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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Can you expound on guilt?

Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Edited by Valerie Hawes and Terry Brown

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien



Wynn:  Thank you. This is Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 – my name is Wynn Free in Sedona, Arizona. Terry is on the line from Sedona and Daphne is on the line from Atlanta, Georgia. Who is breathing into the microphone?


Gijs:  I’m not going to say it’s you, Daphne.


Daphne:  I don’t think it’s me.


Gijs:  I know it’s you. It was; it’s good now.


Daphne:  Sorry about that.


Wynn:  On this console on this, we can see who is making noises. As soon as somebody talks, their number appears, and says “This is who’s talking; this is who’s breathing.” I forgot; I should have looked. But, Gijs is looking so he can tell.


I thank you all so much for checking in and being interested. I don’t know if anyone is new for the first time. Let me ask and see. Hang on a second; let me un-mute you. Is anyone listening in for the first time?


Group:  Several affirmative responses


Wynn:  Thank you. Let me introduce this by saying that what we’re doing here is very unusual. I always say each person has to come to their own conclusions about it. I say that we’re talking to two Sources. One says it’s the Elohim group, identifies itself by that.


The other says it’s the Ra group. It seems like throughout history, these might be the two Sources that have done many interventions, not all, but many interventions, where people thought God was talking to them. Neither of them wants to lay claim to the conventional definition of God.


They act as a group; they have councils, they have sub-councils, they make plans. They say they monitor the energy of our planet and they can see when an energy moves through what’s called the veil, and they can feel that and they can connect with it. That’s what they say. I get emails all the time from people, particularly on our Sunday calls, where people are feeling things. It can happen on any call, but on the Sunday call we focus on that.


If you’re checking in, we’re not making any claims about anything.  Consider this your own experiment to see how you respond, how you react. There are two aspects to these sources. One is the energies that people feel on the calls and the other aspect is their wisdom, their ability to look at human problems, humans situations, from a higher point of view and deliver incredible guidance.


At least that’s what many people tell me, and it’s my own response—tremendous guidance and understanding about how things work in the universe and how you can position yourself in your own life, to have a connection with higher dimensions and function better in this period where, as all of you know, we’re in a lot of catalytic changes which, if you’re not prepared and you don’t know how to handle it, it can be scary.


In a best-case scenario, groups like this one are going to help contribute so things shift towards the positive in this realm. In the worst-case scenario, you’re all going to make friends in other dimensions, so that when you leave this realm, and we’re all going to leave it, you’ve kind of made some friends in other realms, which can only benefit your evolutionary path. That’s how I see it. Every person has to internalize that for themselves. So this is not like a one-stop-and-everything-changes. This is like building a relationship, building a trust over time, if you do that.


After my stint on George Noory and everyone heard the story of my sister and her healing with lupus, other people have had healings on this line. I got so many requests; some of you are listening now. I got so many requests that say “Heal this for me; heal that for me.” It’s kind of like the perception is “Okay, I could go talk to Terry and say “Could you fix the person and can you fix that person and can you fix this other person?”  It doesn’t seem to work that way, although I wish it did. I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix everybody. 


What does seem to work for some people is, they keep coming in on these calls and they start to develop an energetic connection with these sources.  As they develop that, there’s an opening for energy and connection, where something can shift. I do believe that they want to help us all. Most of us have had our doors shut to this kind of experience for many lifetimes. The fact that you’re here means you heard about it and you’re curious or something resonated.


You still have to open your door. Opening the door is not an act of willpower; in other words, if you’re in a room you can get up and open the door, that’s an act of will-power. This is not a door that opens through will-power; it’s a door that opens through resonance. It’s kind of like meeting a new friend. Maybe you have to know them for a few months before you get comfortable with them. That is, from what I’ve observed, the best way to start this process.


If you’re expecting an instant anything, some people that happens for, but most people, it doesn’t. It takes some perseverance. The first thing is to think “Is this possibly legitimate?” You can read my story; you’re going to listen to them answer questions on the call tonight from two different women. We are so lucky to have both Daphne and Terry on this call to answer your questions. It’s totally unrehearsed, and you can decide “Does this sound right or does this sound wrong?” You can also decide “Am I sure this is positive, or is there anything negative in it?”


When it comes to channeling, one of the things I learned—some people don’t like me saying this—in New Age philosophy, many people don’t want to notice the negative. I think that’s a mistake; the reason being is the negative is here. It’s all over the place. It’s on TV; it’s in the newspapers; and it’s in the government. If you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t have any discernment. You have no idea what to do and who to trust. 


Understanding the negative is important for the purpose of discernment.  But you don’t want to focus on it, because if you focus on it you polarize with it. What that means is it reflects its energy back on you. Even though you’re not negative, you start being in the state where you’re constantly feeling the negative, and that keeps your door shut. As I said, your door has to open to the higher realms. If you’re polarized with the negative, you’re going to have trouble opening that door. That’s my little introduction.


We have really a lot of great questions tonight. I know I can’t get through them all. I’ll answer a couple of them; we can probably go a little longer because Daphne and Terry are both on the line. It’s like what we’re doing on this line is we’re creating a group energy.


You may not understand that, but because you’re here, because you’re giving your intention and because your heart is open, those of you who are able to open your hearts on this line, we start creating a group energy. They join with this group energy and the sources speak on top of that group energy. It becomes a protection to be able to do this in a public way.


I thank you all for sharing your loving energy on this call; you’re making it possible. This is not entertainment; this is a group energy. Our sources are part of that group energy, just a higher part. They’re joining with it and they answer the questions from feeling those connections. At least, that’s the way I have come to understand it.


We start out with what I call an Invocation to the Light. This is just a little series of words that creates the intention of forming that group energy.  The group energy is already forming, just because we’re here and you’re listening, but we’re formalizing it and bringing in protection from negative sources.


We always start these kind of sessions with this, because as I have learned if you’ve read the book, particularly with Daphne, that when you expand into these kind of group matrices you open your energies up. We all need protection, so we make sure we stay open to the positive in other dimensions and nothing else.


Father Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect myself, Daphne, Terry, and everyone on this line and everyone who listens to the replays and reads the transcripts. We take our negativity and send it into the highest realms of light to be transmuted. Just see it lifting from your body right now and letting go. Right now, we’re gong to imagine this energy that’s projecting from the center of the universe, and it’s moving through space and time, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, coming into our solar system. It’s moving through all the planets, picking up astrological influences. It’s coming into the outer energy fields of our planet, moving through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection amongst all of us present, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to, and anything not of that nature must leave now.


I’ll address my first question to Daphne, but let’s take a moment and let our Sources introduce themselves.


Daphne:  One moment please.


Council of Ahn: Greetings. We come to you tonight in the order of the service of the One Infinite Creator. We bring to you the Christed consciousness and the love light vibration as it emanates from your galactic and super-galactic centers.


Your planet now is in a frequency phase modulation, whereby there is an availability, an opportunity, of energetic sustenance which you now, by being gathered together on the line, can partake of more readily, more easily.


We are attempting to teach you, energetically, how to harmonize, how to synthesize, how to reach both towards each other and through the veil to the higher Sources, to the creative matrix of that of which you are, that of which you have been, and that of which you always will be. You are learning to access your Divine brilliance, your Divine creativity, your Divine innate talents and genius for being perfectly and authentically yourselves.


As you are able to free those blockages which hold you stuck in patterns and eons and bygone days and errors of old habituated thoughts and limitations, you’re able to rise above your environment, you’re able to rise above constraints, you’re able to rise above those things which you feel would constrain you. For you are able to energetically tune yourself, tune yourselves and re-adapt your frequency, so that you can sail above and literally transcend anything which might prove an impediment at a lower level of thought.


You are learning how to be master manipulators of consciousness, for you are consciousness in a form, in a form which is housed in a physical body.  You’re upgrading your DNA; you’re upgrading your cellular memory; you’re upgrading the very ‘stuff’, the very biosphere, the encapsulated blood-and-life-blood substance of that which you are.


In times past, this has been posited as a carbon-based mechanism. It is now moving into a silica-based mechanism. You can see an extrapolation of this in your current silicon-based IC, integrated circuits, which are the memory cells of your computer technology, and indeed of your internet.


You see with your technology now actually an externalization of that which is internal, your mind and the synapses and neural pathways and neural structures which govern thought formations and thought harmonics. You are learning that with sufficient energy, emotions, passion, that your thought precipitates into physicality.


 You’re learning about the gravitational fields; you’re learning that thought, emotion, which is energy-motion, e-motion, precipitates physicality. We shall go more into this in subsequent time.


Om.  Peace.


Wynn:  Thank you.  Our first question:


Can you expound on guilt? It feels inherent and deep-rooted in every person. Besides learning right from wrong, is there another purpose for it?  How do we get free from it? Thank you.


That’s from Caroline in Anchorage, Alaska.


Council of Ahn:  One moment, please.


We address for you this evening the question posited as guilt. First, we would like to delineate guilt from that which before has been termed ‘conscience’. We would say that conscience is an evolved aspect of what you would term guilt. Conscience emanates from the higher self; conscience embodies an intrinsic knowingness, an intrinsic predisposition towards that which is of the divine nature, towards that which is good, towards that which is service-to-other.


When one speaks of one’s conscience and how one may live with oneself or live with one’s conscience, one is indeed addressing that moral faculty which does reside in the human nature and which is posited towards the good, towards the Christed self, towards the Law of One, towards the service to humanity.


The way we understand your question, guilt, on the other hand, is perhaps an ascertaining of an action that ought to have been taken or ought not to have been taken in a past tense kind of time. There is an implication; there is an insinuation, that an action taken, a decision made, an action taken or a decision not made, somehow was an error. Somehow it was misjudged, misguided, misinformed, done impulsively, etc. This may well be the case.


However, guilt has not released the entity experiencing said emotion from a kind of feeling of remorse, feeling of sadness, a feeling of regret over something that has transpired. It thus locks an entity into a kind of polarization of the actual occurrence of events in that person’s space-time continuum, and in a current of events that might have happened, that could have happened. Thus, the person feels a kind of loss, a kind of breaking off, a kind of blockage, a kind of ‘if only’. You have in your vernacular woulda-coulda-shoulda, would have, could have, should have.


Though there is value and benefit in speculation of various courses of action, ultimately we would say to you, to hold oneself in such a stance is to trap the life force, to stagnate the life force and, indeed, to arrest the life force in a place from which it is having trouble moving forward.


So, we say to this question of guilt: Examine the situation. Come to peace and acceptance about what has transpired. Forgive yourself. And, this most importantly: Understand that whatever has occurred, it can be used for the ultimate good of all; it can be used for the ultimate evolution of yourself.  There is a principle in theology called ‘sacrament of the present moment’, another called ‘abandonment to Divine providence’. These were espoused by a French theologian, Jesuit, Jean Pierre d’Chardin.


There is much, much truth and much power in this stance.  It says “Whatever is happening in your life, whomever you are with, whatever the present moment is showing you, that is your perfect school. That is your perfect laboratory. That is where you are. Bless the moment; realize that the moment is sacred, and that your connection to God and God Source is being recreated at that very moment.


It is as you come to the table, so to speak. At that moment, as you re-form and re-fashion your understanding, and allow yourself to experience the Divine in each and every moment, no matter how challenging, no matter how much you would rather be somewhere else, no matter how much you would like the circumstances to change, the beginnings of change rest in total and absolute acceptance of the moment where you are, at that moment.


That is the place of power. You will have only the now. To have regrets is to place yourself outside of the now, hence rendering yourself powerless. Take back you power, be totally and absolutely present in the now, accepting the now nexus point. Learn to transcend and to be in the now.


The power of such acceptance actually changes the gravitational fields, and your field of precipitation and manifestation change directly in proportion to the amount of peace that you can carry in each and every waking moment.


We would take the example of the speaking entity at this moment.  She lived for many years in the San Francisco bay area, literally at the ground zero of the starting of the internet and was directly involved with the founding of an internet service provider that provided ISDN bandwidth connectivity with PacBell and started that protocol. This was approximately twenty years ago.  Subsequent life changes have taken her totally off of this trajectory and have flung her far afield. She now finds herself in territory and in places, at this point, on the east coast where from a creative and intellectual standpoint she would rather not be. She would much rather be on the west coast.


However, she is learning, slowly, to accept that it does not matter where she is. It does not matter if she is in rural North Carolina, or West Virginia, or Georgia, or Florida, or Cape Cod, or any of the other places she’s been in the last two months.


Because of this time and because of the dharmic possibilities that are awaiting not just herself, but everyone on the planet now, your place of power and your place of magic transcend your circumstance, transcend you locale, transcend your financial situation, transcend your health. This might seem incredible, but all change starts with total acceptance of circumstance.


We feel that we have spoken enough; thank you.  Om.


Wynn:  Thank you.


We’re going to pose this question to Terry; this is from Michael in San Diego. I think I’m going to give a small answer from my own experience of knowledge from talking to these sources, and then I’ll let Terry continue.


Michael says “If the Elohim and Ra created the physical universe”—now   I’m going to interject that from my understanding it was the Elohim that created the physical universe, not the Ra group—“then they are beyond the principles of duality that govern our world, correct?” I would say that’s true for both groups. “Does this mean that they also created the negative?” 


I’m going to say that in my understanding of the way creation works, that each body in creation—when I say body I don’t mean just human bodies; I mean planets, star systems, suns, galaxies—each body of creation has its own consciousness. It has its own awareness; it has its own volitional power. That goes right down to us; we’re part of that. Everything is part of the same energy. The original rule of creation, as I understand it, was free will, which meant that everything, every consciousness that had volition had free will. These Sources did not create the negative. The negative was an outcome of the giving of free will to everything in the universe. Then, certain consciousnesses chose to control others, other consciousnesses.  That’s how I’ve come to understand it.


The second part of his question is “Does the negative also have a spiritual hierarchy that is in opposition to the positive, or are we all just God’s children? In other words, we each need the other to exist since we are in a plane of duality.” He has more, but I think I’ll leave it at that. I’ll turn it over to Terry for the answer.


Thank you.


Terry:  Thank you.  Give us a moment.


Council of Ahn:  There are number of parts to the things that have been mentioned. One of them is that we, the Elohim, created the physical universe. We would like to address this thusly:  We, as an instrument of creation, have worked with the laws of manifestation, have worked with the playing field, and have worked to establish form and focusing mechanisms and life housing units, that then the spirits that manifest thus, according to the laws of the physicality, are able to utilize these housing units and to manifest upon the playing field.


We are an instrument of creation, and we are utilizing the laws of manifestation, the laws of appearance, the ability to sustain life, the ability to express life within the physicality of different realms within the universe.


We see that beyond time and beyond space there is all potentiality. We look at the Ra group and we see that they have experienced the physicality which we, as the Elohim, have not partaken of, in the majority of circumstances, but have maintained our position of the realm that is senior to the majority of manifestation.


As such, we maintain ourselves beyond duality. When individuals move into spheres that contain duality, it is harder to maintain an intention, as when an intention is desired and is expressed, the opposite of the intention lingers as a potential, as a possibility. An individual needs to have a very strong intention, to have purity of desire and passion and sense of direction within the sphere of duality.


Individuals, when they move into duality, have the free will, which has been given to all, to choose among all of the choices, what path that they will work through, in handling their manifest life. When an individual learns to handle all of the elements involved in the positive and the negative, they learn to express their positive intention, that that will bring them the closest to their true expression of themselves, which is the expression of Oneness-of-all.


When they learn that when they dip into negativity and try to ace out another, try to cheat, try to bring in negativity, that this separates them from their own impetus toward expression in their true nature as a Law- of-One being.


When they move through dissension and disharmony, their whole body picks up the negativity, picks up perhaps resentment, as they are in discord with another. They being as a Law-of-One creature and their body being as a Law of One creature that strengthens by communication, strengthens by unity, the whole body begins to weaken and begins to bring disease into the body, disconnection, discordance, of the whole structure of the body is bathed in a disconnection, which then begins to weaken and disconnect the structure of the matrix of the body.


As has been brought through Daphne, the manifestation, the life within the third density and the lower densities serves as a school, wherein individuals can learn the consequences of their negative actions. And, individuals who have been negative and have learned this lesson, then become very strong within their ability to express the Law of One as they have learned the negative consequences of expressing negativity.


One, by having been given free will, has the opportunity to go to this school and to learn the consequences and learn how to truly love another, learn how to manifest his own power and to navigate through the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts, the yes the no, the dark the light, the duality that he-she moves through. This movement provides a lesson that when an individual truly expresses their true nature as the express harmony and love and caring and unity with others, then they experience better health, they experience both better mental health and better joy, more strength, as they are expressing their positive nature.


If individuals were created that did not have the ability to choose their path, then when they had an impulse they would not know how to respond, as their range of choices would be only one. When an individual truly expresses or desires to express and manifest his own true harmonic, his own true loving nature, then it is very real and very strong.


Part of the reason for the negative ability is so that individuals may go to school and may learn to become their own true, loving, natural self.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Next question for our Sources speaking through Daphne:


I’m going to read the question then I’m going to re-write it slightly and let our Sources respond however they choose.


The question is: Is this group energy the same as Jesus’ energy?


I would like to re-write that and say “What is the connection between the energies that people feel when we do these lines, when we are present in a live situation. What is the connection between those energies and the connection to the energies that people felt when they were around Jesus?”


Thank you.


Council of Ra’An:  Give us a moment please.


We come to you this evening – this is the Council of Ra’An.  You have questions regarding what is traditionally, in your history and in your religion, known as the Christ, the Christ self, the Christed over-soul. From our vantage point, we would look at this as a series of frequency shifts.  When an entity is able to reach from beyond the third density, which means to be stationed in the fourth density or the heart chakra or higher, one is able to maintain a focused outlook of neutrality, of equilibrium. If one looks at the chakraic field, the basics, from the root chakra which is the one, to the crown chakra which is the seven, four represents the fulcrum, the balancing point.  The fourth chakra represents a place where one might come to balance, neutrality, equanimity, between oneself and one’s internal and external worlds.


When one is able to cease judgment and one is able to ascertain that everything else is part of the Law of One, as is the nature of the self, one begins to harmonize discord, disharmoniousness. This, in essence, is the mechanical explanation, from a point of view of elementary metaphysics, of the Christ. The Christ represents balance; the Christ represents non-judgment; the Christ represents the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” There is implied in this, equality, equanimity, balance. There is no longer a need for reaction, only compassionate response.


This being said, when one can reside most fully in the heart chakra, one is rendered harmless. One is rendered a bodhisattva, one is rendered someone who expresses compassion in each and every moment; in each and every circumstance, including compassion to the self, because the self is part of all that is. As you treat others, you treat yourself; as you treat yourself, you treat others.


Going back now to an historical look at what one would know as the Christ: There are stories within your literature and within your collective teachings known as the Bible that posits a certain life and certain life experiences to one known as the Christ.


From our perspective it is our understanding that within the field and scope and time of this human being known as Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, he was able to walk and to hold this field of galactic consciousness, of galactic equilibrium, in such a way that he was able to architect fractal points and nodes and sacred geometries in the place of his birth, in the place of his wanderings and in the place of his teachings, in the place of his ministry. He was able to architect and to foster the Trinitarian consciousness, the Unity consciousness, on the planet, 2,000 years ago.


This Unity consciousness has had, as you well know from history, a very difficult time being established, because there have been philosophical differences over the “administration” of this teaching through the various ideological and religious factors of the church. There have been schisms; there have been political machinations etc.


We shall not concern ourselves with those here. What we would like to look at is the Unity architecture, the bio-energetic architecture, of what was indeed implanted onto the earth grids at that point in time, for it was planted. You, as a group, are now resurrecting, so to speak, the Unity consciousness, the Law of One consciousness and bringing it forward to every nation.


There is a religious saying “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This has caused much confusion in your religious domain, yet the kernel essence, the actual essence of what is being said, is true.  What is being said “No one comes to the Father” meaning the God-head, the source, the All That Is,  “except through me” the Christ, which is the Unity consciousness, which is harmlessness, which is compassion, which is equanimity.


This is true. What have caused confusion are the vernacular and the historical and political and religious overlays. These need to be discarded. You must now become students of wisdom, wisdom teachings, and seek to understand the unifying elements in all of the great wisdom traditions.  They are all administered by the Law of One.


This is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is a good follow up question to that answer, and this from G. Hardinger. I don’t know where he’s located, and his question is:


How can we all connect better to the Source, as we are all bombarded with the negative, i.e. constant visualization of a huge military presence all over the place, military helicopters fly-overs until one and two a.m, new world order reminders, eating away at our Constitution.


I try not to watch TV at all just to avoid all of this negativity, but it is as thick as molasses in the air. Thank you.


That’s for Terry.


Terry:  Thank you.


Ra’An:  We see your question; we see the manifestation of what you are talking about; we see the incidents that are broadcast on your media go through the air, go through the ethers. One does not need to watch TV to pick it up, as it is broadcast through the consensus reality. The pictures that are flashed upon your TV, you do not need to watch those pictures to pick it up, as it moves heavily through the consciousness of the individuals in your sphere.


Therefore, your own consciousness is a receiver and a giver of signals and can receive and does receive directly these things that are in the consciousness of the people. We are speaking of moving one’s consciousness out of the consciousness of the third density realm. As we do the Sunday call, we add our own consensus reality, the consensus reality of the Elohim, the consensus reality of the Ra group. We add that to the consensus reality of the individuals on the call.


Therefore, we modulate, help modulate, help bring in the love light of the higher realms into your realm that we can lighten up the consensus reality, that we can have the ability to bring interventions in, based upon the new consensus reality that the people on this call are creating.


The electric love-light that sparkles within and above your sphere that helps to replace the sadness, the distraughtness, the grief, that is brought into your realm through the media and through contrived incidents that then help to create consensus reality of a lower nature within your realm.


We send love light to each and every individual on the call and we, ourselves, pray that the numbers of your group will grow so that it, as our group, will begin to raise the consensus reality and the Unity, the love light and the caring and the nurturing of individuals in your realm.


Wynn:  Thank you.  If you haven’t been coming to our Sunday calls, they’re quite a bit different than our Monday and our Wednesday call.  They’re focused, particularly, on bringing in the energies of the higher realms into this realm with interventions. It’s at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, Sunday morning.  The schedule, if you don’t want to wait until my last-minute email, is posted on the internet at  Please take a look at the schedule, the phone number and invite your friends, because this is an actual exercise in shifting reality.


It starts with your reality; if you start to embrace what we’re doing and you are inundated by the negative, then the Sunday call puts you in a pro-active position of creation, not responding, of doing something about it, just being on the call. Many people have emailed me about how their attitude changed, how they felt better, how they were depressed and their depression lifted.


Please try it out and see if it works for you. It’s hard to explain what it is until you’re there, and that we can do this over a phone line.


Next question:  I’m going to ask this as a generic question to Daphne and then I’m going to mention the person’s name so maybe she can have a specific answer:


There are some people who are beset by something called negative greetings, panic attacks, things in their bodies that don’t go away. The question is: Can one move to a different location and cause a shift in that particular experience?


The person who asked this was a lady by the name of Claire in New Jersey, and would that be something that would work for her? Thank you.


Daphne:  This is my human part saying this; location and environment, especially to a sensitive person, plays a huge, huge role. I grew up in Massachusetts for the most part with a stint in California and knew that come hook or crook, I had to get back to the West Coast. When I was 27 I moved back to Palo Alto and my life changed dramatically from being in Boston.  For me, New England was a very, very, very heavy vibe. It was very steeped in tradition and didn’t want to have anything to do with anything new. I needed to be in a place where people were very, very open to new ideas. San Francisco was definitely the place for me. That’s just a personal thing.


Council of Ra’An:  Give us a moment. This is the Council of Ra’An. We speak to you this evening regarding those effects of environment, locale

and the demeanor of persons in the entity’s life that would have an energetic bearing on the attitudes, emotions, feeling and energetic templates of the questioning entity.


We would ask for you, the questioning entity, to ascertain if the current life circumstance and situation is most benefitting and most uplifting. Is it, indeed, optimal? Putting all constraints and considerations aside, is this a place you would choose for your abode?


If it is not, what would it take, what kind of circumstances would it take for you to architect, in your mind first, another type of life situation for yourself? Would you like to be in an urban area? Would you like to be in the mountains? Would you like to be near lakes or rivers or the ocean? Would you like to remain in the U.S. or Canada; perhaps you would like to go to Australia or Europe?

Do not think that you must limit yourself in your imaginings; you are fast approaching a time when literally anything is possible. Open yourself to your highest goal-desire and ask, with consistency, with practice, every night and every morning, to be guided to that place, to those persons, to those situations and circumstances, to those synchronistic kinds of callings, which will lead you to a place which is more nurturing, more uplifting, more loving, more sustaining of that who you are called to be, to that which is the fulfillment of self, that which you have come here to do, to architect.


We would give as an example: Perhaps you are a painter or a musician.  Yes, one may paint with sub-standard brushes and poor-quality paints; one may play a piano which is grossly out of tune. But is not the music sweeter and are not the colors more vibrant, when the tools with which we create have been chosen precisely because they reflect a higher emanation and a higher ability to sustain that which is creative?


We realize there is a paradox here, because we spoke earlier of being able to shift and transcend any circumstance and any limitation. This is possible. However, when given a choice, it is better to choose the more healthful food, the more nurturing, uplifting circumstance, the company which is of higher spiritual magnetism. The key is in total acceptance of the situation as it is, and then an imagining and asking for the ideal circumstance to come.


When you stop resisting the current circumstance, what you resist persists.  When you disengage the emotional connectedness with it and accept it, go into neutral-coast so to speak, that which you imagine and desire and put emotional fervor towards, much more easily sails into your view, your interior GPS, your interior satellite, your interior Google earth, and posits it on the manifestation frequency of your goals, gravitational pull into physicality.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.  That’s going to be our last question for tonight. We had a lot more questions, and I have to prioritize the questions for the questions that have the most reach for the most people.


I know a lot of you were emailing me questions about your physical health.  I’d like to take a moment and send the light to you, in silence, for healing.  We have Derek who has fibromyalgia; we have M. in Mill Creek, Washington, who is incapacitated and can barely move; we have—I don’t have them all listed, but I know you’re there and I know you’re listening. I want to take a moment where we act as a group. Shut your eyes and feel the energy coming in, if you can, from the top of your head. That is usually where people can feel the energies. Bring that energy through your body and ask for a shift and transition. All of us on this line who are in good health, I’d like to ask you to send your intent for healing to all those people who need it.


I have on my agenda of possibilities that maybe we’ll do a special call for people who have really intense personal issues or health issues and want to ask about it. I’m always concerned about doing health issues, because we’re not doctors; we can only work with energy. Maybe there will be other people on that call who are experts in alternative things that there can be some kind of discussions, and our Sources. Maybe we’ll charge a small amount for that, since we’re dealing with people’s personal issues.


If that sounds appealing to you, you might send me an email and I’ll see how many people are interested. In which case, we won’t ask big, theological questions and questions about how the universe works. We’ll ask questions about the personal issues that seem insurmountable and see if perhaps we can be of any assistance.


On that note, I thank Daphne and Terry for being here, for volunteering their time, myself and all those people who are volunteering and helping to get our emails out and helping everything keep moving. Some people, I’ve learned, stay on the line and talking to each other for hours after the call.  You’re welcome to do that. Keep in mind, if you really want to meet somebody that you’re talking to, if you give your email out, there may be a lot of people who are listening that get your email.


I will, right now, act as an intermediary. If I get two emails from people who say” Please share my email with such-and-such” I will do that, so that you can meet without having your phone number or your email public.  There are private lines here—#1 #2 #3 #4—where you can go off and talk separately from the group, if there are too many people on the group; somebody could say “Let’s go to #1.”


Remember that no one who is on the call, including me, is an expert. If anyone starts positioning themselves that way, be wary of what they’re saying. Maybe they’ll say something that is very helpful; but don’t give your power up to anyone, including us. Take this information and if you can apply it to your life and if you can make something change, then you will know that it works because you applied it, not just because you’re just believing something.


On that note, I’m going to un-mute everybody.

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