


If somebody had a lot of squares, a lot of conflicts in their chart, it would propel them, if they used the energy. The squares could be a propulsion into much greater growth. There’s a complexity to it.


That was a very good question, and I thank you for the question. Let’s just take a moment of silence and bring in the energies for personal healing, planetary healing. We all were connected; put your requests into your mind, and let’s see if they get picked up. We’ll just take a moment of silence…




I’m letting you know we’re going to be doing a live event in Sedona, if you happen to be in the Sedona/Phoenix area. I did send out another email; I’m going to send another email out this evening. I hope if you’re in that area you’ll avail yourself to come hear us. Daphne will be on the phone most likely; Terry will be present. You will be able to ask questions during the day. In a live event—it’s going to go all day for like eleven hours, with a lunch and dinner break—there is usually a phenomenal energy in the room that helps speed processes up.


On that note, we’ll see some of you Sunday.  Everyone is unmuted; thank you for being here and thank you for the questions.


All:  Thank you.  It was a great call; very enlightening.

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