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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences
Monday –

When two or more are gathered…


Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Edited by Valerie Hawes and Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O'Brien


Wynn:  This is July 30th (2012), and this is Wynn Free.  This is our Monday night conference/internet simulcast on BBS Radio. We have a bunch of people on our conference line, and a bunch of people listening over the internet…It’s a live conference-internet broadcast—a simulcast—and we actually are not just on the internet and on a phone conference. We are tuned into other dimensions, to voices that talk to us.


They say they created the physical universe. I tell people not to believe that, but pay attention just in case they did. We’ve had many, many answers to amazing questions that some people think couldn’t be answered, not only that, they have this ability to move into people’s spaces so you can feel them. I think they have that ability; it’s possible we have lots of delusional people on this line; or, it’s owed to the power of suggestion.


I was talking to my cousin Richard, whom we’ve known each other for years and years. In fact, when I was a ham radio operator, Richard became a ham radio operator. He ended up making that his career for his life. I really like him; he likes me. We haven’t talked for quite some time. He likes my sister; he talks to my sister quite often.


I started talking to him a little bit about this, and I remember how people think, from years ago. I think I used to think that way, so I know there are certain people on the line who would have that point of view. They think there must be some logical explanation. They think that people are responding to suggestion. They think—God knows what they think—they think its coincidence that my sister’s lupus went away and that they predicted a newspaper headline.


If you haven’t gone to my website, you should go to my website and learn how this happened to me. I’m not doing this because I needed something to do, I’m doing it because I learned that it was changing people’s lives; it was giving people answers that they didn’t know could exist. It was giving me answers; it was increasing the level of synchronicities for people.


On our Monday call I usually pick a topic. Actually, it’s kind of a wild-card. I just kind of decide what we’re going to do. Oftentimes, we talk to our Sources on this call; we pick a topic.


Daphne, are you on the line?


Daphne:  Yes, I’m on the line.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Alright, Daphne – speak up.


I think that when people get exposed to my material and to my work there are three or four possible reactions. One reaction is: Let’s say somebody has done a lot of spiritual work in their lives. They’ve read; they’ve studied; they’ve tried to figure things out; they’ve had spiritual experience. It’s almost like they’re just ready to jump; maybe they’ve already jumped and what we’re doing just explains some of the aspects of the jump.


I’ll give you an example of somebody like that. I don’t think he’ll mind me reading his email. He sent me an email after our call on Sunday.  Here it is, I think—just a moment. This is an example of someone who has done a lot of spiritual work, has already had sensitivity to higher realms, and he came into our Sunday call. I’m didn’t ask him if I can read this; I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. He’s probably listening, but I’ll leave his name anonymous anyway.


Dear Wynn,


Though it was my first experience in one of your events, I feel as if I’ve come home to a family. It is a family of extraordinary spiritual beings on a human adventure. I am honored to be invited to participate in your weekly healing group, and it was a kick in the butt to host the cheer-up room on Sunday. Due to your amazing meditation, I enjoyed a superb experience. Indeed, I felt the touch and love and caress of the Creator for what seemed like a half an hour, absolutely stunning, earth-shaking and divinely filled with joy.


Thank you from the depths of my heart, to be on the back yard of God.


That’s an example of somebody who had done a lot of spiritual work. That doesn’t mean they’re better than you; believe me, people who have done a lot of spiritual work have spent other lifetimes where they didn’t. They have spent other lifetimes where they’ve been decadent, or thieves, or whatever. There’s a certain point where somebody says “What is out there?  Is there anything out there?” and they start looking for it.


When you come from your mind, from your intellect, you’re always trying to put something into your mind that is not linear. That means you can’t figure it out mentally. When I tell you this it sounds confusing if you’re listening to your mind, but if it could be put in words in a way that everyone could have the experience, then everyone would be enlightened.  That’s just the way it would be. We know that’s not the case.


So, what I’ve learned about all of this—I’ve learned a lot from watching carefully, how this works. What I’ve learned is that 50% of getting this experience is (I don’t know if that’s the right percentage; let me say a huge percentage of getting the experience) is reaching back. People are not used to reaching back; they’re used to being entertained. “Do it for me. Give me the experience. I want it now.” It doesn’t happen in that way unless the negative comes in, and then it can happen.


Reaching back creates energy between you and what you’re reaching for.  In the reaching back, the energy starts to flow. It becomes an example of oneness. When you’re thinking linearly, you’re thinking of something separate from you doing something to you.


When you’re thinking non-linearly, in the highest way, you’re approaching this as something which is part of you that you’ve lost, that you have separated from; something which is part of you is reconnecting. You’re reconnecting with a part of yourself. When you make the connection, it’s not like something sits down next to you, it’s like you have an expanded feeling of how it feels to be you.  You’re suddenly feeling different.


Many people have had expanded feelings about how it feels to be them, and they held it for a moment. They usually gave the power over to an external source. For example, I remember: When I would be at the top of a mountain looking down at the beautiful panorama: a beautiful forest, trees, and the beautiful scenery of nature, I can remember having a moment when my breath was taken away.


It was a moment, when I had expanded the feeling of how it was to feel like me. If I would look at that now, I would say who I was, because there were no energetic instructions, it was all in nature. I had expanded into that whole area; I had expanded into the forest, my energy field was covering a huge expanse. I knew that on some level, and I felt the expansion.


The same thing on top of a building: I remember I lived in San Francisco, and I used to go to Coit Tower, or go up to some of the office buildings.  San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. I mean, not that I’ve been to Europe, but at least in this country, it was breath-taking to look down on the city. It almost looked surreal; everything seemed so close.


That’s an idea of how to feel expanded. Once you’re feeling expanded, let’s suppose you could have that feeling in your little room, without being on a mountain.  Let’s suppose you could have that feeling while you’re on the telephone, and something is happening and transforming. What we’re saying is:  these two group souls that we’re communicating with say they’re able to move into your space in a way that you can feel them.


Remember, they are you. They are a huge part of you that you have disconnected from, so if you’re going to meet them you have to meet them as part of yourself, not as something separate. As long as you think they’re something separate, and then you can read about them, you can read the history of them, you can read theology. But, until they are part of you; that you sense the connection, then your relationship, on one level or another, is going to be defective.


If something talks to you that feels like it’s separate from you, it’s a lower energy. It’s a lower force that might be negative; and, it might not. But, these two group souls are part of you and they have the ability to connect with you. But you have to reach back. How do you reach back?


The fact that you’ve shown up on this conference call and have said “I’m interested in learning about this” is reaching back. The fact of reading our materials is reaching back; the fact of learning how they explain themselves is reaching back. The fact of supporting us and sending a donation is reaching back. It’s like, in the reaching back, we create an energy of oneness.


I was talking to somebody last week. She’s somebody that does a lot of spiritual work. She said people send her money because they know if they didn’t send her money she’d be homeless.  She channels. Her Sources told her “That’s how you’re giving people an opportunity to be compassionate, because they reach back.”


But, you can’t do it outside of the Law of One; you have to do it with Oneness. If I say suggested donation is $3.00, send $3.25 and put that 25 cents as an extra blessing. When I say a suggested donation of $3.00 and we see all those people who have donated a dollar, Terry and I are really touched because we know they stretched to do a dollar and the three dollars is pushing it. Some of you are in that strait, so how do you get to talk to these guys?


I tell people – people say “I want them to talk to me,” “I want them to heal me.” People approach me; I get emails and they think that I can tell them what to do.  If I could tell them what to do, then guess who would be God?  Me, not them—and they’re not even God! They say “We don’t want to be thought of as God.” I don’t control them. I can bring things to their attention.


Now, we have hundreds of people paying attention to us. See, this is the problem: I have to figure out how to make this work. I obviously can’t, even if people paid me to do it—it’s not my highest purpose, to constantly be getting emails from people who are saying “I have this problem. I have that problem. I am sick. My brother is doing this.” I try; I do try—those of you know that I try.


Gijs:  Wynn, your last name has a higher purpose.


Wynn:  Thank you – ‘Free’? I wish to be called Wynn Expensive, right?


In any case, I’m supposed to be a public figure—not that I’m supposed to—it’s not something that there’s anything that’s meant to be. I see that my strongest contribution is to be a public figure. How do you become a public figure? It doesn’t just happen; you have to call people. Why did I get on George Noory? Because I’ve been working for years, calling him up, trying to get myself on, because I have the innate ability to communicate and to not be intimidated and not be afraid of talking to people.


You can see why they would want to talk to me, because once they made it real, on some level they knew I would put this out into the world. If they talked to most people, what would most people do? They’d call up their friends “You’ve got to come over; look at me, look what I’m doing!” You can’t help it; we all come from places of insecurity, including me.


I remember when Daphne and I were first communicating, when we were in our first communications. At the time, we were in bad shape; we couldn’t make ends meet. We’re running around trying to borrow money to pay the rent. Suddenly this voice is talking to me that say they’re the Elohim and that they created the physical universe.


I’m asking all these questions and I’m not really believing them, but I’m not disbelieving them.  I’m saying “I’m open to the possibility; let’s see where this goes.”


At one point I said “Why are you talking to me?” I would figure they would talk to somebody who had a lot of power or a lot of influence; why wouldn’t they talk to Oprah, or somebody like that? Yet, they were talking to me.


They said “You’re like a cosmic midwife; you don’t have ego about this, and you know how to bring this into the world.” This was in 2002; this was in our first conversations. I’m scratching my head and said “I don’t know how to bring this out to the world.”


Later on, I asked them a couple of years later, because I really hadn’t accomplished doing anything or bringing it out into the world. I said “Could you explain to me how you think I’m supposed to bring this out into the world?” Because, I think in that two years I knocked on a lot of doors and I said “Excuse me; guess what? Let me tell you what’s going on with me.” People thought I was nuts; they slammed the door in my face. Even people who were spiritual luminaries, it looked like I was trying to be famous or use their influence.


I finally said “How am I supposed to do this?" They said “Talk to one person at a time and it will get its own legs.” So, I started doing that, any time anyone would listen I would talk to them. If they were next to me in Starbucks, I would talk to them. Many of you who are on the line regularly know Steve Starbucks who is coming to our line. I met him in Starbucks, near downtown Los Angeles, about a year ago when Terry had to go to L.A. for some personal business.


When you say, “How do you connect with them?  How do you connect with them?” and you’re trying to figure out in your mind, you’re not going to succeed; this is outside of logic. This is outside of rational understanding. I have learned one thing. We’re going to talk to them and they’re going to elucidate on this in just a moment.


Both Daphne and Terry are on the line, so I’ll ask questions back and forth between them and see if we can’t get more understanding of how this works. One thing I’ve come to understand, and that is: They have the ability to flow energy into this realm; they respond to being asked. One of my observations is, that when there is a group energy, it makes it easier to connect, much easier.


Why is that?  Because, when we combine our energies, I have different distortions than you. Your distortions help, even momentarily, clear mine and mine help clear yours. Everyone who is on this line that is listening, you’re not just listening. I’m talking and we’re not having a discussion.  But, as you’re listening, energy is moving. Some of you are feeling it. We are creating a group energy.


I don’t know how I’m creating this; all I know is I show up. If I think about it, if I think it’s logical, I’ll screw it up. I won’t know how. But I’ve done it enough to see if I show up and if I start talking about them, they’ll show up. They’ll show up in your bedroom, in your living room. When they show up, remember, its part of you that’s showing up. It’s not something separate from you. We’re all part of each other. So, it’s the parts of ourselves that we’ve lost that being in this realm, everyone loses it. You can’t help but get separated in this realm.


If you’ve looked at the material about Wanderers, there are 65 million wanderers, people who came in from higher dimensions into this realm in order to be of service here, in order to help lift the vibration of the planet.  According to the Ra group, 90% of them get lost; only 10% manage to stay above the water-line and not get sucked into the negativity of this realm.


Once they get sucked into the negativity of this realm, they get sucked into more lifetimes and patterns of reincarnation. They came from a high place.  Why do they do that? What would they come from a high place and take the risk? They must know those statistics on the other side. My take is: the reason they do that is because if they didn’t, this realm would be lost; this realm would be owned by the negative.


There’s a whole lower group that wants to enslave this realm. Some of you know about it, if you’ve been reading alternative news you know about secret societies and occult ceremonies.  If you’ve read Carla Rueckert’s material, you know about groups in other dimensions, ETs. They’re not positive; they have agendas.


If those wanderers did not come into this realm, knowing the risk of coming here and forgetting why they came, it’s like handing the realm to the negative on a silver platter. It’s like giving up on everyone who is here and letting them become slaves, probably, for their future lifetimes; even disconnecting from their soul matrix is the potential.


Many of you listening, if you haven’t hung up on me, if you haven’t said in your mind “This guy is mass-hypnotizing people; I’ll hang up” or, “This is a bunch of crap.” If you’re hanging in with this, I would say the chances are very high that you’re one of those souls.


Daphne:  Wynn, this is Daphne – I just did a little math. Right now, the planet has about seven billion people on it. If you just do it roughly, if you’re wondering how many people are wanderers—basically one in one hundred people, according to the Ra material.


Wynn:  One in one hundred?


Daphne:  One in one hundred; so, if you’re looking for numbers, it’s about one in one hundred.


Wynn:  I would say from the time Carla Rueckert said there were 65 million wanderers, I’d be willing to bet there are a lot more than that, but we’ve never asked them.


Daphne:  I think you’re right.


Wynn:  Because that was in 1980 and there were all these Indigo and Crystal kids coming in that were certainly classified as wanderers, right?


Daphne:  Yes.


Wynn:  What I see is my goal, if I was going to say it, is I’m not just going to tell you this and then abandon you and say “Okay, go find people.” I want to create circumstances, and I’m doing it. We’re just at the beginning stages of learning how to do it, where people can come together. On our conference calls I learned that people were staying on the call for hours after the call; they were coming in two hours early. This is a wonderful way to create opportunities for lots of people to make contributions.


What does it feel like to make a contribution? Like on Sunday, Bob Brewer came on at the end of the call and ran a cheer-up committee. Everyone was telling jokes. Maybe next week someone else will come on and do that. All these ways that you can hold for other people, that is your function, to be able to hold loving space so, other people feel protected; they feel connected. What’s the word? It’s community, and I’m learning how to do it; we’re learning how to do it. There are lots of people volunteering for this and they’re helping and they’re learning how to do it. There are people doing transcripts.


I’m going to shut up and we’re going to bring the light in. Of course the light’s already here. The light has always been here. But my formal exercise of bringing energies together is my Invocation to the Light.


Before I do that, let me just see if Daphne or Terry have anything they want to say from their human side. I want you guys to know how lucky we all are to have these two women who have this talent to bring this energy through, who are both dedicated and committed. It took a long time to bring it to this level, but we have two women that tap into such high Sources, that have made themselves totally available to us, to understand the nature of who we really are as spiritual beings.


Terry, do you want to say anything from your human side?


Terry:  It’s an honor to be able to do this. I think that it’s partly because I spent so much time trying to clear myself of anything that was not myself, or anything other and looking at all these pieces, like my past lives, and seeing where patterns came from. That’s all I have to say.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Daphne, anything you want to say from your human side?


Daphne:  I guess this is the answer to the experiences I was having around age ten, when I became very perplexed and irritated with my mother, and I said “Why did you bring me here?” She said “What do you mean?” I said “This isn’t the right place.” She said “What are you talking about?” I said “It’s not like it was before.” And then, she finally figured out that I was talking about before I had been born and that I had some recollection of what it was like on the other side and where I had been experiencing things on the other side that I could recall.


There was no disease; there was no inequality; there were no conflicts; there was no strife. There was only compassion, only love and the whole culture and society was based on everyone being their most creative and loving self. So, the society was very, very, very different.


So, coming here was like coming to jail; it was like coming to a POW camp. I was very, very upset. She couldn’t understand it, and I think she felt badly. So anyway—


Wynn:  Thank you.


So, we’re going to do our Invocation to the Light and we’re going to let our Sources get a chance to speak through both Daphne and Terry. We have at least twenty minutes, so I’m shutting up early.


Father Mother God we ask for the presence of the light to surround and protect each person here, and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy, radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls.  We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us as we create a group energy amongst all of us. We have protective energy that anything not of service-to-others be excluded from this field, and anything that is that way must leave now. We extend this protection to every person who is listening to us on this line and on the replays, and reading the transcripts.


I’m going to start with Terry. How do we address this subject of “Why don’t you talk to me?” We actually addressed it in a very quick way in that thing we put out in a private talk I had with Daphne about a week and a half ago; maybe we’ll go into it deeper and see if you can’t get some keys on how this can contribute to you in a very personal way.


Terry, whenever you’re ready.


Ra’An:  Thank you.


We greet you in the love light of the One Infinite Creator; this is Ra’An.  This is the 30th of July, 2012 and it is our great honor to be here and to communicate with you. This is one of the questions, one of the topics, that has puzzled us and has brought us almost to energy tears at times, because we see the people, different religious groups, we see them praying to us, and we see how fervently they are praying. We even see their crown chakras be extended up into the air as they reach towards us to be able to connect with us, and to communicate and to say their prayers.


We are there; however, we are so thin, and we are at such high frequencies that they cannot know that they are there. They are looking for something grounding, something in all of the lower frequencies to be able to see us or to feel us or to sense us. Sometimes, we can come through with a slightly pink, a light pink color; and, sometimes we can come through with vibrations that have overtones or elements of the lower frequencies, for instance when we combine with the group of Ra—the Elohim and the Ra group—to extend our frequency range. We hope that more people can sense us.


When one is in the third density, they are connected with the body. The body is not them; that is not their over soul. The body has millions of cells, and the body is grounded to the earth. So when they look at their body, they do not see the higher frequencies; they do not see even themselves.


They see a range of frequencies within the third density; they see the light frequencies within the third density. They do not see into the infrared range or into the ultraviolet range, or higher or lower. When they hear, they hear only in a certain frequency range also. We have a great range of frequencies, both below and above. When we present our frequencies to them, it is as though we are invisible in many cases.


That is one of the things which (on the conference)  calls upon on the different days, and particularly on Sunday morning, where Wynn goes into a process wherein more people have an ability to begin to sense the frequencies, our frequencies. We do not have to be sensed by you in order to hear you; we can see and see your light. When we look down, we see pin-pricks of light across the world where individuals are connecting. We go to those pin-pricks of light. As we get closer, we begin to have, to feel contact with you, and begin to sense you much as if we were remote-viewing you.


We are available, and when you say your prayers you do not to have hear the answer as often you are listening in the ranges of the earth realm. Our range is outside of that. So, we become very difficult to sense. Sometimes, when a picture is taken of Wynn or Daphne or of Terry, you can see the pinkness around them. That is our aura, you might say.


Those are our comments, and we fervently wish to contact with each and every person who wishes to be contacted and communicated with.


We turn this back over to Wynn.


Wynn:  Okay – thank you.


Jesus said “When two or more are gathered, I am also present.” I don’t believe things in the Bible just because they’re in the Bible. I have to understand it on some level myself. I think there are things that are absolutely true in the Bible, and I think there are things I have questions about because I can’t validate it. We know the bible has been edited and revised and different people have come and put their spin on it. But one of the things that I recognize there is truth in is “when two or more are gathered.”


Two or more are gathered right now, us—all of us on this line.  We’ve come because we’re either having an experience or we want to have an experience. I’m going to ask Daphne how that ‘two or more gathered’ principle works; why does it work that it’s easier to make the connection when “two or more are gathered?”


Daphne:  This is just my human part:  It’s actually “When two or more are gathered in my name,” because two people can be gathered and not invoke the Christed consciousness; there has to be an intention to invoke the Christed consciousness.


Wynn:  Thanks for clarifying it.


Daphne:  That’s just like the physical mechanics of it. Okay.


Council of Ahn:  Greetings. We come to you this evening in the love light of the One Infinite Creator.  This is the Council of Ahn.


We first wish to welcome you with hearty and warm welcome to all those present, to all who have reached back and extended their loving, heart-felt presence and warmth, their generosity to family, to friends; and, to those present on this line. Your magnanimous heart and your wishes do not go unheeded or unnoticed by us. We wish to thank Terry for her heart-felt and beautiful and precise response to our calls for service. She has responded most beautifully, most nobly, most honorably, and to thank Wynn, our pioneer.


The question this evening has to do with group consciousness and group intent, and why the Christed consciousness is most easily invoked when “two or more are gathered in thy name.” There are basic principles of interdimensional physics at work, and this has to do with what is known as the Trinity, or the Trinitarian consciousness.


When two or more are gathered in thy name, the name of the Christ, the name of the Law of One, it forms a triangulation. There are the two minds, mind-spirit-body complexes of the human beings, positing their intentions forth from the earth realm into the spirit realm. They form a triangulation, they form


…Council of Ahn:  Give us a moment.


We were speaking of the physics of triangulation. As we have said before, when two souls, when two human entities, are directed in their intent from the physical plane to invoke the Christed consciousness, this forms the opportunity for an energy beacon between the two souls, and a third point which is extended out into the ethers which transcends space and time, emanating from the galactic and super galactic centers, and the home, or home center of the Christ consciousness, is then able to re-direct to the earth plane.


Imagine if you will the form of a triangle, with two humans together closely, or perhaps far apart, both intending their directions of prayer. This is a basic kind of unit in terms of the physical manifestations of prayer.


Council of Ahn:  Have you questions concerning what we have just said?


Wynn:  I would say for anyone who wants to have this experience, find a buddy that wants to do it with you.  Sit down, call in the light and shut your eyes and feel if you can tap into a transformation. All you need is another person. We also have Team Shift. I know there are people who have signed up and we haven’t applied them yet. Team Shift is where we put people together to do this over the phone.


Is it that simple?  That would be my final question.


Council of Ahn:  Our response to you is “Yes!  It is that simple.” In fact, almost anything in life is easier with the work of another. You have an old adage: ‘Many hands make for easy work.’ This is, moreover, true for anything which requires thought or intention.


Do not be afraid to ask for help on your spiritual journey. You were not meant to be alone. In fact, if you look at the word ‘alone’, it is a shortening of the words ‘all one’.


Do that at this time; take a moment in your busy day and ask quietly for help. Ask to be connected to the higher universal sources; ask for healing; ask for guidance; ask for self-assuredness; ask for love; ask for help. Short sessions of thirty seconds, these are sufficient. But, take the moment; take the time. It is as if you were sending out a beacon, an S.O.S. You shall be heard. What you ask in the Father’s name, it shall be given to you. Knock, and it shall be answered; seek and ye shall find; ask and it shall be given. These are truths.


Adonai, Adonai.  Pax Christos.  Om.


Wynn:  Thank you.


We wish you all a good night. Thank you for being here. You’re on your own adventure; find a partner. All you have to do is meet for a higher purpose; shut your eyes and ask. Learn in your own laboratory of your own life, to feel the energies as they come in through your crown chakra, through your heart. You can make the connection.


Thank you very much; thank you Daphne and Terry. Thank you BBS Radio. We’ll see you Wednesday, when you can submit your own questions, and we’ll ask them live, right on the call.


This is Wynn Free and we’re signing off.  Bless you all.


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