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Wednesday Calls; 2012 Conferences


Host:  Wynn Free

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Channeled by Terry Brown and Daphne Karandanis

Edited by Terry Brown and Valerie Hawes

Transcribed by Connie O’Brien


This is Wednesday, August 8, 2012. My name is Wynn Free, in Sedona, with Terry Brown in Sedona and Daphne in Atlanta, Georgia. There is an aspect of what we do that is very sacred; it’s sacred to bring these energies in from other realms; it’s sacred to share them with you.


It’s amazing the emails I get from so many people that I don’t even know, that are on this line and their energy shifts and they feel things change for them. They get a job offer, they’re not depressed; people find them cheery.


They tell me that it’s because they started coming into these calls. This has been going on for quite some time, where I said “This is working.” I’m kind of a reverse-engineering type of guy; I don’t really know what I’m doing. I don’t know how to do this. In fact, how could I know?


One of the amazing things I’ve learned as I’ve had these conversations is that—and this kind of blew me away—they don’t know how to do it—because if they knew how to do it, if there was a way to say “Do this” and everyone’s life changed, everyone would do it.


I know when I was first having conversations through Daphne in 2002 and I was thinking “Maybe they are who they say they are, but what am I supposed to do about this?” I would say “Guys, can you tell me—how do I put this out?” They said “Talk to one person at a time.” I said “How do you start a conversation with someone, having this kind of experience? “Excuse me; I’ve got to tell you—I’m having these conversations; they say they created the universe.”

People get up and go to the next table.” I used to do that in Starbucks sometimes. Occasionally I had good results, because Steve Jong, who I met in Starbucks in L.A, is on the line and he’s had amazing transformations as a result of connecting in.


What is it that we’re supposed to do to make things different? I think everybody wants to make things different; they want their life to be different, they want our planet to be different. How do you utilize this connection that we have with these Sources to help implement that? Is there a way to do it?


I’ve asked loads of questions and it makes sense to me, the way they explained it makes sense. One of the reasons they don’t tell us what to do is because the way the vibration of this realm lifts is through co-creation.


Do you know what co-creation is? You know what creation is, and you know what ‘co-‘ is. Each of us is a totally unique creator in the center of the universe. Each of us is creating our life by our thoughts, by our intentions, by everything that’s happening to us—not happening to us, everything that’s outputting from us—and that’s causing other people to react to us in the way they’re reacting.


The problem is: this creation goes on underneath the surface; it’s not at the surface. In other words, you’re not walking around saying “I want to create this, I want to create that, I want to create this, I want to create that.”  It doesn’t happen; it doesn’t work.


You’re putting out this message in your vibration. You could call that connected to your soul, connected to your karmic path—each of us putting out a constant signal around us and it’s causing things that are attracted to us; it’s causing things that are repelled by us; it’s causing depressions; it’s causing job opportunities.


The question is: How do you change the signal from the things that are going on underneath the surface?  First, you have to figure out what is the signal you’re putting out. Oftentimes, most of us feel like victims. We feel like things that are happening to us are bad and we’re just responding to them.


We don’t usually think “What am I putting out that has attracted that?”  One person asked a question today—which, I’ll probably ask her question—she’s talking about something that happened. I think she said somebody stole from her. Was that a karmic retribution? I’m not going to try to answer that, but it could be; it could be because we’re putting things out.


Not everything happens to us because of the things we’re putting out, but a good deal does. For example, you can take a walk one day and happen to walk under the wrong building and a brick falls on your head. I’m not sure that’s karma; there are so many tiny little random things that it could have just been an accident.


I think a lot of stuff that happens is through accidents like that. A lot of stuff that happens is because there are negative agendas in the world and we happen to get caught in a negative agenda and we were innocent. We didn’t have any idea. Because you got caught in a negative agenda, things started going wrong.


What we want to learn is the things that we’re creating, the things that we’re generating from our unconscious. What happens in co-creation is we start blending—they don’t like the word blending—connecting with each other, not on a conscious level but on the unconscious level. When we do that, we change the vibration.


On these calls, as I’m talking, it’s been my experience over time, that there’s an energy in between the words. All of you that are on the call are volunteering, giving your attention and energy and by doing that it’s kind of like we’re making an energy soup, a blend here, which I call co-creation. Even though I’m doing all the talking, I’m really not doing the energy co-creation; all of you are doing that. I’m kind of setting an example of how that works. I’m not talking from my intellect; I’m not talking to teach you something. I’ve just learned if I get myself out of the way and I start talking and I don’t worry about what I’m going to say, somehow this magic happens. These Sources that we’re communicating with, they say who they are, but can we prove it?  We can’t. You can see sometimes miracles happen.


We can see miracles happen; we can get a lot of wisdom. You have to watch it for a while, to see if you kind of concur that they might be who they say they are. They could be part of that co-creative energy that you start to feel. It took me about three or four years to make that connection that they were not just a voice who was giving information and wisdom.


This is an incredible thing to start to realize, but they exist outside of time or in another dimension of time. They have the ability to project energy through what some people call the field in our lives where we are—you and I—in the physical realm, in such a way that we can feel a shift.


It’s subtle, so when you’re listening to me talk about it, you may be feeling that. You may be saying “Is that it?” It’s doesn’t knock you over the head; it doesn’t say “Wow, we’re here. This is the Elohim.” It’s a little subtle shift inside yourself and around you.


When this shift starts to happen, these things that have been plaguing you seem to lift, at least temporarily on this call. The idea is to learn about that energy shift, so that when the call is over you can still hold that energy and bring it into your life. This has happened for a lot of people.


It’s really unusual what we’re doing. This is not about channeling, although there is channeling; this is not about formal spiritual work, although it is spiritual. This is about—as I see it—creating a direct link to two group intelligences that are not normally visible in our dimension and creating a link that gives people the opportunity to feel them; many people do—and to give people the opportunity to get their wisdom, so that you can apply their wisdom about the pitfalls of this realm to your life and make your life shift for the better.


We are very lucky; we have two women who are very dedicated to this Work and who are making themselves available to be a voice for this intelligence. If you haven’t read my book, you should, because it tells the story of how this started for me, where these women came from—I’m not going to tell it now.


Before we go into this session, I just want to thank everybody for being here. I particularly want to thank everybody for the emails you sent to George Noory, because I spoke to them yesterday. Next Tuesday I’m going to be on for three hours, because of your emails—don’t miss it.


There will be, probably, chances to call in. I don’t know if we’re going to do this Tuesday, but sooner or later if they keep liking me, I’ll be on, and either Terry and Daphne or Terry or Daphne will be on and we’ll take questions from people. That will be an incredible event.


I’m taking under consideration doing a Saturday workshop where people ask questions and maybe charging a very small amount if you want to listen and a larger amount if you want to ask a question. I think that after another time on George Noory, I don’t know if we can handle that.


I’ll tell you that it’s not talking to them that is such a big deal. It’s like people are too ready to give up their power to these Sources. That is totally not what they want. People think if they talk to them they’re going to fix everything. If you feel the energy on this line and you come on this line regularly and you learn to feel the energy, that is a far greater accomplishment in your life than asking a question and getting an answer. Why is that?


Questions and answers are kind of linear; they may hit your point right on and they may not. The energy is non-linear, which means once you get it you’re in a different zone, you’re in a different consciousness and you’re able to apply that to your life.


On that note, I’m going to call in the Light. We have some great questions tonight. I’m not going to have time for all of them. I should have shut up; we usually go a little longer than seven so I can do my little opening rant.


Some of these questions I happen to know the answer to. If I know the answer to it, I’m just going to hold the energy. It’s been ten years now that I’ve been talking to them, so I’ll give you my answer then I will let them add anything to it if they want to. Daphne, are you on? I just want to confirm.


Daphne:  Daphne’s right here.


Wynn:  Okay. Hello, Daphne.


I want to tell both of you: The quality of the information in the last two weeks from both of you has just been absolutely clear and extraordinary. For those of you who are listening, as you listen to these answers—I assume it’s going to continue to be clear and extraordinary—if you listen to these answers, these are not rehearsed.


Neither Daphne nor Terry has any idea what questions I’m going to ask. I don’t even have an idea what questions I’m going to ask; I’m sitting with a bunch of questions that everybody sent me; so this is totally off the wall.


There is no way that they could come up with these kinds of answers. That’s one of the ways that you can just prove this to yourself; just listen to the quality of the answers and listen to the wisdom of the answers and see if it makes sense to you.


Father-Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect Daphne, Terry, myself and everyone on this line, everyone listening to the replays, and everyone reading the transcripts. We ask that any negativity be taken to the highest realms of light and transmuted, for the highest good of all concerned. We see our selves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the solar system, through the outer energy fields of earth, through our bodies and into the center of the earth. Right now, we invoke a group energy connection, while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls and we invite those sources that are positive, service- to-others, honoring the Law of One, to join with us as we create a protected space that only the positive has access to and anything not of that nature must leave now.


Our sources identify themselves as group souls; when you hear these voices they’re not individual consciousnesses—at least, that’s how they describe themselves—they’re group consciousnesses and there are many involved in the formulation of these answers.


This group energy—or, these group energies—flow through this realm. Some of you have started to feel tingling around you, feeling Presence with you. It’s very loving and it’s powerful. If you feel that, you can consider the possibility that’s them; that’s what they say.


I’m going to let them begin to address us and say hello to us through Daphne; don’t talk from your conscious mind now, this is a moment where we need to talk to them. I turn it over to our Sources through Daphne.


Council of Ra’An:  Give us a moment please.


We greet you in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. We come to you this evening; we are the body of group and individuated consciousness collective known as the Council of Ra’An.


We are very pleased that you have assembled together on what you term your telephone lines to come together and create a group collective consciousness energy which we see as a harmonizing and a blending of the Love-Light Christed energy frequencies.


We are very, very enamored and very much in love, as you would say in your parlance, and we support you whole-heartedly in your efforts to come together in a compassionate, peaceful, uplifted, joyous way and to anchor this Love-Light frequency vibration onto your Gaia and onto the matrix of the individuated fields, tectonic plates and planes of what we know as the Christed Grid Collective of your Mother Earth.


As we speak, the channeling entity looks upon the wall of the physical room in Stone Mountain, Georgia and sees a large poster of the National Parks of the United States. This is not an accident; this is indeed a deliberate event.


In so doing, we would ask you to consider your locale and we would ask you to consider and to understand that as you reach a place of compassion and open-heartedness and equilibrium within yourself, you radiate it out from the nexus point of your consciousness and into your physical location.


You actually change the vibrational frequency of the place in which you reside and this goes into the physicality of the place, especially so if the place has natural flora and fauna, mountains, streams, rivers, parks—places that are not affected by the artifice of human dwellings. Natural dwellings, natural places in nature, carry a pristine, exalted energy. We would ask, if you are able, to partake of these as often as you can.


Have you questions for us this evening?


Wynn:  Yes. I’m going to address the first question to Terry. This is from Merrill in Mill Creek, Washington. I’m going to answer a little bit myself and they can correct this if they want. We’ve covered this topic, and I know—I’m fairly certain—of the answer.


The question is:


“As a young Sunday school student, I wondered why an omnipotent being would care about being worshipped, be jealous and allow no other gods before it; did he really care about his name being taken in vain? Are these rules really important for us to follow now?”


Let me start out by saying—initially, in my conversations with the Elohim, I wasn’t really sure that they were who they said they were. I asked the question: Do you really like to be worshipped? Their answer was “No.”; that they are a higher aspect of us; we’re a lower aspect of them. There’s only one energy in the universe and worship creates a separation. That was their point of view now.


As I started studying and reviewing a lot of things, a lot of it came—not from channeling—but cross-referencing things on the internet. What I learned was in historical time—particularly in the Old Testament, and maybe many other times as well—there were a number of beings in other dimensions who were vying to be worshipped in this dimension.


They could channel through people and in some cases they could even do miraculous phenomena. They were not group souls; they were individual beings. In particular, the Bible being who was the jealous god, allowed no other gods before it, and was very demanding and possessive and even promoting sacrifices—was not our Sources.


From my perspective, that information is totally invalid; it was invalid at the time it came out, but yet—if you can imagine in those days and also in these days, because this still takes place in these days—channeling tends to cause people to give up their power. In particular, if you’re channeling something that can do anything miraculous, or make anything predict future stuff, you have to be very careful that you have a positive Source. We’ve covered that: a positive Source doesn’t infringe on free will and it doesn’t create fear.


As you can see, whoever said they’re a jealous god, that they allow no other gods before them and not to take their name in vain; whoever said that is not honoring free will and they’re creating fear. That is not our Sources.


Even today there are people who channel, even in churches, they think they’re talking to the same Source that spoke through Jesus; or, they have secret societies and they have occult ceremonies and they’re channeling negative sources. The same negative sources still are prevalent today—it’s very hard to figure out.


I’m going to turn it over to Terry and have her add whatever our Sources would say to my comments right now.


Ra’An:  Thank you. This is Ra’An.


We impart our Love Light to each and every person on the line. We are somewhat amused by the entities that would dictate that they be worshipped as a jealous god, as one that would put themselves above all others.


We indicate that when you run into jealousy, you run into duality, as when one knows that one-is-all and all-is-one, and one comes from the standpoint of love and caring and no separation, there is no need for jealousy. By the fact of jealousy entering the equation, it makes a division. A person or entity that has the jealousy is divided from all else and is feeling lack of self-worth, or being worthy of give and take.


We, from our vantage point, do not experience jealousy. We are able to put ourselves in the place of another, however, and to see-experience what that person is experiencing and to see the division, the withdrawal, the isolation, the aloneness, that one has posited oneself into and therefore, in an effort to escape that posture, experiences jealousy. We impart Love Light to all.


Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you.


I’m going to do this next question and address it to our Sources through Daphne, unless she wants to pass it onto Terry—but, we’ll start with Daphne.


Those of you who are scanning the internet know that there are many, many people who are channeling; there are many sources out there. Some of them look positive and some of them use similar words to what we do. They may not be positive, but they’re giving information of a certain kind. People don’t know what to believe.


When we ask a question of this nature, I’m not going to tell you to believe the answer; I’m going to tell you “Put it in your bag of considerations” and also consider the other things that come through and see if it fits. This is one of those answers that a human can’t validate on their own.


This is from a person that has been listening to people, different people who channel, contactees. Say for example, when they say they’re contactees of this council, or that council, there is no way to know that’s true. There’s no way to scientifically know that, so we believe them.


There’s no way to know that we’re talking to the Elohim or the Ra group because they say that. All we can do is keep analyzing their words over time, and the way the Work impacts people.


One of the things Jesus said was “You’ll know them by their works.”  If works are good works, they are creating loving energy, they’re creating energy expansion, they’re creating more wisdom, they’re causing people to transform themselves—they’re not creating followers. Even though we do this three times a week and some of you come to all of our calls, there’s really nothing to follow here, other than showing up.


The question is:


“Some of these other people who are contactees or channelers are saying all the Reptilians and Grays have been removed from our planet, and that’s where the cabal that are still left have gotten their evil agenda from. Is that your understanding as well? Has the negative been removed from our planet by sources in other dimensions?”


Council of Ra’An:  One moment.


We would prefer this question be given to Terry.


Wynn:  Terry, would you like to address that?


Terry:  Thank you, yes.


Ra’An:  We have given a channeling on a Monday, I believe, a few months ago, wherein we addressed that question. We answer this way:


There are influences upon the earth plane that are associated with some groups of humans. These entities, these beings, are working with some groups of beings on the earth plane. They are working under cover; they are working surreptitiously so that they cannot be observed. They are carrying out their own agendas, and being quiet about it so that they may continue their work.


The answer is “Yes, there are Grays; yes, there are Reptilians that are working within the earth plane and are non-observable to most manner. They are keeping under wraps, under cover, to carry through their own agenda. There are certain groups of people who know and work with these groups, and to some degree they work together.


The individuals who are working with it from the human race have their own agenda and are in different ranks of authority. And it is all kept confidential, and this is all we have to say, in that we have within information we give, a certain moral duty to individuals that are the keepers of the information that we are observing. We, at this point, honor that.


One might wish to go back and look at that channeling of a few months ago on a Monday to find out more information.


Wynn:  If someone wants to look and review our old channelings, all these calls are in; it’s a website that has our archives. It’s not that user-friendly, but it’s all there.


Next question—I’ll give this one to Daphne. This is from Diane.


“I had something stolen from me of value. Why did this happen? Is it because I have stolen from someone else, and it is karma repaying me back? Am I supposed to be non-judgmental about who stole it from me? Is it because I harbor fear about not having enough and having lack of things or scarcity and I brought it upon myself through this fear? I feel violated and I don’t’ know who did it. How can I deal with this? I’m fearful the person may come back. Thank you. Diane”


Ra’An:  Please give us a moment while we tune to the frequency.


The question posed is one of exchange and one of balance; it is also one of fair play; it’s also one of equilibrium. There is a law in your physical realm, in the law of third dimension, in the law of the third density; it is: for every action there is reaction.


There has been thrust into the time-space continuum of this entity’s consciousness a kind of trajectory of thought-form, of energy, which allowed, through over-zealous trusting, a kind of ripping of the time-space continuum such that a violation on the ‘other side’ occurred. What does this mean in plain speak?


It means: there was sufficient fear motivating the entity that sufficiently destabilized and de-balanced the same entity, which allowed, therefore, a violation of trust, a violation of the time-space continuum, and thus the negative occurrence of the stealing was able to transpire. What does this mean? What are the life lessons to be considered?


When undesirable events transpire in a person’s life, as we spoke of last week, the optimum way to deal with this is to come to a place of complete acceptance and neutrality. This is not emotional; it does not mean a liking of the events.


What it does mean is an acceptance of the events, that they have indeed transpired and by so doing, an acceptance of the events allows a kind of gravitational suspension of the laws of traditional cause and effect and allows the supra, or higher laws, of Grace to open for that person.


The WD-40, the Grace factor, the Angelic factor, the Celestial Protection factor, is allowed to impart itself into the individual’s experience and circumstance.


What this means, in plain speak, is that love is letting go of fear; that the love vibration is sufficiently high to neutralize fear and associated fearful manifestations. Does this mean one is not to take adequate precautions against undesired happenings? Of course not; prudence is always to be considered and one is always to be circumspect in the way that one handles one’s affairs.


However, this is a grand opportunity for this particular entity to open the heart in a place of strength and compassion and to say “I accept this, and good can yet come out of it.”


We hope this has helped.


Wynn:  Thank you; next question is for Terry.


“If one cheated for a few times on a relationship, every time looking for the love she should have found within, can a person heal bad, unhealthy and terrible need from this and really change? I am that person.”


I just wanted to make a comment:


There is a New Age philosophy that we’re supposed to love ourselves and all love is supposed to come from inside and we’re not supposed to need anything outside.


My own personal experience is that’s not true; it’s like there are things that come from outside us that can make us feel more complete, make us feel better. There are energy exchanges that can help heal us. The key to this is honesty and free will. Can you establish relationships that are outside yourself that can help you heal yourself within the context of being totally honest and honoring the free will of the other person?


Many times when people enter into relationships—because of their own neediness and their unworthiness and feeling they don’t deserve to be loved—they compromise on their honesty and they compromise on the level of free will they extend the other person. So the relationship becomes manipulative and controlling.


A relationship outside you can add tremendous value, growth and healing to your life. Can you enter a relationship and honor free will and non-manipulation and be totally honest?


That’s my comment on that. I’ll just turn it over to Terry and they can add something to it, or they can disagree with it, however they want to approach adding to that information. Thank you.


Ra’An:  Thank you. You have done well with that answer.


We would add that there are certain things that another person can not fill the need that you yourself have. That thing—that you learn to love yourself, you learn to fill your need of love of yourself by yourself—this is the first thing. You are a Source, and if you are continually being needy and wanting approval because you have a regenerating lack of self-worth that you keep recreating in your own self, another person cannot fill that. You need to love yourself.


Second of all, to have an outgoing relationship with another is something that can only be filled by having another there and the give and take of that communication, the give and take of love, is extremely important in fulfillment also.


There is also fulfillment that is found in work with groups, work with teaching, giving and taking with groups. There is also fulfillment that is found in interactions with animals, with a loving dog or with a cuddly cat. There is fulfillment in interaction with community, with working with children. These things, working with political groups, these things can all bring fulfillment into your life.


That is our answer.


Wynn:  Thank you.


This is from Susan and I’m addressing this to Daphne. Susan asks “When we die, what is the tunnel of light and is it a universal occurrence for all people?” 


Just on my own mention, a number of months ago a friend of Terry’s died and we had a huge two-Monday night session—which is in our archives—on this tunnel of light because Terry could see him going into the tunnel of light. Apparently this is the best way to die, to move through this tunnel of light because it takes you out of the lower astral realms and it puts you into areas where you can have great healing.


There’s also an element of choice involved; it’s not so arbitrary. Some people might choose not to go into it; they might be afraid of it. The Sources said it was very beneficial for a person to understand how this works so when they died, if they carry that memory, it can help direct them towards this tunnel of light.


Susan asks “When we die, what is the tunnel of light and is it a universal occurrence for all people?” I turn it over to Daphne for that answer. Daphne, are you there?


Council of Ahn:  We would answer the question thusly: There is, in the interdimensional constructing of the faces and places between the third dimension and the Source of All That Is, the One Infinite Creator, there are many mansions—as it is often called.


There are places, gateways, heavens leading to heavens leading to heavens. These would be similar to what one would find upon your piano—the keyboard, as one moves from one note to the next and as one moves from one octave to the next, similar also, to the chakra system.


When one moves from the physical experience of the third dimension and one moves into the Light, one is graduating, so to speak, from the third density experience. Ideally, one leaves through the crown chakra, and one does go through the tunnel of light. It is a co-creative birthing process, whereby the matrix of the over-soul is united with the higher envelope or gradient of the over-soul leading all the way back to soul-consciousness, to God-consciousness.


If one has had a difficult or negatively-predisposed life, life experience, in the third density, it is very likely, highly likely, that one will be delayed, way-laid, in a substation, this being known primarily as the astral.


This is a densification of the over-soul harmonics. Until sufficient clarity and understanding is able to be introduced into the soul-stream, the soul, from our perspective unfortunately, gets caught up in the muck and the mire of the emotional encapsulation and compression into this seemingly sticky, or gooey, dark place.


We hope that this answer has helped.


Wynn:  Thank you. We’ll have one more question. Then, I’m going to do a quick healing energy for all those people who are on this line that have come that want things to shift in their physical bodies and then we’ll end the call.


This is from Debbie; I don’t have her location here. She asks “In addition to sending Love and Light energy, what do we need to be doing for a healthy future for our children and our grandchildren?”


Ra’An:  This is a wonderful question. Connection is one of the most important things that you can do. Listening, finding out: what are the needs of the person? What are the interests of the person? What does the person wish to spend some time doing? What do they think about? What would they like to do when they grow up? Where are their interests? Do they wish to visit the fire department? Do they wish to take a look and understand how an individual fights fires? Do they have an interest in dolls, or in how to do home economics, to cook? Where do their interests lie?


One can work with them to give them opportunities to express themselves to grow, so that they themselves are actually participating and are actually winning, are actually accomplishing things—not just sitting by the TV and wanting to take in entertainment.


When one is able to work with a child to help them to fashion their own life in the manner that they wish, so they can actually get traction going in their life to accomplish things and be winning at it, then you will see the children blossom and begin to take responsibility for their own lives.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Ra’An:  That is our answer.


Wynn:  There was one more question here. I think Daphne would like to answer it because I think it connects with her. It’s from Vincent and I won’t say his last name. Are you there, Daphne?


Daphne:  Yes.


Wynn:  Vincent asks “Do we continue and carry our talents, say musician, from this incarnation into the next realm? Thank you.”


Council of Ra’An:  One moment please.


This is the Council of Ra’An. We address this to you from our experience of  the law of continuation. That being said, that if a soul stream entity has accomplished certain refinements, certain honings, certain frequency calibrations in the realm of specific skills—be those of the artisan, the artist, the craftsperson, the dancer, the thespian, the engineer, the physicist, the architect—a multitude of talents. Whatever these are, they are part and parcel of the soul-stream, from time immemorial unto the day of the reuniting of the soul with the vast cosmic All-That-Is-One-Infinite-Creator.


In other words, every thing that you have learned, everything that you have spent time honing and learning and disciplining yourself and rectifying and moving into the correct formations of—we think now of the most beauteous, as we see them—forms of the gymnasts in your Olympics and the swimmers and the vaulters.


The intense focus and discipline of these young people—do not fool yourself and think it is an accident, or by chance that these individuals have come to such beauteous artistry in their manifestation of skills. This is a skill and a honing which has taken many, many lifetimes often hundreds, if not thousands, of lifetimes to perfect. The easy answer to your question is yes; you do take it with you.


And, it is also true that you must use it not to lose it. In other words, these skills must be utilized; they must be kept fresh in the mind, in the neural pathways, in the expressions, in the formation zones; and, a certain fluidity must be kept ever-present, ever-vibrant, ever-ongoing.


This is the beauteous wondrousness, from our perspective, creativity in the third density and in the third dimension, because you are able to orchestrate and to calibrate those life experiences and connect them with beautiful geometrical forms and also with the heart-felt expression of emotion.


This is the very unique ability of human beings, to perform in their time-space continuum; it is also a reason why your earth realm and the earth and this sector of the Milky Way galaxy has been much fought-over for eons and is considered very valuable cosmic real estate, because of the extensive, expressive and creative possibilities that are here, in this locale and are available for a reverberation orchestration throughout many, many intergalactic planes.


We would like to speak more on this topic at a later date, but suffice to say that your creative potential as individual units of consciousness expression—as Love-Light-God-particulate persons in matter moving into the Christ consciousness—is indeed, from our perspective, not only a very beauteous and wondrous state, but a very, very powerful and exalted and honored place to be in.


We wish you Love, Love, Love. Be the Love.

We hope this has answered your question.


Wynn:  Thank you.


Just an addition to that question:


When somebody is an old soul and they have had many lives where they’ve exhibited many different talents, how is it determined which talent is going to predominate in their present life?


Council of Ra’An:  This is partially a result of environmental factors and influences; partially a result of free choice and partially a result of parental and genetic influence. It is possible, for example:


There are many individuals, who during the course of one life, exhibit and spend time with many different faculties engaged, in the arts, for example and engineering and software development, but choose for whatever reason, to focus on the engineering aspect. Perhaps there were financial incentives, perhaps a family is being raised, practical considerations, this kind of thing.


There are those factors which would more or less influence and make more readily accessible certain pathways versus other pathways, but ultimately it is a choice. When there is an inventory of sufficient talent and willingness to pursue the talent, then a multitude of possibilities, not to the exclusion of any one, is possible. There are many highly gifted individuals who have successfully pursued many lines of interest during the course of one lifetime. But of course, it helps when one has tremendous discipline and focus.


We hope this has helped your answer to be understood.


Wynn:  Thank you very much.

I would like to have a moment for all those people who are having physical issues, psychological issues, or are blocked in their lives in any way, shape or form, that all of us who have the focus, that we take a silent moment with our Sources to bring energies, new possibilities and WD40, as they described it, into their matrixes, for transformation and expectation of miracles.


If you’re one of those in need, think of your need right now; think your area of your body, the area of your life; and, be open to new possibilities coming into your life through synchronicities. One of the things is to accept where you are; start off with acceptance. It’s through acceptance that things transform.


We’ll all just hold for a moment of silence for all of those people.




Let’s take another moment of silence and send this Loving Light energy around our entire planet, and ask for the openings to portals for this Light to come through, and through each of us, and impact the world around us directly and the world as a greater whole, for positive transformation.




And, on that note, some of you may want to stay in this zone and stay quietly in your home if you’re feeling the energies and anchor them for a while. Some of you have responsibilities to do, families that are waiting.


Let’s just go back to where we need to go as we bring this call to a close.


I hope if you like the bringing in of the energies as we did at the end, that if you’ve never come to our Sunday morning grid healing at 10:00 a.m. PST, where we emphasize those energies—it’s extremely powerful; it’s probably our most well-attended call, and I hope you’ll check it out.


On that note, I’m going to un-mute everybody.


Everyone:  Thank you and good night. Thank you Wynn, Daphne, Terry.


Wynn:  Thank you all for being here.


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