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Monday Calls; 2012 Conferences

Monday – 08.06.2012

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Transcribed by Connie O'Brien

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes



Wynn:  Let’s start the show; let’s get this show on the road.


I know some of you are listening all over the place and you’re tuned into our work. We put this together with scotch tape; this is moving into being more professional but we’re not at that place yet. So, we’re using free conference calls, we’re on BBS Radio; thanks for your patience. I know many of you who keep checking in, your patience is rewarded because of the things that happen on these calls. It’s hard to explain until you have your own experience.


I’m going to read an email. I get emails all the time, but we got an email; I won’t say his last name; I didn’t ask his permission to read this email; his first name is Mike. I’ll read his email at some point in this call, because, what’s happening on these calls is an opportunity to expand your energy above the veil of this planet. Many of you are changing your path, even, because of these calls. It’s not because of what we say; there’s a lot that goes on in between the words. It’s hard to explain it linearly because your mind is saying “How do I hear what’s going on in between the words?” It’s a bit of a mystery; I don’t know if even I can explain it in linear terms to anyone’s satisfaction. I just know that’s its working; we have many, many people who have had that experience. 


You’re being introduced to friends in other dimensions. When you have friends in other dimensions, it starts lifting your energy to the place where your friends are. That’s a simple way of saying it. You kind of have to hang in until you sense their friendship, their connection. It helps to read the materials, because your conscious mind and my conscious mind, have said for along time “This can’t be real; I have to be making a mistake.” I still sometimes think that. This can’t be real. Yet, here we are doing it.


Part of the reason we’re doing it is because so may people have had such great breakthroughs and these are breakthroughs that are measurable, not just saying “I feel better,” although lots of people have said they feel better.  It’s like healings; sometimes there’s a synchronicity; there’s a depression lifted. Mike sent me a great email about what was going on for him.


Just to put it in the simplest terms: In between the spaces of the words, there’s energy. The key is for you to pay close attention to the spaces as well as the words. There is more going on in the spaces than the words. But we’ll try to make the words interesting and enlightening.


One of the things we are going to talk about tonight is sacred geometry, music and environment. Daphne is fairly well tuned in to those things. At one point, when we asked about the difference between the Elohim group and the Ra group—and that there are members of both groups existing on this planet right now—most of them don’t know they’re from those groups. Most of them are enmeshed in worldly things; that’s what happens when you’re a higher dimensional being who comes into this realm. They were quite distinct about the differences between these two group souls, and how their differences exhibited in the physical.


In the biggest sense of the word, oftentimes people have created affiliations with both group souls. They may have the characteristics of both, but in general, I seem to be more affiliated with the Ra group; Daphne is more affiliated with the Elohim group and Terry is a mutt. Isn’t that what they said, Terry?


Terry:  I think they adopted me; I’m adopted.


Wynn:  You’re an adopted Elohim?


Terry:  Right.


Wynn:  They adopted you. Okay.


The characteristics of the Ra group are very worldly, very wise to the ways of the world. Why is that? Because, we’ve had a lot of lifetimes here. You can see where you slot in as you hear these descriptions. We’ve had a lot of lifetimes. Even though I don’t remember having a lot of lifetimes, innately, I have an understanding of the way the world works, of the way people work, of the way the negative works. It’s just inherent in my being; it’s not something you can teach somebody.


Probably one characteristic of a Ra group person is ‘street smarts’.  Everywhere you’ve ever been, your energy still is, to some extent. Ra group people, why do they call themselves ‘Wanderers’? Ra group souls that come into this realm, Ra calls them Wanderers because they’ve spent many lifetimes, probably, exploring those different things. They want to see the universe. What’s this, what’s that?


One tendency of a Ra group person in this realm is they can—this may not be across the board; this is my take on this. This is not all from channeled sources; this is my take—one aspect of a Ra group person is they have the ability to make themselves at home anywhere.


In my case, of course, I travelled a lot; I felt more at home when I was travelling than I did in a house. I felt more at home in an RV; I felt free. I felt freer of encumbrances than I did in a house. I spent a lot of time, this lifetime, being here there and everywhere.


An Elohim soul, in Daphne’s case, she’s an old soul. So this does not exactly fit her completely, but it’s still in her nature. An Elohim soul needs to be grounded far more than a Ra soul. They want a house, they like family, they like connections. When I asked about this, they explained: “Elohim souls are coming in from such a celestial realm that they space out in this realm, if they don’t have something to contain them. Their families and their homes contain them.” So, you’ll find Elohim souls, oftentimes, are very strong on families.


In some of our material there was an indication that Mormons were at a very high percentage of Elohim souls in their religion. We’re not making their religion better than any other, or worse, because every religion has its problems and its negative side to it. And, every one has its positive side.  But, Mormons particularly, have a high percentage of Elohim souls. You will see how tightly they stick together. If anyone knows Mormons, you’ll see that they love their homes. They also don’t have a lot of wisdom of this realm. Excuse me if you’re a Mormon, but that’s just the way it came through, because you’re a new soul here. But, the Elohim souls have this angelically strong presence. If you looked at Daphne, you can see that angelic presence in her. Even though she’s been in this realm a long time, she still has it.


When you create a home environment, when you create a place to live, you are—here’s the terminology that they use and sometimes Daphne uses—you’re creating geometries, interlocking geometries, that can bridge you through dimensions. For example, some of you know the experience when you’re really funked-out, and suddenly you clean your house. You get rid of all the dirt and your energy changes. Some of you know the experience of listening to music that has certain refined rhythms to it, and while you’re listening to it, your energy shifts and changes.


Daphne happens to be an Elohim musician. Her music is very geometrical.  We’re going to play one of her pieces later tonight, if I can get Doug to turn it on correctly. If not, I’ll send it out in an email. She has a very intricate way of creating melodies that intertwine. Yesterday, on the grid healing, she started talking about that. I know part of her passion has always been to express her music. As I said in the email I sent out, sometimes channels want to be humans; they want to be felt as humans. They don’t just want to be people that are liaisons to other realms.


In fact, Edgar Cayce had a very hard time with that; he had to bite his tongue to be a channel for his entire life. Those of you who are paying attention to David Wilcock know that the last thing David wants to do is be publicly known as a channel. He is expressing himself in his own human way; in his own brilliant way. It’s important for him to have his own expression recognized.


Also I want to add to this; Terry herself is an artist.  She’s not painting now, but she used to paint.  She has a memory of being the assistant of some famous guy. Terry, who was the guy you were affiliated with?


Terry:  Rembrandt.


Wynn:  Rembrandt. In fact, she painted some of the paintings that got sold under his name. They covered up her name, or she never put it on, because she got so good at imitating Rembrandt.


What is art?  Art is, at its highest, a way of creating rhythms and melodies that change the geometries of this realm that can access, if they’re the right rhythms and melodies, higher dimensions. It can also access lower dimensions.


It’s like it all has to do, let’s say, with music, with the rhythm. You have the bass. It’s like a low vibration, a lower chakra vibration; and then you might have the piccolo, which is a very high chakra vibration. You have a band that has all of it together. It’s more complicated than your mind can understand; than my mind can understand. But, the intricacies of the way it’s all put together are what can change your consciousness. 


Throughout history, music is the most powerful way of shifting consciousness. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that, in many cases, when an artist becomes extremely successful through his music and has a lot of influence, the negative will try to control that artist; because it’s too powerful.


On that note, let me just ask a couple of questions or have Daphne share whatever she’d like to share regarding what I just shared. I’m talking about her so she may want to amend something that I’m saying.


Are you there, Daphne?


Daphne:  I am; and thank you so much for that really wonderful introduction, Wynn. I’m so happy to be here with Wynn and Terry.


On the note that Wynn was just talking about, what is art? Art, at its pinnacle, is vibrational formation. It’s usually a much more perfected vibrational formation, or sacred geometrical formation, than what we ordinarily experience in our every-day consciousness. In the case of visual art, Terry is an extremely gifted painter in the tradition of the Old Dutch masters. It’s in the form of color, and the vibration lies in the color and in the shading and in the textures and the formation of the visual perception, the acuity that a person would see, when they were actually looking at a scene and then transferring that scene to a canvas.


Then of course, you have live art, street art, theatre. We have dance; we have drama; we have so many amazing forms of performance art that have come onto the scene now. 


With music it’s auditory. It’s what reaches your ears and what reaches your ear drums. The vibration is palpable.


Many, many years ago—the foundation for a lot of ways that I have thought about this has come through the work of Jane Roberts and the Seth material. Jane wrote a book called “The World View of Paul Cézanne, the Artist”. She also wrote a book about William James, the philosopher. I just want to touch on Roberts’ work, because I believe she truly was a launching point; a kind of a stepping-off place.


I started really thinking about the arts, and also about the work with people like James. Along with James, I always think about William Blake and I know that Wynn has talked about William Blake. People like him.


Wynn:  Daphne? Tell people who Jane Roberts is and who William Blake is, because they may not know. If you want, I’ll tell them.


Daphne:  Actually, go ahead; you take it over; that’s great.


Wynn:  I’ll just tell a little bit, then I’ll turn it back to you.


Daphne:  Sure.


Wynn:  Jane Roberts was a channel, and she had a number of books out.  She was channeling an entity that was named Seth. Her material, probably twenty years ago, was very influential.


Seth was apparently—I asked this question, because I always questioned— “Is Seth part of the group soul?  Is he an individual entity?” and, they said he was an individual high entity. When you go on the other side—we make it simple; we say Elohim group, Ra group—but there are all kinds of beings. Some of them choose to be more loners, and some of them operate in groups with sub-councils. Seth, it seemed like, was kind of a loner. He brought through brilliant explanations, through Jane Roberts, of how the dimensions work. I think she had one book called “The Nature of Reality”, didn’t she?


Daphne:  “The Nature of Personal Reality”, yes. That was one.


Wynn:  Yes; “The Nature of Personal Reality.” It was very enlightening stuff, and I read it. I should say; this is funny; one time, I was in L.A. and I was in the bathroom and I was reading the Seth material, one of Seth’s books. I came out of the bathroom and I mentioned it to Terry, and she suddenly said “Seth is here now. Do you want to talk to him?”


This is what amazes me; how what we put into our mind brings in the energy of the being; that’s why it’s so good to read our materials, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” and the Elohim book and listen to their channelings, because those beings that are at high levels, they seem like they’re far away. They’re not really; they can be right in your space, right next to you, energetically. Not the center of them; the center of them stays far away.  They can project through the field when somebody is tuning into their frequency. In “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” it says “As you study us, we study you.” That’s who Jane Roberts is.


William Blake, and he was a guy I read quite a bit of thirty years ago, he had books, and he was an amazing painter. His paintings were all extremely mystical and trying to make representations of the higher realms and the lower realms, with various angelic forces, various beings who looked like gods. You can look him up on the internet—William Blake paintings—and you will see what I’m talking about. He also had all these sayings. I remembered, I was reading his sayings and I had little realizations as I read his sayings. Two of them that I even remember now, both of them impacted me.

One was:  He who catches the joy as it flies lives in eternity’s sunrise. I understood that; I understood that there is a part of a human that wants to possess something, wants to possess joy. For example, probably one of the greatest things that brings joy to a human is the connection with another being, a member of the opposite sex. Almost everyone gets possessive.


I’m sure many of you have had the experience of going into a relationship.  At the beginning it was so floaty and dreamy and beautiful. Later on, it got mundane and it got routine and you lost that sensation at the beginning. I think the reason that occurs is because within the context of possessions, people lose that innocence and that not knowing what’s going to happen next. That’s an example of “He who catches the joy that flies lives in eternity’s sunrise,” and “he who binds himself to a joy does the winged life destroy.” That doesn’t mean one should be promiscuous; you can catch the joy as it flies with the same person.


Daphne had this thing that she used to say about the winds of heaven; remember that saying?


Daphne:  Yes: “Let the winds of heaven always dance between you.”


Wynn:  To me, that means that even if you’re with a person, don’t think that you possess them. As long as you can stay in the place of sharing essences and staying innocent and realizing, in fact, that they’re Divine, that you have a part of Divine creation that’s making a commitment to you and vice versa. If you stay in that space, then you can come together in joy; then there are times when you’re not connected at all.


That’s one of the problems. When people feel suddenly unconnected they start to demand the connection, as if the person could choose to give it to them, then it goes from bad to worse at that point. If you can just accept the moment, then things will flow in and out. The more you accept that, the more moments of joy you will have. I understood that when I was younger; it made sense to me and it connected the things I was already learning in my own experiences.


Another William Blake saying—this one really blew my mind—was “The path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” At the time I discovered that quote, I was consciously moving into wanting to be spiritual. All the things I was reading about spirituality were saying “It’s good to be celibate;” “It’s good not to do this and not to do that.” I was kind of trying that at the time, and I was walking around with a constant headache. When I read that I said “Maybe I should be more open to the experiences I need.”


I realized that you can learn wisdom two ways. You can learn it vicariously, like if someone else has experiences, and they’re talking about their experiences, you can learn from their experiences so you may not have to do them yourself. Or, you can do them yourself. You go into various pain and suffering and after a while you figure out that enough is enough; you can see what you’re doing. One can  see how the experiences,  whether it’s drugs, a lot of partners, whatever—when you finally move out of it, you’re wiser than the person who learned it vicariously, because you know it from the core of your being. You’ve experienced it; you’ve had the pain. That was an amazing quote; “The path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”


I’ll just turn it back to you, Daphne; go ahead.


Daphne:   That’s a tough one to follow. You actually had sent me an email about that. It’s interesting because I’ve had my experiences where I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. You can also have an excess with the ascetic life as well and that ultimately will bring you around full circle, a very valuable and very profound thing.


We were talking William Blake and we were talking about Jane Roberts. One of the interesting things about Seth and the Seth materials was that Jane Roberts asked Seth if he had ever been embodied in a human consciousness. According to the Seth material, Seth had not taken a human form.


This is interesting, because if you compare him with somebody like Ramtha, who has been brought in by J.Z. Knight, Ramtha was supposedly a warrior in India about 35,000 years ago. Here is an example of excess leading to wisdom:


Ramtha—what I’m familiar with about his teachings—was a warrior, who, for many lifetimes, plundered and pillaged and exhibited the worst of being a human being in a human body. After many lifetimes of killing, killing, killing and more bloodshed, he finally opened his heart and he finally opened his path to wisdom; that was his path to enlightenment.


Since tonight seems to be about tools for getting people to start moving into the more sacred aspects of life and how to support those with sacred geometries, a great way to do that is obviously through the books that we read and the CDs that we listen to and  the music that we expose to ourselves, and our environment.


A book that I know had a profound influence on me, also on Wynn, I don’t know if Terry is familiar with it—also, Steve Jobs read it for every year of his adult life. I think that’s very interesting, that the whole iPhone and the whole Apple phenomena which has changed our world has been indirectly influenced by this person I’m about to mention; it’s Paramahansa Yogananda.  I highly, highly, highly recommend that you read his “Autobiography of a Yogi” which was written, I think it was, in 1946.


Wynn:  That book is available as a free download now, if you look up “Autobiography of a Yogi”, a pdf file, you’ll find it on the internet.


Daphne:  Thank you for that, Wynn.


Also, one of the places I’ve visited many times, and I visited there with Wynn, and Wynn has a dear friend who is a gifted artist who lives in the same town, is Encinitas, California, between San Diego and Los Angeles.  That is the Self Realization Fellowship Temple. There is also the Self Realization Fellowship temple in Los Angeles, not too far away. I would really recommend people take a drive and spend the afternoon, or spend the day there. They have a lovely book store. You can get recordings; you can see DVDs of Yogananda speaking. He had a very, very, very profound impact on my life. When I moved to California, I became a devotee and I was involved with an ashram, Anonda, in Palo Alto for many, many years. It was a formation time for me, and it gave me some really powerful tools and insights.


Okay; back to you, Wynn.


Wynn:  Back to me.


Daphne has always been almost a master at environment. I remember, at one point, I thought she was overdoing it. I am like, kind of Spartan; you don’t need anything. We had some conversations with the Elohim and they were explaining how important it was for her to have structure and I learned this to be absolutely true.


I can understand it now, intrinsically, how important it was to her to have structure around her and refinement. She was able to contain her energy within the structure, because when there was no structure it was like she was falling out of herself. She couldn’t contain herself in her body. She would get really dispersed, disoriented, what’s another word?


Daphne:  Spaced out.


Wynn:  Spaced out; I started to understand that in her nature. I started to understand. This is probably true for all people, but for certain people more than others. When you’re in a contracted state, when you are in a depressed state, when you start structuring your environment, when you start listening to uplifting, high-vibe music and reading books, it starts to restructure your space. 


The Elohim might use the term “restructure your geometries”, because from their point of view, you are not your body; you’re occupying your body. You are an energy field and that energy field can move through dimensions. When your space is structured, it causes you to reach up higher.


This is maybe not be true for everyone and I’m not sure it’s completely true for me, because I can operate in kind of distorted environments and I’m able to take them into consideration and I seem to be able to still stretch.  Even I understand, feel the difference, when I start straightening things up. 


It’s kind of like everything around you has an energy to it; so, when things around you are messy, when they are unorganized—and also, what happens to a lot of people, is they have things around them from their past.  It’s very hard to sort them out because every object has a memory to it. 


So instead of straightening it out, you’re in the middle of an environment with this mumbo-jumbo of physical objects, all having memories and you’re in the middle of all your memories and you wonder why you’re having trouble breaking through. That’s one of the reasons.


I wrote a song a long time ago; some day I’ll be putting my music out. It’s called “Clean Up the Bedroom” and I remember the experience, because when you’re in an environment like that, it’s really hard to get started


This is my experience.  I get really tired; I look at things; I move something.  It takes a huge amount of willpower to start straightening it out, because you have to look at each of these objects that has a memory attached to it.  Even if it’s a good memory, it still has a memory. When you’re sitting in the middle of all your memories, you’re stuck, because you’re not in the now, you’re in your memories.


Terry is being quiet in the background here. Terry, what would you like to contribute to this conversation?


Terry:  I was just thinking, like in the channeling that I did on Sunday, I was getting, before I did the channeling I went into a state and I was getting information from the Elohim. They were organizing a little bit the timing of what they were going to say a little bit. They were going to start out with the importance of music and art and the importance of music, musicians and artists and uplifting people in the realm. So then, Daphne went into it, so this is a very applicable subject.


Wynn:  Thank you. Let me see if Doug is listening. Doug, are you listening? I was going to play one of Daphne’s musical compositions.  When you listen to this—I hope he’ll play it; I hope he’s listening—when you listen to this, you can hear how Daphne starts into a rhythmic, melodic track on the harp, and just as you think you know what’s going to happen next, it changes.


Isn’t that just like a woman, Daphne?


Daphne:  (chuckling) Oh, okay – the harp is slightly out of tune, but okay – we’ll go with it.


Wynn:  I don’t know if Doug’s going to play it. Doug, are you there?  Hello Doug, hello Seth—anyone listening? Gijs why don’t you call Doug up and tell him to play the musical track I sent him, if you’re listening.


Gijs:  I just called him; he’s going get it to you.


(The music plays for about a minute.)


Wynn:  Okay, I think he faded it out; you know, the quality is terrible over the phone line. It’s probably okay over the internet line; I can’t tell. Maybe I’ll send that piece out by email tomorrow and you can hear it and you can play it. I put together some of Daphne’s old pieces and I’m going to put them out for people, probably tomorrow, so watch your emails. Daphne plays a multitude of instruments. When I met her, she was in a band called “Harper’s – “


Daphne:  Electric Angel.


Wynn:  Electric Angel. There were a couple of harps in that band, right?


Daphne:  Four women harp players; electric harp.


Wynn:  Four women electric harp players; and, she was playing in the Bay area.


Daphne:  I was a very active member of the Harpers Hall of the Bay area, which is probably one of the most active Celtic music organizations in the U.S. and Canada. I had met Verlene Schermer, who is one of the founders.  She is a really gifted jazz vocalist, and an incredible musician. Check out Verlene on the internet—it’s S-c-h-e-r-m-e-r; first name: Verlene. She’s put out probably ten albums at this point, and she’s won a lot of awards. She’s a dear friend and tremendous musician. I met her one night and I went out and bought a harp, or rented one, the next day, and started studying with her in 1997. The harp was really powerful and very magic for me because I took to it like a fish to water. Pretty much within a year I was recording and performing all over the west coast with other people.


This group was magical because we had people of all ages and all abilities and we were all playing together. Many people were multi-instrumentalists; a lot of people were very gifted, also in high-tech and in publishing. We had people who had great home recording studios; the internet was just coming into full-force. We had digital sound. Small digital recording equipment, digital cassettes had just come out; digital tape recordings. We were doing some really awesome stuff; it was the most creative period of my life and I really enjoyed it tremendously. It was quite a gift.


I was married to Robert Burger at the time, who is incredibly—he’s a tech extraordinaire. He’s still living in the Bay area. He was very supportive of my music; he’d say “Go get more instruments.” We lived up on the top of a mountain in Saratoga, and in my living room were a grand piano and about four harps. I actually had a Theremin. Wynn, do you know what Theremin is?


Wynn:  Yes.  I had a Theremin too.


Daphne:  You had a Theremin too.


Wynn:  It’s what the Beach Boys did on that song “Good Vibrations.”


Daphne:  That’s right!


Wynn:  Listen. Before we get thrown off the air—time’s getting close—I  wanted to bring Terry in. Terry is an artist; she’s actually a great artist, and then she stopped painting. Then, she had memories of being Rembrandt’s assistant. Terry, what made you start painting and what made you stop?


Terry:  I had a love of painting; that’s the reason I started painting. In fact, that’s the reason I chose my mother in this lifetime, because I was near her, watching her. She was doing illustrations in color for a book, and she had so much patience. I remember; I didn’t have a body at the time, but I was just an energy beam. Just by watching her, with these tiny little ink strokes, then color, that she put in with  little brushes, I put her on a pedestal, that she could take the patience and could make beautiful illustrations like that, and the blues, and the greens. It was to do with plants; she was illustrating a book of flowers. She had done some actually exquisitely beautiful water colors and paintings. She was an architect, and she designed churches, schools—she was one of the first graduates, women graduates at Berkeley in the 1920s. I wanted to pursue the artwork just because of a love of it and combining colors and making beautiful, beautiful murals for people.


I also was sort of metaphysical. My father used to talk to me about Edgar Cayce. There would be electrical lightening storms when I was a kid, and we’d get up in the middle of the night. I was a ham radio operator so we’d make sure that the antenna was grounded, so it wouldn’t attract lightening.  We would just sit, and he would have coffee and we’d talk about Edgar Cayce long into the night. They have some pretty good electric storms there in New York where I grew up.


I had these different, these major things that I wanted to express. I wanted to express art, and I wanted to learn about metaphysics and the why of things. I became a physics major, but it sort just described what happened, the formulas and things. So then I went more into the metaphysics of things.


What happened to art, it kind of got replaced with my love of metaphysics and my desire to understand what was going on. How could there be?  How could anything exist? I just had this passion to learn about life; so it replaced, to some degree, my expression of art.


Wynn:  Thank you.  I wanted to read a couple of emails we got. This is the one I was mentioning earlier. I said that people who were coming into these calls have experiences. Even though we have good energy on this call, this is one of those human calls, where everybody is speaking from their human side. We do that occasionally, because that helps people’s human side feel expressed. This was from someone who has come into our calls.


“…amazing Sunday call yesterday. I’m listening to the playback; I’m glad what you said. I truly enjoy the work we’re all doing. I’ve been coming for six weeks now, and my life is transformed. I’ve gone from being a moody person to constantly happy. I now have a job, after being unemployed for five months. I’m getting calls about jobs, thinking about starting a business and I’m able to communicate with others from my heart, not my mind. I can even see auras and feel energies from others. I can’t tell you how amazing this experience has been. I feel like I’m really aligned with myself and I’m so joyous; I really enjoy being part of this work.”


While we’ve been talking I got an email from Christine in Alaska. She was listening to your harp music. She said:


“Your harp piece was wonderful on the internet/BBS Radio. Does she sell her music? I would love to buy her music; I love her sensibility. Thank you.”


That’s from Chris in Anchorage, Alaska.


Daphne, somebody thinks you’re sensible.


Daphne:  (laughing) I think the word is ‘sensibility’. Thank you, Chris.


Wynn:  I don’t have a CD, but I’m going to put it up as a download tomorrow where you can get seven of Daphne’s songs for a very nominal price. Here’s another one that came in:


“Just so you know, what Daphne said on the Sunday call (when I cut her off) was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, Daphne. I came into the call a little late due to my Sunday commitment. Just as I came in, Wynn, you introduced her, invoked the Sources and introduced Daphne. She then said she was using her conscious mind and proceeded to give me the feeling she was talking directly to me.


For me, you cut her off at exactly the right time, as she was starting to tell us about some radio station. I totally appreciate what she said.

“Terry gave a fabulous channeling as well.  Monday’s calls technical issues were resolved and were starting so I’ll sign off for now. “Thanks for all that you do.”


That’s from Barbara.


On that note, Doug is letting us run over. We’re going to disconnect.  Watch your emails tomorrow and you’ll see something on Daphne’s music come in. I thank you both, Daphne and Terry, for being here and sharing.  We focused on Daphne to compensate for the fact that I cut her off yesterday. She wasn’t even mad at me, which was a wonderful experience.



We’ll say goodnight to everybody and I’ll open up the lines. Everybody that’s on the conference line, do you want to say good-bye to everyone on BBS?


Callers:  Thank you and good night, etc.


Wynn:  Thank you all for supporting the energy of what we’re doing, and we’ll see you Wednesday.

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